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Not Like Other Girls

osh swept Laura’s coat off of her shoulders and hung it in the closet. “Here we are.” Smiling at her with affection, he inquired “Wine?”

She nodded. He paused, holding her gently. “You know, you’re not like other girls, Laura.” There was a tender kiss on her forehead, and he left.

Laura watched him go. Over the last five months, she’d come to believe that he genuinely adored her, which made her happy. His adoration was all she wanted.

The sound of clanging metal erupted from the kitchen, followed by a cheerful “Whoops!” from Josh. Laura chuckled as she went into the den and made herself comfortable on the couch.

While she waited, she heard a tinkling noise coming from the closet. She looked towards the kitchen, assuming Josh would come in any second. He didn’t. The tinkling persisted.

Laura scanned the room, and hesitantly approached the closet door. The knob was old and required a good strong twist, but she was able to get it open.

She was greeted by an unexpectedly musty smell…and an unmistakable breeze, wafting towards her from behind the coats and knick-knacks in the closet. Curious and surprised, she pushed the coats to the side and gaped when a set of stairs was revealed.

The tinkling continued, louder now.

Laura looked behind her cautiously. Once she’d verified Josh was still in the kitchen, she noticed a light switch on the wall. She flicked it on and descended the stairs.

The tinkling grew louder yet.

Laura stared in horror.

Chained to the wall were four women. Dried blood was caked around their wrists and ankles. Three were unconscious (she hoped) and hung limply. One was awake, but barely. She weakly moved her arms, causing the tinkling.

Before she could move, there was a voice in her ear.

“See, Laura, I told you you’re not like other girls,” Josh said. “None of the others were as dumb—”

His words were cut off by an elbow to the face. He staggered back to the stairs, just in time for Laura to land a blow to his skull with a fireplace poker.

Laura stood over the prone figure, a look of disgust on her face. Five months of pretending to care about this fuckface, five months of concealing her true motives, just to get access to this room.

She went to the conscious woman, opened the manacles. Held her when she fell to her knees, emaciated and weak.

“It’s okay now, sis,” Laura said softly. “I’m here.”

Bungou Stray Dogs *spoilers* chapter 51 part 3 from mine

* Dazai x Atsushi

* Please do NOT repost/edit/capture!

Atsushi just can’t XD

Look at this fluffball ;v; awww

Adorable tiny cuties :D

Dazai looks so soft here ;v; aaahh

Dazai with Atsushi is the best Dazai X3


some of you might know this already, but for those who don’t: Adore is gonna do a birthday tour this year and i’d love to give her something special! scrapbooks have been done before, i’m aware, but it doesn’t make it any less heartfelt.

you can contribute letters, fanart (PLEASE!!), video greetings, poems, songs or just a picture (like … of you with a ‘happy birthday’ sign, a M&G pic, Adore inspired look or something). i’m open to suggestions. get creative! i will include a CD so video greetings/digital art etc won’t be a problem.

i’d appreciate anything, really.

yes, i’m super early with this, but i want to give everyone (including my lazy ass) enough time to prepare something beautiful for Danny, because holy moly, he deserves it so much. you can take your time, but a short “i wanna do something!” would be great.

the submission box is open or i can give you my email address or twitter, instagram or whatever. write me, we’ll figure something out.
since i’m gonna move at the end of august anyway, you can send me actual handwritten letters/fanart/birthday cards/envelope-sized gifts etc if you want to (but i’ll have to make sure you’re not some kind of creep first lol also: i live in germany, so pls think about postage)

even if you don’t want to participate, please reblog this or tag people who might like to contribute something ❤ ❤ ❤

deadline: september 10th

BTS Reacting To Their Small S/O Wearing Their Hoodies And Eating Candy


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 Taehyung would bound over to his S/O with the biggest grin on his face, jumping onto the couch beside them like an excited puppy. He’d pull them into his arms, holding them tightly against him as he coos over how adorable they are. He’d even rock them back and forth, pressing kisses to their face and pinching their cheeks with a chuckle. And unsurprisingly, he’d attempt to swipe some candies for himself and wouldn’t be hesitant to resort to any kind of measure to get them. “Ah, jagiya, I’ll do it if you don’t give me any! “KIM TAEHYUNG, IF YOU GIVE ME A WET WILLY, I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THIS ROOM FOR A YEAR!”


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Jimin loves seeing his S/O in his hoodie, especially because of how big it is on them. He would probably tease them a little bit, picking them up and cradling them in his arms to rock them like a baby. He would have to dodge a few jabs to the ribs for it. He’d rub noses with them, giggling when they whine at him for bothering them while they were relaxing. “Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help it! You look too cute not to bother.” In the end, he’d probably cuddle his S/O and feed them pieces of candy when they pout at him.


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Jungkookie would like seeing that his S/O is comfortable enough to wear his clothes. It would get annoying at times, because they wouldn’t return said article of clothing when he needs it, but he’d get over it. Kookie would definitely tease and bother them for their candy, purposefully ignoring their attempts to push him away when he steals pieces of their candy and blowing raspberries at them when they try smack him in annoyance. They’d end up moving away from him, sulking and ignoring him until he comes over with a bag of candy and a kiss as an apology. “Jagiya, you can be such a little kid sometimes you know?” “But you still love me~” “You’re lucky I do.”


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Suga would definitely like seeing his S/O in his hoodie. Although he isn’t a possessive kind of person, he does enjoy seeing his S/O in his clothes. He’d be somewhat similar to Jungkook when it comes to the candy, but would definitely be sneakier when he’s stealing the candy from his S/O. He’d distract them with a kiss and a cuddle, reaching behind them to stick his hand inside the bag and grab as many as he can before he has to pull away. He would laugh when his S/O catches him and sulks, burying their face in his hoodie as they pout. “C’mon jagiya, we can get you some more later.” “But I wanted those ones!” “Aish, you are such a grump sometimes. You’re even worse than me!” “Bite me Min Yoongi!”


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Rapmon would definitely like seeing his S/O wearing his hoodie, especially when they are snuggled up in it like a bundle. He’d cuddle with them, burying his face in their shoulder as they happily munch on the candies. Eventually, he’d ask them to give him some which would spark a small argument between the two that would escalate into a somewhat heated playfight. “Oi, I bought them anyway!” “You bought them days ago, you weren’t even going to eat them!” “Hey, maybe I was going to eat them just now and you got them before I could! Did you think about that?


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Jin would coo over how adorable his S/O is, even whipping out his phone to snap a few pictures to show to the other members later. He would then cuddle up to them, pressing kisses to their face as he sits them in his lap so he can rest his chin on their shoulder. He’d keep his mouth open, squeaking lightly every now and again when he wants a candy put into his mouth, pressing a kiss to his S/O’s cheek when they give him one. “Thank you so much jagiya.”


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Hobi would be almost exactly like Taehyung, barrelling towards his S/O and pinning them down when he jumps on the couch to hug them and fanboy over how adorable they are in his hoodie. He’d take some pictures of them, even a few videos of them munching on the candy just so he could show the other members and gush over how cute they are. He’d still try to sneak some candies, grinning like a madman when his S/O whinges and tries to hide the candy from him. “Hey, lemme have some more!” “No, cause then you’ll try eat them all!” “

Hope you like the reaction dear ARMY! :D So sorry it took me this long to have it done. Please request again sometime, I’d love to hear from you~

MTL to date a baby faced noona

Anon said: bts mtl to date a short noona with a baby face ~ 

Jungkook- Jungkook has stated many times that he likes noonas. I think that it would just be a bonus that you guys would probably look closer to the same age.

Hoseok- Hoseok doesn’t seem like the type of guy to really care about you being older or younger as long as the ager difference is reasonable. He’d find you being short to be very adorable along with your baby face.

Jimin- I think that Jimin would think that you’re really cute but would also be a little submissive and a little more respectful because you are his noona.

Taehyung- Although I personally imagine Taehyung being with someone that is his age or only a little younger than he is, I don’t really think that he cares too much about you being older. He would just love you. You being short with a baby face would be a plus because he would think it’s cute.

Yoongi- Yoongi literally wouldn’t care whether you are older or younger, taller or shorter. Appearances don’t really seem like they matter to him but I have also read that he prefers younger girls (I don’t know if the interaction with the fan was accurate but when she called him oppa he said he prefered younger. She told him she was 17. Again, idk if this is 100% true). 

Seokjin- I think that Seokjin would find you attractive but in my opinion he seems to like younger girls. He wouldn’t be closed off to dating a noona though.

Namjoon- Namjoon is dominant and we all know it. You being his noona I feel like would take him a bit out of that position that naturally comes to him.

BTW I don’t believe that any of the members would turn someone down just because they are older or anything. These are opinions I have made based on what I have seen, heard, and read. I want this blog and my posts to be enjoyable for everyone so don’t take only my word for the scenarios I post and how I believe that they would react to them because for all we know I could be totally wrong! I don’t know them personally and ideal types can be very far from the people they will love in the future.

Anyway, thanks so much for requesting!! Please send more requests if you have any <3

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impisch  asked:

Coucou! Je voulais tous d'abord te dire que j'adore ton travail, j'espère pouvoir atteindre ton niveau un jour... :) Et aussi, si ça ne te dérange pas j'aimerais te demander quelle prépa as tu faite avant d'entrer aux Gobelins ? Voilà merci d'avance si tu prends de ton temps pour lire mon message! :D

Hmmm, y’a quelqu’un qui copie-colle ses asks, c’est pas cool, ça (bien que ta question soit formulée fort poliment, ce dont je te remercie). Manque de pot, @asitari, c’est un de mes camarades de classe, alors je vois ce qu’il met sur son tumblr. Allez, sans rancune, mais si nous, on prend le temps de répondre, c’est sympa de prendre le temps d'écrire sa question à chacun individuellement (je dis ça à la cantonade.). Un conseil, si tu fais des lettres de motivation pour des écoles d’art, n’applique pas la même stratégie, ça va pas le faire, le “j’ai toujours voulu rentrer aux Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg” dans ta lettre pour les Gobelins.

Bon, tant qu’à y être, je vais quand même pas copier-coller la réponse de mon camarade…

J’ai fait un an de prépa à Prép’art Sud (à Toulouse, ah, quelle belle ville…) : ils m’ont beaucoup aidée à élargir ma culture artistique/cinématographique et à essayer plein de trucs différents. Après, j’ai fait une année de DNAP 1 à l’EESI d’Angoulême (sympa pour l’expérimentation et pour la culture artistique, mais pas pour la technique de dessin, même si on a eu des profs très chouettes). Avant Prep’art, j’avais fait des études de maths. La conclusion, c’est qu’il n’y a pas qu’une façon de préparer les Gobelins. (rappel : il existe d’ailleurs BEAUCOUP d’autres écoles d’animation que les Gobelins, en France, et la formation qu’offrent pas mal d’entre elles semble ne pas être de moins bonne qualité.)

Voilà. Bonne chance pour la suite. :)

(pour les gens qui ont quand même des questions à me poser, que la légère acrimonie de ce message ne les décourage pas.)

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Could you make a gifset for all the times Henrik talked about their natural connection or something like that? it's so funny and adorable lol

I probably could do it but I’d have to search for many of his interviews (I don’t remmeber all haha), but I think soneone has done it ? at least after gulrutten?

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What are your thoughts about Becho in general and also what it'll be like in season 5? I adore your ideas and predictions of the 100 and Bellarke, I'd really like to get your insight about this. Personally I think the writers' purpose was to start a relationship between Bellamy and Echo and expand the plot with it when they put Echo on that ship. They could've killed her off like they mostly do but they wanted her to live. The redemption arc for her character will be through Bellamy, I think.

Oh, boy. Honestly? my opinions on Becho have evolved and changed quite a bit since episode 5 of season 4. At first, I was appalled at the idea of Becho (romantic wise), but I’ve warmed up to it.

Okay, okay. First, let me rewind here, first and foremost, I would prefer it if Bellamy and Echo had a King/Knight relationship. I just think that IF Jason and co. DO decide to go bellarke, that they then keep whatever romantic relationship Bellamy may or may not have over 6 years a non serious romance. The idea that we could get a love triangle in season 5 makes me want to tear my hair out; it would be unpleasant to watch. 

Instead, yeah, I really want a Bellamy and Echo relationship in which they’ve become best buds, and she “sees” him as her king sort-of-thing.

However, if done right, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Becho romance. Now, imo, I do think that any romance Bellamy has outside of Clarke (omg, brav/ens will tear me apart for saying this) will end… yeah, they will just end. (*cough* which is why I don’t want br/aven to happen, because that would just be shit for everyone). Thus, I could see a bittersweet relationship between Bellamy x Echo. She loves and adores him, he’s come to care for her a lot and remains loyal to her despite his draw to Clarke, but in the end, she lets him go or dies because she knows that although Bellamy would never cheat on her… she also knows that Bellamy has a draw to Clarke that’s unbreakable.

Sigh, oh boy… yeah, tbh, I don’t know. I do think that it’s more likely that Becho happens in a sexual/romantic way over those 6 years, but I can also see it NOT being romantic and they’re just king/knight relationship. It’s a toss up, but yeah, out of Raven, Harper, Emori, and Echo… I think the show showed that there was more potential between Becho than any other pairing when it comes to Bellamy coming to romantically care for another during those 6 years. Why? Well, they put more emphasis on Echo and Bellamy’s relationship this season than they did with ANY of the other female characters, so yeah, I think we’ll definitely see some major Becho when we return. But, I think it’ll be a toss up between them being best buds, best buds w/ benefits, and/or a romantic couple.

In the end, Echo was made for Bellamy’s development, just like L.xa was made for Clarke’s, and so there will be some kind of major relationship between them next season… and honestly… I’m looking forward to whatever it is. I think Echo is pretty redeemable really. There’s something charming about her: she’s both brilliant and ruthless, while also being naive in her loyalty to her people–almost like she was brainwashed as a child when she was brought up to be an assassin, so I almost don’t hold it against her for the terrible things she did this season (and last) because she’s just been a pawn in everyone’s power games. But now, now she has a king who will show her that she doesn’t have to be anyone’s pawn, that she can have faith and believe in things that SHE chooses, not what her upbringing forced upon her… and naturally she’ll become very loyal to Bellamy because of his positive influence over her.

That’s what I’m sensing, right now.

So yeah, I think echo will gain redemption through her relationship with Bellamy, and I think Bellamy will likely become more “grounder” because of her. I keep hoping (and I think it’s highly likely) that Echo will be training Bellamy in grounder politics, language, and fighting during those 6 years, and so he’ll learn to be even more accepting of the grounders and their way of life next year because of her, I think.

That’s the current sense I’m getting.

(thank you for the compliment, btw. I always feel so bashful when people praise me. you’re too kind :-).

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Coucou! Je voulais tous d'abord te dire que j'adore ton travail, j'espère pouvoir atteindre ton niveau un jour... :) Et aussi, si ça ne te dérange pas j'aimerais te demander quelle prépa as tu faite avant d'entrer aux Gobelins ? Voilà merci d'avance si tu prends de ton temps pour lire mon message! :D


Merci beaucoup pour le compliment. Si t’es assez motive tu vas l’atteindre mon niveau tres vite :)
Moi, vu que je viens de Moldavie, j’ai pas fait une prepa. Je me suis prepare tout seul chez moi pendant presque trois ans, de environ aout 2011(mes 19 ans) jusqu’a avril-mai 2014 (mes presque 22 ans) quand j’ai reussi mon concours. 
Moi je recommende cette facon de faire juste si tu le sens vraiment, sinon c’est dangereux et du coup c’est mieux de faire une prepa (Comme Ateliers de Sevres, Prepa Gobelins etc) .
J’espere que je t’ai bien repondu a ta question. 
Bon courage dans ton parcours ! 

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13, 20, 30, 39, and 43! :3

Ahhhhhh thank you!

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13. Any NoTPs?

I’m assuming this is in reference to Camp Camp, because that’s my current hyperfixation. (If you meant another fandom, let me know and I’ll answer this again.) Anyway, any of the camper/counselor ships make me uncomfortable for obvious reasons — by which I basically mean Max/David, since that’s the only one that actually seems to exist. 

To a lesser extent Daniel/David weirds me out because … Daniel’s just such a prick. Who kills people.  And he called David a nobody! No one who causes David to make this face —

— is good enough for him.

20. Any ships which you surprised yourself by liking?

Bonquisha/Gwen is adorable and I’d never really considered it until the fandom embraced it. Also somehow I ended up shipping Max/Neil/Nikki and I can’t bring myself to let go of it. OH and of course Jaspid, which thank you @hopefullypessimistic84​ for making me believe so hard in that.

30. What inspires you to write?

Jealousy. I really wish I was kidding. And of course music — I have an absurdly long list of Gwenvid (or Gwen, or David, etc.) songs, most of them pretty emo, that I listen to on repeat while writing — and, weirdly enough, driving. Put me on a highway and all I wanna do is fic.

39. What is you greatest strength as a writer?

Uh … the ability to rip off @ciphernetics​ without getting caught?

Serious answer: I suppose I’m good at … bad grammar? That sounds weird, but I get irrationally excited about it — I’ve made thousand-word posts on here about semicolons — and I guess caring about it so much has made me pretty decent at setting a tone by just tearing accepted grammatical rules to shreds. This is useful in terms of creating verisimilitude when people talk (if everyone in your story has perfect grammar, they’ll sound like robots), but is also important in the more general narrative. 

For example, adding or removing a comma can be the difference between a nice, calm sentence fragment that goes at a reasonable pace, or one that just sorta rushes on and on and seems to speed up the longer you go without a break which can heighten tension makes you start to feel like you’re rushing to the end of the sentence turns your writing into a stream-of-consciousness nightmare until your readers are just. 

Desperate. For a change of pace.

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43. Is there anyone in your fandom who really inspires you?

Ohhhh boy, are there. Firstly there’s the awesome Hope and Netics, who I’ve already drawn attention to. So much jealousy-inspired writing, you have no idea.

And … I feel weird tagging people I don’t personally know (plus I’d probably forget someone and then I’d feel terrible), so, uh, all the artists in the CC fandom are pretty fantastic. If you draw Camp Camp art, assume I’ve stared at it while trying to write. (Although special shoutout to my too-good-for-me beta @raenbowsofficial​, who got me on the Gwenvid train. She’s great and we don’t deserve her.)

This was so much fun! Thank you for asking these, anon, it made my day! :)

Do you ever suddenly remember how much you love a certain idol and just double over in aggressive affection? Like its actually TANGIBLE? Bonus points if it’s not even your bias, just an idol you happen to care so much about and feel such strong, positive feelings for that sometimes it comes out of left field and punches you square in the gut, a harsh reminder of how much you adore this particular idol and that you’d do anything for them.