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Farris has great hair

as long as the genasi tats take, it’s actually really fun to draw the dnd version of farris–gotta love that wildflower hair aesthetic

i’d love to expand more on their pre-game background, and it’ll be interesting to see where the campaign takes them especially since they absolutely do not want to be there

@popcornian said: I love Pina she’s the reason I romanced Iron Bull as my elfquisitor.

thank you!! i’m so glad, lmao. i adore her with varric (…i’d ship a lot of OCs with varric), but her interactions with bull (romantic or otherwise) were fantastic to write and draw

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Can I see ladybug and chat noir in 6 C and D? Thanks!

Here it is! I almost wanted to do a role reversal for these poses despite the obvious choice, but I couldn’t pass up drawing Chat Noir being an adorable little nerd. LB’s not as annoyed as she’d like you to think.

Pose sheet


The Best You Never Had (48947 words) by FuryRed

Chapters: 13/13

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Azazel/Raven | Mystique (X-Men)

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier, Edie Lehnsherr, Sharon Marko, Raven | Mystique, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy, Angel Salvadore, Azazel (X-Men)

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern: Still Have Powers, Erik is Crushing Harder than a 12-year Old Girl, Erik has Feelings, Erik Logic Is The Best Logic, Charles Xavier has a Ph.D in Adorable, Charles Always Says the Absolute Worst Thing He Could Possibly Say, Honestly Charles What Are You Thinking, Sharing a Bed, Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Let’s not act like we’re over that tag because we’re not


By the time Erik is in his late twenties he has grown tired of his mother meddling in his love life- always setting him up on numerous dates with various suitors.

But then Erik’s mother offers to set him up with someone he used to know- the gorgeous blue-eyed boy Erik had a crush on in school, the boy Erik desperately wishes he had been nicer to.

How Erik ends up entering into a fake relationship with the man in order to keep his mother happy is anyone’s guess…


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What about Dan and Phil freaking out over the dogs you can get? Honestly, that first part of the video was adorable.

there were so many gif worthy things you’d have to be more specific

* Ils se disputent à propos de quoi ils pourrait offrir à leur maman pour son anniversaire! :D

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE @hichigot Et non j’ai pas oublier!!! :D J’espère que tu passera une bonne journée et que tu t’éclatera pour ton anniv’ ;) Je te souhaite pleiiiiins de bonne choses. Je t’adore trop et je suis tellement contente de t’avoir connu! :DD Et j’adore Rp avec toi, et je t’adore et j’adore ta bd et tes persos et.. Et pleins de trucs! :D Voilà mon cadeau! ^^ Ton petit Frifri et Chara se prennent la tête parce qu’ils sont pas d’accord pour ton cadeau! :D j’espère que ça te plaira!! :DD Je t’adore!! * hug * 8D

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Can I get some poly R76 hcs?

  • It takes a while for either to feel comfortable in the relationship, there’s a lot of bad blood between the pair of them and while they never said if they had a relationship before it has completely soured.
  • They both have a to take a while before they know how to properly share the relationship, they’re both scared that you’ll just leave with the other one. You’d slowly reassure both that you adored them evenly and they ease into a healthy relationship.
  • When it clicks it’s amazing, they’re way more free with their affection in their own way.  It took a lot of communication and working through things to get here but it’s like a well oiled machine, the two of them easily working together to make you happy.
  • It’s not what they had before but it’s something, they will never be able to fully return to that easy relationship but it’s new. You’ve all made something amazing from the ashes of them.

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💤 for 'Teia, please (because I can't help but imagine her in some adorable turian jammies or something :'D )?

she used to wear cute nighties, and some nights she has some lingerie for when she wants to get laid, but now she is middle-aged and works hard all day so when she gets home she likes to treat herself by being lazy….. for maximum coze she steals ierian’s shirts, because they’re 2 sizes too big and very soft and smell like her best friend :)

this one is an old band shirt from when they were young and carefree and went to concerts with their friends!!

EDIT: I FORGOT HER DARK PATCH it’s there now problem solved

i love keith… i love keith sm. he’s got such a soft spot for people he loves and i adore him??? i love how much he’d do for his friends, i love how protective he is,, i want him to love himself like i love him he’s so good at heart and deserves sm i love keith

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Idk if just havn't found it yet, or if it doesn't excist at all. But are there by chance a complete story for Perry and Khadgar? Through your art i have a rough understanding, but its so adorable i kinda need a full blown storry :D

Oh, I have nothing clearly written yet, no. I would enjoy writing something, like a… big description of all the events in their life I have in mind so far. I don’t feel like a good enough writer to do it in a “fic” style though. Would that be okay, something like a long description ? Or would it be boring ? Don’t be afraid to tell me xD (Though I’d do it as nicely and clear as I can of course !)
If some kind of “fic” would be best… I guess I’ll need some practice and training in writing xD

anyway my sims natasha gave birth to a boy and i named it “milan” which in russian it apparently means beloved bc can you imagine if nat actually could have kids how much she’d absolutely adore them after everything she’s been through (and bucky as well)

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If you're still doing the thing, I like Steven the most bc I relate to him; I blame myself too often, I'm really nervous that people will hate me over little things, and I get a little too excited over some stuff. Also, look!! At!! Him!!! He's hecking adorable and I'd protect him with my life

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I just remember the time Tony gave Steve a bj and broke him in The Prize lmao it was amazing

Well, if your first blow job was from Tony Stark, who just happens to be the all powerful King who kind of has started to adore you, you’d probably break, too!  Glad you are enjoying the fic!

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I wish you would write (more) fic about little Chuuya and his big sis Kouyou ;-;

little chuuya is so wonderful to write because he’s just chuuya’s arrogance and dumbass attitude without any of the self-confidence and experience to go with it. he’s a tiny little disaster child. kouyou and him argue 24/7 about everything but at the same time they adore each other and they’d die and kill for each other in a heartbeat… i love these siblings