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The Yoga Class

She lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad and she says yes.

She lies, but it’s okay, because Maggie knows she’s lying.

She knows because Alex knows that Maggie saw the way her jaw was on the floor the whole. Entire. Time.

The whole entire time, because the things Maggie can do with her body?

How she can hold herself up with only her hands, how she can go from stiff body slams on the job to graceful, steady, peaceful movements on that adorable pink mat of hers? (She’d laughed when Alex had insisted on getting a blue one for herself – to match – and she’d kissed her and she’d looked like she was in love.)

True, there were parts Alex hated.

Like the parts where she wasn’t the best one in the class.

Like the parts where the instructor had welcomed her as a newcomer, and the only okay part about that was the way Maggie had reached over and touched her arm and beamed because she was hers, hers, hers.

“Why do you do this stuff anyway, Mags? Isn’t it too… calm for you? Don’t you love your heavy bag?”

“I do, Danvers, but if I only got my release through my heavy bag, I’d just kind of stay angry all the time.”

“And this… breathy stuff… helps you not be angry all the time?”

“Some days,” Maggie had explained, and Alex could kind of see why.

Because, though she’ll never admit it, she found that it was kind of comforting – and kind of hot, okay, very hot – to watch Maggie move so peacefully, to watch the way her eyes fluttered closed.

Even if it earned her a gentle, smiling reprimand from the instructor, who softly reminded her to focus on her own practice for now.

Alex refrained from retorting that Maggie was her practice.

Because part of her? Part of her wanted that. Wanted to be like that. Like Maggie.

Because she admires the crap out of her, and damn, it would be kind of nice to be just as flexible as her girlfriend.

It would be… helpful.

In sting ops and such.

And in bed.

Her practice. Right. Focus on her practice.

And when she tried – when she took inspiration from Maggie’s soft breathing, from the way she wasn’t embarrassed to keep her eyes closed in this room, wasn’t scared, wasn’t guarded, like she was everywhere else in public spaces, and even alone together sometimes – Alex could see where this stuff was… relaxing.

Not to mention a little physically challenging.

Okay, a lot physically challenging.

Alex was used to motion. She wasn’t used to stillness.

And stillness? Stillness can be so much harder.

Stillness can require so much more strength.

The kind of strength she sees in Maggie. The kind of strength that makes her love her even more.

The kind of strength she wasn’t to develop in herself.

So she lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad, because it’s funny and because they love teasing each other and because she’s still Alex Danvers, and she has a reputation to uphold, after all.

But really? She can’t find the words to tell her. Not yet.

How much she’s inspired by her.

How in awe of her she is.

She’ll find the words, one day.

But today? Laughing and nudging each other and flirting and teasing in the rain, neither of them caring enough to take their umbrellas out of Maggie’s gym bag, because god does everything, including the mist on their skin, feel perfect right now?

Today, this minute?

She’s got Maggie’s smile, and Maggie’s got hers, and that’s enough for now.

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so you've done the top 5 sassiest HQ!! characters and the top 5 sexiest HQ!! characters, what about the top 5 cutest HQ!! characters? (also, all ur top 5 lists are spot on~ i love it!)

top 5 haikyuu cuties? the adorable ones that make you squeal :D

Be ready for a cuteness overload! :D

1. Hinata. My baby birb, my the sunshine son, have you seen his face? his eyes? his hair? he’s like a mix of every single cute feature you can find, concentrated in that tiny body of his. He’s so cute he almost makes me cry every time I look at him 

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2. Nishinoya. He’s my baby overly excited dragon and, much like Hinata, he truly is the walking definition of cute (*≧ω≦*) I mean look at hiiiim

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3. Kageyama. I can’t believe people find him intimidating while he’s just ??? a tol sleepy and awkward blueberry dork ??? and I love him ??? so much ???

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4. Kenma. Have you ever seen a more adorable disgruntled litte kitty? I sure haven’t, he’s so precious! (HIS FACES THO)

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5. Yaku. A LITTLE DEMON, every time I see him I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

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- bonus: mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the tiniest ace of them all? 

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Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Steve: Tony, do you think that maybe someday you might want to get married and have kids?

Tony: No.

Bucky: But what if you met the right person, who worshiped and adored you? Who’d do anything for you? Who’d be your devoted slave? Then what would you do?

Tony: I’d pity him.

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Imagine if Peri got poofed and ended up taking a pretty long while to reform because she was putting so much thought into how she came back with her official CG star and all that. Lapis is upset at not having her little ray of sunshine around the barn so when Peridot finally reforms she gets so excited to see her again that she just snatches her up in a hug and BAM! Fusion! Probably not gonna happen but the idea made me smile~

That’s absolutely adorable - I’d love it if something like that actually happened in the show :’)

Mark (Got7) Reacting to Falling For a Hyper/Sexual Girl

Prompt: “Hi! I love your blog and reactions so much! I was wondering if you could do the reactions of Mark (GOT7), Namjoon (BTS) and I.M (Monsta X) when they fall for a short, hyper girl who is always making sexual jokes? Thank you :) xxx”

Mark: He would become a giggly mess when you make sexual jokes. In the back of his mind, he’d wonder if you were really into all that you joked about, but probably wouldn’t ever ask about it. Sometimes he wouldn’t be sure how to deal with your hyper-activity, but he’d just smile and laugh despite that. With your height and bubbly personality, he’d find you adorable. He’d just be taken aback when you made innuendos. 

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Headcanon for young alpha Alfred?

Mod Con: HELL YEAH. I hc he’d be absolutely adorable, and a complete brat. Everything has to be his way or nothing, and he uses his powers of complete adorableness to get what he wants. But, on the other side of things, he’s also an excellent leader, and very friendly. He’d spoil any omegas he knew, which would both irritate and please them because they were getting attention, but so was everyone else. Right around puberty he’d shoot up, and grow to almost his full height in under a month. He’d also start putting on muscle and becoming more annoyed when other alpha’s were stronger than him, or faster, or “more cool”. The world would be pretty black and white to him, and once he’d decided on something, that thing would happen no matter what. 

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oh crap Kat. That adorable interaction between Sasuke, Naruto, and Gaara has left me reeling with OT3 feels. And I loved Mei being all blushy over Roushi~ Heck yes! I loved this chapter! I was giggling the whole time and kicking my feet in excitement! :D :D :D

xD Yay! The three brats are totally adorable, and Mei is unexpectedly cute. Glad you liked it!

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"Look at me - you're safe." For whoever you'd like! ♡

Because I adore @jbnonsense’s Jedi Knight Kero so much, this happened. I hope everyone likes it! Some Despina Sloane before she was a member of Havoc Squad.

Why hadn’t she listened when the Admiral had told her not to charge forward? She was supposed to hold the line. But she had to be so damned stubborn. No wonder her sister had always gotten annoyed with her during their childhood.

The enemy had her pinned down. Despina Sloane had taken cover behind an old speeder, knowing that it wouldn’t keep her safe for very long. That was when he appeared. At first, she hadn’t been sure what had happened. The Imperials were shooting at her with no hesitation or desire to stop until she was dead and full of blaster holes. Then everything went silent. The blaster fire had stopped as fast as it had started.

She thought it was a trick. She had no desire to peek over the top of the speeder and get hit right between the eyes. Despina huddled behind the speeder for a few tense seconds, sweat dotting her forehead and nose from the chase. She didn’t want to die, but she also hated being helpless.

She hadn’t expected the Jedi to appear. Despina’s wide eyes stared up at him, unable to make the connection between the man in front of her and the one she used to know.

He was kneeling before her, his grey eyes checking her over for injuries. His fingers brushed over her jaw, the touch sending electricity through her. How she had missed his gentle touches.

Finally, she managed to speak. “K-Kero?”

“I’m here, Des. Look at me.”

When she turned to meet his gaze, she knew she wouldn’t be able to look away.

“You’re safe now.” Kero spoke in an attempt to calm her. He could have been using the Force on her and she wouldn’t have cared. Not when she was safe. Not when he was here.

Despina launched herself into his strong arms, wrapping herself around his body, refusing to let go. She would have to find out why he was there, how he had found her, and she would… once she got over the shock of his presence. She was safe. She was with him. Everything else could wait.

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HOWDY MA IDOL! Thank you for the Ref or your adorable Babu~ <3

ohhhh don’t say thank you :’’’D, i still didn’t drew, wrote and posted everything :’D. it’s at last 1/7 of all that i’m preparathing :’DDD. the story part is difficult for me that i’m hopeless in writhing :’v. i’m happy that you liked the first part X3❤❤❤❤

Hey, Green? I’ve been wondering something.


What if the Four Sword had only been the Two Sword and we had split the others’ personalities between us? Which do you reckon we’d have?

Um, I dunno… I guess if you took on Red’s you’d be angry but adorable…. No, that wouldn’t work. 

Or if you had Vio’s you’d be a calm and collected hot-head. Nah, that would be too much to handle. 

I think it’s best if we just assume I get all the other traits and you stay as you. 

Right… Great help you are. 

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My ferret lost all his hair awhile back bc of adrenal disease. I got him the implant and his hair is growing back... mostly. Almost everywhere on him he's got at least peach fuzz, except the top of his head? He looks like a little old man. I dunno if you know why or anything but I thought maybe you'd get a kick out of the thought of the top of his little bald head.

This is so adorable! I’d love to see a picture!

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Hey there 💕 I'm Ukrainian and I absolutely adore my culture so I'd love to share just a couple of fun facts about the country itself ☺️ After the Soviet Union broke up Ukraine inherited the third largest nuclear Arsenal in the world, however refused to take it. Smiling is only for laughter, rather than to say hello etc, meaning there is no one asking young women why they aren't smiling ;) and you also know any smiles you get are 100% genuine. It's also home to the first ever constitution!

aww tbh smiles when saying hello aren’t too bad but on the other hand the 100% genuine thing sounds really good too, forced smiles aren’t nice. 
sounds like some interesting history tbh plus the refusing is awesome

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alright, logic, let's say morality tells you he loves you romantically. what'll you say back? that you don't believe him and break his heart? come on man you're adorable and pops is adorable together you'd be adorable

he won’t say that to me so I don’t have to come up with an answer

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May I have matchup please, I'm heterosexual. I'm 4"11 chubby woman who has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. And very pretty tan skin. My hobby are drawing, cooking, singing, dancing. My personality is friendly,caring,loving,shy,and very kind. Thank you! :D

I ship you with France!!!

Francis would adore you! He’d love each and every curve, and would tell you constantly that he adores you. You two would have lots of fun, because he also enjoys doing those things, and you could help each other become better and better. You could cook meals together, dance together. And boy, he’d love to hear you sing if that’s what makes you happy. Also, he’d /love/ that you’re so sweet and caring- he finds that very attractive in a person~

{{After a long consideration…not really. David Haller will become apart of this blog. Everyone…meet David Haller from Legion

If you’d like to RP with this crazy and also adorable mutant just go ahead and click that heart right over there and I’ll get you a starter going! No Icons however..or yes…because both my muses have the beautiful Dan Stevens as their face so}}