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Revelation || Hoseok

Request - Hey, I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it… can I please ask for a fuckboy Hoseok? (Loving you even if you’re doing it or not) From your coala anon:3            

Pairing - Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Smut (Implied, but not really)

Summary - A player of feelings and a pawn of innocence. The combination couldn’t get any deadlier.

‘I don’t know, Eunha,’ You sighed as you placed your books inside the locker, before closing it and looking at her, 'I’ve never been a fan of frat parties. To be frank, I don’t even want to get out of the house.’

Eunha, your best friend, who was in the midst of begging you to join her to a party, grumbled, 'You never do, Y/N..’ She rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the locker.

'When’s the last time you even fucked someone?’ She shamelessly asked and your face became a canvas for your embarrassment, 'Never, I guess?’

'Exactly. That is why you should come with us.’ She said, referring to her boyfriend who wasn’t present among you. You scoffed, 'And be a third wheel? No thanks.’

You began walking away towards the library, with her followimg behind you like a lost puppy, 'Hey! Namjoon and I never forget about you, alright? It’s just…we get lost in ourselves-’ she began, but you interrupted her, 'Exactly, and I become a third wheel. It’s better to save myself the embarrassment.’

You walked into the library and went to your favorite aisle to pick some books to binge read on for your spring break. Eunha was still behind you, and she probably hadn’t noticed you both were standing in a library because she screamed, 'Oh my god! Please-’ You covered her mouth with your hand, your eyes wide, 'Are you crazy?’ You whisper-yelled, throwing an apologetic look towards the librarian.

You managed to shoo her away from there before the librarian did so herself, telling Eunha your final decision: you weren’t going.

Once you got your books, you were leaving the library with the librarian glaring at you for 'breaking’ a golden rule. Apologizing, you finally left, to spend your precious time with the books in your dorm.

The moment you entered the dorm, you remembered why you had always wanted to switch your dorm. There was just a sole and simple reason - Jung Hoseok.

'Can you not, make out on the couch.’ You yelled, beyond pissed, as a girl - who you recognized as a Freshman, literally was sucking Hoseok’s face off. You cleared your throat, since they hadn’t heard you the first time, before walking into your room and placing your books on your bed and coming back into the hall with a horn in your hand.

Making sure you had your ear plugs nice and tight in your ear, you pressed the button of the horn, making them both jump at the loud sound.

'Y/N! What the actual fuck?’ Hoseok turned to glare at you, the girl scrambling on to her feet from the floor. She shot a glare towards you as well, 'Is she your girlfriend, Hobi?’ She asked, her predatory eyes still on you.

You scoffed, 'Please. I don’t even consider him a human, let alone be his girlfriend.’ You said, crossing your arms.

'What do you want?’ Hoseok asked, and you noticed him stifling a laugh.

You rolled your eyes, 'I want you,’ You pointed at him, 'and you,’ your finger moved to point at the girl, 'away from the couch and out of the dorm.’

'In case you forgot, this is my dorm too, so,’ He got up, making his way to you, while you shot daggers at him, 'I can do whatever-’ he came close to your face before leaning in to your ear, ’-I want.’

Your face burnt at the closeness of your bodies, and him being shirtless, flexing all those muscles you knew you weren’t supposed to swoon over, made it all the more harder for you to not pull him into your room.

'One: stay the hell away from me, you wreak.’ You said, half lying, because he literally smelled of a feminine perfume, which had obviously come from the girl, who was still standing in the middle of the room, 'Two: I don’t care. As long as I’m here, you will not get any of your filthy hands on the couch, which I will have to clean later. And three: go die.’ You spat at his face, your face curled into a snarl as his face remained unchanged and indifferent to whatever you were saying.

'Hobi, come on baby, let’s go.’ The girl tugged at Hoseok’s forearm, and you continued to glare daggers at him, when you noticed a slight change in the way he was looking at you. It was deadly, something you had seen once, and the outcome was, well, destructive. You knew this situation could go this way, or that.

'Actually you know what, So Min-’

'It’s Eun Ji-’

'Yeah, whatever. You can leave. I have some…unfinished matters to settle.’ He said, his voice low and intimidating. The girl huffed, and immediately turned and stomped out of the door, making sure she slammed the door close in the process. In that time, you too had turned to leave.

The moment you began walking, you felt your hand being pulled, before your back slammed against the wall beside your bedroom door, in the corridor. A gasp left your lips as the impact surprised you more than hurting you, his face dead serious as he stared at you.

'I don’t think you deserve to go into your room without a punishment, baby girl.’ He smirked, pinning your hands on top of your head to the wall. You squirmed, wanting to get out of the mess you dragged yourself into before you regretted it.

'No I don’t. Now let me go!’ You yelled, trying to pry your hands away from his steel grip. With the way he was holding them, bruises would be the first thing you would see on your wrists the next morning.

'Not a chance.’ He said before dipping his head into your neck, placing open mouthed kisses on your skin as he grinded against you. You, already beginning to accept defeat, exposed your neck even further, as you tried to bite back a moan that threatened to tear through your throat.

'Let me hear you, Y/N. I know you want to scream my name as loud as you can.’ He coaxed you, as he pressed his bulge harder against your core that you couldn’t help but moan his name.

'That’s right, baby girl, moan out my name all night.’ He let one hand of his come down to your breasts, before gripping one of them gently and squeezing them, his mouth finding its way to yours.

He pressed them on yours, and as much as you hated to admit it, they were as soft as they could get, making it even more harder for you to pull away. Seconds later, you began melting into the kiss, which deceived you as a gentle and passionate one, rather than a rough and hungry one.

'Ho- Hoseok, no, I can’t.’ You breathed as he kissed on a spot under your ear before grabbing your ear lobe with his teeth, gently nibbling on it, you writhing under him. He loved to see you struggle, he loved that he was having this effect on you, something he had long been wishing to see and feel.

'I have to- I have to go the frat party. Please Hoseok, I- fuck - I promised Eunha.’ You mumbled a lie as his hand went down to the region in between your thighs, his hand separating them before skillfully rubbing his fingers on the material against your clit which took you to a particular paradise.

He chuckled deeply in your ear, ’Liar.’

He rubbed harder and you had your eyes shut tight, his lips finding yours again. It was too much for you, making it impossible for you to focus on what to say or on the kiss. His hand came back up and went through your shorts’ hem line, before dipping his hand inside your underwear and finding your clit again, you jolting back against the wall as he tortured you. To say you were a moaning mess, would have been a hilarious understatement, and your breathing intensified when he inserted a finger into you, the alien feeling melting away as fast as it had come.

He pushed it in and out of you, later adding another finger and you felt a strange feeling form at the pit of your stomach. He stared at your face, which had been twisting into pleasure all the while. He would stay with you in the dorm the whole night without attending the party if he could spend time with you like this. Or however, he wouldn’t mind if it was just movie watching or playing games either.

A small smile formed on his face as he felt you clench around his fingers, signalling you were about to come.

'Why don’t you tell me how good this feels, Y/N?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and you immediately responded, 'Fuck you, Hoseok.’

His thumb found your clit, and you regretted every word that spilled out of your mouth as your head went back against the wall, exposing your neck which had all of his marks on.

'Hmm, you’ll get to do that, don’t worry.’ He chuckled, before licking one of the spots on your neck with the tip of his tongue.

You groaned as you felt the pressure in the pit of your stomach release around his fingers. He pulled them out, his hand still holding your wrists against the wall, bringing his other to his mouth, licking away your remnants.

'Mm…you taste amazing, Y/N. And only I’ll know that.’ He stared at you, and you couldn’t find the view any hotter.

'I still hate you.’ You breathed, your eyes half lidded as you glared at him, before he picked you up, his hands under the back of your thighs.

He opened the door to his room before dropping you on his bed, pulling his pants down, 'We’ll see about that.’


No, there isn’t a sequel.

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I just came across the whole EU thing and felt inspired to maybe make a character? how do you think they’d fare? they don’t know their true name and the name given to them means nothing. they like to study the stars and are usually out at night always accompanied by an iron charm covered instrument case and a silver telescope grasped in clay and paint covered fingers. ¼

2/3 (not 4 oops) they often talk too loudly about dangerous things but the fae have always had a soft spot for musicians;the price for their words is usually light. their instrument itself was payment for playing at a party (seemingly several months long but when they got back it was only the week of finals they’d missed) a viola made of an unfamiliar silvered wood. they always wear silver and iron rings that you can hear rattle before they play, being at EU has not helped with anxiety.

3/3 they often forget to eat and sleep being too caught up with other endeavors and their hair is always in the same braid with both real and silver flowers tucked into the strands their room is filled with star charts and plants side by side with tokens of gratitude from the crows and fae alike containers of clay and half finished sculptures on the desk and floors and paint splatters on an unused bed They often try to sculpt the fae they see around campus but never finish the faces for fear of actual offence


They sound like they’re favored, which is good because despite the lip service to protection in the form of iron and silver, they’re toeing the line of what’s safe. But they’re clever enough to leave the sculptures unfinished; with any luck that and whatever is so fond of them are together enough to get them out the other side (the also sound like leaving would be heartbreak; like the world outside would feel hollow, after Eslewhere. I don’t envy them.)

More loose ends that just came back to haunt me

-My Agent light sided the final confrontation with Darth Jadus so he escaped. Whaaaaaaat happened to him? And there’s that ancient Sith asshole who was possessing Parkanas, but I saved Parkanas so that asshole’s still out there somewhere.

-Darth Lachris (sp?), whom you meet on Balmorra, was Darth Marr’s apprentice. What happened to her?

-The Esh-Ka the Jedi Consular recruited to the Rift Alliance. Where are they now???

-General Garza hasn’t said a peep in a while. You’d think she’d have a LOT to say about what Saresh pulled in KotET.

-Where the FLIP are Satele and Darth Marr? Yes I know we saw her helping rebuild Coruscant with Malcome, but she and Marr were like, “oh the force is telling us to leave you with your dick in your hands.” What was THAT all about?

-How the hell is my homeboy Lord…excuse me…Padawan Praven? He’s my boy!

-Wasn’t there a Killik/Empire alliance if you helped Vector? Yeah, there was. Why couldn’t I deploy a massive Killik, make that TWO massive Killik, armies when shit went down with Arcann and then Vaylin?

-I know Darth Vowrawn is still alive, but I was hoping for a more informal letter to my Sith Warrior. And maybe an invite to have drinks together and laugh about the time you owned Darth Baras in the Dark Council chambers. Or I don’t know, talk to him about The Hand hunting him down on Rishi. “Hey, Vowrawn. Wrath here. So wtf happened with that Hand business? Are those assholes still alive?”

-For everyone at home wondering, just what happened with the Agent’s droid disguise implants? Those things are still in there!! Is that how Watcher X appears to them and helps them undo their conditioning? Maybe it was their subconscious…or MAYBE it was the DROID DISGUISE!

-I’ve already mentioned this one, but seriously, just what is the Mother Machine up to nowadays? Has she cooked up any new and exciting species? Will she help with the whole Iokath mess? You know she would. YOU. KNOW.

-Speaking of Rakatan technology, a few of my Imps kept that Rakata in the mind trap from Tatooine and sent it back to the Empire. That thing probably got stolen…dammit. But WAIT! What about the Infinite Engine some of my toons stole from Revan’s Ongree slaves on Nar Shaddaa? Probably got stolen…dammit. Revan probably stole both those things during his “phase”. Dammit.

-Dude, my latest Inquisitor didn’t kill Harkun (Harkon? Harkin? Harken?). How’s he doing?

-Nobody ever said Nok Drayen died, did they? I can’t remember if Risha said he did. And Agent didn’t kill him. What’s that slimy, ol’ bastard up to…if he ain’t dead from carbonite…whatever?


And NO, Bioware Austin, don’t just tell me all these folks got fucked by the Eternal Empire! The Esh-Ka do not go down easily!!!!!!!

As you might have noticed, our blog has unfortunately gone quiet these recent months. Blame it on the fact that we do not support the fact that Wentworth has been reduced to, well, “recurring” status (more like special guest star), that we are not really in support of Legion!Len after all (or the Captain Canary interaction in season two, therefore), or that we simply have a LACK of interaction between our two favourite legends.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna gif things. It simply means we’re out of ideas. So, help us! Request things, make suggestions what kind of memes and gifsets we could do; scenes, poems, song lyrics, parallels - whatever you can come up with. Maybe you even have poll suggestions. (Heads-up: We’ve so far done Captain Canary in every ep, Sara in every ep, Len in every ep - but they’re all unfinished since most of us didn’t actively watch season 2. But we also did a Captain Canary Meme, and we giffed their Top 10 Moments which were voted by our followers…) So, whatever comes to your mind, tell us. You can either write us your ideas - anonymously or not - into our ASK BOX, or in case you need more space, you can use our SUBMIT BOX. And in case you wanna talk to an actual person, feel free to write me a personal message.

We’re looking forward to many incredible ideas!<333

Runaways AU :D

~“Okay, so I just ran away from home, and I didn’t bring a map, so I have no idea where I am, so can I just please take it and stop arguing over the last map in the box?” AU

~Also goes with the “Oh, you ran away too, and you have no idea where you wanna go either, so can we share the map and head somewhere together?” AU

~“The bag with all my runaway stuff is actually my old school bookbag, so please don’t question any of the old math worksheets and unfinished essay papers at the bottom of the bag or whatever.” AU

~“I used to have really long hair, but I cut it short, so people won’t recognize me with short hair, and- what? Oh, you think I look nice with short hair? Oh, uh, maybe I’ll keep it cut then…” AU

~And/Or “I wear contacts that change my eye color to a dull brown so people won’t recognize me, but you like my normal eye color, so I might just ditch the contacts.” AU


AESTHETIC - The Last 3 Years

running up tube escalators, Ancient Greek declensions, a desk full of books and crisp packets, charging my phone anywhere and everywhere, shoehorning a discussion on Homer into any seminar whatever the actual subject, weaving through crowds, leaning my head on train windows, the same burgundy jumper, the same black boots, the same beloved tartan scarf, waking up late for everything, living off pepsi, squashing myself onto packed commuter trains, student theatre tickets, Latin verb tables, empty 2am streets, so many unfinished to-do lists, nights in with my best friend and a great film, running out of wall space, Trafalgar Square and watching the city around me.

So I had my final exam for my degree today! It’s all over! This is to commemorate the three years since I moved down to London with too many books and not enough common sense ahaha ;)

A late happy birthday to the Frye twins ❤️❤️❤️ The curiosity about what they looked like as kids drove me to make this fan art! Although currently it is only a sketch (see even Evie’s freckles are omitted 😂

Well I have no idea when it will be colored as time has been so limited to me 😭 many apologies again for those who I’ve made promises to but actually I’ve been keeping you dearest waiting…m(_ _)m

anonymous asked:

can I ask for a scenario as to how kuroo, iwaizumi, akaashi, oikawa and suga would react and what they will do if they're on call with their s/o and their s/o is too quiet because she's stifling her sobs but somehow the boys heard her sniffling i hope you don't mind this kind of request and tysm!!!!

I’m really sorry for the late scenario! I’ve been really busy with college assignments and stuff, I just got home and finished your request! I hope you enjoy, but a bit of warning : the writing’s a bit rushed. T^T

The call had ended half an hour or so ago, with Kuroo cracking some lame ass jokes before making the terrible excuse that his mother had called for him. In truth, he was halfway out his door - finding that it would be too suspicious if his surroundings suddenly got noisy as his room was relatively quiet.

The captain made a quick trip to the store nearby, thanking whatever deity was up there that it was still open considering the late hour he had decided to venture out. He only spent a couple minutes in there, grabbing _____’s favourite foods and paying them with almost all of the money he had left.

Kuroo would have ran all the way to _____’s house if it wasn’t for the fact that it was dark and his muscles were still terribly sore from training. It took approximately half an hour for the male to go to the store and back towards the (surname) residence.

“T-Tetsu–” before the girl could even question why he was here, _____ was engulfed in strong arms. Kuroo promptly buried his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in deeply.

“You shouldn’t keep it all to yourself….” Kuroo pulled away, giving them a lopsided grin. “Now come on. I got some stuff to stuff our faces with–”

It’s like a tradition for Iwaizumi and his girlfriend to have a nice chat over the phone every day before they go to sleep. He will always tell her stories and silly things that happened during his volleyball practice, the girl always listening intently to his voice, occasionally dropping a few remarks whenever she deemed fit. That one particular day though, Iwaizumi sensed that something doesn’t feel right.

At first, the teen dismissed it as his own nerves, but when he passed by a certain girl during classes, his suspicion grew. True, he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this time, the female’s expression was way off the charts. Being the ever-so-responsible guy he is, he took the initiative of asking her close friends, but to no avail.

Until that night.

Iwaizumi droned on about his day during their daily sessions, but when he heard sniffles coming from her end, he bolted towards the girl’s front door, preparing for the worst. He didn’t cut off the line, though, somehow managing to sprint towards _____’s house while still on the phone. Being an athlete sure has its perks, this time, enabling the ace to arrive at his destination in record time.

“_____, are you okay?”


“Are you crying?”


“I’m in front of your house.”

Sure enough, he could hear footsteps drawing nearer, the front door swinging open. The male wasted no time in hugging her form close, one of his hands (awkwardly) stroked her hair, listening to everything she wants to say or cry out loud.

It was usually after practice that ____ called, but Akaashi initiated the call first, as coincidentally that evening, his practice ended way earlier than usual. Walking along the sidewalk towards a convenience store with his cellphone in hand, his fingers are quick to type out a certain girl’s phone number (he remembers it by heart*), all the while surveying the items, especially the ones on sale. He picked out some of _____’s favourite snacks while waiting for her to accept the call.


“_____. I’m at the convenience store, do you want me to buy the usual only, or do you want anything else?”

“…maybe some…….never mind….”


It shook his heart to hear very soft sobs from the other side of the phone call.


“Tell me everything. What’s bothering you? Well, if you prefer not to talk about it, just tell me how your day went.”

The setter had never bought his girlfriend’s snacks as fast as he did that day. Of course, he never hung up, being the ever-so-faithful listener for her. Once he got to _____’s house, he assured her, that it’s okay, there’s ought to be a rainbow in the midst of a terrible storm. He’d make sure that she really feels okay, before moving on with their next agenda.

As eccentric, cheerful and socially active Oikawa Tooru can be, he treasures his other half dearly. How, you ask? Why, by always being there for her whenever he could. Of course, not all the time, since he is busy with volleyball training and studies, and _____ understood it too.

Somehow, one fateful day, Oikawa decided to contact his beloved during lunch break. It was not planned, and Oikawa felt like he neglected her for a long time (when truthfully, it’s just like, 2 days). And no, they don’t spend every lunch breaks together, the captain himself likes to keep his social relationships as balanced as it could get.

He didn’t really expect the girl to suddenly went quiet during his recounts of one of his many misadventures. It was eerie for him. Of course, as a sharp and keen person, he heard her sniffles.

“_____-chan, are you okay?”

“H-huh?! I-”

Before she could even reply, Oikawa stood up from where he was sitting, swiftly apologizing to his friends and took off to his significant other’s favourite spot that she’s really fond of.

Really, whenever the Grand King knew of something, he will do whatever in his power to make it go in his favour. Which in this case, is making her happy at ll costs.

Sugawara’s weekends are usually spent with _____, but unfortunately, he had to run some errands. The grey-haired male informed his lover, which she responded with an ‘Okay! I’ll go to the shopping mall today, actually, there’s a new DVD that came out today, so if anything, I’ll call you, Koushi!’

The setter was busy picking up the laundry when his phone rang. Answering the call, he put it on loudspeaker, as he’s still unfinished with his current chore.

“Hey, _____-chan! How’s your day?”


“Dear? _____?”


“Breathe, _____-chan. What happened?”

It’s a good thing that he’s finished with the last of the clothes when he heard the quiet sobs of his girlfriend on the phone. Even when his mind is full of questions, he managed to keep his mind level-headed, calmly trying his best to comfort his girlfriend, even when he’s still completing a few more chores.

Extra :

“…Koushi, are you done with your errands?”

“Of course!”

“Please don’t tell me you multi-tasked again.”

“And if I did? I’m fine, _____-chan!”

“I envy you, Koushi… Not to mention that you’re willing to listen if-”

“It’s fine! It can be really depressing when the DVD that’s scheduled to release today was postponed, and bad luck kept happening. But please, _____-chan, don’t ever give up hope, and keep on moving forward!”

“…It’s silly…I love you too much, Koushi.”

“Love you too, dear!”

Why NS does not have as much development as they think

Apparently,It would seem that a lot of NS fans think that Naruto and Sakura have had a lot more development than NaruHina and SasuSaku. As for me,I have to say that I disagree completely. NS truthfully do not have that much to go on besides other NS fan speculation of certain moments.

They claim that NS has had the most platonic  romantic moments or developments in the manga. Such as the usual examples…

 the scene where they “hug” technically Naruto did not hug her back but whatever.

The “Confession fakession“  scene

The “girlfriend” question thirsty for another parallel excuse

and the unfinished sentence on Yamato’s part. he could have meant anything for all we know, either way its never been revisited.

Now I’m not going to lie, these moments all had potential to actually development Naruto and Sakura into a relationship. They all could have been a perfect way to canonize NS or used to imply it at least, but there has always been one big problem. NONE of these moments are EVER revisited or announced again once they happen. It almost seems like these “moments” were left ignored,finished and dealt with.

I mean seriously, name one moment of NS that has actually been brought back up as important. I definitely can’t name one. And that’s where the issue lies. Where is the development? There certainly weren’t any major character improvement/realization for both Naruto and Sakura that happened to help support NS case. Instead,one of those NS moments were even used to showcase this…

Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke yet again. Which can I also say

have always

been pressed since the very beginning.

See what I mean? Naruto’s feelings towards Sakura have never been pressed at all compared to Sakura’s and even Hinata’s. Especially since

both Naruto

And Hinata

have addressed their huge moments.

I just love how some NS fans constantly tries to downplay chapter 615 NH interactions as “chakra transfer”. You know, the one that supposedly  meant “absolutely nothing” and had gotten a beautiful manga cover. yeah that one. While I don’t believe the hand held implied anything romantic (your welcome NS), I certainly do believe it meant much more than chakra transfer. WHY? easy.

Because when Neji died, Naruto’s entire Nindo was put into question. He had just recently stated to Obito that he would not let a single one comrade of his die. This scene likewise, is also comparable to when Pain had began to questioned Naruto’s Nindo too. Both times he had been left speechless, simply unable to form a counter argument or a clear answer anymore. AND both times, the one girl who represents and understands his nindo the best showed up to help him remember (you guessed it) his Nindo. 

 These moments were used to give both character’s development. Hinata helped Naruto regain confidence in his nindo and told him to never lose faith in it or Neji’s sacrifice really would be vain. Naruto in return, gave her the final push she needed to learn 64 palms and step another foot forward. Now remind me of what Naruto and Sakura “romantic relationship” has brought them? 

Even the CPR moment another chance to develop NS

 was instead never heard from or developed again.

It was really more of just Sakura wanting to help her friend become Hokage and would not allow his death until he achieve his dream. Once again, if you can call the handhold “unromantic” or “just a chakra transfer”, what do you call a moment that had never bothered to be mentioned in later chapters? I call it platonic.

Come on guys,

Even Sasuke’s feelings

were heavily  foreshadowed

For this moment

and then pressed once again 

Anyone else catching onto the pattern?

You know what else is funny? When the bias (not all of them) NS fans tells us that NH can’t be canon unless there is crystal clear evidence that  Naruto’s feelings towards Hinata are turning romantic. BUT then turns around and says   “Sakura’s feelings are turning romantic for Naruto” while not having a single piece of this “crystal clear evidence” themselves. Those hypocrites I tell you!

And one last thing, sorry SK fans

But this

is not development either.

Sasukarin have never had a single moment showing Sasuke and Karin’s character being changed by one another. They also haven’t had a moment where Sasuke has not brushed off Karin’s advantages.

Even when Karin whipped out her chains in order to save Sasuke, he himself was not awake for it much like Naruto nor did Karin ever mention it later on. Suigetsu did a fine job of that though. 

Hell, even when Karin got stabbed

This moment 

was used 

To once again remind us of Sakura’s feelings

For Sasuke.

It seems to almost always be a recurring thing for both ships. The girl’s love for their boys have given both ships huge amounts of character change/development that has pushed them to grow.

Sakura started out as a shallow fan girl who had a obviously huge crush on Sasuke (screaming and blushing), and seemed to constantly be left looking at the backs of her teammates. Now she has grown into someone who wants her teammates to watch HER back, gained a stronger love towards Sasuke, and wants to save him from the darkness  that still lurks inside him.

lol Naruto sure was proven wrong, for trying to hold Sakura back.

 Hinata has gone from a shy introverted girl who was inspired by naruto, tried her hardest to catch up with him, but still felt like a weak failure

To a girl who is no longer afraid to step from behind the sidelines and walk together with Naruto. She has grown stronger since their childhood days and even outlasted Neji in stamina during the war and later completed the 64 palms.Seriously, who’d imagined these two girls would grow up to be such bad-asses?

Sasusaku and Naruhina have a lot more to offer than NS fans would care to admit, either because they simply ignore NH or SS moments altogether due to their bias about the two ships or they haven’t put much thought into it. I hope this post helps others at least think about NH and SS even if your not a fan. :)

Edited 7/30/14- some people are stating that I have said NS has had no development but I just want to clarify that that is not what I said. Everyship has their own development and if you support NS or SK I have absolutly no problem with your ship. What I did say was that I don’t think they have as much development as they think. This is mostly directed to the people who want to use the argument “ns or sk has more development than nh and ss”.
tag meme: what i’m writing!

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @ophiliad​ (Thank you, Rachel!)

Okay, so I’m perpetually working on a million unfinished scraps at once and I’ve got a bunch of partially-finished nearly-abandoned fics sitting in my Google Drive, but there isn’t much that I actually put major effort into and make headway in… so.


This is an article that I’m writing for Hollywood of Color, an online ‘zine dedicated to talking about whitewashing and POC (especially Asian) erasure in Western media. The piece takes a mostly personal angle: I use a lot of personal anecdotes to discuss the effects of lack of Asian representation on young Asian-Americans, as well as something that I like to call “secondary/adoptive representation” where non-white Americans will cling to any piece of storytelling that involves (a) non-white protagonist(s), regardless of whether they’re the same ethnicity as the character for the sole reason that the character doesn’t walk through the world as a white person. I’m really proud of this, and hopefully it’ll be done soon so I can share it with the world! 

2. all your cards on the table

This is an Arthur/Eames Inception fic. It’s post-canon, Arthur POV: basically, Arthur and Eames start up this no-strings-attached acquaintances-with-benefits kind of thing, and then a business partnership, and eventually something like love. Not necessarily in that order.

There are some scenes in it that I’ve had written for several months– the intro scene is a heavily revised version of the first blurb I ever wrote for Inception, before I read any fic in the fandom at all. It’s only just started coming together in the past few weeks, and it’s still mostly freeform and sans any planned ending, but like. it’s really, really good. Not to toot my own horn or anything.

3. gunchamber-heartchamber

00Q post-SPECTRE Q POV fic. I’m not sure I’m ever going to finish this one. I really want to, but I don’t know if it’ll work out. It’s a sequel to a previous oneshot I wrote for the fandom, make it work, which was pretty much a disjointed amalgam of James POV scenes. gunchamber-heartchamber kind of fills in the gaps.

Also, does anyone remember me saying a couple months back that I was gonna be writing a sequel to malleability? Yeah, well, the planning doc and a couple scenes of the first draft are sitting in my Drive, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be trashed sometime in the near future. Truth is that I can’t remember where I wanted to take it. It’s got some mind-blowing meta, though, which I’m gonna have to find some way to recycle because it’s too good to not use.

I tag: @memiinger @objectiveheartmuscle @lorcleis @iamanonniemouse (I know you said that you were on hiatus, but I’m tagging you so that if/when you see this, you might wanna give it a try) and anyone else who wants to do this!

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how do you get to make all your art look so sketchy but so nice at the same time?? i try to make a quick sketch or doodle, slap some color over it, but then it ends up looking odd / unfinished so i line it completely, hiding all traces of the sketch. same with your coloring -- like on the picture you posted of blushy foxy, i can see some of the sketch underneath and your lighting / coloring and it looks so darn good!!! i'm just standing here with my mouth open, like ... how.

I’m… not sure! It’s pretty much the polar opposite with me, actually; I find myself wanting to show my sketch through my doodles, as I think it suits my style/methods more!

All I usually do is sketch out whatever I’m drawing, outline fairly quickly (I don’t pay keen attention to how ‘professional’ the lines may look), and, as I color, keep the layer the sketch is on on “Multiply” and above the color layer. It helps me feel adjusted to the lines showing through, as well as how to place marking properly so they’ll like up to the sketch. And in the end, I lower opacity of the sketch significantly (if not make it invisible altogether).

And, of course, I go crazy with setting colors on ‘overlay’ over my pics to help set the tone of them (if not make them more vibrant)!

… Aah, if that little wall of text didn’t help, perhaps visuals may better assist! <:)

And guinea pig in this case is a more stylized Foxy (how I’d probably draw him if I didn’t do it so dependently on his actual look)! :)

External image

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

And for the final product! -

External image

(Apologies I don’t go into more specifics with how I shaded and all, but I do a BUNCH of crap, it’s just… pictures couldn’t comprehend. <:’D)

BUT, I hope this maybe helped give some insight! I just have a sketchy style, I suppose! :)

CHRIST, I forgot how small Tumblr makes images in replies to asks. <:’D My apologies; here’s a link to the pics! <3

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Supernatural. 30, 38, 47? ☺️

30. Hardest part of writing?
Actually sitting down and writing! I always have trouble just getting myself to write and get it done!

38. Do you reread your own stories
All the time! I just recently reread my two drabbles on AO3 (I still think the second should have gotten way more hits; partially because I put so much work into it, but whatever)

47. How many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time? I counted 10 that I’m working on rn, but I know there are definitely more than 20 gifs that give me ideas on ficlets, so there’s that lololol.

Thank you for sending some in!!!

asks for fanfic writers

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So, since the box is open for advice, I'm curious how you pose the characters, because that's always the thing I have the most trouble with. They're always rigid and in similar poses to each other.

So I think what you’re going through is something every single artist goes through, including myself. It’s like there’s a certain stiffness to your characters, and often times you’ll find yourself drawing the characters in the same position (or similar to it) over and over again, such as them standing, or sitting down, maybe with their arms in different positions, or like behind the back which I see a lot of early artists doing. 

So, this is a stage in positions that every artists go through, and it can be really really hard to break that stiffness, or typical position habit. We’ve all been there so I totally understand the struggle. a way to break this, is to loosely sketch out figure drawings, or gesture drawings, like this, 

and for a cartoony example, here’s an example


(infact that Link is actually a really good source of art dynamics and advice you may want to check it out. I’ll basically be summarizing what they say, so check out that link for more details! :D) 

To get a certain flow, or natural posture, or motion in a characters position, or just an interesting position in general, figure and gesture drawings are seriously your ticket to achieve all of that. 

When you make gesture/figure drawings, don’t worry about it looking perfect, or proportionate, or really anything. If you feel the need to add contours to the basic body of whatever character, go for it, (basically the outer lines of the character, rather than the inner circles or lines of the character’s form) but really just loosely rough out your character using shapes and lines, and  any way that feels fluid and natural to your hand when making it. Don’t take your time, don’t worry about proportions, correct anatomy, if it looks “bad” or unfinished, that’s actually ok, it’s not a finished picture, or even a clean sketch. it’s suppose to be messy and loose. Breaking the stiffness you’re experiencing, and getting those dynamic, natural, and fluid positions, is more important than getting something to look right, or proportionate. And, you’ll actually be surprised how proportionate loos figure/gesture drawings will be the more you do it. :>

When you do this, experiment with different poses, if you need help thinking of ideas to come up with different poses, it’s totally ok to look off a reference sheet to help you come up with them, or follow the reference sheet, like this. 


Doing this will help you break the stiffness, and try to think outside of the box with positions too. Instead of just drawing someone the way you normally do, maybe try to draw them doing something, or fighting, jumping, etc. And if you’re going to draw someone standing, instead of just drawing them standing, maybe have their weight on their back foot, making their hip come a little out, and their upper shoulders slant to the side, with one shoulder up and a hand on their waist when looking to the left, it’s still standing, but more natural and loose like in real life.  

If you notice in my speedpaint videos, I’ll start out with a loos sketch with lines and circles and ovals, which are figure/gesture drawings. Then after I’m finished with that, I’ll redraw the character over my gesture drawing making a much cleaner sketch, I suggest you do the same and start out with loos sketches and gesture and figure drawings, and then “Draw” your character over them. A lot of art is building from the bottom up, think of gesture and figure loos sketches as the skeleton of your character, and then the sketch over it is the muscle, and then the color and shading and lighting is the skin and clothing of the drawing. 

So try some loose figure and gesture drawings, trying out different poses, and think of dynamic posing when you go about a simple pose like standing, or complex like fighting or jumping at a different angle than usual. Look up references of all these things and study them, and of course, draw over your figure and gesture drawings, and it will help break that stiffness you’re experiencing. :>

I hope that helps! :D

Pearl: It’s crazy how much actually happens while you’re there, because you’re being filmed for 14 hours a day and its more than how much they cut and put into the actual show. They just leave so much out, like an unfinished story. But, that’s Drag Race. It’s not a reality show. It’s not a real competition show. It’s fucking General Hospital.

You have a predetermined character; you have your lines written for you. You can do an amazing job in a challenge, but if it doesn’t fit what they need then they’re going to edit it to make it look like you did a horrible job. It’s whatever they want it to be, it truly is. When situations just happen to fall into place for them, you can see it in the producers’ faces. You know they’re just like “yes yes yes.” It was very hard for me to conform too, I don’t know, it just wasn’t what I expected at all. I admit I felt rebellious being there and feeling that way.

—  Shea van Horn’s interview with Pearl
Dead, But Still Kicking

(This is my entry for Poe Party’s transmedia project.  The prompt was weapon, but because I’m me, I made it a Wellenore story as well.  This also contains some purely pulled-from-my-ass speculation for the next episode, so feel free to dismiss this AU.  And with that out of the way, on with the show!)

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Teen Wolf Preferences #2 - How He Asks You Out


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You walked, nearly breaking into a sprint, as you raced to your car. It was finally Friday and you were ready for the weekend. You had plans to hang out with Scott and his friends for a movie night today and you were about to break into your happy dance. Scott’s friends were great and you loved hanging out with them, even if you did wish it was just Scott and you. 

You shook your head. It clearly wasn’t going to happen. He was obviously crushing on Kira, and it made sense. She was pretty, he was the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen and good-looking people herded together.

After reaching your car, you tugged open the door and threw your things onto the passenger seat. You slid into the car and fished around in your bag for your keys.

“(Y/N)! Hey, (Y/N)!” A familiar voice called out.

You rolled the window down. “Scott?” You laughed at his out of breath figure. “What’s going on?”

He took a few seconds until he could breathe regularly again. He looked paler than normal and kind of shaky. Was he nervous? “Are you busy tonight?” Scott asked.

“Um, yea, we’re doing movie night tonight with your friends. We’re still doing that aren’t we?” Your head tilted to the side in confusion.

“Oh, right,” He laughed nervously. “Yea we’re still doing that. Well actually they might not be coming. Unless you’d feel nervous about them not coming, although it’s not like I’d try anything. But if you wanted to just watch the movie alone we could and our friends wouldn’t have to go and-” Scott rambled on.

A giggle slipped past your lips. “Whoa, Scott, slow down. What are you trying to say?”

The brown eyed boy took a deep breath. “Do you want to have a movie night tonight? Without my friends. Just us. As a date. I’m asking you on a date.”

A bright smile over came your face. “That sounds great!”

Scott smiled, white teeth shining. “I’ll see you tonight.” His voice was cheerful and it made you grow more excited. Scott turned around and walked back into the school to get changed for lacrosse practice.

You waited until he was out of sight and let out a happy squeal. This was going to be the best first date you’d had in a while.


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You were sitting on the bleacher at lacrosse practice with Malia and Lydia, your open Geography textbook lying abandoned next to you. You and your friends were completely focused on the scrimmage currently taking place on the field.

“Hey, not that I’m not happy about it, but why is Stiles doing so well?” You wondered, after Stiles slipped by a defender. Tearing your eyes away, you looked at the girls for an answer.

Lydia shrugged. “He’s been practicing, I guess.” The genius looked back down at her homework, quickly writing an answer, bubbly handwriting filling the page.

The sharp blast of Coach’s whistle tore through the air. “Alright, get dressed you smelly runts!”

The team walked off the field, talking and slapping each others backs. Scott and Kira were at the head of the group, with Liam and Stiles lagging behind. You were pretty sure you could hear Stiles lecturing Liam, but you couldn’t be positive.

You and your friends stood up, gathering up all of your things and shoving them into your bags. Well, Malia was shoving her stuff in her bag, Lydia was methodically organizing her items and carefully placing them in her bag, and you were just trying not to rip the homework that you had just spent 30 minutes working on.

“We’re going out to get food, right?” Lydia asked the two you, slipping her purse onto her shoulder.

Malia nodded. “Oh, can we get deer this time?” The pretty brunette turned to you, a hopeful, if oblivious, smile on her face.

“Um, you know we could do that, or, and this is just an idea, we could get pizza!” You smiled back and she nodded.

“Can we get deer next time?” Malia asked as your trio walked down the bleachers and to the field.

Lydia pursed her lips. “Maybe,” she replied awkwardly, sharing a little smile with you.

The three of you reached the field and talked until Kira, Scott, Liam and Stiles came out of the locker rooms. Your eyes immediately landed on Stiles, noticing his gorgeous brown eyes that always held a mischievous sparkle.

“Are you guys ready to go grab some food?” Scott said once they got close enough to you.

There’s a chorus of “yea”’s but before you could answer, Stiles started talking.

“I actually need to talk to (Y/N) before we go.” He looked to you to see if that was okay. When he saw your nod he quickly pulled you away from the group and out of hearing distance.

“I really need to talk to you.” Stiles started off with.

“You’ve already said that,” You helpfully pointed out. Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Right. So, do you maybe, possibly, wanttogooutonadatewithme?” He rushed the last part and then looked at you, cringing, waiting for the inevitable ‘no’.

Your eyes widened out of shock. You didn’t know he liked you. You figured your feelings were probably one-sided, what with both Lydia and Malia being around him basically 24/7.

Stiles started shaking his head, taking your reaction the wrong way. “I knew I shouldn’t have asked. I’m gonna kill Scott and Liam for convincing me this was the right thing to do. I’m really sorry. I’ll just go now, you can go with the rest for food.” He turned to go but you took a few quick steps forward and rested a hand on his upper arm.

Leaning closer to him, your pressed your lips to his cheek and said,”I didn’t get to answer. I’d love to go on a date with you.” You smiled at his awed expression.

“Really? That’s awesome! Scott!” He turned back to your friends. “She said yes! Scott, she said yes!!” Stiles had the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face.

Scott made an excited noise back, quickly jogging over and engulfing Stiles in a hug. Stiles was still too shocked to do anything back.

You laughed and tugged Stiles towards you. “Do you want to go get some food?”

He nodded, a dazed expression now twisting his features. This was gonna be fun.


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“Hey, best friend!” You exclaimed when you saw Liam walking in the hall after the last bell.

He looked at you warily. “What do you want?” He asked cautiously.

“Oh, who said I have to want something when I call you my best friend?” You waved your hand, as if dismissing the very idea.

He looked at you, blue eyes shining.

With a sigh, you explained. “I need someone to help me with my English homework.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” He asked, slinging an arm around your shoulders.

“You understand what Mrs. Bulstrom means when she tells us to find a way to connect the metaphors in a book to its theme.” You glanced up at him, ignoring the way your heart beat faster when his arms settled.

He laughed. “You’d understand it too if you stopped insulting her!”

You stopped in the middle of the hallway. “When an author writes that the curtains are blue he’s not using it as a metaphor for sadness and depression! He just means the curtains are freaking blue!” You threw your hands up in frustration.

Liam laughed again. You liked his laugh. And his smile. And every single thing about him. But that was normal. I mean, he was basically perfection. “(Y/N), just calm down. We can have a study date tonight and figure it out together.” He starts walking again, leaving you to have to run to catch up.

“Did you just say study date? As in, a date, date?” You wondered.

Liam’s previously confident features turned into ones of worry and then quickly morphed into the smile that he usually wore. “Yea, yea I did. Do you want to have a study date with me tonight?” He turned to face you.

You raised your eyebrows and smiled. “Well, it wouldn’t kill me.” A laugh flew past your lips. “Yea, I’ll go on a date with you.”

He smiled, white teeth showing, and winked at you. “I knew you would say yes,” he boasted, placing his arm back on your shoulders and walking out of the school, funny banter being traded between the two of you.


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After the whole “Are you selling me drugs?!” incident, you had gotten a bit closer to Derek. You saw him at school talking to Scott and Stiles a few days after you met in the woods and after you confronted him, you started to become friends. The whole situation with how you met was a little messy, so you had pushed it out of your mind and instead tried to focus on the Derek you now knew.

This Derek was nice, although that didn’t show through very often, and pretty funny. And devastatingly handsome, of course, but you didn’t like to talk about the well-known facts.

You were currently in your room, blasting music and procrastinating doing your homework. A creak came from near your window, but you ignored it, choosing to focus on your Instagram instead. Lydia had just posted the cutest pictures of her dog, Prada, on her page. You turned your head to the window when you head it open.

“AAH!” You screamed, scrambling to find something that you could use as a weapon.

“Calm down, (Y/N). You don’t have to be so dramatic.” You paused for a second and focused on the figure that was now in your room. Derek. Of course.

“Calm down? Calm down?! You just broke into my house and now you’re telling me to calm down? I - Oh, whatever, I’m over this.” You flopped onto your bed, listening to Derek’s chuckle.

Derek sat down on the chair next to your desk. “Huh, procrastinating,” he noted, spying your unfinished homework lying on the table. “Why am I not surprised?”

You sat up and shot a glare at him. “Did you break into my house just to insult me?”

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “Interestingly enough, no. I actually have to talk to you.”

“Well, talk, I clearly don’t have anything better to be doing.” You gesture to the homework. “Did you know there are letters in math now?”

Derek feigned shock. “Really? I had no idea.” He turned serious again. “Do you want to go on a date sometime?” He asked, not beating around the bush.

“That was straightforward.” You replied without thinking. “Not that I don’t like straightforward!” You quickly tried to fix your mistake. “I do like straightforward! And I like you, so yes, I would like to go on a date.” Smoothing down your hair, you tried to act casually.

A rare smile spread onto Derek’s full lips. “Great. I’ll call you.” He quickly slipped back out of the window, not giving you any time to say anything else.

You did like straightforward.

Okay, seriously I was not expecting so many people to like my first preference and follow me, but I really appreciate it. When I saw how many people liked the preference and then decided to follow me I almost screamed, so really, thank you! Also, please request any imagines and/or preferences that you think of because I would love to write them for you.

Also none of these gifs are mine because I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out how to do that.

Some Percy Weasley headcanons:
  • He was super close to Bill when he was younger. Bill was basically his hero and he wanted to be just like him. As he got older, he started to realize he and Bill were pretty different which made him think he wasn’t good enough.
  • He tried to act as a good role model to Fred, George, and Ron when they were younger but they never took his advice. Nevertheless, he did everything he could to guide them down the right path. 
  • He constantly wrote to Bill and Charlie when they were away and he was at Hogwarts. He asked them for help on how to deal with Prefect duties to even how he should ask Penelope out. They wrote back as quickly as they could because they knew how much it meant to him.
  • No matter what anyone thought, he was actually super protective and caring of Ginny, even before she went to Hogwarts. When they went to Diagon Alley and he noticed that she wasn’t holding anyone’s hand, he would be the first to grab it, despite Ginny’s many protests that she “was a big girl”. Percy was also a bit jealous of Fred and George for being closest to her. 
  • Although he hated to admit it, there were times Percy thought Fred and George’s jokes were actually pretty funny and he loved the Joke Shop as time went on.
  • Percy had dozens upon dozens of unfinished letters piling up on his desk in his apartment that he had tried to write to his family, trying to explain why he left. He couldn’t bring himself to finish or send any of them. 
  • Besides the letter to Ron that he sent, Percy also sent one to Fred and George giving them advice for their NEWTs and telling them he would proud of whatever they did, even if he did disapprove. When they got the letter though, Fred promptly threw it away before George fished it out of the trash and stuck in his trunk only to be found two years later, weeks before the Battle of Hogwarts. 
  • Percy feared facing Fred and George the most out of everyone besides his parents when he finally returned. He thought because they were so different, they hated him. He was relieved when Fred and George were actually the first siblings to welcome him back. 
  • After Fred died, Percy blamed himself, saying that he had distracted Fred and that he should have been watching him better. Of course, no one thought that but it took a lot of reassurance. 
  • Despite thinking George would hate him, Percy tried all he could to comfort George after Fred died. They only ended up becoming closer rather than farther apart. Percy was also the first person to make George laugh. 
  • It took Percy weeks to finally go to the Ministry and ask for another job; knowing of his value and hard-work, Kingsley gave Percy a job right away, one which Percy enjoyed.
  • Although he couldn’t make it to all her games, Percy went to as many of Ginny’s Quidditch matches that he could go to. He would always dress up for the occasion as well, and would even cheer the loudest (much to Ron and George’s surprise).
  • Percy asked George to be his best man during his wedding to Audrey and much to his surprise, George asked him to be his best man during his wedding to Angelina. 
  • When he found out he was going to be a father, Percy cried for three days straight before Audrey could finally calm him down.
Day 1: Omnic Crisis/Old Times

It was V2 Day. That was the first thing the radio blares when it wakes her up in the morning. She got up as usual, going through her morning routine as she does every morning. It was when she sat down at her personal desk does she diverges from her usual business and pulls open the drawer. Inside were various personal effects – a few handwritten letters never sent, small velvet boxes with medals of commendation inside, and some photos. She began to cycle through the stack of pictures.

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