this is actually unfinished but whatever

A late happy birthday to the Frye twins ❤️❤️❤️ The curiosity about what they looked like as kids drove me to make this fan art! Although currently it is only a sketch (see even Evie’s freckles are omitted 😂

Well I have no idea when it will be colored as time has been so limited to me 😭 many apologies again for those who I’ve made promises to but actually I’ve been keeping you dearest waiting…m(_ _)m


you know sometimes life just fucks you.  continuously.  you just have to do whatever it takes to keep your head above water.

to me that’s not strength…that’s just living and surviving everything that comes your way, whether you have a hand in creating it or not.  

i had toyed with just walking away and not finishing the stories i started here.  a friend, the same friend who encouraged me to post stories to begin with 2 years ago…talked me into finishing them.  and i will.  soon.  not jared soon.  actual soon.  i can’t just leave them unfinished.  it’s not who i am.  

so, anyway, just an update of sorts.  

Runaways AU :D

~“Okay, so I just ran away from home, and I didn’t bring a map, so I have no idea where I am, so can I just please take it and stop arguing over the last map in the box?” AU

~Also goes with the “Oh, you ran away too, and you have no idea where you wanna go either, so can we share the map and head somewhere together?” AU

~“The bag with all my runaway stuff is actually my old school bookbag, so please don’t question any of the old math worksheets and unfinished essay papers at the bottom of the bag or whatever.” AU

~“I used to have really long hair, but I cut it short, so people won’t recognize me with short hair, and- what? Oh, you think I look nice with short hair? Oh, uh, maybe I’ll keep it cut then…” AU

~And/Or “I wear contacts that change my eye color to a dull brown so people won’t recognize me, but you like my normal eye color, so I might just ditch the contacts.” AU

Apparently “resting in peace,” or even the typically joked about action of haunting people from the grave were too mild for Beacon Hills. No, this town was such a nightmare that people were actually brought back to life - given a second chance to even the score, right their wrongs, or handle whatever unfinished business they had left behind. Erica had been attempting to figure out how to break the news to someone, whether it was a relative or friend, when she heard the music. She couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all as she approached the party. After her transformation, Erica certainly had been known for her fashionably late grand entrances, but she had a feeling that this would be the best one yet. “Since we’re obviously not celebrating my arrival,” Erica announced to the first person that she noticed, “Mind telling me what we are celebrating?” 

Texting conversations cont..

Okay so @endlessyuji I think walking away from a conversation is cool, we’re all living our lives, but I’ve found that people (ok lets be honest mostly boys lol) will just disappear in the middle of actual convos like not just shooting the shit, and then let hours or even let it go to the next day and then start up a completely new convo with me and like– that drives me crazy? I hate unfinished convos? And whatever happened to brb, ttyl, or i gotta go, bye? Like.. what part of the game is this??? I truly do not know how anyone is getting to know each other under these conditions 😩😩😩😭😭😭

Pearl: It’s crazy how much actually happens while you’re there, because you’re being filmed for 14 hours a day and its more than how much they cut and put into the actual show. They just leave so much out, like an unfinished story. But, that’s Drag Race. It’s not a reality show. It’s not a real competition show. It’s fucking General Hospital.

You have a predetermined character; you have your lines written for you. You can do an amazing job in a challenge, but if it doesn’t fit what they need then they’re going to edit it to make it look like you did a horrible job. It’s whatever they want it to be, it truly is. When situations just happen to fall into place for them, you can see it in the producers’ faces. You know they’re just like “yes yes yes.” It was very hard for me to conform too, I don’t know, it just wasn’t what I expected at all. I admit I felt rebellious being there and feeling that way.

—  Shea van Horn’s interview with Pearl