this is actually the worst

The last panel of this chap makes me very worried about Touka! Takeomi’s talking about finding Touka for Yoriko. if he starts gaining infos about Touka, the more they might find out about how all of them were affiliated in the 20th ward battle in the previous manga. I mean sure Touka didn’t participate in the battle but she’s a friend to Kaneki, the OEK! And here’s the worst thing that could actually happen. Touka asked Kaneki “Let’s talk after you came back from this battle”. What if never happens??? :’( We know how this manga goes on very well and how the death flags start rising up so now that  all of goat members are gone and there’s only Touka and Koma in :re cafe, what if Takeomi figures out about Touka, informs the others and they all attack to :re to take Kaneki’s loved one??? I might just be stretching but this just came to my mind now and I’m really really worried about Touka and Koma! :’( If we consider the good side of it maybe Takeomi, even if he figures out about Touka she won’t talk to anyone else about it or maybe Yoriko will stop her! 

In case you were wondering, there’s nothing that makes you feel fatter and worse about yourself than someone coming up to you, poking your belly, and saying “dough girl”.

….Why do people have to be the actual fucking worst?

princepluto  asked:

hi I really need help finding this fic, its a zimbits soulmates au and bitty burns off his soulmark with a pie tin becuase he doesn't want people to know his soulmate is a boy and jack doesn't know who's his is because he has reused to look and i just really need to get to read the rest of it, my ipad restarted and it dissappeared :( :( please help it was so good

im actually the very worst at finding fics but hopefully someone who sees this knows what it is called?