this is actually the coolest tho

No matter how much you hated TLJ, you have to admit that there were SOME cool things

  • The entire first scene w Poe being the sassiest little shit and Paige just being the all around coolest person ever
  • Finn/Poe reunion (”Finn? Naked and wet?” <– actual line sort of)
  • John Boyega’s reactions
  • The fish nuns 
  • R2D2 showing Luke the “Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” (ugh! i cri)
  • Billie Lourde did great
  • Poe rubbing BB8s belly like a little puppy!
  • Finn/Rey reunion. Cinematic, pure, beautiful
  • The kid at the end w the broom
  • Kylo Ren turning on and off Anakins lightsaber and stabbing that guy through the face 

Feel free to add on! 

nathaniel’s akuma didnt even want to get revenge on anyone. he literally just. wanted to ask out the girl he liked?? he didnt deserve this. let the boy go on his date


Nan & His Side: 

possibly the coolest thing about my Nan is the fact that for the most part of her teenage years and adolescents she followed the band His Side all over the world. My great-grandparents were pretty well off and my grandmother was their last child in addition to being their only daughter and she took advantage of that. She followed them around Europe and North America even met Brendon Roscoe more than once, she was even at his house once, how cool is that??

My Nan was a successful photographer and according to her she her she got her start by taking pictures of Brendon Roscoe“the first time I realised I was any good at photography was when he (Brendon Roscoe) noticed me being at more than one gig and insisting I show him my pictures and then hiring me for a lot of his smaller gigs. He was so kind and soft spoken and I remember our first interaction at stage door in Amsterdam he smiled at me and said ‘you know one day you’re going to have to show me some of those pictures, can’t have you spreading ugly pictures of me’ it was the greatest moment of my life” my Nan on the topic.

Bambam as your boyfriend

  • for starters
  • you are never bored
  • because your boyfriend is a total weirdo
  • always doing the most™ and making you either die of laughter 
  • or hit him with a pillow
  • but 180s outta nowhere and gets serious
  • dabs 986 times in a row and then wants to talk about the meaning of life
  • ?????????????
  • u good bambam???
  • is your biggest fan holy shit
  • you accomplish anything at all?
  • he’s hyping you tf up
  • probably brags about you to strangers
  • getting coffee
  • “Y/N is the coolest, right? Ah, they’re amazing.” 
  • and you’re like. bambam. stap
  • but secretly you do the same thing because your bf is amazing how could you not amiright
  • probably dabs after you tell him you love him for the first time tbh
  • but he’s actually pretty serious when it comes to how much he loves you
  • you’re the most important thing in his life
  • and he wants you to know that
  • you’re the person he talks to when he’s stressed
  • because things do stress him out
  • and he just needs to lie with his head on your lap sometimes
  • run your fingers through his hair!!!!!!!!!! he loves it
  • even tho he acts like you’re messing up his hairstyle
  • takes you shopping all the time
  • picks out the ugliest clothes for you
  • “Y/N, this would really bring out your eyes!” 
  • asshole
  • buys you things without you realizing it and then you get home and he’s like
  • restocking your closet
  • sigh
  • on the bright side, those are some pretty sweet sneakers
  • lots of really random dates at 2:58AM
  • because he has a craving for burgers 
  • getting banned from walmart on those late night dates because you two play hide n seek
  • and get a little too into it
  • dressing up in disguises so you can go back to that walmart 
  • has hundreds of bad photos of you and won’t delete them because they’re precious to him
  • probably takes a lot of couple selfies when the two of you are looking 🔥
  • but then crops you out and posts it on instagram lmao
  • btw yugyeom is now a major part of your life
  • sometimes you come home and he’s just
  • sittin on ur couch 
  • watching a drama
  • okie
  • in conclusion 
  • bambam as a boyfriend is 🙌🏻🙏🏻👌🏻🔥❗️❗️
  • im sorry
  • ur gonna fall more in love every day because he’s a meme but he’s so much fun and so serious about how much he loves you and it’s just nice dude

Christine: yeah!! i’m good friends with ‘ronica actually and we’ve all been in some of her videos!
Michael: v likes to do short films that have some sort of societal impact, and shes always looking for other content creators to participate
Jeremy: and evan does the coolest DIY vids, but its mostly just solo work. I’ve met him a couple times at vidcon tho. hes shy until u get him started about paper mache or trees.

With Needles Rebuild gaining hype and resale prices trending up, it’s about time I mention some smaller Japanese brands that do similar remake work but can be found for much lower prices, assuming you can even find them at all. There’s a lot of flavors of patchwork, from punk and crust inspired clothes to boro patchwork and unconventional stitching. I’ve collected as many as I could think of here, though I ignored some labels like Kapital and Remi Relief because they’re already pretty well known.

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2. Who’s your least favourite character from UT? 

answered it and it’s alphy IM SORRY ;W;

6. Pacifist, neutral or genocide?

PACIFIST 10/10—- tho neutral actually have A LOT of interesting endings.. while genocide.. literarry the DEPTH OF THE STORY- SO HONESTLY THEY R ALL EQUALLY AMAZING BUT I DON’T HAVE THE HEART ON KILLIN MONSTERS

8. Favourite battle?

TBH? SANS’ BATTLE IS THE COOLEST WHEN IT COMES TO ILLUSTRATION- but for fun wise.. I say Papyrus’ or Omega Flowey’s X’DD

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why are you so against h when you clearly used it?

i havent used H in a VERY long time. i mainly used in high school. i never shot up. i havent used in years. you can do something and be against it after the fact. you can even be against it and use it. those things do not cancel each other out. having used it makes me even more against it than if i never have. my ex died from H. when you look through my high school yearbook and cross off people who have died from H its very sad. I hate meth even more, and coke, but in a  different way. Heroin is the worst because it can kill anyone very easily. you can just die at a moments notice even if you do it all the time. u can fuck up once and just die, thats it. its not as easy to die off meth or coke or whatever. thats why i hate people promoting it. when i did do it i never ever spoke about it, i never thought it was cool, im not stupid as fuck. even if i did think i was cool for doing it, i would never want to inspire anyone to do it. doing heroin is something to be embarrassed and ashamed of, most people who use it know that. inspiring one person to do H can take their life. i dont even like to TALK about it because even someone thinking about it can trigger them to use. i know every time i see weed related stuff on tumblr my brain immediately wants to blaze, even if its subconscious. i yell at kids for promoting heroin all the time, any adult should know its not “cool” or edgy to use heroin. its like when you are a teen and u first start smoking weed, you think that posting about how much weed you smoke makes you cool, even tho all the real stoner heads dont really do that lol…like you may even go so far as to buy a bob marley poster and a sublime shirt just to make sure your friends know that you are a cool stoner, but adults dont do that- they have nothing to prove, they know its really dorky to do that.. so i dont get why they think promoting drug use makes them edgy when it really just makes u look like a loser teenager. i think a lot of people associate heroin with famous artists who used it. in reality what makes you edgy is having unique ideas and being creative as fuck, thats not synonymous with using drugs.. it just so happens that a lot of people with a creative brain end up using drugs so creativity gets associated with drugs use but its not a cause and effect situation as some may think, the correlation is only because a lot of creative people are tortured souls, whom many of which end up turning to drugs.  doing drugs doesnt make you edgy, cool or creative. maybe some mushrooms will. the coolest people dont even need that to be creative and special tho, it comes from within. dont be a follower. a lot of the coolest people i know are 100% sober and do amazing shit with their lives. the risk with drugs is that they can really set you back a few years on your goals, or take them away entirely. thats one of the  lamest parts about it, you dont do anything thats actually cool when you are on heroin. also people who use all the time become liars and thieves and cannot be fucking trusted, its not even their fault, their brain has turned into shit. its been reprogrammed to prioritize getting H above all else, and will do almost anything to ensure it gets what it needs, because the brain does not want you to suffer withdrawal. its such a mess. SUCH a mess. everyone i know who has used died or is like a lame ass now who cant even party cus they know they will get into drugs. isnt that sad? they can’t even trust themselves. i wanna be able to party my whole life. i wanna do dope shit. i dont wanna be in a  fucking methadone clinic on my phone wishing i was dead when i could be out having fun. thats where you will end up if u do H. and then you will start using again, and if you dont die (thats how most people die, from getting sober and then using again) then you go through the cycle of shit of getting off of it, going to the methadone clinic, its SO lame and takes so much time money and energy away from your life, it is your life. you might as well jump off a cliff if you think being a H addict is cool. 

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hi !!!!!! its 2am and so i have enough Sleep Deprivation Courage to socialise i lil bit,,,,,,, not much tho haHA (thank god for anon) but hey i just started watching initial d and im really lovin so im cruising through tumblr before bed instead of bingeing (self control!!!) so i can actually sleep but i just wanna say THAT UR BLOG IS REALLY SWEET AND I LOVE UR POSTS AND U’RE THE COOLEST CAT keep it fresh and remember, u’re awesome and im love youuuuuu

AAAAA thank you so much! I can’t express how much I appreciate this and I completely understand you! This made my day and I’m really happy that you enjoy my posts!

If you ever feel like it, be free to just start chatting with me, it would be my pleasure and I swear I’m probably just as bad at socializing as any other tumblr user next to me but hey, at least there’s two of us!

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I didn't believe you took all these photos so I did some research and found out you are a musician and a doctor as well. Now I don't believe you even exist...

I have a dog. That’s actually the coolest thing tho

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who are some other artists on tumblr you recommend following that are similar to u?

what do you mean by similar? cuz i believe all artists are unique in their own way so it’s hard 2 say.

i’ll just tag my mutual artists friends and some ppl i admire from afar cuz they’re so cool 

channybee my frog wife 

datjonah a blessing 2 us all

radadusta ros is very rad

cyrillia super cool person over here

pass-the-pencil mica is the cutest muffin around this turf

rubycurls nims!!!!! super hella nims 

aki-anyway aayyyee one of the first art blogs i’ve followed 4 this fandom

karukara as well!!

ashleyrguillory ayyyeee cute art style

prettytruthsandlies realism got my art dik hard

pygmylouis super rad art style for real

geekboyzayn super cool i admire their art a lot /) v (\

skunkstripezayn art boner 100%

mrsadfran a+ art hell yeah

tippingvelvets weird cats!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

kendrawcandraw coolest person in the world 10/10 u got it all

thrina absolutely adore their art style i love love love it so much

apitnobaka cutest comics!!!! one of the first blogs i followed for a diff fandom tho i believe i think it was marvel ahahah here’s a not so secret anymore: i was inspired 2 post my comics cuz of apit so hell yeah /) //// (\ 

neqx omfg yes neqx their art is like really really REALLY GOOD ok super hella rad

danny-spikes-art oh my gosh i was literally trying to remember ur name anyway, danny is soooo gooooddd. so good.

but yeah actually all this ppl inspire me a lot and they’re so cool and i hardly talk 2 any of them except for a few bc i’m so fukin shy and awkward but they have this special place in my heart for giving me art boners all the time so hell yeah!!!

and i suck so i probably missed a few ppl here. i’ll edit when i remember who  I’M SORRY IT’S NOT THAT I FORGOT U IT’S JUST THAT I’M BAD WITH NAMES IM SO SORRY I ACTUALLY SUCK A LOT i love u all a lot i promise with all my itty bitty heart