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fav jikook fics???

the ocean at the end of the universe by @nikkmonoxyls / mindheist (e / 13k) is one of my forever faves and one of the actual coolest things ive ever read in my life!! its like a college au but in SPACE and its full of love and laughs and is basically perfect hhdgsdgh

love, actually by @that-jeon-guy (nr / 2k) this is my FAVORITE JIKOOK FIC OF ALL TIME. .. . its so short but its dripping w feeling?? im absolutely in love w the writing style and the love that jikook have for each other?? its quiet yet inescapable and reading this always leaves me feeling warm n content :’)) 

on my lips by gasps (m / 2k) ur basic college au party fic where many a bad decision are made.. . except jikook are awkward and cute and even though theyre misbehaving n bein nasty they somehow manage to be complete nerds in love and u GOTTA LOVE IT

first of all, it’s so so kind of you to do this!!! And the face that ur aim is spreading more love about namjoon warms my heart.

I fell in love with Kim Namjoon quickly. That’s easy and unavoidable tho. It was my second bts MV and one of the first couple kpop mvs I saw, and It was War Of Hormone - still one of my most favourite songs, MVs (bc namjoon duhh) and concepts ever.
It was weird because unlike I would with most idols nowadays, I didn’t think “omg he’s so boyfriend” Etc. I just had a kind of love that was like “He’s actually the coolest human being on earth, I love the way he does EVERYTHING”. I couldn’t stop watching the MV for him and his prescience. I further watched him closely and then fell in love with him in the way I wanted to just be with him and marry him and love him forever and ever. He’s so talented and I wish he was loved more because he’s the most beautiful human on earth.

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@ that yoosung pranks seven ask: seven remembers the day for next year and it becomes an important day for them to spoil the heck out of each other even tho originally it started as a prank

!!!! this idea makes the whole thing even better! bc maybe seven starts off by pulling the same prank on yoosung, but then he admits that actually he remembers the previous year and they decide to see who can shower each other in the largest amount of attention + cuddling + thoughtful gifts AND who comes up with the coolest date idea. some years they decide to just stay in and hang out, some years they go ridiculously all-out, but either way its an extra special day! like a second anniversary for them almost. the anniversary of yoosung’s best ever prank

thank you for sending this in!


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Have you ever considered learning Swedish? And why did you learn Dutch? Just for the pleasure? And what's in your opinion the 'coolest' language you're able to speak

Hmm not really. I don’t really have any connection to Sweden personally and I don’t really have any professional reason to learn it…or any desire to go there lol (too cold! not enough vegetables/garlic!) So probably I won’t ever study Swedish. 

I learned Dutch cos I’m ¼ Dutch on my dad’s side (even tho my “dutch” family is actually spanish/french/italian/austrian lol)… so my name is Dutch and my Dutch family is kind of cool cos they are all nobility … so I thought it would be neat to learn a bit of Dutch. I also needed it for when I went through my genealogical records for my family in Dutch. That being said, I am culturally not very dutch at all haha no one speaks dutch in my house (only my grandpa knew it and I didn’t know him) and I don’t eat dutch food or idk do anything dutch haha 

The coolest language I know…idk maybe ancient greek? It is kind of impressive to people that you know ancient greek. And maybe arabic too (even tho my arabic is soo basic and only for reading lol) … But I don’t speak those so in terms of which languages I enjoy speaking the most, it is probably Italian and English – a. cos I know them the best and b. cos I like how I am able express myself in those languages the best. But maybe Sicilian is the “coolest” when I say to people that I know Sicilian…although I think of it more as the most “I’m buying meat at the market, give me that rabbit pls” lol 

royce-melborn replied to your post: royce-melborn replied to your post “Riyria has…

im still pissed at the jerk who has the roycemelborn url but im content with what ive got c: annnnd YOUR TAGS yes hads would be the equivalent to steve rogers with a swear jar


but yes omg. imagine if hadrian actually had a swear jar  but i bet it would Not go over well. like.

hadrian would try So Hard to curb the swearing but Royce would fill up the swear jar in a couple days and then s t e a l it. its s never ending circle. the fastest Royace has ever filled it up is two days. 

h/c that gwen could fill it up in one tho Bl

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Drops in, I totally think you're fabulous and super strong and just the coolest person!!! Also, you're actually Peter Quill, I have gathered evidence. Have a good day!!!

i come back from dinner to this hONESTLY GOD BLESS YOUR CUTE SOUL BETH  !!!!!  if i were to make a shoutout for all the peeps who watched my back and was a real friend™ this year,  you’d defs be way on top on that list.  seriously,  you make my day.  thank you  !

How I see the pokemon go leaders

Candela: Hot lesbian mom, will kick butt, has probably killed a man, gives smooches before leaving every day, makes the money

Blanche: Nb babe, gives the best cuddles (tho is rlly conservative so it takes a while to get said cuddles), play with their hair plz they will melt, is actually a bean and reads books about aminals and internally squeals, smiles when reading

Spark: Cannot tie his shoes, he tries, the most precious and must protect, thinks he’s the coolest, probably cried over stepping on a bug, is actually rlly badass at pokemon battles, doES THE NARUTO RUN

What if there was a digital sburb game?

Ok but hear me out: What of there was an actual sburb game, but like, entirely digital? Like none of it happens irl, but just like any other computer game. You could make your own avatar and put down their characteristics, and based on these characteristics and the moves you make and paths you take while playing, that’s how the game determines your dream planet, your planet, and your god tier. And you can play multiplayer. And each game is different, you can never play it the same way twice. Just think how cool all of that would be! You guys gotta tell me what you’d think if this tho!

Imagine Jooheon being your doctor. Coolest probably also the weirdest doctor ever, I bet he’d be either rapping or doing aegyo when he’d be doing your medical checkup.

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