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Imagine Jean gets turned into a cat and he's really pissed about it because he's super soft and his meow is really cute and he TOTALLY acts like a cat. Whining for attention, knocking things off tables, getting really pissy if someone pets him the wrong way, somehow ending up stuck in trees, headbutting peoples ankles, and the list goes ON lmao

Oh my god this is absolutely adorable! I love cats and the trope of people being turned into them, they’re so expressive and fun and Jean would make such a cute little kitten, wouldn’t he? 
I actually wrote a little thing for that before, you can find it here if you want.
But let’s talk more kitten Jean! You are so right, he’d be gorgeous and no one would be able to resist fussing over him. I imagine him looking super regal and extremely fluffy like this norwegian forest cat:

(image source) That one’s apparently a female and her name is Beyoncé, how awesome is that?? Also those cats are huuuge and I personally imagine him a bit on the smaller side but you get the idea. Just fluffy and beautiful and occasionally very dorky.

And yes, he’d be so pissy about it! Trying to communicate and get someone to take him seriously, goddammit! But instead everyone adores him and coos at him and this babytalk is super annoying but … getting long pettings is really nice, okay? 
And we all know Jean can’t resist any kind of attention and it only takes a minute for him to fall pliant and start purring beside himself when someone pulls him into their lap and starts scratching behind his ears and under his chin. 

That doesn’t mean he magically stops being an asshole though. I imagine one of his favourite past times would be luring Eren into rubbing his belly (cause it’s so soft and warm, who could say no to that?) and then attack his entire arm and scratch it into a bloody mess.
Not that Eren ever learns his lesson, he falls for it just the same come next time. He probably knows he deserves it for all the pussy jokes.

And that’s one of the benefits of being a cat: Jean can be as big of an asshole as he wants to be and people immediately forgive him just because he’s adorable while fucking things up.
Puke hairballs into Eren’s shoes? Disgusting, but he still gets pettings and scraps of meat from the table later if he just meows cutely enough. 
Feeling bored? Just lie down on Marco’s laptop while he’s supposed to be working on an essay or something, instant cuddles and stupid babytalk (that he gets weirdly fond of after a while). 
Sleep in the laundry basket just after Eren is done with hours worth of ironing? No one will shoo him away if he gives adorable little kitten sneezes during his sleep.
Running right between Marco’s legs when he comes home long after dark and nearly making him trip and break his neck just because Jean was bored alone and wants attention now? Marco will probably sit down with him still in the hallway to pet him for half an hour before dragging both of them to bed (where Jean will sleep half on his face).

So yes, being a cat that can get away with everything doesn’t prove to be too bad. He kind of misses it after the spell wears off (or whatever) and he shifts back into a human.
Until he finds Eren’s Youtube channel filled with videos of him looking unforgivably dorky, drooling in his sleep, playing with that stupid feather toy or sticking out his tongue with the most stupid expression. Being a human does have it’s perks as well. At least like this he can properly punch his boyfriend again…

okay but 

  • nico realizing this is the first time he wasn’t alone and depressed on valentine’s day
  • will being an endless stream of compliments and affection
  • nico actually trying to match the affection because even though he thinks valentine’s day is way overrated he’s a sucker for traditions
  • nico carrying flowers with extreme caution so that they don’t die in his hands before he gets to give them to will
  • the flowers dying anyways, and will still loves them and puts them in a vase in the medical tent anyways
  • dreamy eyes
  • being the cutest couple in camp since percy and annabeth are gone, and please, travis and katie have nothing on them
  • nico shadow-traveling them to the eiffel tower in las vegas because paris is for another year
  • nico not second-guessing if will truly cares about him or not because he trusts will when he says he loves him
Peculiar (Newt x Reader) pt.1

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A/N: A lot of y’all been messaging me and requesting a fic and who am I to NOT write one?! I love Newt. I love Harry Potter. Hope you’ll love this, guys. It’s quite long, so if you don’t want to actually feel like your in Hogwarts (i tried) and just interact with Newt you may skip to the end (this is a startup to a story, so don’t expect much. it’s cute tho. and you interact with him through the chapter so no worries). It also jumps a lot between perspective’s so be warned
WARNINGS: VERY LONG and this is only part one. 
PREMISE: An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.

peculiar masterpost.


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the signs inspired by people I know

Aries:sweetheart, very active, loud laugh, stylish, makes friends easily, feisty when mad, loves dogs, lowkey emotional, fast walk, very social, loves sweets/candy, always on point, distinct noses, fast movements, strong eyebrows

Taurus: show off, gossips a lot, cute laugh, good sense of humour, extreme lowkey bitch, lives on netflix, the most stubborn people, glistening eyes, sensual, likes to joke around a lot, probably has a cute little sneeze

Gemini: hilarious, very smart, loves socializing, show off, curses a lot, hides their true self, very energetic, so loud, total flower crown girls, very expressive, loves the outdoors, straight savages, manipulates to get out of situations

Cancer: cries often, is actually powerful af, good sense of humour, very bad luck, pretty weird, gleaming eyes, insecure af, loves sleep, netflix addicts, always cracking jokes, loves to party, loves swimming

Leo: hair is perfect 24/7, charismatic, louder than they think, fierce eyes, witty, can be shy but also outgoing, loves little animals, hopeless romantics, beautiful laughs, loves music, many facial expressions, wild cuties, athletic bodies, unrecognized geniuses

Virgo: worries what people think of them, social, stressed is not a mood it’s a personality, petty af omg, can be really selfish, lowkey horny, bedroom eyes, quiet beauty, big chested, loves a weird genre of music & no one around them understands why, recognized geniuses

Libra: quiet & shy, dirty sense of humour, can be actual bitches, but are sweethearts deep down, beautiful eyes, has a lot of friends, loves clothes shopping, parties often, likes to make people laugh, wants everyone to get along

Scorpio: cutest people ever, very sensitive, great sense of humour, talented at many things, pretty sexy;), SUPER WEIRD, amazing laughs, real romantics, more than meets the eye, so so dramatic, chill af but can also be a worry wart (paranoia to the max)

Sagittarius: lives of the party, popular af, very clumsy, weird laughs lol, cuties, honestly scared even though they don’t show it, longest legs, obsessed with their friends, likes photography and/or videography, wants to travel everywhere

Capricorns: obsessed with their family, strict, can be so fun, good sense of humour, loves to work for some reason, an actual meme in a person, scared of getting into a real relationship, classic romantic, elegant

Aquarius: hands down funniest people, quirky and weird AF omg, contagious laughs, different, sparkling eyes, huge hearts, generous, music freaks, adorable, petty when mad, so intelligent, lovely smiles, most awkward people on the planet

Pisces: smol cinnamon rolls af, giggles so much, can be quite deviant, idealistic, probably has a lot of weird dreams, enjoys reading, sparkling eyes, lovely laughs, hilarious when confused, can be fuckboys but usually sweethearts, very giving and selfless, spiritual


I’m Ten from Thailand! I like exercising, extreme sports, and travelling! I like cute pets too, and sweet desserts. I especially love chocolate cake. However, I’ve been thinking of my health lately and only eat a bit. Because I want to do singing, rap, dancing, and acting, I am practicing really hard now! I will become the best artist! Fighting!

I can’t get over how

Jaehyun pretty much said “Hi, I’m Jeffrey” more than like 4 times every time Johnny was talkin I’ve come to the realization that although Jaehyun is exTREMeLy good-looking he’s like the biggest loser in the world like come on man, “I’m Jeffrey. Hi I’m Jeffrey” lIKE WE GET IT UR SUCH A CUTE DORK 


Being Lydia’s little sister would include…

  • Her being extremely protective of you. Especially when she finds out what’s all out there.
  • Being a year younger than her, but she still treats you like a child.
  • Her always helping you with your makeup, hair, and outfits.
  • Not minding getting all of her old clothes because they were cute anyway.
  • Acting like you hate each other all the time, but actually you love each other so much.

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  • Mom: so, are you interested in dating any boys currently?
  • Me: yes, actually.
  • Mom: oh?
  • Me: he's tall, handsome, extremely wealthy, likes cats, always dresses nice unless he's gardening, believes plants and animals are equals amongst humans, is CEO in his father's business, and is a broken cute sweetheart.
  • Mom: what's his-
  • Me: jUmIn HaN

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I had a thought: What would have happened if Jiraya instead of staying back in Ame brought the orphans with him to Konoha? If he had been there then maybe he and Oro could have kept Tsunade from leaving the village and he (and possibly Tsunade) could easily kept Oro from working with Danzo. Kushina would probably be overjoyed to meet another Uzumaki and the orphans would not only be trained by Jiraya alone, but by all of the Sannin. And yeah, it isn't even remotly realistic, but i really like it

Tbh I feel like this is extremely realistic, and absolutely what he should have done? Idk, his decision to stay in Ame has never really made any sense to me, especially since there was still a war going on and he was one of Konoha’s heavy hitters, buuuuuut anyway~

That would be so cute! I actually have the start of a fic like this in my drafts, because the idea is pretty fantastic and lots of fun. It would also fix so much and that is always the key to my heart.  💕

Her Telling Them That She’s `Ready`: PENTAGON


He would quickly take you to the bedroom, though when in action, he will put all of his effort into suppressing what he truly wanted to do with you.


He would become an excited child, and would be down to try out as much as possible.


Well hello there, Daddy >.>.>


The more serious type about things like that- he would be needing to hear that you actually are ready at least 3 odd times.


He would become extremely shy but would take you to the bedroom  nonetheless. Since you had said the magical words- there was no going back now.


With this gif I’d say hello daddy pt.2 but really, this is YeoOne, the man of soft facial features and a nice personality. He would blush, prolly, but take you up on the offer without a second thought.


He would literally melt because you looked so cute at that precise moment.


Oh, he was so ready for this.


Concentration suddenly spikes to 200% and you’re suddenly even more precious than you were before.


Yeah, he’s finally ready as well, and he has no regrets, and no experience but let not that stop you.

The Outsiders Headcanons; Dating Sodapop Curtis

- Always being at the Curtis house, mostly because they treated you like family and you’d much rather be there than your own home.

- Becoming close with Ponyboy and being there to give him girl/life advice.

- Being the only one to know that Soda is actually extremely kinky.

- Soda always giving you small surprises for no particular occasion, he just loves to see you smile.

- Being the only one that Soda has truly opened up to, and is comfortable talking about literally anything that he has on his mind.

- Him trying his best to help you with your school work when you’re frustrated but he never really knows how so it always ends up in him giving you a massage to relax you.

- Him having cute names for you such as; “baby” “angel” and “babygirl.”

- There’s not a day that goes by where he doesn’t tell you how beautiful you are.

- You and Steve constantly competing for Soda’s attention, causing you two to constantly bicker. You act like you hate each other but deep down you both love being in each other’s company.

- Darry being like your older brother and constantly going to him for advice if you and Soda fall out.

- Constantly either cuddling with Soda or holding hands, he always had to be touching you somehow because he loved the feeling of your skin against his.

- You trying to teach him how to bake which most often results in him making a mess everywhere and then blaming you when Darry gets home.

- Going on late night walks just to get some alone time as the Curtis house is always so hectic.

- Soda constantly giving you quick, small, unexpected kisses.

- Him showing you off to everyone he comes across when you two go out in public.

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Do you have any favourite Japanese idioms?
Asked by 堕天涙子さん

Tons of them~!! “Shichijitsugōken” (A strong, silent personality), “Kūzenzetsugo” (The first and probably the last), “Itchōisseki” (In a short period of time), “Kadai sanseki” (Challenges abound)!! I especially love phrases that rhyme, with words flow together smoothly~♡ It almost feels like they’re music, right? Though English poetry also has rhymes, Japan’s phrases has tighter connections and feel sharper in a good way♪ They’re so cute they make me excited♡♡

How good are you at horse-riding?
Asked by 彩狐さん

I only do horse-riding as a hobby right now— so of course I’m nowhere near the level of an actual athlete. Plus it’s not the British-style show jumping you might expect in Japan, but a Western style♡ But riding along as though I was one with my horse is always extremely fun! You can leave it to me if you want to ride together♪

Are there any times when you are troubled because your home is a hotel?
Asked by オルテガー派さん

Troubling times— Not really, I think♡ Ah— If there was any, it would probably be that it’s a little hard for me to receive any secret packages? The mail is always delivered to the reception, and the concierge always delivers it to the rooms, so I think the sender would definitely be checked. All the people who want to send me secret fan letters from here on, please take note♪

You like punk and metal, but after becoming a school idol, have there been any new genres of music that you’ve started to like?
Asked by ゆいるびさん

Japan’s idol songs are unique— I didn’t quite understand them at first, but rather than just being cute, lately I’ve come to understand that there’s also a surprisingly funky side to them— I think sticking to their cute image is also pretty cool too♡ But it would be great if someday Aqours could form a punk unit, and sing a baa~ad song. Everyone headbanging together♪

What’s the best present you ever received that made you happiest?
Asked by るなまじっくさん

That question is so hard— I mean, any present filled with emotion would make Mari the happiest in the world, so— Ah, but then, that’s right. During my birthday before summer vacation, all the other members sang the birthday song for me♡ That’s the best present that made me happiest lately. I won’t ever forget the sight of the messy cake which Ruby accidentally flipped over♪

It seems you have your own personal chef, but can you cook?
Asked by べーやんさん

My speciality dish is hot sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil cooked in an outdoors bonfire♡ Before going on any long rides with my horse, I make them using bread and corned beef. Paired with hot coffee brewed in a pot, it’s the best! And so the cuisine I cook is solely outdoors♪ Maybe next time I’ll try making baked apple in a Dutch oven next time♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2016 issue

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hello I'm that anon that requested the vlogger MC and I LOVED IT!<3 I'm here to request another thing if you don't mind~ A hc with the RFA+V+Saeran where they discover a photo of MC in middle school and she used to be really plump and actually wore glasses. She worked out to lose the weight and uses contacts now because she was bullied and after the extreme makeover she actually became popular in high school and college. (and no I am not a vlogger XD)

Thank you for your request! Sorry it took so long. Bleg… Why are kids like that?


- When yoosung saw that photo he was screaming internally

- “OMG MC YOU’RE SO CUTE!! What happened now?” he joked.

- You smack him on the head before pulling the picture away from him forcefully

- He was a little dense

- “Puberty hit you like a truck, huh,” he laughed.

- “Yeah… something like that”

- Now he’s concerned. “MC what’s wrong?”

- You asked him to forget but he kept pestering you

- “NO! You have to tell me what;s wrong!!”

- You finally gave in and told him the truth

- You thought you’d cry at the end of the story but yoosung got all teary eyed.


- “Hey!! It’s ok!! IT was in middle school. Kids can be mean”

- He still couldn’t believe it. You were so cute as a kid. You had to reassure him that it was fine

- When he was done with all the drama, he hugged you real tight.

- “You’re perfect MC. Don;t ever try to change yourself”

- Now you got all teary eyed.


- When Zen saw the photo, he chuckled.

- He was just giggling in the corner and you had to see what was up

- “BABE YOU’RE SO CUTE!! I would’ve squeezed you to death.”

- But you grabbed the photo from him

- “Babe what’s wrong?!”

- You weren’t ready to tell him yet

- He understood. He hugged you and kissed you on the forehead.

- “Tell me when you’re ready.”

- And when you did tell him, he was very empathetic.

- He knew how it felt but there was nothing he could do.

- He told you about how he was called ugly by his own family. He got all emotional too.

- “I never really loved myself till I met you,” he said as he stroked your cheek, “You’re perfect to me MC. No matter what you look like.”

- You were really touched!

- “Maybe you should take revenge by showing off your hot boyfriend,” he winked.

- You laughed.


- Jaehee respects your privacy. So normally she wouldn’t be going through your stuff.

- The picture fell out of the cupboard while she was cleaning up.

- She saw the picture and gave a really small smile.

- She was looking at the picture with so much love that you had to see what it was.

- When you saw that it was your middle school picture, you grabbed it from her.

- You regretted it immediately when you saw the look of hurt in her eyes.

- You had to explain why

- When she heard it, she didn’t say much. She just hugged and held you tight.

- It felt so good.

- Afterwards the both of you cuddle.

- And you tell her about the whole thing and how you felt.

- She listened patiently and hugged you real close.

- “In my eyes, you’re always beautiful.”


- One day you were looking at the picture with such a sad face on.

- Jumin had to come over and ask you what was wrong.

- You get a little teary eyed and try to shrug it off.

- “It’s nothing”

- Jumin would not let you go.

- “Tell me what’s wrong, kitten”

- You started sobbing uncontrollably and mumbled about what happened. 

- He hugged you till you were done and spoke about his past.

- “Now that I am with you, you would never go through that again.”

- If there was anyone who knew what loneliness felt like, it was Jumin. 

- You still sobbed into his shoulder, not for the bullying of course. 

- You were just really touched by Jumin’s words. 


- Seven being the nosy little hacker he is, found your yearbook photo online.

- He laughed so hard that he fell out of his chair.

- And when you saw the photo, your face became ashen.

- Seven was really surprised. He had no idea that it would affect you so much.

- “MC what’s wrong?”

- He had a look of concern on his face and you were trying really hard not to cry but the tears came out involuntarily when he hugged you.

- After seeing you cry, Seven tears up too.

- Now you stop crying and look at him really shocked.

- He wipes the tears off his face.

- “What? You can’t expect me to stay calm when you cry,” he grins with snot dripping from his nose. His eyes and nose were really red.

- You didn’t know why but somehow that really cheered you up.

- “SAEYOUNG YOU CRYBABY,” you scream playfully as you tackle him to the floor.

- He hugs you really tight.

- He hold your face and looks at you longingly.

- “You’re the most beautiful person in the word, MC,” he says as he kisses your forehead.

- You were sure never to cry in front of him again.


- You and V were talking one day and he got to talking about his school life.

- He got really excited and told you about his childhood.

- It was so adorable to see him get all enthusiastic. And you couldn’t help but smile.

- And then he asked you about his.

- Your voice kinda cracked when you told him that it wasn’t as good as his.

- V was really concerned now.

- He rubbed the back of you neck and stroked your cheeks.

- “I’m sorry MC,” he mouthed, “That was really insensitive of me.”

- And then you told him about the bullying.

- He didn’t say much. He stayed silent till you finished.

- You were a bit sad that he didn’t seem to care as much.

- “You know MC…. I would’ve fallen in love with you even then,” he smiled.

- You melted a little lot  


- When you and Saeran were going through your old pictures, your middle school picture fell out

- Saeran quickly grabbed the picture.

- He gave that little loving smile when he saw it.

- You grabbed it away from him.

- He looked visibly hurt.

- And you had to explain to him why.

- Seeing you sad, made Saeran angry!

- Really angry

- He squeezed you hands really tight.

- “Those damn bastards! I hope they rot in hell.”

- You had to assure him that it was all in the past and it was fine now.

- “But MC ! You were bullied. I know how much pain you would’ve felt,” he said with a lot of hurt in his eyes.

- Saeran had a really tough childhood too and you could understand why he reacted the way he did.

- You hugged him really tight.

- “We have each other. Nothing else matters now,” you say.

- Saeran smirked and he hugged you back.

- “You know MC… You’d look really hot in glasses.”

- You smacked him on the head.

One of my favorite scenes from that fic a lot of us love, “To Be Well”.

It’s never getting out of my head and never will because seeing big scary monster men getting proper therapy and doing cute things like this make life a lot better. 

(I’m gonna end up going on a little rant here, so I’ll keep it under the cut)

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So obsessed with JoJolion! Easily my second favorite JoJo part and I think it might actually beat Diamond Is Unbreakable for me and become my #1 JoJo part. And I’m seriously thinking Gappy is my favorite JoJo! He’s such a Soft & Wet JoJo!

I’m really just hoping that Gappy and Yasuho will have a happy future together because they’re seriously extremely cute together.

I REALLY love the family picture moment from chapter 7. 

As Gappy family is trying to gather around to take a family picture, Gappy immediately notice Yasuho to the side.

It’s extremely cute seeing how Gappy doesn’t even care if it’s supposed to be a Higashikata family picture. He’s still bringing her into the family group picture!

The close up of him holding her hand tightly! 


Seriously Araki, please just give these two a happy ending. They deserve it so much. I don’t think I could handle anything tragic happening to either of them at the end of JoJolion or post-JoJolion.

How 2p America, 2p China, 2p Canada, 2p Italy, 2p Germany, and 2p Romano would go up to their shy, future s/o at a party.
  • 2p America: Allen would be confident and would set his mind on winning them over, no matter what. "Aww, what's wrong? Not even a tiny smile??" He would manage to get them out of their 'bubble', soon making them comfortable enough around him so that they actually get to know each other.
  • 2p China: Much like Allen, Zao would be extremely confident and flirty towards them. "Oh, kitten, why would you hide such a cute face~??" It would definitely be harder but he would manage to get them comfortable enough so that they could actually talk with him while he complimented them and tried to make them laugh.
  • 2p Canada: Matt isn't exactly one for parties, but he might change his mind once he sees what will be his future s/o. "Hey..." He'd be pretty awkward, but eventually the two of them would warm up together and would spend the rest of the party together laughing and getting to know each other, maybe exchanging contact information if it goes well enough.
  • 2p Italy: He would go right up to them and effortlessly charm them, making them feel both flattered and a little bit awkward at his words and actions. "You're beautiful, bella. I find it hard that you do not believe that, too." He would soothe them to the point where they'd both be talking and they would spend most of the party with each other, Luciano still going with his seemingly endless stream of charming words targeted towards them.
  • 2p Germany: Lutz would be the most confident out of all of them, going up to them with an extremely attractive grin and would begin to talk immediately. "Hey toots, whatcha doing over here all alone?" He wouldn't be creepy about anything, and would help them a little with their shyness, him doing everything he could to make them laugh.
  • 2p Romani: Flavio would walk up to them and act confident, but he was really a mess. "Ciao, darling, care for some company??" He would bring up some small talk, which would slowly develop into a conversation, and he would listen to them go on about whatever it was they were talking about with a smile on their face. He would manage to get any contact information he could by the time the night was over, and would definitely be in touch with them soon.

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I can never decide if Alex is more handsome or beautiful. Like, his face is very distinctly masculine but there's still a sort of delicacy to his features that I find quite charming. Even now that he's bulked up quite a bit, there's still a sort of gentleness to his looks -- he's got a very fine bone structure. He's very elegant!

He’s beautiful, handsome, sexy, cute and adorable all in one! His face is actually perfect.

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Merry Christmas, Marinette

(Slight spoilers if you haven’t seen the Christmas Special yet! I got this idea after I watched it and only now got around to actually writing it. Super fluffy and extremely cute material for Adrinette shippers!)

This Christmas morning was much better than Adrien had thought it would be. He knew it had to be because of the dinner last night. It was great to spend the night with his friends. After the dinner they went to the living room and exchanged presents before everyone left.

Things were definitely different without his mom there but it was a great morning. Adrien was currently sitting next to the tree surrounded by gold wrapping paper and the best presents money could buy, including an advanced copy of Mecha Strike IV that wasn’t due to come out till next month.

Maybe since school and all of Adrien’s lessons were on hold he could invite his friends over again to hang out. They could play Mecha Strike IV! Nino, Max, Marinette for sure!


Adrien felt his heart drop into his stomach. Just thinking about her made him feel guilty all over again. He didn’t realize it until he saw her last night that he had felt so bad about giving her gift away. At the time he had been so sure about what he was doing but when he saw her at the dinner the guilt hit. She probably spent a lot of time making that hat for him and he just gave it away.

He apologized to her and she assured him that she wasn’t angry or upset but it didn’t make him feel any better. It was still gnawing at him as the morning went on. There had to be something he could to make this better. He called up Alya for ideas.


“Hey, Alya, I need some advice.”

“Sure thing, on what?”


“Oh…what’s the occasion?”

“Well, Marinette had made me a really nice hat for Christmas and I ended up giving it to someone else. It’s not that I didn’t like it I just wasn’t thinking and I want to make it up to her.”

“Adrien, if you explain the situation to her I know she won’t be able to hold it against you.”

“I know, I mean I did. But I still want to get her something. Any ideas?”

“Okay, what did you get her last night?” Alya asked.

“A charm bracelet.”

“Cute, describe it.”

“It’s silver. There’s little charms shaped like a spool, a video game controller, pink charms since it’s her favorite color, a hamster, blue charms to match her eyes, some flowers, a croissant–Alya? Are you laughing?”

“No, not at all. It’s just adorable how much thought you put into it. I don’t see how you could top that.”


“Okay, you obviously know what she likes. Just take that and work with it. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Right, thanks.” Adrien hung up and stared up at the ceiling in defeat. What could he get her? What could he give her that no one else could?


Marinette was sitting in the living room with her parents when they heard someone knocking on the door. “I’ll get it.” Marinette hopped off the couch and bound for the door.

She opened the door and froze. “Adrien, oh, uh, w-what are here you doing? I mean you here doing? I mean…come in?”

“Thanks.” he smiled and she stepped back so he could come in. What was Adrien doing in her house?! Oh no she was in her pajamas! Her hair was a mess! Was there food in her teeth? Did she have morning breath? Had the cocoa dyed her teeth brown? Why was this happening?!

“Oh is that Adrien?” Marinette’s mom beamed at them, “Merry Christmas, would you like a cup of hot cocoa?”

“Thanks but I can’t stay long, the Gorilla’s waiting outside.” he explained then turned back toward Marinette who was trying in vain to tidy her hair. “Here.” he held out a pink package with a big curly white bow on top. “I still felt bad about giving away your hat like I did so I got you this.”

“You really didn’t need to do that.” she felt her face flushing, “I said it was fine, I understand why you did.”

“I know but I insist.” he pressed the present towards her, “Please.”

Marinette took the present and carefully tore the paper off. Inside was a light blue sketchbook. “Oh, a new sketchbook. Thanks.”

“Open it.” he was grinning with the light of a thousand suns.

She flipped open the cover. There was already a sketch inside. She flipped another page and there were more fashion sketches. Literally everything from blazers to gloves. “Wait, is this…?”

“One of my dad’s old sketchbooks. I know that he’s your favorite designer and he had no use for it anymore so I asked if I could give it to you. He remembered you from the derby hat contest and trusted that you would treat it well. I thought that maybe it could give you some ideas for your own designs.”

“This is…” she couldn’t help the smile that split her face, “This is amazing. Thank you so much!”

“I’m glad you like it.” he rocked back on his heels, “I should get going I guess. After last night I don’t want to push my luck with my dad, you know?”

“Of course, I’ll uh, I’ll walk you down.” She ignored the adoring glances from her parents and walked Adrien downstairs.

“Thanks again for the sketchbook and the bracelet. You know you really shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.” she flashed the charm bracelet on her wrist.

“It was no trouble at all and now,” he rolled up his coat sleeve to reveal the lucky charm bracelet she had lent him, “We match.”

You could have lit up the Eiffel Tower for a decade from the burst of nervous affection that thrummed through Marinette’s heart. There was whistle up above them and Marinette and Adrien looked up to see where it had come from. There appeared to be nothing but Marinette could have sworn she saw a flash of red zoom out towards the bakery.

What was Tikki…doing…


She clenched the sketchbook harder to her chest. Adrien and her were standing under the mistletoe! This was not a drill!

“Ha ha, looks like we got caught under the mistletoe.” Adrien gave a nervous laugh. Was she dreaming or was his face turning pink?

“Y-Yeah, you can just ignore that. My parents put it up every year it’s really nothing you need to–” she was cut off by a quick peck to her already scorching red cheek.

She stared unblinking at Adrien who was also glowing bright like a Christmas light. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I mean I did mean to but I uh–” he clammed up again fumbling behind him for the door handle. “M-Merry Christmas, Marinette!”

She gave a small wave as he stumbled out into the street toward the waiting car. “Adrien!” she called from the door, “Merry Christmas!”

He smiled back at her before waving goodbye and sliding into the car. She watched the car disappear before letting out a loud squee of delight. Best Christmas EVER!