this is actually so beautiful though

until about a week ago my dad had only one photograph of “his father”, that’s in quotes because the photo was of a handsome skinny pale-eyed blond guy in the uniform of the russian merchant navy who looks nothing like my father and is totally not the same man as the one in the photo that he recently found. his actual father was not russian at all, he was polish, he was a dumpy droopy-eyed slavic potato just like me, and he was in the australian merchant navy. so all his life my father’s mother kept showing him this photo of this random beautiful russian man and saying he was his dad even though he clearly wasn’t and now we have no idea who that guy actually was and why she had a photo of him lmao

There is this lady at the park that never remembers me and I get it, I can be forgettable, it is one of my survival techniques BUT Jazz is very memorable. And we have actually had some pretty long conversations. So now, when she asks if our dogs can meet I say, “I think they’ve met before, this is Morgan, right?” And because her husband was walking with them today I told him that Jazz also has allergies and asked how Morgan’s acid reflux was doing.


recently i’ve been eating healthier, i’m exercising regularly and i have a good sleeping pattern and honestly i feel so much better; i actually have energy now. even though i am very happy with my appearance, i do have times where i compare my body to others or i look at myself in the mirror hoping to see something else. it doesn’t happen very often but i feel like we are constantly being subjected to a particular perception of beauty that is thrown around, and it can be difficult sometimes to remember that this is only one body type, this is only one perception. the problem with this is that your brain starts to see what is being portrayed as ‘normal’, and therefore thinks that if you don’t look like that then you must be ‘abnormal’. also the idea of perfection does change over time, so what is seen as perfect now might not be in ten years time. i know how hard it can be sometimes but please try to accept yourself for who you are; there is not one ideal appearance, and you are not in any way lesser than someone else. please treat your body with kindness and be healthy, whatever that means to you. and don’t be afraid of showing the world what you look like, because the more people of all different shapes and sizes are happy and confident in their appearance, the more other people will be too. and maybe one day there won’t be an idealistic body type and we can move away from this one image of perfection.

legitimately though, i have not grinned this wide in so long. that was actually so incredibly wonderful?? like i can’t decide what my favorite thing was; phil’s insane amount of creativity, his love for his friends, dan being so completely enamored and fond, or the actual game itself. the happy, beautiful vibes have made my heart sing. everything about that video was just. happiness

Beautiful things in episode seven that people forgot the moment they kissed

-Viktor collapsing on him and falling asleep
-Yuuri wiggling his butt while leaning against the wall
-Leo’s confidence in himself, even after getting a low score
-Guanghong’s theme??? Is so good????
-Also Leo appeared in Guanghong’s story
-Speaking of Chris he did it again
-Perfect son Phichit is an actual disney prince
-“I don’t know how to make you stop crying should I just kiss you???? Idk”
-The intensity with which Viktor ran to him
-Plisetsky’s poor fork
-Yuuri can’t pronounce Russian and neither can I
-“With love from Russia~~ ;)”


PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

The Signs As Shit I Do!

Aries: Occasionally, when someone one is speaking bullsh*t at a very fast pace, I will turn and slap them. Hard.

Taurus: Shrugging because I don’t care about what someone’s saying (I do this a lot with my maths teacher)

Gemini: Chatting to someone really calmly, then turning around and screaming at someone if they make to loud a noise.

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Studyblr problems
  • Always typing ‘studybkr’ instead of studyblr on your phone 
  • Only remembering you were going to post when it’s like 11pm and the lighting is terrible 
  • Needing to actually follow your own advice so badly
  • Definitely clicking ‘save as draft’ but somehow tumblr ends up posting your half-finished post 
  • Needing to take a photo of your beautiful set up in the library but also not wanting to look like an actual weirdo
  • Finding a typo in your post once people have already reblogged it
  • Taking a stunning picture of your notes or study set up but have no one notice it
  • Needing to buy all of the stationery you ever see
  • Being forever jealous of everyone else’s handwriting and notes layout
  • Being in love with muji even though you’ve never even been there
  • Wishing that one blog you’re obsessed with would notice you
  • Being fundamentally jealous of everyone else’s urls
  • Hating yourself for quitting French when you were like 14 as all the langblrs are so amazing
  • Having a ginormous list of books you want to read but will probably never get the chance to read them all

Sterek Romantic Comedy Fic Recs

Disclaimer: My edits only, none of these amazing stories belong to me.

(click for full size)

Easy Alpha by interropunct (4k)

Wherein, Derek Hale is the high school hussy, Jackson and Scott really need to learn to use their inside voices. And, contrary to popular belief, everyone is still a virgin.

He’s Just Knot That Into You by aggybird (3k)

Stiles doesn’t have much luck finding Mr. Right, and Derek the bartender hears all about it.

I See Your Face Before Me by jezziejay (9k)

While Stiles was studying in New York, Scott moved to LA and found a new co-bestie. Stiles can’t wait to meet him. The feeling, however, is far from mutual.

tumescent by kellifer_fic (9k)

“I would have to want to date Derek for your plan to work,” Stiles points out, secure in the knowledge that his logic is infallible and yes, he’s had a pointless and soul-destroying crush on Derek for as long as he can remember but nobody knows that.

Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped. by nevermetawolf (8k)

“Oh my god,” Stiles squeaks out again, “You’re unbelievable." 

Hot Bar Guy bobs his head agreeably. "I’ve been told that before, though usually people are more out of breath and less clothed when they say it.”

We Pick Ourselves Undone by themistymountainsong (24k)

Derek Hale has been cursed with a wolf-like face since birth, which he can only be cured of by marrying a fellow high-society blue blood. Derek has little hope of ever finding someone who he can stand, or who can stand his face, until he meets Stiles, and his carefully-maintainted isolation is completely upset.

  • "Here's the thing about humans."
  • "Yeah?"
  • "They don't actually have hyperoptic propulsion."
  • "What?"
  • "Seriously, they have not yet explored photograviton coupling at all."
  • "Not even by accident?"
  • "Nope. Everything they do is at less than seventy five percent of the speed of light."
  • "So how the hell did they colonize four neighbouring systems already?"
  • "They just accepted that it was going to take a long-ass time, and came up with a way to sleep through most of the trip - even though they don't have a hibernation reflex."
  • "That's messed up."
  • "Actually, it's kind of beautiful. They wanted to reach the stars so badly they didn't care how long it took."
  • "Yeah."
  • "Yeah."
  • "So are we going to TEACH them photograviton coupling?"
  • "Oh, fuck no."
  • "Okay, good."

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater…

I could not get this moment of the series out of my head, even though there were SO MANY beautiful moments, I saw Isak on the back of that bike in episode 4 and thought “…dear god he looks like a Caravaggio Painting!” (And don’t even get me started on the art historical/thematic implications of that visual reference…) And I knew I just had to draw it.

Anyway, so here it is! For some reason, it looks weird when I take it out of the drawing app but regardless,  Enjoy!

I might also make this available as a print eventually if anyone is interested

I’m just so happy with Sombra’s design! I had to do a quick drawing of her! I’m so excited for her to come out officially. Sorry for the bad phone pic ~

Have we talked about how beautiful and fucking pure this tweet is? It’s just the sweetest thing!

And don’t forget that this takes place on the “Hi Honey” night. So, Bitty’s upset because he’s had a bad week and is kinda-sorta-not really-but still kinda fighting with his boyfriend…

And Sweet Baby Chowder says a cheerful “Goodnight Bitty!!!” from across the hall… And even though Bitty is currently upset, it (probably) makes him smile and think “Good choice, Jack.”

And like, those little “nothing” gestures can actually make such a big difference on a bad day? It’s not going to fix anything, but it gives him a little moment to smile and breathe, and that is wonderful.

All his current frustration with Jack (more specifically the stressful situation they’re in) melts away for a moment and even though he’s currently thinking “it’s so hard that you’re not HERE anymore” he’s also thinking “thank you for giving dibs to that little ball of California sunshine across the hall.”

It actually says a lot about Bitty and Jack’s relationship, if we hadn’t seen it demonstrated already in the comics. Fights aren’t black and white. Being frustrated or even outright angry with your partner does not mean that you love them any less in that moment, or can’t still appreciate nice gestures. And granted, Bitty wasn’t frustrated with/mad AT JACK as much as he was the circumstances, but it still demonstrates a lot of the nuance involved when in a serious relationship – especially in those “less than perfect” times.

It’s all just really beautiful when you think about it. In one little tweet it shows so much love and appreciation for both Jack and Chowder, despite Bitty having vastly different relationships with both of those men. It’s so lovely and pure.

GOT7 in Miami Recap


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