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Why We Should Love ‘____’ (3rd : Sonny Moore aka Skrillex)

1. Award-Winning Producer

2. Shaves fans head. (ok this really happened.)

3. freakin’ show sets

4. All-Black clothes

5. smokes, drinks, plays

6. Plays guitar

7. He sometimes ties up his hair, and this is so damn sexy.

8. Seductive

9. used to be emo

10. fucks public rules.

11. damn cute.

12. the only EDM artist i know of whose height is up on wikipedia

13. super-cute when young. still cute now. (the child on the right)

14. popularized his ‘skrillex hair’ (even a mop)

15. his 2nd job is an secret Santa

16. such a HOT guy. (actually have set his hair on fire)

17. Founder of worldwide music label, OWSLA

18. Better than JB (found this on Google, did not make by myself. no offense, JB fans)

19. weirdo.

20. his bodyguards are superheros. nobody can even touch him.

21. great dj skills, great fans

22. because he’s skrillex, we SHOULD love him.

P.S. Happy Birthday Skrills, and we all Love you. <3

In case of Dillon Francis :

In case of Anton Zaslavski aka ZEDD :

I have too much free time

So i’ve made some lists of things i’ve noticed that I think are cool/interesting concerning Lazytown. Some stuff is probably common knowledge but I feel like pointing it out anyways. I’ve also got a little list of head canons. If you’d like to see my observations and head canons, read on!

(I’m currently using mobile and idk how to insert the ‘Keep Reading’ line. I’ll edit this later. Apologies)

Things I’ve noticed in the show:

-Sportacus likes to have one ice cube in his water so that he can chew it. He’s a cube chewer
-Robbie is spooked by ghosts. And bees. And dogs. The man is super duper jumpy all around
-Trixie is a freakin danger junky omg
-Robbie almost always accidentally closes the hatch to his lair on his fingers. Poor boi just not paying attention lol
-Hats are like 90% of the disguise. Your hat falls off and it’s all over. Likewise, you could probably get away with just a really well made hat and nothing else.
-it gets really really freakin cold in Robbie’s lair in the winter. :(
-Sportacus only needs a scarf in dead winter?????
-Stephanie really likes those useless fluff balls you find on the end of winter hats and sometimes on boots
-the mayor loves hot cocoa.
-Robbie actually does like the kids. He often wonders what the kids are up to and checks up on them through his scope thing.
-Stephanie is afraid of heights! :o
-Trixie Pixel and Stingy are the three musketeers. They act a bit more mature and joke around like besties when its just the three of them
-Robbie is always calling Stingy 'Stinky’? Does he reek of greed or something?
-the mayor is the mayor and the principle? Who the hell hires him, how is he at all qualified for any of this
-Robbie never gets calls, except for when Bessie calls him by accident :(
-Robbie points off into the distance dramatically when he pulls the disguise lever
-Robbie likes to sleep with his arms crossed
-Sportacus’s crystal does actually sense when people are depressed; in season 2 episode 16 Robbie takes apart their race cars and they’re all sad and Sportacus’s crystal goes off. Now ik thats not depression, but if it goes off when they’re sad, surely it’ll go off when someone is actually depressed.
-Robbie knows everyone’s birthdays!! He wrote them all down in his calendar :D
-Ziggy’s Bday is the 14th? Of what?
-Sportacus’s is the 10th (eh heh)
-Bessie: 6th
-Mayor: 3rd (I think)
-Stephanie: 1rst
-Pixel is left handed (or possibly ambidextrous?)
-The mayor likes to knit
-Trixie can play the guitar
-Sportacus is very knowledgable about trolls?
-Robbie is an extremely light sleeper
-Stingy will get camera shy AF

Things that are true in my head:

-Robbie loves to wear bowties. Sportacus thinks he’s really freakin cute when he wears bowties :3
-Once Sportacus finds out that Robbie has a phone but no one ever calls him, he’ll call him up from his airship and asks if he’s doing alright and they have nice little conversations :)
-Miss Busybody makes the absolute best hot cocoa. It’s the highlight of the Mayor’s day whenever she makes some.
-Trixie actually loves to read but won’t admit it, books are dUMB
-Pixel is into astronomy
-So I’m pretty sure Robbie did something for someone once. Not sure what it was exactly, but now he not only gets free stuff, he gets immediate (and free) shipping. He probably murdered someone for somebody, idk
-Trixie will crinkle her notes and tear them. She won’t notice shes doing this
-Stingy hums the 'Mine’ song. All. The. Time.
-Stephanie’s favorite number is 8
-Ziggy’s is 4
-I feel like Robbie might have ADHD, he’s always jumpy and twitchy (this might also be due to the fact that he’s constantly eating cake tho) and he can’t seem to remember things, especially names. He seems like the impulsive type as well, always eating and doing whatever he wants.
-blue kangaroo XD
-i can’t believe his top teeth were fake guys i never noticed
-it’s pleasantly surprising how much thought actually went into these characters and their appearances

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what if the host club was a horror movie? who would be who? (killer, first to die, character that dies unexpectedly, last one alive, etc)

First to die- HONEY SENPAI 

I’m sorry but despite Mori and the host club’s best attempts, Honey goes first. It’s tragic and Honey puts up a huge struggle making his death one of the bloodiest. With him goes Usa-chan. Expect Stuffing and blood scattered about the place…

The Wise Elder- Haruhi

Only one who knows what the hell is going on. Sees all the bad omens before even Honey’s Death no one listens for some reason. Honsetly even Kyouya didn’t see some of these coming, shes seen enough commoner  ‘Horror Movies’ to know when it’s time to get the heck out of there. Sadly it was too late… 

One that unexpectedly dies- Karou 

Sigh. You would think after marathoning and mocking all those horror movies with Hikaru, He would pick up on the cues and listen to Haruhi. Acts like he knows what the heck is going and has all his marbles together but sadly the illusion wasn’t true…

The Ditz- Tamaki

You know the character everyone shouts at when they do something stupid like shouting hello or asking if anyone is their? Well be prepared then to do this….THE ENTIRE FREAKIN MOVIE! No no no Tamaki does not smarten up after seeing everyone dying. If anything number five gets dumber leading up to his ultimate demise. Poor Tamaki…

The one who you think is the killer- Hikaru

He didn’t seem to flinch at any of his friends bloody deaths. In fact he lasted the longest and had all the right answers Conveniently disappearing before anyones death coming back in the nick of time to find the bodies decapitated. He has audenince so convinced that It wasnt till he didn’t come back and he was one who got found that your thrown a curveball…

The Crowd Favioite- Kyouya

Smart, Calm, Cool, and Collected. Comes up with some great elaborate escape plan. Only one who sees the omens along with Haruhi. Actually has his wits about him. Plus hes really freakin hot, Too bad he dies right before Hikaru. All they found was a pool of blood and his glasses…broken. 

Last one alive- Mori

Silent with a one liner after Honey’s death. Becomes extremely important to the plot somehow got immunity from the killer slowly becoming a slitent shell of a man after seeing all of his friends brutally murdered never is quite right again. 

I mean it not a word is ever spoken after seeing the killers face and having his blood on Mori’s Hands…

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What do you think Justin would do if you and him were out at a club and he was drunk and you were trying to get him in the car to go home ??

he. would be. so. annoying. ohmygod, like you’d grab him from the dance floor and tell him you should head home now cause like he’d really had too much to drink and it was getting pretty late, but justin would just shake his head and give you a lazy smile and say “nah just a few more minutes baby, dance with me” and then he’d put his hands on your waist and hold you tightly against him but you’d make your voice a little more demanding and say “no, justin. we’re leaving. now.” and then he’d stare at you kind of confused but eventually he’d have to agree and say “only because you’re really hot when you tell me what to do” and then when you two were walking out to the car, he’d be really grabby and touchy and his hands would roam your body everywhere and when you’d scold him he’d just pout his lips and mutter “you always ruin my fun” and you want to laugh at him for acting so immature but he’s actually really freakin cute so you gotta love him anyway c:

I really can’t express how freakin PROUD I am of minseok like he was so shy and reserved back in times of their debut and when he said that he wanted to speak more I was like crvjjgcgb and now he started to gradually open up to us, he attracts a lot of attention with his solo appearance on a tv show where he has showed how smart and witty he actually is as well as has killed everybody with his supernatural hotness, his fandom is really huge, he’s finally confident with his body and going to star in a movie I’m just so full of feels I might teAR UP

If Yoruichi gave out awards for the men...

As requested by too-much-too-often. :)

A while back, Yoruchi gave out various awards to Bleach ladies. Now it is time for her to do the same thing for the men!

(By the way, there are just too many dudes in Bleach for me to do them all. Sorry!)

1. Best hair: Ukitake

“It’s hard to argue with ‘pure silk.’”

Ukitake: I will cherish this award forever!

2. Best hat: Urahara

“I may be slightly biased here, I will admit.”

Kyoraku: ..

Kyoraku: I’ve been robbed.

Urahara: I knew this hat would get me places!

3. Fastest: Byakuya

“Although I guess he couldn’t keep up with Ichigo’s bankai that one time, so………nah. I’ll give it to Byakuya. The fastest man in Bleach.”


Byakuya: This award would be more satisfying if the word 'man’ was not underlined *quite* so many times.

4. Most well-rounded: Iba

“Pretty sure he’s the only guy around who even cares about being well-rounded. So it’s good to appreciate him for that! I guess.”

Iba: My award is sunglasses???

Yoruichi: I know my audience.

5. Most impressive facial hair: Yamamoto

“The beard is pretty good on its own. But the eyebrows *really sell it!”


Yhwach: I’ve been robbed.

6. Best at keeping secrets: Yumichika

“I mean. I’m just guessing. Absolutely no secret intel from Urahara! None at all!”

Yumichika: Awkward.

7. Worst at keeping secrets: Ikkaku

“I’m just sayin’.”


8. Luckiest: Ikkaku

“Because I knew he’d be really mad about the 'worst at keeping secrets’ award.”


Ikkaku: Yeah I actually feel better now.

9. Cutest: Hanataro

“Kind of kills me not to give this to the anthropomorphic animal. But let’s be real. Hanataro is freakin’ adorable.”

Hanataro: I-I can’t believe I won something!!

10. Best “I was something else the WHOLE time!” reveal: Komamura

“……weirdly specific, but dear to my heart.”

Komamura: Am I winning this for being a secret wolf, or for being a secret hot guy?

Yoruichi: Yes.

11. Most punk: Renji

“The tattoos, the hair, the general attitude……plus, attacking your own captain is METAL as FUCK.”

Renji: Um…thanks?

Byakuya: But I’m still faster.

12. Most ambitious: Hitsugaya

“He’s the youngest and tiniest captain, he leap-frogged over his superior to become captain before she did, and he’s totally angling for the head captain’s job! Very ambitious, that one!”

Hitsugaya: …why does this award have “Worst Detective” scratched out at the top?


Yoruichi: Because I love trees?

13. Most stylish: Shinji

“50% the clothes, 50% the overall attitude.”

Shinji: And 50% my love of jazz.

Shinji: Because I am 150% stylish.

Rose: So…cats are colorblind, right?

14. Most tsundere: Kensei

“A very difficult award to assign. I mean, everybody’s pretty tsundere in Bleach. But Kensei is my pick!”

Kensei: I am NOT tsundere!!

Yoruichi: And that’s why you win!

15. Most satisfying to see as the winner of #15: Ichigo

“I’m just sayin’.”


Ichigo: And here I thought I’d win for saving the world or something.

New Respect for OOR

These guys have had a tough time on the Aus tour…

Adelaide - By all accounts, Adelaide SOUNDWAVE did not draw big enough crowds for any artists, let alone the relatively unknown (OOR included). It also reached 42 degrees during OOR’s performance, and these guys just came from the snow… I’m sure it was actually hotter on stage…

Melbourne - I flew in for Melbourne SOUNDWAVE to go with some friends from Japan. Again, crazy freakin hot. Security were hosing the mosh with water pretty much the entire show. Obviously, the band couldn’t get this, so they just had to bear it… There was a decent crowd, but because of the heat, half the crowd wasn’t really into moshing, singing, etc. Most people didn’t have the energy. Despite this, the band went all out and even managed to form a circle pit at some point.

Melbourne SIDESHOW - SOUNDWAVE was extremely unprofessional and cut OOR from their sideshow with Gerard Way and The Smashing Pumpkins, hours before the performance. SOUNDWAVE stated that there wasn’t enough time for OOR due to extended sets by the other artists, and fans were NOT offered refunds. I can only imagine how disappointed and pissed off the band would have been, considering how this was dealt with…

SYDNEY SIDEWAVE - These guys stole the show. Gerard Way and The Smashing Pumpkins were mediocre, and their fans were all asking about OOR after their performance. Reviews for the show reiterated this, and discussed how much of a shame/mistake it was that OOR were cut from Melbourne, as they performed with such energy.

Sydney SOUNDWAVE - The night before OOR were due to perform, it was reported that one of their close friends had passed away in Japan… Despite this, OOR went ahead with their performance, and really brought it! As someone who’s seen them play on multiple occasions now, there was definitely something more in this performance. They gave their all, and the crowd (the largest of the SOUNDWAVES) gave it back! The Sydney fans were so into it! They moshed, they formed a ‘wall of death’, they sung so loud that sometimes I couldn’t even hear Taka, lol… The band certainly had fun and I think were extremely grateful for the crowd’s energy. Yes, it was still ridiculously hot, and Ryota’s bass even died at some point, but that didn’t stop anyone. The crowd kept going, and Ryota did backflips and threw water to psych-up the crowd! They did so well, the side-stage was full with other SOUNDWAVE artists, watching on.

Brisbane SOUNDWAVE - The band’s last show! Smaller crowd than Syd and Melbourne, hot once again, but fans said they killed it ;) And considering that they’d just flown in from Sydney that morning, I’m surprised they had the energy!

Seriously though, props to these guys. It was a tough tour, physically and emotionally I’m sure… I wish they’d had a better time in AUS, and hope that they still come back soon… The new songs sounded awesome live (wasn’t sure what to expect), and they still performed Japanese songs, which is pretty much unheard of at SOUNDWAVE, as previous Japanese artists have performed in English only.

Well done, ONE OK ROCK :)

Directors' Diary: That's a wrap!

That’s a wrap! You heard it right. A Story Without Words has officially closed set and finished production. 

This past week has been a really crazy one. We started off with the crew members converging on the apartment seven days ago, and went through some crazy adventures in the first few days trying to pick up the equipment and get all of our preproduction solidified. By the time the actors arrived and we started recording, we were off to a solid start with schedules and notes. That lasted a hot two days before we started to hit our montage production days and realized that solid schedules were too restricting when it came to recording everything.

The Doughnut Vault became breakfast headquarters for any day that we were downtown, and butter substitutes became the butt of almost every joke on set. We lost Grace a few times on the highway, made our own sandbags, and built some really freakin’ ghetto lighting rigs. Ty and Jonah actually became Eren and Jean (and it was terrifying to watch), the cast and crew cried during argument scenes, and, at the end of the day, lost their shit at our insanity as captured in the VPD.

All in all, this set has been incredibly magical, and we couldn’t ask for a more solid cast and crew to have spent these past seven days with.

Now starts our post-production phase of this project; it will probably take about two months to get our rough edits done for Chris to compose to, then re-edit around those, have a semi-final draft, do commentary, and ultimately release the final project. We’ll be posting periodically to keep you guys in the loop about how the project is going. 

Now that the VPD’s are done, and we’re parting ways, Emily and John will probably be posting a lot on this blog. Below are the URLs of all of the cast and crew involved in the project— show them some love.

Thank you all for your incredible support. We have some more VPDs yet to publish, and perhaps a clip or gifset or two as well.

—Emily and Depa

Thanksgiving 2019 - 5

“Are you sure you don’t want my help? I am excellent in peeling sweet potatoes.“ Taylor says eager, as the family comes back into the house. She takes off her coat and looks at Alison and Andrea, who will now start to prepare the big Thanksgiving dinner for tonight. 

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Hey! Since your ask is empty I'm gonna to leave this one here :) Can you please do an exo gif reaction when they find out that you (his crush) like him as well? Like you thought you were being too obvious but it turns out that he was completely oblivious about it. Thank you!

Xiumin: “Well I did pretty good.”

Luhan: “You kidding right? You like me? For real? No, you’re lying.” *doesnt believe you at first*

Kris: “How could I not fall for you? I’m you’re number one fanfan.” *makes awful puns while trying to be romantic*

Suho: “Haha really?”

Lay: “You like….me? Like…actually like me….like you know…like….yeah.” *is so happy that he keeps messing up what he’s going to say*

Baekhyun: “Well maybe we could go out sometime? I’m not that bad.”

Chen: “That was obvious to you?! I couldn’t tell if you were messing with me
or not.”

Chanyeol: “Really?? You actually like me???“ *is so freakin happy*

D.O: “You thought that was being obvious???”

Tao: “You like me too?!? Yessss!!”

Kai: “I though I was being obvious haha.” *kind of shy*

Sehun: *working up courage* “Well wouldn’t we make a hot couple?” *basically asks you out*