this is actually really freakin hot

I blame Killing Stalking to be so goddamn addictive

Here’s a small fan-art of psychotic Sangwoo, he’s precious but Bum’s even more. My headcanon is crying Sangwoo, I think that’s impossible tho, how in the world will this mr.psycho cry, eh? 

I really love this series ;;w;;, and I don’t understand why some compare KS to YOI, I see no relationship even if you say it’s the “genre” that matters but I freakin’ see none of them correlates. Plus, yea, this series is one hell of an abusive themed relationship (I was surprised at first to find it so but did enjoy it LOL) and can’t see the reason why people are comparing this to YOI, they’re different

I love both but sometimes people make me cringe.

Phrases in the pic was written with the help of gt ;;w;;

I really can’t express how freakin PROUD I am of minseok like he was so shy and reserved back in times of their debut and when he said that he wanted to speak more I was like crvjjgcgb and now he started to gradually open up to us, he attracts a lot of attention with his solo appearance on a tv show where he has showed how smart and witty he actually is as well as has killed everybody with his supernatural hotness, his fandom is really huge, he’s finally confident with his body and going to star in a movie I’m just so full of feels I might teAR UP

New Respect for OOR

These guys have had a tough time on the Aus tour…

Adelaide - By all accounts, Adelaide SOUNDWAVE did not draw big enough crowds for any artists, let alone the relatively unknown (OOR included). It also reached 42 degrees during OOR’s performance, and these guys just came from the snow… I’m sure it was actually hotter on stage…

Melbourne - I flew in for Melbourne SOUNDWAVE to go with some friends from Japan. Again, crazy freakin hot. Security were hosing the mosh with water pretty much the entire show. Obviously, the band couldn’t get this, so they just had to bear it… There was a decent crowd, but because of the heat, half the crowd wasn’t really into moshing, singing, etc. Most people didn’t have the energy. Despite this, the band went all out and even managed to form a circle pit at some point.

Melbourne SIDESHOW - SOUNDWAVE was extremely unprofessional and cut OOR from their sideshow with Gerard Way and The Smashing Pumpkins, hours before the performance. SOUNDWAVE stated that there wasn’t enough time for OOR due to extended sets by the other artists, and fans were NOT offered refunds. I can only imagine how disappointed and pissed off the band would have been, considering how this was dealt with…

SYDNEY SIDEWAVE - These guys stole the show. Gerard Way and The Smashing Pumpkins were mediocre, and their fans were all asking about OOR after their performance. Reviews for the show reiterated this, and discussed how much of a shame/mistake it was that OOR were cut from Melbourne, as they performed with such energy.

Sydney SOUNDWAVE - The night before OOR were due to perform, it was reported that one of their close friends had passed away in Japan… Despite this, OOR went ahead with their performance, and really brought it! As someone who’s seen them play on multiple occasions now, there was definitely something more in this performance. They gave their all, and the crowd (the largest of the SOUNDWAVES) gave it back! The Sydney fans were so into it! They moshed, they formed a ‘wall of death’, they sung so loud that sometimes I couldn’t even hear Taka, lol… The band certainly had fun and I think were extremely grateful for the crowd’s energy. Yes, it was still ridiculously hot, and Ryota’s bass even died at some point, but that didn’t stop anyone. The crowd kept going, and Ryota did backflips and threw water to psych-up the crowd! They did so well, the side-stage was full with other SOUNDWAVE artists, watching on.

Brisbane SOUNDWAVE - The band’s last show! Smaller crowd than Syd and Melbourne, hot once again, but fans said they killed it ;) And considering that they’d just flown in from Sydney that morning, I’m surprised they had the energy!

Seriously though, props to these guys. It was a tough tour, physically and emotionally I’m sure… I wish they’d had a better time in AUS, and hope that they still come back soon… The new songs sounded awesome live (wasn’t sure what to expect), and they still performed Japanese songs, which is pretty much unheard of at SOUNDWAVE, as previous Japanese artists have performed in English only.

Well done, ONE OK ROCK :)