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If requests are closed than feel free to ignore this. But how about a scenario about noctis taking his s/o to meet his father and he's a bit nervous his father might disapprove of them, but they actually get along and even crack a few jokes with one another!

Requests are never closed so don’t you worry. I am really sorry it took me a while though! School got in my way and when I did end up having time I was working on my fanfic! I’m also, like, real bad with jokes (I an’t make them up or make them up at all) so it’s just having a great talk and such if that’s okay?????

It’s also pretty short because otherwise there’d be a lot of boring information that wouldn’t really keep the flow going. My apologies in advance.

Standing in front of his father with you by his side made his throat dry. He was absolutely terrified that he wouldn’t like you, that he’d tell him that you and he couldn’t be together. His palms grew sweaty whilst King Regis looked over you at dinner, speaking to you kindly and politely.

“I’m surprised my son managed to pick up someone as beautiful as you, ___.”

You giggled and he blushed. “What can I say? I have a think for cute boys who treat you right. You’ve raised quite the gentleman. Even if he doesn’t show it.”

“Oh?” King Regis rose a brow in amusement, a smile appearing on his lips. “A gentleman? My son? Now that’s a surprise.”

“Daaaad….” Noctis mumbled through a mouthful of smoked Baramundi. 

“Yes, son?”

“Stop embarrassing me…”

He merely chuckled. “But it’s good fun, you know. Right, ___?”

You nodded with that sly grin of yours and he groaned in annoyance. “Definately, your majesty. Especially in public.” You laughed again and you moved onto dessert. “Seriously though, Noct is really cute.”

And Regis only lit up like the sun with bright eyes, previously filled with a sadness which Noct hated to the core. “He truly is! You should have seen him when he was younger with his chubby cheeks and bright smile. His mother would always be so annoyed at how I just took him everywhere, not wanting to let him go.” He chuckled. “On his third birthday I had managed to persuade the council to give me some time with him - it constituted as four hours - and I refused to pass him to his mother.”

You smiled sweetly. “Did you end up running late?”

“If running late counts as not going, then yes.”

Noctis stopped eating then, his mouth agape, and you stared at the King with wide eyes. Both of you were in complete shock. King Regis didn’t seem like the type of man to miss a meeting even if he was sick. Noctis could never remember a time where his father didn’t go to a single meeting. 

“Majesty you… you…you did?”

“Of course.” He simply shrugged, unsure what all the surprise was about. “He wouldn’t stop asking me to read to him. And when he did stop he had fallen asleep. And I was about to get ready to leave but I must have dosed off, because next thing I knew his mother was shaking my shoulders and he was drawing squiggles on my face. With eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliner… and he did the same on my eyes. With permanent marker.” He laughed loudly - almost guffawing - and leaned back in his seat. “At the time I was less than pleased, but now I find it absolutely hilarious. Especially with his little laugh.”

You laughed. He blushed. Regis laughed even louder. And Noct was… well… he wanted to be swallowed up by the floor…


“So… you… um”

Regis had asked Noct to carry a box for him from the archives up to his room: any excuse to spend time with him. “I what?”

“You accept her? Right? You weren’t just putting on a show to be polite?”

“I may be good at many things and lying isn’t one of them.” He smiled. “My boy, she’s good for you: allows you to relax and be yourself. I just hope that whatever happens in the future won’t break what precious time you have apart and separate the both of you.”

Noctis went to ask him about what that all meant, but he decided not to in the end. Just in case he would get no answer, or, worse still, an answer in which he didn’t want to know.

“Well, come on then. Chop chop. We don’t have the day to waste.” Regis nudged Noct’s arm with a smile and Noct smiled in dismay.

It was safe to say that by how Regis ended up inviting you to almost everything and was talking to Noct all about the things he loved about you, it was safe to say that you were welcomed with open arms.

Those of demon blood thoughts

Wow. That sums it up pretty well. I actually watched this in school (and drained my phone) and then again an hour ago so I’ve watched it more closely than usual.

Clary and simon are officially boring. I feel sorry for simon bc he really loves clary but it’s annoying me so much knowing that they won’t stay together much longer bc of the faerie thing next episode.

On a positive note I officially LOVE Maia. I actually really liked the Jace/maia hookup although it interfered with the malec scene at the end. Their chemistry is nice and it made sense to me. I just hope it doesn’t become a thing.

I loved luke’s scenes in this, the awkwardness during the sex convo with simon was hilarious and he is such a leader of the downworlders.

Omg I just have to mention how ridiculous it was when izzy was like “I’m a yin fen addict” I fully laughed out loud it sounded so stupid.

Okay I’ll calm down. Alec’s little “wow” when he saw Magnus and then the way Magnus initiated the kiss and Alec raised his fucking eyebrows I was on the floor. The way Alec knew that Magnus was dressed up because he is dealing with the aftermaths of the torturing (even though it wasn’t said out loud). And then he knew Magnus wasn’t going to be happy about giving his hair because deep down he knew it was wrong to accuse them all. The silence when he put the hair in the packet and then Alec leans in (to kiss him ?? lmao like he’s gonna get a kiss after asking him for a DNA sample to prove he’s not a killer) and BAM “get out!” Oh my god I just fucking loved this scene so much it was absolute gold, the romance and ease of the kiss contrasting the tension and betrayal of Alec’s purpose visiting and I just sorta love the angst I’m sorry.

Side note about Alec in this ep: I get where he was coming from obeying the orders but I really hope the reaction from Magnus will have changed his opinion more permanently. The way he was constantly unsure of whether it was the right thing to do is a good sign because he is learning but I hope he ends up completely going against his training in the rest of 2B and just using his instincts telling him something is wrong.
I hope they delve more into the complications between Magnus and Alec as they continue to develop the whole downworld vs shadowhunter thing because it should cause problems realistically.

Okay. I know this is really bad to say considering his probable storyline in 2B but max really fucking annoyed me in this ep. Like why does he thinks it’s clever to follow his sister who is literally 10 years older than him to a weird storage unit thing. Like where is that logic. For me personally it felt like they wanted max to be annoying and ik some people don’t care about staying with the book plot and I don’t really have an opinion anymore but I think they should stick with the characters personalities and they really haven’t with max.

Dot and Magnus… hmm. I actually do like dot and I get that she likes Magnus (who wouldn’t) but it felt a little weird just randomly shoving that in. I guess it helped to show Magnus that he really does love Alec even when he’s annoyed at him.
But I was so disappointed with the dance… having watched Harry in glee for 6 years he honestly has so much more to showcase and it was about 30 seconds long. It was really good but I just felt like it could have been more. (Plus I sorta wish Alec had seen it to show his reaction lol)

I’m soooo glad Jace gave up the head of the institute for Alec but I sorta wanted him to get it properly through his own leadership skills and not just because Jace decided to.

I don’t wanna go too deep into the whole end malec scene being all of 4 seconds long and how it shows the inequality between the only same sex couple on the show and the other couples. But I’m starting to lose hope for the rest of the season and I’m just gonna presume that we will see malec peck and say one sentence to each other so then if we do get a malec centric episode I’ll be happily surprised.

Overall I would give this ep 8/10 but it would have been 10/10 if they have given malec an actual apology scene and more than a 2 second kiss.
After seeing the stills from 2x15 it’s hard to keep my expectations low but I’m just going to see what happens in three weeks.

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am

Who the signs are to you:


  • Aries: the person you don’t really know well, but you’re always having a great time going out together 
  • Taurus: that weirdo at work you just can’t get along with without any apparent reason 
  • Gemini: that from-time-to-time sex partner 
  • Cancer: your little sister you always have to protect from everyone 
  • Leo: shopping buddy 
  • Virgo: that one bitchy, arrogant chick you couldn’t stand at the first sight
  • Libra: future wife/husband 
  • Scorpio: that one ex you’ll always feel attracted to, even though it will never work out 
  • Sagittarius: crush 
  • Capricorn: that weird nerdy neighbour that looks quite lovely but you never spoke a word to them 
  • Aquarius: that one person that gets everything you want so much
  • Pisces: just a random useless person


  • Aries: an annoying guy at work who gets all the credits you deserve
  • Taurus: your first love you’ll never forget
  • Gemini: that two-faced bitch you’re a little jealous of
  • Cancer: that person you’re not really best friends with but to whom you can always turn when you feel down
  • Leo: that hot guy you secretly crave
  • Virgo: a childhood friend that helped you become who you are now
  • Libra: your boss
  • Scorpio: your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Sagittarius: crazy, odd creep that entertains you when you’re sad
  • Capricorn: bff!
  • Aquarius: your loving grandmother
  • Pisces: that one pervert you know who always makes you laugh 


  • Aries: a huge crush you can’t get over no matter what you do
  • Taurus: high school desk neighbour
  • Gemini: the person you laugh the most with
  • Cancer: your one & only real love
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: that one annoying person that always sees through you not buying your lies like others do
  • Libra: that girl intriguing all the time
  • Scorpio: that bitch with a few kilogrammes makeup on you just can’t stand
  • Sagittarius: best travel partner you’ll ever have
  • Capricorn: your older brother
  • Aquarius: the person you know has a crush on, but you can’t relate, even though you’re enjoying this fact
  • Pisces: the one who does all your homework 


  • Aries: you wish you had their confidence
  • Taurus: childhood neighbour
  • Gemini: your job partner who does all the work
  • Cancer: your opposite gender best friend, the prove that girl & boy can be just friends
  • Leo: they’re so beautiful, I wish I had a little of their beauty
  • Virgo: that person that tries to make you believe in how amazing you are
  • Libra: that weird person who never talks but you somehow still hang out with them
  • Scorpio: that one person who talks so sarcastically that you can’t understand if they’re being serious or not
  • Sagittarius: that annoying bitch bullying you all the time
  • Capricorn: that one person you will always like even though it doesn’t work out between you
  • Aquarius: how can you be so arrogant?
  • Pisces: best friend 


  • Aries: slaying together!
  • Taurus: that one friend you’re trying to make more social, ‘cause they’re actually pretty cool, but they just prefer to Netflix & chill at home
  • Gemini: that one sarcastic but charming guy you like, but they keep making fun of your attitude
  • Cancer: your spiritually obsessed uncle
  • Leo: your wingman who always steals your girls in the end
  • Virgo: that silent friend who gets crazy as hell when drunk
  • Libra: your personal clown, basically entertaining you through life
  • Scorpio: the only person that knows how to handle your ego, but you can’t trust them, ‘cause they have some kind of power over you
  • Sagittarius: cooking partner
  • Capricorn: your older, smarter sister, but you’re always beating her in being popular & hot
  • Aquarius: the only person you will fall in love with for real
  • Pisces: your boss who’s way too easy to manipulate


  • Aries: that one guy who gets all the girls you like because they’re hot & charming, but you’re just a shy potato 
  • Taurus: an actual friend
  • Gemini: that one person you feel kind of alike with but you still just don’t like them 
  • Cancer: your boo
  • Leo: that girl you thought was your best friend but she has like 5 other best friends and so you feel somehow friendship wise heartbroken
  • Virgo: that fling you had on a holiday but it was so good you won’t ever forget them
  • Libra: I wish I was as creative & adorable as they are
  • Scorpio: your wife who’s gonna leave you in the end ‘cause she will realise how different you are after 10 years of marriage
  • Sagittarius: that hot girl you totally have a crush on but she’s out of your league, ‘cause well, you’re still a potato
  • Capricorn: the only friend who actually knows how to deal with your weirdnesses and phobias
  • Aquarius: your psychologist 
  • Pisces: a girl you get perfectly along with, but can’t really understand why, because you’re so different


  • Aries: partner in crime
  • Taurus: your beauty idol you always try to copy
  • Gemini: only you can understand both of their faces
  • Cancer: that lovely person having so much bad luck that you always feel sorry for them
  • Leo: that flowers obsessed relative
  • Virgo: your neighbour 
  • Libra: that one boring person that always asks you to go out. You know it’s gonna be boring but can’t say no, 'cause they are actually really nice
  • Scorpio: that person you’re inhumanly attracted to 
  • Sagittarius: fiancé(e) that’s gonna leave you at the altar 
  • Capricorn: fiancé(e) that’s gonna marry you
  • Aquarius: long lost half sister who turns out to be really cool 
  • Pisces: the shoulder to cry on from time to time


  • Aries: a huge crush who doesn’t really like you back but you keep trying, even though you know it’s gonna hurt
  • Taurus: your favourite singer
  • Gemini: the best person to have late night conversations with
  • Cancer: a lovely family member you will always support
  • Leo: that bitch needing attention all the time but you’re too busy being self-absorbed
  • Virgo: the sign that 90% of your crushes are
  • Libra: your best freaking sex partner ever 
  • Scorpio: childhood love that never really faded
  • Sagittarius: that one cheater boyfriend you somehow forgive over and over again 
  • Capricorn: your daughter you can act like best friends with
  • Aquarius: unexplainably undesirable person 
  • Pisces: best friend you never dare getting in a romantic relationship with because you know you’ll hurt them


  • Aries: your modelling partner 
  • Taurus: that stubborn little shit always trying to ruin your life
  • Gemini: you don’t know it yet but they’re the love of your life 
  • Cancer: that person with an amazing taste in music so you can’t stop admiring it
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: your favourite actor  
  • Libra: your make up artist
  • Scorpio: your witch neighbour, you don’t believe she actually is one but she scares you anyway somehow
  • Sagittarius: best travel buddy 
  • Capricorn: that gloomy person, you never what they are actually thinking 
  • Aquarius: on/off relationship 
  • Pisces: that one person always trying to joke but has an awful sense of humour


  • Aries: your female friend that is amazingly beautiful & kind but just doesn’t believe it and all you do is trying to build up a little confidence in her
  • Taurus: your gay best friend
  • Gemini: lovely & interesting person to spend time with without any real trust
  • Cancer: that one adorable human being you will always wonder about like: how can you be so lovely & innocent?
  • Leo: that one bitch always trying to ruin your life, making drama around you now and then
  • Virgo: that person you get along with perfectly, you understand each other without words, you absolutely love them, but you’ll always stay friends because there’s a lack of physical attraction 
  • Libra: they want you.
  • Scorpio: a fling
  • Sagittarius: that person you like somehow but it never comes to a real relationship, they seem not to notice you the right way
  • Aquarius: that annoying relative always judging you
  • Pisces: that one fake ass ex you’ll never forgive yourself dating


  • Aries: a friend that always manages to cheer you up
  • Taurus: that lovely person you always wanted to get to know, but you have no idea how to start a conversation
  • Gemini: just… bae
  • Cancer: head up, your crown is falling. Oh wait, which crown?
  • Leo: your most beautiful friend. she’s the only one allowed to be more beautiful than you are
  • Virgo: your long-lost child
  • Libra: that one friend that lives on the other side of the world but you stay friends no matter what
  • Scorpio: a person that life always puts as an interference to you, so you end up hating them
  • Sagittarius: that one relative you never meet ‘cause they’re always travelling
  • Capricorn: that one friend that seems completely heartless to you
  • Aquarius: a bitch you’re always competing with 
  • Pisces: you fell in love with their kindness


  • Aries: wait… who? 
  • Taurus: that one person who protects you in difficult situations every time
  • Gemini: they seem so lovely why can’t they stop bullying me?
  • Cancer: cry buddy
  • Leo: that person with a huge heart, it isn’t obvious at first sight but you can trust them with anything
  • Virgo: future husband you will finally feel secure with 
  • Libra: they are so beautiful you can’t help falling in love with them 
  • Scorpio: gossip girl friend 
  • Sagittarius: stupid high school buddy 
  • Capricorn: your long-term love that you can’t forget 
  • Aquarius: that married guy you can’t stop wanting
  • Pisces: bestie

Had a couple of odd dreams:

-Ended up caring for a stray cat that was very sweet, but made entirely out of stone, and ate only pages from books.

-A silent man woke me up in the wee hours of the morning and handed me his phone opened to Google Maps. He wanted me to drive him to a location over an hour away. I went ahead and did it.

-Met a lonely witch’s daughter, who invited me to her birthday party. I was the only guest. Celebrations included cutting a symbolic umbilical cord that hung from the ceiling and was made out of braided steel fibers. “I have this party game every year and never win,” she said. “But I’ve never had help before…”
Flash-forward several hours later, we were both exhausted and fell asleep on the floor with our hands entwined. We woke when she heard her mother coming home - a blood-curdling shriek from the night. She urged me to go. “You have to leave now! If she finds you here, she’ll eat you!”
“Is this why you never have party guests?” I asked bitterly.
I escaped, but it was implied that I had continued interactions with the witch and her daughter - more narrow escapes, to the point that I got to know them pretty well. I completed some task for the witch and she rewarded me with light… “Here you are, young man! A lightbulb from your family circus that tragically burnt down, from which you have no souvenirs to remember your family!” My heart leapt, because that was apparently my backstory. “Too bad it’s broken! Ha ha ha! But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…” The witch retrieved a fat half-burnt cigar from behind her ear and stuffed it into my mouth. She struck a match and held it to my face. “There! I promised you a light, and a light you have received!”
I coughed and spat the cigar to the ground. “I don’t smoke!”
“You don’t? Your loss, then. I fulfilled my end of the bargain.”

Later, I was in the witch’s house arguing with her about how scary she actually was. “I’m sorry,” I said, as thorny vines grew out of the floor and slowly encased my body. “You’re just not that scary. At first, sure, but once I got to know you? You try to kill me all the time. It’s not surprising anymore, and I know your heart’s not really in it.”
“I’m literally transforming you into a tree right now,” she said indignantly. “You should be screaming in fear!”
I shrugged. “Trees aren’t so bad. I could probably learn a lot from being a tree. Anyway, I know you’ll just turn me back when you get bored, so….”

me watching the first 3 episodes: wow this is great! the pacing is awesome, the action is really tight and wonderful. the new cast of characters are actually pretty well designed and enjoyable. the revelations are actually important and not “fake deep”. zircon’s speech was unbelievable. lars developing and growing as a character was awesome albeit a little cheesy. even lars’s death was well handled and toned down.  would be a damn shame if the last episode was terribly slow paced and had a huge cop out ending where we once again have to abandon our wonderful cast of characters and return to boring ass beach city

me watching the 4th episode:

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This is probably gonna be a quite rude sounding question, but how do you not get bored of doing the "same job" every day? (I swear this isn't meant to be as mean as it sounds!!) I'm 18 and going to Uni soon, but the prospect of doing the same sort of thing every day for a long time sounds horrible to me. I know you love your job and you're incredible at it, but do you ever get bored of it, and how do you combat that?

Well.. I’m sorry to say, but that’s pretty much what a job is, welcome to being an adult, we do the same thing every day and have very little free time :P

But that’s also why it’s really important to actually like and enjoy doing what you choose to do. Not everyone will have that opportunity, especially not straight out of school. Sooner or later you have to do things you don’t want to do, that’s life. I’ve had several jobs I didn’t want or like, in fact most of my jobs I didn’t want or like. But you have to pay the bills somehow. By then it becomes a trade-off of “what can I put up with while I wait for the weekend to start”. Which is basically how I lived my life up until I started working with Jack last year.

It sounds cynical and depressing, but I’m not gonna sugar-coat it. You’ll have to find ways of making it work, music, making friends at the workplace, maybe working part time at different places for variety etc. If you DO have something you want to do, keep doing that in your spare time. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up making a job of it. Not every day is going to be fun, regardless of what you do, sometimes you just have off-days. Which is where pride is a good thing. I always want to take pride in what I do, even when I did work I didn’t like I still made sure to do a good job because I never wanted someone to point to me and say I didn’t care.

So basically, primary goal, find something you can put up with, to support yourself. Secondary goal, do the thing you actually want to do in your spare time. Don’t count on it to work. If it does, great, if it doesn’t, well as long as you can pay the bills you’ll get to keep doing it in your spare time. Compromise. And never spend all the money you make. Always, always, save. You will need it, at some point.

Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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My Drama Year!

It had been some time since I had wifi, so I ventured to the library to download K-Dramas for entertainment purposes. This is My Year in K-Dramas. The last two are recent and I have watched them with wifi because I am in a better place. Yay!!

     1. Oh My Venus

      This drama started out being really sad to me, then it became rather weird, but then I thought it was cute. It is one of those dramas that I would definitely say I enjoyed. Without wifi and cable, it was also hard to watch a second or third time. By the third time, I just went through my favorite episodes/moments. Would still recommend! 4.5 STARS!


           2. Cheese in the Trap 

                Now this one I was actually kind of bored with until about the fifth episode. Sorry, but true. I had a hard time understanding why it was popular. Of course, though, I did enjoy watching it after getting into it. After some time, it had me hooked and trying to figure things out as it went and the male lead had me all confused and stuff! Kekeke Would I recommend? Yes. 4 STARS!


    Originally posted by b2utygot7

            3. Liar Game

                This one I stumbled upon by chance. I looked it up on Google and decided the synopsis made the show seem very intriguing. So I downloaded it and enjoyed every second of this mystery thriller!! From beginning to end I was hooked, like a fish on a line!! I could not get enough of the show and even checked to see if there was another season. I still need another one. TOTALLY DAEBAK!!! 5 STARS


            4. Descendants of the Sun

                 THIS ONE!! Yes, this one. This drama I kept in my files for a long time, even after I moved TWICE(!!!!). I love this drama from beginning to end and may have watched it about ten times… Without skipping episodes. I love it so much, I had the poster as my phone’s background and had ringtones. I am not ashamed!! Song-Song couple is love, dude!! This one breaks the record. WAY PAST 5 STARS!!!


             5. W: Two Worlds

                  Now tell me why Lee Jong Suk said he wants to play a more masculine type of character when he did such a cool, manly job playing as his character Kang Chul?! He is the definition of perfection and I love him so much. I started feeling rather odd when I wanted him to catch me in a bathroom. Like, I volunteer to be scared like that!! All semi-joking aside, the drama is freaking awesome and the story line was well thought out. I would like to meet the writer and get some tips. 5 STARS!!!


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             6. Goblin

                 So many favorite scenes, so much bromance. Is it bad of me to say I loved this drama from beginning to end, too? I hope not. Although, for some reason, I wasn’t too into the beginning scene of the first episode. I shrug when I think about it because I have no idea why I’m not pleased with it. Gong Yoo did amazing acting out the battle and the movements were great and everything, but eh. ANYWAY! This drama had me swooning over anything and everything and even made me feel lonely af. I super love love it, though and totally watched it again and again!! Another one that broke the scale!!


            7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                 I just recently finished this one, so fresh out of the mind reaction. Here goes. NAM JOO HYUK, STOP STEALING MY HEART!!!!!! The story was great and the acting was even greater!! I love that it’s not the typical thin boy loves thin girl. Noooope, nope, nope. I am so in love with the story, I may go watch it again. With each episode, I had to make sure I was breathing because Nam Joo Hyuk kept me from breathing correctly. The love scenes were so cute and well thought out and that’s what really had me feeling like a high school teenager again. Oh, those feelings of blissful love. Sigh. I would definitely recommend this drama that peoples ears would fall off. I’m so in love with it. ANOTHER SCALE BREAKER!!!!!


    Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

    Thank you so much for reading!! (If you did) I know it was super long and not well typed, but I was afraid of mentioning any spoilers. Please keep in mind that I really did enjoy each and every one of these dramas. No harm, no foul.

    Got a drama you want to recommend I watch and review? Leave me a comment/message! Thank you!! Heartu!


    Good morn, evening, night?? to whoevers reading this probably no one thats awesome :’) 

    So CALL ME OLD FASHIONED but instead of just having internet friends I think it would be really cool to have an actual pen pal on the other side of the world (or in the same country man i dont even care) 

    Ill tell you about myself so you can see how boring i am and youll feel sorry for me and write letters to my sorry ass (:D) 

    My name’s Ash and I’m 18 years old. Im from Melbourne in Australia (nothing happens here) (like at all im always fucking bored) 

    I’m a university student and Im studying film and photography. Like I said before, Melbourne really isnt cool but I can promise that I will take, print out and send you really cool photos of our cityscape bc its naice. 

    I enjoy procrastinating and wasting all of my time watching films and reading waaayyyy too many books, so if you like films and books then we can talk about them all the time yay for that 

    I also love music, all kinds really

    Id really love to get to know someone in a different country than me. Im looking for someone between the ages of 17-24. Or anything really I dont care. 

    Please message me if youre interested :) or just like this post and ill message you :)) 

    My handwriting is also shocking so theres that. pls forgive. 

    I will send you keyrings of koalas and kangaroos. 

    anonymous asked:

    Hello may I request a first meeting/date in an aquarium AU? Thank you so much and have a good day/night ahead! ^^ <3

    aw this is such a cUTE IDEA !! <3

    • do you think now would be a good time to mention my massive phobia of the ocean and everything in it…?
    • “that’s you.”
      • “aw that’s so sweet!”
        “no, i was pointing at the blobfish.”
    • the first time i met you, you were imitating a dolphin.
      “you’re yelling again.”
      “i get excited, sorry.”
    • so you’re telling me, in all the years of your life, you have never been to an aquarium?!? you have not lived.
    • the aquarium has one of those pools where you get to pet the fish and you’re literally the only full grown adult trying to pet the fish, but you look just as excited and hyperactive as the kids.
    • i work at the aquarium and this person (really cute person) is really interested in this one species, which i just so happen to be standing by how c o n v e n i e n t
      • you started talking aloud and it took me a few seconds to realise but you were addressing me and omg please talk more about this creature 
        • this is the most amusing thing i’ve seen because i’m talking about this sea-creature but im making it up as i go along and this employee is totally buying it this is the best
    • …what on earth could this person want with five massive seal plushies???
    • i can see you from the other side of the fish tank so you look a bit distorted but shit even when you’re distorted you’re attractive
    • you’re the only other person here at the aquarium and it’s like 10 PM, so i’m guessing you had a rough day too, huh?
    • yeah, hi, i’m petrified of sharks but i want to see the rest of the aquarium so do you think you could guide me through while i keep my eyes closed??? 
    • i work at the information booth and you literally just came up to me and talked to me for a solid forty minutes about how we should use jellyfish to conduct electricity… and the worst part is, i’m kind of onboard. 
    • “can we buy an aquarium?”
      “…i’ll think about it.”
    • “i feel really bad, this was meant to be a date but i just spent the whole time looking at the fish, that must’ve been really boring for you; sorry.”
      “who ever said i was complaining?”
    • “hey…do you think i could go all dory on this and speak whale?”
      “we’re in a public place, please don’t.”
      “too late! hIIiI theRe!”
      “i can’t believe it but i think it’s actually working.”
      • “and that’s the story of how we got kicked out the aquarium”
    • Finding Nemo: In Real Life
    • you tried to pet the fish and surprise the fish didn’t like it and they bit you, so now i’m currently giving you first aid whilst at the same time trying to calm you down. what an unforgettable first date this is huh.
      • (alternatively) we were at the petting pool and we went to go pet the fish before we left, i noticed that once we were out of the aquarium there was a massive stain on the front of your shirt..
        • “did you seriously just steal a fish? it’ll die.”
          “don’t worry! it’s in a bag of water of course. how stupid do you think i am?”
          “how did you- when did you- why - you know what, i’m not even gonna bother.”

    - jess

    send in requests!
    submit an au!

    Apologies (Spencer Reid x Reader)

    A/N: Hey guys! I really like this imagine I kind of crying writing it so… oops 😂 anyways enjoy!
    Warnings: none
    Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
    Prompt: you’re pregnant and babysit henry and Spencer comes to pick him up instead of jj after you guys have broken up and you’re very pregnant and that’s how he finds out.
    Request: ✅
    Upcoming Imagine: Reader gets kidnapped…
    “Your mom is going to be here in about 10 minutes so lets gather up your Legos.” You said slowly sitting next to Henry on the floor.
    The large baby bump make it harder to do everyday activities, but you have managed throughout the 7 months on your own.
    You helped Henry put all of his Legos in the little box he brought and then there was a knock on the door.
    “That’s mommy.” You said slowly standing up as Henry bolted to the door.
    He opened your apartment door and heard him call, “Uncle Spencer!”
    You froze at his name.
    Why was he here?
    “Hey Henry!” He said back.
    You didn’t dare turn around but you instinctively did.
    “I told JJ I would pick Henry up. I hope…”
    He froze as his eyes met your bulging stomach.
    “H-Henry… will you go wait in the car? I’ll be out in a sec okay?” Spencer said putting a fake smile on his face as tears filled his eyes.
    “Okay.” Henry said complying as he walked down the apartment stairs.
    “Is… is it…” he stuttered.
    You nodded already knowing the answer to his question.
    “Spencer just go please? I want to be alone.” You said crossing your arms over your chest, as if it would hide the 7 month old baby in your stomach.
    “Wh-why didn’t you tell me?” He said walking closer to you as a tear fell from his face to the hardwood floor.
    “Spencer please just go.” You said avoiding him as much as possible.
    His hand reached out but he slowly retracted it as he noticed your struggle to get away from him.
    “I-I’m sorry Y/N. I really am. I messed up I know-I know I messed up but… that… that’s my child?” He questioned walking a little closer.
    The reason why you and Spencer broke up was because he was never around due to work, which was okay with you.
    But then, you found out that when he claimed he was stuck at work he was actually staying on purpose to avoid you.
    He slowly lost interest in you, but you were still had a flaming passion for him.
    He claimed you were boring and a waste of his time during a big argument, and that’s when you packed your bags.
    “Spencer you left me. I still loved you and you pushed me away. We could have talked. We could have taken a break… but when you said I was a waste of your time I knew that was how you felt. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time.” You said turning around and walking to your bedroom, but you were stopped by a hand on your arm.
    “Please… give me another chance. I made a huge mistake and let you walk out that door. I never stopped loving you Y/N, I was stressed. My-my mom wasn’t doing so well and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry Y/N please let me take care of you and our child.” He said holding both of your hands as he begged you for forgiveness.
    You stayed silent, recalling the sleepless nights where you wound up crying against the door until you had no more tears to cry.
    You looked up into Spencer’s eyes for the first time in months and saw complete and udder sorrow, guilt, and love.
    “Please…” he asked again. “I’m not just doing this because of the baby, I’m doing this because I love you.”
    “Why didn’t you tell me about your mom? Why didn’t you tell me you needed space?” You asked.
    You were fully willing to forgive him, but you had so many unanswered questions.
    “I bottled it up. I think bottling up my emotions will make them go away but it doesn’t. I couldn’t handle knowing the medicine my mom was taking for the past 6 months wasn’t working so, I held it in. And during that argument, that stupid argument, I exploded. I didn’t mean what I said. You aren’t a waste of my time. In fact your probably one of the best things that ever happened to me Y/N.” he said as tears rolled down his cheeks.
    “Did you plan on apologizing before you knew I was pregnant?” You asked with a small smile.
    “I told JJ I would pick Henry up just so I could.” He said sniffling and holding your hands a little tighter.
    “Well then of course I forgive you.” You said pulling his head down and kissing his soft lips that you have missed.
    He melted into your arms as he hugged you gently, like you were made of porcelain.
    “I’m also sorry for not being here. Your one of the strongest woman I know to be going through pregnancy all by yourself.” He said stroking your hair.
    “I forgive you for that too. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, you had the right to know.” You said wiping a tear from his cheek.
    “God I’ve missed you.” He said hugging you again.
    “I’ve missed you too.”

    Disposable pt 10

    Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate.

    Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

    Yoongi x Reader

    Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    “It isn’t broken, just… apart.” Yoongi muttered, looking at the floor. The two of you had slept on the broken bed the previous night, it was the frame that had come apart, the bed still functioned relatively well.

    Yoongi had taken it upon himself to build a wall of pillows between the two of you, but when you woke up that morning you found his nose nuzzled into your neck and his arm draped over you. You bit back a smile and carefully removed yourself from his grasp, dressing and making your way downstairs before he even woke up. You knew it meant nothing, that it was just a quirky sleeping habit of his that had nothing to do with you, but the warmth of him sleeping next to you was so nice.

    You had hoped some coffee would wake you up enough to remind you that you couldn’t afford to get any more attached to Yoongi than you already were, but it didn’t help as much as you wanted.

    You should be mad at him– you had every right to be– but all you could think was how hilarious his horrified face was when he realized what he had done the previous night. It was out of character for him to act so childish, and the fact that Hoseok and Jungkook had heard what happened seemed to have reminded him of that.

    Namjoon gave you a look over his coffee mug that said “I’m not going to bring it up if you don’t” when you found him in the sun room, and you were grateful that at least you were spared that conversation.

    Yoongi had joined the two of you about a half hour later, muttering a quick “sorry” before telling you that the bed wasn’t actually as broken as you thought.

    An embarrassed Yoongi was something you were fairly sure you had never seen, and you almost felt bad for him– but not quite.

    “So can you fix it?” You asked him. He had his arm around your shoulders, and you rested your head against him. 

    “I think so, with the right tools…” He answered, running his hand absently down your arm. Looking like a couple was getting easier with each passing minute; you knew you needed to distance yourself, and fast. There was a part of you that kept wondering what it would be like to actually be in love with him, and worse, how nice it would be if he was in love with you. 

    Keep reading


    Rapture, a city where the artist would not fear the censor, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.

    Bad Girl

    Pairing: Peter x Reader

    Request: anon: Can you do one where you date peter Parker and the avengers are really protective of him specially Tony and Bucky and they all question you when he’s goes to the bathroom or something

    A/N: I am free from the cage called exams. You can now expect regular posts. This one is just a drabble I wrote. I am really tired so I won’t blabber. Hope you like it!

    Warning(s): none!

    Word Count: 929

    Originally posted by hamilll

    “aren’t they the cutest superhero couple, folks?” the overly sweet, enthusiastic voice of the news anchor lady rang through the common room. Everyone’s eyes were fixed upon the television screen with varying expression. “just look at them, young, in love, saving the world together, just the perfect couple.” She said as she pointed at a picture of you and Spiderman a.k.a peter. His arms were around your waist, one of your hand was on his chest while you caressed his cheek with the other. “Spiderman and the Sorceress, people. something to look at when you’re having a-“ Tony turned the T.V off and tossed the remote on the couch.

    ‘they’re so cute together.’ Wanda scrunched her nose as she grinned.

    ‘I can agree.’ Thor’s voice rumbled as he entered the room.

    ‘No!’ tony uncrossed his arms and pointed a finger at her. ‘she’s not yet verified by me.’

    ‘or me’ Bucky walked in the room.

    “or me” Steve and Natasha added in unison.

    ‘aww, come one, people. let the kids live a little’ Pietro zapped in the room and plopped on the couch. “they’ll be here in a couple of minutes by the way.” He leaned back and stretched.

    ‘I don’t think I encourage it, the girl always destroys things when she’s trying to do to do the hero stuff.’ Tony argued.

    ‘oh, the irony’ Clint smiled at the ceiling.

      ‘we at least know how to handle this shit she-‘ Natasha stopped speaking as she saw you both enter the room.

     You both stopped at a distance and smiled at them. they looked at you up and down, you wore ripped jean and a black leather jacket. kohl light and strength heavy in your eyes, you qualified for the classic bad girl.

    ‘hey everyone, this is (y/n)’ peter held his arms up to show you off and you chuckled. You received a bunch of greeting from everyone except.

    ‘so, this is your super girlfriend, huh parker?’ Pietro grinned.

    ‘yes.’ You wrapped an arm around peter’s waist and jerked him towards you. ‘it’s quite obvious with all the pictures and everything circling around, isn’t it?’

    ‘yup,’ tony said. ‘a little too obvious.’ Tony sarcastically grinned at peter as he tried to avoid his gaze.

    ‘why don’t you sit down?’ vision landed on the ground.

    ‘almost forgot he was hovering here.’ Clint muttered. ‘so, kids, when did this all start?’

      ‘just a couple of run ins’ peter shrugged.

    ‘and,’ you sat down in a manly manner with arms crossed. ‘an awful lot of flirting.’ You stressed each word and grinned at him. he shoved you playfully and you stuck your tongue out.

    ‘oh, I didn’t know you were capable, spiderling. I thought you were,’ Tony pretended to think for a while. ‘shy and awkward.’

      ‘he isn’t with the mask on, sir’ you looked at him.

    ‘I-‘ peter was interrupted by his phone. ‘it’s aunt May, I gotta take this.’ He got up. ‘see you in a minute.’ He smiled at you.

    ‘don’t keep me waiting, sugar!’ you called out.

    ‘NO’ he mouthed and you threw your arms up in surrender.

    ‘CAN’T HELP IT.’ you mouthed. He rolled his eyes and left.

    ‘that’s a little too much of a nickname.’ Bucky said.

    ‘sorry sir, it’s just I’m not capable of altering myself for others.’ You replied. ‘peter talks a lot about all of you’

    ‘that’s good, we can get to the main thing then.’ Tony smiled. ‘what are your powers?’ he leaned forwards and asked. You smirked to yourself. Were they trying to scare you?

    ‘element manipulation.’ You replied.

    ‘can you fully control them, enough not to hurt others?’ Steve asked.

    ‘yes. My hair, well, they burst up in flames if I’m enraged.’ You explained.

    ‘so, you can hurt someone if you get too… excited?’ tony cleared his throat.

    ‘no, no, I don’t think I’ve ever done that. You can trust me with that one.’ you couldn’t help but grin a bit.

    ‘are you kids indulging in activity not appro-‘ Steve started to speak but you interrupted him.

    ‘Sorry to interrupt you but that’s very personal, sir.’ You said sternly.

    ‘what kind of a student are you?’ Bruce tried to change the topic.

    ‘ 7. Something gpa type. I have other talents so I think I can make up for the remaining.’ You shrugged.

    ‘do you know how to fight?’ Natasha asked.

    ‘not all that good but learning, ma’am.’ You smiled.

    ‘you are free to come over if you wanna train.’ Natasha smiled at you.

    ‘that would be very nice, thank you.’ you tilted your head and smiled. ‘anything else you all would like to ask?’ you looked around.

    ‘no,’ peter walked in. ‘if you’re done interrogating my girlfriend, can we leave?’ he asked and received a nod from tony. ‘thank you.’

    ‘thank you, everyone. It was nice meeting you. good bye.’ You received a bunch of byes as you two left.

    ‘you liked ‘em?’ peter asked as you two got in the elevator.

    ‘actually, I did. they’re really protective of you though.’ you said. ‘it was a bit boring though.’ You looked at him. he smirked, wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you forwards making you crash into his chest.

    ‘you wanna kiss away the boredom?’ he asked in a low voice.

    ‘I’m so glad I brought out the bad boy in you.’ you wrapped your arms around his neck.

    ‘nothing in the elevator, kids.’ Tony’s voice rang through the lift and you both jumped away.

    ‘sorry, Mr. Stark!’ peter said as his face turned a bright shade of red.

    anonymous asked:

    You're dating josh and become bffs w Jenna on tour and you guys do everything together to the point it's like 'where is y/n' 'Just ask jenna' and it makes the boys SO happy cause when they were younger they only dreamed of having their lovers be as close as you as Jenna idk if you've done this request before but if so sorry! (Hope this was specific enough for you !) thx

    AN: I’m so sorry that it took me so long to do your request! I hope you enjoy it and that it’s the way you imagined it. If not, I’m sorry (personally, I’m not so happy with it, but I didn’t want to let you wait any longer) Thank you again for your request! xx


    Long Lost Twin’s

    Words: 832

    Warnings: None


    It was your first time being on tour with your boyfriend Josh and his band “Twenty One Pilots”. Even if it took you a few days to get used to being on the road constantly, it was great. Everyone was really nice and like a family to each other. 

    To Josh’s and Tyler’s delight, you and Jenna got along very well. The two of you haven’t really met each other in person before because you aren’t from Columbus. So it was only natural that you were kind of anxious about meeting her the first time. She’s the wife of the best friend of your boyfriend. What happens if she doesn’t like you and you don’t get along? Especially when you’re on tour together, supporting your partners. 

    But none of that was the case. Right in the first few minutes the two of you spoke, it instantly clicked. You already had the nickname of the long lost twins from the crew. You were really happy that you’ve met Jenna and that she toured as well, otherwise it would have been really boring for you. Even if the reason you joined them, was that you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, you were actually more with Jenna. When we boys sound checked, made interviews, met fans or throughout the whole concert, Jenna and you were like conjoined at the hip. 

    Some people might find this extremely annoying at one point, doing everything together but it wasn’t the case for you two. And Tyler and Josh liked it as well. Well, maybe to some extent.

    “Hey Mark, have you seen (Y/N)?” Josh asked his friend.

    “No, man, sorry. But ask Jenna, she will know that for sure.”

    Josh chuckled, knowing that Mark was probably right. After walking around the backstage area for a little bit, he finally found the blonde girl, sitting on one of the couches. And surprisingly, (Y/N) was there as well, her legs tangling over Jenna’s lap. The both of them were scrolling through social media, showing each other pictures or posts which made them laugh. They didn’t even notice Josh standing there in the doorframe. 


    Nothing. None of them looked up to him, either they didn’t hear him or they didn’t want to. 

    “AHEM!” Josh cleared his throat again. And again. Nothing. The two girls were like in their own little world, oblivious to all the things happening around them.
    Slowly growing more frustrated, he thought about what to do.

    “Great..”, he mumbled to himself. “TYLER!” 

    It didn’t take long until the boy jogged up to his bandmate, asking what he wants. Josh said nothing, just motioning with his head at the two girls who were still happily scrolling through their social media. Tyler nodded slowly, understanding what the ‚problem‘ was. He motioned for Josh to get his phone out, which he did. They opened the Snapchat App and started recording their two girlfriends. 

    “Guys, look at that! They exchanged us for each other. I mean, it’s great that they get along, really. But they don’t even notice us.”Tyler chuckled lightly at Josh’s pouting face. 

    „I feel like the side-chick of (Y/N), while Jenna is the main-one” Josh mumbled.

    Right before the video ended, Jenna chimed in. “Guys? You do know that we hear you, right? Even if I would be really honored if I was (Y/N)’s main chick, I’m happily married to Tyler, sorry to destroy your imagination, Josh.” The blonde chuckled. 

    “Oh really? We’re married? I wasn’t sure if my wife was actually on tour with me, as she is always with Josh’s girlfriend.” Tyler laughed as he fired back at Jenna. You knew that the boys and Jenna all joked around. The guys were so happy that Jenna and you got so well along. 

    Just as Josh wanted to say something, you decided to say something as well. „C’mon guys, you’re always together, too! Don’t act like we’re completely ignoring you.“ 

    „But Babe, that’s exactly what you just did 5 minutes earlier!“ Josh said.
    Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. „I did notice you standing there, I just wanted to see you grow more and more frustrated, sorry Love.“ 

    You moved on the couch, allowing the boys to sit down as well. Even though it was a bit cramped with the two couples on the couches, you enjoyed being able to cuddle Josh’s side. 

    „Please, tell me again why I am together with you.“ 

    You kissed Josh’s cheek and whispered into his ear. „Because you love me!“ Just as he wanted to say something himself, Jenna chimed in again. 

    „Josh! Are you serious about that video?!“ The boys broke out into a fit laughter, leaving you completely confused. What video? But Jenna was there to your rescue. As soon as you saw Josh’s new Snapchat upload, you hit him on his arm. „You’re such a dork!“

    „But you love me!“ Josh grinned at you, knowing that he was right. Which was completely true.


    First off thanks!!! I tried to make a tutorial but it ended up extremely vague and more of a step-by-step of a headshot i drew today for this purpose whoops;;; oh and I use manga studio 5 for drawing and painting but the hair thing works in sai and photoshop too.

    This is one layer but If it’s a complicated drawing then i’ll draw it out and line it with a thin brush with no pressure sensitivity, and then bucket fill the shapes on separate layers, usually 1 layer per character and one layer for the bg.

    I also might do color adjustment layers and merge them down as I go but I got lucky this time and didn’t have to make any adjustments. 

    I work on one layer but every 30 minutes or before I begin a new stage (hair, the eyes) I’ll duplicate that layer and paint on the topmost one. This way I can check to see if I over-rendered by hiding the top layer. If i over-render or mess something up, then I have that back-up layer that I can go back to and start that part again. 

    Some additional things:

    • lost edges are where the edge of a shape bleeds into the other without any visible separation between the two. If you don’t need an edge consider getting rid of it for a more painterly look. Zhao Ming Wu does this beautifully.
    • The very very darkest shadows on skin are almost always warm. Even if the light source is cool, the nostril will be a warmer color than the rest of the skin.
    • warm light: cool shadows
    • cool light: warm shadows
    • Vary the hue here and there with little flecks of bright colors that harmonize with the local color of the object to make things pop
    • If the background is dark, draw a very thin orange or dark pinkish line where the skin meets the bg. This is called a corona and will make the skin look like it’s glowing but without looking like you slapped an overlay filter on top
    • you don’t need to use pure black AND pure white in the same image every single time
    • The eye is drawn to hard edges, so use them where it counts!! 
    • Read Richard Schmidt’s Alla Prima for more of this kind of stuff. I got most of these ideas from that book 
    • and proko’s youtube channel
    • ps that’s makoto 

    That’s all I can think of right now!! 


    (also on ao3)

    “Dander,” Levi says, recalling the name on the placard hanging on the wall outside of the room. “Why’s she called that?”

    “Well,” Eren, the man who has been introducing him to all the cats at the shelter for the past half hour, says, “she sheds. A lot.”

    Levi hums. He can handle that. He holds out his hand and the cat sniffs it, nudges his fingers. Levi starts to pet her head.

    Then she bites him.

    “And she’s kind of feisty.”

    Eren laughs awkwardly, voice dying off as Levi stares at him. He clears his throat.

    “We can go look at the other cats again.”

    The other cats. The nice ones. The cute one. The friendly ones.

    Levi looks at Dander. The difficult one. The odd one. The temperamental one. The one that no one wants.

    He knows the feeling.

    “I’ll take her.”


    “Dander. I’ll take her.”

    “Really?” Eren’s face lights up. “That’s great! Isn’t that great, Dander?”

    Dander blinks at him and flicks her tail.

    “She thinks it’s great, too.”

    Levi doubts that, but he isn’t going to burst the guy’s bubble.

    “Alright,” Eren says, “we’ll just need to fill out some paperwork. It’ll take a few days to process all your information and make sure you’re able to–”

    “Oh,” Levi interrupts, digging in the pocket of his coat. “Here.”

    He hands Eren several papers that, in hindsight, he probably should have put in a folder rather than crumpling them and stuffing them in his jacket. It’s an official note, an allowance really, from his therapist to get an animal to keep at home, to help him. He’s skeptical it will actually work, but he’s willing to give it a shot. Hange suggested it, both as a professional and as a friend, and he values their opinion as both.

    “Sorry. Should have given it to you before.”

    “You’re…” Eren begins.

    Freakish? Pitiful? A waste of space?

    “…lucky,” he finishes. “This will speed things up. We can get you squared away within the hour. But you still have to fill out the paperwork. Unfortunately I can’t spare you the boring stuff.”

    Eren smiles at Levi and Levi tries to smile back, though it probably looks more like a grimace. Whatever face he ends up making, Eren doesn’t seem bothered by it. He opens the door of Dander’s room, allowing Levi to exit first before following behind and shutting the door behind them. He fiddles with Dander’s placard, switching the removable sign under her name that says ‘I’m looking for my purrfect match’ to ‘I’ve found my furever home’.

    “So there’s no confusion if someone else comes to visit,” he explains and leads Levi back to the lobby.

    It only takes about twenty minutes to get everything in order. They send him home with a few days worth of food and some of Dander’s favorite toys to get him started, and Dander herself in a cardboard kitty crate that, judging by the way it tilts back and forth regularly, she is eager to get back out of.


    Levi stops and turns, watches as Eren runs across the parking lot. He hands Levi a piece of paper with a number on it.

    “This is my cell. Call me anytime.”

    Levi raises eyebrow at him.

    “About the cat.”

    “Oh. Yeah.”

    “Or anything really,” he says as he walks backwards towards the shelter. “Keep in touch, Levi.” Eren waves before turning and rushing into the building.

    Levi waves back long after Eren is out of sight. It’s stiff and Levi pulls his arm back against his side almost immediately.


    Dander meows at him loudly, her pink nose sticking out of one of the holes in the crate.

    “Right. So am I.” Levi puts Dander in his car then gets in himself. “Let’s go home.”