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Bonney youre my fav fanfic writer! I just wanted to ask whether you have read the gruvia fanfic "chasing shadows" by meffisto. Its really beautiful and mature. Its an AU and its so realistic! Ive actually waited for 2 years for it to be updated , but got disappointed as theres no update since December 2015, Anyway ( i bored you so much sorry ) i think you can give it a try! ALSO,GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WRITING! youre definitely gonna be a very famous author one day for sure! Love you!

Aww, thank you honey! I’m glad you like my stories so much!

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I know it’s going to sound weird giving that 90% of my stories are Gruvia, but I don’t read Fairy Tail fanfiction. :/ It’s a habit I’ve had for a long time but I bet that story is great! I love an AU, as anyone can tell. HAHA

Thank you so much for all the love! ❤


Good morn, evening, night?? to whoevers reading this probably no one thats awesome :’) 

So CALL ME OLD FASHIONED but instead of just having internet friends I think it would be really cool to have an actual pen pal on the other side of the world (or in the same country man i dont even care) 

Ill tell you about myself so you can see how boring i am and youll feel sorry for me and write letters to my sorry ass (:D) 

My name’s Ash and I’m 18 years old. Im from Melbourne in Australia (nothing happens here) (like at all im always fucking bored) 

I’m a university student and Im studying film and photography. Like I said before, Melbourne really isnt cool but I can promise that I will take, print out and send you really cool photos of our cityscape bc its naice. 

I enjoy procrastinating and wasting all of my time watching films and reading waaayyyy too many books, so if you like films and books then we can talk about them all the time yay for that 

I also love music, all kinds really

Id really love to get to know someone in a different country than me. Im looking for someone between the ages of 17-24. Or anything really I dont care. 

Please message me if youre interested :) or just like this post and ill message you :)) 

My handwriting is also shocking so theres that. pls forgive. 

I will send you keyrings of koalas and kangaroos. 

/Say what you say or do what you do/
/Why don’t you be my lover/
/Mean what I say and I’ll make you pay/
/But you better run for cover/

AKA I JUST GOT A EMAIL BACK FROM A JOB FOR AN INTERVIEW LAST NIGHT AND NEEDED SOME BILLWILL TO CHILL MY NERVES. I was so frazzled I couldn’t really talk to anyone sorry about that;;;;;;

(The interview is Wednesday and the phone call went well so FINGERS CROSSED LOL)

Anyways; I like the idea of Bill and Will dancing to swing music when they’re in the mindscape together, being bored to tears bc they can’t actually leave after their respective weirdmaggeddons, and with Bill trying to convince Will in a million different ways to help him achieve ~~revenge~~. (mainly by pretending to be what Will likes AKA human chaotic neutral instead of demon chaotic evil)

My Drama Year!

It had been some time since I had wifi, so I ventured to the library to download K-Dramas for entertainment purposes. This is My Year in K-Dramas. The last two are recent and I have watched them with wifi because I am in a better place. Yay!!

     1. Oh My Venus

      This drama started out being really sad to me, then it became rather weird, but then I thought it was cute. It is one of those dramas that I would definitely say I enjoyed. Without wifi and cable, it was also hard to watch a second or third time. By the third time, I just went through my favorite episodes/moments. Would still recommend! 4.5 STARS!


           2. Cheese in the Trap 

                Now this one I was actually kind of bored with until about the fifth episode. Sorry, but true. I had a hard time understanding why it was popular. Of course, though, I did enjoy watching it after getting into it. After some time, it had me hooked and trying to figure things out as it went and the male lead had me all confused and stuff! Kekeke Would I recommend? Yes. 4 STARS!


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            3. Liar Game

                This one I stumbled upon by chance. I looked it up on Google and decided the synopsis made the show seem very intriguing. So I downloaded it and enjoyed every second of this mystery thriller!! From beginning to end I was hooked, like a fish on a line!! I could not get enough of the show and even checked to see if there was another season. I still need another one. TOTALLY DAEBAK!!! 5 STARS


            4. Descendants of the Sun

                 THIS ONE!! Yes, this one. This drama I kept in my files for a long time, even after I moved TWICE(!!!!). I love this drama from beginning to end and may have watched it about ten times… Without skipping episodes. I love it so much, I had the poster as my phone’s background and had ringtones. I am not ashamed!! Song-Song couple is love, dude!! This one breaks the record. WAY PAST 5 STARS!!!


             5. W: Two Worlds

                  Now tell me why Lee Jong Suk said he wants to play a more masculine type of character when he did such a cool, manly job playing as his character Kang Chul?! He is the definition of perfection and I love him so much. I started feeling rather odd when I wanted him to catch me in a bathroom. Like, I volunteer to be scared like that!! All semi-joking aside, the drama is freaking awesome and the story line was well thought out. I would like to meet the writer and get some tips. 5 STARS!!!


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             6. Goblin

                 So many favorite scenes, so much bromance. Is it bad of me to say I loved this drama from beginning to end, too? I hope not. Although, for some reason, I wasn’t too into the beginning scene of the first episode. I shrug when I think about it because I have no idea why I’m not pleased with it. Gong Yoo did amazing acting out the battle and the movements were great and everything, but eh. ANYWAY! This drama had me swooning over anything and everything and even made me feel lonely af. I super love love it, though and totally watched it again and again!! Another one that broke the scale!!


            7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                 I just recently finished this one, so fresh out of the mind reaction. Here goes. NAM JOO HYUK, STOP STEALING MY HEART!!!!!! The story was great and the acting was even greater!! I love that it’s not the typical thin boy loves thin girl. Noooope, nope, nope. I am so in love with the story, I may go watch it again. With each episode, I had to make sure I was breathing because Nam Joo Hyuk kept me from breathing correctly. The love scenes were so cute and well thought out and that’s what really had me feeling like a high school teenager again. Oh, those feelings of blissful love. Sigh. I would definitely recommend this drama that peoples ears would fall off. I’m so in love with it. ANOTHER SCALE BREAKER!!!!!


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    Thank you so much for reading!! (If you did) I know it was super long and not well typed, but I was afraid of mentioning any spoilers. Please keep in mind that I really did enjoy each and every one of these dramas. No harm, no foul.

    Got a drama you want to recommend I watch and review? Leave me a comment/message! Thank you!! Heartu!


    made a short skit comic bc im really bored in school and i dont know what to do tbh so haha yeeeee twYLE FANART ATLAST

    from Oculus Chapter 7: The Dog by @earily

    p.s i actually made this in manga style which is read right to left just to practice for our midterms which is making a manga, although i made this in my style and not shoujo/shounen type of manga which is black and white one. so in case you’re wondering why i put symbols in first page, that’s why.

    What if I told you I found when Battle of Sanctuary EXACTLY settled ?

    (First sorry for my bad English, and actually it is not 100% sure because I used some extra data like spin-offs, but I find this quite relevant)

    Today I was really bored so I tried to make the time line of my next fanfiction. But as some events in Saint Seiya are really close one each other, I needed to find some precise dates. And I guess several fans of STS have wondered about it before, but, come on : WHEN has the Battle of the Sanctuary started, actually ?

    First, I set the year. I suppose it was in 1986, and not 1987. As the first books of the Sanctuary’s arc were already published in Japan in 1986, and as it is told in Saint Seiya : Episode G that Aiolos was killed in 1973, “exactly 13 years before the battle” (it is repeated).

    Then, I tried to find the period of the year in which the Battle could have been settled. For this, I used the Saints’ official dates of birth given in the end of the Sanctuary’s arc (kurumanga). As Milo and Camus are 20 but Camus is born in February and Milo in November, it can’t be for example in July, or else Milo would have been 19 and Camus 20, or Camus would have been 21 and Milo 20. So, I found a first “available” period between November 8th, 1986 and February 7th, 1987. Then, I added Shura to the equation and narrowed the result. Between November 8th and January 12th. I added Seiya’s date of birth : between December 1st and January 12th. And so on. I remembered that the settle must be in 1986, so before or on December 31st. And FINALLY, I found THAT decisive date : Lionnet Ban’s birthday. December 30th Can’t be before or else he has the wrong age, right ?


    The anime didn’t went wrong with the backgrounds if that’s so : okay, the sky is really clear for a winter sky, but there are days in this period in which Greece has a quite nice and exceptional weather according to the Internet + it rains at some point of the anime - remember Saori’s dress all wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and winters in Greece are apparently rainy… So yeah, it fits quite well (except that everybody wears “light” clothes like yaaaay December rhymes with summer Shiryū take off your shirt plz)

    And I can even give you the time it was probably when it has begun.

    According to the Internet, the sun in Greece sets at approximately 5:00 PM in December-January. In the manga - can’t remember for the anime, the Sun sets when the Bronze guys exit the Sagittarius Temple. As the sun was already arisen when they met Mū, we can say that that all this stuff may has started at 7-8:00 AM (not really logical but hey it’s STS remember). Then if we think big we can suppose that Saga died at 9:00 or 10:00 PM approximately.


    Of course, I know that if I look for more dates or details in Sanctuary’s Battle I’ll face an incoherence or more, because I guess Sir Kurumada didn’t give a damn about these details and gave some data randomly, but HEY, LET ME HOPE I DID IT, LET ME HOPE THAT I FINALLY ANSWERED THIS FUCKING QUESTION !!!!!


    Happy Birthday, Tobio!

    I didn’t get to write anything for any of my Haikyuu!! bbs last year, so I guess since I actually have the time now, I decided to write a drabble for my precious King of the Court.

    Kageyama was probably going to spend another birthday just like any other day. He was used to it really, so he wasn’t expecting anything, especially since he never actually told anyone when his birthday was.

    He stared outside through the window, thinking this was going to be another boring birthday as snow continued to fall.

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    i guess it just really bothers me that most people laughed at gaga before and never gave her a chance because she was different even though her music was amazing they just saw freak with funny costumes and mocked her but now that she has intentionally surrendered to dressing in simple outfits everyone’s falling for it like “wow this chick is actually talented!!! haha who would’ve ever guessed” like… we all knew this before… you just couldn’t get past how she looked to hear her before cause you’re a boring idiot…

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    I have noone to fan with over your fics! None of the rec blogs read what you write except Amateur or Expert.

    Sorry, I can’t help with that. I’m not really a famous writer so my fics are overlooked all the time. Probably because I don’t write porn in every fic.

    People leave me reviews like this all the time.

    “There wasn’t a smut tag so I thought it would be boring, but it was actually pretty good.”

    “The rating was too low so I though it was just a crack fic but it was actually really fluffy and cute!”

    “I was worried about the tags because of ’#introspection’ but it wasn’t that bad.”

    “I didn’t know no smut could make a fic good still!”

    “There wasn’t any smut I’m disappointed.”

    “Would you add smut to it? It would be better.”

    Basically, I’m not considered one of the higher writers because I don’t prioritize sex in my fics. So of course people don’t read them. 🙇


    imagine if i could post an audio on tumblr and actually have it work????????? I CHECKED IT 10 TIMES YESTERDAY and tumblr still mugged me off so….accent challenge attempt 2.

    I was tagged by @bleedinglovefor1d to do the accent challenge, and because it’s just a repost I’m not going to bother anyone by tagging them, but if anyone sees this and wants to do have a go TAG ME!!!

    - Your name and username.

    - Where you’re from.

    - Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

    - What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

    - What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

    - What do you call gym shoes?

    - What do you call your grandparents?

    - What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

    - What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

    - Choose a book and read a passage from it.

    - Do you think you have an accent?

    - Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

    - End audio post by saying any THREE words you want

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    I'm on the verge of a panic attack and I know you have a way with stories, if you could would you please write either DamiColin or BluePulse??

    I’ve got you fam. Breathe slowly, try to listen to something that helps you calm down, and I hope this helps.

    EDIT: Tumblr is being really freaking weird and posted this before I was ready to. Consider this a brief preview before I get the complete thing posted.
    And done. Sorry it took me longer than intended to complete this fic. Oh well, I squeezed in mention of my Reach OC. I hope you find this entertaining. n.n

    “I’m bored,” Bart announced for probably the tenth time.

    “I know you’re bored, but we have to wait,” Jaime answered with his eyes closed.

    The two (actually three) of them were on a shuttle in a spaceport, hiding from ‘anthropologists’ who they had rather successfully pissed off. (Of course ‘anthropologist’ was a loose translation; they were more like a group of unscrupulous monsters with no regard for harm inflicted just so long as it furthered their ‘science’. The actual untranslated word for the ‘anthropologists’ was something like kliud’ata, though Bart had deliberately been mocking and butchering the term for a while now.) Apparently those so-called ‘anthropologists’ didn’t take kindly to having a rogue infiltrator and a metahuman speedster from Earth spring all of their ‘subjects’. Who knew? Which, after having freed the unfortunate individuals who had been under ‘study’, had led to Bart, Jaime, and Khaji Da to acting as a distraction and then spending entirely too long trying to lose their pursuers before finally ducking into an empty shuttle. Which Khaji Da was currently hacking into in order to get away.

    Jaime never would have imagined that he’d ever approve of the equivalent of stealing a car.

    “And the reason we can’t just bolt is…?”

    Jaime didn’t even bother cracking an eye open. Sure, Khaji Da was more than capable of focusing on the task at hand on his own, but since they were in a bit of a hurry Jaime really didn’t want to distract him. “Because if Khaji Da isn’t careful about getting us clearance to get out and if we just take off without knowing where we’re going, then we’re going to attract a lot of attention. And I’d rather not run into those jerks again or get the attention of any Green Lanterns who would shoot me and Khaji Da first and ask questions later.”

    Bart made a face, knowing neither of them could see it at that moment. “Sure, talk sense. I see how it is. Meanwhile I’ll die of boredom.”

    A grinding chitter erupted from the scarab on Jaime’s back before a distinctly un-Jaime-like frown flitted across their face. “We cannot risk capture skaeyl skir’rkiis. Tsriik’k-miihksh told us what the kliud’ata are capable of. I will not take that chance,” Khaji Da said evenly before fading back to focus his careful attention on hacking the spaceport systems. Mention of the hiveless reachling wasn’t unexpected considering the circumstances.

    The last time Jaime and Khaji Da had ended up this far out in space for a mission they’d had the good fortune to run into Tsriik’k-miihksh, otherwise known as Tserii, and Tserii had been kind enough to pull strings with various contacts in order to get them home. Tserii had also gone with Jaime and Khaji Da back to Earth and had slowly been finding themself adopted by Jaime, Khaji Da, and Jaime’s family, but that was neither here nor there.

    “Speaking of, it would’ve been nice if Tserii was here. At least then they would be able to tell us what we’re dealing with and probably pull some strings,” Bart groused. The fact that they couldn’t even risk kicking on the shuttle lights until they were ready to take off was starting to grate on him.

    “You and me both,” Jaime agreed. “Though if Tserii was here, then we’d have to deal with them possibly picking fights.”

    “With who? Khaji Da? Me?” Bart said jokingly.

    “More like one of the Green Lanterns, mi corazón. In case you haven’t noticed, Tserii’s a lot like Khaji Da.”

    Bart snorted and shifted positions so he was laying on his stomach on the shuttle’s padded bench, his chin resting on his hands. “Nah. Tserii’s not murderously adorable and isn’t anywhere near as stabby.”

    That drew a snort from Jaime. “You didn’t hear the way Tserii talks about the kliud’ata or the Hive. Tserii’s just as stabby.”

    Bart shrugged and let his eyes drop to the glowing lights dotting Jaime and Khaji Da’s armored legs and hips. It was a beautiful detail honestly, and better to focus on than what might be in store if they got caught. “Tserii’s still not murderously adorable. Khaji Da though? Completely murderously adorable. And hot. Really hot. So are you– well, not murderously adorable anyway, though you’re kind of adorable in your own right. But both of you are reeeeaallly hot. In fact-”

    “Later amor,” Jaime laughed. “You can flirt at us all you want when we don’t have to worry about the kliud’ata finding us.”

    “What can I say? Stress-flirting is better than me panicking over the idea of those jerks skinning me alive.”

    Their eyes slid open and Khaji Da’s amused smirk flitted across their face. “Then it is a good thing we will be on our way. Recommendation-”

    The lights of the shuttle flared to life and the body language shifted away from Khaji Da’s coiled steel as Jaime said, “You might want to hold on tight. We’re getting out of here.”

    “HECK YES!”


    wow, it has been a while (again..). I could give you a million excuses; “I was sick, or  busy with my studies” but I honestly wasn’t at all. Tbh I just didn’t have any inspiration at all, not to look for new content, not to curate content, not to write, not to draw. So I just didn’t do anything for a while.

    I have tons of ideas to make this blog (site) much more than it is at the moment but the execution isn’t always the easiest part. My ‘to do’ lists are ready, ideas are floating in my head, but the ‘do’ part is harder than I thought.

    But todays Law lecture was so so boring (sorry professor) that I just started writing my Berlin blogpost (which I really wanted to share) and decent sentences  actually appeared on my screen. (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a great writer at all, I’m not even that good at English but it was readable so I was satisfied…).  I hope you’ll enjoy the blog post (I’m finishing it up rn, i’ll post it this week). There will be two posts bcs I rambled on for so long it was a bit too much for a single post.

    It’s a start i guess

    I hope everyone is having an amazing day, week, month, … !

    greetZ , 

    a lazy ass that happens to own this blog 

    ps. just one question; do you like the Instagram stories I have done / do of nice architecture I come across, or visit? And the IG account in General? you like? feedback is always welcome :) ?

    Hiya! I dunno if you’re still taking requests but if you are I’d really love a fluffy JeromexReader where he’s secretly in love with his best friend!!

    Thanks for the request, anon! Sorry it took so long! <3

    Y/N = Your Name

    Jerome Valeska x Reader

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    Munday Tagging Thing No. 1

    tagged by: @kaninneko

    Name/Nickname: Uh, Arthur or Artie is good for this blog. :)

    Favourite Color/s: Red, black, and blue. :)

    Last song I listened to: Shite, em Uso from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Favorite TV show:…Why must you do this to me?!?! Em… There are a lot… Community, Over The Garden Wall, Psychoville, uh…. infinitely more, actually. XD I should make a masterlist sometime. XD

    First Fandom: I have no clue… I really liked The Nightmare Before Christmas when I was little… Like, starting when I was 4. XD Also Little Big Planet and uh… Animorphs (cringe). Those were my first. :)

    Hobbies: Knitting, sewing, cooking, drawing, playing piano, etc.

    Books that I’m currently reading: Ehh… Black Butler? Also a book made in the 1700s- Candide by frenchman who-did-pretty-much-everything Voltaire

    Worst thing I’ve eaten: Mac and Cheese. No thank you.

    People I’m tagging: @fruk-de-lys@ask-the-german-commander @ask-aph-franceypants @ask-aph-francis @beauty-grace-united-states @ask-aph-ameridork @ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland

    This is pure crack and I’m sorry but Online Gay Revolution Clexa AU:

    - Clarke as a Suffering Bisexual on Tumblr leading the boycott against shows that kill off gay characters;

    - Lexa as a smol gentle bean who’s really put off by Clarke’s attitude at first;
    - Lexa coming at Clarke on anon and completely missing the point bless her poor secretly gay soul;

    - Clarke intrigued by this anon because while all the other anons are The Straights™ screaming about their boring het ship sailing, this one actually challenges her and with every new message, it looks like they are actually trying to understand instead of reprimanding her;

    - Lexa dubbed as The Babe Anon by Clarke because once Lexa let it slip that she’s had women hit on her before, like, a lot, which was frankly a stupid argument but hey they are my problematic faves in this AU;

    - Lexa slowly learning and seeing the bigger picture and becoming enraged with this stupid trope because a) she scrolled through Clarke’s blog and those gifs of that Lexark ship were rather intriguing so she caved and watched the show and holy fuck how is it possible to be feeling so much for two fictional queer girls; and b)every time Clarke posts something new Lexa’s heart flutters in her chest and damn the gay agenda must be working because the thoughts she’s been having lately are so not straight;

    - Lexa stumbling on ‘me’ tag on Clarke’s blog and being blown the fuck away and yup she’s not straight;

    - Clarke refreshing her inbox every second hoping The Babe Anon sends her something and stupidly smiling when she does;

    - The Babe Anon’s asks becoming supportive and friendly and then just asking for advice;

    - Great Fandom Angst when The Babe Anon confesses she thinks she might be bi or even gay and mentioning some girl when the whole fandom already highkey ships her with Clarke;

    - Countless asks flow to Clarke’s inbox saying that “ugh I know you’re two actual real-life people but goddamn The Babe Anon better take her head out of her ass and propose to you already” and Clarke never posting them but lowkey being on board;

    - Lexa wanting to come clean to Clarke but being afraid because there have been so many people saying they were The Babe Anon and Clarke’s really tired of it and Lexa’s blog is just a tiny lil boat compared to Clarke’s so Clarke won’t even notice her;

    - Lexa getting drunk one day and spilling her guts in Clarke’s askbox and then accidentally sending it;

    - Great Fandom Celebration because the next morning Clarke posted the ask from The Babe Anon confessing how much she likes her and Clarke’s response just reads: I know it’s really you, and the feeling is very mutual;

    - The fandom making posts not to be jerks and not to pretend to be The Babe Anon so the real one has a chance;

    - Lexa finally gathering up her courage and sending Clarke a message and after a while of messaging back and forth Clarke just knows it’s actually her

    - Clarke stumbling into ‘me’ tag on Lexa’s blog and there aren’t any pics so she asks Lexa for a pic and is so fucking blown away because Lexa is truly The Babe;

    - What are the fucking chances they live in the same city well you guessed it they are really fucking high they live in the same city and they meet up and post a pic and their followers go wild;

    - Lexa’s actually a hot shot journalist and she uses her connections to help the cause and yup the showrunner is fired;

    - Five years from the moment they met, Clarke Woods is announced the showrunner of a young-adult- TV show and her wife Lexa Woods is there to cover it;

    - Man I’m such a gay nerd I’m sorry;


    Farrah was feeling tense after her altercation with Edyta and Khalid. As much as her younger brother irritated her to the extreme, she didn’t want to see him hurt, and knew that he didn’t have the best year.

    “Edyta has the attention span of a goldfish, I just don’t want her getting bored and hurting him. He’s a pest, but I think he really loves her.” She sighed.

    “You know they actually discovered that goldfish do have memories, they just don’t have….” Harry began.


    “Sorry! I know he’s young, but he’s old enough to make his own decisions and make his own mistakes. You need to let him.”

    anonymous asked:

    What are some of the things that you are looking forward to for either KH3 or FF7R in terms of gameplay and story?

    For FFVII, my answer’s actually kind of boring–but this is mainly because the game already exists, and I don’t want them to change too much of the story.

    But honestly? Just having the game in pretty graphics (with great voice acting!), that I can edit with is more than enough for me.

    I’m also REALLY excited for there to be color in this game, hopefully? And I’m sure there will be. I get what they were going for with Advent Children, in having everyone wear black… But I’ll be glad to have Tifa’s red gloves back, Yuffie’s green shirt, and Marlene’s magenta dress there to liven things up a bit.

    And I actually prefer action RPGS… so I’m actually thrilled the gameplay is changing to that, while still keeping a lot of the elements that made it FFVII. -dodges bullets-

    As for KHIII… Oh, man. The list goes on and on! I mean, this is the thing we’ve been waiting for, right? The game that finally brings everything that’s been building up together, for one epic finale.

    I won’t be getting into gameplay here (though maybe I will edit this to talk about it later, maybe. IDK.) But just with story, here are some of the things I’m looking forward to/need to see in KHIII:

    The Wayfinder Trio meeting the grownup Destiny Trio in wonderful scenes (as well as the Wayfinder Trio to be reunited in an epic moment, and maybe even with Eraqus?)

    Kairi to be the badass princes that we all know she is, and that we deserve (and to actually be relevant for once, and to get to do/have a say in things).

    Riku to get to do awesome Master stuff in this game, since he’s earned it.

    Sea Salt Trio tearful reunion.

    Our girls actually getting to spend time together–and for there to be some strong girl friendships in this franchise to write home about–and to be besties.

    Mickey and Ansem the Wise stuff?

    Sora to thank Naminé.

    Some Roxas and Naminé, to show that they still care about each other–since we haven’t actually gotten to see them interact (or “be together everyday” like they were supposed to be) since II. And this is especially important now, if Nomura is going to make them a canon couple. And it looks like he’s going to.

    Instances of Riku and Kairi. And let’s just have Kairi interact with everybody under the sun. She desperately needs it. And I want Mickey to tell Kairi that he met her when she was a child.

    Closure to the Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette subplot. *cough* Roxas meeting the real trio again, and all four of them becoming friends for real. And then just all of our characters going to beach and having a massive happy party there to end everything off. And this works well, because HPO are also friends with Sora and Kairi *cough*

    Kingdom Hearts Chi to be important to KHIII. I think it, of course, is going to be… but people are beginning to make me doubt that, sadly… So be important, Chi. Be important. Mainly talking about the Master of Masters here, because he intrigues me and I love that guy and want to know more about him.

    Leon to go back to being called “Squall”, now that Radiant Garden is in its former glory again. Let Rinoa be in the game, like II hinted she would be, and help with that.

    Shibuya with the TWEWY gang.

    An ending to the plot with the FFVII characters (Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith, Tifa, and Zack, that is). And maybe Zack and Aqua can even have their date.

    I NEED closure for the Sora and Tron/Rinzler thing from DDD.

    I’d like one last Winnie the Pooh level, tbh. And closing off certain words in general in this finale would be nice, like maybe “Aladdin: And the King of Thieves”, so we can have one last hurrah in Agrabah for III?

    Donald and Goofy to be relevant again, and more of them with Mickey?

    Speaking of Mickey, it’ll be nice to see him interact with the Wayfinder Trio and to alleviate some of his guilt that way.

    Yen Sid to actually do something.

    Minnie to get the chance to do something, perhaps? Though that one’s a long shot, I know. I also feel bad that Yen Sid seemed to take over Merlin’s role in KH. But at least Merlin’s doing the Hyperbolic Time Chamber thing right now.

    On the subject of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, there needs to be some serious rules to it. I don’t want this to be an abuseable thing.

    I know this won’t happen: But to know what the letter from the King at the end of KH1 said… And maybe what Naminé is. Heck, I even want to know what Pluto’s been up to, because some of it seems important…

    Speaking of which, KHIII needs to tie up every loose end imaginable, if we’re going to have another saga that will actually work after this. So that means no cliffhangers thrown in at the last minute, Nomura! It’s fine if you do that for a secret ending, but the ending itself should be an ending for once.

    SoKai stuff to be talked about and acknowledged. Just give me a flying episode in Neverland, and maybe not even with just Sora and Kairi: Others like Roxas and Xion, and the Wayfinder Trio can be involved, too. At this point, I don’t care if they share a paopu, kiss, or what have you. Heck, I don’t even care if they decide they’re better off as friends. But the drawings on the cave wall need to be addressed. 

    I’d like for Jiminy to have a bigger role again, tbh.

    Vanitas stuff?

    I really want Kairi and Xion to meet.

    Riku and Xion interactions? Riku and Naminé ones?

    Development for Kairi and Naminé’s relationship: I need this like I need air.

    Xion and Naminé.

    Ventus and Roxas meeting… yeah. That one’s gonna be great. Poor Roxas, though:(

    Terra and Naminé getting to meet in person would be nice.

    Terra and Ven to apologize to Aqua. And maybe for Riku and Naminé to apologize to the people that they hurt, too.

    Lea and Isa confrontation… Roxas vs. Xemnas… Riku vs. ASoD, Sora vs. Young Xehanort (who he should maybe become a foil for?), etc.

    To FINALLY see what’s inside of Kingdom Hearts, and have a better understanding of what the thing even is. You troll, Nomura.

    Xehanort to be LONG GONE FROM THE SERIES FOREVER BY THE END OF III? And maybe even some of his people to turn against him, if they were Norted against their will?

    A pleasing ending that is NOT “it was all a dream”, or “they went back in time and stopped everything from happening”, or anything even CLOSELY resembling either of those things.

    Maleficent to be a threat again.

    Fantastic Lea and Kairi character development and interactions with each other to be in the game, Nomura!

    Also… If for some strange reason, the Riku Replica has to be in this game (though I’d prefer him to remain dead), make good use of him, I guess–in having some moments of him with Naminé, the real Riku, and let him be a foil to Xion, maybe?

    For the Keyblade War not to be undermined, but for it to be as epic, climatic, and earth-shattering as its been built up to be: And let us play all the fights! Which means, let us have multiple playable characters in this game! KHII suffered greatly from not doing that, so don’t make the same mistake here! And let people actually die and stay dead! (Mainly the Darknesses, I mean.)

    Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Lea, Xion, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and Naminé to all be on the same screen together, at the same time, and interacting with each other.

    I’m also hoping that KHIII ends on a massive game changer to propel us into the new saga: Like the worlds all being connected again or something.

    Hope this at all answers your question. Ehehehe. I so went overboard with this.

    Edit: For the Destiny Trio to have the chance to do things together, and see some worlds together (like they wanted). And PLEASE let there be at least one time in this game where we get to play as Sora, and have both Riku and Kairi in our party.

    Cute SDG moments.

    For Nomura to hopefully remember that it seems like Kairi knew Merlin as a child? And let’s see her dealing with her past, as she sees her home world restored, in general. Bonus points if she PLEASE gets to find her grandmother.

    Naminé with a Keyblade? I kind of want this, but at the same time I kind of think it would be better if she didn’t get one. I’m kind of 50-50 at this point.

    If Marluxia IS back, for him to try and terrorize Sora and/or Naminé again, because that could lead to some good writing there.

    I’m hyped to see how Nomura’s going to make the Disney worlds plot important again, because he said he’s doing that. And with Disney being so involved this time, the Disney worlds could easily end up being better than ever:)

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing something epic between Eraqus and Xehanort, if Eraqus is brought back: Speaking of that, it’s going to be fun learning more about them in their younger years and just how Luxu ties into everything.

    And give me my Noctis cameo/boss fight, Nomura! And Stella?

    …I swear I’m done now.