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Diane Guerrero photographed by Braden Summers

Any chance you’re considering a future in politics?
It does interest me. I actually studied political science and communications in college. It was really hard which is probably why I want to sing and dance. This is a lot more fun, but I feel like things are coming full circle. Once you do a little growing up and look at the news and say “wow, I’m not OK with a lot of stuff that’s happening,” it’s hard not to look the other way. I’ve shifted my negatives into positives but that needs to happen for everyone—I can’t be the only one who feels this way so I want to do everything I can to help.

  • Ruby: *bumps into Oscar* Oops, sorry!
  • Oscar: *gapes as she walks off* Woah, who's she?
  • Ozpin: That's Ruby Rose, a huntress from my academy.
  • Oscar: She's beautiful!
  • Ozpin: Indeed she is. And incredibly talented.
  • Oscar: Wow...
  • Ozpin: ...
  • Oscar: ....
  • Ozpin: Those are some rather... Impure thoughts, Oscar.
  • Oscar: *blushes and shakes his head* S-Shut up! Stop reading my thoughts!
  • Ozpin: I'm part of your mind.
  • Oscar: Ugh, something that I REALLY hate sometimes.

I want Lance and Shiro to swap beauty tips.

Lance being like “wow your skin really suffered while you were captured, here’s some moisturizer and toner” and “dude you need to relax, do a peel with me it does wonders for your complexion” and he gets Shiro to do a little self care.

And Shiro actually really enjoys it. And then does Lance’s eyeliner because that boy would slay with winged eyes.

And they just have a good time taking care of themselves, looking pretty and bonding.




Honestly you wrote down in the comments actually just really respecting my point and just saying yours. I am not a bitch and I know their are other ships in the show riverdale. Just I feel that this new community that this show is making is going to be awesome! 

Now with that out of the way here’s so gifs of jughead and betty talking which was the first time in the series ( which I was screaming when this was happening!!!)

God they’re cute


Here’s to VIXX, the group that blew me away with their out of this world concepts. Before meeting them I didn’t really pay attention to concepts or teasers…now, I scout the internet in order to decipher every single hint that’s been given. And then you even find out the members themselves have been giving Starlights hints on future concepts MONTHS before said comeback was even announced. So here’s a tribute to all of VIXX’s eras, each one an adventure of it’s own, a new world to explore. I’m so grateful to have met VIXX and very very proud that they have gotten this far. Four years, and counting! Happy 4th Anniversary VIXX~! 

MBTI Types as Valentine’s Day Gift-Givers

Author’s Note: OMGG NATIONAL CHOCOLATE AND MOVIES DAYYY YYAY!! … With my friends I mean looolol … I’m single AF

ISFJ - After hours of pinterest, finally finishes the cutest DIY gift in the universe and makes you dinner at home even though they actually only got 3 hours of sleep last night and all ISFJs need at least 8-10 hours of sleep for normal functioning so should they really be operating a stove??? Food ends up being worthy of 3 Michelin stars
INFJ - Alternates between “wow this is actually a pretty good gift idea!” and “omg omg omg what if you don’t like it! It’s going to be the end of the worldddd no no no no noooooooooooooooo” *slowly sinking to the ground just at the thought of this*
ISFP - Receives wayyyy more affection/fan mail/love letters than normal on this day but only you get a beautiful handcrafted art thingy that was birthed while ISFP was frolicking in the woods being one with nature and petting all the woodland animals
INFP - Awwww INFPs are like little golden retrievers! Just wants to cuddle with you and make you happy with their gift! May start crying if even the slightest facial movement indicates that you’re not satisfied with their precious gift.  It might be a flower crown.  You have been warned.
INTJ - Most likely to not subscribe to a materialistic holiday like Valentine’s Day where couples lavish each other with off-putting levels of affection.  Unlikely to get you a gift unless prompted at least 1 week in advance.  Please allow 24 hours for INTJ to process your request for a Valentine’s Day gift.
ENTJ - Second most likely (wow they’re actually not 1st in something?!?! are you slipping ENTJ?) to not subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Still takes you out to dinner and performs their role as your significant other, but manages to find a way to keep dinner and your gift under a tight budget. Bravo ENTJ ;)
ISTJ - Third most likely to not subscribe to the concept of Valentine’s Day, but since they are expected to get you a present, they will get you something useful! After many hours of contemplation, ISTJ may tell you that they love you on this day because their Tradition and Duty textbook recommended them to do so.
ISTP - Sarcastic AF Valentine’s Card Award Winner of the Year (3 years in a row).  Also gets you 10 salsa dancing lessons but you both know that you cuties will only be attending 4/10 of them because you’ll spend the other 5 weeks attending acting lessons that ISTP accidentally doublebooked
INTP - Has always known that there was something called Valentine’s Day but has never tried to participate in this satanic ritual.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day, please make sure to update the following apps on your INTP: Social Decision-Making OS, Gift-Giving Analysis Software, and Affection-Showing v3.98.
ESFJ - Gives Valentine’s to many of their friends but gives a very special gift to only you! Enjoys PDA and will give you absolutely no personal space on this day.  CAUTION: Your ESFJ will shower you with copious amounts of gifts and affection … be sure to wear a scuba suit so you don’t drown in their endless love.
ENFJ - Will make you feel like the most special person on the planet on Valentine’s Day <3 Will also get you a very cute homemade Valentine’s Day gift that will make you want to unravel more emotional wounds in their presence (which is the best gift for an ENFJ anyway)<br>ESFP - Gives you the gift of A PARTYYYYY! Valentine’s Day isn’t just celebrated with your special someone, but also with 20 other people who also brought their special someones too.  May end in an orgy.  May end in an rave.  Or maybe you get 27 hours of Valentine’s Day because you flew east to west and gained 3 extra hours (?!?!?)
ENFP - Buys a ton of gifts for you but struggles to decide which one to actually give to you! Decides to stagger the gifts.  One for Valentine’s Day.  One for Christmas.   One for your bday .. oh crap .. after Valentine’s Day they forgot where they stashed all the gifts and only finds them again 3 years later.  What a nice surprise! ^^
ESTJ - Perfectly replicates the Valentine’s Day that both of you had last year plus a planned networking party at 4 p.m. just for the fun of it.  ESTJ leaves with 7 new Linkedin contacts and a phone number of a recruiter.  This same time next year, ESTJ will be making $20,000 more than last year at their new job.  
ESTP - Meets up with you to go scuba diving/ziplining/rock climbing but spends at least half of the time making out with you which leads to the both of you getting kicked out .. you spend the rest of your Valentine’s day alternating between having sex, shopping, and clubbing (occasionally having sex at the club or shopping mall) ;) ;) ;)
ENTP - Doesn’t make concrete plans with you prior to Valentine’s Day. Instead, takes you on a spontaneous trip to Europe that they literally just decided to do.  Forgets to schedule a return flight because ENTP is having too much fun spending time with you in a foreign country.

Quick 2am pen sketch of Hoseok because I wasn’t tired and Hoseok is beautiful


P: “- Wow, your hair… you look beautiful”
M: “- Thanks, I’m not reallly used to it yet…*nervous laugh*  So what are you doing here?”
P: “- Work actually, I’m working on an article for San M’s travel guide, about the town’s festivals? I have to visit them all! *chuckles*
M: “- Sounds fun!”
P: “- …but hey, what about you? You’re the new muse for DiAggro! That’s pretty amazing, Lacey is ecstatic back home!”
M: “- Yeah, I don’t really know how that happend! Hehe”
They all had a great time, but around 1am when the bar closed, they had to rush to jump on the last subway.
Paolo suddenly felt like 13 and quickly said:
P: “- I’ll be here for 2 weeks… would like to hang out one day?”
M: -” I’m free tomorrow?”
P: “- Tomorrow.. Uhm, yeah I can shuffle some stuff around. Can I call you at noon?”
M: “- Sure!”
P: “- I have to go, Erroll is waiting for me, he lives just two blocks from here but he’s an old man, haha”
He kissed Morgan on her forehead and said good night.

Exo reaction to their gf wearing sexy lingerie for their birthday


*watchs you from a distance*
“wow… you really are beautiful”


*actually terrified*
“where’d my cute gf go?”


*with a smug smirk*
“looks who’s been bad”


*shocked, confused, flustered. Really he just doesn’t know how to react*


*Smirks the second he sees you*
“I knew she wanted me”


*he smiles proudly as you walk towards him*
“So this was that surprise you were talking about”


*dancing happily*
“im gonna get some”


*sits on the bed and waits while making kissing faces*


*actually a mother all the time*
“How long have you been wearing that?, your gonna catch a cold”




*is actually left in a phase staring at your beauty*


*lays on the bed*
“my body is ready for my birthday present”

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I just need to say more than just a “congratulations”, I’m more than proud of him. This man, that has been fighting for the past year, staying strong for all the hateful comments people have said about him, and winning the award. Like words cannot actually describe how strong this guy is! Wow. And did you see how shocked he was? He didn’t really think he had as much supporters as he used to, and there wouldn’t be much love, instead, he got more than just love, he had people screaming and cheering, “i love you!” and that beautiful smile afterwards. He loves us so much, it’s great we finally gave back to him. He deserved this award more than anyone, I’m so happy for him, and happy for myself, because I made Johnny Christopher Depp II, smile. I love you, Johnny. WE love you.



Oh dear Lord!! I still can barely believe I’ve reached such a huge milestone in the time span of a month? Because there’s only been a month and just !! wow. I would’ve never guessed my blog would grow like this and people would actually appreciate a really half assed portrayal of the most beautiful Gear Goddess in this world? maaaaan, I have so much to thank you all for and I truly appreciate every daily message and every single one of your little comments about the way I write Cindy and just !! the attention I get. You guys are the absolute everything to me and you make me actually proud of giving tumblr and the rp community a second chance. ♥ tysm everyone!! Bless your precious faces and here’s to more followers to come and moments with y’all. ♥

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Wow did Ryeowook actually write the letter in English? That's pretty impressive

We can’t guess which talents Wookie really has, that smol man is full of surprises anon-nom :) 

But as Wookie wrote in the first chapter of his letter he wrote the letter and asked his friend named Kun Woo to translate it to English. And Ryeowook wrote it again with his beautiful handwriting ^^

He did it because he received so many letters written in English from international fans. So he gave this letter as a gift to all of his fans, ELF :’)

Someone can be any cuter? I think NO

in a similar vein to the “fake it ‘til you make it” in my last reblog, here’s a good tip we all got during our first week of folk high school a few years ago:

when someone compliments you, tell them “thank you, I know”

“wow, your hair looks really nice today!”
“thank you, I know!”

“I love that art you made, it’s beautiful”
“thank you, I know”

“oh my god why have I never heard you sing before, your voice is great!”
“thank you, I know!”

it’s gonna feel weird and fake and shitty in the beginning but honestly it’s changed my life and made me feel so much better about myself. I stopped receiving every compliment with “eh I don’t know” and “nah it’s not actually that good” and started telling people “thank you, yes I’m really pleased!” or “thanks, I know! :D”, and I faked it for long enough for it to become real.

it’s not gonna work overnight, it took years for me and sometimes it still feels fake, but it’s helped so much!

Bts reaction to you their girlfriend getting a piercing


To that say that Jin would be shocked is an understatement I mean you left the house with no hole in your eyebrow and then you come home with a mental hoop through it jin:Y/N-ah what happened to your eyebrow not that it looks bad or anything but wow I actually really like that on you.You look even more beautiful if that is possible.

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rap monster:

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He would be one hundred percent supportive  in fact I think that he would go to the piercing shop with you and pay for you to get your tongue pierced Y/N:Oppa should I get a tongue piercing? Rapmonster: Yes if you really want to I will pay for it in fact come on let’s go to the mall right now to get it done princess.


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suga I feel would be unsure of your lip piercing at first but he would learn to love it because when you guys make out it gives him something to play with suga: Y/N what is that thing on your lip? Y/N: It is a lip piercing Oppa please don’t be mad I have always wanted one. Suga: I don’t know what to think what if it gets in the way when I try to kiss you? 

J-hope: Just ignore jungkook lol 

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I wouldn’t be able to tell you is J-hope would be more proud of you for actually following your dream of getting your belly button pierced or be able to take the pain of the needle going through your skin J-hope: Wow jagiya I am so proud of you,It looks really cool see I could never take a needle going through my painful was it. Y/n: aww thanks oppa and it didn’t really hurt that bad but I will most likely feel it later.


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V would be surprised because you and him talk about you getting your septum pierced but he never thought that you would actually do it but he would highkey fanboy over it  V:Omg Jagi you actually did it omg it is so cute. Y/N: you like it right oppa. V:like it I freakin love it Y/n it is so cute OMG.


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Jungkook wouldn’t be with you when you decided to get your nose pierced, he would be on tour with the boys however you post a selca on Instagram and he will see it and brag to the boys about how badass his girlfriend is Jungkook:Omg guys I have the most badass girlfriend ever look at my Jagiya’s new piercing isn’t it cool guys.


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Jimin would be touched that you decided to get your cartilage on your right ear pierced just to match him but be careful he may be a little cocky about it. JImin:Y/N did you get that just to match me that is so cute but if you want to be just like me you could have just asked then I would have told you. Y/N: Jimin oppa  yes I did get it to match yours but I also got it because I wanted to and at least I have jams you would say while laughing that would shut him up lol

A/N okay peoples this is just something that i came up with right now while i was bored I don’t own any of the gifs credits go to the rightful owners if you have any questions about what any of these piercing are not that you will but if you do just google it lol I hope you enjoyed them and if you like these reaction things just let me know and the same rules if you post anywhere please ask and give credit~Zero 



I saw a dragon so beautiful I had to make her. I fell in love with her color scheme and I’m pretty happy with how she turned out, especially her head plumage. I left out the silks on her wings though because they didn’t really work at this scale and ended up looking messy.

This lovely lady is from @kagurasdragons‘s lair. She’s got a lot of pretty dragons, but this one actually made me pause and go “wow that’s a nice dragon!” 

Pizza Boy

1p2p America

If anyone asked him, Al would just like to say that in his defence, he never actually eats any of the pizza he orders. He doesn’t even like pizza - he’s a fucking vegan, so the only place those pizzas ever go is straight into the trash, or straight into Matt’s mouth.

Regardless, he rushes to answer the door when it rings before his brother can get to it. And when he pulls it open, his heart squeezes as he is met with the most beautiful cerulean eyes, and a man cut straight from an Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement.  

“Hi!” The pizza boy says cheerfully, recognition sparkling behind his (adorable) wireframe glasses. “Wow, you must really like pizza! That’ll be $11.56.”

This is why Al orders these countless circles of cheese and meat sauce. At the same time, every Friday and Saturday night. When Al first saw him, he knew that he had to have him. All golden hair and blue eyes, broad shoulders and perfect teeth behind the perfect smile on his perfect face. And wow, was Golden Boy tall….

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          watched in 2016:   CONTACT (1997) dir. Robert Zemeckis

          When I was about 8 years old, I was watching the sunset and I asked my dad: “What’s that bright star over there?”
          And he said that it wasn’t really a star at all. It was actually a whole planet called Venus. He said, "You know why they called it Venus? Because they thought it was so beautiful and glowing. But what they didn’t know is that it’s filled with deadly gases and sulfuric acid rain.”
          “Wow,” I thought, “This is it! I’m hooked.” 
          You know, there are four hundred billion stars out there just in our galaxy alone. If only one out of a million of those had planets, all right, and if just one out of a million of those had life and if just one out of a million of those had intelligent life there would be literally millions of civilizations out there.