this is actually really bad but eh

i really hate how sheltered some americans are. obviously i’m not talking about those who are alr sick with worry about trump. i mean those for whom the presidential election is just ‘eh well, if he’s a bad president then we’ll vote him out in four years’, who vote on single issues coughabortioncough because they don’t seem to have any grasp of how their country is a superpower and that they actually should concern themselves about the candidate’s foreign policy beyond that single issue. or about temperament because the president has the nuclear codes, nah…it’s fine. let’s kick the establishment in the teeth, there’s no risk at all involved. they’re not even aware of their country’s foreign policy. that’s power and privilege alright. 

this is why i’m tired of people saying we are supposed to understand the economic anxiety of trump supporters. believe me the media here has covered that dimension. so, the world pays disproportionate attention to the US election, but we often aren’t even given a thought when those people vote. which i suppose explains how although a majority of americans support the paris climate agreement it didn’t factor high enough on the agenda not to vote for trump. and some of these same people will tell me their country is the leader of the free world when they don’t demonstrate that in how they vote cos like i said, they never even give us a single thought!

Chilled is the Costco of Blowjobs (no free samples, tho)
  • Minx: I always knew you had a future as an escort
  • Minx: Maybe that can be your career after YouTube, Chilled
  • Chilled: An escort?
  • Minx: Yeah!
  • Chilled: How much does it pay?
  • Minx: Uh, pretty good, actually. I've seen like 500 bucks an hour for some really top tier ones.
  • Chilled: Okay and what about the ugly ones that don't really do too well?
  • Minx: Eh...twenty bucks for a quick blowy.
  • Chilled: Alright, I can swing that. If I do five in an hour, that's not too bad
  • Chilled: You gotta aim for bulk, Minx, that's how you make money. Bulk blowjobs.
  • Ze: What're you the Costco of blowjobs?
  • Chilled: Yeah, exactly! I'll give you a discount!
  • Ze: Do you have free samples on every aisle?
  • Chilled: No, no, you're not getting a free tuck.
  • Ze: It would just be the tip, you know?
  • Chilled: You don't even know what you got last night!

And keeping with the theme of every single Crystal Gem being a really bad liar we have Peridot here.

I love that face tho.



“They are objectively better than us.”

Oh god Peridot.

Her indoctrination runs so deep, the mere thought that the diamonds might not be perfect can’t cross her mind.

This is making me so mad.

No weaknesses eh? 

Yeah bullshit. I’m sure they have a few but they’re not well known.

Hmm…. is YD really as logical and pragmatic as Peridot says?

Would that imply that she’s empathetic in some form?

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is there any way to know if someone has cast a curse on me?

Eh. The thing about curses is, a lot of the “symptoms” can also be just bad things happening at the time. Like, there’s no way to tell if your bad accident was just that - an accident - or something caused by baneful magic. There are telltale signs to when you’ve been cursed, but those things can also just be bad things happening because that is life.

Most of the time, you probably haven’t been cursed, unless you’ve actually really angered a witch to that point. Sometimes, just thinking you’re cursed is enough to bring about bad things. “Law of Attraction,” through and through.

I made a link-post for this too, though again, it can be other things too.

[For When You Think You’ve Been Cursed…]

Best of luck anon!

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Eh. Guess it's subjective. I'm a C girl and feel EDM + Pop is her pocket. Her voice isn't really smooth enough for RnB. Bad Things is the smoothest her voice had been and it's still pretty dynamic. No Filter and Sensitive, her parts are actually my least fave. She doesn't really fit the vibe. EPIC knew that. And Camila does as well. That's why she doesn't typically lead the more RnB leaning tracks like We Know, Everlasting Love, Sensitive, and No Filter. Her voice is fantastic for pop tho.

I think she can go lower and i sometimes prefer it, we’ve seen her do that. Take her cover of skyscraper for example, her cover of love yourself, some parts in the top cover. But yes she does usually fit pop and edm, i’d love to see her go lower more often tho

I’ve actually been working on Inktober things!! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent. Wasn’t gonna post them because they’re Wester AU themed since it seems to be what I’ve fallen into but I really kinda like these… eh.
These were drawn on 3 separate pieces of paper I just combined them since they’re in sequence. This is a bad dream Bane is having.
Yes, its slashy and gay and Bane is weepy and ooc but it’s sort of a dream…? can’t hide your emotions in a dream I guess?
Hope everyone else who’s doing Inktober is trudging along!
Sorry again it’s this pairing I know nobody is really into. Just scroll!!

OH and drew these all with a ball point pen, no pencil sketch which is why stuff is insanely off and sketchy.

one of the things about the classical music community that we feel should change is the whole attitude toward clapping between movements.
the people who clap between movements may not know about “proper” concert etiquette, but they’re only trying to show appreciation for the performance, and isn’t that a good thing? don’t get me wrong, i still think etiquette is important - for example, people whispering or being noisy in general while there’s a performance going on is definitely one of my pet peeves.

however, i think clapping between movements doesn’t detract from the experience as a whole and so we honestly shouldn’t have such a harsh attitude toward it. heck, i didn’t even know that clapping between movements wasn’t supposed to be a thing before i joined classical music tumblr, and i’m sure i’ve done it more than a few times.
and anyway, i can’t say that i really blame them for clapping. so many movements of pieces can pretty much be played as a separate piece on their own and can sound like such too, and clapping between them is honestly understandable.

i think that instead of shunning the people who clap between movements for doing so, we should instead make an effort to educate them, and definitely not in an aggressive way like the attitudes i’ve so often seen have implied. i know that i, at least, would be really pissed if someone yelled at me for clapping between movements when i didn’t even know that i wasn’t supposed to do that - and this kind of thing is what pushes people away from classical music. it reinforces the idea that classical musicians are a bunch of elitist snobs who need to get off our high horses, and isn’t that an image we want to get rid of?
this isn’t even just about clapping between movements anymore - it’s a thing about elitism in the classical music community in general. i so often see people complaining about how classical music isn’t popular enough nor appreciated enough, and i definitely agree, but what irks me is the way some of these same people have elitist attitudes and don’t make an effort to change that - things like this are part of the larger problem of elitism and there are more important issues to focus on than just people making noise with their hands when the performers aren’t playing, but i digress. (i digress a lot.)
i actually have a lot more to say, but i am going to stop soon for fear of losing more of you.

tl;dr clapping between movements is okay and understandable and we shouldn’t make such a big deal of it, it contributes to elitism and there are bigger issues to be angry about.

- mod chopin, the bringer of salt

Random Civil War Thought

What if they need a place to stay and Steve asks Clint if the farm is okay and he says “yeah but first we have to go grocery shopping”

Now imagin Team Captain America at Costco or Walmart or wherever

They fill up two carts: one with food Clint’s family actually needs and one with anything else the other team members decide to grab

Wanda sitting in a shopping cart because hey she never got to do that as a child

Steve freaking out over the prices of various things (What do you mean milk costs this much? Has the world really gotten so bad since 1945?!)

Bucky thinks it’s hilarious and at the same time he’s silently very happy to be doing a normal person thing

Clint rolling his eyes when Sam comes back with lots of ice cream

Scott goofing off in the hardware section

Every other person in the store is just like “eh I’ve seen weirder”

how freaking great would all of this be

Signs losing in a really bad argument
  • Aries: *Face gets all red* WELL... EH... YOU... I... FUCK YOU ASSHOLE *explodes*
  • Taurus: *denying what the person is saying even though they are right and have completely crushed them in the argument* *Faces away from the person with arms crossed*
  • Gemini: *Jumps out of their seat* HEY THIS ISNT FAIR MEANIE
  • Cancer: *eyes well up with tears* *continues repeating things though it doesn't support their argument whatsoever*
  • Leo: *Face is super red* I DONT DESERVE THIS
  • Virgo: *Frozen in disbelief because they're actually losing an argument*
  • Libra: *insults you 104,792,356 times*
  • Scorpio: *planning your murder*
  • Sagittarius: *laughing nervously* ur wrong tho u just wouldn't understand *whispers* u motherfucker
  • Pisces: oh my god I cant believe this right now shut up

Eh, I found a semi-good semi-bad one-shot manga called ‘Monthly Lunatic’.
Its occupying a weird space where I dunno if I like it or not, since I dunno what the author’s intentions were?
Its about a guy who thinks his roommate is a werewolf cos he vanishes each month but *DUN DUN DUN TWIST* its actually just because he’s having his period and didn’t want anyone to find out.
Buuuut the manga is really vague and I don’t know if the intention was actually that the character is a trans man or nonbinary, or if instead its meant to be one of those ~lol ecchi lol gender essentialist~ things where people are forced to crossdress for every damn reason except because theyre actually trans, and when its revealed its supposed to be ~funny~ or ~sexy~ somehow…
The character does say that “gender roles are so limiting, so I can only act like myself if I’m somewhere in between”, but the story uses ‘she’ pronouns as soon as the period plot point is raised, but then again japanese doesnt HAVE gendered pronouns like that so it might just be the translators misinterpreting/censoring the author’s intent :P
So half of me is like ‘wow this is really good, that the twist was just that trans people exist and that cis people look foolish when they jump to wild conclusions rather than aknowledging that we exist’. And how its really nice to see a nonbinary character being really confident about themself and talking casually about how they have a period yet that doesn’t mean they have to identify as female.
BUT then the other half of me is like ‘is that actually what this is meant to be, or is the joke meant to just be that crossdressing is funny and this character is cis?’
But still, it would be really nice IF we got a direct undeniable nonbinary character like this. Someone remake this whole story with that, please :P

memorieswarm reblogged your post “If Danny ever decided to leave, and they made Aaron die, I wouldn’t be opposed to Chas and Robert ‘helping eachother…”

OMG this actually wasn’t me but I’m dying with laughter. I mean a really sick part of me wanted it in a “hypothetical” way but if it happened I’d be devastated and never get over it. Plus I worship their in-law relationship now.

There you go, laughing, while I was being traumatised. :p Say no to Rob/Chas.

I’ve been chilling and watching my fave youtube channels all day, doing nothing, and it’s already 1 am? There goes the first day of the year xD I should really start the first week better than today… I’ll keep that thought.

I’ve been also thinking on a few goals for this year though. One is to actually safe some time daily for videogames. One hour every other day shouldn’t be bad. And also take sundays or at least part of the weekend off for reals as well.
Another thing I’d like to do is start saving for a vacation. No trips to cities where I have conventions, just… a vacations with friends.
And finally, I’d like to find a D&D game? I’ve been looking into the Roll20 ones but most games are at very bad hours for a spaniard… I’m tempted to reach up to the only person I know who DMs besides the bestie even if I’ve never talked to him xddd that’s the level of D&D thirst. It would be so nice to have a DM so I could gather a few other friends and start an adventure… *sigh*

Wish me luck with these, the rest of my goals are far more serious and probably difficult to achieve :_D if I do any of the ones above I think it’d be a nice year.

i was trying to get a guyfriend of mine, who im not out to yet, to go with me to this queer bar
  • him: whats that favour you wanted? cuz i shouldn't buy you more whiskey
  • me while shivering, not saying anything. gestures wildly: this should not be this hard
  • him: dafuq
  • him: k now i think it's really bad just say it
  • me, still shivering: AM... uh. well, eh.... I'm. I'm a leSBIAN AND I NEED YOU TO COME WITH ME TO THIS QUEER BAR CUZ IM A COWARD AND CAN'T DO IT ALONE
  • him: christ, yeah sure. it's ok, i wanted to go anyway
  • me: nice but..........what
  • him: im gay as fuck
A few things about myself I guess ehe...

Okay so basically this is my really bad Animal Jam/art account and I’ll probably resort to a lot of shitposting.
But uhm…aside from actual posts I consider myself really friendly.
I’m in the LGBT community as a transmale and I’m also gay so—There’s that I guess—
I’m a furry oh my god shoot me now that’s like the forbidden aspect for most people but it’s not sexual and I don’t want to do the suit dress up or whatever I just think the anthropomorphic animals are cute lmao
I do roleplays and stuff idk if anyone that will ever follow me does that
And I do art requests and I’ll probably have an ask box open for that after a while when my wrist feels better.
If you wanted to add me on AJ or PW! my user for both is Anunimuss.
My name is Adrian but my nicknames are Anuni and…the community of Seven Knights granted me with the horrid nickname Nooni that just kinda stuck.
But honestly you could call me Trashboat and I wouldn’t care lmao
One more thing: feel free to dm me whenever I’m super friendly I swear I’m just looking for friends am smol bean aa

Hetalia characters and Dancing
  • Italy: he has a lot of hip movement in his dancing. Other times he can be,, well, really bad at dancing. So 7/10.
  • Germany: he only knows how to waltz. 4/10
  • Japan: 10/10 when he dances it's too cute
  • Prussia: doesnt know any actual type of dance. 2.5/10
  • Romano: learned how to dance from Spain. 12/10
  • America: he can do almost any dance, needs improvement though, 7/10.
  • England: eh,, he's okay. 6/10
  • France: 5/10 has trouble trying not to step on someone's foot, or fall on the ground.
  • Canada: 7/10. Same as America.
  • China: its adorable. 7/10
  • Spain: 18/10 HE ON FIRE
  • Hungary: 5/10 tries her best
  • Austria: 9/10 too fab
  • Switzerland: the first time he tried to dance he made a great mistake, 1/10
  • Liechtenstein: 8/10 can dance well, but she tends to go faster than what shes supposed to
  • Latvia: same as Liecht, only slower than what he's supposed to. 8/10
  • Lithuania: 9/10 impresses the fuck out of everyone
  • Estonia: 4/10 not that great.
  • Sealand: 5/10 tried hip hop, failed dramatically. But he's pretty good at jazz
  • -admin char
How virgos view the signs

Aries- your cool af but kinda insane
Taurus- your so funny and I love you but stfu once in a while
Gemini- your precious & talkative but kinda sensitive
Cancer- I can’t do emotions plz stop
Leo- you’re v fun but I don’t know many of you
Virgo- nope your all weird and different in a bad way
Libra- your an adorable cinnamon roll & your so easy to talk to ily
Scorpio- your amazing and a really good listener
Sagittarius- you’re all really attractive but eh
Aquarius- you’re determined and understanding
Capricorn- I hate cap boys please stop being so immature but girls your awesome
Picses- your a bit intimidating but your actually sweet as can be