this is actually real i swear

i had a dream that they updated neko atsume and there was a new yard that was the night sky but purple and all the cats  floated on pastel purple clouds. you could tap and drag clouds to see  special cats that hide behind them. i’m not an artist but i wanted to recreate one the cats that hides behind the clouds.

he doesn’t have a name in my dream but i’ve dubbed him “horrible hotdog cat” he only ever stands on his front two paws. also peaches is to scale, hotdog the horrible is just that big. in my dream you couldn’t even see his butt so in theory his length could be infinite.

I’ve seen a lot of stories about Newt having Christmas with the Goldsteins but guys, they’re Jewish.

Imagine Newt standing awkwardly close to Tina as Queenie and her recite traditional prayers. About half way through Newt slips his hand into Tina’s. Both turn bright pink and they have butterflies in their tummies. I swear they’re actually middle schoolers. 

Imagine Newt getting quite competitive during the dreidel game but in the end lets Jacob win because he’s having so much fun.

Imagine the Niffler thinking they’re real coins (gelt) being passed around and being quite disappointed when he finds out that they’re chocolate. 

Imagine Newt finally answering Queenie saying he actually really prefers strudel while she’s baking all types of delicious pastries with Jacob. 

Imagine Newt secretly freaking out because oh god he couldn’t even find one gift perfect enough for Tina now he has to find eight?!?

But Imagine on the 25th the girls set up a small Christmas tree for Newt and Jacob and they decorate it and Newt and Tina put the star on top together and Queenie goes around with mistletoe And Tina tells her to knock it off but Newt surprises her with a kiss and Jacob has a bit too much giggle water and is belting out Christmas songs and Newt is really happy he can do so many amazing Holiday traditions with his friends. 

i gave this character a name but i forgot it and i keep just calling him softboy… hes a troodon! i tried to make body and feathering all sciencey and stuff but his markings are just for fun, they are the same as the anthro version of his character

if u have any tips for paleoart please let me know! i wanna actually get into it as a serious hobby cause i love speculative biology and dinosaurs and all that shit

if you want art like this, check out my commissions! gift art for others is 10% off for the holidays!

  • widowmaker: I swear i'll kill that annoying little brat with my own bare hands.
  • reaper: You go gurl.
  • tracer: I'll make that stupid Frenchie fall on her knees.
  • winston: That's the spirit Lena.
  • when widowtracer actually meet in reality: ( •_•)☞☜(•_• )

“So… what do you think?”

They had walked in behind the cemetery and through the woods surrounding it until they finally arrived at their destination: an abandoned playground. To anyone else it would have been just a rusty pile of garbage and a free trial for tetanus, but Salem knew exactly why he wanted to show her this. “This looks… exactly like our park.”  She smiled at him. “How did you find this place?”

“I just wandered back here one day. Crazy, right? I guess it makes sense, the Hollow was a real town at some point.”  He took her hand in his. “I used to spend a lot of time here… this is where I was when I decided to come look for you at prom.”  He laughed, realizing how cheesy he’d become since he got her back. He just couldn’t help it. “I would’ve gotten you an actual present, I swear, but…you know.”


Oh real mature, 1-S.

When it was revealed in @zarla-s’ handplates that Doctor Gaster was using the bros’ plates to track them, some folks wondered if they couldn’t just remove their hands to avoid detection when they escape. This comic shows why that would be a terrible idea, but let’s just handwave that for a minute and imagine what would happen if that plan actually worked. I just kept getting this scene in my head and cracking up so I had to draw it. Where did Sans even learn that gesture…

I’m sure if Papyrus had thought of it, he would’ve fashioned his hand into a thumbs up to show there’s no hard feelings. :P

Other Handplates related art I’ve done:

Third Time’s the Charm

You Feel Your Sons Crawling On Your Back

More than This-Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken {part 14}

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A/N: First of all, happy new year! :) I hope you guys had a nice new year’s eve ( or depending on your time zone you will have a nice one). I’m actually really proud of myself, like, i’m updating again? who am i? is this real life? idk I’m just really motivated at the moment and also have a lot of free time because of winter break :) I think this chapter is one of my favorites, idk why, i put a lot of effort into it and it is really emotional. I hope you enjoy reading, have a box of tissues ready if you cry easily. (like me) Love you guys endlessly. xx

warnings: sexual content, swearing, kinda angsty

,,God, I missed you.”

,,I missed you too.” I mumbled while nuzzling my face in the crook of his neck.

I held onto him as long as I could, because I was sure the moment I looked him straight in the eyes, I would faint. Never in my life have I ever felt this bad.

Eventually he let go of me and motioned for me to sit down on my bed next to him.

,,So, how was the trip?” he asked and the way he said it made me feel even worse. Because it was obvious that he had no clue. He doesn’t even know Stiles went with us.

,,It was fine…I guess.” I shrugged, being really bad at hiding my uneasiness.

Theo looked concerned, he gently caressed my cheek before asking me if everything was okay.

,,Yeah I’m just tired, the car drive was kind of exhausting and I had….an emotional talk with Kira today.” I tried my best to avoid his gaze, fearing he would see right through my lie.

,,Oh well, if you want you could talk to me about it. You know you can always come to me right?”

,,Maybe another time yeah?” i took his hand in mine, squeezing it lightly.

He opened his mouth and then closed it again, deciding to let the subject untouched for now, which I was grateful for.

Right know all I wanted was to be close to him. As close as possible. Seeing him now, sitting on my bed with his puppy eyes, being so worried about me, I realized that I did in fact miss him. And maybe if I would let myself get lost in him, it would ease the pain I felt inside, the growing pit in my stomach because of what had happened.

There was a little voice inside my head that kept reminding me that I need to tell him the truth, because that’s what he deserves. But I shut that voice up with all I had, because the thought of losing him was too much to bare.

So instead, I pulled Theo to me, lacing my hands behind his neck and press a gentle kiss on his lips, which soon got deeper and more passionate. Sliding my tongue in his mouth, I was met with his familiar minty taste again. His hand glided down my body, resting on my hips while I straddled him. His lips moved passed my jawline up to my ear, where he gently bit my earlobe, making me moan.

A low chuckle came from him ,,Shh (y/n), your parents are home.” He warned, looking at my bedroom door.

,,I don’t care.”  I responded, rubbing against him with more pressure to get his full attention again, whereupon he groaned.  

I was already starting to undress myself, when he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

,,(y/n), as much as I like to do this right now, we can’t. Not with your parents downstairs. You haven’t even introduced me to them yet, I don’t want their first impression of me being fucking her daughter senseless while they’re in the living room watching national geographic.”

Pushing myself off of him and flopping down on my mattress, I let out an exaggerated  groan of frustration.

,,First of all, talking about ‘fucking me senseless’ does not help the whole not having sex right now thing at all. And second of all I’m not going to introduce you to them. In fact, I’m not going to talk to them at all.”

Laying down beside me, obviously confused he asked me to explain.

,,Why don’t you want to talk to them?”

Fiddling with my hands – a habit I must have picked up from Stiles…god don’t think about Stiles right now you idiot – I told him that I had a fight with them and that they ‘were not worthy of knowing him’.

Theo grinned widely, a sight that made my stomach flutter but also made me sad.

,,You are such a child.” He nudged my shoulder and I pouted.

,,No I’m not! They don’t deserve getting to know you okay?”

For a while he just smiled at me, before he placed his lips on my forehead, then kissing me sweetly.

,,What was that for?” I asked, grinning back at him.

There was a moment of silence, followed by him gently pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

Looking me in the eyes he mumbled.

,,Because I love you.”

It was like a million emotions at once. My room started spinning and I felt like throwing up. Did he really just confessed that he was in love with me? I wasn’t sure what I felt. There was a side of me that wanted to reciprocate those three words so badly. Because when I’m with him I’m happy. And he makes me laugh and feel beautiful and appreciated. And he is caring, funny, gorgeous, selfless and just perfect in any way.

There was really no reason for me to not love him.

Expect, there was. Stiles. That stupid pale, mole-covered sarcastic piece of shit that I know my whole life and that has crept his way inside my heart. Claiming it. Making it impossible for me to let him go.

So instead of telling him I loved him back, I blurted out the worst thing that someone in this situation could possibly say.

,,I slept with Stiles.”

His face fell and in an instant I regretted my words, but I couldn’t take them back. He jumped off the bed and turned away from me, hectically running his hands through his hair.

I sat up, my head hung low.

,,Theo I-“

,,Just be honest with me was what I asked you to do. All I ever wanted you to be was honest (y/n)! Goddammit.” His voice cracked and when I looked up for a second, I saw him tearing up.

,,I know and i..i…” I stuttered, trying to find the right words.

,,No you don’t. I told you over and over again, that if you don’t want to be with me, you could tell me and I would leave you alone. And then you fucking have sex with Stilinski?!” his jaw clenched and he was getting louder. I knew his anger was growing but I didn’t know how to stop it.

I quickly stood up and started walking towards him, but he backed off immediately.

,,I know I fucked up badly! I didn’t want this to happen Theo I swear!” my throat tightened and I could feel myself beginning to cry. This time I didn’t try to prevent it. I wanted to let all my emotions out, for him to see. So he would see that I do care.

,,Yes you did (y/n). And that’s the point. I should have known all along..god I’m such a fucking idiot! I knew that you had feelings for Stilinski and I still chose to ignore it because I thought if I prove to you that I can treat you better than he can, you would realize you don’t need him. He doesn’t fucking deserve you (y/n)!”

,,What am I supposed to do Theo?” I asked in almost a whisper. My face damp, covered in tears.

,,Tell me how to fix this.”

He shook his head, looking away from me before saying ,,I don’t think you can.”

Theo grabbed his jacket he had hung over the back of my chair and excited my room without another word, leaving me crying into my pillow for the rest of the night.

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Art D&D 5e character sheet for fun

Playing in an ‘into the Abyss’ campaign, so what do i do? make this pastel monster. Trickery cleric, they had me at light clones. majority of things that Thistle says is a lie, thistle isn’t even a real name.

Actually a child, who is going to hit a child? so far grey dwarfs, grey dwarfs will hit a child.

subconsciously stole Pearl’s pallet, was wholey unintentional. i swear.

Turn loose the mermaids (Part 26)

@taulun‘s AU.

Okay, I swear this is the last useless chapter. From the next one on, shits gets real. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

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Also. SIN WARNING from the middle of the chapter till the end. You’ll catch up on when it begins.

If theft wasn’t the way he made his livelihood, Nino might have actually felt sorry for all these trading ships. Captain Noir had been on a roll lately. Maybe the good mood positively affected his desire to rob ships. Since he made up with Marinette a fortnight ago, he had only been in good spirits. Nino wasn’t sure if he should be grateful or not. Sure, he got rid of Chat lamenting and whining sad poems on his floor about a month ago, but since the second make up, Marinette and Chat had been at it every fucking night. And frankly, Nino was losing sleep over this. But at least he got some ear plugs recently and put them to good use. Still, not even that stopped the noise entirely. And every time Nino made a joke about it, Chat seemed to find necessary to threaten to throw him overboard. It was a little funny. Glancing around at the rest of the crew busy carrying the chests under the deck, Nino spotted his captain running with a bunch of dresses and other clothing items down the stairs, with a maniacal smile on his face. Nino shook his head. He wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon.

“Oh, Princess!” Chat said in a sing-song voice once he entered the cabin. “I got something special for you today.”

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Things We Got in The Finale that I Can’t Believe

1. Victor literally wanted to bang Yuuri wearing nothing but his gold medal. LIKE THIS IS A REAL THING ACTUALLY PRESENTED. i cannot. this show i swear.

2. Victor and Yuri skating together next season!!

3. Shout out to my precious son Yurio for stealing the Gold with his earth shattering performance; and thus ensuring Yuuri doesn’t retire.

4. Yurio and Otabek. – THAT DUMB LITTLE THUMBS UP!! I’m dead.


6. All of my children’s BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCES!! Phitchit is such a cutie and I’m so proud of him. I love them all.

More to be added later

Just think about it for a minute

You know what always makes me laugh just thinking about it in The Royals?

So Tom, playing Jasper, is a British guy that’s actually playing an American who pretended to be British, so basically he was supposed to fake his British accent when it’s actually his real one and now has to fake his American accent like it’s his real one.

Now our beloved Alex, playing Eleanor, is an Australian girl playing a British princess. Alright less stuff here but still.

I mean they had to complicate it so much when they already had a British actor. I swear it gets me everytime.