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Pitch Perfect Fandom

Dya know what I love about the PP fandom? It’s that the fanfiction has turned so many of the minor characters into major characters. Particularly in the Bechloe fics.

Take ‘Tom’ for example. The dude is in the first movie for 6 seconds at the end of that shower duet, and 3 seconds making out in the back of a scene with Chloe at the aca-initiation night. But he’s actually considered quite a major antagonist in Pitch Perfect fanfiction - particularly Bechloe fanfiction (I see you ‘Experimentation’)

Stacie, who I love in the movies despite really not being in them that much, has become this awesome best-bud-to-Beca in many fics. She’s the out-there girl who tends to drag Beca along to parties or events in their post-Barden years, which often leads to Beca reuniting with/meeting/finding Chloe. In the movies I do believe the only interaction Beca and Stacie ever have is Beca saying “You call it a dude?!” mid-way through PP1, and “Keep it in your pants maybe?” in PP2. Yet in fanfiction she is often written as one of Beca’s closest friends.

And if she’s not written as one of Beca’s best buds then she’s often written in ‘Staubrey’ fics as being a love interest for Aubrey - even though the only real ‘interaction’ the two had in the movies was in PP1 for 12 seconds during Stacie’s audition, 12 seconds when Aubrey used the word ‘penetrate’, 8 seconds in the riff-off, and that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment lasting 2 seconds when Stacie hisses “Where did he come from?” to Aubrey while they’re stood in the wings waiting to perform with The Bella’s. 

Basically, this fandom is aca-awesome, the fanfiction is aca-awesome, and I bloody love being a part of it. 

Kudos to ALL the fic writers out there, whether you’re brave enough to post your work or not. You guys are all aca-awesome!

Ramble over.

In celebration of Echoes coming out soon - my attempt at a Hidari-style Nino and her brothers!

I put a lot of effort and time into it, and I’m actually quite proud of it, even if it’s not perfect. I really like both Nino and Hidari, so this is what I’ve tried my best on. The background is based on one of Nino’s Cipher cards, and I worked hard to try and study Hidari’s style. I hope it’s something people can enjoy as well, because Nino is here to bring happiness and joy~

Seventeen: Meeting Their Long Distance S/O for the First Time (Vocal Unit)

Jihoon would be the cutest mess before meeting you. He’d spend hours trying to find a gift for you before finally settling on a small stuffed bear. When he sees you his cheeks would get red. You guys would hug and then talk and talk and talk and never get tired. So basically Lee Jihoon absolutely melts for you and is the softest lil cinnamon bun around.

If we’re being honest, Jeonghan would be quiet but actually quite confident. He would plan the perfect night after you met. Just you and him cuddling and being lazy in his room while watching your favorite movie. He’d see you and without even saying anything he asked if he could kiss you. And it would be the Gentlest™. The kiss to end all kisses. The night would be an absolutely perfect one.

For Joshua, it would be like a scene from a love story. He’d wait outside where you guys were supposed to meet, guitar in hand and a smile on his face. The only problem is the rain would come. Thankfully, it doesn’t take you much longer to get there. And when you did, you’d see Joshua sitting patiently playing his guitar in the rain (even if it’ll get ruined). He’d never miss a chance to be cheesy.

Seokmin would be like an overexcitable puppy. His contagious smile would never leave his face. When you guys meet he would just hug you over and over and kiss you all over the face. He’d show you off to everyone and be freaking head over heels for you and never get tired of you.

Seungkwan would be the awkward one. Even being so accustom to skin-ship, he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands when you hug him for the first time. It would be shock and awe when it comes to you. He’d just wouldn’t know what to do with himself in general. You would just laugh at him and let him know that he’s cute and you love him.

(Spoilers GotG 2)

I actually love to headcanon that Kraglin (if /when he stays with the Guardians) may be a bit awkward at first, but actually settles in quite well.

Kraglin knows Peter, has lived with the younger man for a good part of both of their lives. Peter is probably also the only one he would take orders from – Peter is Yondu’s boy, he is the one Kraglin knows best and knows that Peter was all but groomed into a Ravager Captain by Yondu. Not to mention that Kraglin would probably feel that it’s his responsibility to ensure that Peter is safe, with the Terran being the last one left from Kraglin’s crew and with Yondu having died to save Peter. Cue in here Kraglin following Peter like a shadow, like he once did for Yondu.

Peter is also the one who understands best when Kraglin falls silent, staring into space, or fiddles with the Yaka arrow for longer than is necessary.


Rocket is the one who immediately hits it off with Kraglin. Not only have they worked together to escape a whole crew of mutineers, but Kraglin feels also right at home with Rocket. The thug snarls and barks and threatens to cover up that he cares much like Yondu did, and it’s a language Kraglin easily understands. On top of that, Rocket is the one to help Kraglin design a new fin for the Yaka, and it happens with silent, mutual understanding that it’s something to remember a friend by.

When Rocket ends up sitting on Kraglin’s shoulder sometimes, or the two of them tinker in quiet peace over a new invention, then nobody comments on it as being strange.

Mantis and Groot immediately strike a chord, too. Groot climbs on Kraglin and sits on his shoulder whenever he can, first startling the man, then flattering him with his blind trust. Kraglin is the one Groot runs to when Peter doesn’t budge when the little tree pleads with him for a second bedtime story or some more snacks, and Kraglin indulges him most of the time, if only to see Peter roll his eyes and call him “idjit” over it. The way Peter has to chase after the giggling little tree also gives Kraglin rather fond and amused flashbacks to Yondu and Peter, and he watches them with a mixture of sadness and laughter.

Mantis on the other hand offers once to numb the pain she can feel radiate off of Kraglin, but when he refuses, she is careful not to overstep the boundaries given with this. Kraglin appreciates it. There is an awkward moment where Mantis once again mentions that she considers herself ugly and Kraglin simply bursts out that “Errr, I don’ think that’s true?”, but once Mantis understands that he really means it, in a nice way, she is quite happy about it.

Peter bursts out snorting in fond laughter when he walks in one day and sees Mantis with Groot on her shoulder, bundled up in Kraglin’s way-too-large poncho, and Kraglin mutters something about the “two of them bein’ cold, now stop laughin’, Pete.”

It’s a bit more complicated with Gamora and Drax. Kralgin doesn’t really know how to deal with them, especially at first. It doesn’t get easier because of the fact that he accidentally stabbed Drax with the Yaka while practicing.

Here, Gamora and Drax are the ones who make the first step. They simply accept Kraglin, making no secret of the fact that they consider him Peter’s family, and “Peter’s real family is our family, too,” (it’s Drax who says that, of all people, and Kraglin has to fight back startled tears at the surprisingly insightful words).

Drax pats Kraglin on the back, calling him an imbecile like Peter, but admires the fact that Kraglin refuses to give up practicing with the arrow. He also helps him out with it, as long as Kraglin is careful with the Yaka.

Gamora simply smiles at Kraglin, or laughs with him when the others are being stupid again, or shoves Peter in his direction when she thinks the both of them need to comfort each other. She has a quiet way of making Kraglin feel part of the team, and it actually works quite well.

It’s not perfect, it’s far from what Kraglin is used to, and he still misses the others - Yondu, Tullk, Oblo, all his friends, his family. They are not here, and the Guardians are not them, and it still hurts.

But, Kraglin ponders while nudging one of the earphones of the Zune deeper into his ear - Peter has the other one -and Groot is rolled up on his shoulder, sleeping, Rocket is bickering with Peter with a crooked grin, Gamora and Mantis are talking in the background and Drax is sharpening his knives while watching them fondly…

… this isn’t that terrible, either.  

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Any easy too read bedtime fics? 😂

Oooh very hard good question !! (basically it’s gonna be fics around 10k I loved, okay?)

- Coming Up For Air  : It’s a long plane ride to LA but sitting beside Harry makes time fly. (11k)

- Now I’ve Got You In My Space       : Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson almost met on X-FactorThey meet on Dancing With The Stars insteadAn Au (10k)

- Unraveling : Harry sat there with his head in his hands trying to figure out why he knew these types of things. He thought over the past few weeks, how he’d just known at certain times what Louis had been thinking or feeling, needing or wanting and it didn’t make sense to him. Until he had the wild thought, “Can I read Louis’s mind?” (10k)

- Just Think of Me As The Pages In Your Diary  : Harry, and Louis’ friends set up a blind date and they hit it up pretty well when they first meet, immediately planning a second date.  But then their friends asked them why they didn’t go on their respective dates, and it turns out that Harry was not Louis’ blind date, and vice versa. They don’t know that the other person knows that though, so they just kind of awkwardly go on dates while falling for each other.  (10k)

- I Love You Most  : Friends with benefits has always been enough for Louis. Until, of course, it isn’t. (12k)

- Worlds Away  : astronaut au fic where Louis is staying on the international space station and Harry is on earth working ground control and he and Louis have really quiet late night chats after most of the workers are gone and get to know each other in the biggest long distance relationship u could ever have…then eventually Louis comes back to earth and they have a beautiful meeting (7k)

- no good unless it grows (feel this burning, love of mine)  : it wasn’t until they were settled in and lying idly on the couch with their bodies intertwined that Harry whispered, holding back tears, “I’m not who I want to be.” Louis leaned down, lips close enough to graze Harry’s cheek, and asked simply, “Well, who do you want to be?” (6k)

- Second Time’s the Charm : Louis’ mother is convinced she met her son’s soulmate at the market. Louis is extremely hesitant to go on the blind date she’s set up, but she’s persistent, begging and pleading, pulling out all the stops. After all, mothers do know best.(Or maybe they don’t.) (8k)

- One day to believe in you        : A mysterious force compels Louis to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even when it’s really inconvenient.  Harry blinks and has the nerve to look surprised. “You think about me when you get off?”  “Yes,” Louis says. He wonders how hard he’d need to punch himself in the face to knock himself out.  “Often?”  “Yes, Christ, Harry,” Louis groans. “Probably eight times a week for going on six years now. On average, you know. More when we were touring, less when I’ve been visiting family. Anything else you’d like to know?”  (8k)

- on a thousand miles and more  :  "That’s why, after Granada, they decide to stick to the places they went to together.  Retrospectively, maybe that’s when it becomes less of a holiday and more of a pilgrimage. Louis thinks he’s beginning to understand what they’re searching for. It’s something akin to closure, but not closure exactly. Something more tenuous than that. More difficult to put into words.  Something like the first exhalation you take after a particularly horrendous nightmare and you think god, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.   Except that, in their case, it was.“[Harry and Louis go back to the places that made them who they are.] (12k)

- Oh, Fortuna  :  “Hey, Louis,” Eleanor says suddenly, “wasn’t Harry Styles on X-Factor the same year you auditioned?”  “I didn’t know you auditioned for X Factor!” Perrie gasps, as Louis sends a death glare Eleanor’s way, who at least has the decency to look apologetic. “Oh my god, did you meet him?” “Right, I need another drink.” Louis gets up heavily, ignoring Zayn’s concerned look and Eleanor’s guilty one. His head is still fuzzy, but he doesn’t feel warm anymore.
(Or, three years after Louis is sent home at the Judges Houses stage of X-Factor, and Harry finds international fame as a solo artist, they meet again at a local pub in London.)

- What A Feeling To Be A King Beside You  :  “Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson, Duke of Wellington, your highness,” the man, or boy considering he seems to be around Harry’s age or slightly older, says with a wink and a quick bow.  Huh. Duke of Wellington. Harry recalls once meeting the Duke of Wellington. He probably wasn’t a day over 7 years and honestly only remembers a mischievous boy with blue eyes that poured gravy on him. But now that he thinks about it, the Duke in front of him does have pretty, blue eyes as well. He’s also got a nice smile and a beautiful jawline covered in short stubble. His chestnut hair is done up in a perfect quiff and his dark navy suit is perfectly tailored to his body. He’s fit.(Basically: Harry is the Prince of Wales and Louis is the Duke of Wellington. They fall in love.) (17k)

- A Case of You        : Louis lives his life around photographs, and Harry’s a picture he can’t figure out AU where there they all live and work in LA, and the story’s in a song (12k)

there was a reason i collided into you  : AU where Louis and Harry are neighbors who meet in the elevator of their apartment one morning and it becomes a routine for them. Louis pines a lot. Then one day, Harry doesn’t show up at the elevator like he usually does, and well, Louis might panic. (9.5k)

Update (last update on May 5th 2017) under the cut :

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Jack has a gun now?!

If I see just one person saying “Why is Jack using a gun? I thought he was a Samurai”

I WILL hunt them, and I will explain them that “Samurai don’t use firearms” Is just a western misconception, and that they were actually quite popular! Hell, the samurai were perfecting these guns way before the europeans.

“BUT HONOR!!!” I hear you scream.

You know what was honorable? Winning. You do whatever you needed to do to bring victory to your leader.

And doing it with the best technology had to offer, was even better. Believe me, the Tanegashima matchlock was all the rage when it was introduced. During the Warring States Era, all major generals were very known for their use of specific types of gunners.  Notorious Badass Oda Nobunaga was freaking brilliant leading troops with very primitive matchlocks, when they were very much inferior to bows. And some time later he was even better commanding troops with arquebuses.

Date Masamune and even this little guy known only as Shogun Tokugawa Ideyasu, were famous four their use of snipers.

 Now, where does the misconception come from? Well, some years after Oda’s death. Internal conflict, and the need to use powerful firearms was very low. Hideoshi, the then daimyo , collected guns of his rivals (and peasants) and melted them to make statues. Essentially leaving only his troops to carry them.

Most of the inner conflict in japan during this age, was fought with swords for that reason. Most of the popular media, and stories of honor that Hollywood has fed you, take place during the particular times during Hideyoshi’s and later Ieyasu’s reigns. And then, retroactively adapting those situations, to show the last stages of the Warring States battles.

There were also situations like, during Hideyoshi’s invasions of Korea, ammo ran out, and for years they were forced to battle armed troops using only their blades, tactics… and some times cannons taken from european boats.

So yeah. Samurai were actually very fond of their guns. So don’t be dumb and ask that question. Inform yourself.

And come back next week when I’ll tell you why you’re stupid if you think that Samurai and Ninja are two different things (and that they hate each other)

LoveBug Jugbug Part 1

Jughead x Reader

words: 1,371

A/n: Jughead is becoming infatuated with a photography student who shares the same english class, what happens when y/n may have captured a picture of Jason Blossom’s killer?

Y/n pov -

You were in the dark room just behind the photography studio in school, developing some photos you had taken the night before. Looking back at the photos taken of the River and the nature flourishing around it. No one had really been back to the River since Jason’s body was recovered but you couldn’t help going to capture the beauty around. You loved the way you could create art in one single snap of a second, then the moment was yours to hold forever.

You take a look at one of the photos you took of a tree and notice a figure walking in the background. You couldn’t help the nauseous feeling in your stomach at the fact it could have been someone following you, Jason’s killer even. You push the feeling to the back of your head shaking your head, hanging the photo up to dry. You collect your things and unlock the dark room door opening it only to bump into a chest. You look up to see Jughead Jones, tall dark and handsome, staring at you with his always present pissed off facial expression.

“I’m so sorry Jughead, I wasn’t looking where I was going” you explained looking up to his gaze with apologetic eyes. he simply shuffled passed you awkwardly mumbling an “okay” you just shook your head and walked passed Archie stood next to the door. What were they even doing in the studio they didn’t take photography?

Truth of the matter is you’ve been bumping into Jughead an awful lot lately, you were unsure why because your paths had never crossed before, he just always seems to be around whenever you are lately.


(Later that day)

You sat in your usual booth at Pops, camera in your hands looking through photos you’d recently taken. Regulars of the diner waltz in, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead, they walk straight past you and go over to their usual booth, ordering food and talking intently.

Jughead’s POV -

Me and guys headed to our booth at Pops when I saw her again, just sitting there looking at her camera, she was so captivating I don’t know why but I was just drawn to her. We shared the same English class, she sat three seats away me, everytime I’m near her I just get weird and awkward and end up coming across rude.

“Hey that’s Y/n from English lit right?” Archie suddenly pipes up nodding his head towards the lonesome girl in the booth. “uh yeah, think so” i grumble and put my head down opening up my laptop.

“why don’t you go and sit with her, she’s almost as secluded as you” Veronica jokes lightly pushing my shoulder. “No I don’t wanna sit with her, I don’t even know the girl, besides she’s busy with her camera or whatever” I continue to brush off the people pestering me. “Oh you know you have a crush on her, just go and talk to her” Betty adds.

“Who said I have a crush on her?” I fire back defensively “You did. Just there, stop being so difficult and go talk to the girl” i just frown and shake my head. Archie kicks my leg under the table and gestures towards her.

With a sigh i get up and approach Y/N’s booth, “uh hi mind if I sit?” I ask her she jumps and drops her camera on the table looking up to me with wide eyes. “I uh- yeah sure” I jump down onto the seat beside her and she shuffles round the booth a little. I examine her as she takes a sip from her milkshake and looks back at her camera. “If you don’t mind me asking why are you here?” she quizzes me with a confused look upon her face.

“well, I just noticed you were alone and thought I’d come keep you company, if you don’t mind that is” i replied matter of factly. “So Jughead Jones, perhaps the king of riding solo was concerned for another human beings loneliness” she giggled towards me.

I shook my head with a breathy laugh and look towards her camera.


I notice him looking towards my camera and I suddenly become protective, my hands tightening around it slightly. “can I see some of your pictures?” he asks looking genuinely interested, I hesitate before answer slightly pushing it towards him. “ Um they aren’t that great but yeah I guess” I press the play button on my camera and we scroll through the pictures. He gets closer to me as we scroll, his arm leaning behind me on the booth, I subconsciously lean in closer to him as he looks at a picture in more detail.

“Y/N these are incredible, when do you take these?” he inquires looking at the camera amazed, for all the time I’ve known him i’ve never seen him this, well exhilarated he always seems so glum. “Uh these ones are from the summer onwards, I just take pictures when I’m bored, I like capturing a moment and finding beauty in it, I like to think that in some alternate universe everytime I take a picture, time freezes just for a moment. It’s dumb but it’s nice to be optimistic” I let out a small giggle and a smile. He just looks at me in amazement. “That’s kinda beautiful, it’s eccentric, I like it.” he smiles

we scroll through a couple more photos when he discovers something. “hey when was this taken” Jughead says looking intently at the photo by the river, I click on the photo and the date comes up, July 4th. The day Jason went missing at the river I just so happened to be taking photos of. “whats wrong?” I ask looking concerned at the photo.

“Look there’s somebody there, on the other side of the river, behind that tree..” he points out zooming into the photo. “What, no. there can’t be” i breathe out in disbelief, I take the camera and zoom right into the area he was talking about, just there on the screen was a dark figure standing just behind a tree. “ I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before” i say shocked. Jughead’s arm comes down to my side as we examine the photo but it was too dark to see who it was.

“Is there anyway we can make this clearer? you may have caught Jason’s killer on camera” just the thought sent shivers down my spine, I stare blankly for a moment, Jughead’s hand coming in contact with my thigh in a soothing manner, he could tell I was freaked out.

“um I think if i can crop the picture on my laptop and edit it to lower the contrast and adjust the brightness we may be able to see a bit clearer” I say.

“Don’t worry about it right now, lets just forget about it for a while and chill yeah?” he says quietly, still sensing my nervousness towards the situation. “Do you wanna head back to the Drive-In with me?” he suggests a smile on his face.

“the drive-in?” i question “Yea, uh thats where I reside” he says with a beautiful smug look contorted on his face. I just smile and nod and we get up exiting the Diner.

We go to the drive in and Jughead takes me into the projection room where there was a bed set up and a bunch of posters. “wow you’ve got the perfect nihilistic teenage sad boy room, haven’t you” i giggle. “Hey!” He playfully punches my arm “I’m kidding, it’s actually quite perfect” i sigh sitting myself down on his bed. I take my phone out playing some music on a playlist and put it to the side. ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie comes on, Jughead looks at me in disbelief “you like good music too, damn” he says shaking his head, I just laugh and get up off the bed pulling him to dance with me, the silly flailing limbs just displayed the perfectness of the scene. We were two weird lonely kids joining together . Now we just need to discover who was in that photo.    

That happy moment when you realize...

That most of the characters in The young elites probably arn’t white.

That there is more then one character in The young elites that is not straight but there sexuality isn’t the focus of the story and doesn’t define them.

That many of the characters in The young elites are far from perfect and are actually quite dark and flawed.

That you get the villain’s POV enough to question whether or not he’s really the villain.

That the heroine is dark and flawed enough to question whether or not she’s really a heroine.

That the love interest doesn’t really love the so called heroine, and he might not even be the love interest.

That more people should read The young elites, because it’s different and dark and humanized and totally worth it.


character moodboards: anakin skywalker

“Anakin’s fear is a kind of dragon. A cold kind. A dead kind. Not nearly dead enough. That is the kind of fear that lives inside Anakin Skywalker: the dragon of a dead star. It is an ancient, cold dead voice within his heart that whispers all things die…”  “The dragon reminds him, every night, that someday he will lose Obi-Wan. He will lose Padmé. Or they will lose him. All things die, Anakin Skywalker. Even stars burn out…

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Hey! Could I please request a jealous gaston fic? Your last one was so good! Maybe like he and the reader are childhood friends or have known each other for ages and the reader likes him and when he becomes obsessed with belle she is heart broken. Maybe she starts making friends with another guy and gaston realises he is losing her and is super jealous! Gaston argues with the reader about it but it ends fluffy. Sorry if that makes no sense haha Thanks!!

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: angst (and a happy ending of course)

A/N: hello sweety! it made perfect sense, don’t worry! I’m actually quite pleased with the result, especially the ending, so I hope you like it as well <3


LeFou, Gaston and you were sitting at a table in the tavern where you were currently playing cards. And you were winning, if anyone was interested in that.

You grinned at Gaston.

“Come on, Gaston. Play your card. Let me watch you lose another round,” LeFou laughed at that statement of yours. He had dropped out a few rounds ago and was now watching the scene play out in front of him. He ordered another round of drinks for himself and you two.

“Gaston doesn’t lose.”

“At this game and against me? You lose every time,” he glared at you from behind his card and you bit your tongue to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

A few moments later he did indeed forfeit the game, but only because Belle entered the tavern. He got up immediately and ignored everything else around him, walking over to her and bothering her. As always.

You turned around and watched them for a second, then you turned back towards the cards on the table and sighed, collecting all of them and putting them back in a deck.

LeFou sighed as well and placed a hand on your arm, trying to comfort you as best as he could.

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Chicken Soup

‘what happened after the three days in the infirmary’ shit I suddenly want to write.

also, ignore the title.

“Well, this is a surprise. Who would have thought that of all people to catch the flu, it’s you”

Will Solace sneezed and blew his nose before dropping the tissue on the trash can near his bed. Because of course, being sick doesn’t excuse him being unsanitary and messy with his surroundings. 

Another sneeze.

A sly smile curved up at the edge of Nico’s lips. “What a sight”

“Shut up, di Angelo. Go ahead, laugh at me why don’t you” The son of Apollo’s voice sounded groggy and tired.

“What do you really want me to do? Shut up or laugh?” The son of Hades spoke with sarcasm and stepped closer earning him a glare from the son of Apollo.

“Stay right there, di Angelo! Don’t you dare get any closer” Okay, that sounded a bit louder considering the fact that he was sick.

“Okay wow, never would have thought that you mind personal space that much” Nico stopped and lowered his face down a little, staring at the infirmary’s floor. Will looked at the demigod and maybe, it was the effect of him being sick and on medication that had him feeling the sadness and rejection from Nico more than he might have on a normal basis but nevertheless, it made him feel rather guilty. 

“Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh” Will spoke, his voice considerably lower “I just don’t want you to get sick, Nico”

“A little flu won’t hurt me, Solace”

“It would. I’m your doctor, di Angelo. Listen to me, I would know what’s best or you” Nico rolled his eyes at those words but didn’t say anything  to contradict “You’re whole body, including your immune system is still at risk. Just because you’re out of the infirmary, doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. Please don’t act all stupid and irrational” 

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Hey, Arin, I hope you're having a fantastic day. Quick question.. HOW IS YOUR SKIN SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL?

Hey, anon, my day has been moderately decent. And quick answer.. it totally isn’t perfect. You just only ever see my low-res, made up, pixilated face :) I can assure you my skin is quite flawed, and that perfect skin doesn’t actually exist. Yep, it’s not a thing. For anyone. But perfect and beautiful are never synonymous anyways, my friend. :)

“So, how do you know each other again?” asked Yukako.

I held my water glass against my lips for a second longer, looking over at Alejandro, buying time. He looked back at me. We locked eyes.

What were we supposed to say in a situation like this?

But to properly tell this story, I need to back up a few days.

I was in Shizuoka, about an hour ride out of Tokyo, Japan. My goals were simple: visit the Magic Grand Prix tournament in Shizuoka, and then spend the next week seeing Magic stores and trying to explore a side of Japan I had not yet seen.

It was the last day of the Grand Prix.  The world is slowly crumbling around 2,700 players, as the delicately placed banners and colorfully shaped signage are being stripped down and removed.

This is the saddest part of any Magic tournament: when it ends.

It’s when the convention center hall stops being a living, breathing embodiment of Magic, with a pulse that sounds like the slapping of cardboard and a heartbeat that echoes with shuffling. When this marvelous world goes back to being a white-walled building that will be used to host dance recitals, or cheerleading rallies, or car shows.

But there was a brief moment left. A flicker of life, minutes, maybe, before the convention center passed the threshold of no return and reverted to its blank state.

And that’s when I had the fortunate happenstance of being introduced to Ryan.

Blonde hair. A slight grin at the corners of his mouth. A full backpack. The discerning gaze of a Magic player. He introduced himself: a local player, formerly from the States, who now lived in Japan.

“I had heard from Helene   you were staying around in Japan for a little longer, and I know it’s out of your way, and it’s probably a long shot, but I live in Nagoya, and it has a great Magic scene, and plenty of people who would love to meet you, and I know you like food and I would show you great food, and some of the sights, and we can play some games of Magic, and once again, I really know there’s probably a low chance, but if there is any possible way you could briefly come visit Nagoya during your stay, I’d be happy to show you around.”

“Okay, sure.”

“Wait… Really?”

“Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen and those who identify as neither of the crowd, is how I travel.

I got Ryan’s information. And true to my word, the very next day, I found myself on a train, bound for Nagoya.

And so the tour began.

Delicacies, with a mix of known and unknown and unwanted-to-be-known contents, were consumed. A smorgasbord of 7 Magic shops were visited, showcasing so many shapes and sizes and colors that Doctor Seuss would have had a field day describing them all. Games were had. Stories were told.

We ended up by visiting one final game store: Mishimaya. A small family run shop, with that lovely musty smell that reminded me of childhood. And there we met a group of other local players.

And, well… It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a group of Magic players, in possession of decks, must be in want of a game.

Rajib. Kevin. Daniel. All from far-flung corners of the English-speaking world, we slammed down our cards. We ran Goblins into Angels. We laughed. We bantered. We talked about life in Japan. I took a picture of us. Put it on Instagram. We went out to dinner. Menus were attempted to be navigated.

It was a good time. We parted ways.

I hopped on a train, headed elsewhere, redrawing up new plans to account for the change of plans. And that was that.

Or so I thought.

Still riding the train back, something else unexpected happened. A notification popped up on Instagram from someone I had never spoke with. His name was Alejandro.

It read as follows: “You should take the [train] to Fukuoka. I still have an original Conspiracy box in Japanese to open and draft :)”

I looked it up on a map. Fukuoka was basically on the entire other side of Japan. My brain’s impulse was immediately to say no. I mean, it was a long way out of my way, I hadn’t planned on going there, time in Japan was precious, I didn’t know this person at all. It didn’t make sense, right?



Well, it’s a good thing that Japan has all these bullet trains.

I arranged to visit in a few days. Alejandro writes to me, “Just so you know, it’s actually quite a bit west of Fukuoka and a bit rural…”

Perfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I took the bullet train to a station. From that station, I took a subway train to a tinier station. From there, I took yet another train. Out the window, I watched the metal buildings turn into brick buildings, the brick buildings turn into blossoming trees, the blossoming trees turn into rice fields. For the first time during my stay in Japan, signs begin to look run down. Roads begin to look bumpy. The passengers on the train were no longer mostly in suits.

The train spit me out at my stop, and it was immediately clear I had walked into a Miyazaki movie. Little statues sat in the streets. I spotted farmers in the distance. The buildings all had wooden sliding door entrances.

This – this was the Japan I grew up thinking about.

I’m swept up from the subway station by a car full of strangers. Alejandro has rounded up five others – three local Magic players, whom he had taught himself, one of their wives, and her young daughter – to come meet me. 

I’m taken to a restaurant, in an old wooden building, that has had many lives and seen many owners. There is a small museum in the front of the restaurant showcasing its history. People are sitting on pillows and tatami mats, eating from small tables.

The five of us sat down. I took a sip of my water.

“So, how do you know each other again?” asked Yukako.

That is the question, isn’t it? How do you answer that? How do you even begin to summarize it all into a short paragraph, or sentence, or word?

Let’s just back up for a second and review the facts.

I had traveled to Japan to visit a card game tournament as part of my job at Wizards of the Coast. I then met a local player, who showed me around his city for the day and introduced me to a number of players. They gave me a bunch of advice for my travels. I posted this on Instagram, of all places.

Someone on the other side of Japan whom I had never even talked to saw this, asked if I wanted to visit, I replied saying yes, and traveled 5 hours by train to get there. Once I arrived into Chikuzen-Fukae – the middle of nowhere in Japan – I met five total strangers, and was now sitting in a traditional Japanese restaurant, speaking with these people like they were family. Combined, we heralded from Spain, The USA, Japan, Nigeria, and London.

Pause for a moment. Cue, eyes widening. Cue, flashbacks to the many other times similar things have happened to me or other Magic players. Cue, the sudden realization that this is actually an extremely abnormal event.

Cue the realization that this is family.

I love Magic. It is the greatest game in the world. But even more powerful than the game, even more meaningful than the hours spent smiling and learning, are those people you spend those hours smiling and learning with.

It is a community of immediate friendship. A game which is a blacksmith that forges “Hello and Good Luck” into stories, stories into friendship, and friendship into family. A game which will always direct you to your long-lost cousin or your mystery aunt in every town, in every city. Time and time again, I have found there is always a family member there for you. There’s always someone from the family of Magic.

And there is nothing else like it. Not in the whole world. And I find it hard to imagine anything – truly anything – that could properly describe this series of events other than one word. So it’s what I said:

“We’re… family.”

I elaborated more, but that’s really the only way I can best explain it. We laugh. We eat our meal. We learn about each other’s lives. I make goofy faces at the young daughter like any cousin would. And, in that short window of a single meal, we become a family.

That day, this family of Magic visited sites in this tiny town. We climbed the muddy path up a mountain and watched a waterfall in the forest. We visited an Island temple, wind biting at our noses. We dropped by the restaurants – which my new family knows the owners of – to see if they will open just for us. It is a neighborhood where you actually know your neighbors.

And, eventually, we drove back to Alejandro’s place, with sliding doors and tatami floors, short ceilings that hit my head and tall tales that hit my heart, and we sat at the wooden, engraved kitchen table. We smile and, knowingly, reach for our Magic decks.

That afternoon, my family drives together, an hour, to play in a tiny store for the local Magic tournament.

That night, I sleep on a rolled out bed, in a room kept warm by a kerosene heater. Like an uncle, Alejandro lights the heater for me. And, like a nephew, I wish him sweet dreams.

When I wake up, there are trains to catch. Things to do. New places in Japan to see. I bid my farewells.

My adopted uncle walks me to the train station. He gets on the train, going part of the way there with me. Like any family member, he gives me a long list of directions, trying to be careful I don’t lose my way back.

The train goes for about 20 minutes. Alejandro stood up to get off. He looked back at me. We had known each other in person for less than 24 hours, and yet, I already felt a bit emotional.

I nodded. He nodded. We may never see each other again.

But that’s okay. We both knew it would be far from the last time we saw      our everlasting, evergrowing, evergracious family: our family of Magic.

jessi-cottonrose  asked:

So i promise this is not pire sorrow and anguish. We know what Hunk's major is, so what about Lance and Pidge? What're their majors when they reach college?

Alright I have thought about this for like hours because college courses are serious business.

Pidge - BS in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with specialization in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering 
Lance - Bachelor of Science in Premed Physics (yes, Lance became a doctor!)
Hunk - Bachelor of Arts in Literature (We all know Hunk shifted his course, he used to take what Pidge took)

[The Voltron Family] Lance was filling up his college application forms and he had been deadset on what he wanted. He went to the study room where Keith and Shiro were and joined them in the table.

Lance: *stands in front of his Daddies* *one hand on his hip, the other on the table on top of his application form* Before I check the box of my choice of course, I’d like to have a discussion. I’d like to request an audience.
Keith and Shiro: *looks up from their work*
Keith: *closes his laptop* Alright. You may begin.
Lance: *nods* I may have been a problem child. Pretty much the only one who went to see a psychiatrist—
Shiro: There’s nothing wrong about that, sweetheart. *smiles sadly*
Lance: *shakes head* No, no. Let me finish, Daddy Shiro. *takes a deep breath* I may not have grades like Hunk or Pidge, but however, I have determination. And determination is exactly what is needed when you take up premed. *grins* I’M TAKING MEDICINE. *looks expectantly* You may not be confident with my–
Keith: *smiles* Alright.
Lance: *gapes* W-What?
Keith: *smiles even wider* I said, alright, Lance.
Lance: *looks at Shiro* And what about you?
Shiro: *stands up and kisses Lance on a cheek as he envelops him into a hug* Of course, you can take premed and go to med school. 
Lance: *dumbfounded* Y-you’d finance my schooling?
Shiro: *chuckles* Of course! Who else would finance you? You certainly don’t have a job. 
Lance: *teary eyed* Oh shit. I didn’t think way beyond this. *chuckles* I thought you wouldn’t approve of it cause I have the shittiest grades but, god, I’d really like to help kids like me so I… *sobs* want to be a psychiatrist because it has helped me *clutches onto Shiro as he cries* get through and out of the bad place I’ve been in and just…
Shiro: *cups Lance’s face* Hey, I have faith in you, buddy. But Med school’s gonna be tough. You’re going to drown yourself studying.
Lance: *nods* I’m ready. I feel like I need to make up for all the lack of studying I’ve done in high school. *laughs and abruptly stops* Shit. I’m going to med school. *blinks repeatedly* Doctor Lance sounds so good. Holy shit.
Keith: Lance. *pushes the Bad Words Jar* *smirks*

Two years later and it was Pidge’s turn. She turned in her application form while Keith and Shiro were in the living room, looking at their bills to pay.

Pidge: *gives her papers to Dads* Kindly check, please. *proud*
Keith: *takes the form and reads the selected course*
Shiro: Hmmmm, same as your older brother huh.
Keith: BS in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with specialization in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering?
Pidge: *nods enthusiastically* Uh-huh! It just… screams to me, yknow? I feel like the course was made especially for me? Except Hunk took it first, he was born before me so I guess that wasn’t his fault. 
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* A no-brainer for you then. *passes Shiro the forms*
Pidge: *smiles shyly* *sits on Keith’s lap and wraps Keith’s arms on her tummy* *leans back to rest on Keith’s chest* I’m sorry if it seems like I’m so obsessed with robotics but… *squeezes Keith’s hands* I just really love it.
Keith: *hugs Pidge tighter* Awww, sweetheart I didn’t say it was bad. It’s actually quite perfect for you. You’re going to ace it—as always.
Pidge: *bends her head backwards and looks up at Keith* Really?
Keith: Really. *bends down to give Pidge a gentle peck on the lips*
Pidge: *giggles* Daddy Keith, I’m too old for this.
Keith: You’re never too old to get kisses from me. *eskimo kisses Pidge*
Pidge: *smiles* Thank you.
Shiro: *smiles looking at them* *munches on his brownies* *stares at the form* Hmmm are you planning on taking any minor? 
Pidge: Probably. But that’ll take me longer to finish college though? Is that fine?
Shiro: Sweetie, I took Med school. *snorts* 
Pidge: *laughs* Of course. How could I have forgotten about that! 

currently traveling, but i got these two beautiful Spoons. the pen is for scale. the first one looks flimsy but is actually quite sturdy, it’s perfect for eating some nice yogurt, wonderful. the second one is a bit sturdier and has a very subtle bumpy texture, very nice. both are definitely coming back home with me.