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Justice Strauss, do you have anything on local ordinances? Ah, local ordinances. Wait, are you sure? Even I don’t like reading such books, and I work at the High Court. I’m actually considering a career in law. I find those books quite fascinating.

Minhyuk - would find you charming and he would start swaying too and wait for you to notice. “Minhyuk what are you doing?” “Copying your cute habit.”

Wonho - would be amused while watching you. He would then zone out from your conversation because he’s trying to think why you’re swaying. He’ll find it adorable nonetheless. 

Kihyun - would find it entertaining. You would be talking casually and he would laugh quietly to himself. “What’s so funny?” “You’re doing that swaying thing. It’s kinda precious…” 

I.M. - would enjoy it too much and then tease you about it. “Y/n, if you wanted to dance with me you should just say it…” 

Jooheon - would wonder why you’re doing it and ask you about it. “I don’t realize that I do it.. is it weird?” “Quite the opposite of weird actually! It’s very fascinating.” 

Hyungwon - would point it out straight away. “You really don’t know that you’re suddenly doing it? Well I do love your little quirks and habits..” 

Shownu - would just watch you for a long time and you’re gonna have to repeat your question because he got distracted. “So what do you think?” “Of what? Oh sorry, I was distracted by your cuteness!”

Actually is quite fascinating watching Chanyeol in the studio. We get to see the long process of making a tune sound nice, is not just clicking on random buttons and calling it a song, they are working on it until making it perfect even if that means spending hours listening to the same beat over and over.

It’s nice watching him so focused and serious rather than the image he has as EXO’s loud puppy Park Chanyeol. 

I hope he will continue with composing and arranging even after EXO because he clearly loves with a lot of passion making music.

It was then Lance knew…he was fucked, literally and figuratively. 

So Blue is actually pretty unique compared to the other lions, he’s actually quite curious and wants to learn about humans. He finds them fascinating, especially their wide array of emotions and beliefs. As he learns more he actually wants to be like them, which baffles the other lions immensely. 

Even though the lions have an array of emotions and personality quirks, they’re still machines, and when things get down to the wire, they will go back to programming or their mission so to speak.

But Blue wants to be more than that, wants to have another purpose besides Voltron, and he sees that he could accomplish this with Lance.

Humans, Aaron thought to himself, while being incredibly dense, were actually quite fascinating. Having never encountered them properly before, he leapt at the chance to learn everything there was to know about humans from his new friends.

Apparently there was a lot to know.

“They’re called freckles.” John told him as he poked at the brown dots covering the man’s skin and chest. Aaron hummed in response.

“Soft skin stars.” he replied, pressing one small freckle on Laurens’ cheek.

And the human would turn red and look away, a small smile on his face. Well, he smiled right up until Aaron brought up the mud.

“What the hell, get that stuff away from me!” he cried as Aaron clambered up onto the rocks.

He had a small pot in his hand filled with a gray/brown clay he’d collected from the ocean floor. The other three men roared with laughter as John tried to shift away. But one look at Aaron’s big, disappointed eyes and he stopped, sighing and rolling his eyes. Aaron grinned and sat beside him, tugging at his shirt.

“Take this off.” he said, to which Laurens responded with a blush and a series of stutters.

“Why!?” he asked, his voice high over the laughter of his friends.

“You’ve hidden all your best stars underneath.” Aaron explained as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

John looked desperately at the three other men, but they simply watched, wide grins on their faces. Finally, he heaved a sigh and removed his shirt, revealing his fairly muscular chest and, as Aaron had predicted, an abundance of freckles.

Aaron made a noise of wonder and scooched closer, dipping his fingers into the small pot and beginning to rub the mud over Laurens’ skin, connecting  each freckle with a line of grey clay.

“What’re you doing?” Alexander asked, leaning over the mermaid’s shoulder as he connected a freckle on his neck to the one on his cheek.

“Making constellations.” he hummed softly.

The men were silent for a moment as Aaron painted John’s face, but then they broke out into peals of laughter. Aaron blinked, looking around with a blush on his cheeks.

“Should I…not have?” he asked, his voice small and slightly ashamed.

John reached out, putting a gentle hand on Aaron’s already outstretched one. He had a large grin on his face and his eyes twinkled with something akin to pride.

“No, please keep going.”

And he did. Aaron mapped an entire night sky on Laurens’ skin and in the weeks that followed, the human even went over each line meticulously in ink, tattooing Aaron’s sky onto his skin.

BTS reaction: their s/o alternating between different fashion senses

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Jin: He’d find it quite fascinating how you could actually rock basically any outfit you wore, even though it was different styles. He’d be pretty excited every day to see what you wore. And whenever you wore an outfit he really liked, he’d ask you to pose so that he could take a photo of it, and probably make a collection of the best outfits for every style.

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Suga: He would be lowkey excited to see what you wore today ever day, but he’d never show it. It was just clothes, and he wouldn’t see why he should show you how interested he was by it. But whenever you wore something he really liked, he’d definitely compliment you. And he’d also secretly have your tomboy clothes as his favorites.

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J-Hope: He’d be exactly like Yoongi, but he’d show you how excited he was to see what you wore. He’d give you compliments whatever you wore, and basically drown you in them if he really liked your outfit. And if you were wearing tomboy-ish clothes and wore one of his hoodies, he’d be over the moon.

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Rap Monster: He’s interested in fashion and clothes himself, so this would definitely be on the list of things that he loves about you. He’d probably be the member to give you tips on how to improve today’s outfit, and he’d love to take photos with you for his Kim Daily.

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Jimin: He’d be like Hobi, but maybe a bit more lowkey with the compliments. He’d still shower you in them, tho. And like Yoongi, he’d have a favorite style of yours. He knows that you’re never too girly, but he’d love when you were at least a bit girlier than usual, and he’d love to take little photos with his phone to remember particularly nice outfits.

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V: This one would be so in love with this trait of yours. He’d be so fascinated by it, and love basically anything you wore. And he’d love to try to match your outfit when you were going out somewhere together. Like, he’d let you get dressed while he was in the shower, and then pick out his own outfit based on what you were wearing, so it’d be like a couple outfit.

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Jungkook: You probably wouldn’t have noticed that he actually was interested in what you wore, as he’d hide it just like Yoongi. But one morning, when you were trying on different shirt to see which one matched your jeans best for a punk rock outfit, he’d suddenly mumble something about you just taking his long sleeved sweater with slightly see through sleeves, as that would make it look more punk rock than the white band tee you were trying on right now. That’s when you’d know that he had actually watched your clothes more closely than you thought.

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“A” has different roles each girl has to play: 

A definitely likes pushing Spencer to her limits and to see Spencer crack & go under lots of pressure, I think A likes it most to see Spencer go mentally insane

With Aria i think A is actually quite in love with her, he/she has this weird fascination with her. I think A thinks of her as a partner.

With Hanna i just think A like to see her sad, have zero confidence & lonely.

And with Emily i feel like she is playing the role as the best friend, i feel a lot of shady people get close to Emily and it’s A’s doing. He wants her to feel betrayed.

I think all these roles reflect Charles…. He makes Spencer go mentally insane because Charles was put in Radley, He looks at Aria as a partner because he sees similar qualities in her as he did with whoever he was in love with (i’m assuming Bethany or maybe CeCe) he wants to see Hanna sad and lonely because that is what Charles felt when his family sent him to Radley and he wants Emily to feel betrayed like he did by a best friend close to him.