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😊Fanfic (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Can you do an imagine (grayson x reader) where grayson finds out that reader use to write fanfics about him and Ethan? And maybe they read some for a video. think it would be pretty funny.

Warnings: None

A/N: Gurrrrrlllll I love me some fanfics! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, but I gave it a shot and I hope you guys like it <3 Requests are open!

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“Okay guys so we’ve done dirty fanficton, reading dirty comments, and now we are going to read just fanfiction, but not just any fanfiction. We have recently learned that Y/N used to write fan fiction.” I could feel my entire soul being pulled from my body. Recently the boys found out I have a tumblr account and asked if I ever wrote about them. Of course I said ‘No!’ But they googled my name and my tumblr was in the few first results. I was sitting in class earlier this week when Gray texted me.

Grayson😊💚: Girl we have a great idea for this week’s video ;)

I did not expect the video would be over my stories over the boys. All they did was made me sit here and watch them read my stories aloud.

“Okay so this one is called Star Crossed Lovers E.D oooo this one’s about me.” Ethan scrolls through his phone while Gray looks over his shoulder.

“Find something juicy E.” Grayson says when he looks up to me. “Y/N where’s the juicy stuff?” Grayson asks which makes me laugh.

“You won’t find anything juicy. I never finished these fics after I met you guys.” I lied. I actually wrote a little bit of juice in the Ethan one but my Grayson one I’m worried they’ll find. It was like 50 Shades mixed with Twilight and it was pretty cringe worthy.

“Ugh Y/N why are you terrible?” Ethan asks as he keeps scrolling.

“Now for those of you guys who don’t know, we met Y/N at Coachella this year. She said she was a fan of us and we thought she was pretty cool. We exchanged snaps and soon we all became really good friends. Found out she lived in the LA area and well here we are.” Grayson says looking to me and smiling. Grayson and I have had a little relationship going on too. Since Coachella we’ve had a snapstreak and he was always my last message before bed. Neither one of us has ever said anything about whatever we had being official, but that didn’t matter because I knew the feelings were there.

“Ah here’s something!” Ethan exclaims. Grayson breaks our contact and turns to Ethan. “‘Ethan what are you doing?’ Molly asked as the giant man pressed her against the wall. ‘What I want to do.’ Just then his gigantic hands pressed my small body against the wall while he kissed me. His lips tasted of cigarettes and mint. A concoction I never thought I would fall in love with.” Ethan and Grayson are in a spit of laughter while I’m trying to hide my embarrassment. Grayson starts coughing from laughing so hard which makes E and I start laughing too. “Wait wait there’s more. ‘I feel Ethan’s hard on press against my shin. He was so big.’” The boy laugh even harder and Grayson even falls out of his chair. I cover my face and cringe so hard. “Y/N gave me a mega dick.” Ethan then looks down at his crotch. “I mean it’s pretty big but not down to your shin.” Ethan then starts laughing again.

“I was 13 give me a break!” I defended and both the boys laughed.

“Oh I found the one about me! It’s called Feels Right GD. Here we go ladies and gentlemen.” Grayson shoots me a wink and starts reading. “Day in and day out it was the same thing. He would call me at 1am wanting me to come over. I always went to his house. Sneaking past his brother who would fall asleep on the couch to go to his room. I was married but he didn’t care. ‘Callie….’ He moaned to me as I softly kissed his neck. This wasn’t who I was meant to be but damn I loved this. I loved the way his fingers would–and that’s enough of that!” Grayson says laughing.

“No keep reading!” Ethan takes the phone from Grayson after we both attempt to protest. “‘Grayson I can feel you hardening against me. I love this, but why do I feel so bad? This is wrong.’ I said as I grinded against Grayson softly. ‘It may be wrong, but it feels so right. I want you to–We are not going to flag this video!” Ethan shouts while Grayson and I both cover our face laughing.

“My girlfriend’s writing is so cute I swear.” As soon as he said what he said he realized what he said. We both popped our heads up in shock and I see Ethan staring us down.

“Excuse me? Girlfriend? What?” Ethan asks us the 40 questions we had been trying to avoid. Ethan gets up and turns the camera off. “How long?”

Grayson and I both exchange looks. “Well I didn’t know we were official until he said that, but we’ve kinda been talking since Coachella.” I answered and Grayson looks at me.

“I just assumed with all the talking that we were official. I mean we didn’t tell anyone about us in order to avoid rumors and questions.” Grayson looks up to Ethan then back to me. “But if it isn’t too much trouble, would you want to be my girlfriend?” He asks making me smile.

“I don’t know. I mean Ethan’s dick touches me shin. That’s pretty impressive.” I said referring to the fanfiction they read which caused everyone to laugh.

“Yeah but my fingers do things just the way you like. Even if it’s so wrong.” Grayson says trying to be seductive which caused me to crack a smile.

“Hey you two I’m going to not listen to that. I’m happy you guys are together but when do you plan to tell the fans? I mean I can edit it out of the video, but then we don’t have much of a video.” Ethan says eyeing the camera.

“Let’s finish reading the fanfics and we can decide. I want to read the The Right Choice one about E and I.” Grayson says and I look to my feet.

“It’s a messy love triangle I will not deny that.” I said which made Grayson smile. “But obviously I made my choice.” I said standing to my feet and walking over to Gray and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“The right choice.” He corrects me. I rolled my eyes as Ethan started rolling the camera again.

“You guys stop being gross. I think we both know I’m the only choice.” Ethan says flexing his muscles. Grayson just laughs while rolling his eyes.

“Let’s see what this one is about. Obviously I won so I mean I know how it ends.” Grayson says laughing while Ethan playfully pushes him. He looks to me and blows me a kiss which I just rolled my eyes.

“Stop being such a dork.” Ethan says making me laugh. 

“Dork with a girl.” He says which made me blush. “A cute girl.”

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Enjonine + "pretend you didn't hear that"

He sings in the shower. Enjolras, super serious president to be (in a few decades anyway), sings in the fucking shower. And it’s not opera either, no. It’s everything cheesy and dramatic, from Taylor Swift to Disney to Adele that one time. 

She shows up for the free concert whenever she can - she lives with him, it’s super easy to be at home when he comes back from a long day of work. And he’s never once caught her at it. She is dying to make fun of him for it, but that would mean he wouldn’t do it again, and to be honest he’s a good singer and his dramatic reenactment of “How Far I’ll Go” was both adorable and kind of doing it for her. 

Yes, she is very aware that she has a problem. It’s called falling for boys who will never love her back. First Marius (ugh, terrible time in her life, terrible idea) and now this! 

It’s a serious problem, especially when she forgets not to think about how naked he is while singing. 

And that’s how she gets caught, face flushed and mind a million miles away when ‘Jolras tiptoes out of the bathroom - wearing nothing but a towel. 

Wow, rude. 

Within seconds, he is blushing more than she is. 

“Please,” he goes straight to begging, “just pretend you didn’t hear that.” 

Right now she is only hearing the pounding in her heart. He is mostly naked, and wet, and he is actually killing her. 

Which is why she is distracted enough to start letting things slip. 

“Can I make a request?” she cannot let this go. “I really like it when you do Moana.” 

So much for not letting him know that she’s heard him sing before and that she has favorites. Way to go, Eponine. 

“Why aren’t you making fun of me?” Enjolras is, of course, suspicious. 

“You’re naked,” she reminds him. 

Fuck, now he’ll probably get dressed. Ugh, having feelings is the worst

“And you’re not telling me to get dressed before I blind someone with my pasty self,” he is almost smiling. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” 

Nerd. Why is she even in love with this dork? Her heart is so freaking terrible at choosing. 

Okay, no actually… He’s been nothing but supportive of her hopes and dreams, he’s been an okay roommate, he actually tries to make her laugh even if he has to make fun of himself to do it. And he’s awfully pretty. And smart, and…

Ugh, feelings

“Feelings?” he asks. 

“Pretend you didn’t hear that.” 

Send me a ship and a prompt and I’ll write you 5+ sentences of fic

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

1. I’m very loyal to people I trust
2. My daughter (who is in 2nd grade) recently made me start doing yoga with her and I’ve been really good at sticking with it and am actually enjoying it now, and I never stick with anything usually
3. I’m very sarcastic in RL (I count this as a pro - my mother disagrees)
4. I haven’t looked up GoT spoilers yet even though I desperately want to. I promised I’d wait until my husband and I could watch together ugh marriage was a terrible idea but go me for self control
5. I’m pretty nice

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Ok now for your LEAST favorite characters and why? (love your answers btw)

This question is actually a lot harder because even if the character isn’t my favorite there is still something about pretty much every character on the show that I enjoy. That being said here are a few exceptions in no particular order.

  1. Drake Lempkey - This piece of shit killed JT for no reason at all. I hope he burns in hell with the likes of Dolores Umbridge and Voldemort. Yes he is THAT evil. 
  2. Damian Hayes - UGH TOTAL TRASH. What kind of scumbag cheats on Emma with Liberty?! I cannot believe Emma never dumped his ass for Sean. 
  3. The Shep - Not only a terrible principle but a terrible human being. NEXT.
  4. Leia Chang - I’ve seen pieces of bread with more personality than her. Such a waste of space. 
  5. Luke Baker - There are few things in life I like less than a hypocrite. This cockroach was claiming how he was a Christian one minute and then sexually assaulting people the next. Such a disgrace. 
  6. Coach Carson - ughhh what a creep. I can’t even begin with how much he disgusts me.
  7. Mrs. Rivas - After the events of Degrassi Next Class, let’s be real you hate her too. 
  8. Dean Walton - UGH. This actor has been in other movies and stuff and I cant even look at him because I just think of Dean and get really really mad.

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Harvey headcanons?

Ugh, the love of my life

  • He went to private school all of his childhood
  • He’s super lactose intolerant
  • He’s honestly a pretty terrible cook, which is one of the reasons-aside from the price of ingredients-that he primarily eats microwave dinners. Once he gets married, he puts a lot of effort into learning to cook better(help him learn too, it’s a great bonding experience), and he’s proud to say that he’s getting a lot better!
  • He dreams to someday be able to buy the tasty, expensive coffee
  • He actually has a huge sweet tooth, but he tends to prefer richer desserts like chocolate cake, brownies, anything that’s sweet but not overwhelmingly so
  • Before he started studying to be a doctor and after he gave up on being a pilot, he wanted to be a pharmacologist. However, he realized that he really enjoyed actively interacting with patients and helping them get better more than he enjoyed the idea of making medicine.
  • He secretly enjoys those cheesy romance novels
  • He owns a vinyl record player, and it’s a nice one too. It was a housewarming gift from his parents from when he moved into Pelican Town
  • When he was younger, he’d help his mother in the garden during the summertime
  • When he was little, he broke his leg climbing a tree because his favourite toy airplane get stuck up way high in the branches and he couldn’t wait for an adult to come get it down
  • He has a younger sister and they were very close growing up. They have a scheduled phone call every Friday morning(and to be honest, she’s getting a little tired of hearing about the cute farmer that moved into town a while back, but she’s happy that Harvey’s happy)

I have a lot more for him, but ofc once I started writing this they all disappeared!!! 

Maybe I’ll make a part 2 to this someday?

walk of shame

Yuuri woke up with a pounding headache. He got out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom door without opening his eyes more than a crack. The sunlight pouring through the hotel window hurt. In the bathroom he collapsed with his arms folded on the toilet seat and dry heaved a few times, but didn’t actually vomit. That was a relief, really; otherwise it would have been twice in three days. He’d vomited from nerves before his free skate.

“Ugh,” he whispered to the toilet, which did not seem to sympathise. Yuuri had no one but himself to blame. He’d probably drunk quite a lot at the banquet? If he couldn’t remember anything, he’d drunk a lot. Yuuri’s tolerance was normally pretty strong. It had to be, because Coach Celestino’s was terrible, and someone had to keep an eye on Phichit.

Well, fingers crossed that Yuuri hadn’t offended any sponsors: though if he had, maybe it didn’t matter, because his skating career was probably over.

Well done Yuuri! he thought miserably.

If it had been over a few weeks sooner he could have gone home and seen Vicchan before the end. Yuuri had spent all that time and all that effort getting to the Grand Prix final only to fail, and fail horribly, in front of his idol. Why hadn’t he just failed sooner? Less waste, less heartache. He should have given up to start with. Then he wouldn’t be here with his head on a toilet seat.

After a few minutes of thinking about that Yuuri realised that if he stayed where he was he was going to get a crying headache on top of a hangover headache, and also that there was only so long you could sit on the floor being sorry for yourself in the brilliant morning sunlight before you started to feel silly. With a great effort he got to his feet and put himself in the shower.

He came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later, scrubbing at his hair and trying to remember where he’d left his glasses. Oh, there, beside the bed. Yuuri was good at identifying glasses-shaped blurs. He wrapped his towel around his waist and put them on.

At exactly that moment the person in his bed sat up, stretched luxuriously, and said, “Good morning, Yuuri!”

“Wh-wh-wh-” said Yuuri.

Victor smiled sunnily at him. He was shirtless - very shirtless! - and his hair was mussed. “You look cute in glasses!” he said. His gaze flicked down to take in Yuuri’s towel, and Yuuri’s dripping wet total lack of anything apart from the towel. His smile got bigger.

Yuuri gave a small shriek and grabbed the nearest bedsheet. He held it frantically against his chest like it would protect him. “Victor?” he said. “Wh - why are you here?”

Victor blinked at him. “You asked me to stay,” he said.

Oh no. Oh no, Yuuri had been very drunk.

“Don’t you remember?” said Victor. “When we got back? You said, Stay, Victor.” He took in Yuuri’s expression and said, “Of course we didn’t have sex!” which made Yuuri feel like all the breath had been taken out of his body. Victor, apparently feeling helpful, explained, “You were too drunk.” Then he winked. “But the day is young!”

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Rfa members reaction to their s/o in labour? (Except for jaehe-)

aaaaaaaaaaa i’m back. These are a little shaky, but I’m getting back into the swing of writing so here ya go. :) Also, ugh, sorry for being gone so long; I’m terrible about being active at times.


  • He’s actually not prepared at all, but he tries to convince his S/O that he is.
  • “How do you feel?” every 10 seconds
  • Literally will not part with his S/O until it is clear that everything is okay.
  • insert ‘pre-parental panic’ moodlet here


  • Not as panicky as Zen, to everyone’s surprise, because he’s thought about this scenario multiple times.
  • gaming pays off because ayy strategy
  • This poor boy is overwhelmed with happiness.
  • Does pretty much whatever it takes to comfort his S/O.


  • He’s the “I read all the books” type of guy.
  • Definitely a perfectionist when it comes to this, but at the same time he’s considerate about his S/O’s needs.
  • He’s surprisingly content??? Because he knows his life with his S/O is just beginning.
  • “jumin we’re not taking elizabeth 3rd with us”


  • incessant dad jokes already
  • Takes every precaution you could think of; he’s ready a week before S/O even goes into labor.
  • He panics for three actual seconds, but then he’s like “alright let’s do this.”
  • He sorta treats the while situation as a special mission, hoping it can calm his S/O a little bit.
Inveigle - Chen

So this one’s inspired off an outline my friend came up with during our little ‘feels war’ and i couldn’t get it out of my head so I had to write it and this has honestly destroyed me OTL why do I do this to myself

(He has a way of capturing you on purpose or non purpose.)

Writing comes easily to you. That’s just how it’s been since the beginning. You grew up rearranging words, structuring them into sentences that rapidly evolved into detailed paragraphs. A few years later after tons of practice, you began developing stories. Your hand feels most comfortable with a pencil tucked in between your fingers.  And when you were gifted your first laptop, you wrote even more.

You’re a writer.

But just as writers have their successful moments and hours upon hours of time spent on forming their stories with consistent flow, there’s also moments when things start going downhill. And unfortunately, you’ve reached this depressing time period.

Writer’s block.

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POT Story

So I want to fill you guys in on my latest POT. 

I’m trying to think of a good nickname for him - perhaps ‘Stage5′ is appropriate HA! 

He’s a foreigner from the middle east and was a former governor for his country. Pretty cool. He came to the US because he didn’t like being in the public eye so much and didn’t like politics. He’s well educated and well versed in business. 

But good God is he unfortunate looking. And a terrible conversationalist. Ugh. It’s like pulling teeth when talking to him because he ‘just wants to stare at me’. I actually almost didn’t give him a chance via his SA message because it sounded so ridiculous. 

He wants the GFE more than an SB - text all day, know what I’m doing, and he prys and prys and prys into my personal life. He got mildly upset because he ‘wanted to trust me’ but can’t do that when he knows that I’m using a fake name because he tried to do a search on me. 

He is married with kids also. 

He did give me $200 on our first date, $500 for my Vegas trip, and another $200 on our last date. We usually just meet up for Starbucks or grab lunch. We haven’t done anything else, but he wants to have dates that are 4+ hours long. 

He said he would send me $500 a week on Fridays. Last Friday I mentioned that I hadn’t received it yet and he was like, well I’ve been having some issues. Hold on. Then he said he would give me cash when we met up. 

We meet up and he was like, I’m not feeling a connection, I don’t want it to end but I just don’t think there is chemistry and I have to think logically. You’re always so busy I need you to make time for me, etc. And then said think it over what you want to do and let me know. And gave me $200 and left. 

So, pissed because that’s $300 short, but I mean 200 is better than 0. And I took a few days to think about it and I’d like it to continue but only if he can follow through. He wants to meet tonight to discuss ‘details’ of everything but sent me this dramatic ass message this morning about how I never responded to his 1 message and he would now have to block me because I obviously blocked him and he wished I would’ve said something blah blah blah. I flipped the script though and was like if you want this to continue I need to be able to count on you. Not cool what you did. 

We will see how tonight goes… fingers crossed. 

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1? 💖

Thank you so much 💕

1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
One of my all time favourites is Pirates Of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I don’t actually remember when I watched it (i was like 6-7), but I must’ve thought it was pretty damn good since that was kind of my first Hardcore fandom! I dressed up as the characters, practiced sword fighting with a stick 3 hours a day (not) and dreamed of becoming a pirate.

I got my best friends at the time to watch it as well, and they loved it as much as I did :D We played it all the time, and even directed our own movie !! ( and I wrote terrible fanfiction ugh) I remember being soo jealous of one of them when they got a pirate hat that looked just like Jack Sparrow’s D: But I got to have it while we played bc she wanted to be Elisabeth anyways. HA. 😎
Long answer but ah good times 💖

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1, 3, 7, 22, 34, 47, 50?

1. Sun lesbian or moon lesbian
Ugh I love the moon and night so much she’s so pretty

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian
Who the actual fuck would choose mediocre waffle fries over the delicious glory of curly fries

7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian
Chinese food is incredible and preferable over literally anything else. Also @thisisnotacatblog can’t use chopsticks and I have to teach them.

22. Champaign lesbian or whiskey lesbian
I’ve only had champaign once and it was terrible. I’m not a big fan of whiskey overall either. I’m a fruity drink lesbian tbh

34. Tarot card lesbian or astrology lesbian
Tarot cards all the way. They’re how I first got into scrying. I haven’t used them in ages because I gave my only set away to one of my friends who’s a baby witch (Your first deck should be a gift)

47. Breakfast club lesbian or princess bride lesbian
Also everything John Hughes has ever done

50. Make her mixtapes lesbian or sketchbooks filled with drawings of her lesbian
Mixtapes, definitely. I love mixtapes and I’m bad at drawing


It’s that time of the year, peeps! The time when I check my Goodreads reading challenge and weep because I have failed miserably yet again :( Also, this has actually been the year in which I read the least amount of books .. double sad face :( :( But it’s not about the number of books but their quality, right? …right?

It’s been a weird year; it went by so fast yet each day seemed to move at a snail’s pace. Nothing extraordinarily good happened, nothing terribly sad either. Just pretty meh, I guess. But I digress (big time, ugh). Let’s talk books!

I read some pretty interesting ones this year, reread others I love and discovered some that have now become my favourites! In total, I read 20 books .. you can check them all out here. I’ll just mention the ones that I think you should totally read because they are lovely:

  • Giovanni’s Room, by James Baldwin. Just, ugh. Beautifully written story. I loved it. Broke my heart a little, but it was worth it.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. So, so good. A truly inspirational and touching story. Cannot believe it took me forever to read it, as it’s been sitting on my shelf for years.
  • Love in the Time of Cholera, by G.G. Márquez. What a ride this book was. Lovely writing. Perhaps a bit too repetitive at times (and oh so creepy at others) but the last 20 pages or so are so, so good.
  • Blindness, by José Saramago. THIS.BOOK. Even though I had to put it down sometimes because the story was just too much to take in, I kept going back to it, devouring page after page until I was done. Then, I was flooded with a million questions, but I guess that was the whole point of the novel .. make you think. There’s a sequel I’m told, “Seeing”, which I’ll be definitely checking out next year.
  • Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler. This book was a thing of beauty. From the illustrations to the writing, I loved it all.
  • And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie. I hit a major reading slump after “Blindness” and couldn’t settle on a new book to read. And that’s when my favourite queen of crime came to my rescue. I read this one some 10 odd years ago..? Yikes. But, yeah. It was a long overdue reread, and I think this time around I enjoyed it even more. Brilliant mystery.
  • La séptima década, by Ricardo Becher. Another reread, another absolute favourite. This is probably the most plotless book I’ve read, but I think that’s where its appeal lies. That and the fact that it has a very distinct Whitman/Bukowski/Kerouac feel to it which never fails to make me swoon. One of the very few books that hardly ever leaves its spot on my bedside table.

WOAH wall of text! Sorry about that, but I’m having book feels. I hope my half-assed blurbs convinced some of you to check these books out. They are good, I promise.

And here’s to a 2014 full of amazing reads! I wish you all the best :)

Get to know me meme: [4/5] favourite tv shows   Fringe

- Most of us experience life as a linear progression… but this is an illusion because every day life presents us with an array of choices… and each choice leads to a new path. To go to work. To stay home. And each choice we take creates a new reality. Do you understand?
- Yes. But what does it have to do with déjà vu?
- Déjà vu is - is simply a momentary glimpse to the other side. Almost everyone experiences it. We feel that we’ve been somewhere before because actually we have - in another reality. It’s another path. The road not taken.

Post-Revolution Headcannons
  • There’s a massive immigration of shells to Earth. Earth isn’t terribly pleased by this at first because “ugh, Lunars”, but how exactly do you say no to the group whose very blood saved you from a horrible death by plague? Also, they’ve been just as heavily victimized by Levana as the Earthens, so that solidarity forms pretty quickly and before you know it, they’re practically Earthens themselves.
  • The aforementioned “ugh, Lunars” attitude doesn’t last long as a whole, actually, because it’s hard to maintain that when the new queen is basically a folk hero on both worlds and the new ambassador is impossible to dislike. There are still pockets of prejudice, of course, but Earth/Lunar relations are vastly improved.
  • The toy companies do make Cinder action figures and they sell so well that soon, there’s a whole line of “Revolution Heroes”action figures. The Cinder and Kai figures sell the best because royalty tends to have that effect. The Winter and Jacin figures come as a set, because no one ever sees them apart on their diplomatic tours. Scarlet’s comes with a pistol accessory. When Thorne’s is first manufactured, his name is spelled as “Caswell” on the packaging, much to his outrage (“If they can spell Ze’ev, why can’t they spell Carswell?!?”) Cress is also outraged, though for different reasons. (”Why is mine so short? I’m not that short! Jacin, if you call me Shortcake one more time…”)
  • Garan’s bioelectricity inhibitor becomes wildly popular, making Adri and Pearl filthy rich. They do what many filthy rich people do and are arrested for tax evasion within two years.
  • There are already betting pools in Earthen casinos placing bets on when there’s going to be an actual Earthen/Lunar marriage alliance. Torin’s got forty univs on date several years in the future.

I love how in every fic Louis is always super good at games and things and Harry’s absolutely terrible…but in reality it’s actually the complete opposite.


hey did u know that i am homestuck trash and my friends and i have fantrolls now bc we have a bootleg portuguese session and we have godtiers and an adventure and everything bc we hella swag yeah ill post the godtiers later but we have them

Cristo: bruh he has the fire voodoo man dude dude dude i like my physical integrity pls i dont wanna be a croquette

Abdiel: are you 2 sweeps old that is not a ‘voodoo’ that is a young boy

these are some of our babies and this is gonna be a readmore ahaha

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