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State 10 random facts about yourself

  1. I’m double-jointed in my elbows and thumbs and I love to show it to people and gross them out
  2. I’ve played the violin for 8 years now
  3. I used to swim competitively but ended up quitting once I finally started getting good at it
  4. I speak Spanish semi-fluently
  5. I’ve never actually travelled to another country but i WANT TO
  6. Every time I’ve ever gone to the beach I collect seashells, and although I try to only keep the very prettiest ones I always think they’re ALL pretty and inevitably return home with an entire ziploc bag’s worth of seashells
  7. I’ve only ever dated one person in my entire life (and it was a short-lived absolute train wreck)
  8. I once met a youtuber while I was at work. I’m also a huge fan of Markiplier and Dan & Phil (as well as some others)
  9. I’ve seen two of the Beatles live in concert
  10. I caught @crankgameplays‘s hat at the end of the first show of Markiplier’s You’re Welcome tour and I’m still not over it (actually me and one other person both caught enough but she was really sweet and let me keep it!) :D

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I love how you disappear for a long time, then all of a sudden, there's a flood of gifs and tears over makoharu and then you're gone again. It's the most tragic of love stories, yours.

Ahhhhh Gomen! I actually started school two weeks ago so I haven’t been able to have a full day online (I have class in like 6 hours today too *cries*) I wish I can properly dedicate to eternal summer and I’ve pretty much blogged about nothing else whenever I got the chance to go online.

I’m pretty shy about sharing my twitter because I’m just gross on there and practically tweet every waking day but you can follow me there or my instagram if anybody misses me or wants to check if I still have a pulse :)

still crying btw

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8, 39, 41 & 42 with Jun please thanks

I have way too much fun with aus like

I lied this is gonna get bullet pointed too it’s so much easier XD

8. Practice room

39. Prince!au

41. “You can’t beat me, Y/N.”

42. “Try me.”

  • So prince!Junhui has effortless charisma
  • And he likes suits and looks hella good in them
  • He’s really forward in the way he talks to people so everyone thinks he’s a massive flirt and playboy but like
  • All the ladies still go fucking weak
  • However he actually isn’t too focused on romance at that moment, spending all his time dancing in his palace dance room instead
  • His friend Minghao is trying to play matchmaker bc the queen wants him to marry and Minghao’s like ‘I’ll handle it.’
  • Minghao is a prince too and like you’ve been close for a while so he brings you up to Jun’s castle and you’re like
  • ‘But Minghao I’m a commoner’
  • So yeah when Junhui sees you suddenly romance shoots to the top of his list.
  • You get to experience his actual flirting and it turns out when he tries he’s kinda awkward
  • You’re a lil cold at first bc you know his reputation
  • That confuses him a bit bc he’s used to people practically fainting in his presence
  • But he would not give up! He’d start conversations about like the weather and this lil plant he’s growing on his window or something to get you to talk to him
  • When you do you realise you have quite a lot in common
  • And he’s not really that much different from everyone else when he’s indoors bc he just loves his dance and martial arts and shit and you’d be like ‘well that is not what I expected at all’
  • But of course you’d be impressed
  • You’d be watching him practice wushu one day and be all
  • ‘Can you teach me a few things?’
  • He’d be all cool on the outside but on he inside he’s all ‘omg this is a chance to be close and like touch her’
  • He’s hesitant at first but he’s actually a great teacher and like you feel ready to kick ass after about 2 hours of learning
  • ‘But Y/N I only taught you the basics…’
  • ‘Oh who cares I feel ready to kill someone’
  • Now you’re getting cocky and caught up in the moment and you’re all ‘hey fight me’ and he’s all ‘tf’
  • ‘You can’t beat me, Y/N.’
  • ‘Try me.’
  • ‘I’ve been learning since I was a small child and you’ve only just learnt a few moves.’
  • ‘Are you scared?’
  • 5 minutes later and you’re pinned on the floor in a rather compromising position
  • ‘Junhui please get off me.’
  • He looks down at you through his hair for a lil bit and then BAM he’s smirking
  • ‘Not until you kiss me.’
  • ‘Wait what are you serious you want our first kiss to be on your practice room floor after a fucking fight?’
  • ‘That wasn’t a fight; I had you down in minutes.’
  • ‘I went easy on you.’
  • ‘What you’ve been learning for a few hours and you’re an expert now?’
  • Then you do kiss him to shut him up and because he’s kinda sweaty
  • You’re kinda like ‘ew’ but you’re also thinking about just how hot he looks
  • And you realise then he isn’t flirty with others but he has fallen for you pretty hard
  • So yeah he kinda just initiates a chill make-out session on the floor 
  • And you feel gross and want a shower but you go along with it bc this hot prince (who is actually a massive dork) is willingly kissing you
  • 10 minutes later you both feel way too gross and sticky to continue but you’re still clingy af with each other like within half an hour you guys have gone from awkward crushes to fucking life partners
  • ‘I need to take a shower’
  • Can I come too?’
  • ‘Omg Junhui stfu’
  • ‘C’mon please?’
  • ‘Fine if you insist’
  • You never had an actual problem with it
  • So like you’re probably the least royal royal couple there is (if that makes any sense at all XD)
  • But it doesn’t matter to you bc you were never a princess and Junhui never asked to be born a prince
  • His mum loves you so like a month after your first kiss and the wushu thing you get married
  • He keeps teaching you wushu after that XD

Hella good what did I say damn

Hope you liked aha I love making aus now XD

-Admin Belle

Tumblr user Ceronero is gross manipulative trash

I’ll go ahead and first say that, im absolutely horrified to make this post. I’ve wanted to for weeks, but im scared if people will actually believe me, y'know? All evidence i have of the incidences im about to share with you are long gone, because having it on my phone gave me too much emotional stress and anxiety, Im just hoping people will trust me on this one.

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