this is actually my friend k

what i gathered ego-wise from that video:

-dr. s saved chase before (meaning he is still alive??), also knows about chases family situation

-dr. s barely, b a r e l y, B A R E L Y, saved jack on halloween, nearly lost him (‘i cant lose you again’, ‘i almost lost you before, i will not lose you again!’

-dr. s considers jack and chase (and possibly the other egos) close friends, aka why im crying in the club

-dr. s has no malicious intent, he just wants to help. before we just saw him as a crazy doctor who doesnt know what hes doing, with no real regard for human life, but in reality, hes actually quite human (‘im trying my best!’, wanting to save jack, being visibly upset when jack dies, etc.)

-anti follows along w the community, knows about 'glitch bitch’, refered to who i assume is chase as 'your favorite boy’

case in point, this video has me s h o o k

Reputation | Richie Tozier

Anonymous said: An IT imagine where reader is Bill’s older sister and Richie has a MASSIVE crush on her. She has a pretty bad reputation ( kinda like Bev, but worse. Like done things with Henry Bowers, etc. ) Plot can be up to you! Just maybe a scene where she’s all sassy and this kinda represents why Richie likes her so much?? Thank you. Love your writing so much!

Richie Tozier x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing.

GIF is not mine.

After the passing of your brother, Georgie, all you ever felt was grief. It followed you like a shadow every where you went. And frankly, you wanted it to piss right off. Over the months that your youngest brother had been missing and - in many eyes - presumed dead, you’d grieved in a way that worked for you. 

You’d heard all the insults before: ‘Whore’, ‘Slut’, ‘Ash-head’, ‘Chimney-breath’. The list went on, and somehow you’d learnt to live with it. Some of the things people said about you were rumours, but majority wasn’t. You were only fifteen, but had gained a name for yourself all over the town. As many would say, the list of the people you’d fucked, the amount of cigars you smoked during the day would cause a brand new pen to run out of ink before the list was even near finished. 

Long story short, you’d gained a pretty bad reputation for yourself over the course of seven months. Although, the person you once were was still there; buried underneath miles and miles of stone walls you’d built around yourself. Only a selected few were able to see this. Those who could be bothered seeing you for who you really were and not the stupid status you’d made for yourself due to the consequences of grief. 

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My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they started to work the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything. He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. He is pretty stressed most of times, but he tries to act nice to everyone. He can be patient but sometimes he can’t help it and losses his temper. He is also very eloquent which makes many girls like him.  And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
The AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge you can check it over here

  • [at 6am when Young K and Jae have yet to sleep and have been discussing who's the most extra in day6]
  • Young K: that's to be interpreted, sir!
  • Jae: i'll cuff your fisties and take that title myself,
  • Young K: what in the actually FUCK-

Take care -Tom Holland

A/N: I’ve had a fucking horrible migrane the other day and I had plans for that day I really looked forward to and I couldn’t do shit. -That was my inspiration for this Imagine. FLUUUUUUUFF!! Enjoy!

“Harrison please go.”,you whined and put your head in your neck looking up to the ceiling.
“You need to get up and get ready. You’ve got three hours.”,he said standing in your doorframe and you shot him a glare over your shoulder.
“Three hours Harrison. I need one. Maybe not even that. What I do need is you to leave so I can finish my study in time so I can get ready.”,you told him and suddenly sneezed after that.

“Bless you.”

“Yes. Bless me.”,you mocked him playfully and he rolled his eyes. You’ve been friends with Harrison since Pre-K. You actually met Tom through Harrison but only later in life. You were 17 when you first met Tom at a pool party Harrison threw. You became good friends with him and after a complicated I-like-you-but-you’re-my-best-friends-best-friend you finally managed to jump over your shadows and became official. That’s been over four years now.
“Alright. Just don’t be late. Tommy is really anxious about tonight. He needs you.”,he said and pulled his hands out of his pockets.
“I know. I won’t. Thanks for the pressure.”, you said and rolled your eyes. Tom asked you to join him on this event which was very important for his career. You’ve always supported him through everything so you said yes. Also you could hang with the avengers cast while Tom was up on stage doing his job. So you wouldn’t be all alone. But eyes would definetly be on you the whole evening. After Tom obviously. You dreaded those close ups they filmed while Tom was on stage but you couldn’t escape that.

An hour and many papers thrown into the bin later, you lifted your arms to stretch your shoulders. You felt a known pain crawl up your spine and looked at the watch on the wall. You still had two hours. You grabbed your phone and let yourself fall onto the bed. Pressure was rising in your head and you felt this sting in your temples. You were about to have the worst migrane. Panick rose in your chest and you got up and closed all the curtains so it was pitch black in your room. You found your way to the bed again and snuggled your head into the pillow. You would sleep for an hour to ease the headache. That should help. And you would still have an hour. You took your phone and wrote Tom a message that he didn’t need to pick you up. You’d go there by yourself which would also buy you time.

As you sent the message an incredible pain shot through your head and you let the phone fall out of your hands and took your head between your palms.

It’s going to be fine. You’re going to be fine. you told yourself over and over again while pressing your palms against your temple. You never told Tom about your migranes because he was never araound when you had them. Also he couldn’t do anything about it, so why tell him.

A second pain shot through your head as if someone was pushing daggers through your eyes and the pressure rose. You winced involuntarily and curled up into a ball. A chill ran down your spine and you snuggled into the bedsheets. You squinted your eyes in pain and tried to focus on your breath.
Inhale. One two three four. Exhale. Three two one. And again.

“Oh god!”, you winced when pain shot through your temples and your whole body stiffened. You couldn’t pick up your phone which was still on Toms chat and you couldn’t cry for help. You couldn’t move at all. You grabbed your hair and pulled at it. The last thing you remember is letting go a surpressed screech before you must’ve fainted.


Tom’s POV:

Tom was pissed. He was absolutely and utterly angry with you. He walked up the stairs to your apartment, every step of his echoing in the hallway. It was past midnight when he was in front of your door and it had been an hour since the event was over. He wrote several messages to you which you seemed to read since the little things in the corner of the message were blue. He had called you but you didn’t pick up any of them. So he had to go alone because otherwise he would have been late. He couldn’t wrap his head around why you would do this to him. He had explained to you how important this was for him.

Tom pulled out the key you gave him for your apartment and he locked the door open and closed it behind him.
It was pitch black in her apartment so he opened the light of the hallway and decided to call her one last time.
He dialled her number and when he heard it ring in her bedroom he absolutely lost it.
“I really don’t know what happened Y/N. But this is really fucked up!”, he growled and stormed into her bedroom. Seeing only her phone light he opened the ceiling light. She winced immediatly and what he saw sent shivers down his spine. She was curled up under the blanket her head between her hands and she wasn’t moving.
“Y/N?”,he said rushing over to her and put his palm on her forhead. She was burning.

“Oh shit.”, he cursed and pulled back the blankets and put his arms under her body to lift her up. She groaned in pain where his cold hands touched her heated skin.
“I know. I’m sorry.”, he apologized and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and her body was saggy in his arms. She didn’t seem to be concious.
“Hey Darling. Open your eyes for me. Come on.”, he said panick rising in his voice and carried her to the bathroom.

You came to yourself when he sat you down on the toilet and held your body steady.
“Can you sit up for me a second?”, he asked you but you weren’t really hearing him. You closed your eyes again and he placed your hands on to the toilet where you could hold on.

Tom pulled your sweatshirt over your head so that you were left in your underwear. After that he put his arm around you and helped you get into the shower. He tried to make you stand but because you were out of power and burning he just closed the shower and opened the water. You were resting against his chest while cold water was raining down on you both slowly cooling your skin. He put his chin on your head and closed his eyes. He was so angry at you ten minutes ago but now he felt like the worst boyfriend ever for not coming in earlier. Stupid event. If anything happened to you he wouldn’t forgive himself ever. After fifteen minutes you started to blink and he exhaled in relief.
“Thank god!”, he sighed and and hugged you even tighter and placed a kiss on your head.
“What-…”, you started but he interrupted you.
“Can you stand for me a second darling?”, he asked you and let go of you a little to test if you could stand.
You nodded slightly and leaned against the shower wall while he stepped out of the shower. You stood for a minute but realized then that your knees were still week and crouched down wrapping your arms around your body.
“I’m cold.”, you whispered with a raspy voice and he moved even faster.
“I know. I’m here.”, he said while stripping off his soaking wet tuxedo until he was also left in his underwear.
He pulled two towels out of the drawer and opened the shower door.
“Come here.”, he said and reached his hand out for you to grab it. You held on to his hand and he pulled you up wrapping you into the towel. You were still very hot but it was better now. He sat you down on the counter and took the blow-dryer out of the drawer and plugged it in. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around your body while he was drying your hair. You were still not really concious of what was happening and he had to keep you steady.
After he was finished he lifted you up again and carried you to your bedroom. He sat you down on the edge of the bed and took some baggy and comfortable clothes out of your closet.

“Are you able to put these on or should I help you?”, he asked but you were not able to even answer.
“Why do I even ask…”,he scolds himself and unwraps you from the towel. He changes your underwear and helps you put on a cozy sweatshirt and some old sweatpants. After that he places a kiss on your forhead and tries to look into your eyes.
“You lay down while I make some chicken soup and bring you some medicine.”, he told you and you let yourself fall into the sheets immediatly. You were about to pull the covers over your body when Tom stopped you.
“Don’t go under the blankets darling.”,he said and put the blankets on the couch near the window.
“But I’m cold.”, you said and the weak sound of your voice made him angry. Angry at himself for being such an idiot.
“You need to cool down. Alright?”,he said and leaned in to give you another kiss on your forhead and put your hair in a ponytail.

“My head…it’s pounding.”,you groaned and curled into a ball.
“I know. I’ll be right back.”,he said and closed the door to your room so you could be in the dark.
Tom prepared the soup and went to your medical aid drawer. When he opened up he saw several painkillers for migranes. His eyes widened and he took all of them out and furrowed his brows.
Six bottles. Five of them marked red. Outdated he read on them and put them back into the drawer. They weren’t outdated because they were off or something. It just wasn’t enough anymore. The milligram doubled with each bottle.

Tom put the painkiller on the tray with the soup and some bred and brought it into the bedroom.
“Y/N?”, he said after opening the door but you didn’t answer. He walked over to the bed and put the tray on the nightstand. He turned on the light next to the bed and saw that you were asleep again. Your brows furrowed in pain, your body stiff and curled up.
He put his hand softly on your shoulder and woke you gently.
“Hey.”, he said and you opened your eyes just a little.

“How are you feeling?”, he asked and helped you sit up.
“Like shit.”, you answered and every word was one too much.
“Eat this. I’ve got you some painkillers.”, he explained and gave you the spoon. You put the spoon back on the tray and took the bottle of painkillers he brought.
“I need the other ones. In the safe.”, you said and put the bottle back and started massaging your temples.
“Okay.”,Tom said and was confused. There were other one’s?
He got up and left the bedroom. He searched for the safe she was talking about and found it.
“The code is 1609.”, he heared you say and typed the code. The safe opened with a green light and he saw another box of painkillers in there. He took it walked back to the bedroom.

“Are you sure you want these? It says it has narcotic effects.”, he said while giving it to you and you cracked a half smile.
“That’s what I’m rooting for.”, you said your eyes still half open and he shot you a concerned look.
“Shouldn’t I take you to the ER?”, he blurted out and you shook your head nearly invisible.
“It’s not my first time Tom. I’ll be fine. These have to be in a safe so no one can use it as they like. And I’m only allowed to use it at emergencies.”,you explained him and he crossed his arms infront of his chest, still feeling uncomfortable with the situation.
“Is it-…an emergency?”, he asked and sat down next to you.
“I fainted. I guess that counts.”,you joked half heartedly and squinted in pain right after.
“Alright. Eat your soup. Take your medicine.”,he said and took the spoon into his hands. After making you finish the soup he gave you a glas of water for the painkiller.

“Sleep well.”,he said kissing your forhead and covering you with a thin blanket to controll your fever.
He turned the light off and was about to close the door when he heard your voice.
“I’m sorry.”,you whispered. His heart broke into million pieces when he heard your tired and weak voice.
“I love you. Now go to sleep.”, he said and closed the door.

He didn’t sleep the whole night at all. You didn’t wake up once. You slept through and he came every fifteen minutes to check on your fever. Finally he decided to stay in the room so he wouldn’t disturb you while coming in constantly. He sat down on the floor and leaned against the bed. The last time he touched your forhead it felt nearly normal and it was 6:57. The last time he looked at the clock it was 7:12. He crossed his arms infront of his chest and leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Only to rest them for a couple of minutes. At least that’s what his second last thought was. His last was that he loved you more than anything.


You woke up to the sun shining into your bedroom slightly dimmed through your curtains. You put your hand on your forhead and felt no heat radiating from it. Your migrane was gone but you felt sore. Like you had a couple of drinks too much last night. You sat up and leaned onto your elboy. You catched a bunch of brown locks in the corner of your eye and turned your head to your right. There he was. On the floor, his head weirdly tilted leaning against the bed, his hands in his lap, mouth slightly agape. You smiled at this picture and you felt warmth rise up in your chest. You got out of bed and walked over to him.

“Hey, stranger.”,you said and put your palm against his cheek and stroked it gently with your thumb. His eyes flattered open and he looked really confused.
“Oh god.”,he groaned while sitting up and rubbing his neck.
“Why’d you sleep on the floor?”, you asked and helped him get up.
“I didn’t want to disturb you.”, he said while stretching his limbs.
Remembering last nights events you stepped forward and pulled him into a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry Tom. I really thought I would make it in time. Thank you for everything. You can be angry with me.”,you said into his chest and he chuckled.

“Don’t apologize, love. I’m glad you’re well again.”, he said and placed a kiss on your temple.
“You want to repeat the shower thing from yesterday? Without any clothes.”,you smirked and looked up at him which made him chuckle again.
“You need to have breakfast first. And then we’ll see.”, he said and you pouted.

But this was what your relationship consisted of. Mutual respect and love. You took care of each other no matter what it took.

Spider-Man WHAT?! (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)(slight smut)

Hey guys!!! I hope you guys enjoy this one, it’s an idea I’ve had for a while now. This is kind of a strange prompt, but hopefully you guys like it and support my weirdness (because let’s be real, I’m always getting weird). This is another slight smut (I think these are becoming my favorites to write 😂). The song mentioned in this is ‘Spider-Man D-ck’ by Cupcakke. She has another song called ‘Deepthroat’ that’s pretty funky too. These songs are things me and my friends laugh about. I laugh every time I hear either of these songs. Seriously 😂. Anyway, don’t forget to leave requests and things in my inbox! I would love it if you did. I love you guys!!! Hollanders for the win <3 (P.S. I’m about to fly alone for the first time so wish me luck especially because I have almost two hours before I board :( (Curse my need to be early).
- Xoxo K


Warnings: Peter and reader get into kinda smutty territory, but nothing too intense. Actually scratch that, after reading it again I’d say it’s kinda intense. It’s kinda like the “gives you special feels” fan fiction if you know what I’m talking about… Basically smut on training wheels if that makes any sense 😂 (Just like Peter and the training wheels protocol) Also, some swearing.


It was just like any other day. Peter came over to the tower to hang out with you and the other Avengers. Only, you were off doing your own thing at the moment. You were up on your floor of the tower listening to music and texting your friends from school. You and your friend, Laura always liked to find really weird songs and send them to each other (I do this with my friends. If you know any, send me some, I’ll love you forever) and that’s exactly what you two were doing now. During this exchange strange but hilarious songs, you found one in particular that caught your eye while you were scrolling. You just couldn’t help but listen to it. The song was so sexual and so hilarious, you just couldn’t help it. You paused your music and picked up your phone, taking off towards the elevator while laughing your ass off. When you reached the floor of the common room, everyone was either talking with each other or watching whatever was on the TV. As soon as the doors opened, everyone stopped to look at you. I mean, you were basically gasping for air and tears were streaming down your face. “I-” you started, still laughing. “I-I Just found the FUNNIEST song on this planet.” You said finally, still laughing. You moved over to the counter top in the kitchen area and took a seat on one of the high stools, setting your phone down on the cold marble surface. Everyone looked at you funny, but moved quickly over to where you were. Peter sat next to you at the counter, and rested his chin on your shoulder when you pressed play. Everyone’s faces quickly showed confusion as the song started. You skipped over the intro and right to the beginning of the lyrics. “the dick connected to my walls like it’s Spider-Man” Peter immediately lifted his chin up off of your shoulder, and a blush rose to his cheeks as the lyrics continued. “My saliva don’t dry up even by a fan” Peter was completely shocked by now, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “You got me caught up in yo web, you my Spider-Man” You were laughing your ass off even more by now. Tony, Sam, and Clint soon joined you in your fit of laughter. Natasha looked slightly entertained and slightly concerned, as did Wanda. Vision and Thor just looked flat out confused, while Steve shook his head trying to suppress a small smile. You pressed pause on the song and turned to wrap your arms around Peter in a sloppy hug. Resting your head on his shoulder, you sighed happily. Tony fought through his laughter to speak. “D-don’t…” Tony started, still trying to fight through his laughter. “Don’t sweat it too much, Parker.” Tony said. Peter looked up at Tony, expecting some kind of reassurance from the embarrassment. “Yeah, Pete.” You said in response to Tony. “Just some girl who made a song.” Tony looked towards you. “Hey Y/N, maybe you should write your own song about Spider-Man’s dick” Tony said, laughing. “I mean, after all, you’re the only one besides him who knows what it can do…” Tony said gesturing to Peter. You unwrapped an arm from Peter’s torso and hit Tony on the shoulder. Peter’s eyes widened and his cheeks tinted an even deeper shade than before (if that was even possible). You brought your arm back to Peter’s body. You run your hand down his muscular chest, stopping to circle your index finger over his abs. You felt Peter tense slightly as you leaned your head on his shoulder once more, finger still circling his muscular midsection. Clint, Natasha, and Steve left to go train by now and Thor and Vision had already left to go do their own thing. It was just you and Peter now… and Tony and Sam, but they were engaged in their own conversation so you two assumed they wouldn’t hear you if you whispered. “What are you doing?” Peter whispered to you. You looked up at Peter with innocent eyes. “What ever do you mean, darling?” You whisper back. Peter looks at you with stern eyes before looking straight ahead, trying to ignore your fingers working so close to his most sensitive area. You realize what he’s trying to do and move your hands lower until you feel his hand grab yours. Your head snaps up and your eyes lock with his. “All this talk about your manhood,” You say, looking down at his growing bulge. “Has got me all… hot and bothered.” You say seductively, biting Peter’s ear lightly. You feel him shudder pleasurably and you smirk. “You know what?” Peter starts. You pull away from his ear and give him a raised eyebrow in response. “I’m going to make everyone hear what this 'Spider-Man dick’ can do to a girl” Peter says through gritted teeth. “I’m going to give it to you so hard-” Peter cuts off as he sees Sam and Tony staring at you and him from across the counter. Tony looked almost traumatized. “WHAT THE FU-” THE END

Imagine Jensen confessing he accepted a role in a movie because he knew you, his celebrity crush, were in it.

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

“And here we are with the star of the movie, Jensen Ackles!” the woman grinned as Jensen did the same at her “Jensen, it’s so great to see you here! Tell me, how does it feel to be on the big screen after all this time in Supernatural?”

“Wow it is certainly… weird, I must admit. I mean I was and still am so used to the Supernatural family that I had a hard time processing it when I got asked for this movie, I almost asked them if they had the wrong number and wanted to call Ryan Gosling or something but no- they insisted they wanted me!” he laughed, shaking his head as you smiled behind the camera. Seeing as your own interviews were over about half an hour ago you decided to hang out behind the cameras to watch your co-star and… more than just that, have his own last interview.

“But I think everybody will agree to hear and see that you actually accepted it, right?”

“Well, my friends and family really were. I was so glad that above all I didn’t have to stop Supernatural for some time or anything, we managed to make it all work; because I honestly could not say no to this movie! There were so many things that made me say the big yes, but above all it’s Blade Runner who would say no to this role?” he laughed softly and the interviewer nodded her head.

“Agreed, and I think everybody was very pleased to see that you indeed were the best choice for Officer K to the point that they want more than just one movie now. Tell me, though, if you could pick the three top reasons that made you take the role: what would they be?”

“Uhm well, in no particular order I think one would definitely be me being a huge geek when it comes to Blade Runner. I’ve been a really big fan of the first one since I was a kid, you’d have no idea!” he chuckled “Another one would definitelybe the amazing cast and crew. Getting to work with such amazing directors and Harrison Ford himself is a dream coming true and something that really made me want to jump at the opportunity the moment I heard it!”

“That would seem as a good reason too, yeah. And one more?”

“One more, oh.” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I- I think I’m going to regret saying this, out loud that is but uhm-” he cleared his throat “Alright I’m just- I should say it quick and without waiting so-”

“So?” she asked “Your main reason I’m guessing would-”

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, cutting her off and her eyebrows shot up. She giggled as Jensen laughed nervously.

“(Y/n), wow that is something I… didn’t expect to hear and now- now I am intrigued. Do tell more?” she insisted and Jensen laughed nervously.

“Oh gosh, time to turn this into fifty shades of red.” he cleared his throat “I- I mean, have you seen her? There is no way I’d pass a movie when I found out she’d be my costar!”

“Costar and a lot more in the movie actually.” she said with a smirk and Jensen laughed, shrugging.

“Guilty” he shook his head “Point is, I know I am her biggest fan and I can fight anyone that dares to claim different, those scenes were just… an extra bonus.” he laughed “It would be a dream to be in a movie with her and- honestly? That was the first and main reason as to why I said yes.”

“So you’d say she’s your celebrity crush?”

“I would actually but-” he glanced around “Just because she always finds her way around here somehow I am going to refer from that because I won’t hear the end of it.”

“But you’ve become great friends, haven’t you? And you’ve only knows each other for what- two years now?”

“Uhm well, I’m going to be honest: it’s longer, much longer than just that. We- we met back in the beginning of Supernatural actually. I- I can’t remember why she was there during season 1, and neither does she, but yeah- we go way back.” he grinned nodding his head.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised something like this has slipped the fans’ radars considering how much of a buzz there isaround you two lately!”

“Trust me, that I know! Jared must be the number one shipper, that I am sure about!” he leaned back in his chair “And he sure as hell finds every possible way to tease me about (Y/n) whether I am talking with her on the phone, skype or just texting. He’s just found his new favorite hobby that is most certain!”

“I’m sure he has a lot of fun with that! But uhm let me ask you something else too: Seeing as your character actually proposes in the very end to (Y/n)’s character, do you think – being single for so long – you would ever take this step and with who?”

“Taking this step hm. Uhm well, honestly first I would really have to find the one-” he chuckled, glancing at the camera where he had spotted you from before and grinned “-uhm yeah, done already I think. There are a lot of things that need to be in a relationship especially if someone wants to spend the rest of his life with another.”

“Would you? I mean as I said you’ve been single for very long, do you think you could make it? Leave all you have for something unknown actually.”

“Well, it really depends on how I’d feel for the person and how they too would respond to be honest. But you know, if they’re the one- I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life for them.” he shrugged, this time completely serious and only a soft genuine smile on his face.

“So this… one you found, because you said it don’t think I didn’t catch that-” she smirked pointing a finger at him as he laughed “Do you think she’d be the one? And no vague answers here, Mr Ackles because all these years of hunting have rubbed off on you and you are still avoiding to answer.” she narrowed her eyes at him and Jensen looked at you laughing as you grinned at him.

“I am not!” he raised his hands in the air “But if you so want an answer, ask her to walk in!”

“Ask who?” she looked around.

“The answer, obviously.” you said with a smirk as you made your way around the cameras to your costar and wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind as you kissed his cheek.

“The answ- oh!” her eyes widened as hiding your face in the crook of his neck you raised your hand to show her the classic diamond ring on your finger.

“He’s a sap.” you chuckled, as he kissed the side of your head.

“Just the best for my fiance!”

Värvet pod with Bill Skarsgard.

Bill Skarsgard, 27 years old and already spot on as an actor. It’s not news that Bill Skarsgard is a flaming hot name in Hollywood. Now he’s on the big screen in over 70 countries worldwide. He has walked the old path to a great career, from smaller jobs that developed into bigger ones. Bill has before IT gotten smaller attention in the media. He’s born 1990, fourth child of Stellan Skarsgard. It’s been seven years since his debut in Simple Sinom and Behind blue skies. In 2013 he got his first international role in Hemlock Grove. He’s in Sweden to promote his new upcoming movie IT.

Kristoffer: Talk.

Bill: Hello, Hello, can you hear me?

K: Yes I can hear you perfectly.

B: Little to good maybe.

K: You’re good.


K: Where are we?

B: We’re at The Grand Hotel.

K: Yes that’s right, how are you?
B: I’m good,very good. I currently at my third cup of coffee for the day.

K: Well, now you’ve been acting for such a long period of time, yet you’ve only had this amount of attention these past 4 years.
B: I don’t think I’ve ever had this amount of attention before. It a new feeling however ti’s a movie that’s got a worldwide interest which is a rather odd feeling.

K: How does it feel, I mean it’s a part of your job?
B: It’s surreal. So many people interested in the movie, for example Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson the muscle guy in Fast and Furious posted a picture of Pennywise and wrote that it was his favorit movie, the directors and actors are great and that Bill Skarsgard is a great Pennywise. It’s absurd since he got over 90 Million followers. Plus the movie is out now in the US.

K: Do you enjoy it? The attention.
B: I don’t know. I like the experience, it’s fun and all that yet I can’t say I’m someone who enjoys or finds it necessary to get all the attention. I like to separate my private life and my professional acting life. Like I don’t have the need for Twitter and Instagram.

K: Yet you’re active on social media right?
B: No.

K: So you have other people doing it for you then?
B: No, there’s no one doing that or what do you mean?

K: Because I’m following you all those platforms you just mentioned. Or I thought I did.
B: Really? But no, that’s not me. I know that there’s is Twitter accounts that claiming to be me and then there’s fan accounts but they’ve made it very clear that they’re only fan accounts. However I’m not so sure what to do about that. I’ve thought about creating an account so people would know the truth like even you believe that those accounts were real.

K: Okay because it says ’Sorry for being so bad at posting here, I’m using my Instagram more’ which makes it rather believable.
B: I think it’s rather creepy. *Laughs*

K: For me it’s huge that you been sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel as a guest, how did it feel?
B: Absurd. I thought what am I supposed to do on an american talkshow for the first time. Who am I supposed to be? That nice, relaxed and perfect actor, being THE moviestar or that awkward, mystical artist. It’s the question about who you present yourself to an audience. Beforehand I had some ideas. Who are you supposed to be infront of an audience at Jimmy Kimmel. I was told a few week before that I was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel and got terrified, fun and surreal. As time passed I got calm since being on Jimmy Kimmel is just like doing any other interview I do all the time. However not to make this story longer than it has to be I got there and they guided me into this greenroom with my agents and managers to get ready. As I’m getting ready there’s this screen with the show on so I’m sitting there, getting my make up ready and Jimmy suddenly said ’Tonights guest is Bill Skarsgard from IT’. When I heard that it was such a bizarre feeling, like there’s one of those glitches in Matrix, he’s not supposed to say my name. Then someone walks inside and says that it’s my turn before guiding me into this room which is not bigger than a wardrobe with a big door. They explain to me what’s going to happen, that Jimmy will say a few things before the door opens before they leaved me alone in there. However I think they did that a little too early since I probably stood there for about 2 minutes as the show is ongoing outside that big door. When I finally walked out and me Jimmy for the first time I wanted to say that ”This feels like a glitch in Matrix” however he just says ”Hi you’re from Sweden how’s that?” and I’m just like ”Ehm, yeah it’s good,” which made him smile. Then I realized that I have no control over this what so ever, all I need is to keep up with him thought out the interview.

K: So you didn’t know what he would say beforehand?
B: Yes, before meeting him I had a smaller interview with the team and project leaders told me that Jimmy would talk about my Swedish origin in the beginning.

K: Then the question is, which Bill Skarsgard did we see on Jimmy Kimmel?
B: I have to say myself. When I had thought about it, it felt better to just be myself. I didn’t feel like being someone I’m not. Yet it’s a pretty deep question who you are when you really think about it.

K: Now you’ve been working over there for about five years now, I know that when you first got there you got a language coach. As a guest on Jimmy Kimmel, did you feel nervous about letting your Swedish tongue slip through?
B: No, I’ve been over there for such a long time now. I think I’ve even reached that point where it feels easier to express myself in English than in Swedish or at least it takes some time to switch to Swedish when I return home. As I said it’s because I’ve been there for such a long time, I have been doing a lot of interviews, jobs and not to mention I have very close friends there as well.

K: Amazing, I actually spoke to a close friend that moved to New York and told him that he’s like a whole new person when he’s speaking English. When he speaks Swedish he this very self-contained which is the total opposite when he’s speaking English, then he’s all flirty and such.
B: Really?
K: Yes
B: Did you notice that or did he tell you?
K: I noticed it yet I don’t know if he agrees with me. So my question is do you feel like you’re different when you’re speaking English?
B: I don’t think so. Swedish people are one of the best English speakers from non english speaking countries, as well as Holland. Like you don’t have to learn Swedish to talk to a swede, you can speak English to anyone. However when you’re in a country or in a group with English as their native language then you might feel a little restrained since you can tell jokes in the same way and when you try to tell a story or so it get’s all confusing. For me I had that feeling when I was younger however I think I’ve developed so much and I don’t feel restrained when I’m speaking which is amazing.

K: Have you listened to Värvet before?
B: A little yet I don’t listen a lot on radio. You do podcasts as well right?
K: This is a podcast.
B: See, I can’t tell.

K: I usually got more time to interview my guests so let’s get to it. You’re Pennywise in IT, this might sound odd, but is Pennywise a main character?
B: Ehm.. I wouldn’t say that. I am the titel roll, but the shark in Jaws is not the main character (In Swedish is: Hajen in Hajen.)
K: The shark didn’t won an Oscar.
B: Or the T-rex in Jurassic Park. I’m doing the iconic character but no the main.

K: Your career in America has gone by fast, how do you feel about it?
B: No, I don’t know if I feel that way. The first international project I ever did was Hemlock Grove over five years ago. I’m 27 now so five years is a pretty long period of time. I’m a whole new person now than I was back then yet I won’t be a new person in five years. The age 22-27 there’s a log going on and you develop as a human being. So my career since my first job till now have been a long one.

K: The most difficult times?
B: In life or?
K: These years, but yeah sure.
B: I don’t know. When I first read the scrip to Hemlock Grove I loved the pilot. I thought that it would be an interesting project with a script I loved, the words were amazing and the writer whose one of my best friends today. However I didn’t know him then. Sadly I got to see what the industry can do to a project. It didn’t develop in the direction I thought it would, there was a lot of politics surrounding it. It was rather odd for me because when you work with movies or series, in Sweden you have a director who’s written the script him/herself and is fully in charge. In the end of Hemlock Groveit felt like no one or everyone were in charge. Then suddenly they changed the writer and practically everyone else before season 2-3. It went from a character I loved to someone who said things I didn’t like and the story was not what I expected. The last year in Toronto with a temperature about 20 below zero. I’ve never faced such a chilly climate and I’m from Stockholm, however then it felt like my character where in the hands of others. As the result of that I lived a very destructive life with Landon who also starring in Hemlock Grove.

K: You’ve said that before, living destructively, what do you mean? Drugs and alcohol?
B: Well, the destructive part is that you don’t care for yourself. Some people might never leave the bed but I’m not like that. I got myself into destructive relationships in one way or another. I wouldn’t call it depression since it’s something completely different and way more serious. Maybe more aggression. Yet when I look back those years were very formative for me. I got a lot of experience about the industry, everything behind it, politics and how I react to it. I wouldn’t change it for anything.
K: Yet you’re not proud of the outcome of the product?
B: People like the series and it got some charm to it. A few things are nice yet for me it’s more about my own personal journey. The series were based on a book I liked, then people who shouldn’t be involved with the creative process joined the production.
K: Then you shouldn’t work with advertising, that happens everyday.
B: I can see that.
K: You said you didn’t do anything else after that for about six months.
B: Correct.
K: How do you feel about that?
B: I don’t know. As an actor you get a lot of free time, between jobs you’re unemployed. I like free time when you got a job but I dislike being unemployed since I don’t know when or if I’m getting my next job. It’s rather stressful.

K: How do you deal with that?
B: I don’t know. I’m trying to keep myself occupied, trying to develop my own things.
K: Are you writing something on your own?
B: Yes, I’ve started recently since I find it rather intriguing. I don’t like the passiveness in being an actor, you always rely on other people thing about you. It makes you feel helpless which I don’t like. That’s why I want to create things on my own. Now I need to find a script I like, then I have to fit to the script to get a chance to go to an audition so I can try to convince them that I can do it.
K: Can you say anything about what you’re writing?
B: Yes, I’m writing a script to a short film. I’m taking small steps to get to where I want in the future, to direct as well.
K: I wanted to avoid to talk about your family, however it feel like you’re the only one doing that out of everyone whose acting.
B: No, Gustaf and Alexander has written and even directed a few things.
K: Oh sorry for my lack of information.
B: Everyone has different needs. My father has never directed even if I think he would be amazing at doing so but he doesn’t have that need.

K: You’re literally the it actor now. How do you managing with that?
B: I’ve got one agent and manager in the US. They are very good at doing business over there. I only pay my agents when I’ve been given a job. They are extremely good at their job, woking to get the job, build an interest around me, making sure that job open other doors to more interesting productions for me.
K: What are you aiming for?
B: I want my acting to become something I can work with my whole life. I don’t want to end up at Marvel, DC or the other popcorn movies. I don’t have an interest in that. I want to establish myself, work with interesting and inspiring parts. What’s motivating me is opening new doors and meet new people.

K: Are you allowed to tell what you earn with a movie like IT?
B: Ehm no… Well I’m allowed to but I don’t like to talk about it.

K: I have to say that I know a certain child who accidentally stumbled upon the IT trailer which has given me a few sleepless nights.
B: And how did this certain someone see it?
K: On YouTube.
B: Did you show it?
K: No, he/she found it.
B: You have to be careful. You can say you’ve met me and that it’s not real.
K: Before he/she went to bed I said that IT lives in the US and that it’s not real before asking what sounded more reliable and got the answer that it wasn’t real.
B: That’s good.

K: We talked about language. I think its difficult to tell when for example Swedish shines through in the accent, it only happens a few times that I notice it. Is it easier to act on English in productions? Now since you gotten more used to the language.
B: First of all it’s more difficult to act when you don’t fully master the language. I will never be able to speak a language as good as the one with the language as their mother tongue. In Swedish you can quickly hear when it’s false or if it sounds strange, stressed words. The better you master a language the better you are able to deliver the lines. Yet you can deliver a line perfectly however the melody or how you say it can destroy it. Sometimes when people from english speaking countries watch Swedish movies they can say ”That was a good actor,” because they can see the feeling behind the lines they don’t understan.
K: Maybe that’s why Wallander has reached such success internationally even if Krister Henriksson isn’t proud over the movies.

K: What are you doing at the moment?
B: Filming for Hulu. I don’t think we got Hulu in sweden, the big companies are Netflix, Amazon and Hulu and probably in that order as well. Hulu made The Handmaiden’s Tale which was viewable on HBO Nordic. However the series is called Castle Black and Stephen King is exclusive producer.
K: He likes you.
B: *Laughs* At least the ones behind the project likes me. However Castle Black is a city that’s reoccurring in King’s books. I’m not allowed to say anything yet there’s a new story in each season and I’m in the first one. I’m leaving on Monday for Boston. It’s a fun, interesting character and different from what I’ve done before but it’s still a scary theme.
K: Typecasting, does that ever worry you?
B: I don’t know. I think as an actor you need to work against your type, making sure you’re not working with the same thing over and over, to get new challenges. With that said I like dark characters, stories which I have nothing against. It inspires me.

K: Have you met Stephen King?
B: No.
K: I saw an interview with him where he says that he liked you as IT.
B: Yes, he likes the movie which it rather unusual since he’s rather difficult to impress. If he likes something, he will say it. If he doesn’t like something he will say it. But for him to say that he likes it means very much for everyone involved.

K: In previous interviews you’ve said that you don’t have a home. Do you?
B: No.
K: What do you want right now?
B: My girlfriend and I are looking for places in Stockholm right now even if I probably won’t be there as much. I don’t own anything and I never had so it’s about time. Stockholm will always be my home even if I live somewhere else.

K: Do you want to recommend something?
B: I’ve been listening to Sam Harris podcast named The Waking Up Call. There are interesting guests and you will enjoy it if you like politics, science and essential issues. I don’t agree with everything he says but there are good discussions.
K: Who do you think I should interview on Värvet?
B: I’m not good at this… I don’t know.
K: It’s okay, I need to take a picture with you know before time is up. Thank you so much for this interview.

I translated this interview/podcast rather quickly. I tried to pick up everything. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, english is not my native langue so I apologize for any grammatical errors. I’ve never done this before either!

I showed my friend Ouran High School Host Club...
  • friend: wait this reminds me of Boys Over Flowers
  • me: they're the same genre. it's called reverse-harem anime, I think.
  • friend: do all reverse harem anime have the same plot
  • friend: because it's like
  • "oh no DUMB PRETTY BOYS"
  • "they are actually ok"
  • "oh no this specific one is actually nice"
  • "and so is this one"
  • "nO"
  • that's how I imagine it going in my head
  • me: that's actually very accurate
BTS Reaction #28 - The other members are being clingy with his girlfriend and he wants them to give her space

@ignitedminds27 asked: Bts reaction to other member being clingy with their gf and they want to tell him to give her some space.

warning: so much sass is in this post. So. Much. Oh and also, there’s foul language in this post too~

Seokjin: He’s the type to scold his members when they do something impolite or wrong. When he got pissed enough at you being too close to another member he would be all jealousy and sass.

He would get in-between you two with an “Excuse me?! What you doin?! Give Y/n some space, okay? Rude.”

Originally posted by yoongiski

Yoongi: He’s another one to say whatever is on his mind and he will not hold back AT ALL.

So, when you and Hoseok were cooking together and he decided to show you how to cut onions by back hugging you and placing his hands over yours to help you handle the knife, he got freaked out and blew up on him.

“Bitch back TF up. Y/n is my girlfriend so give her some space. You can be friends, but all of this,” he’d gesture to Hoseok hugging you tightly, “is too much. Hoseok you can’t even cook that well.”

Originally posted by pochoseok

Hoseok: You were trying a new dance and failing at it, so Jimin stepped in to help you. Things got a little heated though when he got too close to you during the hip thrusting part of the song.

“Jimin. Kindly back away from Y/n and give them some space before I thrust my foot up your ass. okay? k, thanks!”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon: /is this actually happening right here before my very eyes?/

You were watching a scary movie, sitting in-between Namjoon and Hoseok. Hoseok started getting scared but instead of hugging Taehyung on his other side, for some reason he chose you to hug. When he buried his face in your neck though Namjoon stepped in.

“Yah! Hyung! Don’t forget Y/n is my s/o okay? You’re going to make them uncomfortable.” (he’s the one uncomfortable tbh but he’d make that excuse)

Originally posted by comeherejimin

Jimin: Passive aggressive and insecurity. He’d glare at you and Taehyung holding hands and skipping across the park, sitting sullenly on a bench. you two ended up even spinning in circles while hugging and falling down on each other. He’d stay on the bench until you looked at him and just saw how pissed he was.

“If you two are so happy holding hands like that in public, maybe you two should be the ones dating.”

You’d assure him that it was nothing but he’d end up rolling his eyes and it would take some convincing and a lot of apologies to make up for you being so mushy with Tae like that.

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Taehyung: He was fine until you and Jungkook got so carried away in conversation that you weren’t even trying to include him anymore. You ignored all his comments, absorbed in your talk with Kookie. It got to the point where he got really hurt because you started talking over him and he was completely left out.

He slowly would give up and pout in the corner until you noticed him missing.”

“wow. I’m so flattered that you finally noticed that I was gone. I thought you and your other boyfriend would just ignore me forever.”

Originally posted by ciutae

Jungkook: Seokjin was motherly towards you just as much as he was with Jungkook. Kookie knew this, but it still stunned him to see Seokjin pick your legs off of the coffee table and say “Here, if you want to rest your legs on something then they can lie over mine. The coffee table is a no-feet zone”

He would just stare at you two in shock, unsure what to do.

Finally, he’d just quietly say : “Um you know you can rest your legs over mine too, right? I am your boyfriend…”

If he gets jealous enough though be ready for the cold shoulder, he’s still slightly immature so he’d pretend you didn’t exist for a while and pretend he didn’t hear you speak.

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A/N: thank sfor your request dear!! I loved how sassy they all would be (in my opinion lmao) xD they’d be butt hurt for SURE


pairing: namjoon x reader

summary: high school is hard enough without the drama of having a popular brother. but it becomes even more complicated when you happen to have a crush on his best friend.

details/genre: high school au, brother!seokjin, fluff, kind of badboy!bts

word count: 3.4k (i worked really hard on this!)

Originally posted by bangthebae

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practicing Poses™ and got carried away

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 3

I’m alive… There were too many things this month, I can’t believe we’re already halfway through. Anyway, finally, here’s the full translation of the choreography commentary from the BD/DVD vol.3. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo, as usual. This time it’s Minami’s FS, Phichit’s SP, Leo’s SP and Chris’ SP. More programs so of course it’s longer than usual.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Translation under the cut since it’s twice the usual length.

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  The reader made a pact with Dean and Sam to meet up on a special date.  Do the brothers keep their word?

Word Count:  2821

Warnings:  Shower smut, language

This for @winchester-writes Birthday Drinking Challenge.  I chose Four Roses Bourbon and the prompt: “Can you help me take a shower?” (I played with the wording slightly. 


Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


“Happy birthday to me,” you say with a sigh as you sit on the edge of the bed and flip through the shitty basic cable programming on the motel TV.

The knock at the door pulls you out of your pity party. Cautiously, you pull back the curtain. As soon as you see who is at the door, you pull back the deadbolt and throw it wide open.

“DEAN!” You throw yourself into his arms. The elder Winchester laughs as he wraps his arms around you tightly. Pulling back from his embrace, you tilt your head to look up at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Did you think I’d forget your twenty-first birthday?” he says.

God, it’s good to see Dean. Really fucking good. Until you saw, you’d hadn’t realized just how much you’d missed him. You peer around his shoulder, looking expectantly for his brother.

“Sorry, kid. It’s just me,” he says apologetically.

“What? No, I’m so glad you’re here! Come in,” you say, stepping back. Dean steps in, surveying your current digs.  

“Are you hunting alone?” Dean asks with concern, you can hear it in his voice.

“I can handle myself,” you retort, automatically falling back into the role of younger kid, Dean was always the oldest. He was the one who told you and Sammy what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You were the one that argued with him, the defiant one, the one who questioned his orders.

“No, hey,” Dean replies. “I know you can. Let’s not - I’m here to celebrate. Whaddya say we grab some dinner and I buy you your first legal drink?”

“I’d say it’s fitting, since you’re the one who gave me my first illegal drink,” you tease.

Dean laughs. “Oh yeah, that’s right. You still a lightweight?”

“Let’s find out,” you say, throwing him a wink.

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A very short shorts

…god I need more time for studying and social media. More time on social media.

Studio AU - @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

The AU I was thinking about while writing some of this - @smol-sinner-artist

Quest AU - @thebbros

I hope this isn’t copyright, my friend told me some of this. If she got this from social media, sorry. Someone tell who actually did the joke.


Cup: Fu*k you.

Bendy: Go ahead.

Cup: What?

Bendy: What?

Me: *Spams delete button* 


Seth: *Busy snapping stalkerish pics of Bendy and Cup*

Me: Dude.

Cendy and Bendystraw fans: *Also snapping pics*

Me: You guys are everywhere.


Boris: …

Cup: …

Bendy: …

*All stares intensely at bottle*

Bendy: My turn. *Flips bottle*

*Perfect flip*

Bendy: YESSSSS! *Sticks hand out*

Cup: Ugh…*Passes two bucks*

Bendy: Twenty bucks, new record!

Boris: Let’s play again!


Me: Midget spinner…?


Seth: You’re fit to be one too. Wanna try and see, Mono?

Me: No thank you.

sorakhhikari98  asked:

I still feel that this lion switch was kinda messy. Like pidge said once, allura is the decisive head of the team, and also only royals can control the castle and the wormholes, so is this going to work? I'm not saying no to the switch (please don't be permanent I'll stop watching the show if that happens I'm so sorry ) but for them to be more reasonable, like blue just straight up rejected Lance only to open up to allura, he needs a hug,maybe express his frustration, sorry for being long lol

SNDFJHGJDKS I’m here to defend the lion switch!!! :D Coran has shown that he’s able to pilot the castle:

The only thing that they won’t be able to do is open wormholes. They have Slav though, maybe he can construct some kind of quintessence conserver that saves Allura’s energy until it’s needed. Or they figure out how to program wormholes like the one they used when Blue first flew to the castle ship. And even if they won’t be able to do it, it would have either been wormholes or Voltron and sorry buddy but Voltron is more important :’D

As for the lion switch itself… it makes sense. Pidge pointed out that Allura is the “decision maker” - but that’s nothing new. She has always been the decision maker, even when Shiro was still there. Pretty much whenever they had to make a decision outside of battle, Shiro turned to her and asked “Princess?”. 

So. Allura is and will stay the decision maker outside of battle. In battle Keith has proven time and time again that he’s someone that people follow instinctively (I think I even read somewhere that he coordinated the team in the last episode of s2 when Shiro was out of commission). He always reacts quickly and with conviction which is like THE thing you need in battle. outside of battle he needs to slow down a little though lmaooo Apart from that he has leadership qualities that I already talked about multiple times, he has Shiro’s trust (which Black 100% knows) and he has already successfully piloted Black once. 

Next. Lance in red. “The red lion needs a paladin that leads with instinct.” Next to Keith, Lance is the most instinctual person on the team. Both Pidge and Hunk think too much before acting. Remember s1e2 when they had to fly their lions without sight?

Hunk gave up like 2 seconds after it started, Pidge gave up as soon as she heard Lance and Keith crash. Lance and Keith kept going - distracted by their competition, yeah, but they do trust their instincts more than these two. 

So. Red basically just had a choice between Lance and Allura. Allura might be trained in magic/trusting her instincts a little more but she’s the “decision maker”, she is used to think before acting. Lance is the more instinctual between them. Allura has also had a… pretty rough relationship with Keith during s2 while Lance was shown to comfort and support him in s3. Out of these two, Red probably likes Lance better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(also look at what this anon had to say about this:)

Now onwards to Blue. Blue is the most friendly and accepting lion. Her paladin has to be kind and value the team - I think it was even said somewhere that the Blue paladin is the one that ties the team together. And while yes, Lance still fits that role better than Allura, I can see Blue accepting her. She also has a magical connection with the lions in general so it would make sense for her to “befriend” at least the most approachable lion :P

As for how exactly the lion change took place… I don’t want to say anything wrong, so I’ll keep it to “the lions can’t TALK how the fuck are they supposed to tell them that their paladins changed?” :’D We’ll see how it goes in 14 hours though so !!!!!!!!!! MUCH HYPE HAVE SOME FAITH IN LANCE, ALLURA AND THE VLD CREW ♥♥♥

also I very much doubt that the lion change is permanent, don’t worry too much about it^^



Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Author’s Note: Tell me what you think of this chapter! Thanks for reading! I am sorry this chapter is so short, and I hope it’s exciting enough. 

Originally posted by wonhoforjackson

“So are you gonna go hang with Jackson tonight because it’s Friday?”

“Actually my best friend just got a new job, so tonight we are going out to celebrate. We are going to the NEPTUNE OYSTER.”

Jaebum panicked.

He was going to the Neptune Oyster tonight, but he was going for work. Maybe he wouldn’t see you, or maybe he will. It will be awkward if he does see you. He contemplated telling you that he was going tonight. He didn’t want you to think he was stalking you, but it would be odd if you see him there and he never mentioned he would be there. 

“So how about you? Are you taking Jaehwan to any fun activities tonight?”

Jaebum looked up at you with a confused expression.

“Oh…um. I don’t know yet. I hope  you enjoy celebrating  with your friend.” Jaebum said abruptly.

Jaebum got up. 

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Becoming Friends with Connor Murphy

This is my first shot at a headcannon plz be gentle


• It definitely took you a long time to even get Connor to have an actual conversation with you

• You were the new student so the welcome committee had sent the m o s t preppy girl in school to show you around

• When you two were walking down the hall, you spot mister emo loner boy leaning against his locker

• Your first thought was ‘holy crap he’s a cutie’ so you asked Ms. Preppy who he was

• “That’s Connor Murphy, total physcopath, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead talking to him”

• So o f c the next day you approach him with a wide smile

• “Hi I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Connor right?”

• He was not very happy about this

• Let me explain

• He had saw you the previous day talking and looking at him, and Connor being Connor, automatically asumed you were talking bad about him and making fun of him

• He responded to your introduction with a sharp glare and a

• “Fuck off”

• Then shoving past you and down the hall to his next class

•and you were like ????? what’s his problem

•But that didn’t stop you from approaching him again at lunch

•When he saw you walking over to his lunch table he literally rolled his eyes and then threw his head back with a groan when you sat down beside him

•“What the hell do you want now?”

•“A chance”

•Boy did that make him s h o o k because that’s all he ever wants, is someone to give him a chance

•He’s now a guilty boy

•So he shrugs and continues eating/picking at his lunch while you smile smuggly and try to make small talk

•But Connor only responds with one word answers and/or grunts

•Better than nothing my friend

•This goes on for about a week before Connor actually starts talking back with full sentences

•He doesn’t start conversations between you two until the third week, and that’s still only at lunch


•This boy has his walls up and they’re very secure

•Around the fifth week is when you spot him next to your locker waiting for you

•“I thought we could walk to lunch together, if you’re okay with that?”

•Spoiler Alert: You’re more than okay with that

•Then the following week you invite him over to your house to hang out bc you guys have no classes together and you want to spend time with him

•and he’s like !!!!!!!!!! on the inside bc lil Connor has developed a crush on you

•but the outside he just shrugs and shoves his hands in his pockets letting out a small “Sounds cool” before looking down at his shoes to hide his big ass smile

•So you guys walk to your house after school, just talking about what happened that day or your music tastes and stuff like that

•Time to cut to when you guys declare you are actually friends

•It’s his fourth time at your house, and you guys are sitting in your living room

•bc no boys allowed in your room Y/N

•anyways you’re both reading over a study guide for a test you have the next day when you out of the blue just spit the question out

•“Are we friends Connor?”

•“What the fuck Y/N?”

•He’s blushing really hard and avoiding eye contact like??? Oh shit this is either going to go good or bad

•You just chuckle and sit your papers on the table before facing him

•“Well? Answer my question Murphy, are you my friend are not?”

•Connor just gives you a half goofy smile, setting his papers beside yours

•“I would say I’m more of an acquaintance, but whatever will help you sleep at night” he joked with a laugh before smiling straight at you

•your heart m e l t e d

•You smiled and placed your hand on top of Connors and putting on your fakest serious voice

•“Well with that being said, I declare that today marks the day when Connor Murphy and Y/N Y/L/N became friends”

•Connor was a blushing mess oh my god

•You just make him feel so special

•Our dear Connor Murphy has a friend yall

•But what you don’t know is

•As soon as Connor got home he put the date in his calendar on his phone for.every.single.month so he’ll never forgot the exact day

•He labeled it “The day were everything is good”

•Precious boy

One Hell Of A Baby Daddy (Sebastian x Reader)

K, so I let my friends (*cough* @chictheatre *cough*) read this and they told me I should totally post it, so, here it is.

For all you Black Butler fans out there ;)

~ * ~

For the first time in almost a millenia, Sebastian Michaelis felt an emotion he thought died with his human self.


Genuine, hand trembling, panic.

And the fact that he was actually panicking caused him to panic even more. 

Sebastian Michaelis never panicked. 

He was one hell of a butler. 

One hell of a lover, the sleeping maiden beside him held the proof, every bare patch of skine marked with his passionate affection from the night before. 

And becouse of that said passion, they now had one hell of a problem.

Instead of two heart beats, there were three.

Faint, undeveloped, but a heartbeat none the less.

Never in his entire existence did Sebastian think he would ever be in this situation.

The echoes of his laughter to Ciel’s reaction when Lizzie declared her pregnancy now seem very far away as Sebastian was shoved into his masters shoes.

“Ahh …”

Sebastian now understood completely why Ciel had fallen down the stairs at the sudden announcement.

He didn’t think he could stand at the moment either.

The thing that made his situation completely diffrent was Ciel’s wife didn’t have an older brother who hated his guts and forbid there relationship in the first place.

Sebastian glanced at the demoness beside him, her curves and hips silhouetted by the soft morning rays that escaped through the gap in the heavy drapes.

_______ Faustus.

Sebastian had always scoffed at the rumors and tales of the allure of a demoness, but when confronted with the female of his species, any will power he had was then booted out the door.

So very unprofessional of a butler to side with instinct rather than logic, but coming across a demoness was like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Wooing her hadn’t been an easy task either. Practically impossible.

Besides the fact that she was the sister of that vile abomination, Sebastian had never delt with a woman who could beat him at his own game.

To be frank, she had completely owned him and he was, as the kids say these days, ‘whipped’.

Underneath all the chaos and panic that was going on, Sebastian felt something he thought had also been lost.

The feeling was almost … Breathtaking.

Were demons even allowed to feel this way?

“Are you quite finished spazzing yet?“ 

A woman’s voice had never sounded so silky to Sebastian’s ears. 

"My dear, I do not spaz.”

She let out a very unlady like snort.

Sebastian’s heart fluttered with a tender warmth. Not even the birds could have competed with that.

With an indescribable need to feel her warmth, Sebastian slipped an arm underneath her hip and pulled her to him. 

Her body spooning against his, fitting perfectly. Like the hundreds of silvers spoons he had to polish.

She closed her eyes and let out a satisfied hum as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

“If it’s Claude your worried about, don’t worry. I’ll protect you from my big bad brother." 

The humor in her voice didn’t fail to reach his ears, and neither did the slight tremble when she said his name.

That tremble struck a cord.

A protective surge unlike he had ever felt before burned through his veins and his grip on her tightened.

The next few weeks, perhaps months, would most likely be hell.

Claude would sense the child’s presence immediately, and promptly come down to the Phantomhive Manor to try to kill him. 

Sebastian was certain that Claude wouldn’t touch her or the child, a demon baby was far too precious and rare to destroy, but she would no doubt face his wrath.

Like hell he would let her go though that.

If Claude wanted to even so much as glare at her, he would have to go through him.

It amazed him how readily he was to defend this unborn creature when a few moments ago it almost sent him into hysteria. 

It made him feel a little guilty that he would strip it away from Ciel one day.

But only a little bit.

With this child, and a soon-to-be enraged older brother, perhaps finishing his contract as swiftly as possible would be best.

Soft, lush lips pressed against his cheek, snapping him back to reality.

Finding his tongue somewhere in his chaotic state of mind, "Do not worry about a thing, my love. I shall take care of everything.” The kiss was returned, a soft peck on her lips.

“Hmm, will you now.”

“But of course. If there’s one thing a butler knows, it’s responsibility. And we both know, I am simply one hell of a b-”


"Ba . . by… Daddy …" 

Her laughter at his bewildered face was heard clear down the hall. 

Mind you, it’s an incredibly long hall.

Sebastian had never heard anything so ridiculous.

One hell of a babydaddy?


It was so like her to take a perfectly  kickass catchphrase and soil it.

Only she would come up with something like that … And … now, would be the only one allowed to hear it.

Perhaps the phrase was not so … barbaric.  Perhaps he was, even warming up to the idea.

Sebastian swore under his breath that if the phrase was muttered from anyone’s lips besides hers or his own, the Phantomhive Manor would suddenly decrease in staff.

"Indeed.” Her giggle was intoxicating as his nose nuzzled behind her ear, an extremely ticklish place, “I am one hell of a babydaddy.”