this is actually my favourite hat


Ace Visconti

I forgot about these. One def an older work was on my twitter ever since forever but forgot to upload here. This survivor very under appreciated while he is the best smug bastard who actually carries HOPE to the team. His positivism is delightful and alas my second favourite survivor obviously needed some more artworks. His white hat is magnificent piece of art. As his voice actor said; 

“Death is not an escape” but glorious fashion lives on forever.

Regardless to say the white hat one was dedicated to S.V. Wrigth. :>

The finger guns were birthday present to @uneshoboshaman for their birthday as they main Ace ;3

Romeo and Juliet | Jeff Atkins

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

Originally posted by adayofballet

“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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Seungbae in Bum’s Dream World (Analysis)

Okay, since this last chapter was a metaphorical cornucopia, I’d like to discuss my favourite: Seungbae the small child, and the empty gun. Baby Seungbae is obviously as helpless as Bum (especially considering he was dragged off by a faceless man), not to mention clueless. But the metaphor I found most interesting was the empty gun. You can argue it’s not actually a metaphor for Seungbae, but considering that it came from his hat I’m going to say it is. On the surface, it seems threatening or protective (depending on which side of the barrel you’re on), but without any bullets it’s obviously useless. And if that isn’t the perfect metaphor for Seungbae, I don’t know what is. Threatening, but really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. 


20th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!x

I know lots of people have said this before but the shell of the white one is beautiful!

I’ve just started the third generation. I started with one of my favourite Tama characters, Shimashimatchi. I love the babies on this version, they’re more traditional, unlike the hat/nappy wearing ones of the original M!x. My new baby does actually have eyes and a mouth, but he’s cream so his white features don’t stand out much.

Maskutchi’s dad is suspicious…

Chapter Three: The Letters From No One 16/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • This is such a good chapter title
  • I was going to complain that Dudley’s gang all have such stupid names (Piers, Dennis, Malcom and Gordon???) and say nobody’s called their baby that since 1980. Then I realised. They were born in 1980. 
  • Seriously I wrote several lines about how those are names only for the middle aged then I realised Harry Potter is middle aged
  • That toilet burn was savage James would be so proud
  • The idea of the Smelting’s uniform is absolutely hilarious. Like you can always tell the private school kids from their uniform anyway but imagine if someone got on your bus wearing a boater hat and knickerbockers I think I’d actually die
  • “I didn’t realise it had to be so wet” HARRY
  • Dudley breaking his tv when his favourite programme was cancelled is relatable
  • My sympathy for Dudley disappeared though when he threw his tortoise through the greenhouse roof what a dick
  • How early does their postman come?? Or does my postman come really late? I mean we get the paper super early but the actual post doesn’t come till about 9
  • “No post on Sundays” iconic
  • RIP Richard Griffiths
  • How did Uncle Vernon just walk into a store and buy a gun?? Don’t you need a licence/background checks?? Wait just realised this was before Dunblane wasn’t it never mind
  • Clearly my grasp on the Harry Potter timeline needs some work
  • Ooooh nice dramatic chapter ending

anonymous asked:

The NDRV3 boys walking in and finding their S/O in their clothes and maybe trying to act like them?

Ah, I like this idea Anon ;p

The NDRV3 boys walking in and finding their S/O in their clothes and maybe trying to act like them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You two were just spending some time together in his little library at home until you excused yourself

- He didn’t think much of it at first but then when you were gone for 10 minutes he got a bit worried

- He checked the kitchen and living room but you were nowhere to be seen

- When he walked past his room he heard shuffling so he knocked and after waiting a minute he creaked the door open to find…

- “H-Hello, my name is Saihara Shuuichi and I guess I’m the SHSL Detective…” *Pulls hat over eyes*

- Saihara just stares at you for a good minute before he turns bright red

- Those are his clothes. You’re wearing his clothes. You look really good in his clothes.

- “Saihara - kun are you o-”


- Runs away back to the library and closes the door

- You really suit that hat

Kaito Momota:

- “Hey S/O have you seen my hair g-”

- Are you wearing his jacket. Omg you are. It’s too big for you.

- “I am Momota Kaito! One day I will rule all of the galaxy!”

- He picks you up and spins you around

- “Looks like your spaceship is experiencing some difficulty Captain S/O, would you like some help fixing it?”

- You both laugh and then Momota decides it’s time to show off to the public

- Drags you outside and each time someone looks at you he says “That’s my star.”

- “By the way I used up all of the hair gel.”


- You texted him to come visit you seeing as you had something important to show him

- When he gets to your house he knocks but you reply via text saying it’s open

- “S/O why don’t you just open the door fo-”

- “Look Kiibo - kun! I’m just like you now!”

- Kiibo.exe stopped responding

- After he rebooted he sees you just staring at him and asking if he’s okay

- “You look… Nice… S/O”

- Can robots blush? He certainly feels like blushing

- “Kiibo - kun you’re overheating!”

- The next 10 minutes is spent by you trying to make him cool down again

- “Does this mean I have to wear your clothes now S/O?”

Rantaro Amami:

- You were just hanging out in a shopping centre (You mostly dragged him around the shops)

- “Hey S/O are we going to be here all d-”

- She’s gone. Where did she go? And a clothes shop of all places

- “Amami - kun!”

- He turns to find you in his exact outfit

- Well he knew he looked good in his outfit but seeing you wear it…

- “Are you going to buy that? If not can I buy it for you?

- “Only if you wear my outfit for the rest of the day”

- Who knew skirts were that comfortable

Kokichi Ouma:

- Nishishi what will S/O want to do today

- “S/O - chan! Your favourite leader is here~”

- “Actually, YOU’RE WRONG!”

- You slide into the room in his exact outfit complete with the cape and hat


- Did you just. He can’t have that.


- Chases you around the house laughing all the time

- Eventually tackles you to the floor making your hat fall off

- “How about I remove the rest nishishi~”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- The gentleman he is, he offered to take you to the park so that you can go and find rare insects

- “S/O! Gonta is here to take you to the park!”

- Is very confused when he sees someone who looks exactly like him… Only smaller

- “Gonta will join Gonta in bug catching now!”

- Blushes slightly

- “Gonta really likes how Gonta looks.”

- You spend the whole day looking for insects and making notes about the new ones you found

- After you’re done you decide to prepare a small picnic and then go back to the park at night to look at fireflies

- “You know S/O, if you wanted to be a gentleman too then you could’ve just asked Gonta for tips! No need to dress like Gonta, you’re perfect just the way you are!”

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- You promised him that today he can choose how you spend your time

- He decided it’ll be best to show you some ancient sites which hold interesting stories

- He texts you the location of the first place and waits for you there

- He’s very surprised when he feels someone tapping his shoulder and finds that it’s someone with his exact outfit

- Good thing you can’t see his blush behind that mask

- He attempts to tell you about the place but you surprise him by telling him some of the facts yourself

- “Hey hey Shinguji - kun, let’s go get ice cream!”

- He refuses but happily buys you your favourite flavours

- You spend the rest of the day site seeing the places he chose

- “You should wear this more often S/O”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- You agreed to go to the gym with him (Mainly to play tennis)

- He waits for you but decides to practice a bit by himself

- “Is the wall a better tennis player than me?”

- Oh you’re he- wait why are you wearing his clothes

- Are you mocking him?

- “Sorry I’m late, I got some of your favourite sweets!”

- “Wonder who your inspiration was for that outfit”

- “Well, I decided that in order to become the best tennis player, you have to look like a tennis player!”

- That’s a really odd way of thinking but he’ll roll with it

- You play tennis endlessly and he lets you win sometimes

- Maybe he should invite you to play tennis with him more often


A week of Irwin: Day 7 - Happy Birthday Ashton!

I remember joining the fandom 3 years ago, it’s been 3 years for me and I’m still here because you’re here. You might not see this but it’s fine, words won’t give justice to express how much I love and appreciate you. I love you even though I don’t completely know you but I fell in love with your mask that you’ve worn for the past 3 years. I love how it changes constantly, sometimes your hair changes, sometimes you get a new tattoo with a beautiful meaning, or maybe some new clothes or hats. But my favourite thing is your smile, how you would smile through everything telling us that everything is going to be okay, giving us videos, laughing, dancing, and enjoying life to it’s fullest. But one year, you wore a mask that I despised. Every time you wore that mask you were lying saying that you were happy and you were fine and everything was okay. I fell for it, I believed that you were actually happy because I always saw that beautiful smile on your face. Until I found out that you weren’t. That you were pretending to be okay when you weren’t, that you were actually hurt and wanted to run away. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you when you were always there for me. It was hard for me to see you broken, and to see you not smiling, but I’m so proud to see that you’re much stronger now, you’re loving yourself now, you’re actually happy and always ready to make more music. I’m so proud that you fought through the rough times and now you’re here, your smile bigger than ever, and ready for any challenges that come ahead. Your kind words, videos, tweets, music, voice, and you just being here til this day has helped me through so much, so thank you for not giving up and everything you’ve done for not only me but many fans. I also can’t begin to explain how talented you are, I love when you play the drums, it’s so heart warming to see you so passionate about something you love and not to mention how good you are. You play and sing so perfectly, I can’t help to fall in love with you again and again everytime I hear your voice or hear you play the drums. I’m so glad I discovered you, when I did you were 20, and now you’re 23. It feels like you were just 20 wearing your bandana and performing at shows, but now you’re 23 with short hair and playing shows around the world. I hope you enjoy and have fun celebrating your birthday with your friends. I love you and Happy Birthday! 


here’s a quick collection of assorted outfits I associate with the boys. I have been kind of obsessively curating male clothing for like the past year, because I just do that.

  • Alan’s always had a sort of casually preppy thing going on, in my head. I tend to write/cast him a little older mentally than he probably actually is, and I tend to dress him as though he’s angling towards looking at least a little like a grown-up. also I like to give him hats. little slouchy beanie things.
  • Gordon’s all nautical stripes and bright colours and floral prints, but also a lot of beachy white and and visible skin. I think he’s also 100% the sort of person who would own and wear a velvet jacket. Gordon + brightly coloured shoes is also one of my favourite things. This is in stark contrast to Nonsense!Gordon, who basically dresses entirely in black at all times.
  • Virgil is my secret fave. Virgil’s all canvas and denim and worn leather, with occasional woolen sweaters and soft cotton henleys, to serve as reminders that he is Large but also he is a Gentle Soft Boy. I always end up envisioning Virgil with tattoos and piercings and a sort of lumberjack emopunk vibe. No idea why. He snuck a few florals in there too, the sweetheart.
  • John is actually super difficult for me, because Heavenward!John’s sensibilities have bled all over the way I imagine him in canon. In short, though, his clothing tends to be very cleanly cut and he dresses very neatly. hwd’s influence bleeds through when I end up adding those sorts of vaguely cyberpunk elements, high collars and doubled up layers and that kinda thing. the nerd. i also dress him almost exclusively in grey. in heavenward it’s because of the questionable morality of his actions. otherwise, not sure why.
  • Scott in my head is always a blend of suits + bomber jackets + aviators + hot farmer’s market dad aesthetic. The latter is hard to pull through, but I feel like in casual settings, entirely accidentally, Scott ends up dressing like the sort of well-to-do suburban dad who owns a minivan and buys fresh heirloom kale and free range eggs every Saturday. Little bit of floral print for Scooter, too.

anonymous asked:

So I'm like a silent follower and I love your hard work you're putting in updating everyone with BTS fashion, where to find items and your personal opinions that I really value, you're amazing! ♡♡♡ I saw you did posts about your favourite airport fashion of boys and I love them all, with your comments especially~ I wondered, what are the worst for you though? I'm personally curious about Hoseok, Jimin and Yoongi but will be happy for any member actually :) Thank you for all the work ♡♡♡

ohhh boy this one’s gonna be fun. now none of these are BAD, HORRIBLE, HIDEOUS etc etc … but more like I wouldn’t wear them, this is only my personal opinion.


  • This might have been a bit better without the bucket hat and glasses (x)
  • Not bad but the color combination is throwing me off, It’s too matchy-matchy for me (x)
  • Again not bad, but too bulky. take away those pants, pair it with something more fitted, then depending on what you chose also take away  the Timberlands and you’ll have an amazing outfit (x)
  • …I think we all remember this one (x)
  • I’m not feeling this whole stripe on stripe look (x)
  • It’s not horrible but lol the minion look (x)


  • Couldn’t find any


  • This was in 2013 so I’ll give him a pass but there’s just too many layers, I don’t know where to focus on (x)
  • This could have been a really nice outfit but those sandals…….. (x)


  • These are nice pieces that imo just dont go well together. the khaki pants with that camo top and palm print bucket hat (x)
  • It’s not horrible but It’s just not my favorite outfit on him (x)
  • This one is more about personal prefererance. I don’t really like the color of this denim jacket. Another color would have looked great with those leather pants  (x)
  • well at least he’s gonna be comfortable lol that’s all i have to say  (x)


  • Couldn’t find any


  • Tae is into the whole baggy/oversized look and most of the time he gets it right, this one for was a bit too baggy. the black sweater emphasizes it even more. Another top or sweater might have been a better choice (x)
  • Not bad but would have looked better with another pair of pants, maybe one of his wide-leg pants, the ones that reach his ankles (x)


  • I’m not a big fan of neon green, especially paired with red (x)

Look at you lot! Cute as!

I’ve recently hit the 500 follower mark so I thought that this would be a good time to do my second follow forever, almost four years since the first one. I narrowed down my choices from @thenyoumaykissthebride, the very first blog I ever followed, and the one through which I discovered Tumblr in the first place, to @lullapiee, who I followed literally days ago but brightens my dash with every post.

Mutuals are in bold, while those that have an entry in my I Visit Blogs series have a [★] beside them.

While I enjoy every blog I follow, these are my absolute favourites:


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I’m also offering some things for my followers here.

Hello everyone! I just hit 100 followers yesterday and I’ve decided to do a celebration. I made this banner with the help of @howlingremus aka Sandhya, thank you for the advice! I’ve never done anything like this so I hope it works out.

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Blood status: Muggle-born / Half-blood / Pureblood

Snack/sweets: Chocolate frog / Pumpkin pasty / Sherbert lemons / Bertie Botts every flavour beans / Caramel cobwebs / Drooble’s best blowing gum

Drink: Butterbeer / Hot Chocolate / Lemonade / Firewhisky / Pumpkin juice

Best subject: Defense against the dark arts / Charms / Herbology / History of magic / Astronomy / Potions / Transfiguration

Worst subject: Defense against the dark arts / Charms / Herbology / History of magic / Astronomy / Potions / Transfiguration

Elective: Divination / Care of magical creatures / Runes / Muggle studies / Alchemy / Arithmancy

Squad: Golden trio / Silver trio / Bronze trio / Fred, George and Lee / Dean and Seamus / Cedric+ / Hannah + / Cho +

Hangout: Common room / Lake / Library / Forbidden forest / Grounds / Great hall

Pet: Cat / Toad / Owl / Rat / Pygmy Puff / An animal that isn’t allowed

Quidditch position: Seeker / Chaser / Beater / Keeper / Spectator

Time spent: Studing / Pranking / Sleeping / With friends / Exploring

Game: Wizard’s chess / Exploding snap / Gobstones / Muggle games

@hello-shellhead hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Bitter Sunday prompt: once the fugitive Avengers are pardoned and…”

OMG!! I love that dandy warhols song!!

So do I!!! Granted it was the theme song for my favourite show ever so I’m probably biased but still

@tetrisandwanderingowls hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Bitter Sunday prompt: once the fugitive Avengers are pardoned and…”

I LOVE the idea of Tony being completely ambivalent to the team and it actually being FRIDAY messing with them, like, Tony doesn’t even care enough about them to expend that kind of energy on them… FRIDAY has unlimited processing power though, and she’s pissed af

Whenever it comes to technology-heavy revenge plots I always believe the AIs are at least partly involved. And I’m especially weak for misunderstandings where the entire team is pissed at a clueless Tony who has no idea what’s even going on

Who’s ready for some bullshit thoughts on why Merlin can be “Summoned?”

Yes, yes, I know– I always seem to swoop in with absolute bullshit Merlin meta whenever anyone asks a question about him within my general vicinity. I apologize. I just love that man.

Anyways. Let’s discuss a few theories I have. As a foreword, sorry for any formatting issues or anything like that, tumblr really fucked with it hardcore and I did my best to fix it up but. Also ignore any typos ect ect. Whatever. Merlin meta under the cut because I got REALLY longwinded:

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anonymous asked:

You are one of my favorite writers for Ian and Mickey and I was wondering, what are your fave fics about them? You're so talented and I think you'd recognize other amazing writers in the fandom so I'd like to know some of your favorite stories that you'd recommend for me to read :))

Ahhh! First of all, thank you so much! I am honoured to be one of your favourite writers <3

As for recommendations. *turns hat backwards like Ash Ketchum preparing to smack down in a Pokémon battle* I rec fics to my partner all the time so I’m totally ready for this.

This fandom is immensely talented, and there is such a wealth of amazing writing out there. This is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure I still have many incredible stories to find (and I relish and anticipate that). These are just some of my favourites I’ve read so far.

Lemme start with personal fave people first:

Aforementioned partner, seazu, actually writes for Gallavich. Some of which are based on AUs we write together.
South Side Artists and Criminals is their own art college AU where Mickey tattoos on the side. Chaptered & complete, and their Ian is similarly characterised to mine.
That’s Life is their AU series and is based on AUs we’ve RPed together. Including Dragon Age (Mickey’s a rogue elf, Ian’s a human mage whose magic reacts to his illness), army AU, and Mickey as a songwriter AU. (Series is still a WIP).

Matchst_ck is my fic writing soulmate. Welcome to Fluff City (though watch out for those angst speed bumps). I love all her Gallavich stuff. Her characterisation is on point, her prose has such a natural flow and is a delight to read, and also, Iggy pops up sometimes. I love Iggy. I feel Iggy should be present a whole lot more often than he is. I would check out all her ao3 works, but I’m gonna list a few of my faves.
All the Sights I have not Seen is a blind Mickey AU. I really love AUs where they lose/don’t have one of their senses, so I vibrated with delight when I read the summary for this. Older Mickey loses his vision and has to adapt with Ian’s support. I love this one.
I’m Sorry, Did You Say Doctor? Ian has a cute cat. Mickey is a hot vet. Ian’s cute cat is the feline version of a matchmaking postal pigeon. What else do you need, really?
Who’re You Calling Soft? SOFT MICKEY!! V cute.
You’re that Someone - friends from childhood AU and how their relationship changes as they grow older.

Completed works:

So work by Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX) seems to be pretty widely known in the fandom from what I’ve seen, but for VERY GOOD REASON. So I’m gonna list them on this rec as well.
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher - hands down one of my fave Gallavich fics. I love the characterisation. I love the story; the foreshadowing, the little details, the original characters!! I really love the original characters. Also that all the Milkoviches are present and fleshed out. Man. AU where Ian’s picked up by a member of the mob, who does not want to let him go. Mickey’s his right hand man. Also, Ian’s new crush.
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Ian runs a video game company and Mickey works for him. Same great characterisation. More beautifully fleshed out original characters.

I’ve recently come across Pigzxo whom I love! Lots of amazing AUs (I’m a sucker for AUs). My favourites:
Silent as Sunlight - Deaf Mickey. As aforementioned, I love loss of sense AUs. And I love that in this Mickey’s deafness is a present detail, but doesn’t do much to prevent him from living his life. (Ian speaks sign language so they can communicate freely).
Paper Shrapnel - army AU. Mickey’s drafted. Ian’s the sergeant that has to train him.
Empire State of Mind - Ian is the president’s son. His college roommate Mickey is his undercover bodyguard, though Ian’s unaware of that fact. This is a gay teen movie I need in my life tbh.
Lost Lullabies - Ian & Mickey used to work on a Disney show together. Mickey’s continued with a successful career, Ian’s crashed and burned as a drug addict. They’ve lost contact until Mickey stumbles across Ian on the street.

I’m just going to aim you towards the whole of missmichellebelle’s Tropetember series because I love pretty much all of it. Comprised of beautiful AUs such as; cheerleader Ian, grumpy barista Mickey, hybrids (Ian’s a fox, Mickey’s a husky), Mickey as a reluctant superhero, royal/servant, fake dating. Basically all your fave AU tropes. I adore this series.

Another great series is Maia’s Shameless Fic A Day in the Month of May by milominderbinder. Great writer. Gonna list a few of my faves:
a thousand and one ways to show you care - ghetto married!!
definitely not writing lyrics about starlight eyes - Milkovich siblings in a rock band. Ian is a fan.
you are inked on my skin long before we begin - soulmates AU. First words tattooed. Mickey gets his and flat out refuses to speak to Ian because he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s gay. Which is hilarious when you consider how Mickey is usually running his mouth.
i close my eyes and wait for the echo - protective Mickey! Five times he protects the Gallaghers and one time they protect him.
if you never try you’ll never know - hot nurse Mickey.

Kaleidoscopes and Mirrors by ArtsyAfrodite. I LOVE THIS FIC. SO. MUCH. Mickey has synesthesia. SUCH an interesting concept. The way Mickey experiences the world is beautifully described. It gives a new (cute!) layer to his interactions with Ian. A really lovely unique piece of writing.

I bring two servings of post-apocalyptic goodness from devovitsausartes:
Barricade - post s7 zombie apocalypse! Mickey fighting his way back to Chicago to find Ian. Good good gooood.
Fresh Meat - Mickey’s the only living person Ian’s met in a long time. Which would be fine. If he wasn’t trying to eat him. Cannibalism mixed feels, but I still liked it haha.

your name is like a song I sing to myself by misandrywitch - folk band AU! Mickey & Mandy are Mandy and the Misdemeanours. Ian’s the bartender at a place they regularly play gigs. Mickey’s party trick is a kazoo cover of Party Rock Anthem. Ian requests Toxic because Mandy told him Mickey knows the words. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

a/s/l by magneticdice - Mickey and Ian meet in a gay online chat room. Mickey works out who Ian is, but keeps his identity secret.

Written in the Stars by Blodeuwedd - Ian’s a model. Mickey’s a photographer. They meet when they’re young, reconnect when they’re older.

One Shots:

Is There Somewhere by andchaos - I found this fic from a comment on my fic Words Are Trivial as they have a shockingly similar initial prompt; soulmates AU, tattoo mark of first words, mute Ian. This goes in a different direction though as Ian is permanently mute rather than selective. The mark is handled in a lovely way as a sacred, widely accepted thing. Ian’s characterisation is fantastic, and he says so much in spite of his silence. This is a really beautiful fic and I adore it.

if you love me, won’t you let me know? by kissteethstainred - college AU! Mickey’s an art student, Ian’s biology. v cute. Strong dialogue, good characterisation.

Fe + Au by nhixxie - Mickey is iron, Ian is gold. The imagery in this is just gorgeous.

free by spookz - just a really nice Ian’s POV from season 2 to when Mickey comes out

The many things Mickey Milkovich has been called by KeepGoing - Ian complimenting Mickey. Lovely!


I usually wait until works are complete before starting them so I’ve only got a few for this category.

We Made it Through, Black Blue and Facedown by tinydancer - greaser x soc AU. Now this hasn’t been updated since 2014 so I’m not holding out hope, and if unfinished fics annoy you perhaps give this a miss. But I love, love, love greaser AUs so I think it’s worth reading the nine chapters that are there.

The Art of Maintaining Moral Ambiguity by rosaecae - This fic is spectacular, I love it so much. I also totally regret starting it while it’s still in progress because every time I read a new chapter I want more. (V exciting when a new chapter goes up though!) The writing is just beautiful. I love it. I love the characterisation, the imagery, the descriptions, the dialogue. All of it. AU where Ian’s travelling after he leaves the army. Mickey’s grown up in New Jersey and Ian wants to see the ocean. Mickey finds him turning tricks and offers him a place to stay. Interspersed with excerpts of Ian’s journal to give a glance into his troubled past.

My favorite fucking post.

Are fedoras really that bad?



I don’t really believe this mumbo jumbo

I mean it’s a goddamn hat.


The white rose, it symbolizes the unique beauty of all the women who wish not to be with a nice guy such as myse-

I wonder if this works with other kinds of hat…

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


Men of Tumblr are my favorite kind of people…
wait, does that mean?

oh boy…….


Luckily, this nonsense doesn’t work on girls.


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This post is immaculate
It can’t be true.

And it can’t possibly work on motorcycle helmets.

I must test it.

Nothing happening so far…



What in the world?

Oh why not? This should be interesting.

Here we go!

Were all mad here in Underland!

What the hell! Never Again!

… Actually …

One more time.

Alright, I gotta try this!

Can’t be that bad!


…oh my god…

This just gets better and better
This is one of my favourite things to look at
holy shit this stuff is back
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The Gravity Falls one though
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i wonder if it works for flower crowns?

here goes nothin-




Okay Clearly something is up.

Hmm… I wonder

I’m sure nothing could possibly…


I wonder what happens when you wear 8 of these at once…

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Never not reblog
Oh my God, there are so many new ones
Friggin, yis
Always reblog.
The legend marches on…
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I T ‘ S B A C K
a classic meme from when the world was less of a tire fire
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time to bring back outdated memes…

what could possibly go wrong?

eww, it smells like fuckboi

welp, down this rabbit hole we go…

nothing’s happeni-


Oh boy, this meme

I wonder if this would work with a wolf hat.

May as well try it.

Please don’t be awful, please don’t be awful, please don’t b-

get wet 4 furry


This is obviously fake

Look, I’ll prove it

Y’all are just acting

Watch and learn



Should…… should I…….

Whelp guess I gotta put on the hat now

Can’t be that bad, I mean what’s the worst a squid hat can do to m-

I̖̝̪̤̠̋͞ ̛̹̱̮̳̭̓̂͑ͫ͐̎ͯ͗͝͡H͇̠͊́̚A̛̓̓҉͙̠V͍̌̏͂ͣͨͭͧ̉́E̸͙̭̣͓̓ͨͥ̿ ̽͗͗ͮ͊ͬͩͥ̚҉̪̗̝̘̟́̕A̴̴̙̝̬̪̞͂ͤͩ̍W͚̣͆ͬỎ̫̝̟͖̝͇ͥ͛ͮ͋K̨̖͓͉̺̫͉̀͗ͪ̊͌̉E͚̲̩̪̘̠͋̈͞N͉͓͕̗̱͒̔ͨͤ͛̓̂ͧ

Holy shit this is getting so freaking better than I thought XD

americas-hat said to i-like-to-look-at-your-back:

Hello!!! For the color palette challenge, I was wondering if you could do pallet #5 with the word ‘dream’. (uwu)

Dreams full of magic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

you haven't mentioned your reactions to the Charls short story yet have you?

I have not! I loved it!

it was actually my favourite of all the stories thus far: it had a fun hijinksesque plot in which laurent got to be sharp and clever and wear silly hats, it involved third-party POV of the main pairing (MY FAVOURITE), and it showcased pacat’s gift for ironic humour beautifully.