this is actually my favorite song

For people negatively talking about Desiigner’s part of the Mic Drop remix need to chill out because it’s a collab and they wanted him to be a part of it. His part hyped up the song for the boys to come in. That part of the song fit in with the major theme of the song. He was so excited for this collab with BTS (and vice versa) and then seeing all of this hate is unnecessary. I DO NOT TAKE DESIIGNER SLANDER IN THESE PARTS…

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FAVORITE SEASON: probably autumn… i hate temperature extremes (too hot/cold) so fall is usually when i’m at my most comfortable and can wear all my favorite clothes

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: i haven’t read an actual book in forever which is super unfortunate. as a kid, i loved brian jacques so i’ll just go with him. 

FAVORITE SONG: uhhhhh literally anything by hammock. i love alternative instrumental music and they are my all time favorite. if i had to pick a specific song, probably i can almost see you. it was the first song i ever heard from them and have been obsessed ever since.

FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK: sushi, pizza, korean bbq, and green tea lmao (i will legit eat anything and i’m so in love with food… it’s so hard to pick a favorite)

DOGS OR CATS: kitties for sure!!!!

tbh as much as I love all the fandom ships in deh, Evan x Zoe is SO underappreciated I mean they are so cute and Only Us and If I Could Tell Her are probably my favorite songs in the recording. Also, they have so much actual chemistry onstage and Ben seemed so incredibly in love. Also at Laura’s “how could you do this?” and leaving him at the end I was SOBBING…just,,,don’t overlook the canon please because I ship them so much

please don’t portray Zoe as a heartless bitch Evan is canon in love with her and she’s an incredibly complicated and fascinating character and Laura Dreyfuss is an actual perfect angel

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Ultimate bias?


Ultimate bias wrecker?

Jongin lol (not obvious, but he is)

Favorite kpop song?

i don’t listen to kpop

First kpop song?

technically Gangnam Style, but after that Bubble Pop by Hyuna

Favourite kpop album/single?

Anything exo plus Perfect Velvet

Favourite kpop ship?

me and suhos ass

Hard stan or soft stan?

I’m the softest stan on this site!:))))

Favourite kpop company?


Backstory of how you got into kpop?

so gangnam style was the shit and everyone was listening to it, but then my best butt buddy @goatcheese-perfumes actually looked into kpop bc of it. She found bubble pop and we watched it and tried learning the dance and then i fell in love with girls generation and would watch their videos in the library during lunch in hs. i took a break in 2014, then came back in 2015 bc of seventeen:)

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ID #91726

Name: Ellen
Age: 17
Country: USA

Heyo, it’s me… Ellen. I’m a very shy and awkward person so I’m sorry if it takes me a minute to get used to you. I love to read, even though most of the time I’m reading fan fiction, I do enjoy reading actual books too (and I’m always open for some good book recommendations). I LOVE music, even though I have no talent in making it. I listen to all kinds of music and I really enjoy when other people share their favorite songs/artists with me. I consider myself a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and if I had to label myself it would be as a bisexual (even though my interest leans way more towards girls).
Sometimes I think too much and I just need someone to talk to. I’d enjoy talking to anyone about pretty much anything.
I’d prefer to chat over email at first.

Preferences: 15-20, but as long as you’re a nice person you’re welcome to talk to me


It did such a wonderful job representing Mexican culture. It didn’t feel like it was trying too hard, and there were no “fake accents”. There was so much Spanish speaking! Slang that my family uses all the time, Spanish song lyrics, gritos!!! 😂 It was so visually appealing and accurate, too. The little Mexican town looks so much like the towns I’ve seen in Mexico. And it was so heartfelt; you’re gonna cry. My dad, a 60 year old man born in Mexico, really REALLY enjoyed hearing Spanish songs, laughing at jokes that are so relatable, and seeing “cameos” of his favorite Mexican stars.

Anyway, it feels really good to have an animated Mexican film that actually feels accurate to Mexican life. Go support it please please please, while I buy all the merchandise.

Random shit about me

thank you @fit-loki for tagging me. It’s one of those exceptional days where I actually have time to spend time on tumblr (read: I wanted to work on a seminar talk today AT HOME, and this is going really well, haha. ha. ha…)

1. What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to you recently?
Like a month ago I forgot my suitcase in the train. Fortunately it was the end station and it was still there after 5 minutes and I could get it back :’) smaaart

2. Is there a word you HATE?
sixth. I can’t fucking pronounce that. also every dutch word with “sch” or lots of g’s :D

3. Favorite song/artist right now?
idk, I’m a bit saturated of “my” music and don’t have a favorite.

4. Book that’s impacted your life the most?
haven’t read a lot of non-physics books yet. To be honest I read so much science shit lately that I’m just not digging reading. As a kid I read a loooot of “Die Wilden Kerle”. Like the first 13 books. 

5. Ideal job?
I’m not sure yet. But since a month and a half I’m doing some detector research, so a bit of hands on work combined with analysis/theoretical work and I really like the combination. So some research in the industry sounds really nice

6. Favorite holiday?
Christmas  but only because it’s combined with a lot of days off work. Christmas itself hasn’t usually been great, but @shapeyoursmile is determined to change that c:

7. Describe your current style.
jeans, sneakers and a hoodie

8. If you could pick up one hobby and be great at it, what would it be?
probably drawing

9. Favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Erntedankfest whooo. Nobody gives a fuck about that here in Germany. And companies trying to bring black friday here to germany annoy the shit out of me. Rant incoming, you have been warned. I mean in the USA it was basically introduced by some greedy companies because no one wanted to go shopping after thanksgiving and rather chill at home. But here nobody gives a shit, nobody has a holiday. it doesn’t make sense. And it’s so inconsistent. “Cyber Monday Week” (MONDAY WEEK???!?!?! HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE), “Black Week”, “Black Weekend”, “Black Friday starting on Thursday” CAN YOU STOP THANKS BYE

10. What’s one movie that you have memorized?
Austin Powers in Goldmember and Spongebob

11. What’s a weird habit you have?

12. What does your phone case look like?

13. Favorite pair of shoes?
I have like one pair for every season/occasion :’)

14. Five places you love?
Bagels and beans :D, Europapark, an outside property hobby garden thingy of a friend, and idk. I’m not too attached to places

15. Favorite animal?

16. Something you’ve been procrastinating?
See introduction :D

17. Something you’re looking forward to?
The time after Christmas where I have more than a week of and will see friends and Anne and fuuuuun C:

18. Something funny that’s happened to you?
eeeeh, when my nephew was at our house and I had a bottle opener lying around that was shaped like a big black cock and he thought it’s a phone and then tried to play with my super conservative russian parents and they got grossed out by a bottle opener because ??? :’)

19. One thing you like about yourself?
there’s too much, I can’t choose :p

20. Favorite popsicle flavor?
Does Magnum count? I love the classic Magnum ice cream. And if that’s only about those watery popsicles then I’ll pass because those suck. pun not intended

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I LOVE evan handsen so much? eddie, what are your favorite lines from the musical?

This is really hard, because I love all the songs, but also because I’ve only actually seen half the musical on youtube, so I’ll pick my favorite line from every song, even though that might be cheating?:

“ Pour another cup of coffee // And watch it all crash and burn”

“ Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?”

“ My arm goes numb // I look around // And I see him come to get me // He’s come to get me // And everything’s okay “

 It’s easy to change if you give it your attention “

“ Why should I go and fall apart for you?”

“ And he wondered how you learned to dance // Like all the rest of the world isn’t there”

“No one deserves to be forgotten”

“ From across the silence // Your voice is heard” 

“ And it’s the hard way // But it’s the right way”

“I give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go..”

“ Does it cross your mind to be slightly sorry? // Do you even care that you might be wrong? “

“ No mom who just was there // ‘Cause mom was all that she had to be”

“ And the house felt so big, and I felt so small “

“ Today is going to be a good day. And here’s why: because today, today at least you’re you and..that’s enough. “

- eddie

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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Pixar COCO ¡Viva México!

Ok, ok, so I recently went to see the movie and let me tell you something… it’s more than just a movie, es una obra de arte.

I’m not joking, really, my expectations went beyond what I thought. It was amazing in every way. Well, maybe I’m gonna make some spoilers, but I found myself in need of telling you my experience as a Mexican point of view.

Because yes, I’m proudly Mexican.

  • 1. Estás muy flaco, ¡come más!

This is funny. 

In each family, at least in mine, it is normal that your grandmother wants to feed you because, according to her, you are very thin. And this reminded me a lot of my grandmother, whom I sweetly called Yaya. And yes, she is a strong, very determined woman who always fills my plate with lots of food. 

But my Yaya’s food is always the best.

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  • 2. El maravilloso ambiente

There was no time to take the eyes off every scene, every color, every sound, literally. In the land of the living, the colors were relatively balanced, since it is a village, when dusk comes, which illuminates each house in a beautiful orange color. The colorful cemeteries and ofrendas captivated me greatly, for the passion with which we adorn the tombs of our departed is more than a tradition; is a connection that even Death itself can never take away.

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  • 3. ¡Música maestro!

My God, I can’t believe Disney has started its own theme with Mariachi music. 

AY, AY, AY!!

That. was. Phenomenal. 

The rest of the film, when I started to hear the voices of each character singing, dancing or even playing guitar, I almost felt like jumping and singing, clapping and dancing. If anything you must be sure, is that when a Mexican hears that kind of music, mariachi, trumpets, violins, the shoe, the drums, gives him an infinite desire to be celebrating forever.

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  • 4. La Chancla

La abuelita threatening everyone with la chancla. 

That’s typical of mexican family. No, seriously. Once my Yaya threw me la chancla voladora when I was little and I was running and they had yelled at me to stop. That could not be missing!

If you have never been threatened with la chancla, or much less have hit you with it, trust me, as a mexican you had no childhood.

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  • 5. La Llorona

Originally, the song La Llorona is sung by Chavela Vargas. If you have never heard of it, I strongly recommend that you do so. That was totally amazing! 

“Ay, de mí llorona. Llorona, de azul celeste. Ay, de mí llorona. Llorona, de azul celeste…”

“Y aunque me cueste la vida, llorona, no dejaré de quererte. Y aunque me cueste la vida, llorona, no dejaré de quererte…”

Miguel’s great-great-grandmother sang it with such sentiment made me shed tears, because I’ve heard it since I was a little girl. My grandmother sometimes sings it when she’s cooking.

  • 6. Ay, Ernesto, no te rajes

Yes, yes, YES!!!

I actually knew that Ernesto de la Cruz was inspired by Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete. OH, MY GOD! I love this man so much!

Originally posted by andyjwest

Maybe you can remember Jorge with the song Ay, Jalisco no te rajes! (From the movie The Tree Caballeros) There are other songs that I recommend you to hear. But my favorite has always been that.

Yo soy Mexicano, Mexico Lindo, Ella, Entre suspiro y suspiro, El Abandonado, and more…

  • 7. Alebrijes

Actually, this was a very original idea that I loved. 

Alebrijes are imaginary beings made up of physiognomic elements of different animals, a combination of several animals, not only fantastic but also real.
They’re handicrafts made with the technique of the cartonería, that they are painted with joyful colors and vibrant.

Alebrijes are one of the many wonders of Mexican art and a pride and the hallmark of Oaxaca. Having a alebrije or a collection of them at home is considered good luck and it is said that happiness will accompany anyone who owns one of these works of art. In addition, owning a alebrije is to possess the best of Mexican art, so vast, so colorful, so full of life and a beauty recognized internationally.

  • 8. La Familia es primero

Even though The Book of Life is also another of my favorite movies, something made me even love more Coco than this. 


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It may sound a little… cliché, but for me the family has always been the most important thing. In fact, I quite identified with Miguel’s family. I could see in my own flesh not only my grandmother, but my uncles, my cousins and my other relatives. We don’t live in one house, we live in different places.

Traditionally my grandfathers are doctors, and they wanted my mother to be a doctor, but she preferred to study theater just as my father studied music. And there could be no doubt that her own daughter would also want to be an artist.

When I first went to Europe to visit the Universities, my grandmother, who repudiated the idea of being an artist, came to me one day and said to me: “It’s your life, you decide what you want and what you choose will be always good for me.”

The love of the family is so different and so unique, that to a certain point it made me realize that I do not need love of a couple if I have people that I can always talk to and who can support me too.

  • 9. Recuérdame

This song was definitely the best of the best. Full of feelings, full of dedication, I should applaud the effort for composers, I haven’t had the privilege of hearing it in English, but I think you should also listen to it in Spanish, and I say it because the song sounds infinitely cool. and with the voice of the characters, made my skin prickly and shed more tears.

“Hasta que en mis brazos tú estés… Recuérdame…”

  • 10. Mama Coco

This, without a doubt, is my favorite. The entire character of mama Coco.

She may not appear more than some scenes from the entire film, but she is a very important and very captivating character. The relationship she has with Miguel is very special, an old mind woman and a big-hearted young man, the love of grandparents or great-grandparents is so strong and has no limits…

I have lived with my great-grandparents since I was two years old, and I loved them with all my heart just like them to me.

They are no longer with me…

But that does not mean that I have forgotten them. I remember them every day, every moment, when I least expect it, I sometimes dream about them. Sometimes I ask my grandparents how they were as young people, and I could imagine their lives in black and white films, where they wore dresses and suits.

The times of my great-grandfathers were hard, but were also beautiful, they enjoyed their entire life and were happy. Mama Coco was able to leave the world knowing that her father loved her and sang for the last time. Recuérdame with her great-grandchild.

What a beautiful scene, so simple, so lovely, that speaks for much.

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Believe it or not, I loved Coco more than The Book of Life.

But I don’t think there has to be some anger cause somehow they seem to be something in como. For God’s sake, they do NOT seem at all, at least of the plot. 

Is more than obvious that the producers and the cast made a mega effort to make the film an original work, and yes, it is original, cause there were so many unexpected twists, plus that, again, made me cry.

Don’t hate Coco, really, the movie is worth seeing, and it is such a beautiful and so cute way of putting the family theme. 

The Book of Life talked about fear in being yourself: there is nothing wrong of being yourself and always follow your heart, while Coco talks about that it is okay to follow your dreams, but also think about your family, think about something that goes more beyond your expectations, but what you choose will always have the support of your family.

Two films focusing on Mexico, focusing on El Dia de los Muertos, two films that use direct themes, but that somehow made me realize what Life is like.

So, go ahead, Vive tu momento.

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BORN- November 7th, 2008
TUMORS RETURN- November 18, 2014
TUMORS INACTIVE- December 18, 2014
TUMORS RETURN- February 20, 2015
1 YEAR CANCER FREE- September 23, 2016
2 YEARS CANCER FREE- September 23, 2017

@taylorswift, I don’t know if you remember my niece, Khloe. You planned a visit to CHLA in 2014 specifically to meet her after seeing her story and hashtag all over Instagram. You spent about 40 minutes with her talking, laughing, and making her feel loved and important. It was one of the best days. I don’t know if you’ll ever fully comprehend the impact of that day on her and our family during that time. You brought such a breath of fresh air to all of us when we felt like we were drowning. And it’s a day we held onto throughout the rest of her fight. In 2015, she was battling cancer again and it was very serious. The tumors started to impact her eyesight and it got to the point where she could only see shadows in her right eye. They were growing near her optic nerve and there was the big risk that it could spread to the rest of her body if she didn’t have surgery to remove her eye. We actually found out the day before your 1st LA show of the 1989 tour. Since finding out the news, it was all a blur but that night at the show, we forgot everything that was happening outside of those walls. Khlo wasn’t a child with cancer, she was just a child having the time of her life watching her favorite perform all the songs that brought her happiness in her hard times. You did that. I actually blew my savings to surprise her with floor seats to the last of the LA shows. At one point in the show I lifted her up above the crowd and she wholeheartedly believes you smiled at her and she kept asking me if I thought you remembered her. I always replied the same, ‘There is no way anyone could ever forget you.’ I post this all because I remember watching an interview years back when you said one of the hardest parts of your job is meeting children battling cancer and then returning to the hospital years later and them not being there. So I just want you to know, Khlo did battle cancer twice more, and it did steal her sight from her right eye, but it didn’t steal her from us. Her FEARLESS heart still beats strong. She still absolutely LOVES you and still has her dance parties to your music. The difference is that now it’s no longer in hospital rooms but in her own. Thank you for being a constant source of happiness for her. I always loved you on my own but the fact that I get to love you through her, is what makes me thankful for you everyday.

GOT7 Introduction Post

ALRIGHT. You requested, I have written! In honor of the upcoming THOT7 comeback - may our souls be stolen and wallets be emptied.

Member by Member introduction, from oldest to youngest.

Mark Tuan, stage name: Mark. ‘93 line, rapper. Also in charge of acrobatics / fly boy stunts. From LA, USA. Quiet, very intelligent. ISTJ personality. The only one who can pull the hyung card on Jaebum and BOY, WHEN HE DOES. Sometimes pegged as the ‘bad boy’ but lol. Mark’s laugh cures evil and creates butterflies. Deep ass rap, will make you shake in your boots. I know you want me, so stop fronting.

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Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. ‘94 line, vocal and leader. Korean. Also writes / releases music under Def (used to be Def Soul, soundcloud here). A tsundere hoe, to quote myself. INFJ personality. Very intelligent, typically takes a more subdued role in the group but DAMN, MEMEBUM. Don’t let the rude exterior fool you, Jaebum is a straight up meme. There are hours of footage on Youtube to prove it. Owns like, a billion cats and they all sleep in his room. OG cat is Nora. 

Originally posted by marksmami

Jackson Wang, stage name: Jackson. (Chinese name, Wang Jia Er). From Hong Kong, China. ‘94 line, rapper. ENFJ personality. Was a nationally ranked / world class fencer until he was 17. Convinced his parents to let him audition for JYP, moved to Korea and followed his dreams of music. Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. Jackson is pure sunshine in addition to being the most extra variety star in existence. Will do a forward flip every chance he can. Is a gigantic mama’s boy. Would never hurt a fly.

Originally posted by vulcanide

Park Jinyoung, stage name: Jinyoung (IF YOU CALL HIM JR OR JUNIOR, HE WILL FITE U). ‘94 line, vocal and dancer. ISFJ personality. Korean. Before debuting as part of GOT7, debuted in a duo with Jaebum called JJ Project. Tied with Jaebum for first place at 2009 JYP auditions. Has melodious, beautiful falsetto. Is an actor, appeared in multiple web dramas and was the young main for Legend of the Blue Sea, in addition to the lead in the independent film, Nunbal. Writes fucking bops. Is basically good at everything, the boy to bring home to your parents. Also the man who may take over the world. Idk. I’m not biased.

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Choi Youngjae, stage name: Youngjae. ‘96 line, main vocal. ISFJ personality. Korean. Only trained for 7 months before debut, POWERHOUSE vocal. Composes under the name of Ars. Often compared to an otter bc SMILEY and ADORABLE and just actual sunshine. Anyone who hurts Youngjae answers to Jaebum. Hates cucumbers. Co-owns a puppy named Coco with Mark. Constantly damaging Jackson’s hearing with his yelling.

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Bambam, stage name: Bambam. ‘97 line, rapper. ESTJ personality. From Thailand, trained with JYP for three and a half years. Legal Thai name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul but is rarely used except in legal circumstances. Bambam is his name lol. ANYWAYS. Bambam has rapidly switched from adorable maknae line to fly-ass fashion mogul. Loves memes, all things pop culture and fashion. Speaks Thai, Korean and English. Loves to interact with fans, especially through Twitter. Constantly calling fans girlfriends at fanmeets, WILL DAB WHENEVER HE WANTS TO DAB.

Originally posted by jeonjuly

Kim Yugyeom, stage name: Yugyeom. ‘97 line, singer and main dancer. INFP personality. Korean. Maknae. Main dancer in GOT7, performed twice on Hit the Stage and won first place the second time. Like Bambam, has transformed from adorable maknae to champion of sexy dance. Yugyeom is coming for us all. Is quiet and sweet but also loves to troll hyung line. Specifically Jinyoung and Jaebum. Is the biggest JJ Project fan in the world. One day, Jinyoung might actually kill him. 

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