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Ohhh you're open~~ can yoy please do rfa reactions to mc being divorced before they jound the rfa


  • he already knew lmao
  • of course he’s already checked (or made jaehee check and send) all of mc’s social media, and he had seen the ring on mc’s hand along with the wedding photos so it was abundantly clear from the start
  • he knows he’s going to be a better husband than mc’s ex husband ever was so prepare for hearing that spiel quite a lot
  • buys mc an even bigger ring than their ex did 
  • and throws an even better wedding because fuck you and invites the ex because again, fuck you and everything you stand for but he won’t ever say that
  • instead he says some shady ass shit like “a shame you had been slacking as a partner for mc, but i can’t quite say that considering that your failure is actually my gain now. anyways, help yourself to the wine.”
  • probably adds mc’s ex on facebook and sets his profile picture to him and mc’s wedding
  • he’s petty like that, did you expect anything less
  • it’s his cover photo too on his page
  • and the last 24 photos he’s posted 
  • the rest is just elizabeth


  • dislikes your ex right off the bat but doesn’t show it besides light disapproval that sounds way too professional
  • wants to lowkey see the wedding album though tbh just to get a feel of what mc likes for their wedding
  • winces when mc’s ex is brought up in a conversation
  • gets irritated when friends think mc and them aren’t a thing and brings up mc’s ex
  • like no they’re mine now new phone who’s that cause hello this is jaehee kang
  • jaehee’s internal monologue is literally just [screaming
  • be gentle to her she just wants to treat mc better 
  • and she will because lets be real who’s better than baehee kang, mother hen, who has all of her shit together and probably has so much money saved up she could buy a yacht or two (s/o to jumin for the $$$)
  • hold her she just wants to be enough and loved
  • when she sees their ex partner for the first time she just fumes and holds mc’s hand even tighter like yes. mine. back off. don’t try n confess ur love again jaehee has a black belt n will murder u


  • lol he knew too tf
  • he hates mc’s ex husband/wife
  • like he wants to square up on them and probably will phish the fuck out of them lmao good fucking luck
  • petty level almost as high as jumin’s cause he’ll ask mc what their ex’s favorite places to go were and he ends up dragging mc there to make new and better memories
  • here’s where the petty comes in
  • he’ll probably find mc’s ex’s address and invite mc out to get lunch at a restaurant nearby
  • “whoops…. what do you mean your ex is right there??? i had!! no idea!!! omg!!! let’s go say hi (((:”
  • he knew, mc knew he knew, zen knew he knew, jumin knew he knew, v knew he knew, jaehee knew he knew, yoosung knew he knew, vanderwood definitely knew he knew, even fucking elizabeth the third knew he knew
  • good fucking luck cause saeyoung loves mc to death and sux 2 sux that their ex skipped out on the beauty that is mc lol choke 


  • what do you mean you used to date someone else
  • what??? impossible
  • probably cries a lil because now he feels like he has to compete
  • don’t do that mc loves u so much stop u dork
  • mc probably has to reassure yoosung at times that he’s a good bf!!!
  • buys mc flowers and by flowers i mean like 3 bouquets 
  • lmao but poor smol son who’s probably grown much taller but is still our smol son probably feels inadequate still at times
  • so he kinda throws himself into work and gets a little too emotional about the animals he’s treating (as if he wasn’t already but…. c’mon can you blame him?)
  • and mc just sees yoosung stressing hardcore but at the end of the day it is yoosung mc comes home to 
  • and they’ll plop on his lap on the sofa and play with his hair and clean his glasses because he’s dumb and lost the case and fabric cleany thing
  • love him 


  • he makes sure there’s extra paparazzi whenever he’s with mc and hahahahaha good get all these candid pics and let mc’s ex know that they’re dating someone who is physically perfect and loves mc more than their ex ever did and will
  • zen just really wants everyone to know that you’re with him now and of course due to his celebrity status mc’s ex partner virtually has no existence
  • zen’s fans can harp on mc for being married in the past but zen vehemently defends mc because it doesn’t matter who they used to be with
  • what’s important is that they’re with him now and that’s that
  • he’s always got an arm slung around mc and it’s almost as if it’s glued there
  • however, zen does like looking at the old photos and seeing how happy mc was and promises himself that he’ll be better, he’ll do better, he knows it
  • he’ll make sure every smile in every photo will be genuine and that there won’t be problems behind any of the new photos they’ll take!! together!!
  • daily selfies with mc because why the fuck not and just pictures of mc even
  • he loves mc so much and he knows that he can’t get rid of mc’s past but he can sure work on the future together 
  • and he’s content with that