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do you think klance is going to be canon? we have a confirmation of 6 seasons they've definitely got time to make it cacnon

i’m pretty sure i’ve answered this numerous times but idk what to think if i’m being honest. i just don’t wanna hold my breath only to be disappointed in the end lol. for me it’s just become easier to not expect anything so that way when/if it doesn’t happen i’m not as disappointed, especially for sga and poly ships. but this also serves to help because if it does happen (i.e. korrasami) it feels so much better than you can imagine because it’s almost like you’re five and you got that toy you wanted more than anything on christmas morning. no matter how much i want klance, i’m just not entirely convinced it’ll happen and i prefer just indulging in art and theories and stuff but if i actually get hopeful i know i’m just gonna hype myself up only to be let down. maybe it’s just a personal problem that only applies to me because hell i don’t even think that some of my heavily coded m/w ships will happen. but if you want to believe it could be canon, by all means believe it. i’m not saying you should or shouldn’t. but i just prefer not to get any hopes up.


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man

this started out as a tweet (here) and then self-indulgent lil me wanted to expand it so i started the headcanons…and then a friend asked for a fic, and here is it. a bday fic, of sorts, for gel. i hope you enjoy this, lov. happy birthday :)  

canon/idol-verse when jin left for the jungle and hoseok and yoongi have a slumber party. it’s actually softer than it sounds lmfao (unproofread, pls forgive). this is just something really soft after nanowrimo. i hope you guys enjoy this! happy december Xx 

it gets late soon enough and before hoseok can even so much as process what’s happening, everyone’s already shuffling out of the living room, their good nights mumbled as they head for their rooms.

they all stop when jeongguk mentions seokjin’s name, asking whether he’ll be fine sleeping in the jungle tonight. there is short laughter from the rest of them. short, exhausted laughter that they can’t quite keep up, except for the lingering smiles on their faces, and the brightness in their eyes that can only be attributed to amusement.

“seokjin hyung will be fine,” says namjoon, stepping aside to allow jeongguk entry into the room first. “good night, guys.”

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Heey~~! Nammie! was it when you first met hobi!fox? Did you guys get along at first?

NJ: Hmm…well….bears and foxes aren’t known for really getting along,,

NJ: my first thought wasn’t the nicest, I was pretty tired, but

NJ: everything changed when i actually turned and looked at him for the first time

NJ: He was gorgeous

YG: wasn’t he wearing that meme sweater

NJ: hush hyung

YG: I’m just saying joon it’s that fucking anime meme sweater that guys get o–

NJ: OOOOKAY ANYWAY my first real thought after seeing him? 

NJ: and I guess you could say we got along pretty well when we started talking, he’s someone that,,,,it’s hard not to like him, you know? and…..i’m lucky to have him as mine  ❤

Line art butterfly bog drawing WIP

How I React to Manipulation

An anon asked me a while ago to do a post on how I react to being manipulated, so here it is*: 

Step 1: Try Not to Smile

Usually if someone tries to manipulate me, I find it amusing. I can spot this shit from a mile away, and yet they’re trying–it’s almost cute

Step 2: Do I honestly care?

Is someone flattering me to get more information for themselves *cough*?  I don’t care, I love talking about myself. Anything actually personal/useful, they won’t get out of me unless I am feeling generous..which is unlikely. Is someone trying to get me to do something? Is it small enough that I wouldn’t mind doing it? Am I feeling especially stubborn today? There are just so many ways I could go with this. 

Step 3: But what if they want something big

Well, do I feel like indulging them? Not particularly. So there’s only 2 options from here:

Option A: The smile & nod

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Smile, nod, act like you completely agree with what they’re saying. They want you to write their report for them? Smile, Nod, maybe throw in an “Okay, sure, no problem!”. Let them think they got away with it. Let them think they outsmarted you, let them think whatever they want. 

Then turn around, and don’t do anything they just told you. It’s as if their pathetic attempt never happened. If they later come to you and get angry, play the innocent card. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I completely forgot, I was so busy doing <bullshit excuse>.” or “I can’t believe I forgot! Well, good thing you’re here, because I just don’t think I have enough skills to help you on this.” 

After all, they can’t get mad when they tried to screw with you first. 

Option B: SHUT. IT. DOWN. 

Call them out on it! Flat out refuse the request. This is the time where you may regurgitate the well-known female mantra when pressured for sex/drugs, the greatest word in the English dictionary: “No”. They’ll be so flustered, they’ll be confused, and so don’t give them an explanation for it.

It’s intimidating trying to persuade someone who has already shot you down, and so they most likely will not try it again. If you explain yourself, you’re giving them reasons to try again, so don’t explain. Shut them down with a simple “No”. It shows you’re strong-willed, and self-reliant. Nobody can manipulate you. There’s a certain power in the word “No”, and once you’ve said it, you’ll feel it in the way the “manipulator” cowers. 

“Secret” Option C: Manipulate Them Back

Pretend to go along with the conversation, and then try to manipulate them into figuring out what information they have and what they’re withholding from you. You can tell a lot from a person based on the way they manipulate (or choose not to manipulate) other people. Watch them try to manipulate you and unravel their own motive, and their intentions. You’ll be surprised how much you could learn from just that. 

Remember: Nobody can force you to do anything, unless you want to. Don’t let them control you. 

*Of course, most of this post is under the assumption that you can recognize manipulation before/while it’s happening. If you can’t then that’s a different problem altogether. 

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When did you get into eddworl ??? also what was the first series you every got really into ?

oh man for eddsworl i saw my younger sister watching the trick or treat vid n i occasionally saw a mutual reblog it ?? n i just got super curious tbh i didnt get super into it at first but Here i Am now
and for the series thing!! i think it was Happy tree frinds bc that legit was my first series i actually indulged myself with like i made fanart got in to…Discourse like one i really remember was this flakyxnutty fan n for some reason alot of ppl hated them n their ship I Had A Grand Ol Time


i just wanted to draw all of the ships that i’ve shipped over the years….well. actually. let me take a step back: the ships that I got SUPER INTO b/c they didn’t have a canon, so i had to draw a bunch of fanart and read a bunch of fanfiction to compensate and shape their relationship, lul. 

feelings & opinions are in the captions if you’re curious

just finished re-reading the lightning thief !! only took me about 6-7 hours to finish it and i feel really good about myself like i haven’t read for pleasure in about two years ? i think ? and when i was little i would read anywhere from 20 to 50 books a year and now the only reading i do is for school so it makes me feel really excited to read again and actually finish a book instead of starting it and forgetting about it !! i’ve just been so busy due to school and distracted because of my adhd and depressed and shit that i haven’t indulged in the things that i love, i’ve been slacking and i’m ready for that to change ahhh

package deal

Tony wakes to a tiny finger in his left ear and a barely suppressed giggle.

Well two giggles actually.

One is the very familiar deep rumble of his husband, who as a matter of fact is catastrophically bad at suppressing giggles. Especially when it is this special brand of mischievous giggle. The other is a way higher tone, almost as familiar by now and even more mischievous.

It obviously belongs to the same person as the finger in his ear.

Even without opening his eyes he knows that Sarah’s whole face is probably lit up with glee right now - ever since she’s gotten big enough to climb onto their bed all on her own, waking like this has become kind of a fixture. And she doesn’t seem to be getting tired of it at all.

If it didn’t make her this exceptionally happy, it’d probably be a lot easier to tell her to stop doing it. As it is, Tony hasn’t even managed to say one word against it in all of almost three weeks.

“Steve, I think the ear-infiltrating aliens from last week are back!” Tony says, keeping his voice as grave as possible, even though the giggling intensifies. “I think we’ll have to tape our ears shut every night from now on the get this situation under control. Especially Miss Sarah’s ears, because I don’t want the aliens to get her!”

His words are accompanied by a little shriek, when he cracks open one eye while talking and clamps his hands over his daughters ears. “Noooo Daddy, no tape, no tape, no tape!” She is still giggling - she very well knows that Tony is not being serious. After all she’s almost as good at reading him as Steve and there is no denying who her Papa is.

Steve is trying really hard to sound stern when he answers.

“Yes, I think that is a very good idea. I’m sure Clint has some purple tape lying around and it is after all your favorite color, Sarahbee so we can start the taping right after dinner.” He is leaning forward and placing a smacking kiss on her forehead to try and hide that he is now full out laughing.

As expected Sarah is not fooled and easily wriggles free of Tony’s hands to poke Steve’s cheek with one of her fingers.

“You hate tape! No tape, Papa!” She demands and of course Steve nods seriously and his face looks actually really funny when he is trying so hard not to laugh again.

“Alright,” he says “but then you have to help us fend off the aliens with” - he wrinkles his forehead as if he is thinking very hard and Sarah is already hanging onto every word he is saying and Tony is so in love with this ridiculous dork - “lemon scent candles and hot cocoa in the evening, because aliens don’t like that, promise?”

“Promise, promise, promise!” Sarah singsongs with a bright, sunny smile on her face. Without warning she flops back against Tony, laying her hand flat against the arc reactor - an unconscious thing she almost always does - and smiles up at him. “Pancakes now?”

“Yeah I guess now that we’ve averted the alien crisis, we all deserve some pancakes with blueberries and syrup.” Tony says, and her whole face lights up at that and he’ll probably never get over the little flutter his heart still makes when he sees her this happy. “Alright, why don’t you go on ahead down to the communal floor and take a look if anyone else is already up and wants breakfast too? I bet Aunt Tasha will make you her special milk with honey if you ask her real nice.”

There’s literally always one or the other of the Avengers already awake at this time, who’ll happily entertain their little girl - after all none of them are immune to her big brown puppy eyes and her infectious smile.

“Honey milk!” She nods happily and starts climbing down the bed without hesitation and almost topples over in her hurry. In the doorframe she stops for a second looking back at them, contemplating. “You too?”

“Yeah, bee, we’ll be down in a minute, okay?” Steve says, already leaning over to pull Tony into his arms.

Sarah just nods satisfied, blows them both a smacking kiss and hurries on to the elevator.

“Jarvis, you have an eye on her!”

“Always, sir!”

Tony watches her go, before he tilts his head up to accept Steve’s good morning kiss, thinking that he probably couldn’t be more happy than he is right now. He loves them so much, he sometimes thinks he is just going to burst from how happy they make him and how grateful he is to have them.

“Aliens, huh?” Steve murmurs against his mouth, and Tony can feel his wide grin against his lips.

“Well, you’re not the one always woken by a sticky finger in their ear so you don’t get to talk!”

Not that he is complaining.

He actually loves the sticky finger and everything else that comes as a package deal with it.  

She said, “I know it’s selfish of me, but I wish you weren’t over me.”

He said nothing. After a moment, she continued:

“And maybe, maybe that just means I never actually loved you. Because love isn’t selfish, right? Because selfish love isn’t really love. It’s immature, fictitious, romanticized to no boundaries by teenage poets indulging in their twisted fairytales, a version of loneliness and self-loathing and obsessive need for validation spun into something that looks, and maybe even feels, like love, but isn’t.”

She paused,

“And I hate myself for falling into…whatever this is, disguised as love.”

 She stared at the ground, quiet. Finally she half-whispered, half-sighed,

“And I am so, so sorry.”

—  Sunflower girl . V.L.   Selfish love

I tried to play a pirate game because I thought it had avatar customisation but it didn’t. So I drew myself as a pirate anyway! Feat. super cool bone sword that I need to be part of my life

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Hi !! First of all, I'm in love with Feast for a king ( even if my friends now think I'm a kinky fuck because of the sex scenes I showed them ) and I absolutely adore your art style!! As for my question, I was wondering if you had any tips for newcomers on creating their own webcomics?? I apologize my writing's all over the place but thank you !! I can't wait for more updates !! Have a nice day

THE SEX SCENES HAVENT EVEN BEEN THAT KINKY YET EVERYONE C’MON!!!!! ITS JUST TENDER DICK IN CHEST WOUNDS. Well thank you for enjoying my comic so much. I don’t really know what advice to offer that isnt the same general things you hear again and again. I know hearing certain things like, assuring u that drawing indulgently is good and all that but I wanna wonder if I can challenge myself to give some more Hardcore Actual Realtalk Advice for making comics. I’m not even sure if this is great for newcomers lmao.. but these are things I try my best to “teach” myself whenever I work. Its more about the mentality of the entire work rather than focusing on one specific aspect of making comics, so, keep that in mind this isnt exactly supposed to be presented as.. well its sorta advice-y… its just.. like.. some major things I think about when I work, things I tell myself and try to improve teaching myself with. In fact, evne trying to articulate this process to you is basically a writing exercise to myself with figuring this shit out.
Its a lot to read but if you want to be my guest!

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A very rough planning sketch is one of the very few things i’ve done lately (working a full time voluntary job does not leave me with much time, it’s a bum out). I like showing the progress of pieces and more often than not i much prefer the quick little pencil sketches to finished pieces…whoops. It’s been FOREVER since i did anything TBP related/inspired but it’s hopefully for an actual thing and not just me indulging myself constantly in what/who i know.