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Acrylic Sugar’s Super Huge Eobarry & Barrison Fanfic Rec List

This is in no way meant to be a full and comprehensive list. These are just some of the stories I have read and enjoyed. If you have any recommendations please send them my way. I can always use more Eobarry/Barrison in my life, lol.

Considering the nature of the characters *cough* Eobard *cough* some of these fics will contain non-con, violence, dark, and disturbing themes. Please read the warnings and/or tags on the fic if you are not interested in reading that.

*** = I extra recommend reading this.

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Private Special: Pt. 2

Anonymous requested: Zico and #6!

A/N: This is called private special pt. 2 because I actually have a smut titled Private Special that’s been in my drafts for Zico for literally a year. This earned the part 2 title. Part of the 100 kinks prompt request

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

He’d been able to lure you over to his apartment with promises of your favorite overly buttered popcorn and enough candy to put a theatre out of business. The two of you starting off sitting with a good amount of space between you. It was a good plan and one that you’d put in place the minute you’d arrived.

Jiho’s reply was a mischievous grin as his long legs bent down until you were eye level.

“I pinky promise I’ll be a good boy.”

Your eyebrows rose up in surprise at his admission. Jiho was the king of foregoing the rules when it came to you, and any time he pinky promised anything you knew it was a promise he was bound to break. So when you made it through the first movie without a sly hand moving under your dress or fingers turning you by your chin so he could kiss you, you were shocked. If you were honest, also a tad disappointed.

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anonymous asked:

Your writing is amazing and I was wondering what requests will be posted next and what is your queue like?

thank you so so much :) 

like always these little queue updates get long and can be annoying so if you’re actually interested in whats currently sitting in my drafts waiting to be posted then keep readin’

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honestly? i’ve been having this feeling and i can’t explain it. like i have muse and i want to write. but i feel like my writing hasn’t been all that great? and i feel like because i’m not around anymore, i’m distancing myself from people, because i work such long days at work and i just pass out after or do other things.

i don’t know. like i can’t really explain what it is going on. but i just feel like my writing has been meh lately. sometimes i feel like a bad role-play partner, because i’ll reblog memes and i never answer them. or i’ll have people message me and i never reply because i forget about it, and by the time i’m about to reply? i feel it’s too late. then i have drafts sitting in my thing for days until i actually reply to them, and i get drained out from super long replies now. 

it’s just…a weird feeling i suppose. i just feel like a bad partner sometimes, and that my plot ideas are meh sometimes or that i don’t have anything at all. i’m sorry for just dropping this all on everyone. maybe a semi-hiatus would do good, but knowing me, i can’t stay away when i know i can easily access this blog.

i want to apologize for anything that hasn’t been super great coming from me.

anonymous asked:

I'm really sad and stressed out right now. Do you have any advice or happy doodles to make me feel better?

ughh i am so sorry pet, i’ve just come out of the end of a month long stress tunnel and it’s the worst i’m so sorry here’s a sketch of jehan in overalls that’s been sitting in my drafts folder for about a month and that i probably won’t bother cleaning up

Time and Time Again

By: SassyShoulderAngel319 (also MrsWinxerSoldier for now)

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Steve Rogers/Captain America, Steve Rogers/Captain America, feat. Bucky Barnes

Rating: PG

Original Idea: This thing.

Notes: (Masterlist) ( @steverogersnotebook ) ( @whydouwantaname ) I promised I’d write this once finals were over. And that is what I have done. And let me tell you, this one is long. (Not as long as Winter Captain, but long.) I’ve definitely written longer one-shots, but I loved this one. Thanks for the inspiration. (This opening bit has been sitting in my drafts for ages.)


“Are you saying this thing can travel through time?” Steve demanded, looking at the metal box in the abandoned HYDRA base in Sokovia.

Wanda shrugged. “That was its original purpose. I do not know if it ever actually achieved that aim, but that was its intention,” she remarked. Steve stared at the machine for several moment. This could be it. The key to stopping everything before it started. The box in front of him could save… everyone.

He took a step forward.

“Steve, no,” Wanda warned. “It was never tested! It could kill you!”

“But it could also save everything!” Steve murmured quietly. Ignoring the younger twin’s protests, he opened the box and clambered in. It was a bit cramped for his bulky frame, but he didn’t care.

He flicked the knobs until he reached the desired date. January 4, 1945.

A day before Bucky fell off the train.

Steve hit the green button and the small box started to shake violently. He could hear Wanda calling out to him, sounding scared. But he continued to ignore her. This was something he was willing to risk if it mean restoring peace.

And saving Bucky from HYDRA.

After what felt like three days—but really wasn’t and Steve knew it—the shaking stopped. The captain opened the small door and unfolded himself out of the tiny cavity.

The first thing he saw was snow.

The second thing he saw was a soldiers’ camp nearby.

The third was the moon brightly shining from the black sky.

Adjusting his shield on his back, he dodged behind some trees, not wanting to be seen. He peered between the leaves and raised his eyebrows. Oh wow, he thought, impressed and pleasantly surprised. I actually did it. The camp a few yards away wasn’t populated with just any small unit of soldiers with no backup anywhere nearby.

It was the Howling Commandos’ camp.

Steve smirked to himself. He hadn’t seen those faces with his own eyes in years. Seventy to be precise, but he spent most of those in the ice. It felt like he’d only left them four, maybe five years ago. There was Monty, Dum-Dum, Jim, Gabe—

And Bucky—who was sitting next to Steve’s younger self.

Steve froze, entire body going rigid. Bucky…

The brunet had laugh lines around his eyes. He was smiling—heck, he was laughing. Steve’s heartstrings tugged painfully. It had felt like so long since he’d heard his best friend’s laugh. It reminded him of… well. The forties.

He snapped back behind the tree as the younger version of himself turned to look around.

“Alright, guys. Go to sleep. I’ve got first watch,” younger Steve told the Commandos.

“I can take first,” Bucky put in. “You took first last night.”

From behind the tree, only listening now, Steve smiled. He remembered when Bucky would do that.

“It’s fine. Kinda wanna be awake with just my thoughts for a while,” the younger Steve commented. Older Steve could practically see Bucky’s shrug, imagined the brunet holding his belt buckle with both hands the way he always had when he was wearing his uniform. Steve smiled and snuck a peek around the tree trunk. Bucky had walked off and was settling down on his bedroll.

About an hour into his watch, the young Steve got up from the tree stump he’d been sitting on and started to walk.

Towards where Steve was hiding.

A few choice words ran through Steve’s head. Maybe I could explain it to him… he thought. But a little farther away from the camp so no one will hear. He edged around the tree until younger Steve had passed and then carefully matched his movements from two paces behind, including where his boots fell so that there would only be one set of footprints and the sound of only one man walking. He knew how good his senses were.

He followed his younger self for several yards, wondering where he was going. Both had their shields on their arms after forties-Steve had taken his off of his back and twenty-first-century Steve had copied him.

Young Steve whirled around, moving to whack Older Steve with his shield—which Steve blocked with his shield. A loud CLANG! reverberated through the trees “Put that thing down you’re going to hurt yourself,” he snapped irritably. Young Steve recovered from the confusion of seeing himself—just an older, wearier version—pretty quickly and he obviously didn’t like being ordered around like that. He grabbed Steve’s shield, twisted it and slammed Steve in the gut with the rim of his shield. Older Steve stumbled backwards before collapsing into the snow.

“Why are you following me? What kind of imposter are you?” the younger version of Steve demanded, holding Steve down by planting his knee into his chest. It made Steve snort. He’d been lost in the future for so long that he’d almost forgotten how much of a pretentious punk he’d been in the forties.

“I’m not an imposter. I’m from the future. I’m trying to save Bucky.”

Younger-Steve’s eyes widened. “Why? What happens to Bucky? How far into the future are you from?!” He looked horrified.

“I can’t tell you that. Far enough to know what happens after the next few days.” He shoved his younger self off of him. “Put that thing away, you’re going to hurt someone,” he snapped again, yanking his shield back out of the younger man’s grip. Forties-Steve stared at him, still looking absolutely horrified. “If you don’t let me help you, Bucky’s not gonna die, but he’s going to suffer a fate far worse than death—at the hands of HYDRA.”

Forties-Steve froze, face stuck in horror. “What kind of fate?”

“They’re going to brainwash him, wipe his memories, and then turn him into an assassin.”

“No…” younger Steve whispered, face still looking absolutely horrified.

“Yeah. And if you don’t help me, it’ll happen all over again.”

Younger Steve sat down in the snow, staring at the older version of him. “How do we save him?” he finally asked, casting a glance through the sparse trees to the camp where the Commandos were sleeping.

“When you pull him behind you to shield him from a HYDRA gun, deflect the blast straight forward, rather than your right. If you deflect it to your right, it will blow a hole in the side of the train that he’ll fall out of. Not to mention that directing the blast that way throws you to the other side of the train from him and you’re not fast enough to protect him again. So when you pull him behind you, stand your ground. The shield should absorb most of the impact and send the blast forward if you do it right.”

“When will this be?”


“And I’ll be on a train.”

“You’ll understand when you get there.”

“And where are you going to be?”

“In case he does fall, I’m going to be in the ravine to find him before the Russians do.”

“Then what?”

“Then, I’ll return him to you. And when you go to the hangar—again, you’ll understand when you get there—make sure Bucky gets on that plane with you.”


“That one I’m not going to tell you. It’d spoil all the… fun.”

“And what about you?”

“Once I make sure you two both get on that plane, I’m returning to the future.”

“Steve?” a voice called. It was Bucky. Older Steve jackknifed to his feet and disappeared up a tree and into the shadows as a very tired Sergeant Barnes staggered upon younger Steve. “What are you doing? Who are you talking to?”

“Myself,” younger Steve answered—completely honestly.

“Well, it’s my turn to take watch. So go back and get some sleep.”

“Okay.” He gave Bucky a one-armed side-hug and they went back to camp. Once they were gone Steve dropped out of the tree, rolled, and straightened up. He silently made his way back to the weird time machine, crawled back into it, and set the controls for the next day, about an hour before the train with Zola on it would take Bucky away from Steve forever.

The machine shook again—not so hard and not so long this time—and he got out.

He wasn’t in the ravine, but he was really close.

Silently, he made his way through the woods and picked his way down the slope until he was at the bottom of the ravine. He looked around for anything he remembered—any landmarks so he wouldn’t have to search for too long to find Bucky—but everything was different from the bottom.

Steve cursed under his breath but felt a slight vibration tint the air. He started sprinting along the side of the ravine, knowing the train was on its way, barely avoiding slipping on the snow and falling into the river. He’d have to get as far in as possible in case Bucky fell off. I am not losing him like this again, he thought harshly. Even though he was far away from the outcropping the Commandos were sitting on so they could zip-line to the train, he could still hear the sound of the harpoon that shot the cable as it echoed down the frigid canyon.

Or, rather, it would have been frigid, had Steve been anyone but himself.

He could feel the vibrations getting more and more violent, washing his skin with uncomfortable tingling. The train was getting closer—as well as faster. He kept running.

After a moment, the train had arrived. There was no hole in the side of it and Gabe was making his way towards the front.

There was no sign of Bucky or Young Steve.

They must have gone inside a while ago, given Gabe’s position.

So they were probably fighting the HYDRA attackers.

Steve kept pace with the train for far longer than he thought he could. Adrenaline rushed through his veins and even though he could barely see what was happening, he saw Gabe crash through the glass at the front of the train—which had happened after Bucky fell originally.

Steve slid to a halt in the snow.

Bucky hadn’t fallen.

Steve sent a prayer of thanks towards the high heavens and started the run back to the time machine. It took a little longer because he was a little bit tired, but he’d done it. He’d saved Bucky from falling—from losing his arm—from becoming the Winter Soldier.

He climbed back into the box, folding himself into the cramped space and flicking the knobs for when the bomber plane would take off.

After a few moments of shaking and vibrating, Steve hauled himself out. He was in the huge hangar in the alps, near the door that would open the plane into the sky. He hid behind some crates and waited. All he needed to do was make sure Bucky made it onto the plane when his younger self did. Then, seventy years later, they would both be in the future and everything would be okay. Hopefully. Everything was still evolving.

He waited for almost two hours before the fighting broke out in the hangar. He stayed hidden but watched the Valkyrie start up and start cruising down the huge runway. Steve squished himself down farther.

When the bomber reached him, he saw the younger version of himself on the landing gear extending his hand out for someone in darker clothing on the car that Colonel Phillips was driving.


He leapt, grabbing Steve’s hand right as Phillips braked the car. The older Steve stared longingly at Peggy where she was staring off at the Valkyrie as it flew away. Steve relaxed against the wall for a moment, disbelief etched on the lines of his face. He stared at the crates across from him with his jaw slack.

I did it. I… did it, he thought.

Fighters were getting closer and closer to him. Quickly he climbed back into the box and set the controls for the day in the future he’d left only maybe ten hours before. Maybe.

The shaking and vibrations started up again. Steve didn’t know if he should laugh during the trip or cry. Both would be with relief but disbelief. What was going to change when he got back to the future? Was everything going to be okay? He thought he’d done it, but had he?

Because of the longer trip, the crazy shaking between times took longer. Not quite like the three-days that it felt going back to 45, but it took a long time anyway.

Steve settled on laughing and crying. Tears streamed down his face and he cackled.

Then the shaking stopped and he burst out of the cavity of a box to see Wanda looking at him with incredulity and anger. “Where have you been? You have been gone for two hours!” she demanded. Steve raised his eyebrows.

“I have?”


The door to the room burst open and another angry figure stormed in. “You ABSOLUTE IDIOT!” a furious voice shouted. Steve whirled around to see a tall man—but still shorter than him—looking ticked.

But he had short hair, carefully-styled. His eyes had laugh lines around bright eyes—and two normal arms.


Steve jumped over to his best friend and threw his arms around him. Bucky hugged him back, obviously confused. “What’s this for?” he asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Steve commented.

Bucky hesitated. “Okay?” he wondered.

Another man came in. Steve stared at him. They were still speaking? More must have changed than he thought.

Tony stared between them. “Hey, army bros, we should probably get going!”

The Date

I have no idea if anyone even remembers a fic that I made in October of last year called ‘chance meeting’. It was something I did when I started writing and I actually wince when I read it because I can see all the mistakes I make, but a lot of you seemed to of liked it! So this has been sitting in my drafts for way to long so I decided to quickly finish it because I know a few of you were hoping for a part 2 so this is it! I actually really like this fluffy little parter. I just need a break from my other writing and this was perfect! Hopefully you like it and ill tag the first half as well, which you will need to read to understand this!

p.s I have only tagged the people from the first half and i would tag people that asked to be tagged in the second half but it wont let me access my notes for the fic & mind my spelling it can be shocking at times!

Chance meeting


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anonymous asked:

Does bpd affect ur motivation? Bc I have bpd but I'm so behind in my college work. Not even bc my moodswings get in the way... I just can't bring myself to do it, I have no motivation, no ambition, etc. Its stressing me out so much I hate this

I think BPD can definitely cause difficulties with motivation, for various reasons.  It may not be a core symptom, but I think this is definitely a potential side-effect of a few symptoms.

The four big things that I can think of that would affect motivation or have affected my own motivation personally have been:

  • Chronic feelings of emptiness: When you feel empty on a regular basis, it’s hard to get motivated about anything at all because most things feel pretty meaningless.  It’s also sometimes hard to find any ambition to work towards goals when this symptom is in play.
  • Dissociative episodes triggered by stress:  Staying motivated in periods of high stress can be very difficult if you’re prone to dissociation under stress, which a lot of people who have BPD do.  Even just consistent episodes of mild dissociation can really fuck up any motivation you may have had going for you on a particular day, or during a particular week.
  • Unstable identity It’s hard to get motivated when you don’t know who you are and what you want or need, or even what your basic interests are.  
  • Problems with executive dysfunction / cognitive problems:  While not technically a symptom of BPD, problems with executive function of the brain is something that a lot of people with BPD experience.  When you honestly can’t get your brain to move from one step of a task to another, it’s a huge impediment to actually getting things done.  It’s discouraging, and being discouraged can definitely have an negative effect on your motivation. (You might end up thinking “I know I won’t be able to get this done, so why bother trying in the first place?” but it’s important to remember that every little step you complete counts, even if the whole task doesn’t get completed.)

Mood-swings and splitting (on things like your hobbies or interests, for example) could also be factors at play, but I think these four above things, three of which are core symptoms of BPD, likely contribute to a lot of people who have BPD struggling to get motivated or to stay motivated.

Also I apologize for the fact that this ask has been sitting in my drafts for so long, I was having motivation problems of my own because I was feeling very discouraged.  Strong negative emotions and splitting on yourself may not directly result in poor motivation, but the discouragement that strong negative emotions and self-splitting results in definitely does.

Therefore, one of the best ways I’ve found to actually get motivated, stay motivated, or be motivated more often, is to capitalize on feeling good about myself.  When I’m feeling good about myself, I can get stuff done much better than when I’m feeling bad about myself–mostly because executive dysfunction and dissociation and emptiness affect me less. 

I used to just sit, relax, and enjoy my good days because they were few and far between, but now that I’ve been trying to practice the Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions component of the ABC Skill, I’ve made the decision to use a little bit of the time of every other good day or one day per weekend to do something I enjoy.  If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, it’s best to start off completely tasks that you find pleasant or enjoyable.  This might seem selfish at first because opening the blinds on a sunny day and changing the sheets on your bed may seem like an insignificant way to spend your time, but starting by doing little things like that will help train your brain to feel competent enough to tackle more complex tasks or activities in the future.  Here’s a List of Pleasant Events/Activities if you’re not sure where to start.

Further Reading: What is Dissociation?, Am I dissociating?, Is it possible to split on interests and hobbies?, What are cognition problems and affectivity problems?, More detailed description of cognition problems?, Examples of cognition problems?, More information on identity disturbance?, More information on “feeling empty”?I can’t cope with any other emotion than the feeling of emptiness?, What does it mean if I can’t concentrate on something I’m interested in?, Can BPD affect your interests?, ABC: Accumulate Positive Experiences/Emotions, How can I build positive experiences?, List of Pleasant Events 


When You're Wearing Something Sexy and He Gets Hard

A/N: @applesandangles…..I am so sorry. I feel like such a piece of shit right now. I’ve had your request sitting in my drafts for months (I say months because I have no idea how long it’s been). I’m pretty sure you forgot you even requested this…so here you go, sorry for the delay 😫

S.Coups: *Looks down at his pants* “Look’s like someone’s knocking down there, you better answer it.”

You: “I’m leaving you.”

Jeonghan: “*sees you a looks down at his pants* Well shit, you know what this means?”

You: “I actually don-…..oh.”


You: *Walks out of bathroom dressed “Ready to go?”

J: *Sees your dress* “’re wearing that dress? (Gif) Well, GOTTA GO!”

Y: “Wait, where are you going?”

J: “I need to pray! Unholy things are happening to my body!”

Jun: “Hey babe, are you ready yet?”

You: “Yes! What do you think?”

J: (Gif) “Probably stunning as alw-*turns around* fuck. me.”

You: “Excuse me?”

J: “You heard me. Room. Now.

Hoshi: “I’m ready, let’s goooooooooo….*sees you* Nope.”

You: “What?”

Hoshi: “Why? WHY would you do this? (Gif) I got myself all dolled up and you go and mess me up.”

Wonwoo: *Looks towards you as you get ready and looks down* “uh-oh…”

You: “All done, let’s go.”

W: *avoids eye contact* “Yeah…let’s.”

You: “Um, why won’t you look at me?”

W: “*Whispers* Because I don’t know what I’ll do if I do….”


You: “Come on let’s go! We’re gonna be late.”

W: “But babe!”

You: “Yes?”

W: (Gif)

You: “How are we still together?”


You: “Ugh, finally I’m done you have no idea how long it took me to get in this dress.” *sees him on the bed* “What the hell are you doing? We need to go!”

D: (Gif) “Oh no darling, we are not leaving. Come here.”

You: “Why couldn’t you do this before I put this shit on?”


You: “Ready, let’s go.”

M: “(Gif) Dammmmnnnnnnnn baby.” 

You: “You’re so gross. Come on! We’re gonna be late.”

M: “Ok, BUT! How we gonna *points down* fix dis.”

You: “You’re on your own.”

The8: “*Sees you* Well….no awards for me today.”

You: “What are you-oh.”

8: “Yup.”

Seungkwan: “*honking horn* WE GONNA BE LATE!!!!!”

You: “I’m coming! God damn…”

S: “*Sees you* God dam indeed.”


You: “OK, cars here. Awards time!! *Sees him in bed* Where are your clothes?? We need to go!”

Vernon: “Do we though?”

You: “Joshua was right. You’re going to hell.”

No Dino for obvious reasons. 

Hope you enjoyed! List of other reactions here. Requests are always open ♡

Not another lengthy post, oh no

I’ve been meaning to do this.. It goes over several topics because I have been internalizing all of these and I realized that it wasn’t a good thing because I practically screamed at my classmate on the first day back to school for like 5 minutes straight and this is all just making me mad. Alice in Wonderland mad.

This is actually the edited and shortened version of what has been sitting in my drafts for a long time now. yes shortened.

First of all, I’m not speaking for anyone as I do not know how exactly the others in the fandom are feeling or thinking about pertaining to recent events. 

And secondly, the following topics may or may not be related to each other. I’m horrible at sequencing things when I’m not on my laptop or if it’s not being written on paper. 

I’ve wanted to do this a lot of times, but I didn’t have the courage to because a lot of people who write these posts, or have written them before, have gotten rather negative reactions. But a friend of mine had encouraged me, so here goes what contains probably 96% of what people have been posting (yay something to add to the party haha) ((I’m not funny I know))

I’m just going to give a quick summary of where I stand: 

Do I ship Kaylor? Yes. Please respect that and those who do too. Do I ship Tayvin/Talvin? No. Please respect that too and those who share the same opinion. 

Why do I not ship Tayvin/Talvin? Is it something against him? Do I HATE him? WHY? Is it because he’s a HE? 

Well, first of all, I don’t exactly HATE him as that is a very strong word I only reserve for people who have directly wronged me in a way that can NEVER be taken back or be amended. Which means I don’t use the word lightly. Although I do dislike him. Again, please respect that. It’s not being a hater to dislike someone. We all have different opinions and standards and, frankly, I dislike people who have wronged so much people in so much ways I can’t even, for the life of me, contemplate why people do such things. If it were playful jokes, they were distasteful and just plain wrong. It’s been done in the past, but has he apologized? Also, no it is not because he is, in fact, a HE. Even if Karlie wasn’t a girl, I’d still ship Kaylor. I’m not going to go over about why I think so because I have done this too many times and I’m 92% sure the people who visit my blog are getting bored and annoyed. 

Do I still ship Kaylor? 

My only creative answer to that is a question; Is water still wet? 

Am I a Calvin hater? I have no creative response for this, but no. I just dislike him. 

Do I really believe that this whole thing is a sham or a PR stunt? 

I’m going to give everyone included the benefit of the doubt. So no. Not fully, but there had been and there still is too much circumstantial evidence to just ignore the thought. I’m not on anyone’s side with this, but I AM going to follow my gut. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong. As simple as that. Don’t fight me on this. 

Now that that’s over with, on to the next topic. 

The annihilation of Kaylor shippers

Did y'all really have to push all the Kaylor shippers off rainbow road Mario Kart style? As if the shade that the “like” hadn’t been as bad as a turtle shell to the head already. You HAD to make sure we were all double dead. It wasn’t even a mercy kill. It was more like one shot on each limb slowly inching your way towards the heart. But that’s the thing. You didn’t shoot the main thing that had been keeping us alive this whole time. Barely breathing, but alive. This isn’t about a ship anymore. We’ve become family. The Princess may not want to have anything to do with us (which I find saddening, to say the least, if it indeed proves to be true) but we have become such a tight unit running on solar power. Hurt one of us, it will burn. Not us, you. 

I’m not inviting you to test our strength though. Don’t pick up a goldfish out of water just to see how long it takes until it dies. We’re humans too. We’re not THAT strong. Let’s be realistic here. 

Next on my less than well thought out list; Taylor. 

Now I kind of get the gist of your actions, although I am not, in any way, in the position to say that I understand why you do what you do. But please clear this all up. We just need to understand why you do the things you do. I’m not asking for a 15,000 word essay explaining every single thing. We just need an upfront opinion of yours on what’s happening so we could put this all to rest. Likes are not, in any way, valid statements to show/tell us how you feel about the situations that are unfolding. We need something that comes from your thoughts, written with your own words. You could just tell us to tone it down, you know? But you didn’t. So that’s not going to stop people who are posting things that seem to make you uncomfortable. 

Hmm, what if they don’t stop even if you ask? Well there is always the option of just ignoring them. As simple as that. They aren’t wearing neon signs saying LOOK!! AT!! THIS BLOG!! READ EVERYTHING!! c'mon. There is a use for that unfollow button. It’s not just there for aesthetic reasons. 

Let me ask you this; would you sit beside a person who is chewing loudly and slurping like a vacuum cleaner and then tell him or her to stop what they’re doing and eat “properly” or would you just let the woman/man be and mind your own business? I mean, there are other unoccupied seats in the room. And you could sit beside people who eat their food in peace or whatever you deem more comfortable so why sit with the loud eater that would irritate you? 

Tell me, why. 

Also, is all this really worth it? Is alienating an already minuscule portion of your fan base really worth whatever is going on behind the scenes? Has everything that had happened have an actual purpose in a bigger scheme of things? 

People’s feelings are being tugged on by opposing sides right now and it’s exhausting. PEOPLE’S FEELINGS. FEELINGS. I had so much more to say on this topic, but I’ve moved on. I don’t want to have to rehash all those emotions again. 

Taylor, please. We need answers. I’m asking politely. I’m not pressuring you to give us that. But hey, I might as well try asking so I could say that I really tried. 

Moving on; Kaylor/ Karlie/ Speculations/ Miscellaneous ramblings of a teenage girl

Best friends. Normal American Girls. Yup. Honestly, it’s not that I don’t believe you guys. I do. I do believe you’re just normal American girls who are the BEST of friends. But that doesn’t mean I also think you’re soul mates. Who ever made the rule that soul mates had to be partners or lovers? If friendships can be romantic, friends CAN be soul mates. Seriously, with the way you two are acting together, it’s just as clear as a glass. Even when the glass breaks, it’s still clear. 

Now why bother with all the hiding. Why not just SAY like actually SAY you and Karlie aren’t together and just carry on with whatever you two normally do? It’s just a little suspicious. That’s all. Because most people would just shake it off and act the same. Although I do understand that everyone’s essentially not the same. It’s just all really, for a lack of a better word, useless. 

If it’s about work and time differences, that’s understandable. But you both had had so much opportunities. So much free time. Maybe you wanted to spend time with other friends, alright then. Just don’t make it look like Karlie never even existed EVEN THOUGH she was there before, during, AND after your (Taylor’s) image became more respected by people then fell to pieces again. 

I don’t know if Karlie is all good with everything that has been happening. Or if she’s even in cahoots with whatever’s going on. And I won’t say what I would do if I were in her shoes because I have no idea what it’s like to be in her shoes nor do I know what EXACTLY is going on behind the scenes, but we’ve had so much evidence that gave us theories. Theories a lot of people disagree with. I’m not saying these theories are 100% true either. But unless we get an honest and clear reply to all our questions and clarity on what is happening, the speculation is just going to continue. Until. Questions. Are. Answered. 

Some things I just want to put out there in no specific order 

We won’t know if Karlie is uncomfortable unless she tells us herself. With her own words. 

We won’t know Tayvin/Talvin is a PR stunt unless we work in that department and actually know what in the world is going on. 

We won’t know what Taylor is actually thinking or feeling unless we are animated talking emotions who live inside her brain. 

We won’t know whether Karlie/Taylor are straight or not unless they explicitly tell us. 

We’re not telling other people to stop shipping what they want to ship. So are we going to stop shipping Kaylor? No. 

Am I going to go to an opposing ship’s blog to send an anonymous message that wouldn’t affect me AT ALL in 10 years or so? 

That’s just really idiotic, really. It’s not paying your bills, nor is it making you any younger. 

That is all. Okay, most of it anyway.

This post is horribly sequenced but I just kept jotting down things. I didn’t even have to think. It’s just all floating around my brain and I needed to let it out before I start to drag people I know in real life because my mind is unstable due to the millions of different emotions pertaining to different events that have been happening. 

I hope that the read wasn’t stressful. I have missed a few points, feel free to add. 

Have a good day/afternoon/night everyone 😁☀️