this is actually happy im sorry

hey dudes

so I’m in an incredibly bitter mood and honestly can’t feel excited about jack hitting 15 million right now

i just dont want to fake a happy and excited congratulatory post since that’s not how im actually feeling

I’m just gonna live vicariously through all of the amazing and supportive posts that you guys have made and wait out this bitterness

thanks dudes

anonymous asked:

hello im sorry for this but ummm do u have any cute/happy hcs for kent? sorry my day has been hell and my week is probably going to be hell too. But please dont feel pressed to answer. I hope ur day/week is better than mine ๐Ÿ™‚

Awh darlin I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, I hope your week gets better! 💞 But of course I will give you some happy Kent content, I love my boy!!

- He’s actually a really good singer, but he’s self conscious about singing in front of people. (He does a killer Britney impersonation though.)

- Jeff is the one Kent roomed with when he was a rookie, and he’s basically the dad Kent never had. Also Team Dad.

- He loves those adult colouring books, he does them on roadies.

- When he was little he had braces and a retainer and it gave him the most adorable lisp.

- I’ve already talked about Kent volunteering at the shelter he got Kit from, but I would just like to add that he totally helps all his teammates adopt pets from the shelter too.

- He reads all the time and he’s totally a sci fi nerd.

- He convinced Swoops to cosplay with him at a con once and they made the local paper. Kent cut the picture out and now it’s on his mantel next to the pictures of him with the Stanley Cup.

- He’s hilariously bad at video games.

- His favourite movie is Titanic, and his romantic ass cries every single time.

- He insists on hosting a rookie every year.

- He’s really good at comforting people, like hugs or just being there for venting or whatever. He also makes sure everybody on the team knows he’s there for them no matter what, because he wants them all to feel loved. (And they are, they’re a big dorky hockey family.)

- During the playoff season when his hair gets longer, he puts the top of it up in a tiny pony tail and it’s super lame.

- He’s a dweeb who still pops the bubble wrap any time he gets a package.

- His twitter followers are 100% convinced he’s dating a member of the Aces, but which teammate it is changes on an almost weekly basis.

- He has like 12883 pairs of Yeezys for no discernable reason.

- He also has a record player, but he only listens to modern music on vinyl.

- He dances like a white dad at a barbecue and the Aces chirp him endelessly for it. They put it on the official Snapchat every chance they get, and they get in trouble with PR every time but they don’t care because it’s worth it.

reblog if you would actually date a chubby boy

i see a lot of chubby boys say that they dont feel as though anybody would actually date them; even the ppl that make positivity posts abt chubby boys. being a chubby boy myself, i cant help but to feel the same way.

so, if you would date a chubby boy, not for any fetish purposes, then could you please reblog this? it’d make all of us happy to know that we are loved in a non-fetishized way

wrap your arms around me so i know everything’s alright











Attack on Titan + Forms of Persuasion (x)

“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.”  – Aristotle

au where credence actually got took in by newt and tina and jacob wasn’t obliviated but still gets to work in his bakery happily

  • credence keeps apologizing for every little mistake he made, as he can’t help it. newt and tina reminds him it’s alright but they won’t force him to stop apologizing.
  • credence vents to tina as he knows she’ll listen and won’t judge him in anyway for it, never.
  • newt giving him a decent pep talk whenever credence is low on self-esteem, credence doesn’t really find it helpful but he appreciates it for newt taking out time of his own to make him feel better.
  • when credence has an episode, tina and newt will gently ask whether or not they can come over to comfort him. the two will fully respect if credence denies.
  • newt and tina letting credence know his abuse was valid, and it wasn’t his fault. 
  • newt and tina letting him know that crying doesn’t make you weak, and it is totally okay, and there is bravery in being soft, even if you don’t feel brave at times.
  • often credence needs alone time to himself, so newt and tina give him that. though they will leave his food by his door if he doesn’t want to leave his room.
  • newt allowing credence to follow him into his suitcase, and even teaching him about the creatures he owns. credence is also allowed inside the suitcase anytime as long as he asks newt, no matter how unholy the hour is, because newt knows if human companionship doesn’t suit at the moment, the beasts will help.
  • newt and tina both decided to teach credence magic themselves. credence doesn’t mind him being home-schooled as he finally gets to learn magic. newt and tina being supportive of him learning at his own pace, it doesn’t matter how slow nor how many mistakes he makes.
  • sometimes jacob and queenie will come over and surprise credence with a ton of delicious pastries and food, making sure he is well-fed and satisfied. (even though newt and tina already bloated him always)
  • tina and queenie giving credence advice on how to deal with problems such as to socialize with strangers, overcome some of his fears, etc.
  • jacob and newt telling stories of their wacky adventures to credence. jacob sometimes exaggerate it and newt would correct him, but credence finds jacob’s version amusing and entertaining.
  • jacob telling him if situations look bad, it’s alright, it happens. just pick yourself up and keep walking on, because soon something great is bound to happen, especially when you least expect it.

credence barebone receiving lots of love and care from parents newt and tina + aunt queenie and uncle jacob

I still, to this day, don’t understand how Simon could be so oblivious about his feelings for Baz. Are you actually telling me that it took Baz going against all of Smokey Bear’s rules on forest fires to make Simon realize he wanted to kiss the dolt when he has been thinking things like this throughout the whole goddamn book

‘I’m just lying in my bed, thinking about Baz.’

‘I know I should be happy about Baz being gone–but it seems so… wrong’

’If he weren’t a vampire, Baz’d be bloody perfect.’

‘Smarter than I am. Better looking.’

*literally there’s hardly a paragraph that goes by where Baz’s name isn’t mentioned at least like 6 times I mean come on*

Reaper76 Week, Jan 15  “How We Were” - History/Decay  

i think what makes the whole stiles being erased thing even worse is that his friends forgetting him is literally his biggest fear. like he thought they would at least remember him in college and maybe they’d forget to call him or wish him a happy birthday but never forget his actual existence. and that’s what kills me the most


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

I’m just gonna leave this here….

hi hi hi ! it’s em but hm i’ve never done one of these before haha so imma give it a shot. but i’m here to do a follow forever ! 

wowow i’ve only had my blog since november 2015 and i already have almost 300 followers hehe thank you ! when i first joined tumblr,,, i had an emo blog and i was a sad smol but it had turned into full kpop by december and now i’m a very happy carat lol. hm its been a fun year for me on tumblr, i’ve made so many new friendos and its just been a good time hehe. everyone is so nice it just makes me so happy :’)) anyways, , , here’s my follow forever….

(also watch out bc i might start posting my fanart soon :)

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someone just dmed me on ig with this picture of my profile and stuff
and i noticed it said big in yuri on ice and i never really ever thank any of you guys for reblogging my dumb textposts and following me so just wow jusjrh
im really emotional because this has sort of been my dream for a while, to be popular in a fandom for posting original textposts and stuff and it happened and i just want to hug every single one of you because i am so stunned and happy and i love all of you so so much and you’re the reason im smiling at my phone. you’re the reason im happy. thank you so so much, have a lovely rest of the year!


ok iโ€™m making this post because everyone should feel appreciated, especially this time of the year. so iโ€™m gonna mention more or less my most active mutuals who i appreciate for still being here and filling my dashboard with quality content all year.

thank you! you all make my dash a better place and i hope youโ€™re all having a great holiday break. i hope youโ€™re feeling warm and safe and loved (even if you donโ€™t celebrate christmas).

pls feel like this post is a hug if you need one.ย 

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