this is actually happy im sorry

Oh crushing hard

Okay, so I will admit I was the anon who asked for an outlet along with a few other anon questions, and since you said I could use this page as my outlet, eeekkk! I feel like a high schooler again! Okay… so. Y'all helped me feel more comfortable with my sexuality (bi) and I have finally opened my eyes to the world, AND OMG TODAY WHEN I WENT WALKING, I SAW THE CUTEST GIRL (I’m a lady :)) AND SHE SMILED AT ME AND I HAVE BEEN IMAGINING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER EVER SINCE :)… from just her cute smile :) I actually knew of her before today, but it’s been a while since I last saw her and she actually doesn’t even know I exist… SORRY IM RANTING BUT IVE BEEN HOLDING ALL OF THIS IN TODAY 😍

:) :) :) Omg, I’m so happy for you! Aren’t girls amazing?? And boys and non-binary folks too!! Being bi is honestly so great. ❤💜💙 I’m really happy for you getting to enjoy your sexuality! And I’m glad our page helped you!


look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi

So tg can have a full chapter of torture and death and being great but if it has a full chapter of sex is gross and shit like?? really? this is a freaking seinen, seinen usually have more detailed sex scenes or death scenes more than other genres. And its not only that, this is helping Kaneki’s development, remember that he is a suicidal person who feels alone and sad all the time but in this chapter he is seen crying because he feels loved and no lonely, also the panel related to Ishida’s art has such a powerful meaning. Im actually so glad that this sex escenes have a powerful meaning not like other seinen that just have sex for only the character’s enterteinment.

You all always complaining about Kanekis suffering and saying that he should be happy and bla blah blah but if he is happy for once yall hate it because its related with Touka, if you inteligent people are gonna hate Tokyo Ghoul for this i dont know why the fuck are you reading it

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

drew my pink lemonade gal from my ot3 au

incase udk what it is its from here and here

i lowkey rly like her colour scheme bc its just blues n purples both pastels SO I JUST

sebbi got that favouritism going

KANAYA: Rose Has My Hair Gone Messy?
ROSE: Why are you asking me this? Why don’t you look in the mi-
ROSE: Oh, sorry.
KANAYA: I Want You To Say It.

so heres The Official Highlight Post™ of the regional production of newsies i saw:

  • this davey did it the gayest
  • jack and davey made aggressive eye contact and sang to each other multiple times through out the show
  • davey mocked jacks mumble after “tell me how quitting does crutchie any good” and it was super gay
  • i can’t describe them but davey’s facial expressions during the scene before thats rich were amazing
  • the actor who played davey portrayed him as really anxious which i loved
  • davey looked terrified throughout the world will know and it was beautiful
  • when davey says “it’s good to have you back” he pulled jack aside and they got really close and stared into each others eyes for like 10 seconds before jack said “shut up” and then he punched him on the shoulder
  • jack gave davey a reassuring smile and nod before everyone left pulitzers office
  • the rally scene was so good. davey looked so hurt like he was almost on the verge of tears
  • during that scene after medda told davey she hadn’t seen jack the rest of the newsies started chanting daveys name
  • after davey said “newsies of new york” he looked around meddas theatre for a good 10 seconds with a scared yet proud look on his face before continuing
  • there were a lot of “what the hell are you doing looks” from davey to les
  • during seize the day davey pulled jack aside and held his arm and told him to talk to the other newsies
  • during once and for all the rest of the newsies were looking at the audience while jack and davey stared at each other and held each others arms
  • basically davey and jack were really gay
  • also the guy who played davey was so amazing and characterized so close to how i head canon him it  was amazing
  • spot and race hugged during the finale
  • race was a poc which was really cool and he was really good he portrayed him a super sarcastic i loved it
  • the guy who played henry was really hot so theres that
  • jack was so fucking good like i got goosebumps when he sang
  • the programs were actual newspapers

anonymous asked:

I saw a shipping post of the got7 members and was upset, then I saw your tags saying "why is this on my dash bambam said no shipping" and like... yes. Im following the right people. Love you, love your blog, love your content. Have a good day/night!!

Ok lemme explain

I still “ship” the members in got7, and also a lot of other kpop groups too. I dont want them to like MAKE OUT AND FALL IN A DEEP LOVE with each other but i just think it’s cute when pairs within the group do cute things together.
I’ll respect Bambam’s request to stop shipping in front of them. I never really liked that in the first place. I would be super uncomfortable too if a huge mass of people shipped my friends and me together in my face. (Like that one time when that girl at the US fanmeet had a shirt that said a super inappropriate thing between Jinyoung and JB D:<) 
BUT shipping is and has been a thing within every single kpop group, and every single fandom since forever. I think it’s stupid to go up to, let’s say, Bambam and be like “You and yugyeom are such boyfriends,” because it would, of course, make them uncomfortable. But, like i said, shipping has been a thing forever. I think it’s impossible to tell an entire fandom to stop shipping especially after all these fanfictions, edits, and other material has been created by talented fans.
 I also think shipping (WITHIN BOUNDARIES) is good. If it makes the people in the fandom happy and excited then why not, AS LONG AS THEYRE RESPECTING BOUNDARIES (meaning that they dont do it in front of got7 for them to become uncomfortable). 
So what I’m saying is, I continue to ship the members of got7. I still make gifsets of cute moments between members. But i think people should stop commenting on vlives saying “Markson” or “Yugbam” or anything related. Stop talking about ships to them in person. I can understand why got7 members are getting tired or that.They might think that you only see worth in Got7 because of the ships ya know.  
But if it makes people happy to watch “Markson Moments Compilation” on YouTube or read/write fanfics then go ahead. You do you. 

Love Got7, Respect Got7


Happy Birthday, Soo-won!! ♡ (feb03)

I decided to color the second one too because the first one is a little depressing lol. Especially if you know when that panel is. & I didn’t want him to only be sad for his bday.. orz

Also happy birthday to Kusanagi Mizuho! Bless her for creating such a masterpiece in progress! ♡

nothing makes me more emo than people not considering xero a rapper.