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I try not to be mad about stuff too much but few things bother me quite as much as “it’s not that deep”

It just feels very dismissive, carrying with it a heavily implied “why do you care about this so much? It’s just a stupid small thing that you should just look at and then not think about” which I’m sort of reflexively sensitive to as an autistic person and why the hell is it any of your damage if other people are caring about harmless things, but that all aside:

Like okay, my pretty much main central hobby is stories and storytelling. I’ve spent pretty much most of my life consuming stories, thinking about them, thinking about why things make me feel the way that I do and how this ties into the complex world of fiction and fantasy.

Someone who spends a lot of time thinking about food and cooking techniques and taste and texture and the qualities therein, and trains their tongue, doesn’t shut their taste buds off when they eat a McDonald’s burger. And if they bring any of their culinary expertise to bear talking or thinking about the burger, it’s not proof that somehow they’ve become convinced that this is actually a 5-star restaurant.

Part of it is just reflex.

The other part of it is: I enjoy depth. As a writer myself, I enjoy reading depth in things. Sometimes, the depth was not there originally, but I can see potentials- see, if you paired this, with that, you could tie these inconsequential little plot threads together! It heightens my enjoyment in a different way- when you have a writer who does put that kinda depth into something, it’s really rewarding to poke at the depth and see if I can’t figure out where they’re going for this.

But I have a whole other relationship where sometimes a thing just feels, very underutilized to me, and because of that my fanwork and meta actively becomes less speculation and more wishful thinking- and there’s a place for that too. Hell, I have a VLD icon right now. VLD is arguably a canon production of the wishful thinking and desire to read depth into a show that didn’t have depth in many of those areas- DotU.

Every successful adaptation that puts greater thought into the canon it originally came from is the product of someone who was faced with “it’s not that deep” by rolling up their sleeves and going “not yet it isn’t.”

I love it when people say ‘oh, it’s just the stupid Swifties who are spending all their money buying multiple copies of the album, just feeding the hype machine, that’s the only reason she’s so successful. no one actually likes her, and the people that do just don’t see how fake she is.’

do…. do you HEAR yourself?! 

like… this woman writes all of her songs, if not by herself, then she at least has a hand in every. single. song. she has the most control over her career of any pop star on the planet. 

her image is nearly flawless. somehow this makes her ‘fake’, but never a good role model. how convenient. 

not to mention all the things she has done for her fans. to name a few, but not limited to:

-going to the back of the building while on tour to make the worst seats in the house the best seats

-inviting fans backstage that DIDN’T have backstage passes at nearly every show (a lot of people don’t think about the fact that at this point, she’s had to do vocal warm ups, probably physical warm ups, hair and makeup, hyping up her dancers and singers, performing the whole show flawlessly, etc) after performing. then she takes pictures with them all

-as of the 1989 era she has begun inviting hundreds of fans INTO HER HOME, allows them to listen to her album months before it’s released all while pumping them full of delicious baked goods, presents, love and genuine affection that literally EVERY. SINGLE. SECRET. SESSIONER. raves about. this woman actually trusts HUNDREDS of people to listen to her album and not leak information. and they fucking don’t, with the exception of the .4% asshole 

-sits up for hours on the internet to interact with her fans 

-has her team seek out the biggest Swifties addresses so that she can send them (personalized? from what I’ve heard?) Christmas presents to thank them for all they’ve done for her

-thanks her fans and reminds the world and us on a regular basis that she would not be anywhere without us, during awards shows, performances, interviews

.…..and even if there was the slightest, smallest chance that all of that was fake….

so? then what a business TYCOON. if all of that love and mutual adoration that Taylor Alison Swift shares with her fans isn’t real, if that sweet and wonderful angel is fake, then she is the BADDEST motherfucker on the planet. she has come up with a business model so flawless that she has an army at her command, and yes motherfuckers, we are Taylor’s Army. 

because guess what? 

in the event that Taylor Alison Swift is the angel we all know and love her to be, I obviously stan that woman until the day that I die.

and in the event that she’s a cold-hearted, money-grubbing, stuck up, fake rich-girl popstar who loves drama to fuel her music career and merchandise and her brand? 

if she literally decided ‘yeah I’m gunna ruin my friendship with “rap genius” Kanye West and then put an album out on the 10 year anniversary of his mama’s death’, if she is that hard…

I stan that too. no woman has ever done for women in the music industry and for her fans what Taylor Alison Swift has done either way you look at it. she is not only a musical genius, but a LEGENDARY business woman. 

you are goddamn right I’m buying multiple copies of her album and spending $15 for popsockets. TAKE MY MONEY TAYLOR, YOU EARNED IT BABE.


(ps. I know you are a sweet loving vanilla bean but I’m just saying if you weren’t I’d love you anyway because besides that you’re an incredibly musically, poetically, artistically talented, business woman who I look up to more than you’ll ever know.)

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Can you maybe quickly compare how Star dealt with her crush vs how Marco dealt with his crush?

Marco has juuust realized his crush and we haven’t seen much on his side yet, but if we want to include all the time passed while blissfully unaware, I think that Star experienced varying degress of “I’m not gonna think about it”, because it’s (it was?) in her nature to run away from problems and hard things. First she didn’t pay it any attention, because who cares, he’s my bestie, it’s normal to feel close, then she probably tried not to think about it, focusing her attention on other things (like having lost Glossryck), and then ultimately consciously lied to herself, until the climax in Starcrushed.

Meanwhile it looks like Marco, someone who easily puts on blinders and focus on one and only one thing at a time, from trying to get a straw in the juice pack to his lifelong crush, spent the longest time thinking “STAR = FRIEND; JACKIE = LOVE INTEREST”, regardless of what his actual experiences told him, and it wasn’t until Jackie broke with him, telling him that it was clear she wasn’t who he wanted, and until Tad burst the second bubble he created himself, attributing his sadness to the break up, that he got to see what was really lying under the surface, that all the feelings he harbored for Star for months were much more than friendship. Given his personality I don’t think he’s going to be able to lie to himself now, and as a matter of fact we have seen him blushing during the hug, a tv show version of saying “he’s crushing hard and he knows it”.

Starry Night - Harry Styles

A/N: first ever Harry Styles imagine, hope it’s not too bad, feedback would be appreciated. Also it jumps around a bit from scene to scene. If people like it I might do a second part, also if anyone wants more info on the fake dates they go on I could write separate things for how they go (like spin off things) xx

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 "I wish the sky looked this amazing all of the time" y/n spoke to Harry as they lay on top of her bed sheets looking up at the ceiling. 

Harry had both arms propped under his head, his hair sticking up in all directions. All the lights were off and y/n had hundreds of glow in the dark stars adorning the ceiling and walls of her dorm room. She often found herself laying there when things got too much, turning the lights off and admiring how peaceful it could be.

 "Yeah, it would be amazing to find somewhere clear enough to actually see them. Bloody light pollution" Harry spoke making her turn her face to look at him and chuckle.

 Harry and y/n had been best friends for years. From the first day they met; when Harry sat down next to her in science class, to the day they went to the same university. 

 "I forgot to tell you earlier" harry spoke suddenly perking up. He sat up slightly on his side to face her. “But you know that girl I was telling you about the other day”

 "Yeah" she encourage him now looking straight at him.

 "She smiled at me today" Harry said smiling happily at the thought, replaying it back in his mind again and again.

 "That’s great! She knows you exists now!“ Y/n spoke excited for him. Harry seemed to really like this girl, always talking about her even though he had never spoken to him before, y/n just wanted him to be happy. He did deserve it after all. 

She was only a little worried for him. This girl - Carla ran with a different crowd than Harry and Y/n. She was a cheerleader, popular and always surrounded by a large group of friends. 

 Whereas Harry and y/n couldn’t be more of the opposite, their group just consisted of the two of them. But they liked it that way. University didn’t have specific cliques. No one really knew anyone except for those who were cheerleaders or played on sports teams. 

 "Yeah, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the lecture” he laughed at himself “pathetic right?“ 

 "It’s kinda sweet” she replied smiling although she couldn’t fully see him in the dark, she knew he would be blushing. 

 "I can dream” he spoke sadly. 

 "Hey..“ She said softly, sensing the sadness on his voice. “Don’t say that, I know for sure your dreams will come true”.

 "Thanks” he smiled smally, not believing her, but he knew she wouldn’t let it go if he disagreed. 

 Y/n was the best person he knew. She had the kindest heart, there wasn’t a word that came out of her mouth that was bad. Sometimes he worried about her. She seemed so full of hope for the world- he was worried that one day she would see the world for what it truly was. He never wanted that day to happen.

 "I’m not her type" harry spoke “I have absolutely no experience of anything like that!“ 

 "That doesn’t matter” she spoke.

“I’m never going to make the first move when I’ve never asked someone on a date before or even been on one!” Harry exclaimed, sighing at his lack of experience and understanding.

 "I believe you can if you really want to” y/n spoke in concern at the state he was getting himself into. He had fully sat up, a hand running through his hair in stress.

“w-why don’t you teach me?” Harry spoke his hand stopping. He looked at y/n eyes pleading with her. 

 "What do you mean?“ She asked hesitantly, shocked at the thought. Her face had frozen, the thought of going on a date with Harry- even if it was just a pretend one, scared her to bits.

 She didn’t think she could handle that. Going on dates with him but it all being an act. It would hurt her heart beyond repair knowing its not real.

 "Don’t be silly” she laughed playing it off “you don’t need my help, you can do it yourself Harry" 

 "Please y/n, I’m begging you, it will make me feel more comfortable and it will build up my confidence, please” harry begged desperately. She sighed deeply, closing her eyes momentarily. 

 "Okay okay, fine" she spoke faking a laugh, she always gave in so easily to him.

 "Thank you so much" he sighed collapsing back on her bed to look up at the ceiling. “So where would you want to go on the first date?“ 

 "That’s your job to decide” she spoke glancing at him amused.

 "This is why I need your help, help to decide where I would take her once I ask her out” he spoke.

“Fine, um…” She looked up at the glowing stars in her room thinking if her ideal first date. Truth is she had never been on dates to places she would want to go. In fact she had never been on a successful date, they all ended in a somewhat disaster. “We could go see real stars, find somewhere we can actually see them”

 "How cliche" harry chuckled. 

 "Isn’t that what dates are meant to be?“ She said raising an eyebrow.


 "Holy shit, it’s … Beautiful” harry spoke softly.

 It was the first fake date they had been on and they were sitting on the bonnet of Harry’s car, parked at the highest point in the city giving a view of all the houses and roads below; a shared blanket around their shoulders while they looked up at the pitch black sky.

 They were further away from the city out here meaning they could see the silvery stars littered across the night sky.

 Y/n admired how it looked like scattered fairy dust; it was magical. She turned to admire Harry watching the sky in amazement, his mouth parted in wonder. She traced her eyes across his jaw line, imagining what it would be like it this was a real date. Would she be allowed to trace her fingers across his cheek and down to his lips before kissing him softly?

 She mentally shook herself out of her trance, knowing the more she thought about if the more it would hurt. This wasn’t a real date, this was her helping a friend gain experience to take some one else; someone who was not her out.

 "Do you think she will like this?“ Harry asked suddenly turning to look at her.

 Y/n quickly looked up so she wouldn’t be caught staring. 

 "I think she’d be silly not to” she smiled softly at him, meeting his eyes.

 —————————————————————————————————–  The fake dates continued over the weeks. Harry and y/n had covered a lot if their city; bowling; drive in cinema; laser tagging; fancy dinners at fancy restaurants; shitty dinners at shitty diners. 

Tonight they were going to the beach. A picnic next to the sea.

 They had a red tartan blanket laid on the sand, cans of cider in their hands while they talked about everything. Maybe they had drunk a little more than they planned but they were having fun, that’s all that mattered.

 "Let’s go skinny dipping!“ Harry said energetically, standing up quickly and nearly staggering over. Y/n drunkenly laughed at him. 

 "It’s too cold harry! You’ll get hypothermia or something!” She giggled standing up to try and stop him. But harry had pulled his top off, working on his trousers.

 "Harry..“ She spoke as her voice caught in her throat. She sudden felt sober, taking In every detail of her best friend, she admired his beauty until he started running towards the sea.

 "Come on!” He shouted while running straight into the water. 

 "Harry!“ She shouted over at him ” oh fuck" she called as she watched him fall over into the sea. She ran after him, throwing her top off on the way, leaving behind a trail of clothes. 

 The water was freezing and she let out a small scream as she swam her way over to harry who was now standing up, admiring the reflection of the moon in the water.

 "Jesus Christ Harry" she spoke as she reached him, her hand touching his arm gently, gaining his attention. He looked at her smiling softly as she shivered.

 "You look beautiful you know" he spoke. Y/n let out a shocked laugh.

 "Shut up" she spoke looking away almost shyly. 

 "Honestly..“ He spoke, his voice soft.

 "Harry..” She whispered as his hand cupped her cheek. His thumb tracing over her bottom lip, eyes flicking down to them. He leaned forward, brushing their lips together, she leaned in slightly which was all harry needed to press his lips more firmly to hers. His hands found their way to her waist pulling his flush against him while the water from the sea hit their bare skin.

 "We should probably go" she whispered when they pulled away. She was met with an intense stare from Harry and he watched her walk out of the sea, picking her trail of clothes up as she went. He followed after her doing the same.


  They hasn’t spoken about that night since. 

 Harry had just dumped his books onto the lunch table y/n was sitting at, making her jump. She looked up greeting him before hurriedly writing in her text book. They sat in silence for a bit before y/n went to speak. 

 "I was thinking about going to prom" she said casually only soaring a quick glance at Harry before looking back to her work.

 "You? At prom" he laughed stopping his work and looking at her amused.

 "Yeah" she spoke. She was building up the courage to ask him to go with her. “I was thinking-”

 "I’m going to ask Carla Tomorrow" he spoke not meaning to interrupt her “I’m going to walk straight up to her and ask” he had a new found confidence within.

 "Oh… that’s great Harry!“ She spoke trying to sound enthusiastic.

 "So you’re being serious about going?” He asked her still amused at the thought, leaning back in his chair to look at her.

 "We’ll- probably not, I don’t know “ she mumbled looking interested in her work.

 "I could set you up with someone?” He said.

 "Nah, that’s alright.“ She spoke “I’ll probably do something else”


  “I did it!” Harry announced loudly as y/n walked over to Harry’s car to get a lift home.

 "Done what?“

 "I asked Carla, and she said yes!” He spoke proudly. 

 "Oh wow, that’s-harry that’s great!“ She spoke trying not to let any emotions slide. 

 "I’m taking her on a date tomorrow” he said.

“Where to?” Y/n asked curiously. 

 "Like the first fake date we went on, to see the stars” he said excitedly not knowing or realizing how much it hurt her to hear him say.  

She knew it was bound to happen one day, but she didn’t think it would be so soon; she thought she still had time, that things between her and Harry were progressing into more than friends. 

But y/n only had herself to blame. Harry had made it clear from the start that the end goal was not her.


Harry was extremely nervous. His hands were sweating and he was rubbing them against his trousers while trying to keep his focus on driving. He could see the sweat on the steering wheel from the tips of his fingers. 

Carla was sat in the passenger seat making small conversation. But Harry was too nervous to hear what she was actually saying. 

What if this date was a disaster and she told all her friends and then he would never have the chance to date some one again, he would have to drop out of uni in humiliation. 

Pulling up to the same spot y/n had showed him, they both stepped out of his car, sitting themselves on the bonnet to look over the city.

“this is amazing Harry, I never knew it existed! how did you find this place?” she asked. 

Harry’s mind flickered to y/n. 

“my friend showed it me once” he said with a small smile as he pictured the excitement on y/n’s face when she first brought Harry here. His thoughts moved on to the image of him and y/n laying on her bed and looking up at the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. 

“what? that girl ’you’re always with around uni?”

“yeah, y/n. She’s my best friend” he spoke smiling. 


“she loved it!” Harry spoke as soon as y/n stepped into his car. 

“that’s great” she spoke not really interested. She had about 3 hours sleep and couldn’t take the energy in Harry’s voice, it was too early.

“someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!” he said shooting her a charming smile as he pulled out of the car park.

The ride was silent as y/n leaned against the window ready to fall asleep.

“she invited us to sit with her and her friends today” Harry spoke once he parked on the campus and turned the engine off. 

“what do you mean us?” y/n frowned. 

“she invited you too” he spoke as if obvious. 

“why would she do that she doesn’t know who I am”

“she asked about you last night” Harry said.



“im taking her on the beach date today” Harry spoke as soon as he sat down next to y/n once he spotted her on the campus.

y/n looked up not hearing him sat down next to her.

“oh, that will be nice” she spoke turning back to her book.

Harry hadn’t seen much of y/n the past few weeks. She had suddenly become more interested in getting her work done, spending evenings in the library or reading. He missed her.

“what’s up?” he asked nudging her playfully but he got no response. “y/n?”


“what’s up and don’t avoid my question” he spoke concerned. 

“just tired” she mumbled straining a smile. “anyway, tell me about what you have planned then? she said putting her book down and pretending to be interested now to get him off her back. “don’t tell me you’re going to go skinny dipping” she chuckled at the memory. 

“well, i’m not against it if she’s not” Harry smirked suggestively, laughing. Y/n fake laughed along. 

“well i’m sure you will have a great time” she spoke looking at him, tracing her eyes over his face and seeing his genuine smile. 


Harry was having a moment of deja vu. Here he was sitting on a red picnic blanket on the sand, chatting about anything and everything with a girl. But the only difference was that it wasn’t y/n sat next to him. 

Instead it was the girl of his dreams. Or so he thought. 

He couldn’t help but compare the two girls. 

He knew he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t help it. He just didn’t seem to have as much fun on these real dates than he did with y/n. 

He found himself uninterested in the topics Carla spoke about. He didn’t care about her friends who were sleeping with her other friends. Harry didn’t like gossip and that’s one of the reasons him and y/n got on so well. 

Harry couldn’t help but feel like maybe he had fucked up somewhere along the line. 

The girl in front of him now just wasn’t the girl for him. 

He couldn’t imagine her standing in the sea just several meters away from where they sat. He couldn’t imagine pressing his lips against hers while the water surrounded them. It was wrong. He shouldn’t have even brought her here in the first place. 

In fact he shouldn’t have even asked her out.

“harry?” Carla spoke “Harry?”

Her voice brought him out of his train of thought.


“are you even listening to me?” she spoke a tone of annoyance in her voice. 

“sorry, you were saying?” he said now turning to face her to pay attention. 

“forget it. Why don’t you just take me home?” she spoke

“w-what?” Harry asked surprised

“oh come on. you know this isn’t working.” Carla spoke. “honestly, it’s okay. I see the way you look at her” 


“your so-called best friend” she spoke

“what do you mean?” Harry said panicked. 

“it’s okay to fall in love with your best friend you know” Carla spoke, her voice soft. 

“i’m not in love with y/n” Harry spoke uncertainly making Carla laugh. 

“friendship can be an excuse Harry” she spoke. “and you don’t sound too certain about that”

Harry had gone silent. 

“come on” she laughed standing up “lets go” 

“I - shit” Harry spoke running his hand through his hair. 

“I can’t believe it took you this long to figure it out” Carla laughed at the brown haired boy. At the end of the day she understood that you never expect to fall in love with the people you do, but when you know; you know. You would be silly to let anyone or anything stand in your way of love.


After leaving Joël’s (and making sure Joël actually sends the text to Sonia, and doesn’t delete it, the sneaky bastard) Roy goes to pick up Georgina, because they are going to visit Bunty at The Oaks today. Since last night Roy and Georgina have been staying at The Raleigh, a boutique hotel on the eastern side of town. They are in adjoining rooms, but Georgina’s room has panoramic views over the bay, while Roy’s overlooks the carpark of the shopping complex next door. Georgina was pleased but surprised by Roy’s choice of lodgings: she thought he would have preferred to stay at a 5 star luxury hotel in the city. Roy shrugged and said he actually preferred places that were small and intimate and less anonymous- he didn’t mention that the last time he stayed in a luxury hotel he ended up nearly losing his mind, and trashing his room in a rampage that cost him close to §20 000.

Some things are probably best left unsaid.

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Husband has space query: We hear about mineral-based planets, ice planets, and gas giants but we never hear about planets composed of liquid. Is that because I'm not paying attention or is that just not a thing?

Mmmmm so here’s the problem with liquid-based planets:

In order to make a planet, you have to have a central THING for it to aggregate around. You can’t just go BOOP PLANET NOW. You have to start small. What you generally start with is a disk of Space Debris formed around a central Nubbin that will someday be a star (this is called a “protoplanetary disk”). Now there’s a lot of dust and debris floating around in the protoplanetary disk, which makes for great building blocks. There’s also a lot of ice and dust. The disk crops up before the central star actually ignites–essentially you have a big spinning mass of crap, all spiraling in towards the center because that’s where the Gravity is Happening, and the center is getting hotter and hotter and more and more dense until eventually there’s enough Squish Force that the hydrogen in the middle goes “hey wouldn’t it be neat to be helium so we can take up less space?” and so it Becomes Helium, and that’s called fusion, and now you have a star.

When the central star ignites, it essentially goes WHOOMPH. It is not a slow ignition or a controlled burn. Once you start fusing hydrogen you’re off to the races, and the shockwave tends to blast everything pretty far away (hence why you don’t generally get planets in real close to the star). It’s also VERY, VERY HOT. The whole disk is now VERY VERY HOT and HIGHLY IRRADIATED because baby stars scream a lot, only the screaming is high-energy radiation. Everything is so hot, in fact, that basically you have a shitload of gas and maybe a little bit of dust, maybe some molten rock. Farther out you have dust and ice, because it’s cool enough that you’re not vaporizing everything ever.

After the big WHOOMPH, things start really happening. You had this big swirling disk of gas that’s now starting to form non-gas objects. What it does NOT generally form is liquids, except in the gooey center (like an Oreo), and that has to do with a very important thing that you don’t get much of in space: pressure.

See, when a liquid is under very, very low pressure, it tends to just go “oh whoops this is energetically unfavorable, look at all this space I’m not taking up” and turn into a gas instead. In the center of the protoplanetary disk you tend to have molten rock, because the rest of the disk is mashing on it. However, that mashing also tends to produce very high temperatures, which are unfavorable to water, because at very high temperatures that likes to be a gas. Outside that gooey center, you just get ice and dust.

(It’s more complicated than that, but that’s a run-down.)

So now you have all this stuff, and it’s all running into other stuff, and some of the stuff sticks together. You start forming chunks instead of bits, and the chunks can be rock or ice or both (see: asteroids, comets), depending on how close to the sun you are. (Hint: the young sun is still VERY VERY HOT. TOO HOT, HOT DAMN). But here’s the meat of the issue:

The bigger the chunks are, the more energy they have when they smack into each other. Energy = heat. Two city-sized chunks of rock and ice slam into each other in a vacuum; the water goes “oH FUCK TOO HOT” and vaporizes, much of it with enough energy that it just zooms off into the void to find something else to run into. The rocks, meanwhile, are like “hey how’s it goin’ wanna gobble up more crap and make a planetesimal?”

So generally what you get is a bunch of rocky, moon-sized bodies scooting around like roombas and sucking up anything that hoves into their path, and then later, sucking things into their gravity wells until they run out of stuff to suck up. Because ice (and other liquid-forming materials like ammonia and methane) tend to get blasted out by the impacts, they don’t get added until AFTER the rocky core is already there.

(Gas giants happen when you have a low-energy, low-heat environment. There’s a lot of gas hanging around that got blasted away from the sun, and so the planetesimals can just hoover that shit up. The more gas you have, the heavier you get, the more gas you can steal. Also water is fairly heavy so sucking up a lot of it makes your gravity well nice and big).

There’s some fun stuff to do with differentiation (the planet gets SO hot that it completely melts, you get a Magma Ocean and all the iron and nickel sink to the core while the silicates float up to the top), which are TECHNICALLY liquid planets, because they’re MOLTEN ROCK ALL THE WAY THROUGH, but those don’t really stick around for long because Space is Cold.

So that was probably a LOT more detail than you were looking for XD

tl;dr we don’t have liquid planets because you have to have a solid core to form a planet around, and the planet-forming process is too hot for anything but rocks to do it.

Orion “Hunt for Success” Spread

This was a request by @resonance-of-libra​! Thank you so much friend! 

Orion is a constellation that’s visible around the world, though you may not see in the sky all the time since it rises and sets at times inconvenient for observing for part of the year. I spent a lot of time staring at Space Bae when I was awake for crew practice at 4AM. There’s a TON of mythology surrounding the constellation from a whole host of ancient civilizations, but since the Ancient Greeks said Orion was a legendary hunter, I decided to make a hunt for success spread! As always my suggestions are below but the ultimate interpretation is up to you!

1. Saiph: Kappa-Orionis is one of the four main “frame” stars of the Orion constellation. Its traditional name literally means sword, so it represents the tools you personally have ready to use to get to where you want to go. What skills are innate within you? How can you use them to start on the path to success, however you define it?

2. Rigel: This incredible blue-white supergiant, also called Beta-Orionis, is actually a part of a multiple star system containing anywhere from three to five stars! As the foot of the giant, this position represents the environmental supports already in place for you. How can you use your surroundings to your advantage? Who can help you if you need it?

3. Orion’s Belt: Comprised of the three stars Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak (Delta-Orionis, Epsilon-Orionis, and Zeta-Orionis), the hunter’s belt has its own unique mythology for a lot of cultures. This position represents what is holding you back from achieving success. What factors are keeping you from reaching your destination? How can you overcome them and continue on your way? NOTE: you can read this as one card or pull three individual cards representing each star to gain more insight.

4. Bellatrix: Also known as Gamma-Orionis, this star represents the arm of the hunter. This position represents potential plans of attack for you. What’s a component of a good strategy for success? What should you keep in mind as you chase after your goals?

5. Betelgeuse: Also known as Alpha-Orionis, this massive red supergiant is actually poised to go supernova soon, and when it does will create heavy elements that will spread across the universe. From its remains may grow new stars entirely, and in this way the stellar life cycle will begin anew. This position represents the key transitions you may need to make in order to succeed. In what ways will you need to change your mindset? How will the hunt for success help you grow and develop as a person?

Opt. 6. Meissa: Meissa, or Lambda-Orionis, is a dim star that is not part of the main asterism, though it is a part of the constellation. It represents the head of the hunter, and for this reason is an oracle card position that will provide some insight as to the core nature of the success you are looking for. What is driving you? What are you truly hunting for?

Opt. 7. Sirius: Though Sirius is not truly a member of Orion I had to include my favorite star. As the brightest star in our night sky, Sirius is another oracle card position that represents the bright light that you share with the world. How will achieving the goals you set out to achieve allow you to make the world a better place? What good will come of this not just for yourself, but for others?

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Other Starry Spreads: Cassiopeia, Big Dipper


Paisley: I’ve had a really fun time hanging out with you today, Passion. We should really do it again sometime soon.

Passion Fruit: Agreed. I wasn’t planning to spend the whole day here but, I’m glad you convinced me.

Paisley: (blushes) Erm, well, I think me and Sweetie should probably get going home. It’s starting to get late.

Passion Fruit: T-there was actually one thing I wanted to ask you. Would you m-maybe like to do a little star gazing before you go? This is usually the best time at night to do it.

Paisley: S-sure! Yeah, that sounds like fun. I used to love star gazing back home :)

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I have a theory: I think that Moon is going to be the main villain. The purple vain things in her arms are eventually going to reach her heart and turn her completely evil. Also, I think she’s going to have to battle Star in some big epic fight, kinda like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. I know this theory’s not the one everyone wanted to hear, but I personally think it would be a cool twist and a pretty epic fight between them.

It’s possible, even if I see a “clash” between Moon and Star being based on different ideas and opinions, more than an actual battle! After all we don’t even know yet what those scars are, Moon did mention that she could feel the evil while using Eclipsa’s spells, but her arms are completely black and she seems ok…

shambhalala  asked:

Top five problematic faves? 😂

Oh god, okay I’ll try haha. Idk who would class as problematic tho? Is it like villains you love but they’re villains? I’ll just go with what I think haha:

  1. Sam Drake (he’s my all time fave and he is just one big mess ngl haha) - Uncharted
  2. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Star Wars
  3. Billy Loomis - Scream
  4. Peregrin Took (he makes a lot of mistakes okay? He is classed as problematic to me haha) - Lord of the Rings
  5. Lets just go with Rafe Adler - Uncharted (easy one because he’s a hot headed anger bean but he’s a cutie too haha) actually make that Harry Flynn as well!

Thank you my darling, I think I did this right? <33

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the thing I love most about Kirk’s string of ex lovers across the galaxy is that every time he runs into one he’s like 

“!!!!! How are you!! I missed you so much!! How’s your career?? Successful?? I’m so happy for you!! Haha, remember that time we almost got married!! But both of our careers were in the way?? That hasn’t changed but I’m still kinda in love with you and I’m happy you’re doing well!!! Goodbye forever again it’s a shame we never got married but I understand!!”

Lars of the Stars

star wars au where instead of going into hiding obi-wan hides in plain sight and gets a job at space buzzfeed writing embarrassing clickbait articles about anakin like ‘top 10 embarrassing stories darth vader doesn’t want you to know!’