this is actually gibby


05/15/2016: TOR @ TEX

The Fight. And I have to say I 100% hated it. Yeah I’m a new fan, but ughh. Here’s my hot take:

  • 1st GIF: I hate that José slid hard. This was not taking the high road. 
  • 3rd: Kevin Pillar is kinda a bad ass. He’s the first one out of the dugout and he’s taking on 4 Rangers.If I’m ever in a fight I’m calling Kevin.
  • 5th: Josh said during an interview that he didn’t understand why he got ejected because he didn’t throw punch. He didn’t, but he did leap and looked like he tried to headbutt Odur and mow down as much Rangers he can. 
  • 6th: Beltre is kinda an amazing human being. It’s one of the reason why I actually like the Rangers, even now. Beltre saved José from getting even more hurt. 
  • 7th: EE mad is so weird to see. The last time I saw him this mad was… well against the Rangers during G5.
  • 8th: Has GoGo been designated as the man who calms down the angry star player. Hey GoGo, can I call you if I’m angry? (Guys it’s been so long since I said smutty about GoGo)
  • 9th: Gibby makes brawls seem fun. He’s smiling. Actually smiling.

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