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dan liked phanart that has "youtube's power couple" as a caption im screaming? i'm loving 2017

that was such a lovely thing to see. it was also not completely surprising to me but then i was surprised at how UN-surprised i was? i think it’s just dan showing yet again, in yet another way, that he doesn’t care anymore how people interpret his relationship with phil, while still not doing much to shed light on the actual reality of that relationship. but like, damn. the progress since just last year!! it’s never not going to be exciting :) 

Fandom is barely feminist, and it’s not at all intersectional. 

What I’ve noticed about these ‘#MakeCapBi’ hashtags, and the many text posts about getting Steve a boyfriend, is that a lot of the time, it doesn’t come from people WANTING representation, but from people wanting to push their own shipping agenda forward.

Usually, at the expense of female characters.

#MakeCapBi isn’t about wanting Steve to be bisexual, it’s about wanting him to be in a relationship with Bucky. It wants to replace the Steve/Sharon relationship with a Steve/Bucky relationship, because Steve/Sharon is ‘forced’, ‘unnecessary heterosexuality’.

Forget the fact that Sharon and Steve have been interacting in 2 out of 3 Captain America movies or anything! And that she and Steve have a substantial relationship in the comics! All of a sudden it’s ‘don’t kiss your ex’s niece, Steve’ ‘it’s disgusting that they’d have Steve kissing his ex’s niece but not him getting a boyfriend’.

The ‘Sharon deserves better’ crew are the same people who are completely willing to refer to her as nothing but ‘Steve’s ex’s niece’, completely willing to diminish Sharon’s character in order to make her a punchline in faux social justice posts that are really just bitter Steve/Bucky fans whining.

Everyone is a social justice warrior when it comes to fighting for two white dudes to fuck, but they’re perfectly content to stand idly by in a fandom space COMPLETELY toxic to female characters. Steve can’t build something with a woman HIS OWN AGE, who he feels an emotional connection to, without a thousand people writing bitter posts about ‘forced romance’, but everyone is perfectly okay with the rampant racism in MCU fandom. 

People are SO sensitive about Steve kissing Sharon ONCE, but waited until three white Chrises were the leads of the MCU before noticing that… maybe MCU casting is “a bit white”.

What I’m saying is if all you care about is white dude kissing, maybe all you’re doing is fetishising homosexuality and you’re just masquerading as someone who cares about social justice.


I know… I’m wasting my time on old memes that no one cares about anymore.

The whole shipping situation was hilarious and I did promise a response, so here you go. All just friendly banter tho ;;u;; 

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Lesbophobia is rampant in the LGBT+ community. The amount of hatred I had toward lesbians was ridiculous, and it actually got even worse after I became deeply immersed in community politics. I refused to even believe it was possible I was being lesbophobic because I bought into some bullshit idea that lesbians were actually more accepted. 

Trying to deconstruct all that hatred when I realized I was a lesbian, and trying to come to terms with the fact that people I cared about contributed so much to my self loathing was so unbelievably difficult and painful. 

I have held my tongue about this for so long because I know what it’s like to be on the flip side, and I think people really mean well and believe they’re right. But it’s so mentally taxing and it just hurts me and I can’t do it anymore.

If you’re not a lesbian, you really need to address the feelings you have about lesbians, because I promise you, you almost definitely have lesbophobic ideas. Because you were brought up in this society, the same as everyone else, and you have picked up those prejudices. 

I’m making this post because I consider many of you friends. I made a lot of connections with people during my time in the bi community, and it kills me that I have had to walk away from most of them. I’m so terribly sad every time I see one of you reblog a lesbophobic post without care. I’m so lost about what to do every time one of you posts that you don’t trust lesbians or won’t date them or assume we’re awful. Every time I see this L&G vs everyone else rhetoric I get this pit in my stomach that won’t go away because I thought we were friends. 

I get it. I used to believe all the same stuff and I know the anger and the hurt behind it. But I’m begging you, as someone who was there and then had to go through the grueling process of unlearning it so I could love myself, please, please give it all a second thought. Please stop painting us as villains. Please.

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Disclaimer first - I'm not negative or angry + very pleased will all the lovely TFW we are getting and one thing I'm disappointed in - Is it just me or is Dean/Cas independent! relationship kinda gone-ish, 80% of all the emotional talks are always on TFW as a whole, never just Dean/Cas, even if Sam isnt there. Dean isn't ever refering to Cas in any emotional way singularly anymore (your OUR best, best friend WE've ever had, glad he cares about US, WE dont leave family behind etcetc) and cas too

Yeah, the big declarations have been all like that but having seen the whole “I love all of you” thing, I feel like they’ve been building up to actually have a family first, which is something I guess is way more important as a long term investment.

Something I’m always coming back to is that horrible isolation of Carver era. Well, I’m currently watching season 7 and at that part where they’ve now finally lost everything and it’s just Sam and Dean and not even the car. Like, Hallucifer and hunting and the Leviathan problem are literally the only constants they have from their old lives. Wow. :P

Carver era sort of puts a bit more of a fragile shell around them by giving Cas back, making Crowley a frenemy, and at least has some outside people like Charlie and Kevin even if they get killed off, but then also the wayward daughters characters who survive it, so there are at least some people to hold them accountable… During that time Cas is their only main constant family and even then terrible stuff is always happening to him and he’s always leaving, so he’s not really around except for little hints of what might be, and Cas picks up so much trauma from that too… 

I don’t know, looking at it from as outside a perspective as I can manage, I think with Mary back, and Cas MEANT to be a member of the family but needing serious integration into the family unit (12x03 with that little conversation showing Mary and Cas are struggling with the exact same thing) the show has to actually believably glue these people back together, and even Sam and Dean have huge splits that have barely been addressed (like Dean apologised for the ridiculous “sam hit a dog” grudge they started Carver era with in like, 11x11, I think? Which means they’d been actually on good terms for like maybe 12 episodes when Mary comes back :P) never mind Cas’s ocean of trauma and Mary being dropped among them out of the blue.

There’s been a real theme of teamwork this season in the big confrontation fights - 12x06, 12x07, 12x10 and 12x12 definitely all had teamwork fights taking down one big enemy together, and I may be forgetting some stuff but it’s more than enough for a pattern that they want to show the characters working together as a large and well-functioning unit - and within that, good dynamics, which they’re still working on especially for Mary, who (as we suspected she would) has only really SOLIDLY bonded with Cas because they’re both outsiders - Dean and Sam fight okay with her by their side but they need to work on interpersonal stuff (and I LOVED the shot this episode of Mary and Dean back to back with a wall between them).

To my eyes the TFW (and Mary) dynamic is clearly top priority and really important for the story they want to tell, and I’m loving the fragile way this family is being built and the exploration of the dynamics (now we’re getting later in the season I’ve seen people comment that Mary and Sam got a bad deal, but honestly for the first like 6 episodes of the season I was contemplating devoting my blog entirely to their drama and just forgetting Dean and Cas completely because I was so into what was going on there, and find it really weird people weren’t picking up on that because I thought all the subtext about Azazel coming between them was brilliant use of the characters and it just all suddenly paid off and I probably yelled louder about a Yellow Eyed demon showing up than I did about the whole “I love you” nonsense. :P There’s a part of my soul which is always going to be seasons 1-2 of Supernatural all on their own >.>)

But I think there’s still a ton of DeanCas this season, just underneath the main message they’re pushing, all the stuff like Dean and Cas just being prioritised when it comes to stuff like of course when the season starts Cas urgently gets back to Dean immediately and the story starts with them together. Of course Sam waits with Lily Sunder while Dean rushes off to help Cas. Of course Dean gets all weird and pissy about Cas working with Crowley and Sam like has nothing to do with this, at all. Of course when they get out of prison Dean is phoning Cas urgently to come get them, and sits in the back of the car with him. Of course he’s the one having the angry feud about caring too much vs being reckless after Cas invites his cosmic consequences. Of course when Cas is dying Dean is the one who rushes over to check on him and subtly all through that sequence is the one with the most focus on ALL the reaction shots, and the centre of the drama. 

And the little things like of course Dean phones Cas here, asks him to stay for breakfast there, is the one to hand him a beer and pat his shoulder, holds on just that much longer when he and Sam haul Cas to his feet (which I think is the perfect 1 tiny moment to demonstrate the whole thing of Dean just caring that little bit more even though Sam and Cas easily and happily could consider each other family at this point)

It’s like… Even when they’re not strictly telling us a story ABOUT Dean and Cas alone there’s just a little bit extra something going on between them, constantly, like, they just drift next to each other, or end up paying way more attention to each other? Like Dean at the diner in 12x12, Cas’s presence and the Mandy thing ends up this itch he has to scratch, he can’t stop bringing it up - weirdness between Dean and Cas derails the conversation repeatedly, and from both Cas and Mary’s POV we see Dean almost, like, fixated on Cas’s presence, while he’s all brotherly and annoying to Sam vying for attention complaining about the wifi, Dean just snores at him and goes back to I think just trying to get a rise out of Cas. 

I wouldn’t say any of this is really doing anything with them because the emotional arc right now is Family and creating a plausible version of Supernatural where it’s not two lonely angry brothers and sometimes people who help them and peripheral people they love but don’t, like… function in this way. Not in this whole promised dynamic of how that group exorcism went down in 12x06, or how Sam and Mary and Dean took on a Prince of Hell to save Cas (and even Crowley proved he has his own strange seat at this table there)… But they’re certainly keeping a sort of ongoing feeling there, that there’s just something extra about how Dean feels about Cas, and as usual, with 12x10 especially, the story about angels and romantic love is repeated and used between Dean and Cas, like, that’s all still there… I don’t know, every time something ridiculously small happens like Cas shows up and Dean rotates his entire body to face him on instinct, I’m like, yeah, we’re still existing in a story where Destiel is a presence

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I actually never told my opinion about all those kpop wars becuase I didn’t want to cause next one BUT after MMA and MAMA things went even worse and I couldn’t let it in anymore. This may be too long but those who care about their idols please read it all and tell me how you feel about my opinion BECAUSE my opinions aren’t perfect nor yours nor anyones. We all think differetly about this situation but EVERYONE has a point somewhere.

First of all, I know that the “BTS doesn’t deserve MMA award let’s call to Melon to tell them they should give the award to EXO” war was caused mainly because of korean fans. Well, at least from what I read, everywhere were korean exo-ls complaining about it. I didn’t care about this that much because Melon CAN’T do something like this. 

Then there are, how I call it, “childish wars” between ARMYs and EXOLs. Honestly… Do you really have to? Are you that childish to complain or hate or stick out EVERY fucking thing the idols do? Do you really have to compare your idols to someone else? Are you really that low that you have to do that? The “oh look, BTS are so rude to not bow politely while recieving the award. beucase oh look Suho bowed 90° he is the existence of perfection and decency” OR “oh look, Lay’s speech was so rude, instead of thanking his fans and staff and family and members for that award that he doesn’t deserve he insulted BTS and said that they’re kings and no one can replace them.” 

*sighs* *sighs* *siiiiiiiiiiighs* *shows you my finger that is between ring finger and index finger* don’t want to be that rude so yeah, but i know you got it. 

I didn’t hear a word about BTS in Lay’s speech. I didn’t saw BTS not bowing while recieving the award. 

I fucking heard Lay being grateful and showing exo-ls their love and gratitude. I fucking saw all BTS members bowing while recieving the award and bowing 90° to fans at the end. 

SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. YOU JUST SEE WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE. ehm… sorry for my burst. So… Yeah, those fans who bash other idols all the time, the shame is on you, the fault is yours. Can’t you see your beloved idols are trying so hard to accomplish your dreams and wishes? They’re trying so hard to show you that they’re someone who you can be proud of. So why would you do something that can hurt them or their career or their lives or lives of their family? Why are you so selfish? Stop wearing those pink glasses and try to look at the world from someone else’s point of view. Try to understand someone else’s opinion, situation. I’m not saying you can’t have your opinion EVERYBODY CAN but try to understand sometimes.

If I could compare kpop to something, it would be food. Kpop industry in general.

Kpop is the food and fans are the eaters. 

When you’re listening to a music you either start stanning a group immediately or after some time. But that’s not important. The important is that when you eat something and you really like it you’ll eat it as much as you can. Maybe every day or every week. But there is some food that when you tasteit you don’t like it. And what do you do with food you don’t like? Do you tweet about them saying how awful they are? How much you hate them? Do you tweet about every signle piece of the food every day saying how they don’t deserve to be on plate? Or do you just throw it away and don’t eat it anymore? You’ll stop eating it right? You’ll say your mom or idk whoever to not to cook that again because you don’t like it. You’ll come to restaurant and order something you like and not something you don’t like. You won’t order something and then stare at it the whole time, then bringing your phone and tweeting about how you hate it. It’s waste of your time and money, right? 

So tell me WHY the fuck do you do this to idols? 

Why don’t you just live happy life listening to your favorite group, tweeting them about how much you love them and how much are you proud of them. Why would you spend your time bashing other’s succes, effort and dreams?

Also I’m not saying you can’t say something against someone who is bashing your idol BUT try to be more mature than them and talk to them. If they don’t listen, they are not worth it. They’re not worth your effort. So just leave them. You said what you wanted and that’s enough.

Man, I don’t know if I told everything but I hope so. I also hope that someone will read it till the end and think about it. I’m not saying that you should listen to me but try to think and understand. This is just my opinion and I needed to write my thoughts out because my mind would just *BAM* if I didn’t.

As one wise human said: “Don’t judge the fandom because of a fan. But don’t judge a fan because of the fandom either.” There is nothing more accurate than this.

Also this is not related to ARMYs and EXOLs only! I just write them as an example because I’m ARMY and I also love listening to EXO and well let’s be honest… those two fandoms are getting worse and worse. But still, I’m not ashamed of calling myself an ARMY because I’m so so so proud to call myself a fan of BTS. AND YOU should be proud too! Be proud of what and who you like!

As I said this is related to kpop industry in general.

it’s a mess i know but i hope you get my point

u all wanna hear my headcanon on terus weird fashion sense and that fucking wig

well here the fuck it is:

teru, while in bed with a high fever, gets several calls from various people who heard about what happened. teru expects to be made fun of and braces himself but all that he gets in return is concern.

“What happened?” “Are you okay” “Was he really that strong?”

hell even when calling edano to say “yeah im leaving the gang i dont need this anymore” edano fuckin. protested agaisnt that and was actually scared to contact teru because he didnt want him to be mad at him for just flat out abandoning him. HELL HE APOLOGIZES. and thats when teru realizes two very important things:

  1. people, generally, are nice. even the meanest people in the world have people they care about and want to protect and be nice to
  2. teru, in general, is feared by people. being beaten by someone else doesnt erase the fact that hes powerful. his psychic powers got him popular. they’ll probably keep him popular. teru can do whatever the hell he fucking wants

AND SO: upon realizing that he can do whatever he wants, teru decides that he’ll just do whatever the fuck he wants. and he does. because even after that embarrassing show, he remaied popular and feared. and even with that monster wig, he remains popular and feared. and even while wearing the worst most terrible clothes in the world, he remains popular and feared.

this is the ultimate realization. teru is literally free to do anything ever and people will still worship him anyway. how far can this fucking go. who cares hes having fun and doing what he wants and nobody is making a single comment on it 

every time i hear a straight girl say the word yaoi a year is taken off my lifespan

My favorite scene of the chapter and it’s SO important. Many expected Laxus to go out in full rage mode once he finds out about what happened to Makarov. But this right here, this is actually so much better. Why? Because it shows just how much Laxus has matured and developed!

I believe he is angry, he is sad, he is grieving. He cared a whole hella lot for his gramps after all, even when it wasn’t always exactly obvious. But instead of getting absolutely angry he stays calm and strong, comforting Mavis even though something in him shattered as well.

It shows that his anger doesn’t just control him anymore. Instead of losing it he stays reasonable, even smiles that friggin adorable smile. That rebellious asshole phase that he went through is no more, and we knew that but this scene shows it so so beautifully. Instead the part that showed itself by the assholish behavior is now more the social awkwardness regarding some cases and situations that has always been there. So boy I really despise it when he gets portrayed as absolute asshole or macho guy because uh sorry but nope, that’s just not him, not like he appears to me.

Just wanna say that this scene is beautiful and important and pls acknowledge this adorable caring man right here.

Random HC #9 (Continuation of #4 - #8)


“W-What?” Robbie shrinks back a little, his eyes reflecting his confusion and even slight fear “Why would you…be looking…for ME?”
Sportacus tries his best to sound calming, although he secretly already regrets that he promised Robbie to be all honest with him, even in this topic now “I’m sure, you remember my precursor, Number Nine? He’s been in LazyTown…when you’ve been a teenager, I guess?…” he gives the other man a careful look and notices that he winced again. Robbie starts chewing at his lower lip but nods weakly, his eyes not meeting Sportacus’ anymore. His voice is low and slightly trembling “…I take it, he…didn’t actually praise my…behaviour, when he returned…home… Did he?…”
Sportacus gives a small smile “I really don’t know what he told the elders about you. When he returned, I was in the middle of our school year, myself. But…” he searches for gentle words that ideally won’t startle Robbie even more. “…But?…” the villain feels a thick lump in his throat and he grabs the edge of the bench tightly again. The hero sighs mutely “…Because of his report, the elders decided that you were a possible danger for our…community…and our beliefs in a healthy life. It is… It’s complicated…” he sighs again, this time audibly “They monitored LazyTown…and you for several years… When it became clear that you had the town pretty much under your control, and everybody, even the kids were lazy, they decided to move in… And since I just graduated and got my hero title, they sent me to…” he stops. Robbie feels himself tense up even more and his breathing hitches a little. Several seconds off uneasy silence pass, then he asks hoarsely “…kill me?…”
“No!” Sportacus’ horrified yell startles even himself and he quickly calms himself again “No, of course not. They… They sent me to…catch you…”
“…and?…” Robbie forces himself to carefully glance at the other now. “…I… I don’t know…” now Sportacus lowers his eyes for a moment and his voice becomes slightly nervous “…The elders…don’t tell us everything… And it doesn’t happen very often that we get the order to capture someone and take him to them, so they can hold a trial and judge over his…punishment…” he swallows hard and finally manages to meet Robbie’s gaze again, his eyes full of different emotions and a silent plead. Robbie tries to clear his thoughts and progress the new information he just got. He does know so much: when he’s been in his teenage years, the citizens in this town were lazy but at peace with each other. He was the smartest in school and loved to build and invent things. The other kids respected and even sometimes admired him, but he never boasted with this. When one day, a hero appeared, who called himself ‘Number Nine’, everything changed. He dragged the kids outside and motivated them to play and move around the whole time. But Robbie didn’t want to. He rather went for slow, long walks at night, when it was cool and quiet. But Nine didn’t approve of that. Over time, a quarrel started between them and Robbie managed to play several pranks on the hero. But he always got the boy back for it over his friends. They laughed at him when Robbie tried to play with them and didn’t hit the ball right or got exhausted so quickly. School and free time became hard for Robbie but he refused to give in and with his desperation, his pranks got meaner, as well… Sometimes, things even escalated far worse, than he had intended to… The quarrel lasted several years, until Nine saw that the kids had grown up enough to take care of themselves and he left town. But not without warning Robbie that he’d keep a close eye on him, so he’d better stop being this lazy and mean… Robbie however was so frustrated and felt left alone with everything that he did just the opposite… Some quiet years passed by, most of his friends left town, some stayed and had kids on their own… And once the kids got old enough and that pink girl showed up for the first time, Sportacus, Hero Number Ten, appeared…
“…Robbie?… Robbie.” He winces when a hand touches his shoulder and rids him out of his thoughts. Blinking slowly, he turns his head to look at Sportacus’ worried gaze. “Robbie, are you okay? You haven’t moved for several minutes now…”
“…Why…” the villain swallows dryly and tries to focus again “…Why…didn’t you…follow the order?… Why didn’t you just grab me and brought me to your people? Why did you endure all this time with me, trying to get rid of you if you just had to…”
“Because the moment, I met you, I realized that you’re nothing like Nine and the elders claimed you are,” Sportacus gives him a careful, soft smile and gently squeezes his shoulder. “Oh, am I not?! I’m lazy, I’m moody, I’m…”
“You are fun, caring and not mean at all!” contradicts Sportacus firmly “I know, you pretend otherwise, but you DO care about the kids and you have fun, playing with them. And they like you, as well. Just like I do.” Robbie blushes furiously at this and quickly changes the subject “But what will your elders say when you don’t return? Or you return…but without me?” A moment of silence passes and then, the hero can’t prevent his eyes from growing sad, no matter how hard he tries and his voice breaks a little “…That’s why I’m not returning home. Ever.”


I watched Dan’s latest video and feel really bad for him, he deserves a big hug. It made me really sad to see him cry and I really hate when people I admire look sad or even cry. I personally never thought his walking scenes were funny, I thought he looked gorgeous and, sure, I do find Danger men at work song to be entertaining, but it’s not like I completely forgot about the Internet is here song that was for a good deed. I mostly feel sorry about Dan not being followed by Pete on twitter anymore because If I were him I would feel devastated as well. However, some people take stuff too seriously and their opinions shouldn’t actually bother you. You shouldn’t actually care what others think because at the end of the day only opinions that are valid are your family’s, your friend’s and yours. I’m pretty sure Dan won’t ever see this, but I do want to spread some awareness that some of y'all should chill with all the memes, okay, some can be funny, but just don’t go that far to make him cry. (This stands for demon phannies as well, calm your tatas with all that shipping, it went overboard. I don’t give a sh*t if they are just best friends or the gayest people alive, I just want them to be happy, safe and continue making amazing content)

You know you really like someone when you tell them things like “I hope you wear a jacket” and “did you sleep well?” And you actually care about them so much that you hope they do all these things so they’re okay. It’s not just an empty comment any more; you like them so much you really do want the best for them. It’s not just about you anymore.

Okay so obviously I’ve only skimmed the more recent comics, but in an effort to find out what Sega’s new mandates for the comics actually are I ended up finding some forum threads and the like where people were arguing about them and like… man, I just don’t get what some people really expect out of a Sonic comic

Like who cares if Sonic has “plot armor”? Or if they can’t show his parents in the comics anymore? Or if his personality can’t change all that much? There are other ways to tell a compelling story than making Sonic get his ass kicked all the time, or showing his family, or having him grow up. “Character development” comes in many forms. Sometimes a character doesn’t need to actually change all that much if the audience’s perception of them can change. You can see how Sonic reacts to different situations, and that’ll inform how we see him as a character. We don’t need Sonic to hit rock bottom to tell an entertaining story

And of course people always argue about individual little Sega mandates and it’s just. It’s so silly. How mad can people really be about Sega not allowing Emerl to show up in the comics? He’s dead, dude. He died in Sonic Battle and then they made Gemerl, who IS in the comics. Who cares if they can’t call the planet Mobius anymore? Who cares if Amy can’t change clothes? Does that really affect anything?

Also, like. Honey’s in the comics now. That makes them objectively better

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What even IS humanity in snk? Has it been defined? I see the word thrown about, but who are the humans? What qualities define it in snk's world? This is where discussion among the characters is really needed to flesh out these themes beyond just tension-building statements and exposition. Now we know all Eldians are latent titans connected through a rhizome, so our heroes need to figure out among each other what humanity even means to them anymore. Is it the Marley? The East Sea Clan? That's [c]

[c] where Eren’s existential question at the end of chapter 90 should lead, when he asks where freedom lies. This can only be answered through discussion between our main characters. I hope Isayama cares to actually show some! I think more accurate than “humanity”, what snk seems to have always been about is the pursuit of “security” and at what price. Everything about snk emphasizes INsecurity in their world to extremes that are literally INhuman, to the point that character development has [c]

[c] been stunted by lack of it. That’s not hyperbole. There is severe lack of communication on display all throughout snk.  We get exposition, occasional panels of comment or line of insight, scenes that are fearful and foreboding, but not developing character talks mixed in with action on panel that focuses on more than the battle they happen to be fighting that moment. It’s been isolated we-gotta-just-survive-this-hell-and-here’s-how short term survival focus. It’s been human development [c]             

[c] without much processing, development without emotional security. It’s neither childish or adult. “Humanity” isn’t just that. The long range big picture stuff bubbles underneath the surface undiscussed on page, but the answer to individual and collective freedom and security in snk can’t be resolved satisfactorily unless they unpack and talk openly about it amongst each other. Eren has championed freedom since the beginning, and everyone in their endless war is in one way or another in [c]

[c] search of lasting security. They’re only going to have a chance at it if they actually intensely discuss what that is and let us see it. Exposition and action panels with insular commentary isn’t going to cut it, especially if the characters keep throwing around big terms like humanity and freedom as the battlefield expands with new players. They need to show us that they know what they’re talking about.


The series aims for conciseness and showing through visuals to explain it’s themes and characters. Meaning lies in single sentences, expressions of the characters and general visual storytelling.

Rather than say how Mikasa started to see the world’s cruelty, the story shows her seeing a moth being eaten and then seeing her father bringing back the corpse of a bird to say that.

I think the story does a very solid job with the style of storytelling it has chosen for itself.

We didn’t get a complicated elaboration on “who the good guy is here or how there is no good or bad”, we just got these panels in chapter 88:

This is our current answer.

But it also says everything that needs to be said.

Which was gotten to through the dialog of two characters in a section of the story that consists of nothing but Eren connecting to his father’s memories and his father talking to Kruger.

All the biggest thematic relevations happened in dialog. Historia’s statement towards Eren, Keith’s statement towards Eren - it’s all reached through back and forths, so I disagree with you about that element. Historia’s statement in chapter 66 is so powerful because it so seamlessly connects with her character arc. Same goes for Eren and Jean and even minor characters like Sasha. I think it’s all connected pretty nicely, so I disagree about that, as well. I think most of the main cast has even at least a little bit of beliveable and understandable character development.

The whole point currently is that there is no bad or good guy, but just complex and flawed human viewpoints clashing with each other. On a character level, this is of course shown through Eren the most, whose perspective keeps being challenged by the new information that keeps being provided.

Humanity in the story is the people we follow; this was adressed in chapter 1, just the first pages (it’s humanity which is fighting here) of the story and Eren’s statement:

I think the story is both, much more simple and more complex than people tend to give it credit for. It handles complicated subjects with very concise statements, but I think those statements have a lot of weight and multiple layers put on to them as the story progresses. AoT is very rewatchable and I think this is one of the reasons why. It’s not just about the crazy twists. 

We go from humanity fighting it’s biggest and greatest enemy to humanity literally being it’s own worst enemy. The removal of specifically the mindless Titans in chapter 90 is symbolic by itself. They’re not the “real” enemy. It’s humanity itself or even all the bad things inside of us that are equally human to all the good things (which I hope is the final statement of the story, personally - Eren defeating his own Titan form would be excellent) and a lot of the different elements come back to this - the value of the good in humanity and being above all the bad. The world is just as much beautiful as it is cruel.

The story shows, rather than tells and one point of the story is the constant revaluation of the truth as morally complex layers are slowly laid upon the story’s most basic statements.

It’s so painfully unsubtle, but I don’t care because the ideas thrown around here have much more moral complexity than most stories out there. So, I disagree with there being no elaboration here, myself, as well. Of course, everything will probably continue to be challenged until the end of the story.

Now, the problem with this kind of storytelling is that it could leave things muddled or unclear. You personally simply seem to want more - feel like it’s lacking and there isn’t enough elaboration on these important elements. I had the problem with Erwin’s death myself - it took me a while to sum it’s meaning up and in the end it was really simple - Levi valued Erwin’s freedom of choice above everything, that’s that. It’s such a very simple statement that I keep wondering why I wrote so many posts to get to it. The story in it’s basics is really simple, but at the same time simple doesn’t mean shallow.

I personally really love the character development of many of the characters in the story and don’t see disconnects between the themes and these characters - I feel like they’ve discussed their viewpoints quite a bit and we know that they’re about - because of the nature of the story these also keep being reevaluated and we’ll gradually get evolving perspectives re-explored appropriately. The story doesn’t feel to be overrun with exposition to me - it’s maybe not balanced very well in terms of plot, action and character focus, but definitely not lacking in any of them.

Thank you for the ask!

Time flies! It wasn’t that long ago i made my previous follow forever, and now here we are again, another huge milestone reached! And not even a year went by since i made this blog!

This one is kind of special to me, because i finally hit the follower count i dreamed of when i first started off! I saw other blogs and admired them for it, and now thanks to all of you wonderful people, i can call myself one of those blogs! Thank you so much for that. This gives me the feeling that i’m being heard, that i’m not just throwing content into the void but that there are people who actually care for what i write. And that encourages me. It’s not about the number, it’s about the feeling i get, to know that i’m not doing this for nothing.

I hope you don’t have to feel shy to talk to me anymore, though! I’d love more interaction with all of you! 

During this time, i’ve also gained some lovely mutuals, some of which i can call my friends on this site and i’m so happy to know you guys! 💕

Listed below under the cut are the blogs i follow myself and make my tumblr experience that much more enjoyable! Definitely go check them out, they’re all amazing! 

Happy holidays everyone! 🎄 ❄️

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karafairchild  asked:

I agree how they started to make mon el act to kara was nice at first because it was like a protecting behavior but as the season continues he now it is out of line and I am also not happy about all of this. I shipped karamel before but since last ep and his behavior I actually don't anymore

i didn’t ship them bc he was problematic from the start, but i did like him as a separate character until the last episode. i don’t anymore. i was especially bothered by what he said about how easier it is to just objectify women and not care about anyone’s feelings. i can’t believe the writers put that sentence out there for all the kids to hear.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so the 'Loki' that apparently you won't believe it's actually Loki is my friend for YEARS now, and he is a HE not a SHE, just clarifying. And his actual name is Loki. He isn't a troll, he is wonderful, and he is a way better writer than you'll EVER be, and a way better writer than all the writers here on Tumblr combined. I don't care if you don't believe me, but rewardless I think writing about the fantasy of someone raping you is wrong. I get that its a fantasy, but it's still wrong to me.

*le sigh* I wasn’t going to respond to this. But after thinking, I decided to. And this is the last of it.

I’ve already explained how I don’t condone rape etc in reality. How it’s all fantasy, but let’s not repeat myself.

Whether itprinceloki / liesandchaosloki is a he or she, or is indeed called Loki, doesn’t concern me. What does concern me is the fact that if you/she/he/whoever claim to be disgusted etc from my fic, then why the hell did you read it in the first place with the warnings in place? You wouldn’t know what it is about or even if there was rape (or just mentions) in it, unless you read it. And if you did, and are triggered by it, you’re stupid for not heeding the warnings.

Another thing that concerns me, is the fact this person went out of their way to try and belittle me, to get me to no doubt hide away and delete my page and god knows what else in fear of the actual god Loki hating me forever and despising me. Cause jeez, that would just be so devastating for me. *rolls eyes*

Also calling someone’s writing ‘trash’ is not nice. Fan fiction writers, including myself, put their all into their work and it takes a lot of guts to post it to other people to enjoy too. Saying something bad to the wrong person about something they are passion about, could do a lot of damage mentally to someone, which you clearly didn’t think about.

Lastly, if this person is called Loki. They are still impersonating the god Loki. It’s OBVIOUS they are pretending to be Loki the actual god of mischief because of those two blogs, CLEARLY stating they are Loki and marvel RP Blogs.

You and this ‘Loki’ are the ones that should be ashamed. You are trying to guilt trip me and others, for our kinks and what we are into. We are all adults here, we know what is right and wrong in the world. I would NEVER condone rape in any way shape or form. But you need to get your head out of the clouds. Rape/Non con is a kink/fantasy and has been for ages. There is a lot WORSE kinks out there, but no one should be shamed for what they are into. And also, no one should be made to read what triggers them, hence the WARNINGS!

What I, and others write, is complete fantasy and that’s why it is called FAN FICTION!

If I had written that one shot about Tom, then I could maybe see why people would go crazy over it a bit more, because he is a real life being. But Loki is a character, he’s not REAL! Just like my stories. Not real.

So you and your friend ‘Loki’ stop picking on me, and don’t ever pick on anyone else for that matter, and get a life. Though I get a feeling that you are the same person as the two blogs I mentioned.

If these two blogs end up being there, solely to be horrible or say bad things to any other writers, you can be sure me, and I’m sure plenty other writers, will come down on you/‘Loki’ like a ton of bricks. 

Because you guys are the bullies here. 

  • I hate you. I really do hate you. I believed you, I believed that you were in love with me and I believed that you wouldn't lie to me again, how fucking stupid I was. I've got over you yes, I'm not sad anymore. All I feel towards you is hate because I let you in, I told you things that I'd never told anyone before and you used that to your advantage and hurt me.
  • Being cheated on and lied to is one of the worst things you can do to someone. Because of you, I know when it comes to actually finding someone who cares about me, I'm going to struggle opening up and letting someone in my head again..