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WOSO Wishes for 2017

-AK, KO and Press to reach 100 caps
-Cap to get a farewell game
-Carlos to get 100 goals
-Moe to score in the NWSL and to keep scoring on the National Team
-Mal Pugh to return to the full national team and become the GolazoQueen™
-Cinnamon roll Sunny to recover nicely
-Jill Ellis to actually play players in their actual positions
-Commentators to find things to talk about other than Horan skipping college and Mal’s age and Solo’s suspension and Pinoe’s kneeling and Crys being cut for the WWC roster and the goddamn Olympics
-No more PK’s
-Keep calling up Ohai and Lynn Williams

It’s a long list, but after the year we’ve had, we deserve it.

  • Moe (while talking to all the newbies): "OKAY so when we line up,let's all dab together!"
  • Broon: "No, I will not dab because I'm a grown woman and neither will any of you."
  • Carli: "Moe, what is that? Are you sneezing?"
  • Tobin (whispering): "We're still doing it right?"
  • Allie (whispering): "Of course."
  • Ash: "Becky, I'm also a grown woman and I say we do it."
  • Broon: "Debatable and the answer is still no."
  • KO: "What about me? I'm an adult. I wanna do it."
  • Broon: "Kelley you're an actual squirrel, and please stop annoying me."
  • Newbies: "So... is it always like this?"
  • Dawn: "Just smile and nod. They'll work it out or jump on each other to try to establish dominance."

@moebrian told us her &@meghankling song they use to get pumped for games is Shawn Mendes I know what you did last summer, so when someone asked about pre-game rituals@carlilloyd added that they actually share ear buds lol

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When it comes to POC officers defending Darren Wilson, we can't rule out fear of retaliation, see: Brian Bentley, fired for writing a book detailing racism in the LAPD. He was interrogated for seven hours and given a charge of misconduct for every instance of racism that he wrote about in the book but didn't report to the force, giving him the most misconduct charges in the history of the LAPD. Not a word on the people he ACTUALLY called out in his book, though.

And when it comes to racist white cops in particular, they have no qualms about attacking minorities, badge or not, see: Howard Morgan, shot 28 times by four white officers (21 of those shots were from behind) and then later accused of trying to murder those officers. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison for attempted murder and his bail was REVOKED.

Do you want to know my favorite thing about women's soccer fans?

The fans genuinely want women’s soccer to succeed and expand, most fans love that the USWNT is getting so much attention and appreciation. I hardly ever see people who are upset with bandwagon fans and think that they are better fans because they’ve been following women’s soccer longer. It is so refreshing to see actual real fans in this fandom. It makes me so happy!