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Some thoughts on the Watson marriage

First of all, upfront: I believe Mary and John sincerely loved each other and were genuinely trying to make their relationship work. But clearly, at least on some levels, it was not working, and I want to play armchair marriage counsellor for a bit and look at why.

So, obviously, the first major misstep in their marriage is Mary lying about her history and identity, and then shooting John’s best friend to protect her secret.  Why didn’t she just tell him who she was from the beginning? 

MARY: John can’t ever know that I lied to him. It would break him and I would lose him forever.

She was terrified that he wouldn’t love her if he found out about her past.  What might have given her that idea?  What messages was John sending her that his love was conditional on her being ordinary, sweet, and safe?

In some ways, John’s behavior after he finds out the truth proves her fears unjustified.  Though he struggles for a while, he doesn’t leave her, and he makes a renewed commitment to their relationship.  So far so good.  But look at what he says to her:

JOHN: The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future … are my privilege. It’s all I have to say. It’s all I need to know.

It’s a very romantic moment, and clearly well-intentioned. And Mary is grateful for his forgiveness, and agrees to move forward with him.  But there’s a mixed message hidden in John’s statement.  In throwing away the thumb drive unread, he’s confirming her suspicion that he can’t love the person she was in the past, only the persona she has created.  

MARY: You don’t even know my name.
JOHN: Is ‘Mary Watson’ good enough for you?

Here again – it’s a lovely and romantic sentiment, but even as Mary was thrilled to accept his forgiveness, she must have gotten the message that Mary Watson is acceptable, but her history as Rosamund is not.  That could only have heightened her sense of insecurity in the relationship.  It would have been a much more generous gesture on John’s part if he had simply asked her name at that moment, instead of shoving it into the closet of things we must never speak of.

In TST, John acts surprised that Mary is still keeping secrets from him, but what choice did he give her?  He basically told her there’s this whole part of her life that he doesn’t want to hear about.  

And when he does catch her in her lies, John tries to be understanding, but he makes another small mistake with big repercussions:

JOHN: Mary, I may not be a very good man, but I think I’m a bit better than you give me credit for, most of the time.

I think what he means is that he’s not as judgmental as she thinks – she doesn’t need to hide from him, because he would support her even in difficult times.  But by phrasing it in terms of him being “good”, he also unintentionally reminds her that she is not good.  This is a difference between them in her mind: he is good and she is bad.  

MARY: You’re always a good man, John. I’ve never doubted that. You never judge; you never complain. I don’t deserve you.

She seems here to be accepting his claim that he won’t judge her. But in saying that she doesn’t deserve him, she’s highlighting the fact that he makes her feel lesser, which makes her insecure and leads her to lie and misrepresent herself in order to seem “good” enough for him.  

Once they get back home, she states this problem again, even more clearly:

MARY: You don’t make it easy, do you?
JOHN: What d’you mean?
MARY: Well, being … being so perfect.

Unmistakably, she is trying to tell him how hurt she is by the roles they’ve unwittingly assigned each other: Perfect John and Bad Mary.  And at last, it seems like John gets it. Before they’re interrupted, he starts to tell her about his affair in an effort to reassure Mary that neither of them is perfect.  It feels like the best chance they have for a fresh start based on a better understanding of and respect for each other as real, flawed people.

Then, sadly, Mary dies before they are able to hash this out. And one of the most tragic elements of her death scene is this:

MARY: Being Mary Watson was the only life worth living.

Mary wants to leave their relationship on the best note possible, but it breaks my heart that even with her dying breaths, she feels the best way to do this is to deny the “bad Rosamund” that John always seemed to be rejecting, and present herself as the “good Mary” that she believed John wanted her to be.

And the thing is, I don’t think John ever intended her to feel that way.  He wears a conventional veneer, but Sherlock is right – deep down, John wanted to be with someone as dangerous and morally grey as he is.  He initially thought he wanted perfect Mary, but he really fell in love with the more complicated Rosamund underneath.

And yet, even though he loved her, forgave her, and respected her for the most part, a part of him was still angry and resentful over Mary’s betrayal, and I think he unconsciously picked on her for it in these subtle ways.  

Which is understandable, if not ideal.  But what *really* saddens me is what John says at the end of TLD:

JOHN: I’m not the man you thought I was; I’m not that guy. I never could be. But that’s the point. That’s the whole point. Who you thought I was… is the man who I want to be.

No, John, no!  He’s so close here, but then he gets it so wrong.  Mary doesn’t want you to be that perfect man she thought you were! Mary thought that dude was kind of a jerk!  And she was right, honestly.  What Mary was trying to tell you is, that man is sanctimonious, patronizing, and judgmental.  DON’T BE THAT GUY.  No one likes that guy, least of all Mary.  

Mary didn’t want a “good man”, she wanted a partner in crime. Someone who understood her and respected her – ALL of her, not just the pretty and well-behaved bits.  At your best, John, you were that partner, but at your worst, you were a superior, scolding, hypocritical prig.

I’m not sure, but I think (I hope?) this is what Sherlock’s getting at during this exchange:

SHERLOCK: It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human.
JOHN: Even you?
SHERLOCK: No. Even you.

The lesson John needs to learn is not to be a better man for the perfect, imaginary version of Mary in his head, but to be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to the real, flawed person Mary actually was.  And to honor her memory, perhaps be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to people like her – including himself.

galactaablazingg  asked:

I'm starting to get really disappointed in myself. I use green magic frequently and I dream of owning my own nursery or farm one day, but I can't even keep succulents alive. I've researched a lot and worked really hard whenever I get a new plant baby, but I feel like I have the world's WORST black thumb and I don't know what to do. I love plants and don't want to give up on this path. Do you happen to have any suggestions? :/

Hiii, thank you so much for your patience dear. I know it’s taken me a hot minute to get to this ask. Don’t feel bad about killing your succulents honestly, I’ve killed countless ones by accidental overwatering, leaving them outside in the rain, all sorts of silly shit. Don’t give up!💚

  • Cactus soil and good drainage really is a must. I know you’ve probably read this everywhere but it’s super important. Succulent roots are sensitive and fairly small, normal potting soil will be too dense when it’s wet and cause root rot almost within the first couple months.
    • If you buy a succulent and you can’t feel/see any pebbles in the soil you need to repot it. I suggest repotting most succulents anyways because I think the generic soil they use is pretty shitty.
    • This is my favorite soil!
  • Watering your succulent wrong is the biggest killer in my opinion. My first suggestion being that you use filtered or distilled water only when watering your succulent. Succulents are really sensitive to the pH level of their soil and the fluoride that can be found in well water can really fuck the little guys up. That’s actually how I killed my first seven succulents, once I switched I never had one die(outside of cats munching).
    • Don’t pour water when you’re watering your growing succulent. Pouring straight from a cup into the pot can cause too much moisture in one spot. Instead trying misting your baby plant with a spray bottle!
    • Typically they tend to want to be watered every week to two weeks depending on size and breed. Water succulents less in the winter.
  • Shriveling up and dying leaves aren’t always a bad sign. Sometimes people see the bottom leaves shrivel up and think their plants dying. Here is a little secret, just like all plants, eventually the lower leaves of succulents are going to shrivel up and die. Just pluck them off and go about your day, as long as it’s just a couple lower leaves you’re most likely fine. I can’t count the amount of messages I’ve gotten from people who killed their succulents because they saw one leaf die and completely changed the care routine for their succulents - causing them stress and ultimately their death.
  • Avoid plotting in jars, glass containers, or anything that doesn’t drain.
  • Repot once to twice a year with fresh soil. You’ll read a lot of books and articles about feeding your succulent plant food - that’s up to you. I avoid using plant food because I’ve been unlucky with it killing my babies.
  • As for temperature keep it between 70-80 in the summer 50-60 in the winter. Succulents like a lot of light but they do not need(or really want) direct sunlight.
Insta Live -Daniel Seavey

Requested: Yes 

I got the request for a random Daniel imagine, so this came from scratch. Hope it works!

Word Count: 1,111 !!!  (sorry i thought that was a cool number ok?)

Synopsis: Story in which your relatively new boyfriend and you bicker like a married couple whilst enjoying a game night. Your relationship gets revealed over an Instagram live stream. 

“Cheater! You aren’t allowed to do that!” Daniel threw his hands in the air and shouted.  You slid your metal game piece across the board and took a pile of colorful, fake money. “Last time I checked, you didn’t make up the rules to Monopoly. Did you?” you jokingly snapped back at him. Your boyfriend of one month sat across from you and stared down at the intense board game that was unfolding. “You always win! It’s not fair. There either has to be something I’m not understanding, or the more probable option: You are a dirty little cheater!”  

 “But I’ve played this way my whole life!”

 “I don’t care! That is the most stupid rule I have ever heard of!” Daniel yelled and tossed his Monopoly piece into the air. You fell back onto the floor in a fit of laughter. There was only one thing better than beating Daniel at Monopoly: Daniel getting fake mad about it.

Then, he joined you in laughter as well, finally breaking character. The boy couldn’t act angry with you for more than a minute and everyone knew it.

“Hey! You two!” Jack marched through the hallway of the Why Don’t We house—iPhone in hand. “I’m trying to do a live stream on Instagram and you are screaming over my thoughts!” He swung open the door and panned the camera across the room, revealing the messy game night set up that you two had created. You and Daniel sat on the ground of the living room, surrounded by pillows and blankets. A bowl of popcorn had been overturned in the process.

Instinctually, you held a hand over your face. “Jack! I didn’t sign up to have my face broadcasted to thousands of people.” Of course, you were half joking. You knew that when you started dating Daniel, people would eventually find out and would probably give you extra social media attention for it. So yes, tons of people would see your face at some point. There was just one little problem. You and Daniel had yet to go public with your relationship. A lot of fans speculated your relationship status, but most were still convinced that you two were good friends.

Jack laughed at your camera shyness and started reading off the flood of comments. 


“Is that y/n?”

“#yourshipname is real.”

“Date already!”

 Jack raised his eyebrows and winked at both of you. “Looks like they want you two to stop dancing around the obvious.”

 You gave Jack the evil eye and shook you head. “I have no idea what you are talking about. The only obvious thing here is that I am beating Daniel’s butt.” Daniel raised a hand to his chest, pretending to be shocked. “Not true, y/n! I am a Monopoly master!” You waved your stack of bills in front of your face and proceeded to play along with his banter. “C’mon Daniel. Don’t lie to your fans. It’s not nice.”

Daniel protested again, pushing his default accusation that you were cheating.

“I think you’ve landed yourself a spot in that Monopoly jail cell. I suspect foul play!”

You cupped a hand around your ear and plastered a puzzled look on your face. “Sorry. What was that? I can’t hear you over all of this cash.”

“Fine, fine. You’ve got me,” he raised his hands in surrender. “Win. Lose. I don’t care, because at the end of the day, I still get to kiss your face. So, who’s the real winner here?”

Your eyes widened. His comment actually caught you by surprise. Despite your prior agreement to keep your relationship on the down low, he seemed to be revealing it all on camera. Jack’s jaw dropped at Daniel’s flirtatious response.

“Well there you have it folks! The cat is out of the bag!” The comments immediately started going wild again.

Heat began running to your cheeks, so Daniel reached over and gave your hand a squeeze. “Sorry, love. I couldn’t resist that one. I saw the opportunity and I had to take it.”

Jack passed the phone off to Daniel. “I think you are getting quite a few questions. (yourshipname) is taking over my live.” Daniel grinned at the viewers’ reactions. “Aw y/n they think you are cute! Come talk to the fans.” 

There was no going back now, so you chose to finally embrace being in the public eye. Your boyfriend’s eyes scanned the comments as they poured in.

What’s her name?

- Well this is y/n y/l/n. I think she’s pretty cool.”

Where did you meet?

-We met at The Grove in L.A. I was trying to pull ‘a Jonah’ and just go up and talk to her, because I thought she was really pretty and probably out of my league.” You could feel yourself start to blush again so you ducked out of frame.

Daniel laughed at your attempt to avoid the attention and reached out to grab your arm. “Nooo y/n. They want you to come back!” He moved so that he was sitting next to you and pulled you into his side. “Look!” he said as he gestured towards the crowd of humans on the other end of the screen. “They are being super nice!” Daniel was excited to finally be able to gush over you, so you couldn’t object.

You read through more of the questions and picked out one that caught your eye.

Can you tell us a secret about Daniel? ;)

“Ooh someone asked if I could spill some dirt on you!” you teased. “I can’t say no to that. Can I?” He rolled his eyes in response. You guys were always playfully trying to push each other’s buttons.

“Well. Daniel was actually late on our first date.”

“Hey! In my defense, I was-”

“I know I know,” you interrupted. “He claims that he was late because he spent too long holding the door for all of the people exiting the mall.”

Daniel slung his arm over your shoulders and looked you in the eyes. “It’s true! I promise!” All you could do was laugh at how honestly innocent he was.

“I know! If that excuse came out of anyone else’s mouth, I wouldn’t have believed them. But, that definitely sounds like something you would do. You’re too nice sometimes.”

Daniel kissed your cheek and smiled. His eyes always lit up the same way when he looked at you and fans definitely noticed. The way his eyes scanned your face was what made people doubt your “just friends” act in the first place.

 “Hey!” Jack shouted from the other side of the room. “No PDA on my Instagram live!”

Just some quick Daniel humor/ kinda fluff 

Hope you enjoyed! 


P.S. Message me if you need anything :-)

To Keep You Safe// Part - 1/2

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: being a superhero may be fun, stuff of every nerd’s dreams but it had its cons. Peter knew everything couldn’t always be good for him, he knew he had to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of your safety.

Request: @loser-with-a-lap-top​: Could you do prompt #14 with Peter Parker where Peter breaks up with the reader in attempts to keep her safe, but she still doesn’t know he’s spiderman yet so she’s really confused on why he’s breaking up with her, and then she finds out and is even more upset that he was lying. Feel free to change what ever you want. THANK YOU😊

A/N: hey, baby boos. so get ready for an angsty fic this is gonna be rollercoaster of teen emotions. sorry but not sorry. It will have a fluffly end but this part is pure angst. stay tuned for second part because it will have some action. and steam, so wait for it. i had to write it on tumblr so I couldn’t edit it, but it so please look over any mistakes. hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, crying, break up. and teengers talking about ya know what. (yes that’s a warning. love me some shameless peter)

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Peter sat on the edge of the building, thinking. he liked to do that after doing his daily secret superhero work.he liked to just breathe while he looked over the city while he thought about literally everything. but lately that everything had become gloomy, it wasn’t sweet, crazy teenager things mixed with being a hero it was… the ugly face of life kept well hidden under that.

everything was so good, but it wasn’t supposed to be like that right? he was Spiderman, he had an amazing girlfriend, i.e, you, school had gone good and Ned, his best friend who knew about his secret identity had actually helped him rather than running away. things were great; and he knew they shouldn’t be.

he lied down and rested his head in his arms. he exhaled deeply and closed his eyes, remembering that exact memory.

‘you see kid, when you become like us.’ tony pointed at himself. ‘you sign up for a really heavy weight being slammed up on your shoulders. I know you’re strong peter, but you gotta be really careful from now on. you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders now and especially your loved ones.’ he looked at peter who was listening carefully but couldn’t quite understand what he had meant by the last line. ‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the sudden ringing of his phone snapped him back to where he was. he sat right up and saw it was another missed call from you. after further scrolling and searching he saw how many messages you had sent him.

“no one’s home, make it quick and we can cuddle and make out.”

“taking too long, parker. be quick.”

“hmmm, let me see if Ned’s free.” was the latest message. he quickly called you.

‘i’ll be right there, don’t call that horn dog!’ he said urgently. your familiar chuckle answered, he knew you must be shaking your head at him too.

‘i’m way too loyal and in love with you to do that, mon amour.’ you said. he blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. he replied with a shy ‘yeah.’ and you grinned.

‘now, get your cute butt over here so that we can cuddle till we have time. see you, babe. love you.’

‘love you too.’ he smiled looking down.

No bed made covered in silk sheets, pillows filled with the softest feathers, could provide peter the comforts you did when you let him use yourself as a pillow while you massaged his head or ran your fingers through his hair. he nuzzled in your chest and you jerked up. he looked at you questioningly.

‘your hair tickled me nothing else.’ you patted his head. he returned to his position grinning.

‘they’re just, very nice.’ he looked at you grinning slyly before kissing you. ‘do I ever get a chance to..’ he trailed off and gave you that look of his no one lese got to saw. that smug, lusty look you hated but also loved.

‘fuck off, parker.’ you pushed him away laughing. he was quick to get close to you again.

‘I just mean no one’s home, you’re clearly not on your period, it’s a nice evening. everything points in that direction!’ he threw his arms in the air for emphasis. you covered your face to hide your burning face and lied down laughing.

‘oh my god, I hate you!’ you laughed. he got on top of you and pulled your hands away from your face.

‘no, you don’t.’ you both stayed in that position before he smiled deviously at you.

‘peter, no.’ you warned.

‘PETER YES!’ he shouted and started tickling you mercilessly. he couldn’t help but laugh himself as you tried to containing your laughter or push him away.

‘I love you, I don’t wanna hurt you! get off!’ you pushed at his chest as you panted. he stopped, huffed and rolled of you. ‘you’re an asshole.’ you panted.

‘i’m amazing, look I told you i’ll leave you tired and panting if you give me the chance.’ he said and you hit him with a pillow. he chuckled and lied beside you, pulling you in his chest. ‘i’m sorry, you bring out all my crazy.’ he kissed the top of your head. you mumbled something before you closed your eyes. he smiled at you and brushed away the stray hairs from your forehead. he loved you so much, he wished he’d never have to loose you and this moment could freeze here so that you two could stay like this forever.

‘the bad guys, always find your weaknesses.’

the words came back to him. Mr. Stark was right, it was his responsibility to protect you. he couldn’t put you in danger, aunt may had seen him in the costume and he couldn’t risk another person knowing about his identity or becoming a target because of him. He had made enemies on this journey and he had to take all the measures possible. he couldn’t lose more people, it hurts too much. Plus it doesn’t help when you are the reason your loved ones get hurt.

he sighed and looked at your peaceful sleeping face again, he didn’t want to do it. for once, he didnt want to be the self- sacrificing hero. he kissed your forehead one last time, got up and left.

the days passed away slowly and painfully, Peter wouldn’t talk properly to you. it was like something was bothering him, like a sad cloud was following him everywhere. then you finally asked him what was wrong, you really wish you hadn’t. or he hadn’t said what he did.

he looked at you trying to look strong and tough. only heaven knew what was going inside the poor boy’s head.

‘just tell me. please.’ you held his hand to provide him some strength but it only made it worse. he didn’t want to do it, he just wanted to hug you and never let you go but it things rarely happen the way you want them to. you cant have everything in the world.

‘I, I just think that we don't work well together. it’s not you it’s all me. i’m an idiot. i wish it didn’t have to happen and I am very, very sorry.’ he stopped abruptly so that his voice wouldn’t crack. you were taken a back, you throat went dry and you just wanted to cry.

you clenched your jaw in response and looked down. you never thought you would cry about a break but damn, it hurt. you nodded and rubbed your eyes.

‘I-’ he tried to step closer to you but you kept a hand in front.

‘goodbye, peter.’ you said with a voice devoid of any emotions and walked away.

you were hating this all so much, it hurt so much losing the person you thought cared about you. he had become some sort of a comfort blanket for you, you were left so vulnerable after that comfort blanket was ripped off from you.

you were walking away from the craft store to your home. you liked to take walks and occupy your brain with art so that you could feel better, it was like your own little therapy. suddenly, you heard some footsteps behind you. you started walking faster and they followed you, you were starting to think the worst but they were suddenly gone.

you turned around and saw that a man with a knife was webbed to the wall of the building. a relief washed over you, you took a deep breath and eased the grip of the bag in your hands.

‘you’re okay right?’ the red suit wearing superhero asked you.

‘yeah, i’m good.’ you ran a hand through your hair. he jumped down the building and hugged you tightly. ‘thank god.’ he breathed. you found it rather awkward and lightly patted his back. ‘it’s-’ you suddenly stopped. it was all too familiar, the voice, the tight hug….. ‘peter?’ you breathed.

‘ye- what? who peter?’ he sked and backed away. ‘i’m sorry girly, you mistake me for-’

‘peter parker, shut up.’ you shouted and he stopped. he punched the man hard to knock him out on his way to you.

‘(y/n), listen, I-’

‘the hell are you doing, peter?’ tears welled up in your eyes. ‘you leave me, then you follow me, then you turn out to be fucking spiderman, i mean what are you doing?’ your voice cracked. ‘do you know, how much it hurts when someone leaves you like that? it feels like you are the worst person in the world, and you know me, you know how I struggle with some things yet you left me. like everyone else.’ tears started flowing and you tried your best to wipe them all away. peter had never seen you cry, it broke his heart that he was the reason behind your tears. ‘you could’ve ripped my heart out, it wouldn’t hurt this much.’ you rubbed your eyes.

‘I am so sorry, (y/n).’ he kept a hand on your cheek. ‘I am just trying to keep you safe.’ he joined his forehead with yours. ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this.’ after saying this, he put on his mask shoot a web and was gone with a gust of wind.

he collapsed on his knees once he got in his room, it hurt so much. the knife wound on his back wasn’t as painful as much as his chest was aching with a broken heart. he took off his mask and stared it for a few minutes before throwing it  against the wall. he changed quickly and curled up in his bed. but hell it wasn’t as effective as you.  he hurt you and he hated it, he will eventually hurt everyone like this and he hated. it. he couldn’t save everyone.

‘peter? sweetie you, okay?’ aunt may creeked open the door. she knew he hadn’t been doing well lately.

‘no.’ he said, his voice empty. ‘I am not okay, may.’ she walked to him and sat on his bed, rubbing his arm to comfort him.

‘(y/n)?’ she asked.

‘I hurt her really bad.’ he covered his face in the blanket. superheroes don’t cry.

‘it’ll all be okay, don’t worry.’ she ran her hand through his hair and sighed.

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Part 2 coming soon

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A stony Diwali fic bc it’s my birthday and idwiw. Also for my STONY Bingo free square.

Word Count: ~875
Warnings: Other than bastardized philosophy and Tony’s self hate, none

The hot chocolate was Sam’s recipe, but Steve had taken it a step further by adding a blend of spices that Tony suspected were secret only because his darling lover couldn’t be bothered to remember the exact proportions of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and whatever else he was in the mood for this evening. 

It was delicious anyway. And it gave Steve the chance to use those slightly misshapen mugs they’d made at a couples pottery class—the one Tony had gone to, hoping to reenact Ghost, but Steven Grant Rogers had chosen to be an artist and took everything way too seriously. He’d barely touched Tony at all then, but he was making up for it now by wrapping his arms around Tony and nosing at his ear.   

He cocked his head at the stack of holoscreens hovering above the breakfast bar. “That doesn’t look like science.” 

Tony tapped a kiss on his cheekbone. “Nope, it’s religion.”  

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What went down in Copycat
  • Alya: I think it's time you called Adrien
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: you mean about your crush on him? or about some deep and incredibly plot-relevant secret that you're keeping from everyone?
  • Marinette: um...the first one? bc I defs don't have any secrets
  • Alya: yeah I think he already knows you have a crush on him
  • Alya: and probs your secret too honestly
  • Alya: I think we all know about that
  • Marinette: oh come on lemme just call him already
  • Phone: hello you've reached Adrien Agreste, fashion disaster extraordinare, and I think you're stunningly gorgeous
  • Marinette: AAAAAAAAH
  • Phone: psyche, this is his auto-responder, just leave your message now
  • Phone: message saved!
  • Marinette: HE MUST NEVER KNOW
  • Alya: for once I agree
  • Marinette: imma steal his phone
  • Alya: you're gonna what now
  • Marinette: it's what I do best
  • Alya: kk well imma go to this ceremony thing where they're gonna unveil that statue of you
  • Alya: yeah you're defs keepin that secret identity hidden from everyone
  • Adrien: *is cool and has a sword*
  • Plagg: you have one new message!
  • Adrien: lemme listen to it
  • Plagg: oh it's not recorded
  • Plagg: I answered the phone and pretended to be your auto-responder
  • Adrien: well who was it and what did they say?
  • Plagg: it was Marinette basically just being herself
  • Adrien: gotcha
  • Plagg: shouldn't we go to the statue thing
  • Adrien: yep! Plagg, catify me!
  • Chat Noir: *allons-y's himself over to the park*
  • Théo: hey Chat Noir where's Ladybug?
  • Chat Noir: defs on a date with me
  • Théo: um what
  • Chat Noir: you can kiss your chances with her goodbye
  • Théo: I didn't even—
  • Théo: that was weird
  • Théo: anyway I'm sure she's doing something very important
  • Tikki: which one
  • Marinette: ALL OF THEM
  • Tikki: I think maybe you should calm down
  • Tikki: here I found the phone now calm down!
  • Tikki: ok how are you gonna do that
  • Marinette: *spikes phone into the ground*
  • Tikki: I guess that works
  • Chat Noir: well she didn't show up so she defs loves me more than you
  • Théo: why are you going on about th—
  • Théo: fine imma go get akumatized I guess
  • Hawkmoth: hey Théo do you wanna replace that guy
  • Théo: that guy?
  • Hawkmoth: that guy
  • Théo: why would I wanna be that guy
  • Hawkmoth: idk maybe you could steal valuable artworks?
  • Théo: ok I guess
  • Copycat: *steals the Mona Lisa*
  • Roger: ok officers listen up
  • Roger: so Chat Noir's stolen a painting and this is definitely him and there's nothing suspicious about it despite his past behavior not matching this in the slightest
  • Roger: so here's our foolproof plan
  • Roger: when he shows up and says the cat burglar was an imposter imma pretend to believe him
  • Roger: and then imma lead him to where the painting was
  • Roger: and imma trip the alarm to close the gate and trap him in there
  • Roger: and then I'll leave him unsupervised because he defs doesn't have any powers that could break through a metal gate
  • Roger: and that's how we'll capture him bc this is the best possible plan
  • Chat Noir: I'm standing right here
  • Roger: oh hey Chat Noir! you wanna see the site of the burglary
  • Chat Noir: I was gonna be cooperative but you just said you're planning to trap me so instead imma run away
  • Roger: chase after him! with helicopters!
  • Chat Noir: *evades helicopters*
  • Ladybug: *calls Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: so just a hunch but the akumatized villain is probs that sculptor guy who said he was gonna go get akumatized
  • Ladybug: kk where you at
  • Chat Noir: I must face him alone
  • Ladybug: ok but here's a better idea
  • Ladybug: what if you face him alone but with backup from me
  • Chat Noir: oh yeah that's way better and I probs won't die now
  • Copycat: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: I guess the cat's out of the bag
  • Copycat: dammit! I was just about to say that! stop stealing my puns
  • Chat Noir: stop stealing my identity
  • Copycat: ok that's a valid piece of criticism and now imma beat you up
  • Ladybug: and imma beat up both of you!
  • Chat Noir: what really?
  • Ladybug: jk no, I have no spoons for this fight
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *spoon happens*
  • Ladybug: correction, I have one spoon for this fight
  • Copycat: you can't beat me with a spoon!
  • Ladybug: *beats him with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: no that one's him this is me
  • Ladybug: whoops
  • *beats the actual Copycat with a spoon*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Alya: so Marinette do you still have Adrien's phone
  • Marinette: yeah it's here. and there. and there.
  • Alya: you spiked it into the ground, didn't you
  • Marinette: mebbe
  • Alya: well I'm sure he'll defs date you now
  • Adrien: *defs dates her*
  • Alya: WHAT

A/N: whelp it’s here thanks for being patient and all hope you like it! i tried to write it in a way so you can see both povs lol. haven’t edited it out yet sorry!!

word count: 1,1k+

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Y/N was beyond surprised when Chris asked her out on a date. It didn’t seem like something he would do from what she’d heard of him. She was actually excited, maybe she could finally see what he really was like.

Y/N hadn’t told anyone she’s going on a date with Chris, in case this was just a sick joke of his or if something incredibly terrible happened. She didn’t want to be that girl, yet at least. Even with all her efforts to keep it secret, Noora had somehow found out and had insisted to help Y/N out when it came to picking up and outfit (which was a thing that Vilde would do).

That’s how she had ended up hours before her date, lying on her bed with a pile of clothes on top of her. Noora wanted Y/N to put on something special, meanwhile she just wanted to go out with her ’normal’ clothes on since she didn’t want to look like she was doing too big of an effort.

”Alright, I’ll tell you something that I haven’t told anyone.” Noora said with a knowing look, she knew exactly what to do or say to get your attention on something. You kinda hated her for it, but nodded along signaling her to go on.

”I went on a date with William so that he’d leave Vilde alone, but I think I like him now. I really think I fucked up big time now.” Noora was biting her lip, avoiding Y/N’s gaze. Y/N couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face, she knew there was something going on with them.

”I’m not really that surprised, you two would look great together anyway so just go for it?” Y/N suggested, giving Noora a sympathetic smile. ”Eskild also told me somethings, so if the other girls know something it’s because he told them not me.”

Noora laughed for a bit before mumbling something along the lines of ”damn you Eskild”. Y/N looked at the clock to check on the time, her eyes widening when she saw how much time had passed by already. She quickly got up and looked inside her closet, picking out a pair of jeans and a nice sweater to wear.

”You’re seriously going out like that even after I told you my secret?” Noora groaned, falling on Y/N’s bed.

”Yeah, it’s Chris after all. I don’t except much from a date with him.” Y/N was feeling slightly nervous, but she didn’t want to show it to Noora.

”Well, I guess I better get going now since he’ll probably be here soon. Good luck.” Noora got up and left before you could even say something to her. Y/N sighed and walked up to her mirror to see herself in it, wondering what could have ever drawn Chris to her out of all the girls. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, she gave a quick last glance to the mirror before going to open the door.

”Hi princess.” Chris said with a smug smile once you opened the door.

”You seriously didn’t have to come all the way to the door you know, but hi.”

”You’re not supposed to do this on dates?” He asked, his eyes wide.

Y/N let out a chuckle at his reaction and walked outside closing the door behind her. ”You’re nervous and I must admit I like it, if this date is a total flop I can blackmail you with it.”

”Well look who’s feeling confident in themselves?” He was smirking, making Y/N blush. He found it cute how she went from confident to shy. ”Let’s go.”


Chris had cheesily enough chosen to take Y/N out on a gaming arcade, but he seemed super stocked so she didn’t say anything.

”What even made you choose this place?” Y/N curiously asked, looking around the arcade. It was almost empty.

”I don’t know. Taking you out for a movie date would be too cliche, taking you out on a dinner date would just be odd and we’d probably be acting all awkward, a picnic would be lame and it’s way too cold outside and I bet 20 bucks that you’d never come in my home for a date because you still think I’m a dick, so this came in my mind and well here we are?” Chris said breathless and went on after a moment ”Fuck did I already ruin it?”

”You’re so awkward, relax it’s fine I was just asking a question.” She gave him a reassuring smile, making Chris relax a bit. ”Seriously though, you’re always like this on dates?”

”Eh, I thought I said before but I always skip the ’dating’ part. You’re the first one who I’ve actually taken out and chased after if we could say that.”

”Oh.” Y/N mumbled, blushing again because, as a matter of a fact, he had said that before.

”Come.” Chris took her hand and dragged her all the way to a dancing game making her rise her eyebrow at him.

”What? It’s a nice game! You should see William trying to play this when he’s drunk.” Chris said letting go of her hand. They both felt a little sad at the loss of contact, but neither said a thing about it.

”I think I can live without seeing it, nice to know what you guys do when you’re drunk.” Y/N said and rolled her eyes. Chris just chuckled before motioning her to come closer to play.

She ended up having a great time and get to know Chris a lot better. He actually wasn’t a total asshole, he was actually nice and sweet and had a great sense of humor, which is always nice. Y/N looked at the time, realizing that they had spent over two hours on that stupid dancing game where he always won.

Chris’ phone vibrated, signaling he had gotten a text message. He sighed and pulled out his phone, his eyebrows furrowing together.

”Fuck, I need to go and pick William up from a party…” He said and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, giving Y/N an apologetic look.

”It’s okay, surprised you skipped a party for this though.” It made her feel quite special actually.

”Well I told you I can be something else than a dick? I’ve got to go though, so bye?” He didn’t know what to say to end it, Y/N quickly picking up on it.

”Goodnight, Christoffer.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before sprinting off. She felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside and she couldn’t believe what she had just done, but she hoped it was worth it.

Chris on the other hand was left standing there as red as a tomato, his hand on his cheek. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in a while.

anonymous asked:

I just recently joined SA, I need the fish to bite. I don't know what to put on my profile to make it appealing. Like, most guys that have approached me so far have been "salt". I need a POT. I know it takes time for them to come around but what should my profile consist of to have the good guys come around. What attracts you to a SB's profile? Help me please. Lol

An appealing SA profile is actually easy to create; it does not need to be elaborate or long and there is nothing magic about what separates a profile that is going to get a lot of hits versus a profile that gets no hits at all.

And here is the secret: Good photographs!  And, more than one, preferably.  

Do not post blurry selfies, pictures where you cropped out your boyfriend, pictures with you and a bunch of your girlfriends at a bar, obviously hammered, or pictures of your favorite “duckface” pose.

Instead, post good quality photographs that show me who you are.  I want to see at least one face picture and one “full body shot”.  And make sure they are recent photographs; I always chuckle when a girl posts a picture that has a “date stamp” on it from one or two years ago.

Your selection of photographs tells me a lot about you, far beyond just your physical appearance. Your choices will tell me, among other things, (1) how serious you are about being a SB; (2) how committed you are to cultivating and communicating your “look”; and, (3) believe it or not what type of arrangement you are looking for.  In other words, if your pictures are sexy and provocative, I am thinking that you are open to an arrangement that includes intimacy, even if you say in the “what I’m looking for” section that you want platonic arrangements only.  Most SDs think, well, if sex is off the table, why did she post a picture of herself in lingerie?

I have more thoughts on the whole photo issue that I posted recently. Check it out for more details:  

Another tip on Profiles:  Use your profile pic to communicate your message!

The “About me” and “What I’m Looking for” sections of the profile do not have to be overly long or detailed.  I’m going to let you in on a secret:  a lot of guys don’t ever bother to “read” the profile, they make their decision based on the photographs alone.  However, more “refined” and serious SDs (i.e., the non-salty types) do tend to spend time reading the profile and make their decisions based on what they read. So, it is worth spending some time on.

Again, I have a couple of posts that cover this subject, so here are the links:  

Crafting your SA profile

Setting up on SA

And, finally, I think it is always worth talking about what you should NOT put in your profiles, especially if you are new to the game, so, here on some thoughts I had on that subject:

Learn from Newbie’s mistakes: SA Profile No-Nos

So, version 1.0 of your profile is up and most of the guys who have approached you are salt.  I think that if you follow the advice listed above, you’ll find that real POTS are going to start contacting you.  Now, here is the rub:  that which attracts good POTS shall also draw hordes of salts.  No two ways about it, and, unfortunately, it makes sense if you think about it:  if your profile communicates your allure and desirability as a SB, POTs will come a’knockin, but so will all the undesirables!  Success has its sacrifices!  But, quite frankly, that ain’t such a bad problem to have.  If you learn how to weed out the salts efficiently – i.e., not wasting time with their games – you’ll have plenty of time to focus on the men who deserve your serious attention and consideration!

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namjin headcanon for secret sat: consider seokjin feeling down one day bc school is hard and weird and he's a freshman in high school but already he's being told to just focus on grades and nothing else and when he's walking home he passes by this park and suddenly hears a whole bunch of rapping dissing the school system and he looks to see what's going on and there's Namjoon, still in middle school but with a crazy mohawk and hands in the air as he verbally rips apart an imaginary person (1)

and seokjin is just awed while he watches this kid go in an empty park. before he knows it he’s right behind him and when namjoon stops he automatically starts clapping, half scaring the poor guy to death, who never had any idea anyone could hear him at all. and then jin is all up in his face, eyes sparkling, telling namjoon how he’s awesome and that was such a cool rap and how he totally relates to it and namjoon is s o talented to be able to do that and poor namjoon just turns bright red (2)

bc he’s never rapped in front of anyone before or shown them the stuff he’s done but here’s a really cute guy talking about namjoon like he’s actually something special bc of his raps and even saying he LOVED it and namjoon is just really?? flustered?? and afterwards they sit at the park together ralking and joonie talks about his rapping and why he does it and his love for music and jin just soaks it all up and talks about his own tastes in music amd they talk so long it becomes hella dark (3)

so jin is like omg!! you’re still a kid!!! so he sends him home after exchanging contacts and then when jin gets home and hits the bed he gets a text from joon like “got home safely, what about hyung?” and he grins and starts texting back and then they ended up falling asleep messaging each other bc this is basically their first real friendship and over the years jin is namjoon’s #1 fan and supporter even when ppl tell him he should stop rapping and just focus on his grades instead (4)

jin is just always there telling him he can do it and jin believes in him and somewhere along the line joonie falls for this kind and dorky and energetic hyung of his who’s never once given up on namjoon even though he’s obsessed with rap/music or thought namjoon should change in any way and so when jin struggles in school joonie learns the subjects he struggles in to be able to help him and constantly praises seokjin when he can so he knows he’s really absolutely amazing no matter what (5)

and namjoon always buys jin’s fav snacks or new ones he wanted to try out whenever he feels down and goes to the same highschool as him as a surprise, shocking jin even more when he skips another grade to be in the same class as jin after jin tells him he wishes he never had to go to school bc its horrible and they’re just always together, always seokjin and namjoon and nothing else to everybody who knows about them. namjoon makes a cd and sends it to companies to see if anyone will take him (6)

and jin is telling him “they will, they will” but namjoon doesm’t believe him and they’re in their last year of highschool when namjoon hears back from someone and gets a record deal and finally, finally makes his dream come true and becomes a rapper like he’s always wanted to be. the first song he raps is that one from all those years ago in that park, edited and tweaked just a little bit, and he dedicates it to jin. he saves up the money, goes to the first flower he sees and buys a HUGE (7)

bouquet of flowers and heads straight to seokjin’s dorm that he just moved into all alone since namjoon isn’t going to college, drops to his knees right there and tells seokjin he doesn’t have the money or stability or even worth to propose to him right now and ask him to marry him, screw the law, but he will one day and right now he just wants to know if jin will give him the chance to be his boyfriend and jin just laughs and kisses him right there in the dorm hallway with everybody there (8??)

and namjoon becomes famous and makes money and gets them an apartment and jin finishes college and they don’t have legal papers saying they’re married but they’ve got rings and the memories and love to say it for them and that’s all they need. joon dedicates every album to jin and jin is his number one fan always, to the point where not a single one of namjoon’s fans doesn’t know who jin is. (sorry i took so long iT GOT AWAY FROM ME AKSKFK) but like. consider. (9??? who knows anymore sjdkg)

/weeps in the corner/ you.. basically….. wrote a short namjin fic….. /nasty sobbing/

FOR REAL DUDE I’M SO HAPPY THIS GO AWAY FROM YOU?? i love it so much it’s just??? WOW thank you

never gonna be over it…….. i wanna read a full fic

it’s a sleepover

Demi Lovato on dating and disappointment

BBC Music 

Five, four, three, two, one!

Pop star Demi Lovato is doing her best impression of Nasa’s mission control as she records an insert for a forthcoming TV show.

Standing in an alcove of BBC Broadcasting House, as staff mill around with laptops and coffee cups, she’s really giving it some welly - which is impressive considering she has literally no idea what she is counting down from, or to.

“Yeah, I don’t know what that was for,” laughs Lovato as she sidles into a seat to chat about her new album, Tell Me You Love Me.

It’s the 25-year-old’s sixth record since she began her career as a child actress on the TV show Barney and Friends. Since then, she’s starred in Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers, appeared as a judge on The X Factor USA, and become a fierce advocate for anti-bullying and mental health campaigns.

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“Draw four, asshole.” Jason set his wildcard on the pile and smiled as serenely as he could at his older brother— which probably wasn’t that serene, given the circumstances. He glanced around the table. “And the color is red.”
Tim fished a red three out of his hand of cards. Damian came up with a red four. The three of them sat quietly while Grayson finished drawing his cards.
Uno tournaments were traditional, when the gang was all together. Jason couldn’t tell you when that started— he just knew that they kept a deck in the batmobile glove compartment. It didn’t seem like something Bruce would let in the house, much less in the car, but there you were— he let it pass. Card games had gotten them all through some dull nights.
Why uno? The wildcards didn’t give anybody flashbacks, for starters.
And games could get intense. Dick was taking the worst of it tonight— he had about a third of the deck fanned between his hands. That tended to happen when you sat between two people who were furious with you.
“You are eventually going to let me play a card, right?” Grayson tapped his fingers against his new cards as he added them to his hand. Jason laid down a red skip, and Dick made a face. “Okay.”
Mmhm, that’s what he got. Jason was really glad they were playing, honestly, because it turned out to be quality aggression relief. They had things to talk through anyway.
“So is Barbara coming?” he asked. She hadn’t responded to his text, but that was pretty standard. He tried not to take it personally.
“I don’t think so,” Grayson said. Tim and Damian played red nine, yellow nine respectively. “She doesn’t really want to be around me right now. Last time we talked she said some harsh things.”
“You’re dead to me?” Jason guessed. He set his last yellow card on the deck. “Sorry, no—that was last week. My bad.” He grinned in Dick’s direction. “Draw two.”
“Get wrecked,” Tim muttered. He laid down his own card— a yellow skip— and handed Dick two from the pile. “Babs isn’t coming.”
“What, so she texts you back?”
“Yeah, unlike you. It’s your turn.” Tim slid his chair a few inches away from Damian, who was scowling at him. “Chill.”
“Well if we’re not waiting for anyone else,” Jason ran through his cards. No yellows. “The meeting can officially come to order.” He laid another wildcard— unfortunately without the drawing bonus— onto the deck and turned to Dick. “You’re a despicable person, and I’m honestly considering setting you on fire. The color is green.”
“Seriously? I have thirty-six cards, but no greens.”
“That’s your problem then. One among many.”
“I missed you too.” Dick reached for the pile and drew another handful of cards, finally coming up with a green five. Tim played a one. “I really did, you know. And I’m glad to be back, even if Damian is the only one that will talk to me.”
Damian played a draw two. “Who’s side are you on?” Jason asked him, reaching for the pile.
“I’m not saying I agree with what he did.” Damian fanned his hand in front of him, rearranging his cards intently. “But I’ve already been forced away from one person that’s important to me, and I’m not doing it twice.”
“Listen…” Jason set his cards on the table. “We’ll figure the Bruce thing out, okay? Don’t worry about it. He always comes back.”
“Don’t we all?” Damian rubbed uncomfortably at his own chest. “Three for four.”
Jason jerked a thumb at Dick, who set a blue draw two on the pile. “That’s not the same, and you know it.”
“If you want to be technical about it, I was dead for about a minute.”
“That offends me on a very deep and very personal level.” Jason glared at Dick. “Wow! A whole minute. That must have been a nightmare. At least you didn’t have crawl your way out of your literal grave.” He pulled down the neckline of his shirt, revealing the tops of his autopsy scars. “These are real.”
Tim took a pair of cards from the pile. “That’s disturbing by multiple definitions, and you need to stop.” He turned to Dick. “But he’s right. That doesn’t qualify as dead, and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter— that was a minute. You were gone for months.”
“You’re right. I don’t mean to make excuses, I just—”
“I’m not finished yet.” Tim set his hand on the table. “You had no right to do that to us. It doesn’t even make logical sense— what exactly were you worried would happen if we knew you were alive? Who did you think we were going to tell? I’ve been keeping your secrets since I was twelve.”
“I’m sorry, Tim.”
“Yeah, you’re sorry. Meanwhile I get to watch literally every member of my family die. It’s a lot of fun. Doesn’t scar you at all. I definitely don’t wake up every morning and feel like screaming into the eternal void that swallows everyone I love.” Tim laughed unsteadily. “And this whole time, you were playing James Bond. I can’t even believe you.”
“It wasn’t fun for me either, you know.”
“Uh huh,” Jason told him, “I’m sure it was awful. Now that I think about it, you probably had it worse than us— I mean, we only went through two deaths in a year. That’s much better than going into deep cover and ‘shouldering the burden’ or whatever it was you said. Definitely.” He twirled a finger in the air. “Hey look at that— it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s complete and total bullshit.”
“I’m not saying I had it worse. I’m just saying that it was hard. I didn’t want to leave you guys.”
“Well you did, didn’t you? So now you’re gonna have to live with the consequences. Which are going to be severe, because you hurt a lot of people.” Jason glanced around the table. “Damian. Express emotion.”
Damian carefully set a card on the deck. “I wish you had been here when I got back,” he muttered. “That’s all I have to say.”
“There you have it.” Jason rolled his eyes. “I’m sure being by yourself was really rough. I’m sure you hated it. Really hit a downward spiral, I’m guessing.” Tim sighed loudly— Jason smiled. “I hope whatever you were doing was important.”
“It was,” Dick said. “It wasn’t exactly the Gotham circuit, but I think I still saved lives.”
“Great. Four for you, Dick Grayson! You go, Dick Grayson.” Jason pulled another wildcard from his hand. “But literally, draw four.”
“You’ve been waiting to do that, haven’t you?”
“I think I deserve this.” Jason slid the deck across the table. “Red again.”
“Are you ever going to let this go?” Dick pulled his cards from the pile— at that point he was holding half the deck. “Just curious.”
“I don’t know. If you play your cards right, maybe.” Jason sighed. “You could start with an actual apology.”
“I thought I already gave one.”
“Coded instruction isn’t an acceptable format for saying you’re sorry.” Honestly, did Grayson think that was okay? Jason watched Tim lay down a red eight.
“For all we know, you didn’t mean any of that. Unless you expect us to believe that everything you wanted to tell us magically fit into your damn pattern game. Can you see why I’m a little suspicious here? Kinda shady, if you know what I mean.” Jason rolled his eyes. “You can do better than that. One chance. Use it however you like.” He snapped his fingers into a gun shape. “There— did you get my message?”
“Okay, fine.” Dick took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry I let you guys think I was dead. I’d been through a lot, and I just did what I always do— I kept moving. I tried to start over. Bruce gave me an opportunity to do that, and I took it, but that wasn’t fair to you. I’m not a traveling circus anymore. I have people I can’t leave behind. I should have remembered that.” He sighed. “I put you through hell, and none of you deserved that. I’m sorry.”
Jason didn’t quite know how to follow that, so he stared down at his cards instead. It was a fair apology, but it didn’t make him feel any better— the only thing that had helped so far was punching Dick straight in the face. Maybe he should do that again.
“Uno,” said Damian, laying a red zero on the pile.
“Wait what?”
“Uno,” he repeated. “One card. I’m about to win. As usual.”
“What the hell?” Tim asked. “You had eight cards the last time I checked.
“Then I would assume that was seven rounds ago,” Damian told him. “Todd, it’s your turn.”
“I could make it green?” Jason asked, looking around the table. “Do you think that would fix it?”
“I don’t have a green,” Dick reminded him. “You’d be gambling on me drawing something good. But we could do that.”
“We already used most of the good cards,” Tim said. “I object both on mathematical grounds and because it was Dick’s idea.”
“Thanks, Tim.”
“I’m still mad.”
“Got it.”
“Does he have another red?” Jason stared at Damian’s face, looking for a clue, but Damian stared impassibly back. “If he doesn’t, I could just reverse it.”
“I’m pretty sure you’re cheating,” Damian muttered. “This isn’t a team game.”
“Whatever.” Jason decided to go for it— he played his reverse. The entire table waited for Damian to reach for the pile.
He flipped a red skip onto the deck. “I win.”
“Dammit, Jay!” Tim swept the deck into his hands and started to reshuffle.
“You all owe me a dollar.” Damian stuck his hand across the table. “Unless you want to play again.”
“I should probably…” Dick tried to say, but Jason cut him off.
“Don’t you dare leave.” He pulled a dollar from his pocket and set it in Damian’s outstretched hand. “You owe me two months of time. You’re playing another round.”

anonymous asked:

yeah I realize she manipulated people and I don't excuse what she did at all. Donut did bad things and she shouldn't be the leader of teenietots. You forced her off her blog or you would make a whole community unsafe. You barely even told people half of the real truth. You harassed her to make her leave. she didn't want to leave but she did it because she was cared for the baby's in this community. you didn't tell anyone you secretly are running the league because you want all the control ( 1 )

you didn’t tell anyone the members what really happened. You didn’t let her and the members have a real goodbye. You didn’t give them time to talk things out and let everyone know that they will be safe still. You didn’t do that. you just tell them she was bad, yep she was unsafe and a manipulator, but your no better. You manipulated her off this blog. this was her only reason to live. she cared about her members and the members cared about her, more than half of the members still wish donut (2)
was still around. it’s not because she was mama, it’s not because they faught for attention, it’s because they trusted her. She made them feel loved. don’t get me wrong what your trying to do is great, trying to fix what was broken, but you owe everyone what really happened. Why don’t you tell them how you bullied the old agere mods so bad they they finally just left and you made the new league. And you PLANNED to have donut gone. No warning to her and the babies in this community. (3)
so many are inactive and left tumblr because of you guys. you need to fix what you broke. I’m done here.
Annabelle tried to expose her for her trauma blog a long time ago and you didn’t care until recently when the first agere blog fell apart… care to explain this? you just excused this and said it’s seperate from her regression

I would like to thank you for the 5 part message you sent in our inbox because it gave me a lot to think about. You really wanna know the whole truth? Well here you go!
1. Yes I am Wonder of the AgeRe League, it was never a secret and it was never because I wanted power. I was asked to be a mediator because I can be level headed during discussions.
2. No, we didn’t bully the old agere mods. They bullied us. They picked favorites and let things slide. Did you know that they ran screw-agere? Did you know that Vullby would cuss and get mad at us for having an opinion? Did you know that Alpha was never on and wouldn’t stop Vullby’s behavior?
3. No Donut didn’t want to leave, but she had to. We didn’t harass her or bully her. We tried to have a civil discussion with her but she took it the wrong way
4. Yes, we did keep it from Donut because she would have freaked out and tried to turn people against us. Because that’s what she does. That’s what you’re doing. Trying to turn people against us.
5. Yes she “cared for her babies” but she had favorites, she would ignore asks, she would ignore messages from people on discord. I have had multiple people tell me that she ignored their messages on Discord even though she was actively talking in the Teenietot server.
6. Yes some members cared about her but most were SCARED of her! Wanna know what she did?
7. She manipulated Kohina into spending $80 on her so that she would talk to her. She knew people were low on money yet still BEGGED for things
8. She was SEXUAL with an adult whom she had FORCED into a relationship and was SEXUAL with them when they were regressed. They were so scared of her they left discord AND tumblr. She would threaten them whenever they tried to break up with her
9. She REFUSED to remove exclusionists and truscum from the community until an ultimatum was given. wanna know why she refused? Because she didn’t want to lose members and “some of them are nice”
10. She LIED about the Kidheart community to make Teenietots hate them. They never allowed kink, they never “bullied” Donut. She left the community so they kicked her out of the discord cause she wasn’t a member anymore. How is that bullying?
11. In the mod chat, she would constantly talk about sexual topics even though it made us uncomfortable and most of us are adults
12. She posts questionable photos and still has porn on her trauma blog and do you know how many littles and cglre blogs were following teenietots? That means she never blocked them. She refused to use DNI banners because they “ruined her photos”
13. She tried to force Pillar to delete the teenietots blog because it was wrong and she would rather see it deleted then have us run it
14. More than half? Tell me their names. Show me proof they want her back. Because from what we’ve seen we have more support than she ever did.
15. Most of her “900 members” were inactive or deleted blogs or repeated on the list. So it’s not our fault they’re inactive
I’m tired of arguing with people about this. You’re trying to make us look like bad people but we’re doing our best. And obviously you would rather have a manipulative leader over leaders who actually care.

- Star

#141 - For Haileigh & anonymous

Filling the prompts “something where the protagonist also has a stutter?” and “Van met the reader waiting in a Merch line at a streets concert before he buys that one hoodie that we’ve seen him in.”

Note: You guys know that I don’t write what I don’t know. I don’t have a stutter, but my little brother did for a long time before he had speech therapy. So, I’m going to draw on that experience for this fic. If even a single person finds it misrepresentative, or offence, I will delete it. Also, Van got that hoodie when he was, like, very smol very young. But let’s pretend it happened when he was about 21 or so, yeah?

You pointed at the merch table after Jocelyn said she was going to the bathroom. “Yep. Meet at our spot on the corner?” she asked. You nodded and walked off to join the line. 

The Streets had performed, and it was fucking mayhem. They’re a divisive type of band; you either love them with all your heart or think they’re a load of untalented wank. Obviously, everyone at the show thought the former, therefore the gig erupted in alcohol-fuelled sing alongs and weird mosh-dance hybrid movements. People were drenched in sweat, and still yelling lyrics in accents that either were completely put on or were an exaggeration of their own. 

The boy in front of you in the line bounced from foot to foot. A bottle was smashed somewhere near the bar, and everyone in line turned to look. After assessing the situation, they went back to their post-show conversations. All but the bouncing boy returned to face the merch table. He grinned at you and you smiled back. He was happiness personified. He was bright eyes and dimples and sweaty, glowy skin.

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anonymous asked:

More mute!Dick AU! :) How about them going on a date and they run into some friends? I kind of want to see how the couple interact with others (like fam and friends and stuff).

The amount of love you guys have for this AU warms my heart. It’s such a fun thing to write and I’m glad you guys enjoy it too!

Love Language

Despite the fact that they were sitting across from each other in a booth, Jason wanted nothing more than to pull Dick into his arms. The warm lighting of the restaurant was illuminating Dick’s face and he kept looking at Jason with this tiny appreciative smile on his face and this sparkle in his eyes. Jason couldn’t help but grin back. It was their anniversary and he had done a great job. 

They were at Dick’s favorite restaurant and they’d just finished their meal. Jason was excited to take Dick home and pepper his whole body with kisses. 

“Would you two like any dessert?” 

Jason looked at Dick who tapped his chin and then scrunched his nose and shook his head. Dick’s mannerisms became a little bit more exaggerated when they were talking to strangers. 

“Yeah, I think we’re good,” Jason said as he handed the waiter his credit card. When the waiter was gone, Jason looked at Dick. 

“I was thinking maybe we could go to that ice cream place that you really like,” Jason said. “Share a split with me before I get you in splits tonight?”

Dick smacked his hand playfully from across the table and then he gave Jason’s hands an affirmative squeeze. 

They walked hand and hand to the ice cream shop, but when they got there, Jason had to hide his sigh. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Dick’s friends, but it was their anniversary and Jason had been hoping he’d have Dick to himself for the night. 

Wally rushed out of the restaurant to greet Dick and Jason did his best to ignore the pointed looks Wally gave him. A lot of Dick’s friends still didn’t like Jason after he’d come back to Gotham. He’d been dragged away from Dick at events and parties on more than one occasion, even after Dick had become his boyfriend. 

Dick shot him a quick apologetic look as Wally threw his arm over Dick’s shoulder and did his best to drag Dick away from Jason. Dick kept their hands linked and pulled Jason behind him. 

They sat down in one of the booths and Jason was lucky enough to be squeezed in next to Dick, who immediately started stroking Jason’s arms with gentle fingers. It was an apology and a calming action all in one as Dick leaned his head on Jason’s shoulder, letting the table know they were a couple. 

“So,” Donna asked them. “You two aren’t out doing your usual thing tonight.”

“Nope,” Jason said. “It’s our anniversary tonight.”

Dick held up two fingers, glowing with how happy he was to announce the date. Jason didn’t know exactly how long they had been going out, but one day after moving in with Dick, he realized they’d been together for a year. Not just fighting and sleeping with each other, but actually dating. It had taken some work, but Jason had realized they’d gotten together and talked about things the night a big case had closed. Soon, Jason had a date, and he’d surprised Dick with dinner and a spectacular night in bed. 

Here they were again, a year later, still discovering things about each other. 

Jason ordered a banana split for them to share and upon Dick’s insistence, he also ordered a rootbeer float for them. 

“Two years,” Wally said. “That’s pretty impressive for both of you.” There was a level of condescension in Wally’s voice that made Dick and Jason both stiffen. Now it was Jason’s turn to rub Dick’s knee as his leg started jiggling. When Dick was nervous or anxious, he had to move to get out the excess energy. 

Jason knew Dick’s face was probably showing his slight discomfort but Jason still pitched in with a, “Was that really necessary, Wally? Two years is just how long we’ve officially been together. We’d been doing things for months before that.”

Dick looked at him, something that would look slightly annoyed to his friends but Jason saw the embarrassment in the slight flush on Dick’s neck, but the amusement in his eyes and the way his mouth pinched when he was trying to hide a smile. 

“Sorry, Pretty Bird,” Jason said as he rubbed their noses together in an eskimo kiss. “You know how I get.” 

Dick sighed softly and gave Jason’s lips a quick peck. 

Things were a bit calmer at the table after that. Artemis and Gar joining them. It felt like a Teen Titans reunion where Jason was wholly unwelcome, but he was able to deal with it by exchanging small looks and touches with Dick while eating their banana split.  

At one point, Dick did something that made Jason laugh and everyone at the table turned and looked at them. 

“Wait,” Wally said. “Are you guys having a separate conversation right now?”

Dick shrugged and Jason swallowed his spoonful of ice cream. “We always do that,” Jason said, sharing a look with Dick. 

“It’s so weird,” Gar commented. “It’s like the two of you have some secret love language or something.”

“I mean, yeah,” Jason said. “We kind of do.”

Dick polished off the last bite of the banana split and tapped Jason’s knee twice. 

“I think we’re going to head out and finish celebrating our anniversary together,” Jason said as he slid out of the booth, wrapping Dick up in his arms when Dick was standing again. Dick leaned into him and Jason buried his nose in Dick’s hair. 

Dick waved goodbye as he gentle pulled himself from Jason’s grip and they left the ice cream shop. 

“I guess we do have our own little love language, don’t we?” Jason asked. Dick nodded. 

“You know, I used to be jealous because you and Bruce can communicate so well, but I guess I have something with you that he can’t.” 

When they got to their apartment, Jason pressed Dick against the door and kissed him eagerly, tasting the chocolate on Dick’s tongue until it had faded and the only flavor left was the familiar taste Jason had fallen in love with. Dick wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and squeezed it. 

“Alright, alright,” Jason said, grinning as he carried Dick to the bedroom. “How much do you want to bet I can make you moan again tonight?”

Dick sighed and playfully tapped Jason’s shoulder, but his body stayed relaxed. Yeah, Jason had a pretty good chance. 

texts with SVT (your boyfriend)
  • seungcheol/s.coups: texts you all day. will send you good morning texts and good night texts. will message you about every little thing throughout the day because he can't help but tell his most important person about it. will surprise you by talking about things you thought he forgot about. "this made me think of you" texts. sends you pictures of him being lonely without you. will take pictures hugging other members with captions like "this should be you." woozi tries to call him out on always being on his phone but that never seems to stop him, so you constantly have to remind him to work hard and that you'll text him after practice.
  • jeonghan: texts when exciting things happen, which for jeonghan is luckily all the time. "MINGYU JUST SPIT ALL OVE R THR FOROL LMAO" When the group has a little bit of rest time, you're the first person he wants to talk to. he likes hearing your stories, so he's always asking you about your day. will also ask you very personal things through text, and sometimes you have to tell him (in the sweetest way) to find his chill. expect a lot of selfies because your reactions are priceless and he loves teasing you. He's actually very laid back when it comes to texting though, and he doesn't mind when you forget to text back. Often sends texts meant for you to other members on accident and vice versa.
  • jihoon/woozi: is always worrying about you so he surprisingly texts quite often, but his texts are always straight to the point. "wear a sweater. it's cold out now." you two are always arguing over text (never anything serious just little stuff), and just when you're about to win, he'll bring up conversations from long ago that you don't even remember. on the off chance you do win, you don't let him forget it and he'll respond by sending you a really gross aegyo pic that kills you inside. But you also feel special because he trusts you enough not to show anybody else. He also likes to talk about the other members with you because sometimes this boy just needs to vent, but you know he writes those things with a good heart because he loves them. will send you pics of him working late at night and gets mad when you won't send him one back.
  • soonyoung/hoshi: is the biggest spam texter. sometimes you wonder how this boy can type so fast. It's like rapid fire, but it's okay because you'll reciprocate the speed. you two have at least three conversations going at once at all times, and what's amazing is how you both can talk about anything. He's the type to love every little detail and will text you when so much as a leaf falls to the ground, and when you text him about the smallest things he gets so happy. He likes to show the group your texts when they're funny and members are always wondering why you two talk about such nonsense, but it's like your own language that nobody else can understand, and you both love it for that reason. When things do get serious, you sometimes wonder if it's the same boy texting you because it's like a completely different aura, and you're surprised that you like it so much.
  • joshua: is most likely to emoji text. Sometimes conversations are had using JUST emojis. Joshua is always fun to text because he's such a funny and awkward person. Usually you'll talk about some weird anime he found, or Joshua will send you funny memes. Joshua texts less frequently on days he knows you're busy because he doesn't want to bother you and feels bad when he does, so you're constantly reminding him that he's never a bother. His favorite thing to do is send you random texts full of heart emojis and explaining how much he cares about you because he knows it'll make you smile. He also sends little reminders for things he thinks you might forget. "Remember to bring your flash drive to school today. Good luck on your speech! ♥♥♥"
  • junhui/jun: texts you a fair amount. He loves to send you greasy lines because he loves your reactions to them, but when you send the occasional one back he gets so flustered and kind of happy. Sometimes he'll show the other members. He especially loves to send greasy lines when he's sitting right next to you because he loves to watch how flustered you get when you read them. you both actually text the most when you're sitting right next to each other. when you both go out with the other members, you both text in a secret code only you two know and use code names when you're teasing the other members for their weird antics. when you both are apart, you're usually just talking to about your shared interests. Jun loves knowing things about you, so he's always trying to surprise you with research he did on that one subject you talked about for 5 minutes that one time.
  • seungkwan: is the most fun to text in seventeen because he always has so much to say. He's another spam texter but not as intense as hoshi. Seungkwan is only a spam texter because he separates his texts for dramatic effect. You and Seungkwan actually text a lot of mean things to each other and look like you're arguing all the time, but its how you both show you care. "Your face looks so silly in this picture, why are you making that face?" "Because I was thinking about your bad breath in the morning." "Next time I'm going to breathe right into your face." The others wonder how you both can be in a relationship like that, but it works for you both. On a sunny day when you're feeling generous, you'll tell him how cute he looks on tv, and seungkwan will almost burst into tears because you were watching him, but he'll never admit it. That's what you love about him.
  • hansol/vernon: a lot of one word responses. You often get a lot of "kk" and "lol" but that's only because you keep sending him memes. (Why are you doing that to him? He doesn't deserve this.) He actually does find them funny, and sometimes he'll show the other members when it's something he can't help but laugh out loud at. Once you guys get deeper into the relationship, Vernon opens up a lot more. When you surprise him with the occasional thoughtful message, Vernon gets to be his really shy and sweet self, and that's when he'll feel inspired and type an essays worth of stuff. Sometimes he'll make you happy cry because he actually really does have a way with words. He'll start messaging you more often too. He'll start your morning and end your nights with thoughtful messages. You'll see the real gem in him and he'll make you fall for him even more just through text.
  • seokmin/DK: always wants to give you a reason to smile so he's constantly sending cute pictures or memes or fluffy messages or funny messages. Other members will ask him why he's staring so hard at his phone. It's because he's trying really hard to send you quality material. Sometimes when he sends you stuff, you overreact because you want to make sure he knows you appreciate it. You are also always pestering him to send clips of him singing and deep down it makes him feel really happy and special that you like hearing him that much. Even if he pretends that he doesn't want to, he'll do it and your praise afterwards sends him to the moon and back. There is not a moment when this boy's texts don't make you smile. Please keep him safe.
  • mingyu: gives such an oppa vibe in his texts. He's always trying to take care of you and pretends like he's so much older than you when that's not really the case. "Let's go get some coffee tonight so you can work on your essay, but I'm not letting you stay up too late because you need rest." Which is funny because it's him that really needs to rest, but when you tell him that, he just texts back silly emojis. You get a lot of links to food tutorials with an excited Mingyu saying "Let's try making this!" He also keeps you updated on his career and likes to run his ideas through you first because he values your opinion a lot. You often send him pictures you find of him because you want to praise him but he thinks you're making fun of him so he pretends to be sad. That's when you start over-praising him and telling him he looks so good, and that just feeds his ego more.
  • wonwoo: There is so much fluff with this boy. he loves showering you with praise and supports everything you do. "Fighting!" Sometimes when you send him sweet messages telling him how cute he is, he won't respond for a few hours because he's so shy about it and doesn't know how to express that you literally just made his heart beat out of his chest. The truth is you both don't text each other too much because you both like to talk about your lives face to face. You'll spend whole nights talking instead of on your phones. Occasionally he'll send you a video message because he wants to make sure his words reach you in the best possible way.
  • minghao/the8: is the biggest victim of autocorrect. sometimes you wonder why he doesn't just turn it off. "I've got a long practice today, but the thought of our first kill last night is getting me through it." "First kill? Did we do something I'm not aware of?" "Kiss***" This is followed by a bunch of texts about how embarrassed he is. Despite this, his texts are the kind that make you smile during a bad day. The thing that will surprise you most is how funny he can be. He can say really weird things sometimes. He'll text you something weird, and you can tell from the way he typed how confident he was sending it. He'll talk a lot about the weird things the other members are doing, and sometimes he'll text you about things deep in his heart because he trusts you so much. It's very rare that minghao spam texts, but each time was because something major happened. The texts were the most precious things you've ever received. You enjoyed it so much that you have them screencapped and saved and archived on your computer.
  • chan/dino: is actually the most confident through text. Words seem to come much easier when he's texting you because he can look over it a thousand times before sending it. Often consults the other members around him before he sends fluffy stuff. Probably the member that gets his phone stolen a lot which means you get a lot of weird texts that make you think 'there's no way chan would write this.' Can sometimes be a little cocky through text but in a charming way that makes you smile. "You're so cute, but you would look much cuter next to me. Let's take a photo together next time." His favorite thing is to send you pictures of the other members when they don't look their best because since he's the maknae and they do it to him all the time. Is actually another member on the spam text list but he can't help that he's so excited, "I'm dating you after all, why shouldn't I be happy?"

flarelights  asked:

hi so I was thinking randomly about how Jack calls Bitty Bits, and you know that phrase "love you to bits"? Well, what if Jack, before he comes out to his team, is on the phone with Bitty, and he says "Love you too, Bits" and someone (probably Tater) overhears him and thinks he's just being cute with his girlfriend but Jack is just kind of freaking out. (btw sorry for sending you this message, I don't really know who else to tell. Plus you write things)

Firstly, no apologies needed :) Secondly, oh man that’s so great! I forgot that was a thing people said. People such as Jack. Thirdly (it’s a lot of dialogue and not a lot of freaking out);

“I’m bringing up a pie next weekend, honey. Two pies if I can fit them in around my assignment.”

Jack laughs at Bitty’s eagerness. Bitty and pies. He loves it. “Make sure you actually do the assignment, eh, Bits? If you bring up more than two pies I’ll know.”

Bitty sighs out on the other end and Jack can just picture the eye roll that goes along with it.

“Alright. Spoil all my fun.”

“You’ll have plenty of fun up here without a third pie.”

“Of course I will! Okay, honey, I’ve got to go. Love you, Jack.”

“Love you too, Bits.”

Jack hangs up, turns around, and runs right into Tater.

“Sorry, Tater. Didn’t see you.”

“Love you to bits?”

Jack’s stomach drops. He wasn’t going to say anything about him and Bitty until this weekend, with Bitty there with him. He’s planned it all out and this is not when this should be happening.

“I know this phrase. Hear on TV,” Tater continues. Jack breathes out, relieved. Tater hasn’t connected ‘Bits’ to Bitty, though all the guys on the team know him. “You have someone you love. Girlfriend. Can see on face.”

“Ah, I…”

Tater covers Jack’s mouth with his hand. Jack goes cross-eyed looking down at it.

“You no speak about her. Secret girlfriend. I get it, Zimmboni.”

Jack doesn’t get a chance to correct Tater before he walks away.

Well, he supposes there are worse assumptions that could have been made, and Jack trusts Tater wont tell the guys.

It all won’t matter in a few days anyway.


“He what?” Bitty asks Jack that night.

“Thinks I have a girlfriend. He overheard me saying ‘love you too, Bits’ and thought I said ‘love you to bits’.”

“Oh, what a gorgeous thing. You’re not worried, are you?”

“No. I mean, I’m not exactly happy that he assumed it was a girlfriend, but we’re telling the team soon so it doesn’t matter.”

“Jack, your feelings always matter.”

“Thanks, Bits. Honestly, I’m more… excited, than anything right now.”

“Yeah?” Jack can hear Bitty’s smile in the words.

“Yeah. You’re coming here tomorrow, and we going to tell the guys we’re together. After coming out to the Samwell people I… I think it will go well.”


Bitty only brings up two pies but he insists on baking another one when he gets to Providence (”Jack, this kitchen is suffering from neglect. I’ve got to make it feel better.” Jack just kisses Bitty on the forehead and leaves him be while he cooks. He put the iPod dock on the counter specifically for this eventuality anyway.)

Bitty’s pie is his offering to the team after Jack’s announcement that they’re dating.

He really didn’t need to bring it for the reason he feared, the entire team is nothing but supportive. They also enjoy the pie, but most of them were already friendly with Bitty.

Tater pulls Jack aside after the announcement. “I think I mishear you other day. ‘Love you to bits’ actually ‘love you, too, Bits’. Yes?”

Jack claps Tater on the arm. “That’s right. I was talking to Bitty. Bits.”

Tater nods.

“Thank you for not saying anything, Tater.”

“It alright, Zimmboni. But I confess, English is hard language. Why does same words mean two different thing?”

Deal of a Lifetime Fixer-Upper

For @spamanoweek2016 !

Day three : Unexpected laughs 

A day late ;A;

On AO3. On FFn

Lovino placed the box down, coughed, and swatted his hand through the air.

“Jesus,” he breathed. “They couldn’t clean this place up any before we came, could they?” he called to Antonio. “This is fucking horrific.”

Antonio came into the kitchen, placing his box next to Lovino’s. “Well, it has been abandoned for a couple of years.”

Lovino eyed the kitchen. “More than a couple. This place doesn’t even have a fucking microwave.” Lovino opened a couple of the cabinets, eyeing the layer of filth. “Let’s move the furniture into the basement. It’ll make it easier to figure out where everything is going.”

Antonio laughed. “We might not have enough furniture for this whole place!” He grabbed Lovino by the waist and swung him around. “A big improvement from the apartment, no?”

Lovino grinned. “It’s filthy.”

“It’s ours!”

“Uh huh. Come on, let’s get a move on. I want to have at least the living room looking presentable.”

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stackson week: day 1

Title: Bumps in the Night

Length: 1,500+ words

Prompt‘You’re baking cookies in the communal kitchen at three in the morning and I’m angry, but also really hungry’ College AU

There’s four things Jackson has learned so far in his first semester of college:

  1. College students never sleep
  2. College students do really weird shit in the middle of the night 
  3. The walls in this place are really fucking thin. And
  4. Having the dorm next to the communal bathroom and kitchen is a living nightmare.

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yay questions ~
  • 1: Let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now? - I think I wanna date this one kid but idk man
  • 2: Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone? - nope
  • 3: If your significant other smoked pot, would you care? - I would be happy
  • 4: Do you find it easy to trust others? - nope
  • 5: What were you doing at 11PM last night? - I was at a concert
  • 6: You’re drunk and lost walking down the road; who is with you? - probably my friend B
  • 7: What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on? - I'd cry and then probably punch the person who cheated on me
  • 8: Are you close with your dad? - nope
  • 9: I bet you kissed someone last night, right? - no :(
  • 10: What are you listening to? - my brother and my friend C talking
  • 11: You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? - water
  • 12: Do you like hickeys? - I like them as long as they're not insanely visible because my parents get pissy
  • 13: What time do you go to bed? - depends, mostly around midnight
  • 14: Is there someone who continuously lets you down? - yeah
  • 15: Can you text as quickly with one hand as you do both? - not quite
  • 16: Do you always answer your texts? - yeah I feel bad if I don't
  • 17: Do you hate the person you fell the hardest for? - no because I haven't gotten over him yet
  • 18: When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends? - a minute ago
  • 19: Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them? - yeah, C
  • 20: What was your last thought before you went to bed last night? - I set my alarm
  • 21: Is anyone else in the room with you? - not anymore but a second ago it was my friend C and my brother
  • 22: Do you believe what goes around comes around? - I don't know really
  • 23: Were you happier four months ago than you are now? - yeah
  • 24: Is there someone you wish you could fix things with? - yeah
  • 25: In the past week, have you cried? - yeah I cried ten minutes ago because my mum was being mean
  • 26: What colour is the shirt you are wearing? - light purple
  • 27: Do people ever call you by your last name? - no
  • 28: Is anyone ignoring you right now?- yeah actually
  • 29: Do you have a best friend? - I think so yep
  • 30: Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the last person you kissed? - it is currently hard, because he's dating someone and they fucking make out and grope right next to me
  • 31: Who was your last call/text message from? - my nana
  • 32: Are you mad at anyone? - yeah
  • 33: Have you ever kissed someone older than you? - yeah everyone I've kissed has been older than me
  • 34: How old will the last person you kissed be on his/her next birthday? - uhh he just turned 16 in october so he'd be 17
  • 35: How many more days until your birthday? - 283
  • 36: Do you have any summer plans yet? - nope
  • 37: Do you have any good friends of the opposite sex? - yeah
  • 38: Are you keeping anything from your best friend(s) now? - yep
  • 39: Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone? - yeah
  • 40: Have you ever regretted kissing someone? - yeah
  • 41: Do you think age matters in relationships? - not unless it's either illegal or a super huge gap
  • 42: Are you available? - yeah
  • 43: How many people have you had real, strong feelings for since high school ended? - I'm still in high school
  • 44: If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get? - belly button, I want one sooo bad. And I want a nose piercing
  • 45: Do you believe exes can be friends? - yeah I'm really good friends with an ex now
  • 46: Do you regret anything? - hell yeah
  • 47: Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? - going to sleep
  • 48: Did you ever lose a best friend? - yeah
  • 49: Was your last kiss a mistake? - no
  • 50: Why aren’t you pursuing the person you like? - because he's my best friend and I don't wanna fuck that up like I did last time
  • 51: Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry? - yeah
  • 52: Do you still talk with the person you LAST kissed? - yeah, but it's weird now. We're trying to work it out
  • 53: What was the last thing you ate? - a rolo
  • 54: Did you get any compliments today? - yeah about my hair
  • 55: Where are you going on your next vacation? - february
  • 56: Do you own anything from other countries? - yeah, I have a bracelet from Afghanistan, a scarf and some jewelry from Spain, a bracelet from France, a scarf and a few shirts from Canada, a hat and dress from Aruba, and a bunch of dresses and shirts from St. Maarten
  • 57: Are most of your friend guys or girls? - most are guys
  • 58: Where have you lived most of your life? - I've lived in America my whole life
  • 59: When was the last time you took a long drive? - earlier tonight we visited my nana which is an hour away
  • 60: Have you ever played Spin the Bottle? - no
  • 61: Have you ever TPd someone’s house? - no
  • 62: Who do you text the most? - either J or C
  • 63: What was the last movie you saw? - Star Trek
  • 64: What’s preventing your current boyfriend/girlfriend from going back to their ex? - I'm single
  • 65: How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in 2011? - one
  • 66: Is the last person you kissed younger than you? - no, older
  • 67: Do you curse around your parents? - yeah, everything except for fuck and cunt
  • 68: Are you happy with where you live? - for now
  • 69: Picture of yourself? - nah
  • 70: Are you a monogamous person or do you believe in open-ended relationships? - monogamous
  • 71: Have you ever been dumped? - yeah
  • 72: What do you most like about making out? - hearing the other person make those little sounds
  • 73: Have you ever casually made out with someone who you weren’t seriously involved with? - no
  • 74: When you kiss someone for the first time, is it usually you who initiates it or the other? - other person
  • 75: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive? - depends on the person and gender. For guys I really like jawbones and eyes. For girls I really like lips and eyes.
  • 76: Who was the last person you talked to last night before you went to bed? - C
  • 77: Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour? - no
  • 78: Had sex with someone you didn’t know their name? - no
  • 79: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face? - C
  • 80: Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already? - depends on when and how I'm doing in life
  • 81: Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you? - yeah
  • 82: Do you tell a lot of people when you have a crush? - no
  • 83: Do you miss your last sweetie? - yeah
  • 84: Last time you slow danced with someone? - over the summer
  • 85: Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met? - no
  • 86: How can I win your heart? - cuddles
  • 87: What is your astrological sign? - Virgo
  • 88: What were you doing last night at 12 AM? - I was at a concert
  • 89: Do you cook? - yep
  • 90: Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old flame after a time of more than 3 months of no communication? - um no
  • 91: If you’re single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship? - yeah
  • 92: Do you prefer to date various people or do you pretty much fall into monogamous relationships quickly? - monogamous relationships
  • 93: What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest? - pretty eyes... uh I prefer not super skinny people
  • 94: Name four things that you wish you had! - love, happiness, unlimited concert tickets, unlimited hippie clothing
  • 95: Are you a player? - no
  • 96: Have you ever kissed 2 people in one day? - no
  • 97: Are you a tease? - not for real
  • 98: Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr? - no
  • 99: Have you ever been deeply in love with someone? - yeah
  • 100: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with? - yeah
  • 101: Hugs or Kisses? - both? If I have to choose then hugs
  • 102: Are you too shy to ask someone out? - most of the time
  • 103: The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? - generally hair
  • 104: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you babe? - if I want them too then yes
  • 105: If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was in relationship, would you go for it? - no
  • 106: Do you flirt a lot? - yeah
  • 107: Your last kiss? - like two months ago with J
  • 108: Have you kissed more than 5 people since the start of 2012? - no
  • 109: Have you kissed anyone in the past month? - no
  • 110: If you could kiss anyone who would it be? - C
  • 111: Do you know who you’ll kiss next? - hopefully it's who I want
  • 112: Does someone like you currently? - I think so
  • 113: Do you currently have feelings for anyone? - yeah
  • 114: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings? - serious relationships
  • 115: Ever made out with just a friend? - no
  • 116: Are you happier single or in a relationship? - in a relationship
  • 117: Your own question that you want me to answer. Just write it.

anonymous asked:

For your information, when Meghan trainor said "fuck those skinny bitches" she was referring to girls that made fun of her for being fat. I know that can hurt your feelings. But, we bigger people get one freaking song that tells us that our bodies are okay, and all you skinny girls are constantly being praised by the media for being thin. So instead of calling her a dick, why don't you go after people that Fat shame. Or are you pro fat shaming since you're skinny?

First: I’m unsure what brought this up, if you let us know what the offending post is we will re-examine it and possibly edit it.

Second: There are 11 moderators of varying body sizes, so I’m not sure to whom this is addressed?

Third: this blog is very adamantly anti-fatphobia and body positive. For more info check out our FAQ and these various tags on our blog: You can also check out one of our moderators’ specifically fat-positive blog, fat-sass

Fourth: As an eating disorder recovery blog, we really discourage comments about other people’s bodies as it can be a trigger for some people. Luckily it’s not for me, but it could be for some other moderators on here so please be respectful when sending questions!

Fifth: Meghan Trainor is very much not body positive. In her “body positive anthem” she phrases “fat” and “perfect” as contradicting ideas (“I know you think you’re fat / … / but every inch of you is perfect”), and the whole song is about how it’s okay to be fat because some guys like fat girls, as if fat bodies alone are NOT okay unless validated by a dude with a fetish. She also refers to anorexia as a diet and says she’s “not strong enough” to choose to suffer from a mental illness (something we as a recovery blog DO resent quite a bit). 

Fifth: Meghan Trainor didn’t invent body positivity and there are tons of artists who deal with that topic in their music. Some of my personal favorites: 

  • I Know Girls (Body Love) by Mary Lambert: [addiction, self-harm, suicide, purging] But the time has come for us to reclaim our bodies /…/ I know I am because I said, “I am.” / My body is home /…/ You are worth more than who you fuck / You are worth more than a waistline /…/ You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4 / You are no less valuable as a 32a than a 36c 
  • Secrets” also by Mary Lambert: They tell us from the time we’re young / To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves / Inside ourselves / I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else / Well I’m over it
  • In My Mind” by Amanda Palmer: [numbers(weight)] And maybe it’s funniest of all / To think I’ll die before I actually see / That I am exactly the person that I want to be / Fuck yes / I am exactly the person that I want to be
  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” by Mika. [somewhat objectifying tho] Walks in to the room / Feels like a big balloon / I said, ‘Hey girls you are beautiful‘ 
  • Video” by India Arie: When I look in the mirror the only one there is me / Every freckle on my face is where it’s supposed to be / And I know my creator didn’t make no mistakes on me / My feet, my thighs, my lips, my eyes I’m lovin what I see
  • More Beautiful You” by Jonny Diaz: [restriction] Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine / Says she wants to look that way / But her hair isn’t straight, her body isn’t fake / And she’s always felt overweight /Well, little girl fourteen I wish that you could see /That beauty is within your heart / And you were made with such care, your skin, your body and your hair / Are perfect just the way they are
  • Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé: [video shows purging] Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst / Perfection is a disease of a nation, pretty hurts /…/ We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see / It’s the soul that needs the surgery
  • God Loves Ugly” by Jordin SparksBut God loves ugly
    He doesn’t see the way I see / Oh god takes ugly / And turns it into to something that is beautiful / Apparently I’m so beautiful

  • Try” by Colbie CallaitTake your make up off / Let your hair down / Take a breath / Look into the mirror, at yourself / Don’t you like you? / Cause I like you
  • I am the Body Beautiful” by Salt-n-PepaI celebrate the body and enjoy good health/And I gets down with my bad self/It’s all good from the front to the back/Two snaps and a clap for a body like that/It’s a good damn thing I don’t care what you say/I’m somebody beautiful/I am body beautiful
  • Beautiful” by Joydrop: [reference to an idealized beauty] If I was beautiful like you/I would never be at fault/I’d walk in the rain between the rain drops/Bringing traffic to a halt/But that will never be/No that will never never be/Cause Im not beautiful like you/I’m beautiful like me.
  • Believe in Me” by Demi LovatoI don’t wanna be afraid/I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today/And know that I’m okay/Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways/So you see I just wanna believe in me
  • Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves: [sarcastic body-shaming] If you can’t lose the weight then you’re just fat/But if you lose too much then you’re on crack/You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t/So you might as well just do whatever you want

…the list continues indefinitely. It is both star-studded and endless.

Sixth: This is a blog where people can submit posts about their own experiences and feelings during recovery; not every post is meant to appeal to every person (much like this song!). Some people who are already struggling to like their bodies are very sensitive to negative body comments, including “fuck skinny bitches,” so we include those posts as well. If you want to submit a post about how that song helps you feel empowered, great! We’ll happily look at it. 

If you want to discuss this further please send a message off anon or to a specific moderator (I’m mod 1) so that we don’t have to post a bunch in a row. I hope that addressed your concern!