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“You promise?” - Ashton worries about he’ll end up just like his father in terms of being a father so you assure him he’s not.

Eighth Month - how Ashton reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

“Sorry.” -  Ashton’s slowly getting irritated since his girlfriend Y/N has already developed a habit of saying sorry way too much.

Ours - “How long would you keep doing this? Never letting go of our daughter?” You playfully asked.

Park Dates - Daddy Ashton forgets to take his daughter in a park date for the second time in a row.

Facade - behind Ashton’s facade of portraying to be a really happy person, is a dull life that only you, as his psychiatrist and the boys would know about. *slight trigger warning*

Long Way Home - Ashton takes the long way home in hopes of fixing his relationshi with you before he drops you off to your old flat, one last time.

Art Student!Ashton - he’s falling apart and it’s his fault.


Cool, right? - Calum’s idea of a family day which kinda turns out as a flop.

Eighth Month - how Calum reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Insomnia - you have insomnia and forgot to pack your medicine, causing the boys to have a competition on who can make you go to sleep first.

Baby Bump - Calum just really loves perching his hands up your baby bump.

nicotine - based from P!ATD’S song, ‘Nicotine’.

Talk to Me - Calum forgets to go on the date you were really looking forward to since he was drinking beers at Luke’s apartment.

Art Major!Calum - you helped Calum on boosting up his calligraphy skills since he sucks at it and one thing leads to another.

Not Now, Not Ever - Calum suddenly sobers up from his drunken state at the mention of you stating that you’re officially done with his antics.

Late - different writing style I was experimenting with.

“I have no energy to even talk to you.” - Calum cheats.

Good Luck Charm - you’re Calum’s good luck charm.

Masterpiece - Calum does something for your birthday which involves you being the masterpiece.

Weakling - both you and Michael decided to annoy Calum and Ashton at thr gym because why not?

Sweater Paws - he does this thing.

Cooties - he’s really shy around you that it’s like you have them.

Pregnant - slight trigger warning!

Monster - trigger warning!

Broken - he takes his wife which is you, for granted.

Flowers - he stops on giving them, which leads to something else.

History  - he was a complete idiot.

Petty - Calum’s petty.

Body Language - “Just know that I do love you.”

Buzzcut - Calum would get a portion of his hair shaved until it ends up as a buzzcut for every insecurity you would point out. *trigger warning*

Missing - “Hey PA.”

“I’m okay.” -  Calum and Y/N hate each other and Calum takes it too far by blaming Y/N for everything bad in the world during a fight.

Here - *trigger warning*

Here - Calum hates timezones.

No Reason -  plus-sized piece of writing that lives up to its label and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Night! - an upgrade of Period, the request I got for Luke.

Holiday - he’s nervous as fuck.

Late - he left, without a doubt nor an explanation.

Continue - his original plan.

Long Night - song pref.

“Suits you well.” - literally.

“That smells like me.” - stolen shirts.

“No.” - less talk, more sleeping.


Eighth Month - how Luke reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Okay Then - trigger warning!

Daddy’s Little Princess - Luke lashes out onto his daughter, causing her to cry and make him feel like a shit father.

Twins - You and Luke are twins, and you’re disappointed that he won’t be able to attend to your graduation, but then, he still goes to it nonetheless.

Princess - Luke lashes out and starts a fight with you since you forgot to wash his plaid shirt since you have a fever.

Sneeze - You and your family visits the Hemmings household for the tradition of having dinners in each others’ houses. Luke puts something in a dish that triggers your allergy, and one thing leads to another.

Disneyland - slight smut!

Pregnancy Duties - Luke is sure as hell prepared to be a father.

“I sure as hell won’t.” - Luke refuses to say goodbye and let go of you.

Silent Treatments - Luke hates silent treatments.

“This time, I mean it.” - “By that, you’re hurt.”

“Are these enough?” - “Take care of you, of course. No question ‘bout that love.”

Outcast - you’re the outcast of the school but that was bound to change with Luke striking up a conversation with you.

Crazy - slight smut!

Family - “Welcome to the family.”

Period - you get it unexpectedly while you sleep over at Luke’s, leading into something a little awkward but unforgettable.

Jealous - Luke’s jealous because you’re management team decides on making you fake-date a guy, which is not him.

So Damn Cute - slight smut!

Good Enough - “If I’m not good enough for my own fucking dad Luke, if I cna’t be enough for the one man that was supposed to protect me no matter what, then I will never be enough for you, or enough to make you stay. *somehow triggering*

Mornings - you hate waking up in the mornings without Luke by your side so you throw a little tantrum about it while you’re in the process of convincing him  to stay at home.


Waste The Night - An unplanned trip a year ago was basically what made you and Luke a couple, and for fucks sake, Luke prayed that it won’t end here too.”

Tired - He smirked, “Husband material, don’t mention it. I already know.”

Powder Power - “Just so you know, Lexie told me that I have the powder power.”

Permanent - “You got a tattoo for me?”

Hold On - you start losing people that are very dear to you, loved one after loved one, and you’re afraid that Luke might be too.

Famous Last Words - Luke’s struggling to fulfill his part in his relationship with you while you pretend to not notice until a misunderstanding happens, which may mend what the of you are now.

“Please tell me this isn’t goodbye.” - “I almost thought I actually lost you.”

Surprise - it’s your birthday.

End Of It - fluff in where your husband of more than thirty years, which is Luke, finds your old wedding dress.

The Nice Guy - Luke has a massive crush on you so he constantly goes to the restaurant you’re working in while you deny your feelings for him, but you jealousy prevails when he brings his ‘girlfriend’ for a PR stunt.

Good - Luke makes a way.


Eighth Month - how Michael reacts, especially when you’re on your eighth month of pregnancy.

Get Scared - Michael thought you were the shy and girly girlfriend which he was then proved wrong later on. 

Snorlax - Michael uses Pokemon GO as a valid and a legit reason to barge into your house and confess his feelings for you.

Sex Tape - The boys accidentally find the sex tape you and Michael recorded.

Target - Michael bribes his and your daughter, Elle, with ice cream to not tell you that his daddy lost her in Target, which she adorably failed doing so.

Four A.M. - the first chapter of this fanfic that I originally posted in wattpad.

Mr. Toddles - Your fish that’s very dear to you dies, causing you to cry and Michael misunderstands it as something else.

Lego Blocks - Ex-boyfriend!Michael

Ex-boyfriend!Michael -  Ex-boyfriend!Mikey is in L.A and forgets his keys to his flat in another country, he goes to Y/N, his ex-girlfriend in hopes since she has spare keys.

Enthusiasm -  Michael lacks the enthusiasm Y/N deserves every time he’s with her.

Sexually Frustrated - smut!

Bracelets - one of my favorites. Trigger warning!

“I don’t want her to grow up just yet.” - he really doesn’t want his and yours baby girl too.

His First Fucking Word - “This is a fucking weird family.”

Anytime - you need comfort, Michael supplies.

Brother - “You are so dead. I’m gonna tell mom.”

Together - you’re falling for the person you hate.

“You’re making me love you more.” - Michael adores you.

Pause - inspired by Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

“That’s today?” - he forgets your birthday.

“Commitment, bitch.” - Michael carries around his and yours baby girl, carrying her diaper bag and grinning with you. He then completely shuts off someone who made a rude remark about it.

Stellar - Michael adores kids.

Viridian Green - unknown to the public’s eye is how Michael truly is once he’s inside these four walls that he considers as home.

Own You - Michael proves to you that your dyslexia doesn’t own you.

“They reminded me of you.” - tour is finally over.

Maybe - you and Michael are exes, warming up to each other slowly but surely to cope up with the fact that you’re his P.A. And maybe,it was bound to change just because of what he said.

I’m open to the possibility.” - that you don’t love me anymore.

Meant To Be - literally hours before your wedded to Michael.



Baby Names

Bed Love




michael as a dad would include

michael giving hugs

whatever you do, don’t try to imagine michael…

giving michael the silent treatment

dating ashton

yeah but

luke annoying you

fights with michael


imagine Michael groaning out

“It was supposed to be cool.”

Ashton as a dad

ok but imagine this concept

a couple of seconds

after having a fight with calum


yeah but

“Don’t you even dare.”

daddy ashton in the sidelines

calum as a dad

hugging a tired calum

drunk of his ass calum

nights with luke

michael as a dad

stuttering wedding vows


different calum faces

Happy Birthday, Luke! ¾

Happy Birthday, Luke! 2/4

Happy Birthday, Luke! ¼

really happy michael


pouty calum

as per requested

malum lives on forever

hey sunshine

idk why

fluff, i like that shit

really happy luke makes me really happy

this makes me so happy

happy birthday michael

happy birthday michael 2/3

happy birthday michael 3/3

when you know you’ve been right all along

Number Stuff

1. “You don’t know how long I waited for you to burst in those doors and tell that you love me again.” c a l m

2. “She’s beautiful.” c a l m

3. “Fuck you.” c a l m

4. “I wrote a song. And it’s for you.” c a l m

5. “Just please. Just this once. Let me in again in those walls of yours.” c a l m

6. Love Me or Leave Me  c a l m

7. “I’ve grown used to it.” c a l m

8. “It got stuck.” c a l m

9. “Fuck, that’s hot.” c a l m

10. “I can’t help it.” c a l m

11. Always  c a l m

12. “I don’t know what would happen to me if you leave. But I can assure you that I’m not going be the same once you do it.” c a l m

13. “Hey. Wake up.” c a l m

14. “Don’t make me say it.” c a l m

15. The End  c a l m

16. “You made me a promise, daddy. And you broke it.” c a l m

17. “I’m afraid I can’t do that baby girl.” c a l m

18. “Shut up.” c a l m

19. “Sing me to sleep?” c a l m

20. “I’m tired.” c a l m

21. “No matter how much you shut me out, I still love you. And I can’t deny it.” c a l m

22. “Oh my god.” c a l m

23. “I know just the thing, baby.” c a  l m

24. “You’re killing me when you do that.”  c a  l m

25. “What the hell are you doing here?”  c a  l m

26. “No. No. And another fucking no.”  c a  l m

27. “Hey.”  c a  l m

28. “Please?”  c a  l m

29. “She has your eyes.”  c a  l m

30. “This is so sappy I want to cry and kill you at the same time.”  c a  l m

31. “Rubber gloves are just underrated condoms.”  c a  l m

32. I Miss You   c a  l m

33. “Sup homeboy.”  c a  l m

34. “Is that my shirt that you’re wearing?”  c a  l m

35. “Woah. T-that’s hot.”  c a  l m

36. “You should wear my snapbacks more.”  c a  l m

37. “Stop saying that.”  c a  l m

38. “It’s funny. Seeing you again here. Same time, same place.”  c a  l m

39. “Trust me, I tried my best.”  c a  l m

40. Inside Out  c a  l m

41. “It’s so fluffy. I need to stab someone to be punk rock I guess.”  c a  l m

42. “Boo-hoo little bitch.”  c a  l m

43. “I made a playlist. And all of the songs reminded me of you.”  c a  l m

44. “That’s one hell of a good looking pilot.”  c a  l m
45. “You can never be her.”  c a  l m

46. “I’m glad you don’t wear that shit.”  c a  l m

47. “I don’t want to say goodbye. And I never will.”  c a  l m

48. FOOLS  c a  l m

49. “I notice the little things about you. And they make a shit ton of difference.”  c a  l m

50. “Were you just jerking off?  c a  l m

Angst Alphabet


Quote Stuff

don’t make this a flop

- one

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Gang Leader!Ashton - masterlist

Divorced!Luke - masterlist

Prince!Luke - masterlist

Stupidly in Love - masterlist

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soulmate! Mingyu (pt. 2)

anon asked:  Omgggg please do more seventeen soul mate!!!! I love the ones you have-maybe minghao next? Possibly mingyu pt 2?? xoxoxoxx you are amazing writers and ignore the stupid haters

a/n: thanks so much! i’m sorry if this is late, we posted minghao a couple days ago incase you haven’t seen it, here

part 1

recap: in which you have a clock that starts at birth and counts time until you meet your soulmate, which it then stops

  • even though the drive to disneyland from L.A. is less than an hour 
  • you spent that time learning as much korean as you could 
  • which really only means the alphabet, sounds, and common phrases, but basics first okay 
  • that morning after you met mingyu, you and your friends all decided to change plans a little bit 
  • so instead of spending the whole day shopping, you guys spent the entire day at korea town 
  • which consisted of you buying whatever seventeen albums and merch you didn’t have and even books on learning korean 
  • the girl there was kind enough to answer your questions and show you an app to download to learn
  • so you and mingyu text with his and your limited knowledge of each others language
  • it was funny if you look at it honestly, he’s sending you texts in his not bad english though your almost certain joshua or vernon were helping 
  • and you are sending short probably grammatically incorrect korean phrases with the help of the book you got of course
  • with this, he gets across he’s actually filming for an MV
  • and he just sends back a bunch of laughing emojis and your like STOP DONT MESS WITH ME
  • you tell him what your doing for today and he’s like is the food good 
  • and you say yes you liked it a lot but your not sure how it’s supposed to taste
  • and he sends you something in korean which you dont understand fully so you go to your book
  • and you almost end up s c r e a m i n g
  • because it translate into ‘then i’ll make you a korean dinner soon ;)”
  • and your fangirling to your friend about how housewife ming, your soulmate, just said he’ll make you dinner
  • like a date. date
  • you give some respond that took you 5 minutes to form but simply said “i’ll take you up on that” and the little blushy face emoji 
  • from then on, it’s constant talking
  • while he’s filming and doing photoshoots, he’s sending you selfies and videos of him or other members
  • and you send him pictures of you at disneyland, eating, or shopping
  • you secretly get him this little figure from disneyland to gift next time you see him
  • which might not be coming for a while because of your both busy schedule
  • his life as an idol and your still a college student
  • so the two of you have a long distance relationship, and though it’s hard, you make it work
  • even though you guys did have a few chances to meet it was never more than a week
  • the first date though, was indescribable 
  • you both were really nervous at first, and your sure it showed on you just like on him
  • but it couldn’t get any better
  • he took you out for korean bbq, where he learned all about you and you learned all the things you didn’t know about him
  • so you talked and talked and now you knew why everyone raves about their soulmate
  • trust the universe, if they thought you were good with kim mingyu then your good for kim mingyu
  • and he was good for you
  • you were perfect together aka devouring all the food and leaving full
  • but it’ll be a pity to end the date that fast soooo
  • you both agreed to go street shopping, where you looked at clothes, little nicknacks, and jewelry
  • he noticed when you would look at something a second too long and take note on it, not that you knew 
  • and by the end of the night, when he was walking you back to your hotel
  • you both stood at the side of the building under the street light, shuffling your feet, not wanting to leave
  • he nervously reaches his hand up to the neck and rubs it, then pulls out a little box out from his jacket pocket
  • and hands it to you, who had a surprised expression, nervously
  • “here, i got this for you”
  • you gingerly open the box, and find the pretty bracelet being sold by the ajumma earlier
  • “you… you noticed?” you say looking up at him
  • your face turns into a full on grin, “it’s beautiful, put it on me?”
  • and so he did and just when he finished clasping it, you took this chance you pull him into a full on hug
  • and pulling away slightly, his arms still around your neck, 
  • after a moment of just simply staring at each other, both knowing what was happening next,
  • he leaned down, and you tilted your head up
  • any thoughts of ‘oh my god’ were cleared from your brain as his lips touched yours
  • the kiss was soft, sweet, and innocent
  • and when you pulled away, the smiles on each others faces never diminished
  • as you both said goodnight, you took one last look at him, giggled, and walked into the building
  • basically the memory of your first date with mingyu was,,, honestly there’s no other word besides magical
  • so by the time you graduate college, you surprise him with the news of getting a job in seoul
  • this of course means it’s time to celebrate
  • and this is the time he does cook you dinner, as promised
  • his romantic ass books a hotel suite for you guys, be who wants to be in the dorm
  • the suite was complete with a kitchen and all that
  • really, the food is amazing
  • sitting at the dinner table you stare into his eyes
  • “i love you” you say, a smile forming on your face
  • “i love you too” he says, reaching his hand over the table to hold yours
  • and the two of you are in a really fancy hotel room after all
  • what happens though, you and mingyu leave that to the boys imagination when they ask you the next day 

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part 1

a/n: you welcome ;)

The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino || 


~ admin seri

I See the Light - ȘASE


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh my gooddddddd. here’s a little taste. okay? everyone let’s just rejoice in this. 


The day ended sooner than you expected. After one last meet and greet inside the Royal Hall you were off to change out of your costume and into your regular clothes. You were currently standing at the shared vanity, removing the heavy costume make-up with a wipe when someone came up behind you and kissed your cheek.

“Are we already starting?” You looked behind your shoulder to find Bucky giving you a wide eye look.

You raised a brow and looked around the vicinity to find the same red head from earlier that day. The one that Bucky was trying to charm her pants off but instead came off like a little schoolboy with a crush on his teacher.

“So that’s who we’re trying to make jealous. Got it.”

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Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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Big Day. (Father Figure!Tyler x Mom!Reader)

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it’s backkkkk! If you haven’t read the first one, click here! 

It was a Friday and you were getting ready for your date night with Tyler after dropping Isabella off at Amy and Kathryn’s since she didn’t want to go to her friend’s house. Tyler told you to dress really fancy for this dinner so you did what you were told and wore a tight maroon dressing with matching gold jewelry, you wanted to dress respectable, sexy, and simple since you already know that Tyler is going to actually rip your dress off you like he did for the past few dates. “Are you ready, babe?” Tyler walked in your room while you were putting your heels on, “Yep. How do I look?” you gave him a playful spin. “You look ravishing.” He wrapped his arms around you, giving you a long kiss, you felt his hands lowering down to your waist and ass until you grabbed them, “You didn’t earn your touchy feely pass yet.  You still must ‘wow’ me with this date first.” You pushed away to go grab your purse, making Tyler sighed.

“Can I take this blindfold off, now? I can walk on my own feet.” You complained as your boyfriend bridal carried you, “Why are you trying to ruin your surprise! Patience my dear.”  He laughed. “Oh, believe me, I know patience! I carried life in me for nine months and then had to wait 12 hours to push her out!” you sassed before he put you down. You felt him take you blindfold off and the first thing you saw was a beautiful view of the beach while the sun was setting on top of a cliff, “Holy shit Tyler. This is beautiful.” You smiled before turning around to a candlelit dinner that he promised. “We’re eating here tonight? You completely outdid yourself, Mr. Scheid.” You walked over to your seat, “I want the best for my girl. I feel like I haven’t been Romantic lately.” He lied but you didn’t notice it, “Not been romantic lately? You’ve been the definition of Romantic ever since we started dating!” Tyler is known for spoiling you with love, he takes you shopping even though you have a great job that you can afford it without worrying, he’ll cook anytime he as the chance, he’ll go to couple baking classes with you as much as he hates the instructor because he checks you out, he’ll give you a massage when you’re stressed about work, and he makes family date night for Isabella to join in so you’re just baffled by his response. “I know but I wanted to make tonight memorable.” he smiled. Before you can say anything, a blue haired boy came over, pouring water in your cups, “Wow.” You laughed, “Wowie.” You heard Ethan mumbled, “Don’t make me get you fired.” You pointed at him as he walked away. “Here’s your salads.” Mark appears out of nowhere. “Am I on a date with Markiplier but instead it’s with Apocalypto_12.” You giggled, giving his hand a squeezed as he rolled his eyes at you. 

After eating, you and Tyler were just talking about domestic life and the future, “How many children do you want?” you asked him as you were drinking your water, “At least 2. I don’t really care about gender but I know if I had a boy, I would want him to play sports like his old man but he could do whatever he wants.” “I would like to have a son. I could be a sports mom!” You beamed with happiness. “What about marriage?” Tyler asked, “I told you, I only want to marry the man I love.” You smiled happily to him. “How do you see our future?” “Well, I see us moving into a bigger house after we get married, always having backyard/pool parties, telling Isabella bedtime stories as a family, getting another but smaller dog for Dodger play with, then having a few more babies so Isabella can be an older sister and watch everyone grow up together.” You gushed out. “Good, because I see the same future together.” Tyler stood up, “[Y/F/N], when you came into my life, I have never met anyone who made me feel so happy, loved and welcome in their life. Whenever I come over, I feel like it’s a normal family bonding, with dinner at the dinner table, talking about everyone’s day, game night, walk to the park, picking up Isabella from school together, family trips to Disneyland, and I love living that domestic lifestyle with you. I want to grow a family and live life with you! You’re beautiful, smart, talented, funny, balanced, a fantastic mother to a beautiful daughter, a wonderful friend and I want to add something to that list.” You saw your daughter wearing a pretty dress and a flower crown running to Tyler and giving him a box, "Thanks, sweetheart!” she whispers something in his ear and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He got on his one of his knee, “[Y/F/N], will you do the honor and be my wife?” You started crying while laughing, “OF COURSE, TYLER! A MILLION TIMES YES!!” you helped him up and went straight to kissing him passionately. Your daughter ran back over to you and you picked her up, “HOW LONG DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!?” you smiled at her, “He told me after the dance!” “You kept a secret from me! I thought we had a deal!” you laughed.  The whole team was cheering and taking pictures. 

“While everyone’s here, I also have something to say but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t beat this.” You looked at Tyler.  “I wanted to tell you a week ago but I decided to make it official at dinner but…" you started crying again, “I’m pregnant.” You cried. Tyler started crying himself, “I’m going to be a dad?” you nodded and gave him a huge smile. He pulled you and Isabella into a huge hug, “I’M GOING TO BE A SISTER!” Isabella beamed. “I’M GOING TO BE A GODFATHER!” Mark came over and giving you a hug along with the rest of the team. 



  •  Amy and Kathryn had one job: Getting Isabella ready.
  •  A piece of cake, right?
  • Taking her to the mall was going to be a simple, quick trip.
  •  nope.
  •  Amy and Kathryn were on a time limit since they had to go back home and get Isabella ready. 
  • “Remember, Isabella. No fairy costumes!”
  • She went straight to fairy costume.
  • Amy literally had to drag her out of the costumes.
  • A lot of fighting to get her to try it on some of the dresses.
  • Isabella started hiding in the clothes racks
  • Basically, going on a scavenger hunt to find the lost child.
  •  They found her looking at a dress she actually likes!
  • Quickly taking her home, and trying to do her hair
  •  As much as they love her, dealing with her was like WWIII
  •  “We’ll take you to go get Ice cream after it’s done! Don’t you want to look pretty for mommy!”
  •  All Isabella heard was Ice cream and that was enough for them to get her ready as fast as they can.


  • “[Y/N], how can you do it?”
  •   “With what? Isabella? She’s usually loves shopping! She only acts out when she knows she can get something out of it.
  • The little sweetheart played them.
  •    She played them good.

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So yesterday’s post was amazing with the responses! I was smiling all day seeing people reblogging it and putting their own tags on it, it actually motivated me to keep writing so thank you! I’m glad everyone like the twist at the end because I enjoyed typing it! Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this and the little bonus and I’ll see y’all later! (Request are always open!)

lord-krvshna  asked:

Have you ever considered that, like America, Europe has a sense of hope for migrants and instead of resisting innocent, hopeful families, you should welcome them? I can understand the weariness but the whole "this land is ours" is extremely outdated. No one owns land, whether they think so or not. The idea of antifascism, without its violence is a sense of common sense as fascism does its job with targeting minorities. Non-whites are not niggers or monkeys, we are human like you.

It is always the same text. These messages repeat and repeat without really addressing what I write. Well, I am going to answer you. 

First of all it is not possible to compare America to Europe.
Then, “’this land is ours’ is extremely outdated”… really? An ideology which is a few decades old declares a natural fact that humans have known for hundreds of thousands of years as outdated just because a couple of kids think so? 
It is fashion and it will be gone in ten years, I promise you, because either will we find our way back to our roots and accept the necessity of being a strong culture, or islamisation will just end our existence. This is simple to understand and it already happens in Europe: If you combine the fact that birth rates of migrants are about three to four times as high as those of European people with the ongoing migration, Europeans will be a minority in Europe in 20 to 30 years, promoted by the fact that their are already quite a lot of islamist politicians in Europe. It is not the multicultural utopia you image. It’s not going to happen. Also this is not racism or “white supremacy” - on the contrary it is the admission to the fact that Europeans are weak and decadent today and that there are other cultures that are more vital and stronger today.

Now, “innocent, hopeful families” - I don’t wonder about your opinion if that’s how you see things. I want to help those people, especially women and children, but I want to help them in their countries. Bringing them here doesn’t help anyone. First it destabilises the states they came from even more, which again helps militant groups like the IS - a vicious circle. Then, it destabilises our own states. With the masses of migrants came masses of terror, rape, murder and other forms of crime and violence. It’s not that I would tell you it’s the fault of minorities or migrants in general, but rather it’s the fault of our own decandece. Also they have no realistic chance within our economies besides serving capitalist industries as “human capital” - masses of people seen as exchangeable goods, just like our own people are seen by economy.

 Again, “innocent, hopeful families” - in fact about 70-80% of the people who come here are young males. 
Europeans have built this continent with sweat, tears and blood in thousands of years, millions of people died for it. Men who leave their homelands in times of war are cowards. If you want your home to become a better place, you fight for it and you work for it and then you shall have peace. The world is not Disneyland. Good, because Western civilisation in its modern form is not an example and I am thankful that we go through times of change. People are empty consumers who serve liberal capitalism which is destroying the beauty of this planet. Only strong cultural roots can stop that, because an individualistic society without traditional values will always fall for a consumer culture, replacing the ethnocultural identity which is politically represented by the nation (allthough I am not even a nationalist, but that’s another topic).

So we do own land and it’s the only natural right of humans to defend their own way of living. What people need to learn today is that loving your own roots and culture doesn’t mean hating others. Making a difference between “we” and “the others” is natural, it doesn’t mean hate. For what you wrote, please see this question I answered.
What you believe - “nobody owns land” - is anarchy, an illusive utopia that would essentially lead to another order again. 

The “idea of antifascism” is just antifascism. It is not an idea, it is an obsolete movement prolonging a past to the present, because there is no Fascism today. I will probably write a post about what Fascism actually means to clear up your illusory view on it.
Thinking there is Fascism (e.g. Trump or Putin) means a fundamental misconception of what it even means. Antifascism is not an idea today - because it is just a movement against something that doesn’t exist anymore - but an instrument of terror against people who simply don’t share leftwing or liberal opinions. Ironic: in that way it has become a bourgeoisie instrument of capitalism, fighting against traditionalism and conservative ideas, which leads to a “levling” of cultural “barriers”, making the way free for liberalism.
Let me give you an example: Berlin today has a leftwing government and they want to cut down a nature park (which is hundred years old) to build a place for refugees. That’s a good example for what I try to tell you: migration, capitalism, destruction of nature - they work hand in hand and you - indoctrinated by the media - don’t see it. But of course that’s only a small example for a process that goes on in all of Western Europe. 

But it is probably useless to write it. Rightwing parties will win in all of Europe and you will see: it will be better for Europe like it will be better for the people who experience war today - because what makes war today is not traditionalism or “Fascism”, but liberalism. 

I would also suggest to take a look at the questions I answered before. You may find them here


Wrong Partner

Summary: A trip to Disneyland with Tyler’s family in which you unintentionally spend more time with his younger brother instead of him, striking him to become jealous.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: Big thank you to the sweet anon who requested this gem. Sorry for being on hiatus for almost a month on posting any new fics but hopefully I’ll be back on track for things. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated my frens.

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Somewhere in Neverland (Ashton Irwin)

Having never been to Disneyland before, to say you were excited was a bit of an understatement. You and your two best friends wanted to spend time together since you never really got to anymore with them going to different colleges across the country, so you were obviously the first to agree to the mini vacation. They’d been the ones to suggest going to Disney – they knew you’d always wanted to go – and now, here you were: you, Leah, and Kara walking around the park in search of all your favorite characters.

You’d met every character you’d grown up on and even the ones that were newer to the Disney family.

Well… All but one.

Near the end of the day, you were starting to get discouraged about your search. You hadn’t seen Peter Pan all day and he was the one character you were really excited to meet.

Your friends could sense your mood change and insisted you all go get some ice cream to make you feel better. You did – you could never go wrong with ice cream – and while you were sitting at a table, Leah and Kara had gone to the bathroom.

As they were coming back, you saw their eyes widen and a huge smile form on their faces as you got up. You raised an eyebrow as you made your way over to them. Once you were fairly close, you opened your mouth to ask them what was up when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned and your heart skipped a beat, instantly smiling at Peter Pan.

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AU Prompts

So I really had to get these down:

Coffee Shop AUs

i) You always give me fake names but your kinda cute and I’d really like to know your real name but here I am writing ‘Magneto’ on your stupid Frappucino and shouting this shit out loud is getting old

ii) All the other baristas know you by name and give me weird looks when I serve you. wtf is going on?

iii) You just ran into the shop and asked for a medium sized pizza mocha on ice and I think you’re drunk rn but you’re really hot and I kinda wanna do whatever you say so do I blend the pizza or just pour a mocha over it?

iv) You’re really famous and I just poured hot coffee all over you and I’m trying to apologise but I’m also kinda starstruck rn and the only noise coming out may not be human

v) I’m genuinely concerned about your coffee dependancy and I might start rationing it

Library AU

i) You’ve got to stop returning books full of corrections and spiteful comments in red pen bc I can’t stop reading them and my boss gives me disapproving glares when I laugh at the funny ones

ii) I’m 29 years old but I still pretend to be looking at the nature books just so I can hear you read books to kids bc your version is at least ten times better. Goldilocks and the Three Musketeers is still my fav

iii) I wrote you a post-it note that clearly stated: ‘Go home and sleep, you’re gonna ace this test’. sO JUST DO WHAT IT SAYS BC I CANT GO HOME UNTIL EVERYONE’S LEFT THE LIBRARY I WORK HERE MORON AND I NEED SLEEP

iv) If I find you rearranging the books to spell out weird messages again- well, I’ll probably just fall a little bit more in love with you

Fake Dating

i) So there’s a group of homophobes outside and I need a guy to snog in front of them bc I like to make my general existence to be a big ‘fuck you’ to a lot of people. You game?

ii) Thanksgiving’s coming up and I want this to be the one year that when my grandma asks “Are you married yet?” I can say “Yeah, actually I am, so spin on that, grandma.” So be my fake husband?

iii) It’s my high school reunion and I need a hot boyf to rub in the faces of the people who hated me

iv) I won tickets to a couples retreat but I’m not a couple, so…?

Soulmate AUs

i) Soulmates sometimes catch glimpses of each other’s thoughts. A thought phrase, an image, a potent scent, anything. But not all the time, and not very often. So why the hell do I always get the randomest shit like ‘I wonder how many teeth I have…’ and ‘Hey, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t that bad’ and ‘Wtf is this shit? I mean, a book for babies? Babies don’t read’ like all the time.

ii) When soulmates share eye contact, their eyes change colour. I like to wear coloured contacts to screw with people and now everyone knows I do that and you wont believe me when I tell you that my roommate cleared all of them out and I wasn’t wearing them when I looked at you.

iii) Everyone is born with words on them somewhere: those are the words your soulmate will say to you when they first meet you. Cue the ones that could be anyone (’Hey’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Nice to meet you’); the ones that are pretty damn specific (’I’m Eric, what’s your name?’, ‘Paul Johnson, it’s a pleasure’); and the ones that are just like wtf (’If I give you a tenner will you punch me?’, ‘Can I dot-to-dot your freckles?’, ‘Quick, what’s the capital of Turkey?’)

iv) Somewhere on everyone are the thoughts they’re soulmate is thinking. This can sometimes get awkward.

v) If a song is ever stuck in your head, it’s generally stuck in your soulmate’s, too. sO STOP SINGING IT’S A BARBIE WORLD 24/FUCKING7, WHAT ARE YOU, FIVE?

Alternative Universes for realsies

i) Your favourite childhood TV show

ii) Hogwarts- because always

iii) One is a mermaid (merperson?) and the other has endless questions

iv) We’re all cursed (have fun picking the curses- the more creative, the better)

v) So,dragons are a thing. And I may have accidentally brought one home

vi) Cops and…accidental robbers

vii) *sings* superpowers

Shop AUs

i) I own a flower shop and you’re the customer wondering why

ii) Ok, first of all bric-a-brac shops are underrated and second of all- shut up!

iii) You keep building forts in between aisle shelves at the supermarket I work in and do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to take back down

iv) Spelling out rude words with the spice jars in the wallmart I work in is not cool bro

v) I work in a balloon shop and have a near heart attack every time one bursts and now I regret telling you because you just bought twenty and you’re eyeing the pins on the display board with this terrifying smile

vi) I’m deaf (can lip read) but I come in every day to your record shop just to watch you stretch to reach the top shelves because damn that ass

vii) I’m really sorry!! I’m a kleptomaniac, seriously, it’s a real condition and I don’t even know how that stuff got into my pocket, honest!

viii) My friend brings me into this shop every weekend and I just sit and stare at you modelling while she picks out clothes. *sigh*

ix) This is the seventh time you’ve rented the same movie and I think it’s my obligation to tell you how much cheaper it would be to just buy the film

First Meetings

i) I caught you with your foot on my relative’s headstone, tying your shoelaces, and I’m honestly not sure how to respond

ii) You play a prince at Disneyland but I just caught you swearing like a sailor behind the It’s a Small World ride

iii) You walked right up to me, thrust The Hobbit into my hands and just said ‘Read it’ before walking away

iv) I put ‘send your cutest delivery guy ;)’ into the additional notes on my Domino’s order and you just turned up at the door with my pizza. I am not disappointed.

v) My mum set me up with your sister but I just saw you in the kitchen and may be in love

Other AUs I like

i) I see you left yourself logged into Facebook on the library computer. Tut tut.

ii) We work in the same office and you have the squeakiest goddamn chair I have ever heard and yOU WONT STOP FUCKING SQUEAKING IT

iii) I’m a waiter at your friend’s wedding and your drunk and mopey and if I get fired for abandoning my work to sit outside and comfort you, I might strangle you with your own goddamn bowtie

iv)  There was a small (really very very small) fire in my student dorm kitchen and your one of the fire crew that turned up. You’re gorgeous and sexy as hell but you’re also holding up my blackened microwave and glaring at all the students from the building and asking who’s it is. I’m just gonna shrink away to nothing back here. Excuse me.

v) I’m trying to teach yoga but I’m being distracted by your staring. Do you understand that at a certain angle, those windows aren’t one way. I can, in fact, see you gawking at my ass when I doing downwards facing dog

vi) You’re the jockiest jock to ever jock but a note filled with maths equations just fell out of your pocket and I don’t even think this stuff is part of our high school syllabus and I may be falling a little in love at your secret nerd side

I have so many more guys but this is wayyy too long. Please message me if you use any of these prompts so I can read your stuff :) 

News Of The Day

So I told you the Patreon was off for March (and it is. It’s automatically set to go on hiatus, and Patreon assures me you will not be charged, and, if it is, I will call and have it all refunded.) This is because, in this year of me and Jill preparing to settle down and have a baby, I am going to Europe. I’ll be gone between March 6th and March 31st. 

Doc, that sounds like the worst possible way of settling down. Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up. 

When I was a girl, going to Europe was my dream, and it was a dream that was like going to the moon–I come from a relatively poor background on both sides, particularly when I was young. No one in my family had been to the east fucking coast when I was a girl, I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 18 and only because I made it happen. But Europe, you see, was never going to happen, no matter how many avenues I tried, I was still a girl from the middle of nowhere who, regrettably had never been born into wealth. 

I was talking to my boss about how it was something I’d always wanted to do before I had a baby, and I was sad that it was pretty clear that wasn’t going to work out. Jill had wanted to send me, but we just couldn’t make it work. It was a thing she really longed to do for me before we had a baby, but the truck broke, and we need a new water heater–the banal things of life. It was disappointing, but it was a dream I was going to let die.

 My boss is a complex man, a rich white dude who nonetheless has a sense of compassion and generosity that occasionally strikes like lightning. So he gave me the money for plane tickets, train tickets, and a month off (unpaid). If you’re going to go once in your life, he said, try to make it count. SO I AM. I was originally going to go by myself, as I don’t have much trouble doing that, and actually enjoy a certain amount of solitude. I live in my head a lot. But ever since my Mom divorced my Dad she’s had a pile of money and weeks of vacation sitting there doing nothing, so I invited her to come along, and I thought she was going to cry with excitement. 

The Patreon has been an amazing help, and is going to cover my bills while I’m gone. But since it’ll be off that month, and for some of you who have always wanted to toss a couple bucks my way, but don’t want the month to month thing, I decided to set something up specifically for this trip. I want to add that I don’t expect anything–y’all have done enough for me, frankly. And I’ll still be able to borrow money from Mom to make it work, so you’re not ruining my life. Basically, I’m just asking you to help me out with a lifelong dream I’m getting out of the way.

 But there’s rewards! SHINY, FANTASTIC REWARDS. I’m not just asking for money, I want to do stuff for it. And when I say any character, I mean it. (Though, if I’m totally unfamiliar with even the property, you’re taking your life into your own hands) Want a postcard from Bill Cipher? PRETTY SURE I COULD KILL IT, ACTUALLY. A letter from Bastion? The most soulful beep and boops you’ll ever read. Usagi goes to the Paris Catacombs? DONE, WITH LOVE AND TENDERNESS.

 So here’s the breakdown:

 Any level: a photo post thanking you personally with a picture of me doing the thing!

 Tier One: a postcard of the country, from either me or your favorite character! Mailed from Europe.

 Tier Two: a two page ficlet of your fav character experiencing whatever you got me, or a two page letter from me about it. Mailed from Europe. Example of how I write about food here.

 Tier Three: I buy you a small souvenir from said locale, and wrap it up with a letter from your favorite character or me. Mailed upon my return, I can’t figure out the post offices THAT well.

 Tier Four: don’t do this, but if you want to, convo me first and we’ll work something out.

How to do this, if you want to:

Message me with what you want to sponsor and your email address. I’ll send you a request via paypal! And let me know which character(s) you’d like your letter/postcard from! 

Again, I have no expectation of anyone doing this, so no worries. I thank you anyhow! You’re all amazing. This is a dream I never thought I would fulfill, and all of you have had no small part in making it a reality. I wish I could tell you how much it means to me, and I look forward to all the new shades of adventure we’ll have together.

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Making a new post because a user has expressed their desire for it not to be affiliated with the previous thread it was connected with.

Since a lot of people are tired of this issue being brought up all the time, I’m going to give fandom something else to think about and maybe it’ll clear up a lot of reasons why people may have a massive issue with anyone involved in Sin Anthology and why we still associate @corariley with Sin Anthology, despite her only actually participating in two (?) events by them.

Why do we still even refer to (Reylo) Sin Anthology? Didn’t it evolve into reylo-book-of-sins/reylo-sin-bin?

As said with complete explanations in this post, we do not think the idea of Sin Anthology is bad. Like @thejgatsbykid​ said, it would actually be really beneficial for the fandom, if it was run literally any other way.

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anonymous asked:

Shiro taking like 12 year old keith to Disney world and " forcing" him to take pictures with the characters but really shiro knew which were his favs and that he was too concerned with looking cool to ask to take a picture with them

wait this gave me a whole list of headcanons so here we go. sorry i’m making this disneyland but i’ve never been to disney world so i don’t know the layout! 

  • Keith has never been to an amusement part that large before so he’s obviously very excited.
    • Because of this Shiro has to basically keep Keith on a leash the entire time. He looks away for one second and all of a sudden Keith is no where to be seen.
      • Shiro accidentally loses Keith because he got distracted by someone idk let’s say Princess Jasmine was walking around and Shiro being a teenager at the time obviously had to stare because wow what a pretty actress.
      • Keith is, justifiably, ignored at his brother.
        • “The one time I don’t intend to run off is the one time you don’t notice I’m not with you.”
        • “Shut up”
        • “I’m telling Dad”
        • “You won’t if you wanna stay here.”
  • Ok so everything Disney is always super expensive right? Can we just take a moment to imagine Shiro buying Mickey Mouse ears for the both of them? Externally Keith doesn’t want them on and grumbles because he thinks he and Shiro look dumb but internally he’s really excited because those things cost like $20 minimum each and they’re really fuzzy and cute too.
    • Keith, despite the protests at first, keeps them on the whole day (save for when they go on actual rides.)
    • Shiro actually low key regretted spending $40 on two pairs of mouse ears but seeing how happy he knew Keith was on the inside made it all worth it.
    • People thought it was adorable how they matched.
  • Keith’s never been on a roller coaster before and honestly Keith was a pretty short kid before hitting his growth spurt so I can definitely imagine Shiro teasing him about not being able to get on the more aggressive rides because he’s not tall enough.
    • “I’m not that short!” 
    • “Sorry I couldn’t hear you all the way down there.”
    • Going along with this, Shiro loves thrill rides so while Disneyland isn’t the best place to go for a ride where you’ll be turned upside down and inside out, he can still appreciate it.
  • The first roller coaster Shiro took Keith on was the Matterhorn. Let’s assume this is before they got the new seats (thank god for them though) and they still had to share two people per car. I’m just laughing because Shiro is so tall his legs were probably sticking out and he had a hard time fitting in and Keith was just sliding around the cart.
    • Low key Shiro hoped Keith got a little scared by the yeti noises but Keith is “smart enough to know that real yeti’s wouldn’t be able to survive in California’s climate.”
    • This actually got Keith on a whole long convo about cryptids at which point Shiro actually had to cover his mouth while they walked to the next ride.
    • While Keith enjoyed the ride he honestly through he was gonna fly out of his seat.
  • Shiro convinced Keith that on the Indian Jones ride the person at the wheel was able to control where the car was going and they asked for front seats when they got on the ride. Shiro got in the “driver” seat with Keith right next to him.
    • You can imagine how that went.
    • “STOP IT”
    • When they got off the ride Keith hit Shiro in the arm for being an ass and playing him like that but now he just laughs at that memory.
  • Accidentally implied that some of the skeletons in the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride were real. Keith spent the entire time traumatizing the poor little kids behind them during the ride asking which ones were real.
  • On one ride Keith was chewing gum and it fell out during the ride and got stuck to the seat and when Shiro stood up after the ride was finished there was just a glob of gum on his pants. Keith never said a word.
    • Shiro walked around with stained pants for a good half hour before he overheard someone make a comment about him.
    • “Payback, brother.”
  • During the jungle cruise Shiro almost fell out of the boat because Keith was carrying a spider he found in line and was like “HEY SHIRO LOOK”
    • Shiro isn’t afraid of spiders but imagine having a bug shoved in your face when your not expecting it at all…poor guy.
  • When they were getting pictures with the characters Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella gave Keith a kiss on each cheek and he was so embarrassed because not only were there a lot of people around but Shiro got it all on camera.
  • At the end of the day you can bet Shiro let Keith climb on top of him piggy back style so they could watch the fireworks together.
  • Shiro had to carry Keith back to the car because he was so exhausted and all his energy was completely wiped out after the fireworks.

anonymous asked:

For all the mods, but especially the Slytherins, how do you feel about the animosity towards Slytherins?And why was it there in the first place? What do you find to be the worst part of the Snake Hate?

Tori (Ravenclaw Mod): ooo nothing’s gonna get me heated more than this. I absolutely love JK and her writing style, but I think she let the HP series fall victim to the far-too easy trope of a completely black and white story in some aspects. In order to have a black/white story of good and bad, you have to have someone/something/a group to demonize. For HP, it was the Slytherins. Her interpretation, I’m guessing, is that ambition leads to corruption which leads to evilllll. While I don’t agree with this at all, I do think this is what she did for the Slytherin characters for the majority of the series. With nearly every character we saw their desire for power overcome their moral senses, which I don’t think is fair. I think Slytherins get an unfair reputation bc people like to paint them as the villains. I think the worst part is how LITERALLY EVERY BAD GUY gets sorted Slytherin. There are so many different motivators that cause someone to turn dark, not just power. Do better. (@ everyone who thinks If someone’s evil they gotta b a snake)

Jinxy (Hufflepuff Mod): (This is more of an analysis of the fandom’s role in the problem instead of the author’s role…I’m sorry if I hurt any feelings! That is not my intention.)

I hate the animosity towards Slytherins. It’s very unfair and very unjustified. A lot of people feel that there needs to be some sort of villain whenever they read a book/watch a tv show/watch a movie/e.t.c. so that they can have a place to vent their angers and frustrations. In the Harry Potter fandom, a lot of people have decided Slytherin house is that villain (despite the plethora of clear villains like Umbridge, Voldemort, or Rita Skeeter that they could go after instead.) Slytherin is treated poorly because people need a place to show their anger/annoyance/misgivings/whatever, and they think that Slytherin is the perfect place to do so (“Hey,” they think, “Someone else is being hateful to Slytherin. That means that I can too!”)

I think that this is ridiculous because, though a group of people can be villains, there is no reason for all of Slytherin to be treated as such. Yes, there were some villains in Slytherin. Yes, the main villain of the series was a Slytherin. But guess what? So was Peter Pettigrew, and without him, Harry’s parents never would have died. Peter was a villain, and he was a Gryffindor…but you never see Gryffindor getting the hate. Plenty of Slytherins were good guys, but they’re always overlooked. The worst part about this hate (besides everything that I’ve already mentioned) is the way that many people seem to think that Slytherin is dark, edgy, and nothing more. This alienates Slytherin from the other houses, who are often portrayed in nicer lights: as being calm, and warm, and flowery. I want Slytherins who dance in pretty flowy skirts, Slytherins who pick flowers, Slytherins who name their cats after food items. I want people to stop treating them like villains and instead write sweet aesthetic posts about how Slytherins smell like citrus and lilac, decorate skinned knees with too many bandaids, and like to read mystery novels late into the night.

Tory (Slytherin Mod): I think Jinxy and Tori have tackled the wrongness of Slytherin’s reputation pretty well, so I think I’m just going to put forward my own theory as to why it is there, at least partially.

Harry, our POV character, is a Gryffindor…and so is J.K. She’s said this on record. Therefore we have a Gryffindor writing mainly about Gryffindors – yes, J.K. created the whole universe and its rules and houses, but she will still clearly and perhaps involuntarily have the most favorable view of characters like her. When you have a writing perspective that’s this narrow, it is almost inevitable that things will be seen in a slanted, narrow way. It’s the same reason why it is often discouraged to write “self-insert” characters in fiction – because not only does it make it harder for you as an author to write this character as being in the wrong, but you are less likely to see opposing points of view with clarity and show good counterarguments, thus you will never be a truly omniscient narrator. This is not an inherently bad thing, but it can make for, in Tori’s words, a very black-and-white approach…which is tragic, because the books themselves embrace shades of gray with characters like Dumbledore, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin!

So, honestly, it’s no surprise that J.K., in the beginning, showed little interest in exploring Slytherin characters (or Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw characters, tbh) – she was most attached to and interested in characters that were like her. As the book series went on, I would argue she suddenly realized how negatively the Slytherins had been depicted and tried to throw some bread crumbs our way (”See? Regulus found Voldemort’s Horcrux! And then died before we could actually meet him in canon…”, “See, Andromeda’s cool! Even though we barely see her…”, ”See, Snape was the bravest man Harry ever knew and named his son after him! Even though he was also a petty, immature bully who tormented Neville for years and loathed his one true love’s child because it resembled the other parent…”). But even in the case of “good Slytherins,” there can still be some shade thrown; Dumbledore comments that perhaps they Sorted Snape too early (because CLEARLY if he’s brave he can’t be in Slytherin, and if he’d be Sorted now he’d be in Gryffindor, the “RIGHT” house). Yes, this could hint to bias on Dumbledore’s part as he’s also a Gryffindor, but it’s not framed that way, as we never get a counterargument to the sentiment.

I don’t think anyone can deny J.K.’s disapproving attitude of Slytherin is all over the books and especially her Pottermore quiz (almost all the “negative” answers give you Slytherin points, for Christ sake) – and I wholeheartedly point to the fact that it can be very, very difficult to jump into another person’s shoes. J.K. is not a Slytherin, and as a Gryffindor (a house that can be known for solely looking inward for their code of honor and seeing things in a very black-and-white manner), it’s unsurprising that she might look at Slytherin‘s values – which in some ways are opposite to Gryffindor’s – and see them as at best  “not as important” and at worst somehow “incorrect.”

As much as we can debate Slytherin’s reputation in the books, though, I think the thing that irritates me the most is when HP fans insult and degrade RL Slytherins by comparing them to the Slytherins in the books. Guys: just because someone was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore DOES NOT MAKE THEM RACISTS OR DEATH EATERS OR WHATEVER ELSE. Seriously. Even just being aligned with Slytherin does not mean that the person is aligning himself/herself with Death Eaters. If they’re wearing Dark Marks and crud, that’s one thing…but Slytherins =/= Death Eaters. There may be some overlap and correlation, but they are not and have never been synonyms.

Star (Hufflepuff Mod): Just gonna put it out there, Tory, one of the Slytherin mods, was my first (and one of my best) friends on tumblr. She defended me after I made a confession to a Disney blog saying I didn’t like the Lion King, and after loads of attacks from people, she told them all to shut up, and offered me her friendship. I took it, and we’ve been tight ever since. She has bought some merch from Disneyland on my behalf (and sent it to Australia!!) and I’ve bought her some Slytherin shoes! I have met and know some awful Slytherins (my cousins are mostly snakes and they’re awful people, though it’s not because they are from the snake house), but I’ve also met a couple rude and awful Hufflepuffs. Every house has its bad eggs, and JK definitely didn’t do Slytherin any favours by putting most of the bad people in it, but not every bad person is in Slytherin.

Abigail (Ravenclaw Mod): Since I sorta feel like my opinion has already been spoken by Tori, Jinxy and Tory, I just wanna say that any house can become evil, not just Slytherin. I’ve known Gryffindors that are absolutely terrible human beings, extremely mean Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws that I just do not enjoy the company of. I have also met Slytherins who have become my best friends and are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. So it can go all around, your house doesn’t mean you’re mean or evil: it’s the person.

Neymar Imagine || Birthday Surprise (David Luiz)

A/N - Hey. So this is the first imagine I’ve ever posted online. It wasn’t a request, just some random idea I had. But please send any requests.

Neymar is sitting on the floor, with his back against the couch and me sitting between his legs.  I’m leaning into his chest and his arms are wrapped around me, holding his controller, as we start our weekly FIFA marathon. I don’t know how and when exactly we decided to make this a thing, but now we spend at least two hours every weekend playing against each other. It’s a lot of fun, though. It always starts out really cute, with us cuddling and playing in peace and quiet and then it ends with us sitting on opposite sides of the couch, yelling at each other and fighting over who actually deserved to win. He’s an incredibly sore loser.

 “I can’t believe this!” He yells, throwing his controller flying across the room and onto an armchair, after our third game of the night and my second consecutive win.

“Not to brag or anything, but that was kinda awesome.” I laugh. “I can’t believe you scored an own goal!”

“You distracted me!” He kicks his feet up on the coffee table. “This thing is rigged. You always beat the crap out of me. I don’t understand.” I scoot closer to him and straddle his lap.

“Yes, babe. I totally bribed the virtual referee.” I can’t help but laugh at how genuinely upset he is. “You’re hilarious when you get so worked up over a video game.”

“You’re one to talk.” He chuckles and I melt at the sight of his smile. “You punched me when you lost earlier!”

“Because you stood in front of the screen so I couldn’t see when I was about to score!” I playfully punch him in the arm again. “So what’s the plan for next weekend?” I change the subject to avoid the tickle wars I see coming.

“More of this?” He says, pointing to the game console across the room. “And also some of this.”  He leans in and softly pecks my lips, before pulling me in, with one hand on my back and the other playing with my hair, as his tongue fights for dominance with mine. His lips then brush against my cheek, making their way down to my jaw, before finally nibbling on the sensitive spot at the crook of my neck.

 Neymar’s 22nd birthday is next Friday and so far he hasn’t told me about any big party, which is strange for him. He would use any possible excuse to throw a party and normally I’d be a little worried, if I wasn’t – um – otherwise occupied. I bring up his birthday a few more times after that, but every time he deviates the conversation before it even starts, insisting that he’d be happy with staying in and playing video games with me.

It’s a couple of days later, when I’m hanging out with him and David (Luiz), who is visiting for a few days, that I find out the true reason behind my boyfriend not wanting to do anything special for his birthday. David mentions something about how shitty it is that most of Neymar’s family is busy and unable to come and be with him on his birthday, especially Davi, since his mom is taking him on a trip to Disneyland, which I’m sure the boy doesn’t mind in the least bit. Of course, I knew about everyone being busy this upcoming week. I just hadn’t made the connection to his birthday, but now I realize how obvious it was.

 “So that’s why he’s not very into celebrating his birthday this year.” I say, taking advantage of the fact that Neymar is not in the room. “I was getting worried. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him turn down a party before.”

“Me neither.” David laughs. “But you know how he is about his family. I’m not surprised he doesn’t care about celebrating without them.”

“I know, but isn’t it kind of sad that he won’t get to enjoy his birthday? He’s all decided to stay in now, but I bet he’ll be bugging me to go out and do something fun by then.” I ask. “Maybe we should do something about it. Throw him a party or something.”

“A surprise party?”

“I was thinking about more of a ‘We-don’t-care-if-you-don’t-want-to-celebrate-we’re-doing-this-anyway’ party, but your idea is better.” We both laugh.

“I’m in. But it’s going to be a pain in the ass keeping it a secret from Neymar.” David adds, right as Neymar walks into the room.

“Keeping what a secret from me?” He questions, sitting next to me.

“The way I always beat you at FIFA.” I say the first thing that comes to mind.

“That’s no secret. It’s called cheating.” He teases, smirking at me.

 David and I spent the next few days planning and organizing Neymar’s surprise birthday party, which was particularly challenging, since we had to make sure he didn’t suspect anything. The only tricky part was finding a place to have the party. Our house would normally be the first choice, but there’s no way I could pull that off without him finding out. Luckily, Dani (Alves) offers to let us use his place, saving the day.

The morning of Neymar’s birthday I wake up early enough to make breakfast and bring it to him in bed. A few pancakes, a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee and a lot of cuddles later, it’s time for me to go to meet David and Dani, so we can set up the last few things at the house.

 “I’m gonna let you waste your day now, birthday boy.” I say, walking to the closet.

“What? Where are you going?”

“Meeting some friends for lunch. I told you about it last night.” I finish getting dressed and hastily brush my hair in front of the mirror.

“But it’s my birthday.” He whimpers.

“You said you didn’t want to do anything, babe. Besides, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“I don’t like this.” He follows me downstairs and pouts at me while I grab my things and throw them in a purse. “What am I supposed to do here by myself?”

“Practice your FIFA skills. God knows you need it!” I laugh. “I’ll see you later. Love you!”

“I doubt it.” He smiles, kissing me. “Love you, too.”

 About two hours later, balloons and all kinds of decorations have been spread out all over Dani’s house and backyard, the bar has been stocked and the tables have been set with every possible snack. David and I give the house an once-over to make sure everything is perfect, before going to find Dani, which is not that hard to do, considering he’s been sitting on the same exact spot on the couch since we got there.

 “I’d yell at you for sitting on your ass and doing nothing, but I don’t feel like getting kicked out and moving the whole party, so I’m going to try and be nice.” I say to him.

“Smart choice.” Dani laughs, still on his phone. “And I am doing something, actually. I’m texting Neymar to keep him busy. He’s not very happy that you left him alone on his birthday.”

“Well, we’re done here. The caterers are on their way and everyone should start arriving soon, so you should go get him now.” David says.

“Okay.” I stand on my tiptoes and hug him. “Thank you for everything, David. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Don’t mention it.” He smiles as I grab my bag and head out.

 I get home and spend at least five minutes looking around the house from my boyfriend, who is sitting by himself on the stairs of the patio in our backyard, with his face hidden in his hands.

 “You’re definitely not old enough to be depressed on your birthday.” I step out the house and onto the dark wooden floor of the patio. “So what are you mopping around for?”

“Look who’s home.” Neymar looks up at me. His eyes are red and puffy and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was crying before I got here. “Had fun with your friends?” He asks with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

“Why are you being so weird? What’s going on?” I ask.

“You tell me!” He stands up. “You tell me what’s going on, babe. Or maybe I should just ask David or Dani, since the three of you seem to have a hell of a good time keeping things from me and screwing around behind my back.” Neymar is now yelling and it becomes obvious that he really was crying before.

“What are you talking about?”

 I’m so confused by all of this pointless yelling. I don’t understand what he could possibly be talking about. There isn’t anything I’m hiding from him,  other than the party, but that’s no reason for him to be this mad, even though he didn’t exactly want to celebrate.

 “I’m just wondering how you thought you’d be able to get away with something like this. I may be naïve when it comes to you, but I’m not an idiot!” He is still yelling and I find myself slowly backing away, because his behavior is a little frightening.

“Will you stop screaming at me?!” I snap. “Tell me what the fuck you’re talking about already.”

 Without a word, Neymar hands me his phone and one of Dani’s infamous selfies pops up on the screen. Dani must have taken this today, while David and I arranged his whole house for the party. I don’t understand how this is in any way relevant to the scream session we’re currently having, but then my eye catches something. I’m in the picture, right in the corner of the screen, hugging David. I want to punch Neymar for even thinking there was anything more than hugging going on, but I did lie to him about where I was going, so I can’t really blame him.

 “Do you know what I’m talking about now?” Neymar’s voice cracks midsentence and I’m sure he’s about to burst into tears, but before I can say anything, he starts yelling again. “I have to be honest; I did not see that one coming from you. I mean, you had the whole in-love act down to perfection. I guess this is what I get for being so fucking dumb, but I really thought you were different. It’s obvious you’re just a –“

“Shut up!” I yell back, cutting him off. “Stop talking before you say something you’ll regret. If you would just let me –“ He interrupts me before I can explain.

“I regret a lot of things about you right now, but this conversation isn’t going to be one of them!”

“Neymar, I know you think you know you have everything all figured out, but you don’t.” I sigh, shaking my head. “Come with me.” I try to grab his hand, but he yanks it away, although he still follows me all the way back though the house and to my car.

“You’re just going to leave, then?” He looks even more hurt now and it takes everything in me to not break down at the sight.

“You’re coming with me, actually. Please don’t be the stubborn idiot you usually are and just get in the car and shut up.”

 I’m genuinely surprised when he doesn’t protest or yell again, and just gets into the car. All I need to do is take him to Dani’s house, so he can see the damn party and understand what David and I were actually doing there together. I could just as well try to explain everything to him, but I know my boyfriend to well to believe for a second that he’d listen to anything I have to say right now. I thought he knew me well enough to not make this kind of assumptions, but I was obviously wrong.

Neymar doesn’t say anything during the drive. I was supposed to text David and let him know when Neymar and I were almost there, so everyone could hide and surprise him, but given the current circumstances, I can’t. Which is why, when I open the door to Dani’s house, no one expects to see us and they all yell a half hearted “Surpise!”

Neymar’s friends and teammates are already approaching him, to wish him a happy birthday or whatever, but he ignores them and turns to me. I’m still standing right outside, beside the door.

 “What is this?” He asks, almost whispering.

“Your birthday party. This is what David and I have been doing all day today and most of the past week. It was all his idea. It’s funny, really. While he and I were here, doing all of this for you, you were home, making sick assumptions.” It’s my turn to yell now.

“But in that picture it looked like – “

“I was hugging him? Because that’s exactly what I was doing. I was hugging our friend who helped me put all of this together, just so you’d have the best possible day!”

“Babe, I had no idea.” He grabs both of my hands in his. “I’m such an idiot.”

“You are.” I let him put his arms around my waist and pull me closer. “You know, you don’t really deserve a party right now.”

“I’m really sorry. “ He whispers into my ear. “I should trust you more.”

“You should.”

All I Want For Christmas (Headcanon KBTBB/MPD/HLITF)

Characters: Eisuke, Mamoru, Baba, Hiroshi,
Summary: How we spend xmas with voltage men
NOTES: It’s a bit short and rusty but Merry Christmas ladies ^3^

The others have been wondering what Eisuke has planned for Christmas but the King’s schedule seems to be packed with work, work and work. “It’s Christmas, perfect timing to meet some potential business partners.” It’d be a lie if you aren’t disappointed at his words but you are not entirely surprised either, it’s Eisuke after all. Business is business, no matter what day it is.

All your friends are either busy with work or spending it with families / love ones, even your parents are going on a hot spring vacation. Sometimes you no longer know what to expect with Eisuke, he’d buy expensive gifts and takes you to fancy restaurants out of a blue, his way of showing his love. There’s one way of putting it, the other would be making up the time he couldn’t be with you. Like your birthday, anniversary, valentine and now Christmas. “It’s just holiday”, he would always say, “But since you care SO much then I’ll …….” Making it sounds like you are the only one who give a damn about spending some significant time together, sometimes you do wonder is this what would happen to you for the rest of your life now? Is this all there is to date Eisuke Ichinomiya?

Finally Christmas is here, someone calls in sick so you step up and cover the shift since you are spending it alone anyway, at least you can get away from attending some boring Christmas ball with Eisuke. Of course you haven’t got away with it. Not the way you want to anyway, Baba has found him some blonde to attend the party while you- his actual girlfriend has to SERVE them at the party. He’s giving his fake smiles all night as he meets and greets everyone but once his eyes meet yours, he gives you the “You made me get another chick” look, irritating you more than necessary.

As soon as the banquet is over, you run to the changing room and head to the hotel’s entrance to only find Eisuke waiting for you in his limousine. “Where are we going?” You ask curiously, “Don’t you need to go to the after party?” He keeps his eyes closed without saying a single word, he needs some peace and quiet and that’s the least you can do. Knowing Eisuke, he must be taking you somewhere to spend “Christmas”, squeezing the little time he has through out the day. And he never likes explaining himself, it’s a waste of time he often says. By the time the car stops and door’s opened to send you a wonderful surprise, you’re at Tokyo Disneyland. “Oh my god, Eisuke, I thought you hate…”
The King steps out behind you, letting out a sigh. “I sure do but you like it.”

Wrapping your hand around his arm, you walk down the Disney main street with your man. Standing under the magnificent Christmas tree and watch the fireworks with him hugging you from behind, just like any normal couples. “Is this what you want for Christmas?” He asks quietly, you nod. “What about you? What do you want for Christmas. Eisuke?” He kisses your earlobe which makes you squirm, answering your question in his head, all he wants for Christmas is obviously-

“You” He whispers then starts licking your ear, knowing that would turn you on.


“I want you for Christmas and everyday in my life.” His left hand wanders inside your coat, “Wait….we…”

People greet each other Merry Christmas as the fireworks end, you turn to look him in the eyes and he seals your lips with a long and passionate kiss before …. well before he finishes some more pressing “business” in his limousine.

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Haikyuu!! headcanons, part 3

part 1 | part 2 | part 2.5

After I posted the second set I realized that I forgot to add this other one I had, so here’s an entire list of new ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, and Kenma were One Direction for Halloween
  • Daichi has older sisters. Three of them, I think. Maybe an older brother too
  • Tsukishima takes selfies and then deletes them IMMEDIATELY
  • Kuroo flosses while driving/on public transport
  • you can bet there was a summer training camp reunion in Disneyland Tokyo
    • each team had to coordinate what they were wearing so they wouldn’t lose anyone
  • the Seijou third years also visit Disneyland every year
    • they were there at the same time as the training camp reunion awk
    • Oikawa insists on sitting next to Iwaizumi on every ride; Hanamaki and Matsukawa like to make that is difficult as possible for him
  • Saeko does Tanaka and Nishnoya’s hair
  • Yamaguchi grew up with pet rats
    • Tsukishima actually likes the rats a lot and he and Yamaguchi used to play with them a lot and throw them birthday parties and whatnot
  • Bokuto once told Akaashi he thought the blue part on a globe was the sky
  • Oikawa and Iwaizumi like to marathon B movies
  • Bokuto loves temporary tattoos and puts them on all of his teammates
  • Kenma is pigeon toed
  • The Karasuno second years share porn and brag about nonexistent flings they’ve had
  • Hanamaki is that person that’s ALWAYS LATE
  • Kenma became consumed with games when he was young to distract himself from his parent’s fighting. He never got out of the habit after everything was resolved and continues to use the distraction for his other anxieties
  • Yamamoto has a pregnancy fetish. He likes physically mature women and loves the limited-edition curves
  • Akaashi wears reading glasses
  • Aone has a baby sister (Natsu’s age) whom he ADORES
    • she loves her big brother too, they do everything they can together
    • she sticks up for him if people are being mean to him or afraid of him, and even though she helps soften his image, there have been a few unfortunate times where he was questioned by security guards who think he may be a threat to her
      • Baby Aone gave them a piece of her mind; she’s the real threat
  • Alisa and Lev are best friends
  • Tanaka and Noya own mankinis
  • Matsukawa has an extensive collection of sunglasses

That’s all for right now I think but LISTEN if you want to talk headcanons just shoot me a message! A ship, a character, whatever! I’m always a slut for headcanons!!!


Anonymous asked:
Can you do a josh imagine where you are studying for finals or something (high school au maybe??) and he helps you

A/N: Lets all hope this went the way you wanted it to turn out uwu

Originally posted by aldersun

Joshua Dun Imagine
Words: 899
Rating: T
Warnings: (slight sexual) teasing

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