this is actually a narry set

my favorite bits from grimmy’s interview with niall (sorry it got so long rip): 

  • goSH the first bit that really jumps out me is when grimmy’s asking him about does he feel like he’s more likely to be bit by a shark since he’s been so successful, and niall goes [laughing], ‘i’ve been fairly lucky in me time’
  • niall talking about ‘slow hands’ being very different from ‘this town’ is just so interesting to me in terms of what must make them seem so different, you know? is it the lyrical content or the musical arrangement or ?? because he’s obviously the thing in common now, which is so interesting
  • grimmy going, ‘how does it feel like knowing niall that that is out there and that the world - and quite literally the WORLD will care about this and the WORLD will want to hear it, does it feel scary or exciting knowing millions and millions of people will have heard this and have opinions on it?’ and niall going, ‘well, i’ve pleased you, i’ve pleased me mum…i think that’s it!’ i feel like that encompasses niall’s approach to this business so neatly. it’s not, does EVERYBODY like it, the question is, do you like it? 
  • ‘not really competitive with the charts and that, more competitive with myself’ FASCINATING
  • ‘at that time, i was - i didn’t want to do it myself, that was like the second time i’d performed it…and i was literally standing on the [r1 teen awards] stage kind of waiting for the lads to appear. louis will just come out of the toilet anytime soon’ is just?? my heart?? like this is NIALL who loves this and had to know he’d love it again if only he could push past the nerves. not to get emo but that’s inspiring man 
  • you know what i was thinking about while grimmy was asking after the songs the boys wrote during 1d? were all those songs they wrote registered, or is there like a vault of unreleased 1d stuff that never made it onto an album, or what’s up with that? just listening to niall talk about writing while the band was together, and how many writing credits are on each of those tracks, i’m just wondering how they actually put those songs together. like, how much experience writing had each of them had before they set out to make their own solo albums??
  • ‘i’ve actually put it (liam’s ‘big daddy chain’) around my neck and it is heavy’ - I JUST WANT THOSE PICS MAN I MISS NIAM 
  • the first time niall heard sott was on the radio because ‘harry’s weird like that, isn’t he?’ i MISS NARRY TOO MAN
  • he would look cool in silk dragon pants though 
  • ‘HE USED TO HUG ME LIKE THAT…I’M GONNA GET MESELF A SIDEKICK, LIKE PINKY AND THE BRAIN’ i’m just saying louis has DEFINITELY made that reference before and it KILLS ME 
  • ‘your sitting room looks like a dressing room’ you’re not wrong niall what is up with ur decor dude get a throw blanket or something
  • niall as the david beckham of golf i love the way nick’s brain works and i would lOVE for his offer of a golf course interview to be legit
  • niall ‘i am more irish’ defending his stake on the irish folk music
  • ‘you’ve always been a fan of niall, haven’t ya?’ ‘i’ve always been a fan of niall!’ SAME GRIM
  • u know how niall serially minimalizes his pain or discomfort when he talks about stuff that he didn’t enjoy? him talking about being stuck in a hotel for the day and being ‘angry’ about not being able to leave, i wonder how rotten that REALLY must’ve been for the poor guy. probably like 10x worse
  • are we far enough down this list i can admit his capability with the accents is s*xy [eyeball]
  • as always i’m just struck with how warm and friendly grimmy is and how charming niall is i can’t wait for him to come back when the whole album’s out 
You've Fallen for Me


Harry doesn’t like guys. 

He likes one and only one guy who’s just too dumb to notice.

Or at least that’s what Harry thinks. 

Pairing: Niall/Harry


a/n: I had this idea lying around and it’s probably really bad, but I haven’t posted a narry fic in a while and figured why not?

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au where narry are career music video extras and meet constantly on different sets and fall in love over a series big crowd dance scenes. they get kicked off of shoots for inappropriately touching and yelled at for being off in their own little bubble of love instead of doing as directed. and then harry gets picked up, finally, by a record label and his very first single is an adorable love song where the music video is a montage of other people’s videos, zoomed in on wherever he and niall were.

wide open spaces (18.8k, niall/harry, side louis/liam)

for the anons + dani who asked for things you said at the top of your lungs.

“Well,” Harry says, at the end of the day. The sun sets late in Texas like it doesn’t want to go, clinging to the scrubby flatlands with the last reaches of striped sunbeams. Niall leans on the broom and watches Harry fidget with a bundle of notecards he has to fill with peoples’ heartfelt sentiments. Love notes, apologies, get-well-soons, Harry’s got them all. “Will I see you tomorrow, then?” 

Niall props the broomstick against a shelf holding a bunch of little green plants he doesn’t know the name of. The shop is bursting with green leaves, colorful blossoms like pops of candy mixed with buttered popcorn at the movie theatre, and at the heart of it, Harry. Harry, with his languid speech and that one curl that stubbornly sticks out on the side of his head that Niall always wants to twirl around his finger and that smile that arrives in a flash or unfurls slowly. 

“Yeah,” says Niall. “I’ll be here.” 

Tour is so close and I can’t deal because 

  • new stage
  • new clothes
  • new stupid pairings
  • new stupid jokes from harry
  • new stupid lilo
  • new stupid narry
  • new stage
  • new set list 
  • new tour bus
  • new vines
  • harry actually vining again
  • new stupid vines from harry
  • instagram pictures
  • new stupid inside jokes
  • new stupid pictures
  • new and stupid
  • everything new and stupid
  • new
  • stupid
  • new

anonymous asked:

So I've just finished exams and am looking for good long fic to read. Do you have any recs?

Sure! Here are some recent-ish >25K fics I enjoyed: 

about the things that we could be, by childrenbehave (lilo, 97K - YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, M) ‘The worst thing that’s ever happened to Louis is having a legitimate work-based reason to rank Liam Payne’s t-shirts by tightness around the bicep. While he wears them.’ A not-so-accidental romantic comedy about a movie star and his PA told in six rather long parts. And an epilogue.

Has Me By My Heart, by loadedgunn (houis, ziall, 30K, E)  It’s probably not normal to even try and find his soulmate – who even believes in that shit anymore – but if Harry were normal he’d be a student or a singer right now, instead of a millionaire con artist who doesn’t own a house because he wants to settle down with someone special. He watches Louis tell a story with a happy flush in his cheeks, and Harry’s heart thrums painfully because he knows. He’s the one. Or, Harry steals hearts, Niall steals everything else, and Louis should probably be less cool about knives being thrown at his head.

Pussy Magnet (or: How Harry Styles Learned to Embrace Sitting Down to Pee), by leici and pianoforeplay (houis, narry, ziam, 52K, E) In which Harry loses his penis and the lads do their best to get it back.  Set during the X Factor Tour in 2011.

[I think people might be overlooking this one because of the title or the summary. It’s actually cracky delightful sexswap fic … SPOILERS AHEAD … where Harry keeps changing sex every time he comes, and he’s not the only one. The endgame is houis, but the vast majority of the large amount of porn is narry, and it’s soooo cute and hot. Lots of m/f. If you have any kind of inexperience/virginity kink, this fic is for you.]

A Straight Line, by Ferritin4 (niall/bressie, 26.5K, E) Two-part series. Point A: Growing up in Mullingar — growing up male, growing up in Ireland, growing up a lot of things — made it easy to like girls. […] Girls were fucking brilliant. Seventeen years in, Niall never thought he’d wake up and think, girls are all right, but I think I’ve been missing something. Point B: […] Niall’s into boys is nothing compared to Niall’s into Bressie, has been for ages, which in turn is a hell of a lot easier to swallow than the fact that he’s grown into the sort of bloke Bressie would cross a bar to hit on.…In which Niall has surgery, Bressie helps out, and everyone’s got a little catching up to do.

you watch the stars, by carissima (ot5 - LIKE, FOR REAL, 37K, E) He’d told himself not to get swept up by the media, not to get his hopes up. But it’s real. He’s going to the World Cup and playing for his country and it’s all a bit overwhelming, to be honest. “I’m going to play in a World Cup,” he says slowly, letting it really sink in. World Cup AU where everyone plays for England, even Niall, and there’s a liberal artistic licence in how far England can really go in the competition.

and some older longfics i haven’t already screamed about in my fic rec tag:

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Babe, it's been a long time coming

Part Four

SummaryHarry’s famously bad at sports. And naturally, he never misses the track team’s events, because of the captain, Niall Horan.

W/C: 4,600+

A/N: Bare with me, guys. One more part after this.

Part three is here.


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