this is actually a narry set

wide open spaces (18.8k, niall/harry, side louis/liam)

for the anons + dani who asked for things you said at the top of your lungs.

“Well,” Harry says, at the end of the day. The sun sets late in Texas like it doesn’t want to go, clinging to the scrubby flatlands with the last reaches of striped sunbeams. Niall leans on the broom and watches Harry fidget with a bundle of notecards he has to fill with peoples’ heartfelt sentiments. Love notes, apologies, get-well-soons, Harry’s got them all. “Will I see you tomorrow, then?” 

Niall props the broomstick against a shelf holding a bunch of little green plants he doesn’t know the name of. The shop is bursting with green leaves, colorful blossoms like pops of candy mixed with buttered popcorn at the movie theatre, and at the heart of it, Harry. Harry, with his languid speech and that one curl that stubbornly sticks out on the side of his head that Niall always wants to twirl around his finger and that smile that arrives in a flash or unfurls slowly. 

“Yeah,” says Niall. “I’ll be here.” 

au where narry are career music video extras and meet constantly on different sets and fall in love over a series big crowd dance scenes. they get kicked off of shoots for inappropriately touching and yelled at for being off in their own little bubble of love instead of doing as directed. and then harry gets picked up, finally, by a record label and his very first single is an adorable love song where the music video is a montage of other people’s videos, zoomed in on wherever he and niall were.

I Was Your Man, and You Were My Baby

@itslegenarry prompted: hi.. Canon Narry in which Niall realizes he doesn’t wanna spend christmas with LIC or his LA gang… So he spends it with Harry and his family instead. Harry is surprised, but doesn’t voice it.

The plane ride home was a long one for Niall. He’s exhausted–they all are, actually–and he’s ready to be home in his own bed. He wants to sleep for at least ten hours, he’s told himself. They’ve all talked about their break, talked about not setting alarms and sleeping in, and Niall’s so excited to just be lazy now for a while. And he gets to do that, soon. A few more tv appearances and then they’re done. It doesn’t seem real, yet, he thinks. 

Christmas is right around the corner, and Niall’s been thinking hard about what his plans were going to be. He’d thought about staying in LA, or even hanging out with his ever-so-famous LIC, but then he realized he really wanted to spend it with his family. And Harry.

This thing with Harry is… fresh. Still kind of has the new car smell, so to speak. Niall figures they’d been dancing around each other for long enough, though, and with the looming break coming up, there was no better time to make a move. When he finally did, Harry had rolled his eyes (fondly) and muttered how it was about time.

Niall’s not told Harry his plans, thinking it’d be a nice surprise for him. The last he’d told Harry about what he was doing for Christmas was that he was unsure. Harry hadn’t said it, but Niall could tell it upset him, so he’s pretty sure he will be pleased to spend the holiday with Niall. Or, he hopes…

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