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Nicknames: Leafy by people on the internet! I also had some college friends who would call me Hays, which was really cute!
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5′4
Time right now: 1:20 am
Last thing I googled: Ummm I’m not actually sure, probably something to do with flight rising
Last movie I watched: I think it was the Trolls movie with one of my friends, and boy let me tell you, that was. A wild ride
Last TV show I watched: Modern family
When I created this blog?: only about a year and a half!
Why did I choose my URL?: I felt like changing my url for a bit, and I really like togedemaru and saying uwu. I’ll probably go back to leafy-yawn eventually!
Gender: Im a gal
Hogwarts house: Every single online quiz I’ve ever taken has placed me in Hufflepuff (which just so happens to be the best house!)
Pokemon team: My go to sumo team is Weesnaw (mudsdale), Etsy (comfey), Friendlyfire (toucannon), Roly Poly (togedemaru), Adeline (salazzle), and Bwark!? (primarina)
Favorite color: pink! I also love green
Lucky number: 420
Favorite character: man you can’t make me choose like this!
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2, depending on how cold it is
Name: Hayley
Birthday: June 19
Relationship status: single
Chinese zodiac: monkey
Siblings: none, unfortunately
Favorite Smell: Honeysuckle
Pets: 2 kittoes, a pupper, and a horsie (that thankfully does not live in our house uwu)
Wake-up: 8 or 9
Sleep: 12-2
Type of Phone: iPhone 6
Love or Lust: I am very into platonic love
Lemonade or Iced Tea: iced tea!
Cats or doggos: booooooth!
Coke or Pepsi: I’m not a big soda drinker, but I prefer coke
Day or Night: I like things about both of them
Text or Call: Text
Make up or Natural: Natual. I used to wear makeup almost every day, but now I only wear it very occasionally
Met a celebrity: I probably have, i just can’t remember any instances
Smile or Eyes: I do have both
Light or Dark hair: dark hair
Shorter or taller: Taller!
Intelligence or attraction: both.
Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick
City or Country: I like to live in the city and visit the country
Last Song I listened to: uhhh whatever was playing on the radio
Fruits or Veggies: fruit! I do like veggies too
Anime or Cartoons: probably cartoons. I still like anime, but lately it’s been harder to find ones that capture my interest
Phone case: Otterbox. I definitely need a heavy duty case because I tend to accidentally throw my phone every
Showers or Baths: Showers
Dream Job: I’ve always wanted to work on video games! I don’t know anything about coding though.
Milk and Cookies or Donuts and Coffee: milk and cookies! Man, now I really want some ;w;

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  • Me before seeing "Rogue One": Well, it's not Episode VIII, but it has Darth Vader and it's still a Star Wars movie, so maybe it'll be decent enough to hold me over :/
  • Me after seeing "Rogue One": Was there a time before Rogue One and stardust and the Erso family I don't know but I will forever claim Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut & K-2SO as my precious little cinnamon roll babies who deserved so much better than what they got and I will never again think of a beach without sobbing over RebelCaptain nor can I watch the New Hope opening crawl without screaming about the unknown "rebel spies" who were galactic heroes and while we're at it, hey Lucasfilm, how bout some Rogue One references in the future Star Wars movies or maybe a cameo in the Han Solo movie actually you know what, no one really wants the Han Solo movie anyway so how about a prequel about the Rogue One crew instead...???

Significant Weather Advisory 

by reddit user OtistheWriter

I hate thunderstorms in the Midwest, mainly because they bring with them a threat of real danger. In southern Nebraska we’ve been known to have tornados somewhat regularly, ugly black funnels that drop from the sky and ruin your life. 

That is, if you lived in my neighbors house in 1997, when I was a teenager. I’m referring to a family of three just several homes down. Family friends and caretakers of our corgi while we were on vacation, they helped our street feel like home. Then the storm came and everything changed.

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Okay, I saw someone comment on how the LEGO Batman movie was great “until it had to lay on the schmaltz to teach kids a lesson”, referring to what I assume is the message about Batman and family.

Listen, Fake Fan Numero Uno, this lovely message is completely in line with the Batman mythos and is more than acceptable. Batdad is canonical and I commend this film for actually taking the found family cliche in kids movies and perfectly utilizing it through these characters. Take your “BvS is better bc brooding” crap outside!

Monsta X Reaction | To their S/O laughing at horror movies

| Please can you do a got7 or monsta x reaction to you being lowkey psycho lmao like laughing at horror movies and being interested in criminology/psychology/murderers? My family actually think I’m a psychopath n I’m like lmaooo tragic | Im gonna do MX since i need more of my sweet rookie babies~~ also low key same i love watching people play horror games bc its hilarious to see their reactions ~Admin H

I think its safe to say that they all would be pretty confused at first until you explained yourself lmaooo

Shownu: after you tell him about your fascination with criminology, he sort of gets it?? if you start laughing at terrible murder on CSI or some shit he’s gonna be a lil concerned and might suggest watching something else lol

Wonho: really concerned bc he’s a big baby and hates horror movies and low key if ur laughing at horror movies he’s gonna feel bad bc to him it kinda feels like ur laughing at him bc he’s not manly enough to watch some dumb movie

Minhyuk: um??? alright??? on the list of things he was expecting this was not on the list but he’ll go with it unless it makes him uncomfortable, then he might bring it up to you and ask that u maybe go talk it out with someone or talk it out with him about why you laugh/find these subjects interesting 

Kihyun: mama ain’t gonna have any horror movies in hIS HOUSE. NOT UNDER HIS ROOF. IT MIGHT BE YOUR APARTMENT BUT HELL NO NO HORROR MOVIES HERE. the closest u will be able to get to horror movies around him is CSI or a crime drama bc thats the only thing he’s interested in watching with u. Ur free time can be used the way u like, but when ur together with him it’s a joint thing and if he doesn’t like it then he’s not gonna want to do it, and he’s fucking stubborn as hell so just go with it

Hyungwon: alright he might be interested in some of the psychology and criminology stuff but other then that he’s not really cool with the whole “horror movies are comedy movies” thing. he’s not against it, but he doesn’t wanna join ur club, even if u do have t shirts.

Jooheon: my boy jooheon is not a fan of horror or gross murder he’s more of a fluffy puppet sunshine and running thru meadows type of a guy but its cool u know he’s just gonna hide in the other room with his headphones on and all the way up when ur watching ur movies he’s nOT A FAN

I.M./Changkyun: this bitch is weird as hell u guys are prefect for each other!! he might not really understand why ur laughing at a guy getting evicerated but he’s actually gonna be laughing at u bc he can’t believe how weird u are and he loves it

“I know many people have their critics to Descendants of the Sun (it’s their right). But what I like more about this show is that my mom saw on Netflix and enjoyed, much like my friends are watching Train to Busan and liking the movie. This kind of dramas and movies get to the international public (it’s good for them and for us, now my friends/family don’t see me as the weird that watches Korean dramas and movies, they see as normal).”

Psychology Behind Passengers’ Negative Reviews (opinion)

Originally posted by run2damoon

ONE LAST THING ABOUT PASSENGERS I SWEAR I’M SO SORRY. I dragged my family to watch Passengers tonight (merry Christmas to those who celebrate) and on the way home we had a discussion that lead to a breakthrough (as I like to call it). That breakthrough was me explaining the negative reception towards Passengers with psychological theories. This is just stemmed from my constant blabbering about Passengers, but can probably be applied to other movies and situations as well.

WARNING: spoilers ahead

Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)

The first theory is the fundamental attribution error. So I learned this sometime last year in my psychology class and it’s actually pretty interesting. Essentially it’s when people attribute an individual’s behaviour to internal characteristics like someone’s personality, as opposed to the external situation the individual is placed in. 

In terms of Passengers, people have been reacting negatively to the fact that Jim wakes Aurora up, calling it “creepy” and “gross”. Now, this can be seen as an example of FAE. People (critics especially it seems) are attributing Jim’s behaviour (waking Aurora up) to his personality, thus branding him as a creepy stalking. However, in my opinion, attributing his actions to his personality is the wrong move. We know that Jim has been placed in extreme circumstances, where he has been alone for a year on a steel spaceship. As I had mentioned and explained in my previous reviews (spoiler FREE, spoiler FILLED), it is human to want human companionship in this specific situation. 

I honestly believe that the reason people are saying that the twist is so horrendous that they can’t bare to watch the film is because they believe that Jim is just a terrible human being for waking up Aurora and essentially murdering her. I am certainly not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong, because believe me, on every moral and ethical level, it is wrong. But, I don’t necessarily think it makes him a bad person, just because I am taking into count and attributing his final decision to wake Aurora up to the extreme situation he is being placed it. Point is, I understand his behaviour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I accept it. 

Self-Serving Bias (SSB)

Self-serving bias is ANOTHER theory I learned in my psychology class (didn’t think I’d really ever apply it to something I love as much as movies). This theory is based on the idea that people will do whatever it takes to maintain their self-esteem and view themselves as good people. In my opinion, the negative reception towards Passengers could be partially due to this theory. Nowadays, there are two types of movies: ones that are so out of this world and sweep you away and ones that break down and reflect human society. Passengers is a little bit of both, but at its core, its the latter. 

Jim waking Aurora up reflects the fact that we as human beings are selfish. We tend to do things to benefit ourselves more than others. Jim wakes Aurora up to alleviate his loneliness and perpetual suffering, therefore making him seem selfish (this connects to the previous theory mentioned above). Now, viewers of the film see this behaviour and think: “So the creators of this film are telling me that this movie is about human behaviour. Jim wakes Aurora up, making him selfish. So the filmmakers are telling me I’m selfish? No way.”. Here my friends is a prime example of SSB. 

Since viewers understand that the actions of the characters in this movie are meant to reflect us as humans, what they are seeing is that humans are selfish, therefore meaning that they are selfish. This is where SSB kicks in. Being selfish is seen as a negative characteristic and since SSB causes people to do what it takes to maintain their self-image as a good person, they will instantly reject this to do so. Essentially what I believe is that viewers do not want to believe that if they were placed in the same situation that Jim was in, they would be the better person and NOT wake another person up, sentencing them to death. This makes them feel like they are good people therefore maintaining their self-image and self-esteem. 

To wrap up, I’d just like to remind everyone that this is my personal opinion from a very psychological point of view. This doesn’t mean that every single person who has had a negative reaction to the film’s “twist” thinks this way, it’s meerely a possibility. I really enjoyed this film, but it’s certainly not perfect and has many flaws. Those flaws are a strong contributing factor to the negative reception this film has gotten, once again reitterating that my psychological rant is not me generalizing the cause of the negative reception towards this movie. These theories are widely applicable and can be applied to a myriad of other films and situations (like I mentioned before), just none that my sleepy brain can think of at this exact moment.

I actually never thought I’d apply psychology to something that I love as much as films, so this has been really interesting and I’m certainly hoping I’ll be able to do more with it in the future. 

OK so i was doing my yearly re-watch of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my family, an i noticed something that i have never see discussed, never even seen acknowledged, and i believe that it should be… there is a lesbian couple in the move, and no its not background characters, they play a huge role in the movie itself its these two

think about it, they live together, a baby was SENT to them, and they proceeded to raise the Grinch together.

honestly look at these two

all of my dc comics headcanons

dc comics (particularly the batfam) is BY FAR my most requested fandom, so I decided to go ahead and make a separate masterlist for it for Optimum Convenience™. 

note: headcanons about the dceu (aka the movie universe) are on my main headcanon masterlist. all of my actual fic (like, actual prose narratives with proper grammar and such) can be found here.

Meta/Comic Discussion



Dick Grayson

Jason Todd

Stephanie Brown

Damian Wayne

Red Hood And The Outlaws






Little realization: I’m marring my FWB.

He was definitely not supposed to be more than that. I remember us having the, “I don’t want a relationship,” conversation. Neither of us did, we just enjoyed each other’s company. I remember we had been seeing each other for a few months, we were laying in bed laughing about something, and he said, “Oh my god I love you— Wait… No I don’t. I didn’t say that. I actually hate you.” I remember him taking me on a date when we were absolutely not a couple. Nope, we were just friends. He opened the doors for me, held my hand, kissed me in public, took me for a walk on the bridge, but we were just friends. I remember how we would stay up until the early hours of the morning just talking about everything: music, books, movies, SciFi, family, life. We would stay up all night and some nights we would just fall asleep together. I remember being out with my friends and they asked me how things were going and I said, “I can’t believe this… But I think I’m in love with him.” I’m marrying this man. This was not supposed to happen. We were just supposed to be friends and he just went and ruined it by being a perfect match for me. What a jerk. I love him.

Today, I fucked up... by getting a haircut

So, this happened yesterday. I went out to get my hair cut at a local chain store that I go to on a biweekly basis.

I don’t usually request a specific stylist, so I log into the system and take my seat until I’m called by a girl that I’ve never seen before. I find out this is actually her 2nd day here. I pop a squat in the barber chair and we start to exchange pleasantries. She’s quite cute and we are actually hitting it off very well (I know, it’s her job to be pleasant). We talk about common interests an Christmas shopping comes up and she mentions how she needed to this job to afford gifts for her family.

So she finishes my cut and we go back for her to wash my hair. This is by far my favorite part of the whole experience. Getting your hair washed by a cute girl is probably the closest I ever come to feeling like those guys in the movies who have beautiful women feed them grapes. (Idk, the analogy fits in my mind). This girl goes all out. Perfect water temperature, massages my scalp AND my neck! I’m sitting here feeling absolutely amazing!

She finishes up, puts some product in my hair and I’m feeling really good about how I look and feel. This girl definitely earned her tip. We walk over to the register and I swipe my card and await the prompt on the screen to add the tip. My total comes to $16.20. $5.00 tip is more than fair, especially since she went all out with the head massage. I punch in my tip amount and immediately hit the confirm button. As I wait for my recept, I watch the girls eyes get huge and she looks at me in excitiment. She run from behind the counter and hugs me! I’m flabbergasted! She starts getting teary eyes and stumbles over herself to say “thank you” over and over. I’m thinkin, man, it’s just 5 bucks, but I won’t say no to a hug from a cute random girl.

She hands me my recept and I start to make my way to the door when I realize what had happened. When I punched in the 5.00, I accidentally hit the 0 an extra time… I tipped her $50.00 instead of $5.00. Shit. At this point I need to make a decision. Do I wreck this girls day by admitting I made a mistake, or do I just eat the $66.00 hair cut? I turn around and take another look at her. She’s still so excited, looking close to tears. She’s probably thinking she’s so lucky that this guy just came in, sat in her chair, and just helped her make her Christmas a little bit better out of the kindness of his heart. I look at my recept again and sigh to myself. “Merry Christmas!” I turn and leave, leaving a little bit of Christmas spirit and a nice chunk of my bank account.

TL;DR accidentally tipped my hair dresser $50.00 instead of $5.00. Didn’t want to ruin her Christmas Spirit, let her keep it.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

I got tagged several times, sorry I’m doing it just now ;;u;; I’ll just put ‘em all in one post.

Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* (tagged by @fantasy-zelda​)

  1. I got expelled two times from school. One time in 6th grade because I broke a classmate’s nose by throwing a chair at his face, and another time during 4th year high school because I was just too lazy to go to class (truancy). Basically I leave the house and tell my parents I’m heading off to school but in actuality I went straight to the mall to just hang out, watch movies, or play Tekken in the arcades.
  2. Everyone in my family loves spicy as shit food. I do not. Even the shitty Pizza Hut hot sauce makes me tear up. I do not enjoy the pain. No sir.
  3. I chose Travel and Hospitality Management as my bachelor’s degree mainly because I hate math, and it’s a degree that leans more on practical exams than written exams (so less studying). But when we started having food lab (culinary subjects) I just keep fucking up measurements because I get confused converting grams, ounces, liters, etc. This is why baking isn’t quite my forte.
  4. I lost my scholarship in second year college because I got a shitty grade in Accounting. Why do we even have fucking financial fucking accounting!!! I’m still fucking salty.
  5. I have an Excel file of movies I watched in the cinema from 6th grade up to now. My mom and dad has a similar list but in book form. It’s stated when I watched the film, who I watched it with, and which cinema.
  6. When I was six, my dad got me a dalmatian and I named him Pongo. One morning, I found him dead in our living room, lying in pools of blood, his stomach ripped open. Apparently, a thief broke into our house, stole my dad’s expensive tools (power drills, engineer stuff, etc), and stabbed our dog several times before he could wake us up. I was traumatized and wasn’t able to go to school for three days. Ever since then any form or any slightest implication of animal abuse motherfucking triggers me.
  7. I have an intense phobia of cockroaches. Like, real fucking intense. I’m scared of them. I hate them. I’m disgusted by them. Even a shitty drawing of a cockroach will make me scream like a bitch. Just typing the fucking word makes me shudder. My classmate back in high school thought it was funny to prank me and put a fake cockroach in my bag. I kicked him in the balls.
  8. I was born April 14, 1994 - which is considered ridiculously unlucky because of all the number 4s in it. Queen of bad luck right here.
  9. I’m allergic to shrimp, which is a fucking tragedy because I love shrimp. I endure the pain in my throat, the bloating in my lips, the itch on my skin, just to be able to taste that firmness, that wonderful combination of sweetness and salt that only the ocean can stipulate.
  10. I still remember the first ever movie that I watched. It was Tomorrow Never Dies starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. I guess he’s also my first celebrity crush? This explains my affinity for the James Bond series in general. My dad is a huge James Bond nerd and he passed it onto me. Bonus: I used to be the Top 1 in the James Bond category in QuizUp, until I deleted my Facebook account, along with my QuizUp account.

Five Things (tagged by @oikawaisagenius​)

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag
- liquid lipsticks
- passport
- band-aids
- fake eyeglasses
- nasal spray

5 Things in my Bedroom
- acoustic guitar
- nebulizer
- surround sound speakers
- painting of a london street
- lots of hats

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do In Life
- set up my own restaurant
- live with 6+ dogs
- travel to europe
- go base jumping
- buy a convertible car

5 Things That Make Me Happy
- my dog
- video games
- good food
- sunrises
- finding good music

5 Things I’m Currently Into
- dashiexp
- on-going dramas
- sh/e/ith
- home improvement
- yoon park

5 Things On My To-do List
- buy another external hard drive
- unpack stuff (i just moved)
- fix my credit card
- get a driver’s license
- get a manicure

5 Things You May Not Know About Me
- i have two moles in my belly button
- i cant make proper leche flans
- i have really low self-esteem
- i actually have serious daddy issues
- i have freckles only on my back

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people. (tagged by @dayumjung)

- Don’t Give Up On Us by David Soul
- Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G
- Without You by Oh Wonder
- Gasoline by Troye Sivan
- Even The Nights Are Better by Air Supply
- Cool by Gwen Stefani
- Summer Friends by Chance The Rapper
- Let There Be Love by Oasis
- 공놀이 by 참깨와 솜사탕
- You’re My Heart You’re My Soul by Modern Talking

Hi everyone. I’ve been on tumblr for a couple of years but I’ve always been lurking here and there, never making myself known because of either work, friends, family, and just life in general outside the internet. Since being a Reylo Shipper since the movie came out and doing research for my story, I’ve gained a bit more confidence and some of my anxieties about being here have been less present and growing a shell against antis and coming back to interact in the tag and fandom since… oh lord I can’t remember when. I just wanted to introduce myself again. I think only three or four users here actually know my name. Feel free to ignore this post or, preferably, introduce yourself to me or just note it so I know you’ve read it.

My name is Abbie. I’m from Virginia, USA. I highly value honesty, respect, and responsibility. I hope my actions reflect that. I’ve graduated from college and currently working through temp work and my Etsy shop to pay for graduate school in London. History is my passion and I hope to one day become a curator at a Museum.
I’ve loved Star Wars since my toddler years when it was always on at my house and personally I didn’t mean to get into Reylo, but it was a happy accident when I went to the premiere and saw the movie again a couple of times. I used to be big with interacting with other Reylos and doing metas when I was sassanachs, but I let it fade when antis got really horrid and I had more important priorities to focus on.

I’m really glad to be back and I’d really like to get to know more of you on here, this fandom is full of wonderful, amazing, and creative people and I’m really happy to be apart of that.

me: oh boy i should try online dating again

me: matches with a boy and has a pleasant conversation over text that spans a few days

him: sets up to ask me to see a movie

me: oh no i already hate this i can’t meet a new person i refuse to talk about myself

me: puts off replying to texts for longer and longer

anonymous asked:

So I have both Cherokee and Mohawk ancestors my great grandmother was full mowhawk. I'm black and have always considered myself so because it's so common for black people to say they are and I didn't wanna be judged. But I was talking to my great uncle who was closest to them (majority of my family died before I was born from addictions) and it sounds like a movie but everything burned in a fire. Is it possible to learn anything about the two from their pov? I feel like a huge part of me is gone

This is actually a really common narrative with Indigenous records. Either they were poorly kept, people were disenrolled for marrying outsiders, or the records were involved in some sort of disaster like a fire or a flood

If you want to learn about your Ancestors specifically try contacting the Nations official websites and see what reading material they recommend I don’t know what bands you’re from but here’s the Cherokee Nation website and here’s the Six Nations website of the Haudenosaunee tribe of Canada, which Mohawks share with other Iroquois Peoples and you’ll have to ask them about resources

Another thing that I advise is to get in touch with members of the Nations in question by either looking up groups on Facebook or making a post here on tumblr asking for help. People are generally helpful as long as you’re respectful although I will tell you that there’s a LOT of Antiblackness in NDN Country so be prepared for a day that ends in Y when you’re Black 

I’m not saying for sure you’ll encounter it, but it’s something you need to be aware of. Good luck! 

Spirit Companionship and Insecurity vs. Trust in Yourself

This can be a really hard concept to grasp, but I am seeing many newbies struggling with it.  When someone enters witchcraft or paganism, they are trying to steer away from blindly putting all of their hope and belief in something they can’t see and can’t touch.  One of the biggest appeals about spirit companionship is, presumably, having relations with a (probably mythological) creature, who has magical powers and is from another universe, who you can physically interact with and hear.

I do not physically hear or touch my spirit family members.  I am 99% positive that none of the other very experienced companions do, either.  It is just, plain, not possible. They do not live on our physical plane, and it would take more energy than you could possibly comprehend for them to take actual, physical manifestation in the same way it might happen in a movie or a book.  The closest you will ever get to physically interacting with a spirit is having an OBE, and astral traveling to their location.

With spirit companionship, you will never get 100% feedback.  Sometimes you will get nothing!  I know I do.  I know I have spent forever on custom forms and creating pages on my website because the spirit gets busy, basically “afk”s, and I get nothing for a solid 20 minutes or more.  I have said things to my companions and they have said nothing back.  I have gotten blank, or just plain confusing tarot readings from my companions that I could barely interpret.  I have set out offerings for them and gotten no thanks or even response.  I have gone months without hearing from certain companions, just because they needed some time in their own life.  

And you know what?  That’s totally cool.  It’s totally fine.  It’s not 100% of the time, but it’s a great deal of it.

I’ve found that when I am 1) stressed, 2) depressed, or 3) worrying too hard about contacting a spirit, it doesn’t happen.  I found out really early on that the best way to talk to a spirit is when you’re calm and collected.  So, for example, right now?  You all know I’m going through a really bad depressive episode this week - I haven’t been able to hear my spirits in days.  I know they are there, I wear their vessels, but they can’t do much to break through the defensive barriers I automatically build when I get like this.

So here’s the main point: I know they are there.  When I get through this, they will be there, ready to talk again.  

When you take the time to message me and ask, Am I doing things right with my spirit?  Can they hear me when I talk to them?  Do they like the offerings I am giving them?  How do I bond with them?  You are taking away precious time you could have spent asking them the answers to these questions.  My answers will always be: Yes, you are doing things right.  Yes, they can hear you when you talk to them.  Yes, they LOVE the offerings you are giving them.  You can bond with them by including them in what you are already doing on a daily basis.

You will not receive instant gratification all the time, every time.  It’s just a fact of the matter.  But there is no need to panic when your spirit doesn’t contact you for a little while, or if they don’t affect your life immediately.  Here are some tips for starting up channels of communication for your spirit, and learning to trust your own intuition:

  1. Watch a YouTube video with the spirit in mind, use a pendulum, and ask, “Did you like that one?”  
  2. Sit in a quiet space.  Ask questions aloud, in your head, or on a piece of paper.  Pay attention to the thoughts that come in your mind, the ones that answer your question, no matter how much like “you” they feel to be. Trust them.  They are your spirit talking to you.
  3. Reach out mentally to your spirit.  Try to sense their energy.  If you can feel them, they are with you.  If you cannot, they are not.
  4. Go through a shuffle playlist on your music player.  Wait until you reach a song that makes you think of the spirit or feel their energy.  That is a song they will use to communicate with you, probably until the end of time.

Notice that almost all of these exercises require a lot of trust.  Trusting that the pendulum will tell you the spirit’s correct answer.  Trusting your brain to carry you the correct message.  Trusting you can sense energy.  Trusting that the spirit has really shown up when that song played, and is indicating to you that it is “their” song.

A lot of people don’t realize that Spirit Companionship is very faith-based. Sure, they’re not gods, but they interact with me in the same way gods do.  They have unique energies and voices.  But when I hear those voices, I don’t give myself the privilege of saying, “but was that really them?”  When you give yourself that privilege, it takes away so much from your potential experiences. A healthy dose of perspective and skepticism is healthy, yes.  But completely ignoring every sign, feeling, and word your companion hands to you is not.

For example, if you come into my inbox and ask, “I asked my spirit a question and I thought of an answer responding very specifically to my question.  Was that the spirit, or was it just me?”  IT WAS THE SPIRIT.  I will tell you a million times, it was most definitely the spirit! 

Start trusting yourself.  Start trusting your spirit.  And stop waiting for me to take a month to respond to your message, when you could be working on your relationship with your spirit companion instead!

Tbh young children are the only reason I can survive family gatherings bc they don’t ask when I’m going to get a boyfriend/get married/what I’m doing with my life. They care about actual important things like Disney.

I had a photography session this weekend with a family of six with very unruly kids. It actually went REALLY well (talking about Disney movies and singing helped lol) and afterwards both the parents thanked me and shook my hand.

And I realized, that was the first time anyone has shook my hand after a session and just that small gesture felt REALLY good.