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Six Winter disappointments

1. When you purchase Winter clothes which promise that they will protect you from the elements, but it turns out that they only mean some elements and plutonium is not one of them, and you have become too dead in the process of finding this out to ask for a refund.

2. When your snowmen become charmingly alive and you spend a bittersweet night drinking advocaat with them before the forecast thaw and cursing the dawn; after which point they melt into yellow slush in the yard and multiple passers-by draw inferences about your household’s urination preferences.

3. When you fall in love with Winter and Winter falls in love with you and you elope together to live in carefree abandon an industrial meat freezer, depriving everyone else of Winter and leading to catastrophic atmospheric warming.

4. When you wake up in the morning to a great hushed whiteness outside the window and you think that it might be the million albino cats come to pay you homage that were forecast at your birth by your sinister goblin aunt, but it’s actually snow, like it’s always been.

5. When you accidentally put some Winter an unlabelled seasoning jar on the shelf with the spices, and Winter in a jar looks a bit like salt, so sometimes when your food needs a little seasoning you end up making it a bit saltier and sometimes you end up knocking it off the plate with an icy blast of hailstones.

6. When you think Winter has finally packed up and slouched off to the other pole of the Earth for a while, but it turns out Winter left a bunch of its crap at your place and every few days there’s a knock at the window and ‘Hi, it’s Winter!’ and you have to go and dig out your warm coat again whilst Winter rummages around outside trying to find that icicle it thinks it left somewhere.

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You deserve all the followers!!!!! And if you want to can you write a fic where Lance gets mad and he's really scary when he's actually seriously mad?

-Hi! Thank you so much! I really hope that you like this! :)

The Galra soldier pins Pidge against the wall, laughing as she struggles to break his grip. “Say Goodbye little Paladin.” His voice is a sinister growl. He rips Pidge’s bayard from their hand and raises it to their neck. “This is for Sendak-”

The Galra is cut off by the sound of a blaster. He drops Pidge like a sack of flower and stumbles a bit. His hand is plastered against his side. “What?”

“Step away from my friend.” The voice is so filled with ice that Pidge almost doesn’t recognize it. They glance from their spot on the floor to stare at Lance in shock. His face is a mask of stone, and his bayard is raised with smoke coming off of the barrel.

Pidge watches as Lance walks forward with the aura of an angered lion. He raises a boot to the chest of the soldier and pushes him to the floor. Lance leans down as well and whispers menacingly in the galra’s ear. “If you ever touch my friends again, you won’t be leaving with just a grazed rib.” Lance steps off of the galra and watches as the miscreant flees.

As soon as he’s sure that the soldier is gone he kneels down beside Pidge with a worried look on his face. “Pidge! Are you okay? Did he do anything to you? Can you make it to your lion?!” Pidge cuts off his string of questions by jumping into his arms.

“Thank you Lance” They whisper.

He just smile and lifts them in his amrs. It’s time to get out of here.

EXO (Minus CBX) - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

CBX Reaction: HERE

You had woken up before Lu like usual. You admired his sleeping figure. His already angelic face looked much more peaceful and beautiful when he was resting and his mind was at ease. You reached over and ran your fingers through his hair. It was soft and silky, smooth as it moved between your fingers. After a little bit his eyes slowly opened. “Good morning baobei. This is a nice way to wake up.” He smiled over at you which went from sweet to somewhat sinister quickly. “Actually you know what would be even nicer?” You giggled as he moved over you and placed his lips against your own. He definitely was not sleepy now.

Kris (Yifan):
When Kris’s hair finally grew back after it had all been shaved off you couldn’t stop yourself from playing with it. He would just be having a casual conversation with you and then you would reach over and stroke his hair. He would act all cool about it at first but greatly enjoyed the attention. He would eventually smile and give you a loving kiss.

Your leader boyfriend goes through a lot when it comes to the group. He loves it, but it wears him out. You could see the haziness in his eyes after a long day of rehearsing and prompted him to relax in bed. When you went in and found him still doing stuff on his phone you plucked the device out of his hand and placed it on the end table. “Lay down,” you directed and he followed not in the mood to defy his lady. You laid down next to him and gently ran your fingers through his hair. He let out a sigh, “This is what I needed.” You giggled and eventually got him to fall asleep. The peace on his sleeping face was what you needed to see.

Yixing enjoyed it when you messed with his hair. As busy as his schedule was, and his traveling from country to country tired him out but he wouldn’t admit it. He closed his eyes and sat in silence finding comfort and peace in your touch. “I love you baobei.” You would lean over and give him a soft kiss on the lips, making him want to keep kissing you.

Chanyeol was driving as you reached over and started playing with the ball of fluff on top of his head. This puppy wouldn’t even try to hide how much he enjoyed it. “Awe Jagi, you are so good to me.” He would giggle and keep glancing over at you. When you finally arrived to your destination he wrapped you in a giant hug, lifting you off your feet. “My girlfriend is too sweet.”
He placed you back down and you laced your fingers through his.

Soo was looking over his lines in bed while you were reading a book. You looked over at him, a very serious expression on his face. Then he made an annoyed noise and leaned back a bit. “What is wrong babe?” You placed your book on the nightstand giving him your full attention. “I’m not remembering these lines as easily as I usually do.” You gave a concerned look, “I think you need to relax for a bit, let the ones you know soak in first.” He agreed and moved to rest his head on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair knowing how relaxed it makes you feel and he gave a relieved sigh. “This is nice Jagi.” You smiled down at him, the tension in his shoulders melting away.

Tao loved it when you decided to mess with his hair. He started to giggle and gave a big grin. “I feel like I’m being pampered. Thank you baobei.” Then the mood changed within a matter of minutes from him feeling all cute and lovey to being totally turned on. “Maybe I could pamper you, right now.” He leaned forward and kissed you passionately, pressing his body against yours.

Nini smirked when you started to run your hands through his hair. Then he caught hold of one of your hands and kissed the back of it. Then he would let you return to what you were doing as he cuddled up against you like his furry children do to him when he pets them. The stiffness in his body from the constant rehearsal for the comeback was replaced by his relaxed posture.

The big baby became super cuddly when you started running your fingers through his hair. He nuzzled into your neck as you continued, wrapping his arms around you. You could feel the smile that formed on his lips which were pressed against your skin. He started to move around a bit and his hair tickled your chin so you stopped and started giggling. “Please don’t stop it Jagi, I really am enjoying this.” You held in the laughter and continued to baby your boyfriend.

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Dany is going to burn King’s Landing

I want to write about why I think the show is foreshadowing Dany burning King’s Landing next season. But I need to state some things first.

The fascinating thing about Daenerys is the fact she has immoral behavior, like almost every character in ASOIAF have, but the audience refuses to see her bad sides no matter what.
It’s great to see how you can tell a history and place a character as a hero no matter what but at the same time it’s kinda scary that the public can agree with such behavior.
She does a lot of terrible choices but people don’t think she has a big issue and shouldn’t be in a position of power, the massive reaction is just “hey, she has some minor flaws but nobody is perfect, okey? Leave her be”.

In the books Daenerys allows torture, which is a war crime. And at episode 5 Daenerys intentionally killed the Tarly’s, who were defeated in battle, were unarmed and were offering no resistance to the escort. The Tarly’s were in a  surrendering party resulted by a defeated in battle, and were intentionally killed by Daenerys. This is a war crime.  When Tyrion suggested to put them in cells, she declared “she would not put man in chains ” aka “not make prisoners” which is also a war crime. The offer she gave the remaining soldiers was “join me or die”. This is not a choice. This is a declaration that no quarter will be given and THIS IS  a war crime. When your enemies surrender you spare their lives and  take them as war prisoners you DO NOT execute them or demand them to fight against their remaining families and compatriotes cuz THIS IS NOT how a surrender works.
The show makes Daenerys commits war crimes intentionally even after people tell her it’s a bad idea. And the scary part is: the audience think is fine.
I’m pretty much convinced Daenerys is going to do a lot more than that in the future and the audience will buy it.

Since D&D have talked with GRRM about how the series is going to end, Daenerys tone in the series has changed a little bit. Since season 6, her “super badass” scenes turned into a “that’s nice but there’s something a little bit weird”. Her theme songs came from “I’m fighting to survive cuz I’m alone in the world and this is actually badass justice” to a more villain like kind of song, way darker and sinister. The camera angles and the points of view of her actions are different now, and the scenes that were exciting before became kinda sad and weird. If you rewatch the sack of Astapor at 3x4 and her battle against the Lannister army at 7x4 you will notice the huge difference of how they treated it.

So here’s where the tinfoil begins.

It’s about the Politics

I believe the Great War against the army of the dead will not be the final of GoT. GoT and ASOIAF are about the politics. The Night King wasn’t introduced till season 4 and he really became the major  treat only at season 5.. Daenerys’s dragons weren’t born till 10x1, they only had a real role at season 6 when Dany finally could control them and they were big enough to go to war. Many storylines still happen aside the whole magic. GoT is about the GAME OF THRONES. And that’s how the story will end. After the war is done, a political struggle will rise and things will get trick. The armies will be broken, Cersei will have the Golden Company at her back, Jon’s parentage will rise, the northerners will probably not fulfil Jon’s pledge to Daenerys, Dany may even lose one of her remaining dragons. Things will be very chaotic and chaos is a ladder.

The Great War is going to end at Winterfell.

Season 7 solved a large problem: how to destroy the army of the dead?
Conveniently if you kill the Night King, the wights die and the war is over. Simple as that.
Bran has been stated as a great threat to the Night King, almost as he’s the Night King true enemy. The Night King himself entered the cave to kill the last Three Eyed Raven and he seems to have a particular interest in Bran. The show has implied that Bran is waiting for him. And he’s waiting for him at Winterfell.
Daenerys is leading her army and remaining dragons to Winterfell and Jaime is much likely riding to Winterfell too.
Not only Sansa was featured preparing Winterfell for the war for the Dawn, but many characters have stated the importance of this castle.

Jon: “We can’t defend the north from the Walkers and the south from the Boltons. If we’re gonna survive we need Winterfell

Jon:“If they breach the Wall, the first two castle in their path [before Winterfell] is Last Hearth and Karhold”

Sansa:“Every direction the threat comes this [Winterfell] is the best place to be.”

Jaime: “If Winterfell falls, we [King’s Landing] fall. Three days.”

The bulk of the living forces in Westeros will be at Winterfell, if Winterfell falls, it would mean the entire army has fallen and basically all hope is lost. The Golden Company is Cersei’s hope but seriously? She’s not a military person. I trust way more Jaime’s opinions and he said their fate depend on Winterfell.
So I don’t think the WW will ever come near to King’s Landing because they will be defeated at Winterfell.

All The talking about King’s Landing and the Mad King’s Daughter

The safety of King’s Landing was a great concern to Daenerys and Cersei this season.
They’ve talked about how many people live there, how they should attack it, how they shouldn’t, how the city would fall easily, how they should defended it.
When they talk so much about an issue like this you can bet something will happen there. They talked a hundred times about the Wall, and the Wall fell. They talked 87439349 times Dany had THREE dragons, and she lost one. They’ve talked a million times how she can’t have children, so of course she’s gonna get pregnant next season. And they’ve talked a hundred times about King’s Landing. Something is going to happen there. Something bad.
Here are some of the most notable moments.

Dany: “If Viserys had three dragons, and an army at his back, he’d have invaded King’s Landing already

Yara: “We should hit King’s Landing now, hard, with everything we have”

and Dany’s response was:  “I will not attack King’s Landing. WE will not attack King’s Landing.”

Olenna said “Then how you mean to take the Iron Throne?”

And two episodes after she’s at rage because Tyrion’s plans have failed her and this was her visceral response:

“I have three large dragons.I’m gonna fly them to the Red Keep

Tyrion:“We’ve discussed this…”

My enemies are IN the Red Keep”.

And at the meeting at the Dragonpit she told Cersei:
“Your capital will be safe, until the north threat is dealt with

These are very interesting because we see Dany wants to take KL, but she haven’t done yet, because her advisors told her not to. But the thing is, Olenna told her not to listen to Tyrion and to be a dragon, and as the season goes she ignores him many times and even accuse him  of plotting against her more than once. The more Tyrion tries to make her listen more she ignores his advices.
Dany always had problems with that. Her very “black and white” vision sometimes led her to have bad ideas she just didn’t turn reality because she had  advisors who convinced her otherwise. But now she’s not  listening to her advisors anymore, and maybe the show told us her future through Varys”s words:

Tyrion:“Daenerys is not her father”

Varys :“And she never will be. With the right counsel. “

Daenerys is not her father is also another phrase they said a lot this season. They keep calling her “mad king’s daughter” and they even told us more than once what the Mad King did to Brandon and Rickard Stark. It’s almost like the show  is saying “Her father was mad. Don’t forget that”

Important characters have fled King’s Landing

They did a massive reunion at King’s Landing this season. Tyrion and Davos visited King’s Landing in a rush. They showed the Dragonpit, the place where Balerion’s skull is kept and winter upon King’s Landing. It’s almost like the show is saying  “let’s make a scene there because this is our last chance”. Bye bye King’s Landing. And now aside from Cersei all the remaining characters we care left KL. Jaime fucking Lannister and even Gendry we didn’t know was alive left King’s Landing.
The only important character left there is Cersei. Daenerys’ ultimate enemy.
They quoted more than once the amount of people living in King’s Landing at episode 7x7. Why would they do that if it wasn’t important? The time is short this seasons and the lines mean something.

Dany’s Visions

One thing that really upsets me in the show is the visions Dany had at the House of the Undying. In the book she sees lots of things important as fuck but in the show she has three visions. THREE FUCKING MISERABLE VISIONS. But if you look at them now you’ll see they are important as fuck too. And it’s the first one I want to talk about.
She enters at the Throne Room and there’s snow on the floor but the snow only starts to fall heavily when she looks up. And when she looks up and TA DAAAAAA, there’s no ceiling.
The Throne Room is destroyed like something came from the sky and destroyed the whole thing. Like I said I don’t think the Night King will ever come close to King’s Landing because the battle for the Dawn will most likely to end at Winterfell so what or who could came from the sky and destroy the Red Keep like this?

In the books it’s clear to me she see things that matter to her, her visions in the House of the Undying are about her life and important events that could have, that have or will happen to her. Things that relate to her somehow. The visions are not meaningless. So why would she see the Throne Room but not the Night King destroying it? Probably because she was the one who destroyed the place. She sees the destruction she made.

Bran’s vision

Bran’s visions were actually the very first trigger to me. At episode 6x6, after Hodor’s death Bran is running with Meera and uploading the visions from the - RIP older -Three Eyed Raven. D&D said they spend hours to choose which scene would be there cuz they were fucking important. PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE. It’s was the first time we saw the Mad King,  there were some old scenes from the past seasons BUT there were some new ones that I don’t recall to see before..  

This one that features a single dragon in the sky.

And also this one that features a shadow of a single dragon over King’s Landing and there’s smoke in some places.

The tricky thing here is that these two scenes along with the scene where the Night King turns the Craster’s baby into a WW repeat 5 or 6 times. Only this three scenes repeat so much. 

For 3 times these scenes with the single dragon are followed by the scene of Daenerys with Drogon on her shoulder. No other dragon appears on Bran’s visions, only Drogon. There’s no other vision of Daenerys, only this one that always appears after the vision of KL burning.

If you ask me, the visions show King’s Landing burning by dragon fire and then who is responsible for that: Daenerys and Drogon.

Daenerys’s dragons are her advantage at war. In ADWD she even thinks she could never conquer the Seven Kingdoms without them. She already lost one to the Night King. What if she loses one more? She’d probably be desperate and hopeless. With only one dragon left she’d see herself with no better option to take the Iron Throne than to do what she already wants to do: attack King’s Landing.
That’s why Bran saw this in his visions. He saw the Mad King wanting to destroy the capital, and he saw Dany fulfilling her father’s vision.

Bran sees Jaime but not Cersei. Jaime already tried to kill Daenerys this season, will he try again at season 8 after Daenerys attack all the people he lost his honor to protect?

Daenerys burning King’s Landing on rampage is something I can see happening. It would fulfil the “Mad Queen/Daenerys villain theory” and part of the  audience would even agree with her actions, and say she’s not mad, she’s just at war and that’s the only option she had left. Only Cersei is left at KL so people would not feel sorry how we felt when Tyrell’s died in the sept. Cersei has yet to lose everything to a more beautiful and younger queen. Her family is gone, all she has left is the throne, and Daenerys is coming to take it.
When Cersei had lost everything then and only then the valonqar will kill her. She’ll probably flee KL during the fires just to be killed right after.

Daenerys have been accused of being a foreign invader by many people  this season, the Westerosi don’t trust her and burning King’s Landing would give the remaining Lords of Westeros more than enough reasons to rebel against her. I can think many ways this could lead to a Sansa x Daenerys struggle but this post is huge already so maybe another time.

Azriel Meta - Shadows

I started replying to this post by @abookandacoffee but, well, I’ve been meaning to talk about this theory/idea for ages and it got…long…and it kind of started going beyond the scope of the original post SO NOW IT GETS ITS OWN (alo *apologises in advance because I’m going to disagree with a few points of yours SORRY*) 

I’ve seen the shadows disappearing/leaving him completely theory a few times and it’s always confused me a little bit? For a start I think it’s something that’s inherent in Az, like Mor’s magic or Rhys’s daemati powers but for another I could never figure out why people wanted them to go. Then I realised people figured that they were somehow sinister, that they might even whisper bad things to him, make him worse, that they were connected to his trauma and I never read them that way? (Which apparently makes me in the minority here but what else is new?) 

I never actually saw the shadows as a symbol of Azriel’s childhood trauma? (I think that the scars on his hands do that more than anything else and there’s soooo much symbolism in there especially given what he does now for his court but that is a meta for another day) 

As for the shadows I always thought of them as…Well the opposite actually?

In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadow and wind and stone.

I think the shadows are a positive thing for Azriel actually? I don’t want him to lose them, I don’t think he wants to lose them either. They’re a part of him. A good part. I think they represent something like freedom to him. When he was chained up in a dark cell the shadows connected him to the outside world. They told him what was happening, warned him about what was coming, probably made it far easier for him to protect himself and for him not to fear the darkness that surrounded him when it confided all its secrets to him.

I also think those shadows lead to his release. The incident with his burned hands happened when he was eight but he wasn’t released and allowed to go to the war camps to be trained until he was eleven. When he arrived he knew nothing - nothing of fighting, nothing even of flying. But he was a shadowsinger. Rare and coveted I think if anyone sought to use Azriel and his gift it was his father and that that was the only reason they let him out, let him go to the war camps to be trained. (That’s all very guessworky I admit that but it’s not too huge a leap.)

I don’t think the shadows are a result of of his trauma, not exactly, or that they were somehow caused by what he suffered. Maybe that caused them to wake sooner than they might otherwise have done (I don’t think the high fae for example come fully into their power before they mature (for Mor it was reaching 17 and her first period) But I don’t think it’s a manifestation of it - I think they’re a shield.

I think they protect him. I think they tell him things to keep him and the people that he loves safe. I think they’re a defence mechanism, they’re a kind of armour:

It was almost enough to distract me from noticing Azriel as those shadows lightened, and his gaze slid over Mor’s body: a red, flowing gown of chiffon accented with gold cuffs, and combs fashioned like gilded leaves swept back the waves of her unbound hair.

A wisp of shadow curled around Azriel’s ear, and his eyes snapped to mine. I schooled my face into bland innocence.

(Az’s shadows warning him Feyre is being an interfering little so and so is one of my favourite parts of this and I’ve been meaning to parallel it with Mor for ages but it’s coming out here so WHAT CAN YOU DO?)

This is obviously a fairly bland example since Feyre isn’t actually causing him or Mor any kind of harm - but it’s something Az clearly wants to know about and so the shadows tell him. I’ve never been able to see them as negative or bad in any way. I think they’re positive. And I think the only reason that they lighten around Mor is that he trusts her and that he allows himself to be vulnerable with her. Rhys has told us that Mor is the only one who can get Az’s guard to drop and get any real truth from him about how he feels. I think the response of his shadows is symbolic of that more than anything - it’s his guard dropping around her. He doesn’t need his shadows to protect him as much around her, it’s instinct.

So like on a personal level I think the shadows are good for him? And I don’t want him to lose them. But I also don’t think that it’s something Rhys uses and I don’t think what they offer Azriel is…Inherently negative. (This is…complicated…because in a lot of ways those shadows are tied to Azriel’s self-worth and the value he feels he has to his court because they’re a huge part of him being able to do his job. But I think that’s more…a personal thing than a thing that’s exploited)

I think Rhys definitely worries about Az and if Az were to say he was done with this/he couldn’t do it any more that’d be that no questions asked from Rhys. Whether or not he would is another story but I think…I don’t think it’s a result of power imbalance. I don’t think it’s because Rhys has made him feel like he can’t tell him. Rhys isn’t putting any pressure on Azriel here - Azriel is putting pressure on Azriel.

As with what we’ve discussed about Moriel this is something that comes from Azriel’s personal insecurities and it is not up to anyone else to ‘fix’ that for him. That’s just downright disrespectful of Azriel’s independence and agency as a person tbh. Rhys can’t take Az’s job away from him/lessen his demands on him for the same reasons Mor won’t go to him and try and force his hand about their relationship. It’s Azriel’s choice. Even if they think his insecurities and what he does to himself is unhealthy, I think it’d be more unhealthy if either of them (in this case more specifically Rhys as he has more direct ‘power’ over Az if you like as his High Lord) tried to stop. It’s not Rhys’ place to decide what Az can or can’t handle, that’s up to Azriel.

I also think that….There’s something of Mor and the Court of Nightmares in what Azriel does. I don’t think it’s exactly good for him (torture probably doesn’t do wonders for one’s mental health after all) but I also don’t think it fully prevents him from healing and moving on from his trauma. I think in a lot of ways it’s like Mor and the CoN and giving some control over something that was directly used to hurt them. (Azriel’s is just…a much darker, more twisted and uncomfortable and difficult thing to talk/think about version of that but there’s similar logic)

People often made the mistake of assuming Cassian was the wilder one; the one who couldn’t be tamed. But Cassian was all hot temper—temper that could be used to forge and weld. There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw.

I think this is a part of Azriel that is entirely his own and it’s not something that Rhys (try as he might) has any great influence over. There’s a darkness in Azriel that’s hinted at a fair few times and while I don’t think he relishes what he does I think he’s capable of it. In a way that say Cassian would not be, I think Az has the ability to…compartmentalise in a way.

I also think that it’s important to note, when talking about Rhys and Az which I’ll get to more in a minute, that Rhys is aware that Az has a support system in place? He knows that he won’t talk to Cassian about it and he won’t talk to him (which implies that they’re both concerned and have both tried, probably more than once) but Rhys knows that Mor will talk to him and that Azriel will (eventually) talk back. He knows that Az isn’t fully dealing with this all on his own and that he does have an outlet and someone he can discuss these things with and who will help him work through things if he’s struggling which is important. Rhys isn’t indifferent to what Az is doing or oblivious to it either he’s aware of it and he’s aware of the support Az has as well. (Also I think it’s important to note that the only thing we see Az torture in ACOMAF is the Attor. Which was….vile. Az isn’t out there torturing innocent servants for information and tbh I don’t think he had any great issue chopping the Attor into tiny little pieces)

Okay last point (I PROMISE) is the power imbalance thing you mentioned between Rhys and Az and Azriel maybe feeling beholden to Rhys and therefore somehow obliged to keep doing this. This idea makes me…Uncomfortable. It’s too Tamlin-ish for me to entirely happy with it but I also don’t think it’s happening? Not in that way. Okay this is also Complicated (goddammit Az) but I think it comes back to the same thing of self enforced pressures vs external pressures. And there’s basically none of the latter coming from Rhys in this equation.

Theoretically there’s a definite power imbalance between Rhys and Az (and Rhys and…..Everyone in the entire Night Court since he is their HIgh Lord after all) but….The thing with that sort of dynamic is like anything in these books. The thing itself is not inherently unhealthy or toxic or abusive. (This is also seen with Tamlin’s protectiveness: the desire to protect someone is not inherently negative. It’s only negative when it’s taken to the extreme where it starts to wear on their mental health and the protective person doesn’t take that into account because they’re too busy making themselves feel better to care. Protectiveness= not unhealthy Using that protectiveness as a way to control someone while dressing it up as caring about them = deeply unhealthy)

So yes Rhys has power over Azriel which creates an imbalance between them in a theoretical sense. Practically though…Rhys doesn’t enforce those ideals. He doesn’t pull rank. He doesn’t order any of his court to do things that they haven’t consented to. (Which is something that opposes what Tamlin does with say Lucien - he uses his power to force Lucien to do things he isn’t comfortable with) There’s a dialogue with them. When they’re deciding what to do it’s a group decision, they talk things over, they debate plans, they’re encouraged to offer their own input. Rhys isn’t running a dictatorship. He has the final say and his court will obey him I’m sure if he does give them a direct order but that’s rare.

I also don’t think Az is in a position where he feels he can’t say no to Rhys/challenge him. (This is…Something that we do see with Lucien/Tamlin which I keep coming back to because it’s a good parallel. The few times that Lucien actually pushes back or attempts to stand up to Tamlin and make his own view heard he’s belittled, intimidated and outright violently punished for it. That’s a power imbalance. That’s a situation where a person cannot speak up or say they are uncomfortable or unhappy with what they’re doing.) This is not what Rhys is doing with his court. Az can and has voiced opinions that Rhys flat out does not like:

Azriel pushed, “It’s a solid plan. The king doesn’t know our scents. We wreck the Cauldron and vanish before he notices … It’ll be a graver insult than the bloodier, direct route we’d been considering, Rhys. We beat them yesterday, so when we go into that castle … ” Vengeance indeed danced in that normally placid face. “We’ll leave a few reminders that we won the last damn war for a reason.”

Cassian nodded grimly. Even Mor smiled a bit.

“Are you asking me,” Rhys finally said, far too calmly, “to stay outside while my mate goes into his stronghold?”

“Yes,” Azriel said with equal calm.

Az is perfectly comfortable with, and capable of, disagreeing with Rhys even when it comes to Feyre. And this is a plan that Rhys ultimately accepts and agrees to (with Feyre’s consent) Azriel’s opinions are validated and properly considered and I have no doubt that if he ever personally feels like he wants to walk away from his job telling Rhys about it wouldn’t be the thing that stops him.

Which is important because it’s not that Rhys has set up an environment in which Azriel feels forced to keep doing something he doesn’t want to. It’s more like Azriel himself is an environment that forces him to keep doing this.  But that’s on Az to sort out and come to terms with. It’s for Az to set his own boundaries and decide what he can and will do. Mor tells us the lengths Az pushes himself are bordering on sadistic but I don’t think anyone in the Inner Circle ever even comes close to agreeing with this or encouraging it. In fact they do the exact opposite.

But there’s a limit to what they can do without imposing their own wills and agencies on Azriel which would then be a power imbalance because that would involve Rhys using his authority over Azriel to compel him to do something that he doesn’t want to that would likely damage him. (Atm I think what Az does (and does well) is important to him. It makes him valuable. It makes him important. It gives him worth. And obviously he doesn’t need to do that for his court/family to love and protect him and value and respect him but he needs it personally for himself.)

(I know you said you didn’t think that Rhys was expressly doing this but I think it’s more like he’s…actively avoiding doing so and I don’t think he ever would. Azriel has never and will never be put in a position where he feels he’s being forced to do something that he personally - for his own reasons not because he feels indebted to any member of the circle - does not want to do)

So…yeah. I think the shadows thing is…An entirely positive thing for Az. And…just because it means someone covets him doesn’t mean he’ll be used? Those shadows give him power - and power over people - since he can read their feelings, intentions and possibly thoughts (we’re not sure, we just know they tell him things he shouldn’t otherwise know) But that puts him in a position of power. And I suppose he could be exploited and used for it but…tbh I think the shadows would protect him from that? (We’ve already seen that they rush to tell him about Feyre being nosy which is an incredibly innocent thing to ‘protect’ him from. If someone was using him…He’d know it.


TL;DR: Azriel’s shadows are a positive force that do nothing but actively benefit him and protect him and why do people want to take them away from my shadow son/think he will lose them and this would be a good thing, I am confused? 

tinynrpreisakura  asked:

Love this profile! But I am curious...what if...Saeran had had own route after you go through every route (at least once regardless of the ending you get) and finish every little piece of the game? I have never managed to get through the casual story because of school, but I know the plot and lore pretty well. I want to see your opinion >.<

This is actual a cool concept to think about! But I’m going to take it a bit farther-

So you know how Seven has those moments where he breaks the fourth wall? Well, consider that you finish every route, every ending, the after endings, DLCs, and at the end Saeran is waiting for you. He greets you with his child-like, yet sinister smile. 

“All done? I’m glad. But now what?”

You’re confused, what does he mean?

“You’ve seen the fates of everyone, what’s the point of continuing?”

You’ll just replay them again, you tell yourself. No reason to psych yourself out.

“You’re probably telling yourself you’ll just play it again. But how long until you get bored?”

You start to get nervous. It’s just a game, why is it bothering you so much?

“It’s just a game, we’re just characters. It’s not real. Soon you will get bored, the creators will get tired, and we will just be a lost thought, bound to be deleted.”

This isn’t funny anymore, you think. You’re about to close the app, when you’re interrupted by the chilling sound of Saeran’s laugh.

“Thinking about running away? Fine, I won’t stop you. Everyone leaves eventually. But don’t expect a warm welcome when you decide to come back.”

The screen glitches, the device vibrating aggressively in your hand.

“Because when the game branches, there’s no going back.”

fuck that was bad but like i have as much creativity as a toaster and i’m hella tired pls end me

onelassieandherfandoms  asked:

i didn't know what liminal spaces were before and your midnight hotel post was the most awesomely creepy thing and now im balls deep in a liminal spaces google search and i need more about this

oh thank you so much!!
Liminal spaces are absolutely my most favourite thing and i have a headcanon that it’s a classification of magic to be able to sort of cross into them but anyway

I’ve been thinking about the midnight hotel liminal space thing so much and just like

random flickering shadows everywhere?

weird violet mist seeping out from under doors and sending icy chills up your spine

guests dreaming of skies opening and blood rain and shadowy eldritch horrors seen through windows and out of the corner of their eyes

Anton looks out of the window and oh! i guess there are two moons tonight that’s fun

glitches in time - thought you were listening to music for 10 minutes? well nope! that was 7 hours.

sleep paralysis but was it really sleep paralysis or was there actually something in my room last night?

But then the people are the worst. Sometimes you can’t tell at first but you talk to them for a little while and something is just….WRONG with them. like their dimensions are off or they just seem a bit hazy around the edges. sometimes they speak more like they’re mimicking human speech rather than it coming naturally. Their smiles are a little too sinister to be normal.

Shudder’s a hardened war veteran and his guests can be wanted criminals but these people are scarier than anything they’ve ever spoken to. The dawning realisation that the woman you’re making small talk to might not be a fucking person??? Terrifying.

Creepypasta #1147: Windows 95

Length: Medium

Many years ago, before iPhones, tablets, and computers that actually work pretty well, we were stuck with PCs operating Windows 95. My first computer was an old IBM, and I used the damn thing on a daily basis.

Windows 95 was the first operating system that I can remember using somewhat frequently. I’d do homework, check my email, and occasionally play a game or two. The choices were somewhat limited at this point in time. If you’ve heard of the game “Ski Free,” then you’re tracking with me.

Anyway, there was something kind of odd about Windows 95. There was a quirk with the OS, something that, in hindsight, seems kind of sinister. Moreover, there’s one experience that has stayed with me all these years, becoming an obsession of sorts where I actually fear it will happen again. But more on that in a little bit. First, the issue with Windows.

One night I was up late searching online. I’d probably gone to Ask Jeeves - a now antiquated search engine that featured a butler. This is all somewhat superfluous information, but I’ll go with it. Anyway, I was searching the internet (homework I think), and I came across this weird feature of Windows 95. It was this little companion that popped up on your screen and helped you navigate the search engines.

This little feature was a floating face. Nothing too fancy, really. Black circles for eyes, a line for a mouth and that’s it. It was a round white face. This feature would sort of bob by the page and then you’d ask it to help you. I remember because it had this robotic voice that was kind of funny.

I was pretty young when I was using this device, but I’d search for a while and then he’d pop up and ask me what I was doing. I thought this was kind of helpful. But one time, on one night, he asked me a strange question.

“How old are you?”

“13” I typed.

“Where do you live?”


“Los Angeles, I see.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” I replied.

“Are you a good boy?”

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Hatbox Ghost Voice Request
Hatbox Ghost Voice Request

Thank you!
I had actually been a part of an audio drama quite a few years ago that I was asked to voice the Hatbox Ghost in. For the life of me I can’t find it anymore, it was rather a nice little Haunted Mansion piece.
Only had the original few photos to go on at the time, but I always thought his manic grin made him seem like he’d sound a bit unhinged. So this is the sort of voice I did for it. Perhaps a bit sinister, but certainly rather cackling-mad but a bit of whimsy too. I added another layer to his laughter, this more monstrous low tone, just to add some distinction to it.
A solid question and a nice little revival. This is what I always thought he might sound like, anyway.

Sinister Profiles

In case you’ve wanted to know a little bit about the characters and their backgrounds. Feel free to ask me any questions you want about them! 


Y/N: Main protagonist of the story! (Obviously) Anyway, the MC for this is kind of peculiar, given she didn’t and still doesn’t know the power she actually possesses. She’s the daughter of Abaddon, and upon his death, inherited all of his power. And even though we’ve seen a small glimpse of how much that is (i.e. vaporizing stone) there is so much more there. She struggles a lot internally. She doesn’t feel like she knows enough about this world she’s been thrust into, but she also wants to trust herself. She’s at a crossroads right now, and has every right to be. Her potential outweighs her knowledge for now.

Johnny: The MC’s best friend! Also childhood friend. While it was never explicitly stated,  Johnny’s parents were the ones who made Y/N human. During all of their time growing up together, he became very protective over her, particularly because she never had powers to protect herself with. Even though she does now, he still struggles to let her make decisions for herself. He really just wants to protect her. Johnny is a subtype of Genie called a Marid, which essentially is a genie with free reining magic. They aren’t bound to objects or people. Very powerful, and can be very dangerous.

Let’s take a break to talk about the princes~

Taeil: 1st prince, eldest. Technically not a full demon. His mother is a witch. Because he is half demon, half witch, he is terrifying to most people, and as such a lot of people reject him. He gave up the throne when he was young, too frustrated with how people regarded him to ever want to rule.

Taeyong: 2nd prince, heir. Very loved in the demon community, extremely powerful. Probably the most emotional of the brothers, often spends time doting on those younger than him. Despite his softer nature is revered for his strength and prowess. We’ll talk about him more in a bit.

Mark: 3rd prince, spell master. Tries to step up to Taeyong’s place when he’s gone, even though it’s hard on him. He does a good job, people adore him, and the castle hasn’t burned down yet. Tried to help Taeyong in the human realm, but doesn’t seem to understand there are things you really shouldn’t do without discussing it first.

Renjun: 4th prince, reader/psychic. Talented battle strategist, despite his age. Works with a number of the strongest generals in the kingdom and advises them.

Donghyuck: 5th prince, trickster. Typically spends his days messing with his other brothers, but he genuinely cares for them. Has a preference for illusions and mind bending. Jointly responsible for kingdom festivals with Jaemin.

Jaemin: 6th prince, potions master. Has a good relationship with the normal demons. All the princes do actually. Though Jaemin takes his role in this the most seriously, he makes sure to visit people on a daily basis, spending much of his time outside of the castle as a result. Jointly responsible for festivities with Donghyuck.

Jisung: 7th prince, the youngest, the healer. Actually just heals everyone around him constantly, you wouldn’t even notice he’s doing it, but if you were fatigued or stressed before you saw him, you wouldn’t be after. He plays cards and dominos with the elderly on a regular basis, helping to negate any joint pain or disease they might otherwise have. Probably the most loved of all the princes because of this fact.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming~

Ten: Oh boy where to start with him. He’s a demon, he’s in love with Y/N, though he never wants to say it out loud. Jealous as all hell of Taeyong, and as such is distrusting of him. Ten is a royal! He just doesn’t act like it and generally hides that level of power, though he occasionally shows it while trying to pretend it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. He’s protective of Y/N, but in a different way than Johnny. He doesn’t, or at least didn’t, think Taeyong has any ill intentions, but his feelings for Y/N tend to get in the way of his rationality. Has only know Y/N since they’ve been going to school together, but quickly befriended her as she was his favorite person to dance with.

Yuta: a.k.a the character that has had the most impact without actually being particularly present within the story. Doesn’t trust people, usually doesn’t care. Makes occasional exceptions for the people he considers friends. Kitsune, doesn’t have all his tails yet. Still shouldn’t be messed with, he will ruin you. Thinks Taeyong is going to hurt Y/N, kind of has his reasons but is mostly just really untrusting. Yuta sees Y/N as family, and she’s one of the only people he trusts, which also makes her one of the only things he’ll get riled up over protecting.

Jaehyun: One of the two people who doesn’t think Taeyong is a bad person? Actually gets confused when the others are talking about him negatively. Being a reaper, he knows a lot, hears a lot, especially since a lot of the ghosts he sees have information. Was probably the first to know Taeil didn’t stab Y/N, since ghosts see through body transformations and other illusions, but also knows it isn’t Taeyong. A bit cautious still, and generally quiet, he won’t intervene unless someone’s safety is at risk.

Doyoung: The smartest but also the weakest. Being the son of Fei Lan, he doesn’t have any traditional powers, rather an endless ability to obtain and store knowledge. Doesn’t get frightened easily, unless there is imminent danger. Loves the arts, tends to act indifferent, but has one of the kindest personalities under a rough exterior.

Sicheng: Don’t mess with him, you will not win. This should probably be written on a sign that follows him around. While it is rare for him to get riled up about something, it does happen, and it typically isn’t pretty when it does. Being a deity, it’s difficult to control the amount of strength he possesses, so he typically chooses  not to use it. Doesn’t bother with trust, because if someone were to lie to him, he could easily defeat them.

Taeyong: More or less the main boy, at least for the time being. New student, close family friends with the dean! Back from like chapter 2, it’s briefly mentioned their families have a history, but it’s actually a very long and in depth one. So, something that never really comes up in the story itself, other than a brief mention by Taeyong, is the fact he’s been in her life pretty much forever. It isn’t exactly like he’s just been watching/protecting her the entire time, he has, but that’s beside the point, he actually knew her when they were toddlers. Up until the age of 7, they actually lived in the castle together, and were extremely close. Both of their fathers were very happy because this is what they had been hoping for. Unfortunately, a lot of other royals, as well as other creatures, were starting to target Y/N, so her father had her powers masked and sent her into the mortal world, where she finished growing up with Johnny and his family, as well as the people she considers her parents. She doesn’t have any memories of her time in the castle, but Taeyong does. It’s part of the reason he feels as close to her as he does, and part of the reason she feels so close to him, even if she doesn’t remember it.

Taeil: There’s been some mention of the 1st prince but we really don’t know much about him right now, but there are a few things I want to share about him now, before we move on. Taeil, as stated before is the son of the demon king and a very powerful witch. This has caused some tension between him and his family, as well as the rest of the demon kingdom. He actually does get along with his brothers, but his relationship with their father is rocky at best. He lived in the castle as a child, also growing up alongside Y/N, but shortly after she left, he did as well, leaving to go live with his mother. He doesn’t have an interest in ruling, and he doesn’t want Y/N to be forced to rule either.

The incomplete Lovecraft content warning list.

H.P. Lovecraft is considered a father of the modern horror genre and his works considered classics. Unfortunately, he was also, just, ridiculously racist, even by the standards of the time. Because I actually like him as an author in spite of hating him as a human being, I decided to make a list of his stories in pretty much random order with the relevant warnings so people who want to experience these classics without being triggered/taken out of the story/annoyed by his shitty attitudes on pretty much every subject can do so. This list will be updated whenever I feel like it and at completely random intervals.

This first batch is drawn from memory; if I miss something or misremember something, please tell me. Or if the links don’t work or link to the wrong thing; I did not check them.

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dominiqweasley  asked:

Hi! You're writing a novel? Can you talk about it a little bit? You're one of my favorite authors!

hi my darling sweetheart unicorn angel, thank you for asking. It’s actually already written, and the synopsis is as follows:

Elizabeth Rhodes is a normal girl by all accounts—until, one day, she isn’t.

In a world where magic is reserved for the privileged, four uniquely talented people find themselves thrown together from vastly different backgrounds. First, there’s Libby, brilliant and determined, who finds herself at the center of a sinister plot; Ezra, skilled to the point of dangerous, who is harboring a vital secret; Nico, recklessly charismatic, who is stubbornly intent on proving he’s more than just the value of his name; and Tristan, darkly gifted but constantly underestimated, who is fated for service outside his control.

When the four of them meet on their first day at Doors Academy of Medeian Arts, it’s an unmitigated disaster; five years later, in their final year, things are just coming to a head. The Righteous Heirs of Petty Fortune is the first installment of an adult fantasy and science fiction quartet. Aside from having snotty telepaths, sarcastic realm-travelers, and a will-they-won’t-they chemistry with actual (and precariously frequent) sparks, Righteous Heirs features political upheaval, inadvisable time travel, a fair amount of murder, and a Big Bad with a big secret. 

Magic, as with power, is desirable in any form—but the price for power is steeper than anyone imagines when they walk through their first door.

Why I Ship Jooster

I’ve been trying to figure out to articulate this for some time, and I’ve finally hit upon how to say what I came to love most about the Jooster ship, as I continue to work my way through the canon.

It’s that Bertie Wooster changes Jeeves. 

Jeeves of the early canon is a jerk. Reading the short stories, you see just the kind of cruel hijinks he’ll entangle Bertie in, often all in the name of getting rid of an ugly piece of clothing. And there’s always the sense that there’s strings he’s pulling you can’t see, along with the strings you suspect he’s pulling and the strings you know he’s pulling. A little bit of thought paints early Jeeves as quite the sinister character.

The early novels retain this trait. Right Ho, Jeeves is cruel with its ending of Jeeves forcibly reestablishing himself as the authority to be trusted in any situation, against Bertie’s wishes of actually solving his own problems and the problems of those around him.

Compare this with the Jeeves,of the penultimate novel The Ties that Bind that admits that Bertie is better at getting on with people than he is, who burns the Wooster section of the club book because he’s decided he wants to be with Bertie indefinitely.

Or even the Jeeves of Joy in the Morning who spouts poetry about the stars at him and openly looks concerned when Bertie is in trouble. And the Jeeves of The Code of the Woosters who takes a bit more of a backseat role and has Bertie actually take more of an active role at getting himself out of the soup (Jeeves saves the day, yes, but I still swoon over how competent Bertie was in that book).

Being around Bertie Wooster has made Reginald Jeeves a better person, although probably still not a very good one. Still, that is why I will ship Jooster until my dying day.

flamboyant and a little bit sinister: the louis tomlinson story

One of the lads I play football (soccer, if you’re American and wrong) with at Uni is from Doncaster and went to the same school as Louis Tomlinson. He sat next to him in English and describes him as ‘Flamboyant as he seems and a little bit sinister.’”

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//I was watching a FNAF SFM for the song “I am the Purple Guy” (one of my favorite FNAF songs btw), and some dude in the comments section said, and I QUOTE:

I’m not scared of this “murderer" I find him a little funny.

I…don’t know how to feel about that, except I never found Purple Guy to be ‘funny.’ Pre Sister Location, he was seen as vile and sinister, a murderer of children, which is not ‘funny’ in the least bit. And Post Sister Location? Not gonna go into deep spoilers but I will say it’s tragic given who Springtrap/Purple Guy actually is, and that’s not  funny at all, either.

I dunno, just my opinion for the day.

I’m headed off to bed, night ya’ll! ^^/

Losing You - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by lennonblack

A/N: Well I had a nice A/N, but firefox decided to crash. So, blah, blah, blah, this is kinda what happened to Gwen Stacy. I also said something about Gwen Stefani so you all can dwell on that while I have to redo the dreaded tags and warnings and otherness and sob.

Prompt ( 1 , 2 ): “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.” (requested by @hautemami )

Warnings: Attempted kidnapping (I mean, he succeeded for like, 10 minutes), near death, and angst.

Words: 1493

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some final thoughts on Dirge of Cerberus

i realize that this game has a bit of a sinister reputation within the Compilation of FFVII- it’s widely reviled as one of the very worst games that the series has to offer, on par with such legendarily bad spinoffs as Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and Shadow the Hedgehog

in my experience, Dirge’s poor reputation is only partially deserved. yes, the story is awful and makes very little sense, that’s absolutely true. the seemingly arbitrary changes Dirge made to the FFVII universe are pretty much indefensible. putting that aside, though, mechanically? like, as a video game? i think it’s actually sort of fun

like, if you take the parts of the Compilation of FFVII that actually are games you can play, you have Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and Before Crisis. Before Crisis can’t be legitimately played outside of mid-2000′s Japanese handsets, and while I did enjoy Crisis Core’s story (for the most part), the gameplay suffered from the same affliction that would later hobble FFXIII: it was a game that couldn’t reconcile what it wanted to be with what the player’s perception of Final Fantasy was. Crisis Core very clearly wanted to be a traditional action game, but elements of the ATB system remained in place seemingly out of pure obligation and hamstrung the whole thing. what could have been a fun, engaging experience became a bizarre mishmash of clashing gameplay styles that made very little sense, and wasn’t often terribly fun to play

Dirge, on the other hand, unapologetically does its own thing. this is a third-person shooter with very light RPG elements, and Dirge owns that right from the start. there’s no pretense about ATB meters or combat timing. stats are present, but mostly take a backseat. it’s all about action. and you know, while the action isn’t perfect and doesn’t always work as intended (this game has serious camera issues, something SE still struggles with if FFXV is any indication), i actually enjoy it when it does. in terms of gameplay, i legitimately think Dirge is probably the most fun part of the Compilation of FFVII, even if it’s the weakest in terms of story

speaking of story, while Dirge’s story is a nightmare cornucopia of bad ideas, i think that thematically, the game is very true to the spirit of the original FFVII. Dirge is a dark game with dark atmosphere by necessity of what it’s about, but the mood still pinballs between deathly serious, outlandishly goofy and strangely optimistic, much like the original FFVII did. the legacy characters that make appearances in Dirge are also very true to themselves, suffering almost no alterations (though Yuffie probably could have been treated better) and seeming to have retained all their character growth. it’s more than i can say for Advent Children and Crisis Core

Dirge of Cerberus is an absolutely awful Final Fantasy game, i have to agree with that. but as a video game itself, disconnected from the FF mythos at large, i have to admit that it’s at least passable, not nearly the abhorrent experience that most seem to believe it is

that said, i never want to play this mother crap of shit again

Imagine (Peter Pan)

Anonymous asked: Heeey! Saw you were taking in imagines, not to bother you or anything, but just a quiiick little gif imagine :3 He looks at you in your cage while your sleeping maybe… ;)

* * *
Okay so I managed to squeeze this in because it’s a gif imagine, most of the imagine requests are written but this one was the one that caught my attention. I know some other blog already used this imagine but I’ll try to make it different, but if some parts of this imagine is like the other, ALL credits go to the original blog writer.

* * *

Caged Love -

You have been stuck in Neverland for the past 3 years, and in those 3 years, you were stuck in a tiny cramped up box of a cage with your hands and ankles bound tightly by rope. A random lost boy would bring you bread and water thrice a day to serve as food for survival.

Every night after the sun would set, you would be forced to watch the lost boys have fun and dance and holler around as Pan’s beautiful music would encircle the whole camp, he would use his enchanted Pan Pipe every night, and this was your torture, for you see, the music playing would make you want to get up and dance freely and wildly until the sunrises. You, having your ankles and hands bound together tightly, would have to watch and just dream of what it would be like to taste, or even just have a little lick of freedom.

In this particular day, just before sunset, you were waiting for your bread and water to be served by a random lost boy, your stomach had been grumbling because the bread and water they serve you would never be enough to replenish your hunger, but surprisingly, Peter Pan himself had brought you the food.

“Well this is new, the actual leader does his little dogs’ work for them.” You sassed as he slipped your bread and water through the bars. He only answered you with a quick raise of an eyebrow and his sinister smirk.

‘One day I’ll slap that stupid smirk off your face…’ You thought.

Right now you were so hungry you could eat anything, even the bitter taste of their bread.

As soon as he slipped the bread through the bars you quickly grabbed it and devoured the whole thing, ignoring it’s bitter taste.

Before ten seconds were up, you had already eaten up every last bit of bread and sipped up every droplet of water that he had served.

“Well aren’t you a hungry little girl.”

“Probably because the food you give me every meal wouldn’t even be enough to fill my stomach.” You snapped.

He chuckled and waved his hand. A loaf of bread was in it’s place. You looked at the bread hungrily, trying not to get your mouth to water.

“You want some?” He asked, teasingly waving the bread in front of your cage. You swallowed thickly and nodded your head.

Surprisingly, he slipped the bread into your cage as well as a glass of water. You raised your eyebrow at him, wondering if he had poisoned it. “Don’t worry love, I didn’t poison it.” He said as if he had read your mind. “What’s the catch?” You asked. “Nothing. I just feel like being very generous right now. Now eat it before I change my mind.” He stood up and walked to the campfire. You eyed the bread and water warily, wondering whether to eat it or not. You just shrugged and dug through the loaf of bread, not even aware of Pan’s amused smirk as he watches you eat.

After a few, torturing hours of watching the lost boys dance around freely around the fire, you fell asleep in your cage, once again dreaming of what it would be like to be free, unaware that it was Pan himself controlling your dreams, letting you dream of freedom.

Pan walked up to your cage and looked at your sleeping figure, caressing your cheek once in every while.

The only reason why he had you in that cage was because he was in love with you, ever since he saw you in the sandy beaches of Neverland. Him, not being good at love at all, had ensured less chances of you leaving, thus bounding your hands and ankles together.

This had been your cycle every night, he would bring you food, add a little bit more when you’re still hungry, then watch you sleep, and control your dreams, still unaware of the feelings Pan had for you, but you were fully aware of the feelings you had for Pan.

Every night, when he was sure you were fast asleep, he would visit your cage and look at you like this: (see gif above)

* * *

Just realised that this was not the imagine anon wanted me to do :p Oh well :3

Outlaw Queen + Lily (theory)

“So how is Regina going to pull off her Queens of Darkness deception? “[Regina] used to be a villain, and Regina can walk in that world with a little bit more confidence and a little bit more safety than anyone else,” Horowitz said. But joining forces with the sinister sorority as a wannabe villain is definitely going to create new challenges for our not-so-evil Queen. “Regina is going to have a hug curve-ball thrown her way in this second half,” Kitsis said.”


The more interviews and tiny little spoilers I read, the more I think Lily might actually be Regina and Robin Hood’s daughter. I had actually thought about the possibility of them having had a child back in the EF long before we even knew Lily would be coming back. My theory was basically that they had met that night at the tavern and they had had a daughter but she was taken from them and their memories were erased (for a moment I thought Rumple and Cora might’ve been on this together but according to the timeline, Cora was in Wonderland then, so I think it was probably Rumple, even if just for the fact that Regina finding happiness would’ve completely messed with his plans).

About Maleficent’s pregnancy –– Snow’s words could be interpreted in two ways: 

1. because of them Maleficent lost her child meaning she either suffered a miscarriage because of something they did to her (seems more likely, since Maleficent wasn’t even showing yet when she told Snow she was carrying a child, meaning she was probably as far along as Snow – so would’ve had to give birth about the time the curse hit, then what? Everything happened in a matter of hours? Doubt it.) or the child was taken from her and killed as some sort of sacrifice used for a spell to ensure Emma’s magic would be white (Need I quote Regina in 3B? “The number of spells involving baby parts would surprise you.”).

2. Maleficent’s child was taken from her (then what? If it was Lily, as many theorize, then they would’ve had to put her in a magical wardrobe or something to sen her to our world. Way too similar to Emma’s story, come on! The two of them already have a lot in common but going this far would just be too repetitive.)

So, I think they’re trying to give us a false lead (or we’re simply looking at it all wrong), making us think that Lily is Maleficent’s daughter when she’s actually Robin and Regina’s.

Again, it’s all far fetched (like basically every theory, but who cares, it’s fun!) but I think there’s a strong possibility this might happen.


Further proof:

• Agnes Bruckner and also Nicole Muñoz look quite a lot like Lana, and OUAT’s casting director is brilliant, never leaves anything to chance. Now go and tell me where you see any resemblance between Nicole Muñoz and Kristin Bauer van Straten, because I see none.

• Adam Horowitz said we’re going to find out more about Page 23, which gives credit to my theory that they actually did meet that night at the tavern. (Adam & Eddy also said Robin and Regina’s storyline is one of their favourites in season 4B and given the fact than Robin will basically only appear in about 5 episodes my guess is that there must be something bigger than the two of them going on and this could be it).

• Sean posted a picture of himself on a horse – Regina’s horse, Rocinante. Let me redirect you to another theory I just read about this [Regina/Marian theory by meridalocksley ].

• Also, Barbara Hershey is going to reprise her role as Cora in episode 4x20, which is called ‘Mother’. So, what I think is that this will have more than one meaning. Everyone thinks it refers to Cora (and it certainly is so) but I think it might refer to Regina as well (maybe there’s going to be a flashback of when she gave birth to Lily in this one, the moment she became a mother for the first time).

• Lana filmed some scenes with Agnes yesterday. It might mean nothing but it could also mean a lot.


Nothing else comes to mind right now but I think that’s enough to my point :)

So, what do you think? You think it might really happen or that it’s just some crazy, totally random theory?


For Halloween, I went on a pubcrawl in Hollywood with my friends. I was deciding between dressing up either as Steven Universe or Professor Layton, but I opted for the latter but with a twist - I bought a black morphsuit and dressed up as Professor Layton’s “evil” shadow (partly because I didn’t want to wear an orange turtleneck, but also because I wanted to wear all black and look slightly sinister). I also thought Professor Layton himself wouldn’t be easily recognizable in Hollywood, so I supposed I might as well tweak it a little bit and have a little fun.

I actually looked beautifully creepy on the streets, especially at night. I had a lot of fun getting into character, staring and waving at passersby. Super happy with how this turned out.