this is actually a general hospital reference

I genuinely enjoyed rob dykes content for several years on Youtube, but I have several issues with the arguments and ideas hes presented in his latest video, “This Movie is Pretty Much a Hate Crime”

In this video Rob details why he’s defending the movie “Split” by M. Night Shyamalan. Some of the issues he touches on is how some have viewed the movie as transphobic as well as ableist for its portrayal of DID. He claims that people are just too sensitive and people having issues with this movie are invalid and simply play into “victim culture”.

Not taking mentally ill and transgender people seriously when they say “Hey this is transphobic” and “hey the portrayal of this mental illness isnt right” is nothing new, of course. But the sweeping generalizations Rob makes in this video as well as calling people who genuinely ARE hurt by these portrayals as oversensitive wimps too concerned with their own self pity are deeply troubling.

Now, I can detail why I personally have troubles with this movie. It’s portrayal of DID is at best misinformed and at worst down right humiliating and villainous. While mental illness is not and should never be considered a identity it is an important aspect of how one is seen and how they live their life. it contributes to how one is treated by others as well as how they see themselves. To have a portrayal of DID that further alienates an already misunderstood illness really…isnt acceptable in my opinion. No has it ever really been acceptable. What Rob seems to not be realizing is that people having problems with portrayal of mental illness, gender, and sexuality in movies isn’t new. Minorities have been speaking about the issues they have with portrayal in media for years. In most cases to smaller groups or close friends. 

The reason the supposed “New” uproar of calling out unjustifiable portrayals of mental illness or gender or race is because now is the time its easier than ever to speak to a wider audience of people. Yes, i’m referring to the age of internet. Groups of people upset over portrayals of themselves or their family or close friends arnt simply a group of people playing the victim, they literally are victimized by ideas like this. By people who hold the idea of mentally ill people, of people with DID, as evil or strange. I can speak from somebody whos actually been diagnosed with and hospitalized for DID here when I say the idea of “multiple personalities” and just being mentally ill in general absolutely changes how people treat and see you. Even in my own family ive gone from “weird cousin” to “scary psycho” simply for having this diagnosis. 

I don’t want to have DID, nor any other mental illness that affects me, but these labels of “DID” or “BPD” or “OCD” are important. Not because they’re a supposed “identity label” but because they are an important explanation to behavior and a subsequent jumping off point for people to get therapy, help, and just live as they are. We aren’t proud for HAVING mental illness, but for surviving with the pains and struggles we go through while living with these permanent illnesses. If you think we’re wimps or misguided or stupid for wanting proper representation that doesn’t hurt how people view us even more than they do already, then you are absolutely part of the problem.

Now, I understand this little ramble of mine has gone on quite long, but I have a final point to speak about. My other problem with this video is that Rob is speaking for issues that don’t effect him in the slightest. As a cis he really cant speak for Trans folk (This would still be as such even if he was a cis female. The problem here is not that he is male at all. Its that he has no experience being trans, and until otherwise stated, has also had no prior education about gender sociology.) The only real informed place you have speaking about being trans is well, being trans or studying trans. Otherwise you are uninformed, plain and simple. 

I thought this only happened in fanfiction...

I was reading some old interviews with Maks and Meryl (yes, the Glamour series I already posted about and am obsessed with) and came across this gem.  Meryl actually references their Foxtrot song.  I’m leaving the rest of the interview because it’s too cute not to.  I miss seeing them every Monday.  Interview text:

Update: These two [MnM] were attached at the hip backstage. We’re talking holding hands, bodies in sync, smiling at one another when the other is talking. If these guys aren’t dating, then either they are the best actors on the planet or General Hospital needs to cast them as their next super couple. Here’s what was said when I got the two of them alone:
Glamour: Maks, I mentioned this in my column the other week that we need to see you join Meryl on the ice once DWTS is over.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Meryl: Yes, we do.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Glamour/Meryl [in unison]: Yes, we do!
Maks: Both of you don’t need to see me on ice! Even my mom said, “You two need to do something on ice,” and I’m like, “Ma, last time you saw me on ice, I had 10 stitches.”
Glamour: Yeah, but you weren’t with Meryl.
Meryl: Yeah, I’ll protect you.
Maks: All of this? [motions to his body]
Meryl: All of me will protect all of you.
Glamour: Meryl, you said in the rehearsal package tonight that you and Maks “are connecting on a personal level as well.”
Meryl: What?!
Glamour: Um, yes, that’s exactly what you said. I wrote it down. [Ed. Note: And listened to it twice!]
Meryl: I don’t remember saying that.
Maks: I thought you had an amazing memory.
Meryl: Well, just because I said it, doesn’t mean…
Glamour: Let me say it this way: Based on the amount of comments and emails I get that pertain to you guys, most viewers want to know if this insane chemistry has translated off the dance floor. So, do you want to set the record straight?
Maks: Sheesh, are we going to be setting the record straight for the next four weeks?
Glamour: Not unless you want to set it straight now.
Maks: I’ve never enjoyed a season like I do now. You’ve never heard me say anything personal.
Glamour: Well, yes and no. And I’ve never covered a season of DWTS more where there has been so much interest in one particular couple.
Meryl: Wow, keep the mystery alive!
Glamour: Whether this is an amazing friendship or something more, it has been a joy to watch you two connect. It’s a lesson in human interaction, in patience, and in genuinely loving someone.
Maks: I love her, I do. This is my 24/7 responsibility. This is her show, and she deserves to enjoy this. Her and Charlie deserve to enjoy this. Everybody loves [her], and I want to make sure she benefits from this experience and [loves doing] it.
Glamour: Meryl, do you want to add anything to that? How you’ve benefitted?
Meryl: Nope. [Smiles]
Maks: We’re all benefiting!
Meryl: He’s an amazing partner.