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how many asks do you have pharos?

((Not that I’m complaining, though!! I’m actually super psyched that this many people have contacted me and wanted to interact with my blog! It’s just that I can only answer one a day, or else I’ll get burned out really fast.

I try to answer all questions I get in order. There’s been three exceptions so far: the one that asked for Pharos’ friends and family, and the one that asked for their names. Those two I answered earlier than they should, bc I thought it was a good time to introduce the two of them. Then there’s the third ask, which I’m holding on to bc I think I can do more out of it, so I’m keeping it for a bit later. It’s not an interaction with another blog, so no worries! All interactions are answered in order. :]

Also, I’m super happy that I have a submission!! It’s the first fanart piece I’ve received! And since it’s so cute, I think it warrants a response, and that’s why I haven’t posted it yet! But I will soon enough!))

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Soft Magnus getting his hands massaged after a long and magic filled day.

i’m sure there’s a good chance that you assumed i’d go right for the malec option here. 

but the important thing to realize is that this is 100% something that magnus learned from ragnor.

like, we all know that magnus learned literally everything about warlock life from ragnor, and this is definitely one of those things. a little form of self-care, a little way of making himself more comfortable after working himself a little too hard (which, lbr, is pretty much something magnus does on a daily basis), and a little way of being nice to himself and actually putting forth effort to be good to himself. ragnor is the one who made mangus admit that he can wear himself out, and drain his magic, and ragnor was the first person to make magnus stop when he needs to, and rest, and take care of himself. 

so while there have been a lot of people in mangus’s life who recognize when he’s worn out, and offer to let him use their lap as a pillow, and give his hands nice, soft massages when he needs to be forced to slow down and take time to rest, for the first century or so, all of that care was coming from ragnor fell.

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I agree about seeing your personality in videos. Your first video when you just did daily stuff and talked about your feelings or opinions was so fun! More videos about yiur daily life would be good. There are so many informational videos about living in sk but not much actually showing life there. Especially since your experience is unique (not an english teacher) and you tend to do lots of interesting things. Id love to see how you find work and your experience speaking korean etc.

Thank you! I actually just filmed a vlog and I am planning on making videos about getting a (non-teaching) job.

And i am trying to show my personality more and censor myself less. I am so used to seeing these these perfect lives that I feel like I have to show you guys something like that but I also become a 100x more boring.

Thank you for your input ill keep that in mind!

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Maybe the trio as a PMD team, with appropriate gear?

((Fun fact: originally this blog was gonna’ be a PMD ask blog with Estrella as the main character. Actually, I’m still considering making a side comic and-or ask blog, hence why I’m avoiding in-depth backstory questions. Sorry, those will be answered when my decision’s made!))

((Also, Toby’s tail is covered in bands, you just can’t see it.))

Dear people who get to speak with BTS at fansigns

instead of asking them for their ideal types or if they prefer dark skin or tan skin, ya know the usual things they hear on a daily  basis and probably forget about, your one of the the few people who get to actually speak with them on behalf of us armys and they need to know they are much more than their looks and such.

Can you tell Taehyung 

-that his natural skintone is amazing

- that his voice is so soulful and pure

-that we always look up to him for being so optimistic

-congratulate him for working hard in hwarang

Can you tell Jimin

-that he needs to stop overworking his body

-we don’t care about his looks he is perfect

-we care about his wonderful dance skills

-we appreciate how hard he working to improve his singing skills

-to always rest and smile

-to not overwork and stress, we are happy with what he has done for us

-his body is beautiful, keep on smiling

Can you tell Jungkook

-that his skin condition is wonderful, His skintone is blessed

-that we look up to him for working so hard for us armys at a young age

- tell him we look up to how passionate he is and how much he sacrificed at a young age

-appreciate him learning english

-tell him to rest

Can you tell Yoongi

-to never look down on himself

-to remind him that because of his music has saved lives

-his mixtape was amazing

-he is a wonderful human being who deserves happiness

-we appreciate his rapping and producing

-that he is amazing at writing meaningful lyrics

-we appreciate him choosing this path despite the hardships

Can you tell Namjoonie

-that he is an inspiration

-his mixtape literally saved me from suicide

-we appreciate him for always trying to interact with international armys

-that we are so happy he finally decided to block out the haters

-we look up to him for respecting the responsibilities of his actions

-that we really love his lyrics

-that his story on how he sacrificed family and education for music is legendary

Can you tell Seokjin

-that we appreciate eatjin its very entertaining

- that his voice is actually very skilled and so talented

-that we appreciate him for always taking care of his members

-we love listening to his solo tracks and covers

Can you tell Hoseok

-that he doesnt have to be happy all the time just bc he is the hopeful member

-that we respect him as a rapper

-that 1verse was amazing

-his dancing is inspirational

-to tell him he is so hardworking

-he doesnt need to change he is perfect

By @btsxlami
i want play fights that lead to you pinning me down and kissing every inch of my body. i want flirty shopping trips after dark with us shooting things into the cart and you getting annoyed with me making puns with all of the item names. i want to make dinner together, smearing the ingredients on each other’s faces more than actually cooking it. i want cuddles on the couch while watching scary movies. and i want you stroking my hair behind my ear before leaning in for my daily after work kiss. i want to spend every holiday with you; taking our kids trick or treating, making food for thanksgiving, decorating the christmas tree, and every year for the rest of my life, i want you to be my new years kiss. i want you. only you. & for as long as i’m still breathing, i want us. for forever and a day.
—  September 24th 2015

Here is a story all about the best moment of JAX Con for myself. I was going up to get Jared’s auto and had a photo op to get signed, but I thought I want something more meaningful. I have struggled with depression and serve anxiety since I was 16 years old. In August of 2015, I lost my best friend, my light, my mother. A friend suggest to watch Supernatural to get my mind off things. Well, about a month later I was hooked. This show carried my through long nights of horrible grief, early mornings of stressful choices I had to make after losing my mom, and was an outlet for me to feel somewhat reconnected with her via the classic rock, the humor, and so many other things.
During the JAX Con J2 panel, he had stated his therapist was actually the one who had told him the whole I am enough line. For months I took that to heart, I wrote it down daily. It helped in ways I can’t even express.
I went up to him with this blank sheet of card stock and said I know you’re probably not allowed but could you write I am enough so I could get it tattooed. He so kindly said, I will write whatever you want. So, he wrote it, paused for a moment, looked at me and said, now I want you to write it down right underneath mine. Starting to tear up, I grabbed the sharpie, and jotted down the phrase that had carried me daily. He then grabbed it back and signed it, then said now you sign your signature too. I was so taken back by the fact that he didn’t want it to just be about him, he wanted me to know that I am no different than he is. That I too am enough. I looked up and he shook my hand, and he said hey, what are you? I said, I am enough. His reply, Fuck yeah you are.

This man is something we should all strive to be. Caring, loving, open about our struggles so that other people can feel encouraged by them as well. I can’t say how grateful I am for this card stock piece of paper. I cannot wait to get it tattooed as a reminder of one of the best days of my life, but as a daily reminder that I am enough.. just as I am.

And yes, I cried typing this.
To all my fellow friends and followers please know you are enough just as you are.

What is MADD?

• What Maladaptive Daydreaming is not:

- Hallucinations.

- A voluntary thing that’s easy to get it over with.

- Laziness.

- Dreaming while sleeping. (daydreaming not dreaming.)

- Delusions.

- something that everyone has. (aka Normal Daydreaming™)

• What Maladaptive Daydreaming actually means:

- Constant daydreaming for hours until it interferes your life involuntarily (even though it can start as a voluntary thing)

- having a lot of difficulty in fulfilling simply daily tasks (like eating, showering, sleeping) because of the urge of daydreaming.

- do facial expressions, body movement, muttering and/or whispering, legs shaking, finger tapping, walking and/or running around the area as you get too involved in your daydreams. (Which happens so frequently, especially in public, so we usually try to hide it and fail).

- being self aware of the fact that your daydreams are JUST daydreams, not reality.

- something very hard to get out of. (but most of the time we don’t want it to dissapear).

(feel free to add more!)

to all my female friends:

• yes, your stomach does expand a bit as you go through the day because of the things you consume

• yes, the scales may go up a pound or two just before / during / just after your period because of the water weight, so don’t freak out, because it’s not a real pound

• if you wash (and especially condition) your hair on a daily basis, it will actually dry out more quickly, so it’s best to wash it every other day, or even every couple of days if your hair isn’t too oily

• it is not the end of the world if you bleed through your pants. chances are, everyone around you knows what a period is, and they will understand

• brush your hair out once in the morning and once at night so you can get all those nutrient-rich oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair strands

to my male friends out there:

• once again – your stomach will expand a bit throughout the course of your day, that wasn’t just a thing for women

• it’s not ‘gay’ to clip your nails. take care of those fuckers. proper nail hygiene is incredible.

• the hair-washing thing applies to you as well

• it is 100% okay if you don’t have washboard abs or a barrel chest. the people you may be trying to romance / yourself should know that that’s just as unrealistic as the ‘typical standard model body’ for women.

• if someone tries to make fun of you for wanting to have a career that’s usually woman-dominated, like maybe a hairdresser or a nurse, that’s all kind of fucked up and you don’t have to listen to them. pursue your dreams.

• Christian Grey is NOT a role model oh my god please understand this

• don’t let women (especially some of the women on this site) tell you that you’re worth any less than any other human being on this planet due to circumstances that are out of your control

Changing up how I approach my daily doodles has been one of the best things I’ve done this month.  Starting out with a smaller, set canvas shape has sparked doodle ideas in different ways, and freed up some of the mental pressure I would occasionally get to “hurry up and draw something for the daily journal!!1!1!”

I’ve been calling these square canvas doodles “art blocks”, because they’re helping me break through some of my current art woes.  It also sounds more fun than .. well, actual art blocks.

Writing ADHD characters, an incomplete guide by a person with ADHD

So, if you want to write a character with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, it doesn’t matter if it’s an original character in your new story, or if you’re writing PJO fanfiction, there’s some things you need to know:
•Soda, sugar, coffee, they don’t make us MORE hyper, they actually help us calm down. A lot of people with ADHD self-medicate with coffee and soda on a daily basis when they don’t have access to actual treatment
•Our brains have two settings: hyperfocus and complete lack of attention. If your character is seriously worried about something, or if they like what they’re doing, it’s very likely they’re not going to stop. At all. I have once spent two entire days researching a topic, without moving from my computer, until I had to. Because I peed myself. I was fifteen. Hyperfocus is a serious problem, even if it’s sometimes useful. Don’t treat it as a superpower, please.
•On the same note, your character probably cannot spend too much time or energy on something they don’t like. As in, sometimes five uninterrupted minutes of reading are harder to achieve than three hours of writing, simply because the reading is not fun.
•We fidget. A lot. Your character probably repeats a movement over and over and over and over again, or they might always be doing something with their hands. You can make it something useful, but it is not necessarily common (Leo Valdez, from HOO, is a good example of useful fidgeting, with the things he builds. Annabeth Chase, on the other hand, tends to fidget with her necklace, a completely non-useful movement that is repeated several times, enough to be mentioned)
•Crazy energetic moments of inspiration happen. They usually don’t last. And people can’t really follow along with what we’re doing. The results, in my experience, are 50/50 on total garbage or amazingly good.
•Conversations, especially between several people with ADHD, can really easily go from point A to point G without going anywhere in the middle. Our brains tend to make different connections.
•Memory. Our memory is shitty and weird, most of the time. Same as our focus, it usually is either perfect or not there at all. I have lost countless hours to my own brain, chasing my thoughts.
•Planning is hard. Proof reading is hard. Finishing things once the original boost of focus is gone is almost impossible. I’m sorry this is so short, but it was a spur of the moment decision.

Feel free to ask me questions. I’ll probably love to explain things to you.
And please. To all fanfic writers. Stop making the characters go more hyper when they drink coffee. Seriously, one coffee makes me focus, two make me productive. Three make me take a nap.

some really, really, truly good things about world of warcraft: legion:

  • suramar
  • the really heartwarming jarod & maiev reunion subplot in the creepy demon ghost jail in val’sharah
  • an actual tiny bit of effort being put in to making the class order halls be unique & have genuine character and charm, as opposed to the garrisons in wod which were like the wow equivalent of the evil soulless clone summer camp in that one animal crossing creepypasta and/or goosebumps book
  • arcanist valtrois, from suramar 
  • world quests which can sometimes feel like a chore but represent an attempt at max level/daily content that’s varied and brings you to all different corners of the map
  • lots of interesting and vibrant and wonderful female characters interacting and arguably flirting with one another at a frequency that would be completely unprecedented for blizzard if not for overwatch (2016)

some really really truly bad things about world of warcraft: legion

  • malfurion
  • that boss in neltharion’s lair who keeps shouting “tiny piddle; big puddle” and haunts my dreams
  • that one world quest that you’re forced to do every day before you do anything else in the game, including logging out, where you have to go on an awkward coffee date with illidan and say 5 nice things about him without accidentally interrupting any of his long monologues about how everything he’s ever done was actually really good and heroic. at the end of the quest he accidentally spills his cappuccino on ur blouse and looks kind of sheepish about it but doesnt apologize. also in the next patch they’re making it so that you have to complete this quest every 45 minutes to keep your subscription which i guess is very bold and very immersive  if nothing else

Glyph ( ☿ )

Ruler of Gemini and Virgo
Exalted in Virgo (or Aquarius)
Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces
Fall in Pisces (or Leo)

Time Spent in a Sign: About 14 - 30 days

Mythology behind Mercury
The speed and swiftness of Mercury; the messenger God, has always been associated with communication. In Greek Mythology, Hermes was the messenger God, able to quickly move between the world of humans and Gods. Hermes was also quite the trickster, often playing practical jokes on the Gods. Hermes was also called “Mercury” because Mercury is it’s Roman equivalent. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth was the God of Knowledge and the Mind and Egyptians credited Thoth for anything related to science, philosophy and religion. It was the Greeks who declared Thoth as inventor of astrology, astronomy and even mathematics.

Mercury in Astrology
Communication is a daily thing and it’s an important one as well. Mercury, a rather underrated planet in astrology, is actually one of the most important ones. How we go on about our day, how we study, how we communicate, how we think is all based on our Mercury sign. Mercury is quick: quick thinking and a quick wit. Your opinions and your logic all stem from this small planet. The mind is clearly a powerful and precious thing. Mercury, on a deeper level, is about short trips, your siblings and your immediate surroundings. So how does the mind work, how does Mercury work when it’s placed in a specific sign?

Mercury in Aries
The mind is swift and bold with Mercury in Aries. They usually think for themselves and can be direct people, in a way they stay true to themselves and their beliefs. You’ll find that they don’t have a filter.

Mercury in Taurus
The mind is patient with Mercury in Taurus. These people are careful thinkers and they prefer to learn on their own time and at their own pace. You’ll find that they’re quite stubborn people.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is domicile in Gemini. The mind is quick and fast paced with Gemini Mercuries. Their mind is restless, they’re highly curious and can be excellent conversationalists. You’ll find that these people know a little bit of everything.

Mercury in Cancer
The mind is sensitive, but haunting with Mercury in Cancer. These people often have excellent memories, but may dig up memories that they prefer to be kept hidden. You’ll find that these people are soft-spoken and can calm you with their words.

Mercury in Leo
The mind is loud and bursting with life with Mercury in Leo. These people love when everyone is all ears to what they have to say and they can be excellent story tellers. You’ll find that they are protective, stubborn even, over their beliefs.

Mercury in Virgo
Mercury is domicile and exalted in Virgo. The mind is sharp and crystal clear with Virgo Mercuries. They are able to dig deep into what they’re learning about and crunching down information to make it easier to understand. You’ll find that these people possess a lot of information about many topics.

Mercury in Libra
The mind is balanced, slightly critical in speech with Mercury in Libra. They are sweet, can be perfectionists, but they aim to be fair and open minded towards everyone they encounter. You’ll find that these people have a beautiful way of speaking and even lovelier way with words.

Mercury in Scorpio
The mind is sensitive and the eyes are observant with a Mercury in Scorpio. They are seekers of the truth, human lie detectors and are usually deep in their thoughts. You’ll find that these people are fixated and private about their beliefs and opinions.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury is considered detriment in Sagittarius. The mind is broad and there’s a philosophical way of thinking with Sagittarius Mercuries. They are generally open minded, but they strongly stick to their own morals and beliefs. You’ll find that these people are rather blunt and full of energy.

Mercury in Capricorn
The mind is structured and the speech if filtered with Mercury in Capricorn. They can come across as serious and authoritative with the way they deliver things, and they think before they speak. You’ll find that these people are practical and proud.

Mercury in Aquarius
The mind is innovative and clever with Mercury in Aquarius. They are quite talkative and can be deep thinkers, but they are disciplined in their thoughts as well; they think before they speak. You’ll find that these people can come up with unique, genius ideas.

Mercury in Pisces
Mercury is considered detriment and in fall in Pisces. The mind is imaginative and perceptive with Pisces Mercuries. They think deeply about what others say and could try reading between the lines. You’ll find that these people get lost in their thoughts.

The more and more I experientially know Jesus, and be known by him. the more and more I realize, the God that we teach about in general, isn’t the same God the bible talks about. Maybe on some level, but our lives would look radically, and so much different. Jesus himself said, “You will do greater things than I did…” Does our life reflect that? Do we really have a relationship with God? Or, are we pretending? Playing like we do, with our church, and bible studies. Are we daily experiencing God in new ways? Our life wasn’t meant for “mountain top” experiences every once in a while. Jesus is an adventure everyday, and we can actually live in relationship to the father like he did, and do greater things, and live in our identity he made us to be. We can really understand the depth of his love, and most importantly, hear his voice… We can realize how to be co-heirs with Christ, keeping in step with the Spirit, when going to the store, or the coffee shop is an adventure with the Holy Spirit. Mundane things, turn into exciting kairos moments with God. What an amazing life that sounds like. If my life doesn’t look like that, then I am not following the same God Jesus knew. And Perhaps the greatest and most astounding revelation is,  its not that we are not working hard enough, or not in “ministry” or anything based on our performance, but its living in the fact that we are whole and completely and infinitely loved. That God wants to speak to us, not accuse us, or judge or, or tell us how bad of a job we are doing, thats hes disappointed, but to tell us, “My love is made complete in you. You are mine, and I absolutely adore you more than the galaxies I breathed.” I think if we grasp that, our lives would be more incredible than we ever dared imagine, and he would lead us into places we couldn't dream of and the world would be  transformed. IF we confess the lies we believe, he will speak truth to us, and its so incredibly wonderful and freeing. We come to this realization, that he loves us, and values us, as much as he loved Jesus. And through Jesus we know him, and move and have our being. Thats the life I want to live.
—  A discussion my old mentor and I had on the phone today / It was really good

My very first bullet journal spread! o(^▽^)o

I actually decided to start a bujo because I wanted to keep a list of “things to accomplish” daily so that I could (maybe) be more productive (⌒-⌒; ) I also really enjoyed the doodling factor and how creative the user could be with his/her bujo!

This week, I stumbled upon the beautiful music from Oh Wonder, so there are a few quotes here and there from their songs. The cover is also a lyric from “Livewire” by them.

Please also pardon my little mistakes like the smudges and it should be till the 20th as well hahaha.

Here’s to (hopefully) sticking to this planner and more imaginative days ahead x

I hate that defending ourselves against antisemitism and Xian centrism forces us to make statements such as “Chanukah isn’t even a very important Jewish holiday”.. I mean, that’s a sentence we should never have to say, and honestly, we wouldn’t say something like that about any of our holidays unless confronted with Xian centrism and misconceptions about our culture. 

All our holidays are important and “major” in a way. All our holidays and traditions and occasions no matter how small or large are significant. Shabbat happens weekly and it is still so so significant. Waking up in the morning and washing your hands, in religious Jewish thought, is significant. The smallest ways in which you speak and act, the most mundane daily traditions, are not mundane at all in Judaism. There is a bracha (blessing) to say when you see a rainbow or lightning. There is a bracha to say when you see the ocean. Jewish living and culture teaches that there are very few things that are actually negligible or insignificant. And when it comes to holidays, every holiday is important and a vital part of Jewish life and the cycle of the year. 

The reason we are forced to make the above claims about Chanukah being a “less significant/major holiday” are things like goyim saying “Chanukah, the Jewish Xmas” or “Why are you complaining about not getting to take off Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the year), you get Chanukah off!” In response we say “Chanukah isn’t even a major festival like the high holy days, it’s not that important” to try to get goyim to understand that comparing it to Xmas, making it seem like the pinnacle of the Jewish festival cycle, is wrong. We end up making a comparison that really we should never have to make. We shouldn’t be weighing Chanukah and the high holy days and saying “which is Major and which is Minor, which is important and which is less so”. They are both important in different ways and a different significance and level of religious obligation, yes, different levels of holiness and religious obligation, yes, however neither is inherently less important, and both have contributions to Jewish culture, religion, values, beliefs, traditions, families, etc. You should never have to rank the Jewish holidays in a list of “which are important/significant and which are not”. They all are.

It reminds me of the idea of like, is any mitzvah really a small mitzvah, an insignificant mitzvah? No. They may have varying levels of obligation, consequences for breaking, etc, but they are all significant. Same goes for holidays. In our efforts to educate non Jews on their ignorance in an Xian centric society I wish we didn’t have to make statements that belittle Chanukah and make it into Not a Big Deal. Because all of our holidays are important. We shouldn’t have to belittle certain ones to have the right to celebrate others, or explain ourselves in ways that devalue important traditions to make goyim understand some watered down version of ourselves and our tradition. Chanukah is more than “not the Jewish xmas”, it’s more than “a small Jewish festival”, it’s more than “not as much of a big deal as the high holy days”, I wish I’d never made a useless comparison like that in my life. it’s an important chag full of life and joy and the story of Jewish resilience. 

This isn’t my disgust at Jews who’ve used these statements to ward off ignorance and western Xian centrism, I have and we all have, I made one of those comparisons yesterday talking to a goyische in-law. it’s my disgust at the Xian centrism and antisemitism itself that has caused the necessity for us to make these statements, that has caused us to start talking about our own culture and tradition and holiday in a belittling way, making comparisons that were never meant to be made. 

There are no “minor” or “less important” Jewish holidays in my eyes. no “minor” or “less important” mitzvot, no “minor” or “less important” tradition or history or Jewish person or Jewish family. All our holidays are important. All our traditions are important. All of us are important.


I was a TeWo multi shipper so I had my fic writing/reading hands in all the ships (well… None of the ones with Peter because he’s horrible and I hate him) and the one thing that stood out to me was how the fandom made a lie out of their own claims that they were pushing $terek for queer representation by how they dismissed Danny.

Danny. Precious, gorgeous, brilliant, and gay. Dude had chemistry with Scott from episode one and had a Canon love interest or two. And yet fandom only used him as a way to make Derek jealous or to get in your daily dose of “no homo” with Jackson.

I remember when the hotel episode was about to air, how a bunch of $terek shippers actually were like “boycott the episode” because Danny and his boyfriend were going to get horizontal. You know, because representation doesn’t count until it’s two white guys fucking.

There were literally people pissed about how Stiles/Derek “should’ve been” the couple on the show to have sex. And like… They’re not a couple on the show?? At all??

They planned to boycott the show and were freaking out all over because the “wrong couple” were going to have sex.


(In the same vein, see all the Sp!rk shippers who responded to the Sulu reveal with outright anger because the “wrong” character" was gay. Like they did that shit.)

If the desire here is for slash fiction to pave the way for queer representation, why are canon queer characters rarely centered (especially if they’re characters if color)?

Why is it that femslash isn’t more popular (and its not because y'all are so worried about replicating the male gaze so shut up with that nonsense)?

Why is it that multiple times in RECENT fandom history (within like 2 years) we’ve seen huge slash shipping fandoms get ridiculously angry over gay characters of color being canon or showing their relationships in canon instead of the more popular noncanon white dude slash ship?

If it’s all about representation, why weren’t Hikaru Sulu/Ben or Danny/that Twin ever popular main ships?

Why isn’t Queen Sugar with a queer Black woman as a main lead getting held up by these slash activists who claim to fight the good fight for representation?

Riddle me that.