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Call Me By Your Name (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) will be released on November 3, 2017 according to Amazon.


  1. John Adams -  Hallelujah Junction - 1st movement
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - M.A.Y. in the Backyard
  3. Loredana Bertè - J'adore Venise
  4. Bandolero - Paris latino
  5. Frank Glazer - Sonatine bureaucratique
  6. Alessio Bax - Zion hört die Wächter singen (From “Cantata Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”, BWV 140)
  7. Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito - Lady Lady Lady
  8. Andre Laplante - Une barque sur l'océan from Miroirs
  9. Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Doveman Remix)
  10. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Germination
  11. F.R. David - Words
  12. Marco Armani - È la vita
  13. Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love
  14. Franco Battiato - Radio Varsavia
  15. The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
  16. Valeria Szervánszky & Ronald Cavaye - Le jardin féerique from Ma mère l'Oye
  17. Sufjan Stevens - Visions of Gideon

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chapter 93 messed me up. badly. and you know what better way to curb that heart break? draw that heart break. but in all honesty, i’ve been completely and utterly hooked on TAOD and i adore it so much lsdjfsjg thank you for gifting us with this blessing but he’s so small i never meant for this to happen wtf

An experiment:

Darren and Mia are in a healthy romantic relationship that seems pretty great.  They enjoy each other’s company and are each other’s biggest fan.  We get literal proof of this in picture form on a weekly basis.

Chris and Will are also in a healthy romantic relationship.  We don’t get to see them canoodle but Will hubba-hubbas every photo he can.  Chris thanks him in his books and refers to him as his boyfriend.  They are a couple who stay home because apparently the domestic bliss is that blissful.

Furthermore, they say this is their reality and so I believe them.  Playing in your head is one thing.  Being destructive towards others is another.  I do not submit to letting this tinhat nonsense be the thing that survives the Glee/Klaine fandom.


hayley kiyoko gets me 

A single-line drawing of Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery.


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- 본격 김재중 미모에 치이는 영상.avi #러블리 하면 #김재중
- How come it ends so quickly? He’s #killingus, #credit ? #Enjoy his #perfect yet #sweetest #wink #Fabulous indeed!


Thank you @thatnerdyblondegirl for tagging me to do the bias selfie tag! I’m doing bias wrecker selfie tag with this dumb bun instead because why not? 

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