this is act an old pic

i love florist aus, but my family’s owned a flower shop for like 40-ish years and i’ve grown up around, involved and working in it…. and it makes them hard to enjoy sometimes lmao.

  • i have been around flowers all my life and i know more about flower meanings from fanfictions
  • god, stop…. no, those flowers don’t go together….
  • that’s not how you keep that plant alive
  • stop romanticizing carnations cause carnations suck and they’re cheap as fuck and they’re most often used for FUNERALS regardless of color please stop
  • long stemmed roses are similar and only one step up from carnations
  • you can’t just slap any old shit together.  you have 3 main types of flowers in any arrangement: the ‘show’ flower, ‘filler’ flowers and ‘accent’ flowers.  plus add something green you heathens.
  • everyone??? hates yellow for some reason??? actually i can give props to fanfic for that cause they show off yellows more than i actually sell them…. which is a shame i love yellow flowers.
  • it’s the worst when they come into the store and buy all this loose shit and be like ‘i’m gunna make my own :)’ like fuck you…. i could make that ratty shit look GOOD for less than you’re spending but OKAY I GUESS.  (then it looks like shit when they post pics on facebook.  and they claim credit for making but NOT WHERE THEY GOT THE FUCKING FLOWERS)
  • there is this one old bitch we get every year, comes in for vase arrangements for her husband’s grave…. sad, but i HATE HER.  she tries to stand over our shoulders and boss and bully us and has us change the flowers used like 12 times and no matter what we make her she’s a fucking cunt acts like its not what she ordered so she can get a discount.  fuck you, you old bitch.  i made this arrangement 74583754 times you’re not getting shit.
  • why would you draw a bouquet before you make it… they’re flowers, just make it and if it looks bad take it apart???  they’re not glued there forever.
  • you WILL have skills on wrapping and bow making even if you don’t desire or think you need these skills
  • catch me in the shop blasting screaming angry metal when no one else is there (i think the flowers like it too)
  • Me: -fists the stems of a bunch of roses- Person: “doesn’t that hurt??? the thorns.”  Me; “they have learned to fear their god c:” (protip: it doesn’t hurt after a while my hands are SO ROUGH)
  • no one likes hanging around in the greenhouse as much as you think they do
  • a leaf cut is like a paper cut only the devil himself comes to rub salt in it
  • sweetie, i know it’s ur special wedding day but stop YELLING AT ME cause you picked out these ugly ass flowers i TRIED to talk you out of it and i did what i could with them, okay?!
  • the only joy i get is when children come into the shop to buy things….
  • but not when moms bring their brat ass children who want to mangle all the fucking flowers
  • this job has made me hate everyone around me

(forgive me followers for i have been inactive for FAAAAAR too long -dogezas- I’m soooo sorrryyyyy accept these as my apology -repeatingly dogezas-)

Good guys gone bad, Hiro, Dipper, and Anodite!ben

The first pic would be Hiro who just won a fight against Big Hero 6 (Tadashi, Honey lemon, Fred, Wasabi, gogo, and baymax) but when tadashi takes of his helmet hiro thinks that tadashi is just a faker pretending to be his dead brother (ppst Alive!tadashi). did i mention this hiro actually mechanically altered his body aka, he’s now a cyborg… somewhat

The second pic would be Dipper fighting Ford while Mabel fights Stan, and he’s just “I’m so much better than you so just give up old man” yeah that (this happens during weirdmageddon)

the third pic is just ben going ballistic on an Human alien hunter that fatally wounded the team and rook trying to stop ben from killing the alien by acting like a human shield ( i need more anodite practice)

(may or may not be more depends)


Blue dot

You have to be really careful as a medieval decorator. In the Middle Ages the sequence of making a book was as follows: first the scribe copied the text, painstakingly, sweating over a single parchment page for up to half a day; and then the decorator would add color. This meant, of course, that the brush of the latter artist was hovering over a completed page. These images show what could go wrong if gravity got the upper hand in this balancing act: a drop of blue paint fell from the brush onto the parchment page. The decorator must not have seen it, because the thick drop was allowed to dry and travel through time: the 700-years-old human error is now a pretty sight. 

Pics (my own): Leiden, University Library, BPL 64 (13th century).

Sombra is 30.

She can be 30 and still be perky and energetic.
She can be 30 and still be youthful looking. 

30 is not old. 30 is not the cryptkeeper. 30 does not mean wrinkles everywhere and/or being unable to be athletic. 

Can we please stop acting like she can’t be 30 because she’s active, sarcastic, and Millennial-esque and also stop acting like you have to make her wrinkly to make her look 30?

Your friendly, neighborhood 33 year old meme-loving, video gaming Millennial. 

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And what makes you so sure, honestly? Like, besides the over the top photoshop theories, what makes you think he's not his baby? I know some of you talk about how Liam talks about bear vs how Louis talks about Freddie, but you need to realize that there's not a formula on how to talk about your kid, every parent is different! And my main question is: why the hell would they make him have a fake baby??? Do you really think Louis (and his family) would be cool and play along with that???

What makes me so sure? *cracks knuckles*

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victorious characters as bloggers


-pretty lilac mobile theme

-aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers??

-reblogs photography a lot + pictures of peoples art journals

-still doesn’t 100% have the concept of tumblr down though so she doesn’t use tags. at all

-has a personal tag where she talks about school with the dialect of a middle aged mother

-blocks every porn blog. all of them.

-posts cute videos of her singing. jade heckles her in the tags when she rbs them


-bubble gum pink mobile theme

-everything is in caps???

-has literally no idea how to use tumblr @ all

-half of her posts are reblogs of her friends posts bc she forgets about the messaging tab

-the other half are all cute animals and her own nonsensical personal posts 

-everyone thinks she a crack/parody blog bc of how weird her shit is


-clearly put a lottttt of effort into coding her own theme but won’t admit it

-unironically ironically reblogs stuff like “and one day you’ll realize this was written with my blood”

-makes posts making fun of tori to which tori responds “im being CYBERBULLIED” but it only stays on her blog for like 36 hours at most

-punk aesthetic shit like doc martens + broken glass, edgy oil spill photography that only 13 year olds reblog

-black + green mobile theme

-her title is “welcome to my twisted mind” but it really is ironic she swears

-has one of those music players on her blog

-bio has ‘goth activist’ in it. nobody knows whether or not it’s serious. no one wants to.


-mobile theme is blue + white

-never bothered to get a code theme so it’s just the default and its fuck ugly

-doesn’t have a banner either

-most of it is just audio bits of his own music bc he doesn’t wanna be a soundcloud rapper douche

-rbs clothes he like a lot + expensive instruments he wants to own one day

-some of it is interacting w/ tori & rbing quotes about music, and Funny Tumblr Story shit


-is really really popular??

-black + gray mobile theme

-posts shirtless pictures of himself bc he hasn’t realized it’s douchey yet

-almost all of his posts are black+white aesthetic pictures of shit like well dressed men smoking on balconies + city skylines in monochrome

-reblogs old actors quotes about the craft of acting

-literally no personal posts. just edgy b&w photography aesthetic that’s all of it

-MOST minamalist theme in the world

-gets tons of teen girls asking for dick pics and he’s like “you know northridge”


-reblogs lots of sad, weird facts. usually about bugs

-his icon is a stock photo of some color swirl of electricity he got from google images

-mobile theme is gray and bright red but not in an emo way

-reblogs lots of quotes about intelligence and being in the friend zone

-is part of the puppetry fandom? which consists of 3 people?

-doesn’t quite get the grasp of tumblr tbh

-has 4 followers. 4. 

-posts poorly taken photos of him and rex that were very obviously taken from a computers webcam

-sends anons to advicey blogs asking why girls don’t like him

-anonymously flirts with cat and all of her answers are literally unintelligible.

-his bio is all of the lyrics to the iconic “broken glass”

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what if little little Alfie one day finds a pic or something like of Harry in his soldier outfit from Dunkirk movie and he thinks he was a soldier and tell Harry "don't go again to war "and Harry is confused but then Alfie show it the pic and Harry trying to tell him that it was a movie and Alfie didn't understand at first because he didn't even born when Dunkirk was released

He’s only 4-years old. 

So, he doesn’t understand the full concept of movies and televised programmes and how actors and actresses play different people with the roles they’re given to act out. And, despite how many times the missus and Harry tell the kids that ‘daddy was in a movie’, Alfie still can’t quite grasp that his daddy was in a big movie, before he was born, that was set in a day that is completely different to modern-day times. That he was involved in a film showing the true terror and the events that happened on a truly historical event during the war. 

He can recognise the outfit because he’s got toy soldiers littering his bedroom floor and sitting in his toy chest, and he knows what the camouflage pattern means and that those people dressed head-to-toe are set to go off to another country and serve for the country and fight in a war. So when he sees the photo of Harry, dressed in an outfit that is similar to something used in war, and stood with the missus before he’s called back to the set to film his parts, Alfie’s a mess. Rushing into the kitchen and dodging Persephone on his journey, crying heavily with big tears dribbling down his cheeks, colliding with the backs of Harry’s legs as he wraps his arms around his thighs. 

And Harry’s taken back. Shocked almost, as he drops the apple in his hand, the fruit rolling across the counter as Harry set the knife down on the chopping board, spinning on his heels and frowning down at his crying boy.

“S’the matter, little man?”

“Daddy, don’t go!” He cries out, gripping onto the denim that clung to Harry’s thighs, “please! Don’t go again! Don’t leave us!”

“Don’t go where, Alfie? What’s the matter?” 

“To war! Please don’t go to war again!”

And it suddenly clicks into place in Harry’s mind; there’s one picture up in the bedroom, tucked into the nightstand drawer of his bedside table, that’s been with him for years. Right from the moment his mum had shot it from her camera and had it developed, he’d had a hold of it, refusing to put it into an album because it was one that was most precious to him. Timely and worn-out with he corners crinkled and ripped a little, but, still in perfect condition to see just what was happening in the photo.

“Alfie, daddy’s never been to war,” he chuckles, crouching down in front of the little boy and cupping his tiny face in his hands, running his thumbs under his red and watery eyes and collecting the moisture that built up under his eye-lids, “that was a film that daddy was in a few years ago. Way before you kids were born. Where I played a soldier in a big historic event. I’m not a soldier, am I? M’a singer. I sing on stage, don’t I? You’ve seen me on stage. Always been a singer”

“Please, daddy,” he whimpers, “don’t leave us. Please don’t die, daddy.”

“Little man, I’m going no where,” Harry smiles warmly, pressing a kiss to his forehead, “I’m staying right here. I promise you. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be around forever and ever. Stop being so silly, yeah? You’re stuck with me forever,” he whispers with a chuckle, pushing back the curled fringe that clung to Alfie’s sweaty forehead, fingers running through his brown hair, “I love you, buddy. I promise you, I’m not going anywhere away from you. I’m staying here with you, yeh mum and yeh sisters.” xx

2doc iz REEL and I haz the proof

I’ve been doing some research about Da Pickle Man and 2Thicc4Meh. I’ve come down to the conclusion that it is indeed reel. I shall show you the evidence:

1. Have you noticed that most of the interviews are with 2D and Mudz? The one they did, I think it was last month, only had pictures of Noodle and Russel on the wall. Seems kinda fishy don’t it?

2. The 19-2000 video. Where was D sitting? Next to da sexc pickle. Even in the Stylo video, he was sitting next to Murdoc again! You’d think that Cyborg Noodle would’ve been sitting by him since she was his bodyguard, but nope. It was Face-ache.

3. Remember those G-Bites? The Eel to be more specific. Now, how come 2D’s banging didn’t bother anyone else, but Murdoc? His banging… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Plus, Mudz walked in there wit his drawz on and all his glory was hanging there between his legz! And you ain’t gon tell me that 2-D wasn’t tryna get a peek at it. And notice how he was acting with Pickle Man. Stuttering and stumbling over his words. He is obviously crushing on Murdoc and he seemed to be doing a decent job at trying to hit the eel before he walked in there, but he wanted to play all scared and let Mudz do it since he was a big strong man. Another thing I noticed is that he was afraid of him getting hurt by Russel. Also, look at this picture:

(We all know where his eyes are trailing to. Seriously tho, 2-D was adorable in dis.)

4. The Feel Good Inc. video. If you watch it again, you’ll notice how many times 2Thicc4Meh and bastad bass playah flashed looks of lust to each other. For example, the part about a city being a camel’s back. When 2-D was walking past Murdoc while da gurls were lifting him up, he looked at D with a look that said, “Yeh, boi, u no u wont dis bodeh!” and 2-D couldn’t help, but look back at him. And during the end of the video, Da Sexc Demon was shaking dat booty all up in Peppermint Tea’s face, thrusting his hips and all dat. 2-D was still looking at him. I bet he put some extra mint in that tea when the video was over, if u no wat eye mean *winkyface*.

5. Now on to 2D’s behavior. I noticed that he’s been voicing his opinion more often. Definitely more than phase 1 or 2. He actually had the nerve to talk back to Pickle about his place of residence at the time, Plastic Beach, and how he wanted to “die” so badly. I think he’s getting his attitude from Mermer. 

6. He’s seem to be hanging with him a lot lately, notice the little shorts they’re releasing now. Plus, he’s acting like him too and his tongue is getting slightly longer like Mudz. Wat can dat tung do tho, boi?

7. Some more pics of my evidence:

Look how happy he is playing against Murdoc and this was in phase 1.

Bickering like an old married couple.

2-D’s just casually sitting there thinking about what he and Murdoc are gonna be doin’ later on today. He seems to be quite calm here.Dang his legz are long, he prolly be choking da lyfe outta Murdonk.

Yeh, s0 those r my proof as 2 y 2doc iz reel.


If I had any advice for my 16-year-old self, it would just be to stay strong, because acting is not an easy lifestyle, especially when you are starting out. That being said, it definitely makes it all worth it when it does happen.

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They're in Budapest. Pretty romantic place. Why is the first "official" pic of them posted so business like and formal as opposed to a more personal selfie or something that actually gives you a feel for who they are as a couple. Like most said, she could have just been a fan in that pic. Heck, fans have looked more intimate with Sam.

I’m currently acting as a chair for my 8-year-old as we watch The Deathly Hallows and can’t get to my laptop, so someone will have to insert the “Coincidence? I think not!” gif on my behalf. Thanks in advance.

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So cristiano doesn't get "enough support" from the club one time bc he might've done something illegal and now he wants to leave the club? I wonder how the other players feel when they didn't get *any* support. Even if they felt bad, they didn't leave. I love cris, but this is childish behavior for someone who's 32 years old, if he thinks they didn't do enough (even tho he got a statement which is way more than what anyone else got) then he can go. It's just embarrassing to act like this

You wanna compare Cristiano Ronaldo to everyone else? Listen, the club released a statement yes, but they’ve been calling newspapers asking them to not use pics of Cristiano in a Real Madrid jersey when reporting on the tax issue, they say in their statement they believe in Cristiano’s full innocence, and yet reportedly told him he should reach an agreement with the authorities and pay whatever they tell him to pay (does this sound like they believe he’s innocent???). Cristiano is outraged because he feels like he has done nothing wrong (and he hasn’t, if you read what his defense has been saying), and yet is being treated like a criminal, and apparently his own club also doesn’t actually believe he’s innocent. This is not a small thing and he hates what it’s doing to his image, he hates that people will think he’s this person the Spanish media is trying to portray him as. And worst of all, this is a hate campaign that has been going on since he arrived in Spain. He’s not throwing a fit. He’s held it in for 8 years, maybe he’s just fed up. He’s human too, i know, it’s hard to believe. Saying he’s childish is honestly very small-minded if you ask me. I’d like to know what you’d do if you had your name dragged through the mud for 8 years, and were now accused of being a criminal when you honestly believe you’ve done nothing wrong. Miss me with that shit.

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When else has this nose ring come out!?!? Everyone is acting like she has worn it before... I need more pics of this! 😍😍

why yall acting so brand new? this is old news lol she used to wear it in sweden too

a list of things that make me happy
  1. sunsets
  2. movies
  3. art
  4. theatre
  5. acting
  6. stories
  7. poems
  8. my friends
  9. my mom
  10. books
  11. actors
  12. love
  13. cities
  14. colors
  15. rainbows
  16. matching things
  17. halloween
  18. the mountains
  19. iced coffee
  20. telling people i love them
  21. people telling me they love me
  22. hugs!!!
  23. flowers
  24. food
  25. ice cream
  26. mediterranean food
  27. warm showers
  28. music!! all the music
  29. the weekend
  30. the weeknd ;)
  31. stargazing
  32. sweaters
  33. sunshine
  34. tv shows
  35. compliments
  36. stationary
  37. italian food
  38. balloons
  39. the smell of a new car
  40. birthdays
  41. my culture
  42. driving
  43. optimists
  44. laughing so hard it hurts
  45. when my favorite song comes on the radio
  46. photography
  47. sleeping
  48. crisp mornings
  49. traveling
  50. getting my nails done
  51. shopping
  52. night time
  53. looking fancy
  54. orchestras
  55. fuzzy socks
  56. java chip fraps from starbucks
  57. chinese food
  58. getting a good grade on a test
  59. seeing friends outside of school
  60. sunrises
  61. seeing old friends
  62. random acts of kindness
  63. helping other people
  64. social justice
  65. equality
  66.  my debate class
  67. the smell of cookies baking
  68. making gingerbread houses
  69. jamming to songs with friends
  70. listening to people sing
  71. ukeleles
  72. dimples
  73. curly hair
  74. smiling
  75. other people being happy
  76. musical theatre
  77. tech theatre
  78. the addams family musical
  79. parties
  80. button poetry
  81. a good joke
  82. new jersey
  83. taking a really good photo
  84. photoshoots and taking pics of my friends
  85. chick fil a
  86. new york city
  87. my family!
  88. success
  89. cute text messages
  90. 3 hour facetime calls
  91. making a snowman
  92. fish
  93. rap/hip hop music
  94. r&b/soul music
  95. seeing cute relationships
  96. finding a new great song
  97. waffles
  98. literature
  99. snow
  100. my best friend
  101. me

That’s one of my Oc’s! well, Her name is Charlotte, she is an Albino peacock and she is a dancer, i’ll tell u some information ‘bout her ^^

-She already danced in another strip club, but she didn’t like it at all (because of personal things >.>)

-Her dance is a little like Brinda’s dance, there is an example on the pic

-Calm down, she isn’t a princess, but she likes to think as one 

-Well, she doesn’t have a crush

-Likes to sing, dance (of course duuuh) 

-She is 22, but sometimes she acts like a 10 years old 

Charlotte is a nice girl and she likes to make friends, and, yes, her tail can be opened, i really hope you liked it @nastyrougy @blogthegreatrouge it was very hard to draw her :T and if you want to use her in ur story i would be so excited! bye <3

Since I don’t have a life and I’m boring af, I went on kik so I could hunt down pervs (ik ik smfh I’m stupid af). And I did find some people but things became so funny and strange after a while.

So dude1 thought that Jongdae in the pic above was me. And was calling Dae cute and stuff. I said Channie was my “friend” (I fucking wish). Anyways he kept on asking for us to like video chat, and I said bye. I ain’t with that and plus it’s late. Nah bruh.

Yall gonna hate me and probably bash me for being so danm dumb. Dude2 was fucking 43 years old!!!!! I was shook but went along with my plan. I told him i was 14 cause boy said “I like them young”. IFYOUDONT! !1!1!1!11!! 😤

I was uncomfortable not gonna lie but this shit was funny. So dude starts asking for selfies and im over here on Tumblr tryna find blurry ass pictures of Jongdae, or ones where he looks younger. I was pretending to act insecure and said “I dont think im pretty”. He already knew Dae was a boy btw.

Then bruh wanna start getting nasty. He’s like asking for nudes or whatever and I gotta play that innocent “what’s sex?” act.

He sends a pic of his dick and that shit short af 😂 Like if you gonna talk all that mess then at least have something to back it up. I told him straight up its short and he starts defending himself and all this shit.

I go back to being all shy and say “I’m not comfortable with sex and stuff”.
Dude goes “What 14 year old boy isn’t comfortable with it”. I respond with “There’s something called asexual”.

Bitch said bye and left.

"The Cube Family"
  • According to Straub, Dfield, Poke, TYBZI, and Hbomb!
  • Dfield: Dad
  • TYBZI: Mom
  • Pokediger1: That One Kid
  • Toffuugaming: The Dog
  • StrauberryJam: 20 Yr Old That Still Acts Like A Kid
  • heyimbee: Crazy Aunt
  • DevonDoesGames: Artsy Cousin
  • KermitPlaysMC: Cool Uncle
  • TheCampingRusher: The Rich Cousin
  • Graser10: The Grandpa
  • Hbomb94: Grandpa? Weird Uncle?
  • Parker_games: Funny Uncle
  • Huahwi: Long lost family member... that got lost again.
  • JWingWangWong: Guy who takes pics of everyone and of everyone.
  • Grapeapplesauce: The Mechanic
  • Noboom: The Innocent Cousin
  • MrMitch361: The Guy Who Ruins the Surprises
  • Kiingtong: The Guy with the Accent
  • ChildDolphin: The Hippy Uncle
  • Stacyplays: The Nanny
  • 8BitHomo: The Sassy Family Member
  • Echoinck: Sporty Guy
  • DulJuice: The Wise Aunt
  • PatClone: Computer Wiz
  • xBayani: Tattoo Artist