this is accurate i think

sometimes I think about that Joss Whedon (ew) line about Firefly being about “nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things,” and first of all I think the Wolf 359 crew’s love of Firefly is really apparent, but also I think that W359 is probably more accurately characterized as “eight people looking into the blackness of space and at least five of them being absolutely horrified”

Elle Taiwan:

elletaiwan融化!洛基湯斗森來啦,在 @gucci 秀場外遇到,跟ELLE親切打招呼,這笑容~那個誰,快幫我叫救護車⚡️電暈⚡️ #ELLE時裝週直擊 #MFW #GucciFW17 #AlessandroMichele #tomhiddleston #Gucci #runway #AW17 @twhiddleston

I really tried to translate it. I got something like “ Elle Taiwan melted! Tom Hiddleston came to the Gucci show outside the encounter, kindly greeted Elle and smiled. Someone, fast, help me call the ambulance”. Yeah, I actually think this is pretty accurate…

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I know there is a chance that shady "sighting" of Taylor on Oxford St in London is accurate & it was her voice on LD's Instastory, but I keep thinking it makes more sense Taylor flew back to Nashville Feb 12th (assuming she was in London post-SSN gig). If we believe she's been in London this entire time, how do we explain Valentine's when we know Tom went to a play & spent a good bit of time on SM? That read like he was alone, not with Taylor. If she was there what was she doing that evening?

I dont think anything makes or will make or even needs to make 100% sense, nor should it to us, fans, outside looking in, with 0.000001% of the picture, … particularly with information on twitter or other social media that is sometimes unclear and non distinctive. Some people read into it one way, and some another. Was he at the play at night or at rada during the day meeting w someone? It’s unclear. People can believe whatever, and there is no need to try and run off to other blogs to prove/disprove a theory or idea (I dont mean you, just in general).

 In the end it doesnt matter if it makes sense to us or not, or whether we understand incidences or not, or whether one person’s idea is “deluded” or another person is said to be ignoring facts. Or debate whether a sighting is legit or a mistaken identity. Believe it or dont, & move on. Whatever is taking place, is taking place, regardless of what a bunch of fans on tumblr think, lol.  Either they will step out as a couple eventually, or they won’t. I mean it’s pretty simple, really. And re: GQ, Either Tom just needed to spill his guts about his relationship with Taylor right before his KSI promo, and somehow thought it would be a good idea to bring that all back up six months later bc he really needed to clear the air and make sure people knew ‘it was real’, or it was his way of bringing his and Taylor’s names back into the same sentence together again when they hadn’t been for months.  

Either way, Taylor has fallen off the face of the earth for reasons unknown to us, and hasnt been seen anywhere.  While we havent previously known her to hide like this in nash or ny or LA,  she could be anywhere.  

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hellooo! im kind of a perfectionist so i like to do all those little details and everything first, but i see all these tutorials and writing how-to's to make basic shapes first, which i dont doubt for a second is wrong or anything i mean ive seen my friends and other artists do it that way and make beautiful art works. mine always come out wonky and disgusting causing me to wrinkle them up and throw them away, but i dont want to do that but if i do it the other way i get anxiety,,, help?

I’m not really sure how to answer >.< Basic shapes is for sure the best way to plan out any drawing, because if you get the shapes in the right places at the correct ratios, your final detailed piece will be more accurate. I think it’s completely normal to feel frustration with your art, and to crumple it up, and try again. The more you re-draw the same thing the better that drawing will be. Revisions and self-reflection will only help you :) Just keep practicing and trust me you’ll get there!

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Thank you since you didn't finish editing the chap do you mind me commenting on small detail? You translated jung thought as ( I think she is very friendly) it is right but it is more accurate as ( I think (you/they) very close ) he is pouting because of her relationship with Euntaek :) aside from that you are a hero I can't praise you enough for all your work

haha You’re right, thanks!!  

I wasn’t paying much attention I just read what I posted and I even forgot to translate a little piece.

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No but yeah what I posted is literally a rough translation. I’ll read the original more carefully again and go over my translation, if you see anything else, let me know.

There are two types of shippers
  • Me: aw look how cute they are! There's so much fluff and adorable shit and I just love the little looks on their faces when they see each other assfghjklasdfghjkl
the signs and their favorite movie from 2016
  • Aries: Finding Dory
  • Taurus: Ghostbusters
  • Gemini: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Cancer: Suicide Squad
  • Leo: Star Trek Beyond
  • Virgo: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Libra: Doctor Strange
  • Scorpio: Moana
  • Sagittarius: Deadpool
  • Capricorn: Zootopia
  • Aquarius: Captain America: Civil War
  • Pisces: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
mbti tag urself


  • ?????
  • meme generator™
  • will fight you


  • pretends everyone loves them
  • has a lot of those candles that smell nice
  • has probably murdered before


  • has 2 maybe 3 friends
  • collects rocks
  • has 50,000 secrets


  • everything they own is black
  • so is their soul
  • has a body in the trunk


  • space nerd
  • smol and useless
  • doesnt know


  • perfected the art of screaming
  • has like 8 blogs
  • likes plants


  • 0 to 100 real quick
  • never wears matched socks
  • makes weird noises


  • chaotic evil
  • ego complex
  • adult child


  • takes pictures of sunsets
  • good intentions
  • part of 57 fandoms


  • has never felt love
  • sins twice a day
  • got an A- once and cried


  • constant internal screaming
  • doesnt know what they’re doing
  • hobbies include leading people to their death


  • dOGS
  • bitter cinnamon roll
  • holds grudges for 67 years


  • speaks 600 languages
  • awaits death
  • kinda already dead inside


  • cant be alone
  • momma bear
  • has one password for everything


  • dont touch
  • always yelling
  • cant calm down


  • can kick your ass
  • obsessed with pinterest
  • goes on emotional ‘delete later’ post sprees

well, here’s ten minutes of aaron tveit’s top most embarrassing, dweeby, awkward, nerdy moments

The signs as based off on my friends

Aries: Tiny, tries to fight everyone, very cute, easily angered, would kill if they could reach you.

Taurus: Quiet and shy, observant humor, thinks others are short when they’re like 1 inch taller, anxious.

Gemini: What the fuck hair, actually very funny, loves making others laugh, blushes easily, “i’m not blushing”.

Cancer: Fierce asf even though they’re cute, will love you and hate you in 0.2 seconds, somewhat nervous, cares 100% or -100%

Leo: Smart, amazing with literature, the leader, might be too full of themselves, helps others with the truth.

Virgo: Nice or extremely mean depending on the hour, cute laughter, tall, will probably talk shit but still kinda like you.

Libra: Tall, tries to be hip, annoys people if they have a crush, dad humor, kinda scary but then they don’t do much.

Scorpio: Too full of themselves, tries to be funny but ends up annoying people, but then again sometimes funny, surprisingly caring.

Sagittarius: Short, best hair, complete narcissist, animals are better than humans, adventurous.

Capricorn: Very short, just wants to do the best for others, breaks down when alone only, forgetful, cute.

Aquarius: Tall, really funny, gives the best hugs ever, doesn’t care about your shit, trusts people and is trustworthy. 

Pisces: Very tall like what, good at sports, love to annoy people if they can make them laugh, understanding. 

My feeling is that, knock on wood, if it came around again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for it to be four or five years later. That might actually be kind of interesting. How weird would that be, on a personal level, to find yourself back with those people? ‘So… where did we leave off?’ It’s such a strange idea, but it’s potentially very healthy for a story like that. So we’ll see. I know where we stood at the end of Season 3, in terms of what he was thinking about. And it did reflect some elements of Silence of the Lambs… He loves that source material, as he would tell you. [Bryan] envisioned taking some elements of that novel and reworking it through the Will-Hannibal relationship… I think it would be more through the filter of Bryan
—  Hugh Dancy [x]