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You know, I’ve been a somewhat defender of Ikemoto’s art, but now I’m beginning to understand the criticism towards him. It’s bad enough the skirt on 12 y/o Sarada is EXPONENTIALLY low, but the fucking high heels absolutely kill me. Does he not realize that these are ninja? People who kill? I don’t get what’s could be going through his head

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he's the same size as my and his eyes are the prettiest forest green and he has this floppy hair that he flips out of his eyes. he can sing so beautifully and dance pretty well too (he sings and dances with me!) and he gives me the tightest and warmest hugs and sometimes runs his thumb over my shoulder blade. one time it was super windy and cold and he let me borrow his sweater and draped it around my shoulders. ive fallen so hard and i don't know how he feels and it kills me.

Aww!! Singing and dancing together is the absolute cutest! It sounds like he may like you, so I think you should definitely drop more hints or tell him how you feel because you never know where it could go <3 Wishing for the best!

Anonymously tell me about your day or the person you love


i never knew i needed blepping yuri until @zephyrine-gale

also can i take a moment and say you and keilattes absolutely kill me with your art and memes. you guys are just *okay finger emoji* please proceed


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When something goes missing, you can always recreate it by the hole it left. I know her name was Clara. I know we travelled together. I know that there was an Ice Warrior on a submarine and a mummy on the Orient Express. I know we sat together in the Cloisters and she told me something very important, but I have no idea what she said. Or what she looked like. Or how she talked. Or laughed. There’s nothing there. Just nothing. There’s one thing I know about her. Just one thing. If I met her again, I would absolutely know. 

I actually do not like this. But I’m sharing it because it’s Caryl week and I just felt like making something. But making art on the phone is so much more difficult, time for PS again! Anywho, here is something. I’ll likely make another crappy something tomorrow. Fair warning! 😲


dinahjane97: WOWzers!! They absolutely killed it highkey had me teary eyed omg.. You looked absolutely stunning ManManz. Dance was your first language and tonight the whole world witnessed your natural talent . Thank you Bruno for recognizing her individuality, she KNOWS what to do with that body lol For your first performance, #27 isn’t so bad, I see it more as a sign !!!! I’m so frickn proud of you!! Be prepared y'all, my girl is just getting started!! #harmonizers DIAL UP NOW & VOTE away with me let’s do this !! 1-800-868-3410 #valmani

One Piece 856

1) One of the most beautiful chapters I ever read in One Piece.

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2)  Before Jimbei words…

The sadness in Nami’s face has made me cry:

3) Vinsmokes are disgusting and sexists. I hope Nami puts her Perfect Clima Tact in their anus. 

4) Luffy is the most clever, kind and beautiful main character I ever read in the shonen manga whole history, and I love him so much, so much.

5) The way Sanji thinks in his nakama brokes my heart again.

5) Sanji’s tears are poison for me, but the way in wich he is absolutely hopeless, kills me.


In One Piece, the slaps of love are the best:


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As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised in a strict Christian household. It was full of love, but it was also a house that didn’t like Ellen DeGeneres or Rosie O'Donnell simply because they were gay. A house that would turn off the tv when the lesbian episodes of Friends were on (while I ran to the tv in my room and pressed “mute” to see it). One that would roll their eyes at the idea of gay marriage. Parents that meant well and just went by what they were taught, wanting us to grow up with something to believe. I remember sobbing in high school, thinking they would absolutely kill me. Things slowly started changing when I was 16+.

My Mom was the one who asked if I was gay. She was my biggest supporter, my secret keeper, and the one I told everything to. My Dad? He went from not wanting me to come out, to protect me, to telling everyone he knows if they ask if I’m “dating any new guys” - because that’s simply who I am. In his words “why hide it? Who cares?”. My Mom came to me about Carol on her own, wanting to watch it to see the love story. When gay marriage was legalized, I called my Mom sobbing. She was sobbing with me, after yelling “YES! THANK GOD” in front of all of her friends.

After being raised to hate who I was, not even allowing it to be an option - to now, my Mother texting me just now saying “Do you have any more Human Rights Campaign stickers like you have on your car? I want one on mine”

Change is a beautiful thing. Believe in it and believe in people.

THAT’S parenting.