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are you studying drama at uni or something? bc i can't help noticing how damn good your acting is, your Sirius absolutely kills me 😍

((OOC: You have just made my day. Like really really made my day thank you so much ❤ I actually study English Literature at uni and hadn’t done any acting at all before I started this blog (so my acting is a huge insecurity) but this is so lovely to read and agh let me love you))

understanding your server 101
  • "have a seat, I'll be right back to give your table a wipe down": there are 6 open tables and you decided to sit at the only one I haven't cleaned yet, why
  • "the special today is the sea bream": the sea bream is about to go off, we have to sell it all immediately
  • "good choice, that's a very popular option": you basic bitch
  • "absolutely, we can do that for you": chef is going to kill me
  • "that's one pint of lager and one glass of prosecco": ah, the straights are at it again
  • "here are your six different cocktails ordered off menu": we are now 15 minutes behind on everybody else's drink orders and everyone in the building hates you
  • "one rioja wih lemonade and ice": you're a psychopath, I'm calling the police
  • "so that's the waldorf salad with light dressing instead of mayo, no nuts, no grapes, grated cheddar, celery on the side. Enjoy your meal.": chef says he hopes you choke on your fucking food and die right here on the table
  • "how is everything for you?": be reasonable, I beg you
  • "let me clear that for you": pay your bill
  • "can I get you anything else?": pay your bill
  • "are you folks alright for everything?": pay your bill omg
  • "just to let you know, last call is in about ten minutes": DON'T YOU HAVE A HOME TO GO TO? PAY YOUR BILL ALREADY
  • "keep the change? Are you sure?": you spent £100 and you're tipping me £1.50 I pray that your house burns down
  • [counting payment] "that's perfect, thank you": you cheap shit
  • "bye now, enjoy your evening": what the fuck you're the same age as me, how do you have leisure time, please, I need to know your secret, I have aged ten years on this shift alone

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Also, Ayano only kills because the player wants her to, he's stressed that so many times, and she only begins to kill after meeting Taro for the first time, so honestly the kitten killing thing makes absolutely no sense to me based on everything else he has said before so it is VERY unnecessary if you ask me.

Yeahhhh :///

That whole “Bitty never jokes about babysitting” thing absolutely killed me like, can you imagine little southern gay Eric R. Bittle who has internalized the idea that gay men can’t have kids, and even though he’s always wanted a whole mess of children, has just kind of resigned himself to being Uncle Eric to all his friend’s kids. And then one day while he’s in the kitchen baking, Jack comes in and sits down at the counter with a notebook and says, “Okay I know you said you don’t want me to even think about proposing until after you’ve graduated, but I’d really like to start thinking about the house we’re going to buy, so I can set aside some of my bonus for the downpayment”. And Bitty gets halfway through an internal ‘this boy’ when Jack keeps going, frowning down at his notebook. “It really depends on how many kids we want, I guess. For how much space we need.” 

And Jack’s sitting there with his serious face on, thinking about how they definitely have to make sure the backyard has enough room for a homemade rink, totally unaware that he has just murdered his boyfriend. 

You decide to attack artists, developers, creators, and authors because you don’t like what they produce, because of the canonized ships/or the fact they like ships you don’t, because of their gender, their sexuality, and for the main fact you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, etc..:

You are a bully, you are an abuser, you are not a good person, something is seriously wrong with you.

You attack people over fictional material. You care more about fictional human beings than real human beings. You absolutely sicken me.

Took a couple commissions over on Flight Rising a while back to try and get back into dragon game; here’s a firey ridgeback Rindaio for FR user Holographic!

As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised in a strict Christian household. It was full of love, but it was also a house that didn’t like Ellen DeGeneres or Rosie O'Donnell simply because they were gay. A house that would turn off the tv when the lesbian episodes of Friends were on (while I ran to the tv in my room and pressed “mute” to see it). One that would roll their eyes at the idea of gay marriage. Parents that meant well and just went by what they were taught, wanting us to grow up with something to believe. I remember sobbing in high school, thinking they would absolutely kill me. Things slowly started changing when I was 16+.

My Mom was the one who asked if I was gay. She was my biggest supporter, my secret keeper, and the one I told everything to. My Dad? He went from not wanting me to come out, to protect me, to telling everyone he knows if they ask if I’m “dating any new guys” - because that’s simply who I am. In his words “why hide it? Who cares?”. My Mom came to me about Carol on her own, wanting to watch it to see the love story. When gay marriage was legalized, I called my Mom sobbing. She was sobbing with me, after yelling “YES! THANK GOD” in front of all of her friends.

After being raised to hate who I was, not even allowing it to be an option - to now, my Mother texting me just now saying “Do you have any more Human Rights Campaign stickers like you have on your car? I want one on mine”

Change is a beautiful thing. Believe in it and believe in people.

THAT’S parenting.