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Pairing: Sam x Ori

Request: Most recent selfie under #me, I’m 5ft3in. I’m a mermaid, so there’s that. ❤❤❤❤❤ me some Sam. And go with whatever genre you want! Dealers choice! - @oriona75

Word Count: ~1,890

Warnings: Sam being a big goofball, smut, fluff, cursing, dirty talk, Dean being Dean

A/N: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I love this gif. Promise it’s worth it!

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“Sam Winchester, are you ready for your birthday surprise?” You called from your bedroom.

This was your first birthday as his wife, and you wanted to make it special. You had your favorite pin-up-esque lingerie on, your bright red hair pinned back just so, your makeup was absolutely perfect, and your heels accentuated every curve of your legs and backside. Sam walked through the door after your beckoning and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of you, standing in front of the bed, one hand on your hip and the other up behind your head, one knee bent.

“Y- you look amazing.” He stammered, eyes falling over your figure as he walked toward you.

“Not so bad yourself, Winchester.” You reached up and gripped the sides of his jacket, pulling him closet to you.

“There’s only one problem.” He shook his head.

“What?” Your face twisted in confusion.

“I’m a virgin!” He spread his arms out and looked at you in disbelief.

“Sam Winchester…” You chuckled. “After our honeymoon, trust me when I say, I know you are not a virgin.” Shooting him a wink, you reached for him again.

He laughed and stepped to you again, his arms lacing around your waist while you lifted yours around his neck. 

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Your Maui and Grandma Moana comic is just absolutely perfect. It's so wistful, I guess? like, there's the sad with the pining and that they never got together (presumably), but at the same time it's really sweet? Moana has a family that she loves and that loves her, Maui has stuck around and is PART of that family (Uncle Maui, anyone?), they're obviously still really close. It's just so well done, and it doesn't even matter that they're not romantically together, because they still ARE together.

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my work here is done.

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Denying people the labels they're most comfortable with is gatekeeping :/

i can’t tell if this is serious because it has nothing to do with anything i’ve said, but

no one, least of all me, is “denying” anyone any sexuality labels. no one, certainly no internet stranger, has the power to prevent you from identifying with a label. knock yourself out!

however, there’s nothing wrong with thinking or talking generally about the usefulness or meaningfulness of labels, or about the claims we make about human sexuality, behavior, or other traits when we label people different ways. none of this is done in a vacuum and there is no perfect ideal set of labels handed down by god that we know is the absolute best possible way to describe human variation. we are figuring this out on our own and that involves discussion.

and gatekeeping, in an lgbt context, is controlling trans people’s access to medical care.

Fellow volunteers!

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite scenes/parts/lines/characters from the Netflix series! I’ll post some of mine below the cut to avoid spoilers-

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In preparation for BAP Pound’s launch in February, I need to test how much interest and follow through there would be on Tumblr.
. One round of test donations opens today (1.17), and closes in 3 days (1.20). A $2 donation gets you a handwritten thank you note on a BAP postcard, a couple lil bap goodies, and if you donate again once BAP Pound starts, you’ll get double entries into the prize raffles.
. Send your donations to via paypal friends and family. This round of test donations will go towards Daehyundamchu’s current BAP charity project, as hers is currently going on.
. And please message me your adress after you donate so that I can send out your goodies!! 😍 Let’s make our boys proud! 👑

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I know it's because the whole song is about sex and the first line is "I know that duty calls," but Daniella Mason's "All I Want" reminds me so much of Pure. Like if Peeta had to go on leave for whatever reason and Katniss just wanted to spend one last night with him. Pure is my new obsession, can't wait for the next chapter, especially after those couple peeks!

Great googly moogly, Anon!

All I Want - Daniella Mason

I know that duty calls
And I know that you must go
And I know that tides must turn
That they don’t stop on account of me

But all I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight

‘Cause your hands they hold my heart
And your hands they fight them off
And I know that you’re awake and pray aloud for me
And they all stop on account of you

All I want All I want
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you

‘Cause I know your face
And I know your hands
And I know your breath
And I know your lips

And all I want
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight
All I want is you tonight

So a few things here. First of all, this is the first “hey this song makes me think of your fic” ask that I have EVER received sooooo…..

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Now that we have that out of the way, The lyrics are just perfect and the song itself is longing, desire, and a little bit of loneliness. Fitting? Hells yeah! Song has been added to my playlist and thank you for for sharing! <3

It’s an unfortunate part of life that some things just fall through the cracks. In work, in art, in life, you may be very talented, but that is simply not noticed. Perhaps it is due to circumstance (who you know) or perhaps it is due to shortcomings you have or personal stances towards compromise that you have made. Anyone who says “fuck you” to the system already has an uphill battle. Not to say you shouldn’t, because you absolutely should. Sometimes the volume of people who do what you do is simply too high. Not everyone who deserves to succeed does succeed, that is certainly true.

As for Ghost, yes, sometimes they do appear to be perfect, but that is a part of the backstory. The artifice of the masks allow them to be Ghost whereas at least some of the members would have struggled at first. I know that this is not, according to them, their main reason for choosing this style of work, but it certainly helped them become Ghost.

Anyone who knows their work knows that they are flawed. Anyone who has heard their music knows they have felt pain. The vulnerability is there for you to see, you just have to be willing to look for it. If you’re not willing to work for something and expect it to be spoonfed to you (especially the vulnerability of another human), you are mistaken. Some artists do that, absolutely, but not all. Have you ever heard their description of their own lyrics? It’s usually quite different than you might expect (for example, Ghuleh).

They cannot help that many of us connect to them. The reasons we do are as numerous as the amount of individuals you ask. There are fans all over the spectrum. They also put an amount of thought into their work, appearance, shows, ambiance, etc. that is impressive to me, but may come off as a front for others. They now have the freedom to do some of these things the way they would wish, but it wasn’t handed to them overnight. They spent many years trying to create this hyper-realistic environment for us and they continue even now. If they appear to be perfect, it’s because they’ve worked hard for that appearance. That said, the passion when the play is undeniable, to me anyway. Their masked appearance allows them to become lost in the performance and simply bring us the best experience we could ask for. It’s not for everyone, nor may it be for every day, but it’s certainly for me.

Great White Gravity - Chapter Three

Pairings: taako/kravitz, taako & angus mcdonald
Characters: taako, kravitz, angus mcdonald
Other Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, sazed sucks, ango and his 2 dads, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, sad boys
Warnings: sazed, ptsd
Summary: In the aftermath of the goblet, Taako tries to deal.
Other Notes: hella spoilery. title from “lifeline” by imogen heap
it’s Gay Time y’all


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Often when talking about social media people reference ‘highlight reels’. This is where people only upload the BEST parts of their lives on social media and are sometimes criticised for not showing all “real” aspects of their life. I don’t necessarily think highlighting happiness is a bad thing, it nice to have positive memories and share your favourite parts of your life. For people on the outside looking in though, this is often misinterpreted and believed that people’s lives are perfect, and sometimes this makes us questions “why isn’t my life like that?”

I thought it would be nice to give you an example about me. I have had an absolutely amazing start to 2017 and feel so blessed at the opportunities I have to travel the world with my career, that I am so passionate about. I have been book touring to 3 countries already, more than 10 cities and met so many beautiful women from the #bbgcommunity and that makes me smile each day.

In between those photos and those amazing opportunities are other aspects of my life that aren’t always seen -such as missing my family and friends, lack of sleep, crossing multiple time zones, living in and out of suitcases etc. I am not looking for any sympathy at all, because I love what I do, and believe I’m so blessed to have these opportunities. What WE ALL need to do is remember that everyone on social media whether 100 or 100 million fans, like everyone else you follow, is a REAL person. We all have days where we eat bad food, as women we all get our period and stay in bed, we get sick and take days off work, we get pimples, get angry, upset, anxious, frustrated. We all are fighting our own battles. But usually none of that is shared.
So if you ever ask yourself “why isn’t my life like that?”, instead why don’t you ask, “how do I make my life happier?” Instead of idolising a person who YOU THINK has a perfect life or perfect things….. lets focus on making YOUR life a happy story, you would be proud to tell. Realise that there are no super humans in this world. There’s only us. So let’s support each other in our journeys but at the same time, be grateful and appreciative for what WE have in OUR lives.

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people are different

people are never going to be absolutely perfect and flawless, they’re never going to fit your mold, and the sooner you learn to live with that, the better

a true friendship is realizing that you want this person in your life despite your differences because they bring you something unique that you know you’ll never find anywhere else

relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are difficult and bumpy and you’re gonna get angry and tired and annoyed at each other, you have to work for it because nothing in this life is effortless

but the payoff is worth it

hello, my name is Natasha, im 17 and living in Brisbane, Australia.

to start off with, i would just like to say that i am a major fangirl and i obsess over many celebrities including Rowan Blanchard who is my absolute fav!!

I really like watching tv shows such as once upon a time, the flash, girl meets world, teen wolf and many many more. I love listening to music of all types and i really dont have a favourite singer/band or song because it changes all the time. I love to read and write and one day i hope to become an actress. I also love to take photos and film which is why i have a youtube channel. 

My perfect pen pal would honestly just be someone who i can laugh with and who i can trust. ive had a lot of difficulties with finding true friends lately and can honestly say i have about 3 when just recently i had about 10 but after graduating high school i can see who my true friends are. i want to meet someone who i can have a deep conversation with and someone who can handle my shitty puns and bad jokes. political, religious and social views do not matter to me just as long as you can respect that i wont always believe the same things as you do. 

here are my links if anyone wants to contact me:

Snapchat: natasha-quai

instagram: natashamcdonald_

Twitter: idktaash

okay well thats about it but honestly i am so keen to meet someone!

love natasha xx 

I loved The Final Problem

I thought the plot was amazing and well written, the characters, the backstory, all the explainations. I absolutely loved it.

And if this was the final episode - the ending was perfect. They didn’t make any ship endgame. There’s potential for Johnlock, Sherlolly, Adlock, basically whatever you ship. That way they could avoid ship wars.

(But unfortunately some Johnlock shippers are still angry bc the episode didn’t go as they planned. Smh you can’t expect to always be right. Just bc we didn’t get a kiss…I mean, did we watch the same episode? Sherlock constantly asking if John was okay, even Mycroft knowing Sherlock would choose John, them playing with Rosie in the end and fixing 221b together. Guys they’re basically living married life now. *Sherlock voice* You see but you do not observe.)

If you’re one of the plain rude assholes who send hate to the writers, the actors, the crew etc. you disgust me. It’s their show. It’s their plot. You can be disappointed but you have no right to be hateful towards them.

I keep seeing that post going around saying one piece of proof that backs the 4th episode theory is that they made tfp purposefully more about the case than the characters so “even the casuals” would see how bad it is except guys… people in my college keep saying its their favourite episode ever… my parents loved it… so many people i know are saying it was the perfect ending… i don’t wanna put a downer on things but other people seemed to have loved it..

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honestly what bothers me the most about srydia fandom is that they just can't bring themselves to admit that their ship is/was problematic. I mean, I myself ship a bunch of other ships from different shows and most of them have had a problematic moment, or are problematic, and despite shipping/otping them, I don't go around writing "relationship goals". Shipping a problematic ship does not make YOU problematic, but their need to say it's a perfect ship when it's not, says a lot about them ¬¬

I agree absolutely.

This is my opinion and probably a lot of people won’t agree but I don’t mind when fans ship their problematic ships and like assholes, bastards or motherfuckers. BUT, as you said, they have to be aware their beloved ships and characters are not saints, that their actions were awful on some point, that they were abusive. Basically, people have to be critical and not blind or brainwashed.

Shipping even something horrible doesn’t make you a horrible person. That’s it. Why?

Because it’s FICTION. It’s not real. What is real – people’s opinions. Attacks on shippers. Shit thrown at them, because they like something what is not a norm.

Fiction for me is a place when you can escape from reality, it’s a form of catharsis, a place where you can live more than one life, when you can experience things you will never in reality. Fiction helps you to stay sane. Fiction makes your brain relax. Have I wished someone died in a book or in the movie? More than once. Have I cheered when some characters I didn’t like died? More than once.  Did I give a fuck when some poor randoms died in the action movies? Not once. Have I liked problematic ships? Plenty. Assholes and villains? We don’t have all day to list them. Why? They simply make the stories more interesting. We don’t read books or watch tv shows to see perfect couples sailing without problems and issues into the sunset or to see perfect societies where everything is absolutely amazing and utopian. Who the fuck would watch things like that?

Plus, seriously. We ship characters together because just like that, our brains think they fit together. You don’t usually chose logically what you like or what you don’t like (have you chose why you like strawberry ice creams, not vanilla?). We create an idea of the ship in our brains, even if it doesn’t fit the canon, and just go with that. Why people write fanfiction, for God’s sake?

I read a lot about how shipping abusive ships can trigger the real victims, how it’s problematic, how it damages young people, how only victims can ship pairs like that because it’s their way of copying and a lot of similar SJW’s posts and… I should have written that post about shipping abusive ships and assholes already, lol, I’m thinking about if for a year now.

I just wish people would stop judge other people, because they ship or like strange or problematic fictional stuff. As far I know, if you are aware that your beloved character is not a saint and your ship has some major problems, it’s ok. Your mind is open, you are critical, you are aware of things. The problem starts when people think their fav characters are perfect and haven’t done one, single bad thing, while they are fucking dicks.

My opinion, feel free to disagree, because I’m not sure about it. It’s what I think right now.

anyone who’s been following me since before the answer aired knows how fucking PUMPED i was to finally see blue diamond. literally shrieking on for posts and posts about how much i loved her and how cool she was and THAT’S ME THERE SHE IS THERE I AM

and a year later here i am, absolutely fucking livid about blue diamond. i hate her. she’s a bad villain. in trying to make her relatable and soft they completely destroyed everything that had been previously established - that the Diamonds were perfect, flawless beings, indomitable matriarchs and near God-like walking bodies of power. She’s a wooby droopy mess and I hate it!! If she was a villain, with resolve, and a vicious streak of matriarchal villainy, I’d still like her, as a villain! people are sympathising with her to the point where they’re condemning the main goddamn characters (cause the only way to sympathise with her is to condemn the heroes for killing her love interest :”( ). if she was shown to be upset but there was a main character condemning them all as still being dictators and terrible individuals then yeah, maybe i’d still be on board! but it’s not! they had a fucking MUSICaL NUMBER that HUMANISED THEM and i just. UGH. UGH!!!! it’s a great example of how NOT to write a villain. smh.