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Looking for theme recommendations!

So I’ve had several complaints about people finding the text too small in my current theme, and frankly, they’re not long. I have to zoom in on chrome to make it more readable. For some blogs, that can work, but since mine is mostly text based… yeah. I need some help finding a new one. I have a few things I need.

1. Larger text. No more tiny text for the aesthetic. Fuck off aesthetic, I need practicality.

2. Sidebar. Okay, sorry for telling the aesthetic to fuck off. I like side bars compared to headers, I think more people read sidebars, I’ve definitely had less people asking where to find my story index. Not a need, but a preference.

3. A theme that’ll let me insert my tip jar button. I had found a very good theme a few months prior, buuuut unfortunately… yeah. No matter how hard I tried, the tip jar button just wouldn’t work. And I need that tip jar button. I don’t get tips often, but I need it there for the times I do get tips.

And that’s it! Not too much to demand I think. If you have any recommendations, feel free to pop into my messages or asks, I don’t bite. Thanks for the help!

merry-kuroo  asked:

Hi! Don't know if this has been done, but how about GOM + Kagami's s/o convince them to get a Tumblr and now they are completely addicted to it?? Thanks and I love you and your blog <3


Akashi: “Sei, it’s actually a good site. You post or reblog stuff that you want to be in your blog and when people will like your posts, they will follow you!” you explained since he questioned y ou about what’s addicting in Tumblr.

“Followers? They’ll follow me?” he asked, trying to hide that amused smile on his face. “I’m impressed.”

(A week after)

You noticed how late it really was but Akashi was still wide awake facing his laptop. You tried to recall if you had homework to give him reason to stay up late on a Saturday night, but you didn’t have any.

“Seijuro it’s late already. I thought sleep is important? You keep on telling me that and now you’re the one who’s staying up late!”

“You go ahead, (f/n). I just need to track the addresses of my blog followers. They need to be punished since they didn’t obey me, Akashi Seijuro. I asked them to talk to me, yet no one came to my ask box and leave a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. How dare they defy me? Anyway, good night. I’ll go to bed immediate once I’m done here my dear.”

Aomine: “What can you even get from there? I mean it’s just a site. Come on babe! Making out with me is a lot more fun, you know?” Aomine couldn’t handle the fact that you were actually spending more time on a blogging site than with him. He couldn’t see the point of choosing Tumblr over having sexy times with him…he just couldn’t.

“Well, it literally has everything that interests you…” you simply said. “Try to make an account and you’ll surely get me.” You didn’t have really try to convince him, knowing that maybe he’d just become too lazy to create one.


“Well, yeah.”

(A week after)

“Daiki let’s watch a movie together,” you invited as you scanned through the list of movies you have on your laptop. “I mean you’ve been spending too much time on Tumblr these past few days.” You were actually whining now, but he seemed not to get the memo.

“You just go ahead, (f/n). There are new updates in this Mia-chan blog. I’ll just follow after I finish scanning through the pictures.”

And you honestly tried your best not to hit his face with your laptop because Aomine…really?

Kise: “You should try it, Ryouta! Other models have a blog of their own, you know?”

After hearing that from you, he immediately snatched your laptop from you and logged your account out before creating one of his own. That information was enough to finally convince him and create a blog. You immediately regretted about saying such to him since he happened to become addicted to it right away.

(A week after)

“Kise Ryouta! Give me my laptop back! I need to submit a paper in History so please!” you yelled as you sent glares at your boyfriend. You didn’t really mind him using your laptop (he had one of his own but he didn’t know where he put it so he always borrowed yours), but the paper was an essential part of your final grade and you just couldn’t just let your boyfriend’s addiction become the reason of a late paper.

“(l/n)cchi! Five more minutes! I’m changing my theme and I can’t look for a good sidebar picture. What do you think? This or this?” he asked as he showed you two of the thousands of pictures he had. “Or should I just take a new one?”

“Are you serious? For real? You just changed your theme yesterday remember? You were bragging about a fan who volunteered to code for you and you’re changing it again?!”

Kuroko: “I don’t understand why you always have to share your experiences to people who live across the globe, (l/n)-san,” Kuroko bluntly said as he noticed how hyped up you were while answering a message sent to you about your latest post.

“I don’t know. I mean, I guess it’s because I can related to them and vice versa? It’s amazing to have internet friends too, you know! Especially when you two have the same interests! The connection will just be established right away and before you know it, bam! You’re like friends for so many years now.”

(A week after)

“Good morning(l/n)-san. I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep but, may I borrow your camera again?”

“J-just get it from my drawer,” you grumbled. “But seriously Tetsu…3:30 AM?”

“Well, like you, I managed to find friends on Tumblr. After this, may I borrow your laptop? I need to upload the pictures soon so that they can see it right away. Most of my Tumblr friends are from the US and I don’t want them to stay up too late just to see Nigou so I decided that maybe I should be the one to adjust.”

Midorima: “Tumblr? The blogging site? How absurd,” he simply scoffed when you mentioned to him that he should try to use Tumblr, too.

“Would you still consider it absurd if I say that there’s an Oha Asa blog and tons of other blogs of the same kind?”

(A week after)

“Shin you’re not listening to Oha Asa anymore…” you said, still not used to the fact that your boyfriend stopped listening to the horoscope every early morning.

“I follow Oha Asa on Tumblr so I don’t necessarily have to listen to it, unless I need to check things twice.”

“Oh you’re really a Tumblr user now? I bet you’re addicted to it!” you teased with that sly smile of yours that always made your boyfriend blush like hell.

“O-of course not!” he said defensively.

“Says the guy who has 1750 posts already. Are you reaching the daily limit?” you giggled noticing how the shade of red on his face deepened.

Murasakibara: “(l/n)chin I want to crush that laptop so much. It’s taking all your time from meeeeee,” the purple-haired boy whined. “What are you doing anyway?” He gave you a pouting face with a glare and you swore to the heavens that it was the cutest.

“I’m just on Tumblr, Atsushi!”

“I wanna crush Tumblr.”

“Even if you find out that there are tons of food blogs?”

(A week later)

“Atsushi! Himuro-kun is here already. I think you two have practice!” He was inside your shared bedroom and ever since you mentioned about the food blogs, he couldn’t help but create an account of his own just to reblog stuff that interested him (pretty much everything). He’d whine about how hungry he becomes by just looking at the pictures but he’d still stay on the site.

“Tell him I’m busy,” he shouted with that lazy voice of his. “Say (l/n)chin, do we have some heavy cream and condensed milk there? I saw a recipe on how to make a two-ingredient icecream. Oh wait is Murochin still there?”

Kagami: Curiosity was really killing him. What’s so addicting in Tumblr anyway? It’s just a blogging site yet you stay up all night just by scanning pictures and reading various materials.

“Well, Taiga, the Tumblr community is pretty big. I sometimes get my clothes from here you know? There are so many online shopping sites that have Tumblr as their host site. They have everything for anything!”

(A week later)

“(f/n), can you please pass my laptop?” he asked since you were relatively nearer to his computer.

You giggled, reaching out to him. His laptop was pretty heavy and yours weighed nothing compared to his. “You’ve been using your laptop quite often Taiga.”

“Remember when you mentioned about online shops?” he smiled sheepishly. “Well I created an account and looked for official sellers of basketball shoes and I happened to find one…” he explained, showing you the site. “And look, I just ordered a new pair of shoes from Nike.”

“But looks like you’ve been posting a lot, too,” you giggled pointing at his post count. “Let me see your posts!”

Your boyfriend became flustered the moment you opened his blog. You, on the other hand, couldn’t help but giggle due to the amount of recipes he’s been posting and, well, they actually managed to get tons of notes.

“So is this why you’ve been taking a lot of notes lately while you cook?”

Greetings New Followers!

So I’ve acquired a lot of new followers in the last few days, it’s long past time I did some kind of greeting post so people know what they’re getting into. 

The quick summary of my blog:

The long version:

Hello! I’m Carrie aka “Mosquito” and this is my personal blog. It’s mostly Bioware stuff but you’ll also see lots of kitties, steampunk stuff, rad art, and generally anything else I think is neat or interesting. I adore Anders (I mean, look at my icon and my sidebar art, hello) so there’s a lot of me having feels about it. 

I assume most of you are here for my writing since that’s what I do a lot of. I write a lot of smut, okay. I always tag it as “nsfw a lot” or “nsfw-ish” also and it’s always under a cut (“there be smut beneath the cut”) so if you don’t want to see those things, those are the tags to watch out for. I write mostly m/m pairings but I occasionally do other pairings if inspiration strikes. Pairings you will see a lot of: Garrett Hawke x Anders, Dorian Pavus x my inquisitor Shae Lavellan. 

I occasionally take writing prompts but I use them as a way to jumpstart my creative juices when I’m having a slump. I also draw a little bit. There’s links to that stuff on my sidebar. 

I also run an Urdnot Wrex rp blog, an art blog that I use mostly as a place for references and tutorials but occasionally incredible art, and an artistic nude photography blog. 

I am a giant nerd, please don’t be afraid to talk to me. <3

Help the Unluckiest Idiot On Earth

Hey friends, I need help.

As you may remember, I got mugged a few weeks ago, with a knife and a gun and all that jazz. After a lot of begging I got my dad to buy me a new phone.

Which just got stolen again. Somebody literally opened my fuking purse and took it out.

I don’t think my dad is going to get me a new one… So um if you’d like to donate some money for me to get a new phone, I’d appreciate it? My paypal address is and I have a button on my sidebar…

I don’t want a fancy one, the one I’m thinking of costs about $100 (it’s the cheaper Android I ccan get and if I don’t get an Android I have to pay a “fine” to my phone service provider because of shit)…

I know it sounds petty but I use my phone to deal with anxiety a lot and it’s just not a good time for me mentally or depression-wise and this is just the turd cherry on top of the shit frosting on the poop cake.

Major makeover!

Hey, guys!

So I hope you noticed I changed some things up a bit! Dusted off some metaphorical shelves. Let me know what you think of the updates!

I’m much better with lists than with paragraphs so here is a little inventory.

-Layout/sidebar/header, obviously
-More links. I added links to asks answered before the questions blog was created, separated links into categories, and, within the “fun things” category, started a list of special things we have done over the years - christmas cards, random shenanigans, and my upcoming 1989 concert.
-An about page! I hope it sounds okay. I wanted to give any new followers an idea of who I am and what the blog is.

-Finish linking all the tags
-Someday, somehow….fixing the widths of all my photos.