this is about as swag as top ever got

Dipcifica Headcanon!

So I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep and thinking of headcanons because I didn’t need a life anyways, and I was thinking about Dipcifica and I realized the scene in Time Travelers Pig, where Pacifica is making fun of Mabel, as seen on the bottom ( sorry , my tumblr pooped up , so it won’’t show up on top ) , and notice how she words it:

“ Look, Mabel here found her real twin ”

obviously showing that she purposely showed that Mabel looks like a pig, and that Dipper doesn’t look like one. Also, have you ever seen Pacifica insult Dipper? 


She’s insulted Soos, she’s insulted Stan, she’s insulted Mabel, but Dipper got swiggity swag  and she hasn’t insulted him yet. She’s insulted all the Pines family that she has met, and anybody affiliated with them ( Grenda, Candy ) and even when Dipper COMPLETLY RUINED,STAINED,TARNISHED, AND DESTROYED HER FAME AND FAMILY HISTORY COMPLETELY, SHE DIDN’T INSULT HIM AT ALL, which is why i think Dipcifica is going to happen, even Alex posted a Twitter saying, and I quote “ Now that Wendip is out of the way ( referencing episode 2 of season 2, Into the Bunker ) , we can focus on Dipcifica! ” Now IDK if Dipper likes her, or if she doesn’t like him, or if she’s ever going to insult him, but all traces lead to that answer. and I mean we all know that Alex Hirsch is secretly Satan, so I think it’d be a great twist if the rival of Mabel ( and Dipper ) was in the loves with Dipper. ( even more of a twist if Dip liked her back! ) So this is just a harmless headcanon and I ship Wendip and Candip too so i’m just a big mess basically. Thanks for reading!