this is about as passive agressive as i get

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how is it a jab at cn?? im always down for jabbing at cn but i dont get it

they made a big deal about their super-progressive episode of the PPG reboot that handled trans topics, which was about “a horse that wanted to be a unicorn” and turned out to be a complete transphobic mess

Chezna Ponyhead is blatant passive-agressive reference to that episode, taking the exact same concept of using unicorns and horses to explain being trans, and actually handling it respectfully instead.

I thought superheroes were lost on me, but the Justice League trailer looks so fun. I’m actually excited to see this movie. None of the Marvel movies or superheroes appealed to me half as much as Justice League with Wonder Woman and Flash do.

I’m really not into comic books. I even went through a phase of being entirely too passive-agressive towards the whole genre, because I couldn’t figure out what was so good about superhero movies and why everybody liked them.

Now that I found something to my liking.. I think I’m starting to get it.

I don’t understand people who portray X6-88 as someone who has no emotions and would never get into anything that is new to him.

I spent like 5 minutes with him and I can tell he’s a sassy lil’ bitch who would high-five the sole survivor every time they blow something up and then continue to passive-agressively call out people who say shit about them like ????

His character has so many possibilities and people could interpret it in so many ways but they only go for the “has no emotions and is only there to do the sex”.

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Hiii Nisha~! Was wondering if you're going to watch the finale live or not? I'm honestly (and surprisingly) on the fence about it. I WANT to because I love Bonnie and it'll be her last scenes ever. But the possibility for disappointment is too real, even when you go in EXPECTING to be disappointed. Like... if we only get two minutes of Bonnie screen time... I dunno, last minute tag party/passive-agressive funeral/Bonnie send off? :P

I actually wanted to, bc of the history with the show obv, but also because it seems like a lot of Bonnie fans are going to be watching and passive aggressively livetweeting/blogging like you said, and that seems like it would be fun. But I have stuff going on tonight, so I can’t! Go figure.

I’ll probably still sneak on my phone now and again to check the livetweets :) I’m sure the disappointment will be beyond real no matter what, but we’ll still have fun, one way or another lol.

Ok so I just heard that Breezepelt and Heathertail are going to have kits. I’m so okay with this. Breezepelt deserves it. I immediately got a scene in my mind when I heard about the kits, and I can really see something like this happening.

Breezepelt, Heathertail and their kits - who are now apprentices - are at a gathering. Lionblaze is there too, and he notices the family. He makes his way to Breezepelt, and questions his reasons for getting kits and taking Heathertail as a mate. Passive agressive of course. Before Lionblaze gets further with his insults and claims, Heathertail steps forward. She lectures Lionblaze about his behaviour, and overall how he can’t let go of the thought of Breezepelt being bad - when in fact, he was worse himself. There was a reason why Heathertail chose Breezepelt as a mate, and that she had never felt any remorse in loving him. She would always choose Breezepelt over someone like Lionblaze. All eyes are on Lionblaze, who makes his way back (embarassed) to his clanmates. Breezepelt had kept his cool, only proving everyone of just how unpolite and uncalled Lionblaze’s sudden outburst was. Lionblaze can’t get his mind off of Breezepelt and Heathertail, jealious, and questioning himself and his own capability of being a good father.

But eh maybe I just want to see Heathertail put Lionblaze in his place. I hope the Erins won’t ruin this, and we’d finally get a happy ending to a misunderstood character.

Rant and Rave: Show!Loras season 6 rumors/spoilers

It follows a passive agressive rant about show!Loras fate in season 6 as hinted at by Finn, or rather alledgedly spelled out/shown to a fangirl at Dragoncon. Reddit rumors (linked, sitesearch “Finn”).

While Marg „finds Faith“ and gets released Loras seems to stay in the Sept dungeons and will be pretty much slowly beaten and raped to (near?) death over the course of season 6 (I guess he doesn’t repent or magically turn straight or something). His utter destruction is shown via his clothing falling apart until almost nothing is left.

Oh come on, you might say, that was probably made up by the fangirl, or was just some dumb joke by Finn. Well, I don’t really think so. Except maybe for the part about it all ending in a hot nude scene. But everything else fits nicely, with Finn’s other comments about season 6 and D&D’s SOP.

It explains Finn’s back-peddeling on a bunch of things and his weird „Siege of Dragonstone is dumb, book(!Loras) fans can go fuck themselves“ outburst at a convention after having read the scripts.  Because, well frankly, there is really not much else you can say to book!Loras fans after knowing about such a development for the show character.

D&D and Cogman are on record  (in the Sansa debacle) calling rape „character building“ after all, and weren’t us fans bitching about the lack of characterization in show!Loras? That will show us! It’s not like they had five seasons to build Loras character via other means. If they run out of material they can/want (to) cover for a character they default to rape-rape.

Finn seems to buy into this „rape is character building“ crap too now (wtf is this? Randyll Tarly’s military wisdoms 101, also applicable for writing shock and awe tv shows?). Well, I guess for an young actor it might be rather interesting to play such stuff, never mind that the total destruction of the book character on the show is complete now.

I’m also not blind to the obvious parallel they are drawing here with Sansa, which makes my tinfoil hat tingle that in the unlikely event that both characters are still alive at the end of the saga they will become the most uncomfortable couple ever, but then at least they can exchange anecdotes about being beaten and raped over month during the war (besides fashion, I mean).

On the plus side for D&D:

People bitching about too much female sexual violence. —> See, now we’re having males raped too. Sure it’s the funny dumb gay dude nobody cares about, but still. What? It’s not like we can rape St. Tyrion or the Hound, so shut up.

Controversy, outrage, people finally remembering who the fuck Loras is (the latter only really helpful if he actually lives through this ordeal and is in season 7).

Loras (if not dead) ends up an utterly physically and psychologically broken being just like in the books, OMG this is brillant!

Well except for the part were…

Book!Loras destruction is done by himself (via storming a fucking castle (!) not rotting in a dungeon) and not via some outside force (Cersei helps along a bit but does not really need to do much). Well, I guess they can always go with the „he’s asking for it“ because sleeping with Olyvar and not repenting and stuff, so still self inflicted, ha!

Maybe I’m flipping out about nothing but a joke here but I doubt it. Hey, maybe book!Loras is raped by a horde of Whitewalkers overrunning Dragonstone in TWOW, or the important thing Willas does in TWOW is getting raped by a band of raiding Ironborn that just can’t resist is hot crippled ass and then I will really have to eat crow (and flip GRRM off too).

this still pisses me off

Something I heard since I was a young teenager was stuff like “I wish I could draw as well as you” then immediately dismissed when asked how I learned and my answer was “practice.”

Talent is bullshit, you still have to put hard work into it. And today everyone as access to so many amazing sources, kid me is so jealous.

I saved up money for ages for Photoshop 6.0 in 2000, my first scanner did about 300 DPI, and I didn’t get my first drawing tablet until I was 18.  I still greatly struggle with figures and anatomy and often ask for critique from close friends. I don’t think I’m an amazingly great artist but I am happy with what I produce.

I’ve seen 13 year olds pump out art that I couldn’t have done til I was 20.  And holy shit that is awesome.

More resources are available now than ever. You just have to be willing to TRY.

Cecil vs. Kevin

What I liked tremendously about episodes 70 A & B is that we saw how creepy Kevin’s attention to Carlos was compared to Cecil’s. Kevin was passive-agressive or downright cruel every time Carlos said “no” to him and ignored his boundaries when he could get away with it. Kevin literally demonstrated how much he didn’t respect Carlos. That really put in the perspective Cecil’s earlier attempts at wooing Carlos - when he fought for Carlos’ attention but never pushed respecting Carlos’ choices. In fact, it was always Carlos who made the decisions about deepening their relationship. Even in the 70B Cecil was not pushing Carlos to stay with him patiently waiting to hear to what kind of home Carlos wanted to return - to Night Vale or to his place of origin.

And that’s why I understand people who like Kevin but for me he is embodyment of creepiness, of a person who pushes and pushes, a true predator. 

hooOOOly shit so again, theres like

2 people on first shift that are kindergartners poopy pants

so this one girl, who, plays her ugly music rEALLY loudly out loud is like a station away from me, and, HEY. youre actually supposed to be using headphones!! WOW!! so i mentioned it to our manager because agian, she plays it everyday and i just cant focus at all when its playing, and he got her to stop playing it, but like 5 minutes later started playing it again

SO i again, and i cannot stress how much i make sure to be as fair, polite, and NON PASSIVE AGRESSIVE AT ALL, in how i talk to someone like this because i know they will go off on aynthing

i just asked her if she had headphones and she went off on me about i do not get to ask about her business and all this so i again, rebuttled with “jared (our manager) said we had to listen to music through headphones” and she again slammed at me about the whole that is none of your business and how dare yous and so i said id get the manager and she told me to get your boss. like WONDERFUL i can already tell how you view your place in this warehouse. so you know i did. and then she muttered to him constnantly about how i was some shebat demon, and it was just

i mean

is it so much


 to ask for someone to listen to their music through headphones

because you blare autotuned bs crap out loud and hey even when i listen to music i can still hear it so you know

maybe just

be polite