this is about as passive agressive as i get

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how is it a jab at cn?? im always down for jabbing at cn but i dont get it

they made a big deal about their super-progressive episode of the PPG reboot that handled trans topics, which was about “a horse that wanted to be a unicorn” and turned out to be a complete transphobic mess

Chezna Ponyhead is blatant passive-agressive reference to that episode, taking the exact same concept of using unicorns and horses to explain being trans, and actually handling it respectfully instead.

Watching EoY “take down” Cathy Gordon makes me so fucking uncomfortable because she has like… no power in this situation.

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Hi there - I am not disabled, but my boyfriend has muscular dystrophy. My (well-meaning) friends and family frequently say how brave, noble, altruistic, etc. I am for dating him. I get very uncomfortable about this "inspiration porn" type of attitude. Unfortunately I am not good at snappy comebacks. Any suggestions for what to say when people start being all teary-eyed and weird about me dating him?

I’m not good at snappy comebacks either but I would passive-agressively make them realize about their ugly behavior by saying something like “why would having a boyfriend be altruistic?” 

(I said I wasn’t good att snappy comebacks. Someone sassier, we need your salt here).

Edit: I had to quote this jewel by @mehrstimmige:  “How kind of your significant other to be with you, then! Must be pretty hard on them, dating someone who is a chronic asshole.”


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Ignoring that there's a chance that it really was coincidental, i feel weird about people just collectively agreeing that "petiness" was even a motivator here. First, it could be stricly business - it elevated the news to dominating-the-media- level. But even if it was emotionally motivated, it doen't feel to me like it came out of a place of vindictiveness. Petty would be "i want to get back at you cause you dared to come for me". Petty is what Katy was doing for the last few weeks (1)

This feels much more like someone feeling things are going to far, it seems more defensive than passive-agressive if you get what i’m saying. Less “take that”, more “back off”.I know we’re all sick of talking about it but i people who’re going after her character because of this seem to see it as her being an asshole w/o necessity. But this isn’t some playground fight. This is a manipulative person that first undercut her under a guise of friendship for years (including shaming her publicly (2)

for speaking out about an abusive ex) then, once she dared speak out and cut her from her life, she went to other people-in this case the public - and started manipulating their view of her. I mean, that’s classic.I think some people aren’t taking into account the whole picture, how it looks and feels from T’s perspective. Things like this can make you feel really helpless and you may feel the need to “retake the narrative” which is what i feel she did here.(3)

Also, this really isn’t as big of a deal as people are making it into. It sure as hell isn’t sabotage. It’s just a little takover of media attention-which she didn’t really have much to begin with with a subtle warning underneath it (4)

Presented without comment because I agree. 

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I saw your post about how u couldn't stop thinking about viktor unzipping Yuuri's clothes with his teeth and now i can't stop thinking about the time a friend did it to me as a dare in a drink game - my shorts had too many bootons which made things difficult and then the zipper got stuck and my friend started complaining passive-agressively and i was laughing so much at that point and basically what I'm saying is... imagine viktor and yuuri jzbsjzubz lmao

This would totally happen only Viktor would Make It Weird by looking up through his eyelashes and doing it slow and Yuuri’s brain would just go “!?!?!!>>!><!<@?!?@#” and probably short-circuit a little bit. Then when the zipper gets stuck Viktor would kind of like, just, jerk it harder and harder with his mouth, because he’s fucking stubborn and he’s going to do this with his teeth and Yuuri is in pain. So much pain. Viktor’s breath is on his dick. There’s some repetitive motion going on, his fingers are digging into the carpet. His toes curl in his shoes. He’s probably going to die here, and that’s fine. It’s fine.

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MTL favourite mars signs and why 😊

  1. scorpio mars: srry if it’s predictable or smth but omg they are h o t and I’m traumatized lmao
  2. aries mars: I’m not like super attracted to them (wtf I’m a virgo mars no hoe) or smth but they are so ride or die and badass I wanna be them lol
  3. taurus mars: some of them are like assholes bc they can’t deal with anger in a healthy way lmao but the ones that aren’t are so patient and nice and sensual
  4. leo mars: the ones I know are so ride or die I love it lmao petty is their second name tho
  5. pisces mars: guys with pisces mars are my weaknessss oml so hot and so gentle. can play the victim and manipulate tho 
  6. capricorn mars: underestimated, responsible which I value a lot, controlled and sexy af.
  7. gemini mars: can be kinda mean (even if they don’t do it on purpose) but they are hot to me tbh
  8. sagittarius mars: chill and fun but can blow up on you like WW3 wtf
  9. aquarius mars: tbh I don’t know wtf this guys are about??? they make me think about sexting and shit like that and the ones I know have done it so yeah wtf guys
  10. virgo mars: I haven’t hanged out with a lot of virgo mars tbh but who knows, we could get along well
  11. cancer mars: I’ve been attracted to some and I regret most lmao srry guys, the ones I know are so passive agressive and I don’t like them.
  12. libra mars: the ones I know are petty and passive aggressive and horrible sorry guys! I’m open to know some sweet libra mars to keep the name up you know

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Sorry about your anons! I also hate vore but I don't mind scrolling past a post every once in a while in exchange for good art. Deal with it or unfollow quietly, people! You don't need to guilt trip artists for the things they post.

I had to check, and seems like about 15 people unfollowed me because of it. So most people do what you and I do. I think these people just want attention or to make me feel bad or whatever. Perhaps it’s just one anon sending all of the messages, including this one!

Tumblr is honestly the only place where I experience this level of strange, passive-agressive policing. It happens a lot in tags as well. Like, I get it, but I don’t really care about some random Internet person’s dissaproval. I care about looking at pretty art and reading cool posts about biology. 

So I’ve seen a lot of complaints regarding writing speed.
Especially recently. 

There are some people who want a response to an ask or a thread right away. Or people who feel overwhelmed and get pissed at others replying quickly. It can happen, but if you really are bothered by that, it does not mean you got to be an utter jerk about it.

Everyone works at their own speed, and you cannot change that nor should try to do so. Being passive-agressive, or being rude, in an attempt to make things go the way you want is a terrible idea. Pressuring anyone into going at the speed YOU want will only ruin other’s fun, lower the quality of their writing, or make them want to drop.

Because of that, I see persons feeling bad, mostly when they are slow writers. But you guys’ comfort and well-being is more important than pleasing someone who decided to be petty. You do your thing, you do it like you want. If anything, it’s the final product that matters, whether you need time or get quick. 

TL;DR: Write at your own speed, and let people do the same. Being an ass won’t help anyone or anything. 

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in case ur one of those people who likes being told why for unfollowers: gab i love your blog and I'm gonna miss you on my dash but as a bi ace I'm getting kinda sick of seeing people talking shit about aces on my dash. Have your opinion, that's fine, but being ace is something that I really hate about myself and I'm still struggling with it, so I don't need ace hate on my tumblr, no matter how much you enjoy your arguments

passive agressive plus i dont like you 🤔

I don’t understand people who portray X6-88 as someone who has no emotions and would never get into anything that is new to him.

I spent like 5 minutes with him and I can tell he’s a sassy lil’ bitch who would high-five the sole survivor every time they blow something up and then continue to passive-agressively call out people who say shit about them like ????

His character has so many possibilities and people could interpret it in so many ways but they only go for the “has no emotions and is only there to do the sex”.

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madatobi 10 things i hate about you au where tobi is kat and Absolutely Not Charmed by madara's weird ass attempts of wooing and madara i.e patrick denying his attraction to tobi's passive aggressive and also Physical Agressive personality (bonus points if tobirama flashes the teacher to get madara out of getting suspended for singing on the bleachers)


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hey! i'm sorry for bothering you with this but you seem ver well spoken and nice so could you please explain to me the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality in a simple way, cause i get most of my info abt this stuff online and its very confusing for me cause i'm just figurin myself out and ppl tend to be so passive agressive about it so could you help me out?

youre not bothering me at all!! lots of people have different understanding of the two but mine is
bisexuality = an attraction to ones own gender(female for me) and other genders (male, and nb genders)
pansexuality = an attraction to people regardless of gender
there is an assumption that bi means men and women and that pan means men, women and non binary genders, but thats not how it has to be (unless thats how you choose to define it) which is why people often say that pansexuality and other sexualities that include more than one gender are included under the b in lgbt. I hope this makes sense

I see that post I made 100 years ago about Arya is getting notes again. Is the fandom pretending they give a shit about her and not use her arc and character as props for their flop faves again?

extravagantwit replied to your post: You know, you might think Ichimaru Gin is a…

I lo v e him


but he’s the woooorst.

Did you know, he talks in a way that is considered quite polite, in Japanese, but he does it in such a way that it is actually quite passive agressive, mocking even.
But he also talks about himself in such a way that someone who is younger than he is would talk about themselves. So basically he sets himself up in this super passive agressive way, but then also talks about himself as if he’s just “some kid having some fun”, so you can’t get mad at him.


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first fight with sf9?

I don’t quite know how to go about this one so I hope that this is what you were looking for!! ~ Admin M

A: Inseong, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Chani

M: Youngbin, Dawon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung

Inseong: I see Inseong getting mad A LOT. Anytime something doesn’t go his way, he gets angry and argues until he gets what he wants. Your first argument is probably something small, but Inseong blows it out of proportion. You don’t have the patience to deal with his damn attitude, so you just walk out on him. Due to his dominant and stubborn personality, he probably wouldn’t apologize so you’d need to be the bigger person. As soon as you come to apologize to him, even if it were only like 30 minutes after, he would pull you into a hug for a long ass time and apologize profusely, then pull you away asking, “What took you so long?”

Youngbin: Youngbin isn’t the type to get angry easily (or at least if he is, he certainly isn’t the type to express it aggressively), so it’d have to be something big to get him to actually argue back at you. Still, though, no matter how mad he was, he would still be holding back - he’d put you before himself in every situation, so he’d make sure that he wouldn’t say anything too harsh because even if he was absolutely furious, he would still be concerned about you. He would feel incredibly bad afterwards, and he would definitely apologize as soon as he had calmed down a it. He’s not the type to hold grudges or let things like drag on for too long.

Jaeyoon: I don’t see Jaeyoon as the type to get angry at all, especially with you. You are pretty much perfect in his eyes, you can do no wrong. If anything, you are upset with Jaeyoon at how he’s never serious and that’s how the argument begins. He wouldn’t know what to do to make it up to you. Jaeyoon decides to give you a little space after the fight and goes out to buy you some flowers. He enters your room and tip toes in to see if you’re still steaming. He comes to your face and pouts a little. You can’t stay angry at him for long and of course accept his apology.

Dawon: All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Dawon. Since he’s the type to constantly pester and tease people, you’d be used to being irritated with him and bickering a bit, but there wouldn’t be particularly big fights very often. I see Dawon as very stubborn, though - once he’s started arguing, he won’t give up his side no matter what, even if he realizes that he’s wrong. His pride just wouldn’t let him admit to something like that. Just as passionate as he is about everything else, he’d channel that same energy into fights. They might last for a while with him - he would eventually start to feel a bit guilty and would apologize after a day or two if you hadn’t, though.

Zuho: Just like with everything else, Zuho would be pretty relaxed (for the most part) even in an argument. He wouldn’t raise his voice or anything, and he’d be sure to listen to your side of things and try to express himself calmly, but somehow, when you were all fired up, that might be even more annoying. For as relaxed as he is, though, i can’t see him as the type to throw the fight just to get it over with. He’d stand his ground if he thought that he was right. If he hadn’t said anything offensive (which he probably wouldn’t, considering that he’d be thinking about your feelings the whole time as well), he wouldn’t apologize - if things were weird or anything between the two of you after that, though, he would definitely address it.

Rowoon: There aren't many times that Rowoon is intimidating, but if you piss him off to the point where he gets loud, it’s not a fun sight. He doesn’t seem like someone easily pissed off, it would take a lot to make him angry. Knowing him, you went into his room and messed everything up while you were looking for a stapler. He gets to his room and flips shit about his room being a mess, confronting you as soon as he sees it. You kinda freak out since it is your first time seeing him this angry and run out of the house. Rowoon feels so guilty and caves in immediately, running after you to quickly apologize and make amends. He promises to make your favorite food as his apology and you can’t complain.

Taeyang: Taeyang’s not the type to raise his voice or be passive aggressive with anything - there would be nothing backhanded or particularly insulting in fighting with Taeyang. It would be more a matter of just the two of you expressing opinions when you didn’t quite see eye to eye. He wouldn’t let you walk away without the two of you working something out, though - even if he or you needed some time to cool down, he would make sure that you came to some kind of agreement before either of you could leave. No matter how important upholding his side of it was to him, it would be even more important to him that you two came to some kind of a compromise.

Hwiyoung: Hwiyoung doesn’t seem the type to get really mad about many things, but seeing as he is so emotional, I would guess that it’s pretty easy to get him irritated. So he’d probably say a few snippy things from time to time, but there wouldn’t be much actual arguing. Even when he did just make little comments, he would apologize profusely later, regardless of how unimportant they may have been to you. He would feel so so so guilty about the tiniest things, and losing his temper would be no exception to that. As a rule, he would generally just try to avoid arguing if it was possible.

Chani: I see Chani being the type to be a little passive-agressive in the beginning of your fight. He wouldn’t blow up all at once, he’d just get irritated a lot at first and throwing shady ass comments. If the tension continues to grow, he will straight up tell you what the problem is and excuse himself to go outside to walk it off. After thinking about how silly your first fight was, he’d come back home and immediately apologize. Chani knows that the smallest things can piss him off and that being in a relationship requires a lot of shared effort, so he learns how to be more considerate of you and to be open to you after your fight. 

I am passive aggressive
Because I was always too afraid
To say what was on my mind
If it meant making someone else angry

I hate confrontation
Because I can’t stand anyone
Mistaking me for a person
Who doesn’t care.

I do.
Too much.


Not enough.
I don’t.

I care about
People mistaking me for a person
Not being able to stand up
For myself in a fight.

People get angry; they will get over that anger.
I have a right to say what is on my mind
Because I was always too afraid
Of loving myself.

—  Antoinette
ISTJ appreciation post

Can we just take a moment to appreciate ISTJs? I feel like ISTJs don’t get enought love, and I don’t know why. So I thought I’d dedicate a list of things I’d like to thank the ISTJs of the world for. Because you guys rock.

Thank you for…*

  • Your senses of humor. ISTJs are seriously the most lowkey hilarious/quotable type, which never shows up in type descriptions for some reason. You’ve somehow mastered a perfectly natural, offbeat sense of comedic timing. Whenever I’m feeling down, I hang out with an ISTJ and feel better after like 5 minutes. It’s magic. 
  • Your loyalty. When I look back through my life, many of the friends who have stayed constant are ISTJs. There are very few people in life you know you can count on; thank you for being constants in an ever-changing world.
  • Your honesty. Google “keeping it real” and you’ll find an ISTJ. It’s incredibly refreshing in this exhausting world of social implications and passive agression. 
  • Getting stuff done. The ISTJ work ethic is legendary; it never ceases to amaze me how you guys will pick something, then just do it. No procrastination, no distractions. There’s a singleminded intensity there I’m in awe of. 
  • Your minds. ISTJs think like computers, and that’s amazing. Sharp, with potent memories and infallible logic.
  • Loving so deeply. ISTJ emotions are deep and potent, often hidden but ever-felt. You don’t show it that often, but when you do get emotional about something, it’s something that matters, and that’s what matters.

(This is a little more saccharine than I usually like to go, but sometimes things are so awesome you just have to be sickeningly sincere about them. So ISTJs of the world, thanks for making this one ENFJ’s life a lot better. And everyone else, go hug an ISTJ today. Or maybe lightly pat one on the shoulder.) 

*blah blah blah my experience only disclaimer blah blah will not be true for every single person etc. etc. 

How to recognize an INFJ

(or maybe just how to recognize me. my blog, can’t help it)

1) If meeting for the first time, will either come across as warm, expressive, and socially graced–or completely mute and aloof. And can flip from one to another.

Social interaction is an on off switch. Depending on how well Fe is developed, INFJ’s can make small talk, laugh at the right moments, continue conversations, network without much problem. (for me the lych-pin is whether or not I want you to like me. If it’s an interview or job fair, people think I’m extroverted.) On the flip side, INFJ’s are more comfortable being quiet and out of the limelight. Polite and nice, probably, but everything said will be filtered because the infj wouldn’t know you well enough to be comfortable saying what he or she is actually thinking. (Enough childhood experiences being called weird). I don’t like talking about important/informational things unless I think it all through in my head first, which means I don’t talk often and when I do, it’s concise. <–this is a pretty good tip-off.

2) INFJ’s love figurative language. 

Will only use when comfortable, but INFJ’s can make the randomest yet relevant metaphors

3) Facially expressive.

I laugh with my whole face, eyes curved, dimples showing. I frown with  my whole face–eyebrows arched, chin out, lips pouting. When I’m frustrated, I’ll make frustrated sounds.

4) Likes Harmony.

INFJ’s like harmony. This means that they will try their best to be tactful, but will respond aversely to lack of tact. Antagonistic to people who cause conflict for no apparent/selfish reason. (it really bothers me when people yell and give ultimatums as a form of solving problems. Yelling and threatening are obviously not solutions, they just make everyone mad…whats the point!)

5) Most things (dress, possessions, color choices…etc) will be pretty well thought out.

Meaning, my phone case and my coat and the color of my headphones are all deliberate choices. I will know 1) how this plays into my image and 2) what this choice means to me. This is reciprocal meaning that I think that people also think that much into their choices (and am surprised when thats not true).

6) Asks questions to try to get people to talk about themselves but doesn’t offer the same information

A stupid habit, really. But I always feel self-conscious talking about myself, but I ask questions to get to know people/try to continue the conversation. People who are genuinely interested and ask good, probing, personal questions get brownie points.

7) Passive agressive as fuck when angry.

Enough said.

That’s all for now. I may add to this list if people suggest good ones/if i think of more. Going to bed!

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you know what i love about those really snarky bloggers who say shit like "i wanna die" 24/7 to the point where its annoying?the moment someone tells them to hurry up so they dont have to listen to them they're super offended. like i get why its obviously a dick thing to say to someone but they just lose that pretentious hipster vibe from trying to act all smart ass all the time especially since 9/10 theyre super passive agressive

I say it all the time ngl