this is about as inappropriate as they get folks

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I'll admit, as an autistic i really dont appreciate the missing puzzle piece. Carl is very much a stereotype of an autistic child, the white boy with glasses who is obsessed with trains and reacts "inappropriately" to things. plus the puzzle piece analogy is really condescending and ableist? like implying that autistic people are 'incomplete' or a puzzle that needs to be solved? i mean having an autistic character is great but i wish they'd done it differently.

that’s a very valid point as well, and defs one that doesn’t get talked about a lot!

from what i’ve heard, opinions of When Carl Met George is pretty mixed. some folks think that carl is a good representation and/or they appreciate how autism was explained in the show but. other folks, like yourself, have very valid criticisms as well

I know you all are getting excited about SUGA’s mixtape and getting into that trademark ARMY analyst mode, but let me bring to light the slight stipulation you all have to your… “excitement.”

And in lieu of weeks, months, of observation, from the announcement of SUGA’s mixtape from last year up to this point, even with looking at Rap Monster’s releasing of his mixtape, I must say that the criticisms that have come out over a mixtape THAT ISNT EVEN OUT YET are very inappropriate. Not even top ranking hip hop moguls, artists, and critics wouldn’t even dream of critiquing a mixtape without even listening to it no matter what the hype is. Sure, you always have the folks who want to analyze the mixtape because of its features or the lack thereof, but you hardly ever hear a criticism about the MUSIC before its time like how you ARMYs have over the past few weeks, even months.

I’ve seen that some of you refuse to listen to it unless you get a confirmation that another member, especially Jimin, will be on his mixtape. Or will only listen because of the potential flaming of past “enemies” of BTS or the continuation of HHYH, the Cypher series, and completion of theories. Oh, the theories! Look, I know that you have all of your theories, but this mixtape is going to exist as its own separate entity. Stop trying to loop it in with HHYH. BTS have all said their good-byes to the series and came to a closure. And they gave you an explanation, but you didn’t want it. OK. I know how y’all love to drag out a joke or situation but really, it’s his own thing: let him have it. He’s worked hard now let’s give him the support he deserves.

Also, I’ve noticed how the lot of you “don’t like hardcore rap” or “you listen to k-pop only” and “can’t see yourself listening to SUGA’s mixtape” because you don’t like rap, don’t understand it, and/or don’t care to understand it. And that what hurts me the most: it’s almost like you all are refusing to see SUGA as he is. This mixtape is SUGA’s story, 137.3% MIN YOONGI. This genre, this mixtape, is his medium to tell it, and you mean to tell me that you won’t honor that? He’s a rapper, and you know this. He likes rap, rapping, and hip-hop: you know this. But let’s slow down and get hyped when Jungkook, V, and Jimin or BTS in general does the dab, twerk, nae nae, or any other popular black dances? You can’t pick and choose what part of black culture you want to embrace or to appreciate, just like how you all get mad when people pick over BTS and its members. You either accept it for what it is in its entirety or be quiet. No medium.

You can choose to listen or not. You will either like it or not:  I’m not telling you this to force people to do anything, but I’m just putting it into the sentient conscience called ARMY that SUGA ain’t got time to play games with you all, nor is willing to put up with your pettiness either. SUGA is going to do SUGA whether its tasteful to you or not. He made this mixtape first for himself and then for ARMY, don’t be mistaken. Yeah he loves ARMY, he loves you, but like before, and you’ve all seen it, he will only take so much.

Just ANTICIPATE the mixtape. Keep the criticisms until after it comes out.