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Whats your headcannon name for homerun girl? Also could you draw jyushi as a rito(bird person) from legend of zelda? Cause birb jyushi would be cute:D

{I tend to call her Homerun-chan as my tag would suggest, personally, but I also call her Homura a lot because that’s what I see most people roleplay her as, and let’s face it, in terms of first names it’s more believable. XD Of course headcanons are only as far as we can go though, since we don’t actually know anything about her name ;3

And um… I guess Rito!Jyushi would look something like this..?

…I don’t have that much confidence in this sketch TwT Sorry TwT}

Breath of the Wild spoilers

This game takes place after Twilight Princess, and Calamity Ganon is a horrific spider with, apparently, the head/skull of Ganondorf - that head having a different, longer beard than Twilight Princess Ganondorf’s body had when he ‘died’ in Twilight Princess.

So if I have this right, Zelda of her own volition went back to Hyrule Castle and stayed there, alone, “holding Ganon” for 100 years, waiting for Link’s resurrection. 

She somehow, in those intervening years, learned enough about Ganon’s motivations to say for certain that he’d given up on reincarnation. 

All I’m hearing here is “Zelda spent 100 years holding Ganon and learning everything about him.” So… I’d like to read a fanfiction answering some pressing questions I have. 

  • What were those 100 years like? (Apparently, Zelda was aware that whole time, since she talks about how she watched over Link.)
  • Where was she staying in the castle?
  • Where did Princess Zelda get the Bow of Light?
  • When/how did she figure out that Ganon had “turned his back on reincarnation?” Did she talk to him?
  • When exactly did Ganon become like the “pure enraged” version in this game?
  • If it was so evil and enraged, why did Ganon do basically nothing except for bringing all the monsters Link killed back to life during the Blood Moon? What was Ganon doing that whole 100 years?
  • When or where did Ganon/dorf get that sweet beard?
  • Me: *watches a dozen or so videos of other people's top 10 Legend of Zelda games
  • Me when their #1 isn't Wind Waker: so fucking wrong, don't give me this shit about the sailing taking too long, it's peaceful as fuck you piece of shit. It has the most exploration, tons of heart pieces, loads of memorable characters, the cell-shaded graphics look amazing, best music, best color palette, it even has the best combat because of the fun noises you get when you hit enemies. Link is so emotive, and there are moments that actually make me laugh.
  • Me: what am I doing with my life

~(    ( ´(00)`) oink oink

Can’t stop thinking about Zelda AU with them being childhood friends, sooooo I think imma do a webcomic about it >w< Any excuse to draw the trio happy (and then later on REALLY SAD) is good enough for me >u>

I guess to illustrate my point about BotW, I’ll talk about one of the quests - there’s a part in the game where you can’t continue until you have 20 lightning arrows. The NPCs helpfully tell you there’s a monster at the top of the hill that shoots lightning arrows, and you can scavenge them from around his lair. There’s the assumption that you’ll go either sneak around and collect arrows up there, or even kill that monster and return with all his arrows.

I simply teleported to a town, bought lightning arrows, and returned. The game continued without a pause. I didn’t have to fail fighting the lightning guy 100 times. In other Zelda games, I would have been railroaded into fighting the lightning guy. But in this game, the Hard Zelda Game, I could choose not to go fight him.

Ultimate player control, multiple (multiple) solutions to any given problem, optional challenges. No abrupt bottlenecking where you’re not allowed to keep playing the game you bought until you mastered some tiresome un-fun mini game. All of this = great fun.

All I’m saying, in Breath of the Wild, Princess Zelda, of her own will, alone, self-sacrificially, goes to live in a cursed castle inhabited by a terrifying, mysterious cursed beast, to try to stem that beast’s vengeful rage from harming her loved ones. It’s a big mystery who this Beast is and where he came from, and what causes the curse, and she has an entire 100 years to solve those mysteries as she holds him at bay.

that’s literally the plot of beauty and the beast

  • me: *slaughters entire little villages of monsters who were innocently minding their own damn business*
  • me: *standing over their body parts, blood-encrusted Master Sword in hand* I am the true monster here
  • BotW: *creepy music* 🎶
  • Zelda: The Blood Moon rises once again...
  • Ganon: *resurrects all the countless innocent monsters I murdered*
  • me: oh, thank god

my Wii U tells me it took me 64 hours to beat Zelda. I got to the end!

I just wanted to talk about just the gameplay. I haven’t read anything about this game, so this might be said to death already.

It’s definitely the hardest modern Zelda game. But!

It’s incredible that the game gives you So Many Options at any moment that you never feel that frustrated when you die. And you do die - a lot. But whereas with other games I would be frustrated and enraged at constant death, with this game I always reacted with a “well, yeah, that death was all my fault. There were many ways out of that situation, I could have been better prepared, I could have just teleported away…”

Like, I think this game might be a benchmark for something entirely new in how difficulty works in games. I’ve never really enjoyed hard games, and I never thought I would ever react so well to abrupt Game Over screens ever again, after that went out of fashion in games years ago. But I did react well to Breath of the Wild killing me - over and over, so many times. This game does player control differently.

The key to enjoyment is to never railroad the player, and let them choose their own challenges or ways to solve puzzles and obstacles. My mind has been ablaze with this revelation that a hard video game can be fun, just as long as there’s more than one way to accomplish goals. It makes the player feel clever and listened to when their hare-brained schemes work, and they don’t have to brute-force every encounter.

I quit Dark Souls after the first boss. I’ve stopped playing Zelda games for weeks out of frustration because I couldn’t find the singular solution to a puzzle that I had to solve to further the plot.

I beat Breath of the Wild straight through without ever tiring or getting angry. The game design, the fighting design, the feeling of incredible control. Everything is brilliant. It’s so fun to play this hard game.


This story is 10,000 years old. It’s miraculous that everybody 10,000 years later believes this story is completely, literally true, and they somehow Know that Calamity Ganon is going to attack again. Like… why do they think that? I understand them having deeply ingrained traditions about knights and princesses, but after 10,000 years of there being no trace of Ganon, there’s no way they’d still be taking preparations for Ganon that seriously.

I have to rewrite this so that it makes more sense. Why was everyone so convinced that Ganon was going to show up in their lifetimes? Did I miss something? It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

I was rummaging in Hyrule Castle and found the Monster Cake recipe that the (apparently super evil) Royal Chancellor from 100 years ago loved to eat, and suddenly, from that strange source, I have an entire plot bunny for a fan comic aimed at making BotW’s plot more juicy.

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Can I ask why you tag ganondorf post with "King of love and beauty"? I love this tag but I don't know the quote

“Queen of Love and Beauty” is a term from ASOIAF, the label for the lady who is crowned by a tournament’s winning knight with a crown of roses.

1) Ganondorf is easily the most beautiful Zelda character
2) I like the mental image of this huge asshole with a flower crown proclaiming him the loveliest perched atop his red mane. He’d think it was only his obvious due.

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Night after night, the desert king is haunted by visions of a sacred triangle in the eastern sky…