this is about Legend of Zelda don't look

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Can’t stop thinking about Zelda AU with them being childhood friends, sooooo I think imma do a webcomic about it >w< Any excuse to draw the trio happy (and then later on REALLY SAD) is good enough for me >u>

  • Me: *watches a dozen or so videos of other people's top 10 Legend of Zelda games
  • Me when their #1 isn't Wind Waker: so fucking wrong, don't give me this shit about the sailing taking too long, it's peaceful as fuck you piece of shit. It has the most exploration, tons of heart pieces, loads of memorable characters, the cell-shaded graphics look amazing, best music, best color palette, it even has the best combat because of the fun noises you get when you hit enemies. Link is so emotive, and there are moments that actually make me laugh.
  • Me: what am I doing with my life

someone made the comment “you know he wants to murder her right”

and I was gonna let it go but I guess I’m not:

you might be surprised to think about it for a bit and then realize that

he actually does not want to murder her

of the two of them, and their separate meetings over various lifetimes, the only one who has coldly meticulously orchestrated the death of the other person is Zelda.

Meanwhile, I can think of literally 6 instances where Ganondorf could have easily killed her, but did not. He usually just holds her captive instead, or ignores her after getting her triforce piece (he doesn’t finish her off after defeating her in HW (at least twice), he specifically audibly assures them he won’t kill them in WW).

he actually goes out of his way + expends extra effort not to kill her, like imprisoning her in crystals or putting her to sleep. He usually wants her alive. He has never killed her in any game.

with this relationship, the one I am vaguely terrified of because of their tendency to go straight and permanently for the throat at the first opportunity is Zelda, not Ganondorf.

Zelda is a little bit scary. Zelda’s the reincarnation of a goddess that crushed the origin of demons to death under her heel, literally. Zelda can take care of herself. This is a rivalry that is not skewed against her.

ponthion said: omg omg Ganondorf with 8

Night after night, the desert king is haunted by visions of a sacred triangle in the eastern sky…

Ganondorf: *kills a boss*

Zelda: “Wonderful work! The light hasn’t left Hyrule after all!”

Ganondorf: “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

me: this game…


OoT Ganon (before puberty smacked him around with the bara stick)

I always picture him at this age as the most spoiled precocious shit baby. I keep getting reminded that the witch sisters Twinrova raised him, so I’m honestly surprised he turned out as pleasant as he did.