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One thing I love about Janine is the level of confidence she has in Runner Five.

The way she speaks when she’s directing missions makes it clear that she has no doubt that they can accomplish what she’s asking. She sends them out on errands without hesitation, whereas sometimes Sam or Maxine sound almost apologetic, as if they’re inconveniencing Five, as if the runner has something better or more important to do. Janine treats them just like she would any other member of the township, with all the responsibilities of that position. The tasks she asks them to undertake may be life-threatening, but facing dangerous situations for the good of the community is Runner Five’s job, and she trusts that they know that and will act accordingly.

And while it’s very gratifying to hear Sam say, “Five, you’re amazing!” Janine’s matter-of-fact attitude that they are performing at exactly the level she would expect from an Abel runner demonstrates that she’s not at all surprised at what Five is capable of, and that’s nice to know, too.

Zombie apocalypse AU (reupload)

The original plot was: Being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse (or any other kind of tragedy) unknowing if the other was alive or dead AU (thanks anominous007 ;D )

I fall in love with this comic all over again and I never upload the entire thing in one post so here we are! 

mini psa.           things are a little delayed on my end regarding drafts / starters / IMs / discord etc. because i’m not doing so hot irl.  don’t really know what the deal is but i’m not getting much sleep and have pretty much 0% appetite,  so i’m not exaggerating when i say i’m a zombie lately.  i’m being more selective regarding new interactions and existing ones too.  pennywise is and has been my only muse for this long bc it’s quite literally an all-consuming muse for me,  and i probably take writing a little too seriously sometimes.  partly bc i’ve been considering doing some writing on the side.  i’m not feeling muse for everything and with how little sleep i’m getting my attention span’s pretty fuckin’ shaky right now.  i’d appreciate it if you guys keep that in mind if i’m not responding right away whether it be here or discord,  or taking a while getting to our interaction as frequently as i used to.  pls n’ thank.   -  jay

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Hello there wonderful person! First I wanna say your CC is *amazing*. I'd like to ask about something on the Miami post (I didn't see anything about what I'm gonna ask, so if someone already asked this, sorry..) Where can I find the stitches on the mouth of the zombie picture? :o Also, do you think you'll release the android facial overlay?? Thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a spectacular day! <3

Stitches are here

Thanks sweets, happy to hear you like my cc ♥ I do plan to release the android overlay at some point, I just need to find the time to make a custom skin for it and stuff.

Yuri!!! On Nightmare AU?!!

Posting at 1am here okay but hear me out
- Viktor would be a great bored pumpkin king or whatever, constantly putting on amazing Halloween spectacles, each more frightening and surprising than the last. He even has Makkachin to be Zero XD
- Yuuri would be great in Sally’s role as the supportive friend who doesn’t think he’s special but loves Viktor from afar. He could have a reanimated zombie super cute Vicchan as a pet!!
- since there isn’t anyone who would be a real villain I guess Yakov could be a very angry boogieman once Viktor drops Santa Claus or whichever holiday figurehead he kidnaps into his lap
- Yurio would be absolutely terrifying while taking a hostage and Mila would be overjoyed to help him. Maybe Yurio could be some sort of werecat and Otabek a werewolf or something?!

- if Yuuri was the pumpkin king and he accidentally kidnaps Viktor (the son of Father Christmas?!!) in a drunken haze after his last perceived failure of a Halloween and Viktor just… Doesn’t leave
- or he seduces him in a meeting of the holidays or whatever and Viktor just shows up and gives Yuuri unsolicited tips on how to make his holiday better

If someone has already written a Nightmare before Christmas AU please let me know

Can’t promise this will be more than an idea since I’m still wrestling with that goddamn Last Unicorn Viktuuri AU *tears out hair*

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i could totally imagine the 4 zombie losers getting teleported into the Fallout 4 universe. Like Ricky would join the institute, Takeo would literally be Takahashi, Nicolai would be Vedim in the Diamond city bar, and Tank would be the Sole Survivor. Let's be honest here.

I have never played a fallout in my life but somehow I feel this is right

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Could you recommend any good cod zombies blogs ? I'm new to here and don't know who to follow :)

Certainly! I name off a few for you (I would put myself, but I won’t bc I hate to seem full of myself lol)

@danktempsey Ship trash and writes amazing fan fiction
@captianmakeotasaki Great art and is just a fantastic person
@nz-askthesurvivors Oc and canon character ask blog
@aspergerasparagus nice art style and reblogs cool stuff
@sir-maximillian-goof Makes gifs and is just an all around cool guy
@thetrollmother Will post art, gifs and is really friendly and easy to talk to
@grraveryl posts edits, gifs, and the occasional shit post
@askthezooombiessquad Fukken hilarious ask blog
@thehardcockkidshawnmichaels Posts awesome edits
@nikolaieatsbears Super sweet and posts text posts

@theonewhosins Shit posts and has great sense of humor @ask-the-richtofens ask blog for 3 Edwards @rick-and-nick another hilarious ask blog @bicobooty Does fantastic art @ask-simplified-tank Really cute ask blog for a tiny tank @nigthdntr @acrobber @defaltsdefect all great peeps who will post nice art Oh and @nightmare-neptune :> Sorry if I missed anyone!

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heyy i saw one of your posts about animes, can you suggest some more? i'm looking for good animes, mainstream or not. thank you :D

Okay, just to warn you I watch a lot of horror/survival/psychological/mystery/adventure animes, so expect less rom-com. But here you go :D

Highschool of the Dead (Gakuen Mokushiroku)- literally just finished watching this today. Watch it if you’re all about the violence, boobs and zombies lol. The violence in this anime is unreal. (horror/action/survival/violence/highschool)

Another - has a slow start but gets better in the end. (horror/mystery/highschool)

Alice in Borderland ( Imawa no Kuni no Alice) - another crazy survival anime, tho there’s only 3 episode to this :(

Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) - love this anime though their reaction to food turns me off sometimes lol (culinary/comedy/battle)

Btooom! - gives you that Hunger Games feel (survival/violence/game/action)

Magi - this anime is cute.I’ve watched both season 1 and 2, it was pretty good (supernatural/fantasy/action/adventure/comedy/magic)

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - the mystery behind the story is sooo messed up but good. (highschool/violence/mystery)

So I know I just said the Sun is a positive card in terms of Tarot. And it almost always is.

It’s associated with uncovering the truth and revelations as well as rebirth and creation.

And that’s usually a good thing. Even in Tokyo Ghoul.

But Kaneki has been repeatedly associated with Oedipus Rex, probably the most famous literary example of “OMG I WISH I COULD UNLEARN THAT AND LET MY CITY DIE OF THIS PLAGUE INSTEAD” ever.

Oedipus Rex, or Oedipus the King

Oedipus, who becomes king by killing his father. 

An act that later brings about a plague on his city. He vows to find the murderer and put them to justice, and so he calls a prophet and the prophet is like “yeah, bro, you really don’t want to know the truth, please stop looking.”

Because the truth is so horrifying (you aren’t who you think you are, your parents lied to you, you killed your real father, you married your real mother, you had children with her, and you cursed your whole city) that Oedipus goes mad for a bit and then stabs his own eyes out with pins. 

Not before his wife-mother kills herself though. Eto…

I’m not saying that the Clowns are gonna come out and reveal something somehow more horrific than all the shit we just learned and drive Kaneki mad in the process, I’m just saying that I’d feel a lot better about things if the famous literary King Kaneki was associated with were someone other than Oedipus, is all.

Oh shit, folks. Are the Qs gonna have to deal with some Oedipus at Colonus drama now? Washuu Matsuri is a perfect fit for Creon and if Zombie Shirazu comes back we’re back to 4 children of the King. Maybe we’re even gonna get some Antigone shit up in here. Saiko is totally gonna be Antigone isn’t she.


Dammit Greek Tragedy… why are you so tragic?

It’s been a few years since I’ve joined simblr. With all the ups and downs I’m continuing this blog, maybe in a less active way than at the beginning, but it’s more important that I still find it fun, right? Today I decided it’s time to make a follow forever. 

Under the cut there is a list of 51 blogs in total that I adore the most for their posts which were and still are my inspiration, a helpful hand, a reason why I smile. Also, for the conversations we had, for all the games we tagged each other and of course for everything you posted I want to say thank you ♥

Here comes the list!

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“We’ll Figure It Out”Riley’s mixtape for Ellie

Care Of Cell 44 - The Zombies | She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks | Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners | Tongue Tied - Grouplove | You’re My Best Friend -  Queen | Weekend - Smith Westerns | I Got You Babe - Etta James | Everybody Talks -  Neon Trees | Friday I’m In Love - The Cure | On Top Of The World -  Imagine Dragons | ABC - Jackson 5 | I Love It - Icona Pop | Young Blood - The Naked And Famous |

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Now, thanks to this post (x), all I keep thinking about is Oliver trying to keep a bunch of hapless civilians alive during a zombie apocalypse, including Mindy Lahiri. 

I imagine it would be a lot of this:

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