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any advice for someone's who is having a bad day :((

  • treat yourself!! i find taking care of myself (even through superficial acts like indulging in my skincare routine by doing a face mask) helps a lot. a hot shower/bath always helps to make you feel a little better 🌟  i like to exfoliate and moisturise afterwards and it makes me feel 10/10
  • talk it out - idk about you but i always feel better after venting to my friends. it’s nice to have someone to give you advice on the situation, or to even just listen to what you’re going through and be there to support you. you don’t have to struggle alone!! your friends/family will always be there to love you and lend you a shoulder to cry on if need be. if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, maybe try writing it out in a journal or something? it’s therapeutic to get it all out of your system, even if it’s just on paper
  • watch your favourite movie/tv show - parks and recreation/weightlifting fairy kim bok joo always makes me feel better.
  • go to bed - the human version of turning it on and off again. it’s nice to snuggle in bed and forget the troubles of the day. get cozy underneath your blankets with some fairy lights and a good book, if you like. it’s a soft way to end a harsh day (ps this is even better when you have fresh sheets, but that’s optional depending on your energy level)

i hope these help!! these are just a few of my favourite ways to cheer myself up. sending you lots of love and good vibes 💓

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I found it funny that I prefer fanon!Touka written by hidekane fans than canon!Touka because in their fics, Touka is actually a headstrong character who deals with her emotions in a healthier way while not making her OOC. And she has never abused Kaneki too so that's a plus. It's sad when Ishida's fans have a better grip on his own character than Ishida himself.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m like “huh. people write Touka better than Ishida himself. awkward.” I do like fanon!Touka. Just an overall cool version of what Ishida had watered her down to be. She’s no stereotypical housewife that suddenly has moments of “moe” (I’m looking at you 150). Also not abusive—plus on that indeed. Nothing but respect for writers and artists for their portrayal.

Finally finished this after butchering it on the first try. digital painting is NOT my strong suit, so i’m just not gonna worry about trying that style for now ~ w ~;



Oh sweet beans what did I do to the colors and the face and the UGH D:

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol

[Reposted from my IG] Hi! Small ad here hehe // Since some have been asking about my Patreon - yes I do have one, I just like, very rarely post about it (think I made like 1-2 link posts on tumblr for it) HAHA idk hh i really should do a better job linking all my platforms together zzz //shy but yes ;;v;;

Patreon is here ~ For those who are interested!

FAQ: What’s in your Patreon?
• Usually Patrons see full art pieces first - and depending on the tier, they receive different goodies like wallpapers, steps, hires versions, etc etc (PDF+PSD are new rewards hehe) :D
‼️ I will still continue to post all my art/comics on IG/tumblr for free! Patreon is just a way to give people a chance to see Behind-the-Scenes stuff with small bonuses 🍁

Also, more new art soon yay! So happy I’m less busy from work these coming days ( will make a post about it soon because lots of people wanted some updates about my work life - so sorry I can’t answer to everyone yet but I really appreciate the messages! :D ) 🌸 Thanks for all your support! && thank you so much for reading 🌸💖🌸 ✨✨✨

Good activities to help make your “shitty first draft” less shitty:

  • Having a detailed outline.
  • Knowing your characters well.
  • Keeping a record of your character’s growth and goals.
  • Keeping a record of foreshadowing and plot developments.
  • Taking short breaks.
  • Coming back from short breaks.
  • Forgiving yourself for being an imperfect writer.

Bad, horrible, awful activities which will not make your “shitty first draft” any less shitty, but will absolutely make you sad and frustrated:

  • Being a perfectionist.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Trying to fix all your mistakes.
  • Not forgiving yourself for making mistakes.
  • Being a perfectionist.

Moral of the story: Don’t beat yourself up for having less then perfect writing skills. We all have much room to grow and we all need feedback from others before our story can become the best version of itself. A good story can take many, many drafts to get right, and while there are tricks to help you achieve this quicker, no one will ever have it perfect right away.

Keep trying to write better first drafts, but don’t fault yourself when they won’t turn out the way you want them too. 

Your first draft does not define your skill as a writer. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Symmetra and Reinhardt

[Submission by @drunken-pilot ]

It’s clunky, it’s crazy, but Symmetra doesn’t hate all the armour. It keeps her safe. 

And we all know how much Reinhardt loves his armour - but I think he’d really enjoy wearing something that breathes a little better. It’s the eccentricity in him. 

Thank you for the submission! 

reminder that beverly literally had no positive platonic interactions in the movie.

reminder that richie, stan, and eddie hated her because of those bullshit sleeping around rumours gretta spread (@ screenwriters people were still bullied in the 80s for being poor, you assholes), henry & her father & mr keene sexualised her, mike didn’t really feel anything towards her (r.i.p screentime) and she was only there really to play the love interest for bill and ben.

reminder that in the book she was not The Girl of the group, she was the best friend of all the losers. stan saying “none of your business” when she asks about the items in the pharmacy isn’t funny or cute, it’s extremely ooc when compared with even the miniseries interactions.

reminder that sophia lillis was 14 during the filming of IT.

reminder that they showed her opening her dress in a michael-bay style slow-mo shot that was highkey not needed because SHE IS 14, shot her from the back in close fitting pedal pushers, and showed her in the bath during the ‘dear god’ montage (also not needed since she’d already been shown playing the keyboard, and there are other things to do in a bathroom that don’t seem jarring in comparison to boys doing Stoic Male™️ things, such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth, but i guess the male screenwriters didn’t care about that.)

reminder that one of only scenes in the movie where she’s not being abused or assaulted or stared at or having some boy’s desires projected onto her is the scene where she finds the poem and reads it. that’s it in the whole movie.

reminder that “the movie was condeming the treatment of beverly!” is not a solid excuse for this crap. it condems her father assaulting her, but it does not condemn her own friends ogling and slut-shaming her, or condemn her putting herself in the position to let an old man lech on her so some boys she barely knows can steal things.

reminder that the treatment and language used towards her in the movie was actually a better version of the original scripts, which is pretty harrowing when considering the above points.

reminder that im tired!!!!! im tired


Lineart practice in my sketchbook I made a while back (gotta post my sketchbook stuff - there’s still loads left…) 

+ a colored version made in photoshop


vfd boys + character posters

“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”

Anyone else notice how in Wonder Woman a lot of people notice/remark on how beautiful Diana is (both men and women) but they all do it in a really respectful way? Nobody leers at her creepily, nobody catcalls her, no one is inappropriate they’re just like “Wow you’re gorgeous,” and it was honestly so nice to see.

in Fall, we rejoice in the shedding of the old, thanking our pasts for shaping us into better versions of ourselves.

in Winter, we bask in the end of the year, reminiscing on how much we have changed and how much we will continue to.

in Spring, we bloom with the flowers, making way for the new and saying goodbye to that which no longer serves purpose.

and in Summer, we fall in love, eyes twinkling with the promise of fresh potential, hearts aglow like the daytime sun.

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