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Pocky game headcannons with Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki and Kirishima and their s/o (seperately)!

Now I really want some pocky~

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Cookies & Cream? What is he 7?
  • His S/O declared he would break first if they did the pocky challenge. And like the competitive boy he is, he agreed before he realized what his game is
  • He’s blushing profusely, trying not to snap the cookie. He doesn’t want to lose! But his S/O’s lips look so good.
  • Slowly the two of you are near the middle. In another minute you would end in a tie, aka in a kiss
  • He looks up to see his S/O wink at him, as they move their mouth forward and connect their lips together.
  • He kisses back right away, he had plenty of time to prepare for this. 
  • ‘A tie is better then a fucking loss right?’ He tries to convince himself. Though he really did win since he’s kissing his S/O

Midoriya Izuku:

  • Original Chocolate Flavor! A Classic!
  • He had no idea what this game is. He thought it would be whoever could eat the most. Oh boy when his S/O bit down on the piece they gave him… he’s blushing like a cherry.
  • He debates breaking off and letting them win. He’s a bit nervous about kissing them this way… they are eating something after all…
  • He’s so lost in thought he doesn’t notice that he’s nearly kissing his S/O.
  • He notices when the cookie os gone and his S/O is pressing their lips against his softly.
  • Takes him a few moments to come back from dreamland, but when he does he kisses them back. This wasn’t as bad as he irrationalized.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Matcha Flavor when you play with him!
  • As you explain the rules, he nods along. He doesn’t seem too nervous about playing, so his S/O takes it as the ‘go ahead’
  • Shouto will follow the rules, but once your noses are nearly touching he eyes his S/O
    • “Shouldn’t one of us have lost?” He attempts to say while still biting the cookie
  • His S/O chuckles and closes the gap between them. He blinks in surprise at the sudden kiss, but returns it none the less.
  • When they pull away his S/O flashes him a wink
    • “That’s called a draw.”
    • “But wasn’t the goal here to kiss?”
  • He still doesn’t understand, but is more then willing to play again if he can kiss his S/O again.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • He likes Strawberry Pocky!
  • He knows what this game is and happily agrees to play. It’s a win win: a kiss from his S/O and a good tasting sweet!
  • He’s so excited to play that he accidentally breaks the pocky the first time within 10 seconds of the game starting
  • His S/O chuckles and asks if he wants another try. He nods and prepares himself better this time
  • This time around, he wastes not time and chops down, his S/O does the same
  • Soon they are kissing, the taste of strawberry on both their lips. He knows he kinda cheated by eating the cookie fast, but he really enjoys kissing his S/O

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Hi Emma! I'm really shy and I can't read loudly in class and I have problems with talking in front of the class in general. Do you maybe have some tips how I can change that? My teacher said it would make my grades so much better, thank you!

Hey! I was (and still am to an extent) very similar to you. Some situations make me so nervous when having to speak in front of people. There have been times when I heard my voice break in the middle of a sentence because I’m freaking myself out :-( However, here are a few things I’ve tried to improve:

  • participate in an active way - pay attention to the teacher, listen to other points that are being brought up, jot down your ideas! Having a solid idea of what you’re going to be participating is going to help you greatly if you get nervous about raising a point!
  • think of the benefits - getting really involved in going to only increase your understanding and ability to remember the information. Raising different points in class is going to make either a debate and/or cement your own knowledge! Also, if you’re graded on class participation then that’s more of a reason!
  • prep what you want to say - when you have something to say, you can get nervous and stressed about speaking out aloud. Run through it in your mind a few times or write down the main points.
  • don’t worry about other people - it is likely that during class discussion half the people have zoned out and there are only a couple of people actively getting involved. Don’t let a fear of what other people think get in the way of you expressing an opinion. Your teacher and other classmates will appreciate you speaking up!
  • start small and at the beginning - if you can answer a question or raise a point early on, it will make it easier for your throughout the rest of the class. Often the first few pointers will only be small so you won’t have to give a full speech!
  • practice outside of class - take small steps to step out of your comfort zone with speaking out. If it’s ordering first in a restaurant, taking the lead when you’re out with friends or sharing your opinion on everything, take the opportunity to speak up.

I hope this helps xxx


First of all, CHECK OUT THE IMPROVEMENT HECKING YES (Left one’s from today, right one is from early October last year!)

It’s a little early, but I couldn’t help it :} I’m just really pleased with how it turned out.

Also I know this is probably the most obvious idea ever and tons of people are going to do it way better than me but oh well :P

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I havent drawn or thought of anything original in ages and I'm lowkey scared I've ran out of creativity. Seriously.

I feel your pain my brudda, before I started drawing SU stuff I was already feeling that way about drawing in general.

Doing SU fusions and character designs helped bring back a bit of that lost creativity even if it wasn’t original work. Now I’m slowly feeling like wanting to jump back into doing something original and better for it.

Everyone has slumps, I still feel like I’ve lost a lot of the creativity I used to have but you just need to look for inspiration in whatever form that takes for you. Look at others ideas (but don’t copy them obviously) look at concept art, listen to music whether it’s new or old - everyone finds inspiration in different ways. You just need to find what sparks that little fire in you too

The Demon’s Charm - Preview Thing

The Ohmtoonz Demon AU thing by @shiipingtrash is a blessing and I was really hyped when I actually had a good idea, breaking my creative block. I’m feeling super good so here’s a tiny preview of hopefully a good fic

“Lukeee~” Ohm floated his way over to the unamused priest, who was currently organising some personal paperwork, in that same teasing tone he used since the beginning. "Guess what?“ He pushed his body upward so that he was high enough for him to hang his head upside down in front of Luke. His light auburn hair and the ends of his cloud grey cloth, marked with the omega symbol in the middle wrapped around his eyes, dangled due to the simple law of gravity. The demon let out a puff of coal-black smoke trail out of that cocking grin of his. Luke, in response, swatted away the smoke before giving the usual response. An eye-roll followed promptly with a heavy sigh and the pinching of his nose bridge.

"Are you going to ask me for my soul again? Because you know what I’m going to say Ohm,” Luke takes a step to the side, walking past the demon to return to his own work but still had ears on Ohm to listen to whatever nonsense he had to spew out again.

This book theory post kind of messed me up because on one hand I’m taking it with a huge grain of salt but also, there is some interesting perspective in some parts. 

I’m skeptical about Sansa warging into any human, let alone Ygritte but dream-walking might be a possibility. I’m also skeptical about what Sansa’s misremembering things means because I do think she has more agency in the sense that she’s trying to remember a traumatizing memory better as she has done in the past, trying to hold onto the idea of heroes and knights still existing even as reality keeps stripping away every that hope from her; that her life can still be a song. Just that she remodels the knight to fit her world where beauty isn’t a sign of goodness and disfigured men are nicer to her. Though it is possible those dreams are her greenseeing and she chooses to misremember it that way. 

But Jon being resurrected and death taking a toll on him that he becomes more bitter like the Hound. I mean GRRM said that coming back as an improved version of Gandalf with more plot armour was what he didn’t like about Gandalf the White. I’m even more skeptical about Jon showing up at the Tourney of the Winged Knights. But…you have a Robert like character, who Sansa/Alayne is meant to be betrothed to, a hedge knight, a possible mystery knight who is a woman around the area. Tourneys are the focus of so many pre-ASOIAF tales. All that is missing is a Targaryen character. 

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*gasp* Raph stole Leo’s first kiss and Leo has no idea!!!

Don’t worry. It’s knowledge he’ll likely take to the grave.


And then Leo peeks one eye open, smiles knowingly in Raph’s direction, but doesn’t say anything 😊😊😍

I’ll be honest: I’d actually considered ending it like that, I’d drawn the thumbnail and everything; especially since I consider Leo the lightest sleeper of the bunch but in the end I decided leaving it open ended like that was a better idea.

Plus that way people can use their imaginations instead, just like that!

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I'd say a better way of explaining asexuality is more to do with attraction. Being ace is not being sexually attracted to someone, but an ace can easily go out and have sex if they want to. Aces can still have libidos, have a need to get off etc, they just don't feel the "I need to bone that person" need, rather it's "I need to bone." Of course it's on a spectrum so some people can be completely repulsed by the idea of sex or are really gung ho about it, whichever it's still based on attraction

yes! thats a better explanation

Thank you!

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Im depressed that....To bring V and Rika together is a bad ending...i dont Want to See rika alone ;-;

i mean.. i don’t want rika to be alone either but getting back together with V is a bad idea… their relationship was very unhealthy and the way they got back together wasn’t good. i’m getting kinda yandere vibes from rika though and y’all know i love it bUT poor V,

IMAGINE rika getting the help she needs and getting better and healthier eventually and starting to spend time w the rfa again and having friends who love and support her through her recovery ?? now that’s a good concept,


Am I the only who gets literally phobic towards casual matches…? This is a serious question.

The reason why I play tons of trainings is because I started to develop some sort of anxiety whenever I have to play casuals.

The last straw to me was when I entered a test map for the first time, and found myself with and against a Master Tier. Judging by the way the others were playing (or better: trying to play, red team knew no mercy at all), even the other players were from many hours of comp matches.

I, on the other hand, have NEVER set foot in a competitive game, except for that single time I did so by accident (it’s a long story for another day, folks) and we even lost that one.

Long story short: there are times when I try to queue for a casual, but 99% of those times I ditch that idea even before clicking to join any casual mode, diverting my attention back to the training section instead.

Why am I even this anxious? Beats me. I’ve never even been “flamed” that badly, except for some “noobs” in chat, coming in varying degrees of salty players. That’s why I say that it seems to be more like a “phobia”, because it basically is a phobia, aka: irrational fear.

All I know is that, the moment I enter a casual, I can feel my pulse increasing right away. From that moment on, the other “symptoms” might show up depending on how that match will progress.

-Confession submitted and created by @sharky857

October will be my month.

I’ve got it all planned out. I was still new to this in September. I had no idea what I was doing. Honestly all I knew was that I’m fat and I need to lose weight. The only way I knew to do it was to starve myself. But I didn’t do it in a smart way. I would restrict too hard and then nearly faint, then go home and binge.

Now I know how to do this better. And I will own October. And the rest of the year. And next year.

I have everything planned out. A whole calender for October. How many calories I’ll eat every day, “meal” plans (in progress), thinspo printed out and glued into my notebook to keep me motivated, etc.

I will not binge this month no matter what.

And I’m not going to give myself the rest of this month. I’m just starting October, 5 days ahead. Taking this last bit of September to go ahead and prepare myself to actually lose weight.

I’ll continue to learn and lose more and more. I’ll get smarter and lose weight faster. No one will be able to keep up. I’ll barely be able to keep up. I’ll shrink too small for all my clothes and have to wear belts and use rubber bands and pins to tighten clothes enough to where they’re wearable. I won’t spend money on food so I’ll save all of it for new clothes. Soon enough I’ll be tiny and small with a new wardrobe. No one will recognize me.

Except for myself. I will be the only one who recognizes me. Everyone one else has known me as the fat girl my entire life. But I look at myself in the mirror and see someone who is not me. I know somewhere on the inside, I’m a tiny skinny girl that everyone wishes they could be as beautiful as. No one knows this but me, so they won’t recognize me when I finally break out of this disgustingly fat shell. When I’m thin, I’ll finally be able to look in the mirror and recognize myself. I’ll see myself and not some fat freak that’s trapped the real me inside of their disgusting should-be hollow shell. I’ll shed that shell, I’ll get rid of every single bit of that mess until it’s fighting to keep me locked inside.

Right now it doesn’t even know I’m trying to get rid of it. It doesn’t even know that I know about it. As far as it knows, I still believe that’s actually me. It thinks that I don’t know it’s just a shell. It thinks that I think that it’s really me. That I’m just going through life content with it. Living as this disgusting fat girl without any purpose besides getting fatter and fatter.

But I do know. And it will know that I know soon too. I’ll start losing weight too fat for it to even keep up. This shell that’s been holding me as its prisoner my entire life will start fighting to stop me. That’s what makes me want to binge. The shell growing a conscience and invading my real brain. It tries to make me think I’m hungry and tries to make me eat because it knows if I actually lose weight, I’ll lose the shell and the shell will die. But I’ll fight 10 times as hard against it. I’ll be way too strong for it to even think about continuing to try anymore. It will give up and wait for its death. I’ll never binge. I’ll keep control. I won’t let it defeat me anymore. It’s ruined the first 16 years of my life. I’m taking myself back and throwing the shell away and I won’t let it control my life anymore.

If you are not my friend and I’ve never talk to you or follow me, don’t

I’m not upset, it’s clear they final look like a couple. No more hiding and playing games but Harry if you were a couple along, you have some explaining to do.

You’re complicit with all her pap walks and merchandising and selling pictures to the press. 

You crying you wanted the Veterans to be the highlight is a lie. That’s one of the reasons for me covering your ass, my love of an idea that vets deserve so much better. 

Now let’s get to that Trump Article that I defended you on, now who is fake and phony?  What about your side trip to St Vincent’s? The people want to know.

Maybe it’s time for you to get a real job and pay your way. 

Good luck Mr. Markle you’re going to need it.

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Sam, i am having a difficult time making my wife feel special. I feel like romance has been lost. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the relationship. I am trying to rekindle the fire that use to burn strong between us. I feel our relationship will be lost if i do not. Do you have any romantic advice on how i can be a better man?

I understand your view but you should realize that romance is not going to solve your problem. You must directly address and resolve the causes of the negativity between you preferably with a counselor.

Now, for the romance. PAY ATTENTION. Women like it when we guys pay attention to their likes, dislikes, and desires. This way she will tell you what to do. Tickets to a concert are a good idea. A romantic dinner. A night in a nice hotel with room service. Draw her a bath with scented oils, candles, and some music and follow with a message which is only a prelude to sex if SHE initiates it.Tell her that you have vowed to yourself to tell her you love her every day for the rest of your lives together and then do it! Listen to your girl. Pay attention.

I’m really concerned about BTS’ mental and physical health. So I was thinking, what if ARMY wrote a diss track towards BTS/BigHit/Whoever is responsible for their work/well being, you know just like they did with Pied Piper. Idk I’m just saying, maybe that way they start taking better care of themselves/they don’t treat them badly and overwork them. Just an idea tho.

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i loved those kha'zix hcs!! (reminded me of when i was rly into him after discovering lol bc of my cousin lmao) could we have some more hcs if you have thought of any? romantic ones like how he'd react to kisses, (attempted) hugs, etc? <3

You don’t kiss Kha’zix, Kha’zix kisses YOU. He’s prone to cycles of very affectionate behavior, which are usually indicated by him somewhat roughly snatching you up and smooching you insistently before setting you down like nothing happened. Don’t try to resist, you won’t get away; he’s way too strong for you.

Hugs are a different story. When you tried the first time, he just stared down at you like you were nuts. This began the explanation that ended in him telling you to try again, upon which the most awkward hug ever happened. He’s gotten better with practice, but he’s still definitely unused to the idea. Normally whenever anybody gets that close, he’s either eating them or kissing them. Which you’re totally fine with. The latter, I mean.


(part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (X)

i understand when ur 13 and u just realized u have a mental illness and ur so relieved to know there are other ppl going thru the same thing as u, its easy to slip into the idea that your newly labeled thoughts and behaviors are normal and okay.

they are not. suicidal thoughts arent normal. violent impulses arent normal. delusions and hallucinations arent normal.

now that you have a name for this behavior you need to seek help. dont let tumblr trick you into thinking unhealthy coping mechanisms are the only ways to deal with your mental illness. dont let it fester, dont let it worsen. seek as much help as you can. actively try to better yourself.

obvs there is something great about when a Big Scary turns into a Big Softie where Tiny Useless is concerned, but what i like better is:

Tiny Useless decides, with no prompting and for no apparent reason whatsoever, that Big Scary needs protecting. and if no one else will do it then this accidentally-gets-stepped-on, blows-away-in-a-stiff-breeze motherfucker is going to have to be the one to protect this living mountain of pain. you wanna get to this troll, you’re gonna have to go through this pixie. you try to come for this tibetan mastiff, this chihuahua’s gonna try to kick your ass first.

and the Big Scary is mostly just?? really confused???? there are at least twenty different reasons why this is fucking dumb. but also this feeble lil shit is the first person in the entire world to try and stand up for this person that absolutely does not need it. Big Scary continues to be huge and terrifying but now Tiny Useless has their undying loyalty and it will probably not end well for anyone.