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Please! I’ve gone back to replaying it (like I do w/ every game I love to catch all the foreshadowing) and recovered all my feelings from the game! I’d really appreciate it cause I wanna see more things on my dash w/o having to go to the tag!


Did I seriously put off actually writing the fic to make a poster for it? you bet your sweet ass I did.

ANYWHO, I never self promote because I’m shy as hell and genuinely believe my writing is trash, but I couldn’t resist with this.

It’s available on Ao3 if you’d like to check it out, and if you do, thank you so much! Comments are Kudo’s are much appreciated <33


Yo…What’s good, people? My name is Marcus and I hail from New Jersey. There’s not much to say about myself…except I’m a worker. So is my twin sister Destiny whose taking a picture with my nephew Tyson. We just recently moved into a decent neighborhood here in Warren, NJ and right now….its a much better setting than what me and Destiny grew up in. He won’t know about what we did to get here nor how we did it, but he’ll appreciate what we have done to provide him with a good life. Now…to get this car dealership up and running…I’ll see y’all around.

(OOC - This is my first attempt at starting a Sims RP blog. I’m still trying to get a hang off the pose player and how to set up certain scenes. Please bear with me. Also…any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated as far as how to zoom the camera real close. Also…I would like to give a big thanks to Ebonixsims, The Black Simmer, Simplicaity, SSSVitlans and many many more for taking the time to create awesome content for the entire community to enjoy. Also would like to give a huge thanks to ToonmanGames, Keeyuh, and SimLivNColor for giving me the inspiration to play the game. Thank you and have a great night.)

With Valentine day next week and spring next month, I thought hm, beyond the usual post of how to study, I wanted to embark on a cooler segment: how to make studying interesting.

On that note the first segment is podcast. While I love Hans Zimmer, Beyonce, and a florence and the machine melody to study to, I have recently found podcasts to keep me more alert and excited to study. Below are a list of my favorites:

The College info geek

Informative, fun, and youthful. Having recently graduated college debt free, he is probably one of more laid back productive bloggers I know. His blog is college focused and provides a much needed male perspective in the scope of study skills and college education.


Funny, honest and critical, if you need some intellectual conversation to fill in the silence during an office hour visit, Radiolab is at your service. Ranging from topics such a race, the american government to even DNA testing, there is no way your mind cannot be attentive listening to them.

Medical school HQ

Ok before my premeds go crazy, I must say as a science major medicine bound sophomore, this has been a lovely podcast that has impacted my scope of medicine. The host are funny, relatable and altruistic physicians who take their time every week to share the knowledge. After listening to some episodes you will be saying, RESPECT THE MCAT!

The read

(This podcast has cursing) I enjoy the read. A humorous look at pop culture and music. And who does not heart kidfury!

Lastly I enjoy spiritual podcasts, Joel Osteen, Td Jakes and Rick Warren are awesome, conscious and will make you feel great. I hope you love this list as much as I had fun making it.

Let me know in a comment, what are your favorite podcasts? 

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