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{summary: there’s been no girl after me? is this true?}

you guys ready for this au where Peter is hot and popular and who’s also infamous for being a player? bECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM.

im gonna make you readers thirst for more fuckboi!peter parker with this story 👅👅

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warnings: explicit language & attempts at an attack


Peter Benjamin Parker, God, just hearing the name had the power to bring girls to their knees for him.

And you were no exception.

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Summary: A little St. Patrick’s day fun with Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Setting: anytime

Rating: PG for fluff and fun

Warnings: none just fluffy goodness

Word count: 889

Notes: Just a little something for St. Patrick’s day. Reposting because I didn’t like how mobile had it posted.

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Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl @aprofoundbondwithdean


You couldn’t help it the sway of that ass in those fitted jeans just begging to be smacked or better yet pinched. Proper after all its St. Patrick’s day and he didn’t have a stitch of green on his body. Oh you knew all to well about those sinfully sexy emerald eyes, how they’d pierce your very soul when their set on you, the smolder he’d set upon your visage when he thinks Sam isn’t looking. Yup it’s pay back for all the teasing you’d endured on the last hunt, the simple brushes of callused fingers against your skin, whispered promises and temptations, driving you crazy.

Now’s the prefect time, feet bare no sound to make as you step down into the kitchen taking it slow. Music blaring AC/DC to cover your tracks while inching closer to your target. Till your right behind him fingers reaching out for each cheek to give a decent pinch. Feeling the muscular ass flex as a yelp is let loose and Dean jumps around, dropping the glass plate back into the water from breakfast, only to catch your backside running out the opposite door.

“Oh it’s so on sweetheart,” sexy growl leaving his lips that form a sinful smirk.

Cowardly or more along the lines of self preservation, you’ve take to hiding in your room a couple of hours, peeking out every once in a while just to go back in. Your plan working, making Dean forget, at least you hoped he would, as you set in motion the next part.

“Hey Sam,” entering the library seeing the younger Winchester engrossed in another thick tome of lore.

Smiling, while raising his head, “Afternoon Y/N pinch anyone good today?” smirk gracing those full lips.

Grinning, “Dean told ya huh?”

“He may have mentioned it in passing, along with something about revenge.”


“Working on Baby of course since we have a low in cases,” shaking his shaggy chestnut head. “Maybe wanna be careful you know how Dean is with pranks.”

“Oh Sammy,” you tsk, shaking your head wistful smile forming on your lips. “This isn’t no prank sweetie, it’s payback for the torture he gave me on the last hunt.”

Snorting out a laugh, trying to keep from letting the mirth take him over, “Give him hell then.”

“Wouldn’t dream of giving him anything less,” you toss over your shoulder while heading towards the garage.

Once again 80s rock music blared from the sound system, but this time Dean’s leaned over the front of Baby as she rumbles. Hood up, checking, priming the engine, just doing the normal maintenance to keep her in top condition. Stopping to admire strong bowed legs spread wide as he leans in, ass sticking out just asking to have your hands run over all the taut hard muscle.

Licking your lips slowly, stepping up behind him to wrap your arms around his trim waist, hands running up the hard expanse of chest covered by grey blue t-shirt. Oil, grease, mixed with hints of leather and cologne meet your nose that’s  buried into his back.

“Come to beg forgiveness sweetness?” rough, smirk filled voice questioned hands still working on Baby.

“Pff,” leaning up to brush your lips over the exposed column of his neck, placing light sucking kisses. “You wish Winchester,” quickly to pinch his ass again before taking off.

Your giggles and his curses echoing through the garage. He’d turned to watch you run off again grin sliding over his lips, skin still tingling from your lips, heating his blood, making  him  readjust his jeans and wish the strain in the denim down. Plan forming in his head how to pay you back, yet even with the pinches that barely hurt, he’s enjoying the spontaneity and attention.

Night falls, you’ve managed to pinch Dean’s ass five more times along with a few to his cheeks. He doesn’t go after you not yet, not till Sam heads to bed leaving the two of you alone in the living room. Getting up ass on display you can’t help but smack it this time and hard.

Swiftly he turns to straddle your thighs, taking both hands in his strong grip to hold them behind your head on the back of the couch. Leaning in breath ghosting over your neck, “You have a thing for my ass Y/N?”

“Well it is a nice rump Deano, can bounce a quarter off that firm butt, not to mention bite,” licking your lips, seeing his eyes darken.

“Never took you to have an ass fetish,” teeth ghosting over your earlobe before biting down lightly getting a moan from your parted lips.

Cocking your head to the side, “Well I had to have something to pinch. It is St. Patrick’s day after all and your not wearing green.”

Brow lifting, “My eyes are green woman.”

Shrugging, “I know but I couldn’t help myself so I didn’t count them.”

“Oh your in so much trouble baby girl. I think another color needs to be used,” standing, without another word he picks you up, tossing you over his shoulder and starting for his bedroom.

Giggling, “What color would that be handsome?” though something told you, you already knew the answer.

Which he doesn’t give just a sound smack to your ass and a dark laugh leaving those sinful lips.

You're Beautiful (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader) - One Shot Smut Fluff

Originally posted by crowned-in-october

Summary: You don`t feel like a real woman because of your small breasts. Your ex-boyfriend never gave you the feeling of being beautiful. Oswald shows you exactly how beautiful you are and how much he desires you.

Warnings: Smut, A little Angst, Fluff, Dom/Sub Undertones, First Love Confession.

Nervously you stood in front of the mirror examining your appearance. You smoothed down your dress and pulled on it, tried to push your breasts up in an effort to show more cleavage than you actually had. Tonight would be the night, you couldn’t let Oswald wait anymore. You knew it was about time you gave yourself to him, after all Oswald and you had been dating for four month now. And he had tried a couple of times but you always found an excuse to interrupt your intimate moments.

You couldn’t hide the fact that you were nervous. Would he like the way you looked? Your ex-boyfriend sure hadn’t. Once again you studied your body and frowned. Why would he want your body? There wasn’t much of womanly curves as your breasts were small and humble. The only thing you were slightly proud of was the curves on your hips.

Your ex had always mocked you and said it felt like he touched a man whenever you had been intimate. Remembering it made you tear up and feel insecure again, No, why would Oswald ever wanna be with you?

Oswald stood outside your front door and nervously stroked his hand down his blazer. Would you let him touch your sweet, beautiful body tonight? Would he finally be able to feel your warm nakedness against his? All he wanted was to leave traces of soft kisses over your body and bury his length deep inside your welcoming heat. So many times he had tried, so many times you had stopped him with some excuse. It started to become unbearable for him to be so close to you without touching you.

Oswald was determined. He would make you want him, one way or the other.

The doorbell rang and you woke up from your thoughts. After one last look in the mirror you went to open the door. You were greeted with Oswald’s shy, beautiful smile and you smiled back while tucking your hair behind your ear. Oswald shuffled inside, looking flawless as always in his black suit. In his hands he had a bucket of roses that he held out towards you.

“For you my love.”

You smiled anew, he always brought you flowers. He was always sweet, loving and caring and always treated you like a queen. Oswald leaned in and brushed his lips over yours, and you shuddered from the gentleness of his touch.

After dinner you ended up on the couch watching TV. Oswald had his arm around your shoulders and you leaned against his slim frame. Slowly Oswald caressed your upper arm, lightly stroking his fingers up and down your smooth skin and you closed your eyes, knowing exactly where this was going.

“How about some tea?“ you said casually and rose from the couch. Instantly you felt Oswald’s hand around your wrist.

“That’s enough!” Oswald’s voice was firm and with an underlying anger. You looked surprised at him as he pulled you back down.

“W…what do you mean?” You avoided his gaze.

“Every time I try to be intimate with you, you always find some excuse to get away.“ Oswald fluttered his eyes, suddenly an insecurity invaded his mind. “Don’t you want to be touch by me? Do my touches repulse you?”

Shocked you looked at him, how could he ever think that?

”Of course not, I love your touch!“

“Then why do you pull away every time?”

Looking down, you didn’t know how to tell the truth, but you knew you had to.

“I…I just don’t think you’ll like what you see.”

“What do you mean?” Oswald frowned as he examined your saddened face.

”I’m not much to look at. I’m not like those girls dancing at the club. I don’t have their…womanly curves.” Your voice was only a whisper and you blushed, didn’t dare to look straight into his piercing gaze.

Oswald stared at you, then took your hand into his warm palm.

“Look at me.”

You did, you looked straight into his emerald orbs.

“Don’t you see how beautiful you are? I don’t want any of those girls, I don’t care about them, they mean nothing to me. Haven’t you noticed how much I want you? To touch you? How much I long to feel your skin against mine? To feel you tremble underneath me?”

Tears filled your eyes from his beautiful words.

“To me you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

A shy smile formed on your lip. That was all that mattered to you, to have him, your beautiful Cobblepot, wanting you.

“Oh, Oswald. I…”

A soft kiss from Oswald stopped your words, it was merely a peck on your lips.

“Please my dear, let me show you how beautiful you are”

You bit your lips and nodded, not able to form another word. Oswald leaned in with a growl and cupped your face as his lips finally met yours once again. This time his mouth was forceful, demanding entrance as his tongue licked your lower lip. You opened for him, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Oswald was the first to pull away and you looked at him with flushed cheeks. His usually bright eyes were filled with a dark desire.

“Stand up.”

It was only two simple words but the demanding tone to his voice made you react instantly.

“Come here.”

He pointed between his legs. With a blush you stood before him and yet again the insecurity reformed in your mind. Oswald leaned back against the couch with a smirk and rested his arm on the backrest.


His simple words turned you on more than you wanted to admit. Every time he gave a command, another wave of heat rushed through your body and down between your legs. Despite of your insecurity you found yourself obeying his orders. Slowly you pulled the straps down and the dress fell to the floor, leaving you only in your black, lace panties. Oswald gawked at the small, round mounds of your pretty breasts. They were firm and tight, he just wanted to reach out and touch them. A smug smile spread across his face.

“My, my. Such a naughty little dove you are. You planned this didn’t you? You wanted this all along, didn’t you? So eager for me that you didn`t even bothered to put on a bra.”

You gulped hard and closed your eyes.

“Ah-ah-ah, you will look at me!”

With heavy breaths you opened your eyes and looked directly into his fiery ones.

“Now, you will answer me. You planned this, right?”

You shook your head. Oswald looked firmly into your eyes.

“Don’t you lie to me, I can tell that you are. Now tell me.”

Your body quivered as you whispered, “Yes.”


“Yes!” I want you…so badly.”

Oswald smirked. “Good, my dove, now panties off. Slowly.”

With trembling hands you pulled them down and now you stood there, completely exposed to him, with your body and your soul.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he husked, “Come here.” He patted his lap and you bit your lip as you straddled him. Oswald growled as he reached out and palmed your breasts, held his hands there until he felt your nipples harden under his touch. Oswald started massaging your breasts, he loved how the fitted his hands perfectly, how he was able to cover them completely with his palms. You moaned as his touch send warm shivers down your waist, pooling between your legs and your insecurity was gone. Oswald`s words and touch made you feel that the only one he wanted was you.

“Oswald,” you panted.

“Yes my dove?”

“Please take off your clothes. I want to feel your naked skin against mine.”

Oswald moved faster than you ever seen him move, grabbing your waist and laying you down on the couch before he started to undress. Soon he stood naked before you and you licked your lips as you saw his swollen cock twitch.

“Come here,” you whispered and took his hand. Oswald placed himself between your parted legs and pressed his cock against your wetness.

“Are you ready?”

You only nodded and Oswald grabbed his dick, guiding it in between you folds. With a groan he felt you open up to him, inviting him into your lovely warmth. You locked your legs around his waist and he started thrusting. First gentle and slow, then hard and fast. Oswald loved hearing the sweet tunes eliciting from your parted lips as he moved inside your soaked pussy. He bent down and sucked on one of your nipples. You squirmed and felt your orgasm approach, never before had you cum this fast, never had you felt so loved.

“Please Oswald, I’m so close.”

Oswald obliged to your begging and pushed your thighs up higher, giving him a deeper angle to hit that right spot. And he did, with every thrust he hit that sweet spot. You moaned into his ear as he lifted your butt with his hands and pushed his body down on top of yours. He quickened his pace, went faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

You screamed as Oswald`s cock made one last plunge into your slick sex before he came inside of you. Your eyes rolled, your back arched, and your inner walls clenched around his cock. Rolling waves of heat coated your pussy and as his white, hot seed flowed thick from your sex, you knew you were his. You belonged to him and with every crashing wave that followed you continued to ride the tide that spontaneously forced his cum to shoot out of him.

A second wave of your climax brought another wave of heat and you bit your lower lip, bruised the tender flesh.

“Oh my God,” you cried out in pleasure, your fingers curling into the sofa and your body convulsed as you came, until finally your breathing held and your body stiffened. Oswald collapsed on top of you and you panted together.

“That was incredible, you are incredible!” Oswald breathed into your ear.

You smiled and nuzzled his neck. “I love you,” the words escaped your lips before you had time to think, but you meant every single word.

Oswald raised his head and looked into your eyes as he brushed a strand of hair of your face, his green eyes showing nothing but love and warmth. “I love you too.”

And he meant every word of it.

a-tardis-at-downton  asked:

Hi! Do you have any Really Good Nine/Rose AU recs? I'm finding my love of Nine/Rose has been rekindled. :)

Oh, do I!! This is one of my favorite genres, though it was one I got into later in my fic journey, so there are still so many gems I haven’t been able to read yet. We’re going to do a more extensive list on @doctorroseficreclists, so keep an eye out there too. 

But here is my list of AUs I’ve personally read and love - I’ll organize by writer in no particular order (most have multiple Nine/Rose AUs and I highly recommend checking out ALL their fics - all A++):

(And I’m so sorry for how long this has taken!) 

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Shower Stall Encounters || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[smut]]

{summary: lately, you’ve been going to the gym, but not for the sake of losing weight or living healthier. no, the reason why you were at the gym was to admire a buff young man with dark hair and startling blue eyes. (note this is going to be a modern au, meaning bucky is going to be an oridinary man with no metal arm)}

*in idubbbz voice* as a content creator, i shall abide by the rules of the internet and use all the newest and coolest devices at my disposal to create content for the internet no matter what…uh amen.

an anon wanted more smut content so…here I am >w>

permenant tags: i won’t mention them because this post is very NSFW, so unless they specifically state that they want to be tagged in nsfw posts, this part will remain empty

warnings: female masturbation and smut (sex in the shower stall)

**dont plagiarize/repost this story, reblogs are fine**


Dear God, he was doing laps around the pool, and you were practically drooling at the sight of his strained body dressed in nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. The fact that you could see the droplets of water running down his chiseled chest and abdomen made your knees feel weak.

This had to be the only time you regretted going to the gym.

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Release the Puppos!

Ok, first of all, fuck this illness! 
Secondly, I felt bad for not posting the past few days because this Tumblr is sorta part of a schedule I put up for myself and I want to keep too it!!! 

Anyway, while I was wasting away in bed I thought up a few fics I wanted to write. 
Please forgive me if my writing is a little wonky; I have literally gulped half a bottle of cough medicine. So I’m a little sleepy and drowsy. Probably not a good idea but I couldn’t find a measuring cup or anything.

This one is just a little Markiplier fic where you’re a subscriber of Mark’s channel and you go to the meet-up with some hairy companions. 

(Y/D/N)- Young dogs name.
(O/D/N)- Older dog’s name.
(Y/T/N)- Your Twitter nickname/ or social media nickname

You have always wanted to go to a meet-up. Not only to see Mark but also to meet some of the other subs. 
You were always commenting on Mark’s tweets and sometimes even posting some fan-art. People started following you and you started chatting. 
You wouldn’t say you were popular or well-known in Mark’s community, but you had a fair number of people following you on most social medias because of him. Every so often he’d retweet one of your artworks and you contributed to his charity live-streams too. Once, he had called out your name excitedly and yelled, 
”That’s the person that draws awesome me pictures!”

Mark had tweeted another location for a meet-up. A park not far from your home. 
But as always, you were stuck and unable to go. Usually it was work, school, even family had become an obstacle. But today, it was two large dogs who were currently snoozing on the lounge-room floor. 
You sighed and wrote your reply on Mark’s twitter;

“I’m dog-sitting and can’t leave them alone! Can I bring the puppos?” 

You knew you wouldn’t get a reply from the Youtuber himself, but you added a photo of the dogs anyway. 
The largest dog, (Y/D/N), a big brown shaggy hound with golden eyes, lifted his head just as you took the photo. The result was adorable. His floppy ears were propped up and his head tilted slightly. 
The slightly smaller dog, (O/D/N), an elderly Labrador, continued to snooze, completely ignoring your calls to lift his head.
You posted the tweet and continued to scroll through your phone. 
It wasn’t long before your notifications started beeping. You checked your Twitter, finding people were reposting your tweet and replying to the photo. 

“Awww! So cute! You have to bring them!” 

“This is unacceptable! You can’t miss out on another meet-up!” 

“I want those dogs!”

You smiled at each Tweet and tried replying. More and more re-tweets and replies came and you got fed up with notifications, so you turned them off. 
You ignored Twitter for some time, already jealous with the fans who were going. You’ll probably see what was happening in a video on Mark’s channel in the next few days.
You checked your Twitter one last time; amazed at the number of retweets you had received in the short space of time.

“Keep retweeting so Mark can see this!” 

“I’ll show him when I get there!” 

“Everyone show Mark and make him see the puppies!” 

You laughed at each one and went through the list liking them. 
Then, your phone vibrated with a DM from Twitter and you almost let out a squeal when you read the message. 

Tweeted from Markiplier. 

You spent almost no time leaping from your couch, grinning like a lunatic as you ran about the house finding your shoes and actually getting out of your PJs for once. Upon grabbing the dog-leashes (Y/D/N) bounded over to you, barking excitedly. You looped the clip around his collar and did the same to (O/D/N). 
You were practically dragged out of the house by (Y/D/N) with (O/D/N) trotting behind you. 
The park was a few blocks away and the closer you got, the more nervous you were becoming. 
What if someone there was allergic to dogs? Or someone was scared of dogs? Maybe this was a bad idea, I mean (Y/D/N) could accidentally knock someone over or (O/D/N) could get agitated with someone and growl at them. 
But it was already too late. By the time you had the thought to turn around and retreat home, you were on the outskirts of the park and the mass of people had spotted you. 
“Oh my God, it’s the puppies!” You heard someone cry. Your nerves escalated as the crowd turned to you and started shouting excitedly. 
But you couldn’t help but smile as you started towards them. (Y/D/N) started tugging against his leash, his tail wagging madly. 
“Release the puppos!” You heard a familiar voice bellow. You shrugged and trapped (Y/D/N) between your legs as you unclipped him from his collar. 
“Brace yourselves!” You called as (Y/D/N) galloped towards the hoards of screaming people. 
He crashed into the many legs, almost drowning under reaching fingers and gentle pets. 
A few people approached you, politely greeting you and asking if they could pat (O/D/N). You nodded and they crouched beside the older dog, who lazily wagged their tail and panted happily. 
“So, your (Y/T/N)!” Mark said with a wide smile. 
“Hi! I couldn’t bear losing my dogs to a kidnapper, so I had to bring them.” 
The man laughed and crouched down beside (O/D/N) to give them a gentle scratch behind the ear. 
“A lot of people here didn’t want you missing out.” He continued to speak to you from the ground. “I’ve always wanted to meet you as well. Your art is amazing.” 
You blushed and chuckled, “Well, my muse is pretty inspirational.” 
Mark flashed you a brilliant smile and stood, gesturing to the crowd. 
“Well, come meet everyone. We were about to start the video.” 

You followed Mark into the middle of the park, where (Y/D/N) was running around, almost overwhelmed with excitement. A few people were chasing after him, seeming to play tag with the dog. 
Then (Y/D/N) found, what you guessed was Mark’s bag, and removed a football from it. 
“Hey!” Mark yelled, starting towards the pup. “That’s mine!” 
(Y/D/N) started running. His ears flapped like wings as he bounded away from the man. Everyone started laughing as Mark gave chase. He tried leaping onto the dog, even tried herding him towards the crowd, but (Y/D/N) seemed to dodge every hand as they made a grab for the ball. 
You laughed along with everyone else. Enjoying the comical show that was unfolding in front of you.
Finally, you thought it had gone on for long enough and you whistled loudly. The hound skidded to a stop, his golden eyes fixed on you with a quizzical stare. 
“Give it here,” You ordered, keeping your voice friendly. 
(Y/D/N) trotted over to you, his ears slanted backwards and his eyes mischievous. He slowed as he neared you, lifting his head up slightly to place the ball in your hand.
“Don’t you dare,” You warned, but before your fingers could find purchase, (Y/D/N) had jumped back and started running. 
But he ran straight into Mark’s legs and the man caught hold of the dog’s collar and plucked the toy from his jaws. 
Cheers flooded the park as Mark lifted the ball up like a trophy. Grinning wildly. 
“Markimoo- 1, doggo- 0″ Mark smirked and booped (Y/D/N) on his wet nose. He looked rather disappointed, but wagged his tail none-the-less. 

As Mark set up the cameras and arranged the crowd as he needed, you had found a nice spot under a tree to watch. 
Others had joined you, too nervous or anxious to join in the activities. But the small group around you were happy stroking your dogs fur and laughing at what Mark was making the others do. 
You weren’t sure what was happening. It had started off as a game of tag, then evolved into stick-in-the-mud, then the ball came in as the crowd formed a circle. Mark was in the centre kicking the ball as high into the air as he could for someone to catch. 
Those who caught it, had to make up a ridiculous dance routine and make animal noises to go with it.
At one point, Mark had kicked the ball but it struck the toes of his shoes and the object flew in a unexpected arc. It had almost hit you as it came tumbling through the canopy of the tree. You saved yourself by slapping it away, but managed to accidentally hit (O/D/N). 
“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” You cooed, cradling the dog’s head as if you had seriously injured it. Mark over-exaggerated the situation by running over and dramatically throwing himself in front of the dog, begging their forgiveness and apologizing profusely. 
(O/D/N) looked very confused, and responded by gently tapping Mark’s bowed head, as if to say 
“You are forgiven, loud-one”
Mark laughed and returned to the circle. 

The whole situation was cringey and amazing all at the same time. 
Finally, when the time of the meet-up was nearing its end, Mark ushered your group up and into the middle of the park. 
“Right, now it’s your turn!” He told you and you quickly panicked as he kicked the ball into the air. You instinctively watched it soar skywards and you angled yourself so when it plummeted back to earth, you caught it in your hands, cradling it on your chest. 
People cheered and Mark grinned broadly, “You have to make up a dance sequence now!”
Groaning, you dropped the ball and started krumping. It was sloppy, and your cheeks glowed red from embarrassment, but people were laughing and cheering you on. 
When was the last time you even danced?
A loooong time, a voice at the back of your head replied.
“You have to make an animal noise!” Someone in the back reminded you. 
You rolled your eyes and turned to (Y/D/N), “Howl!” 
Weeks of training paid off as (Y/D/N) lifted back his head and started to howl. A long deep sound that you started dancing too. A few others followed your lead, and soon you had a large group of people boogie around (Y/D/N). 
Like some weird ritual, everyone started making strange howling noises and you couldn’t help but laugh. It was all so ridiculous! 
Finally, Mark hushed everyone and told them that it was time to back up. 
You said your goodbyes and clipped your dogs back on their leashes. 
Before you started walking home, someone gently touched your shoulder and you turned to face Mark. 
“It was really nice to meet you, (Y/T/N)” He said with a small smile. “I hope you come to the next meet-up.” 
“Of course!” You beamed, “And my name is (Y/N) by the way.” 
“It was a pleasure meeting you, (Y/N). We’ll have to meet up another time.” He winked at you and shouldered his bag, heading towards his car. 
You couldn’t help but smile and you quickly turned away so no one could see you blushing.

I’m gonna go to bed now! Hope you enjoyed!


Wellcome all of you to the first event dedicated to the YuurixYuri, 

The Yuruuri Week! 

We are really happy to tell you how this amazing event works, so, let’s start!


  • Any form of media is acceptable as long as its your own creation. Fanart, fanfic, graphics, cosplay, AMVs, etc.
  • Everything you submit has to be your own work, created exclusively for the event and according to the prompts. Reposts, old works and continuations of previous works will be not accepted.
  • Always add the #YuruuriWeek tag as your first tag, and the #YuruuriWeek2017 tag. This two tags will help us to find your work.
  • Don’t forget to put the prompt and day on the first five tags.
  • If you make a NSFW you need to tag it, include a warning and, if it’s explicit, put under a READ MORE.
  • Harassment, rude messages, and problematic behavior will not be tolerated, and will be not included.
  • If you miss the day dont be afraid, you can post it after the last day of the week, always with the official tag, and it will be added in this blog.

  If you post a Fanfic on AO3:

  • Post it on the YuruuriWeek collection.
  • Use tha official tag, and add the prompt.
  • Post it on the appropriate day.
  • You can post it out of the day, but always specify the correct day, and post it just at the end of the event.
  • Don’t  forget to add at the start of the work and in the summary that it’s for the Yuruuri Week.

 If you post a Fanfic on Tumblr don’t forget to use the usual format (Title, author, warnings, Day & Prompt, and summary) and always add the link of AO3, or Wattpad. The full fanfic has to be under a READ MORE.

Don’t forget to have fun and always love this amazing ship! For the Yuuri x Yuri!

Pixiv Tag Guide [Tokyo Ghoul]

When you don’t have enough follower, tags is the only thing that can make your art discovered in pixiv. Likewise when you don’t follow enough, tags is the only thing that can get you around pixiv. (Except google. And other gallery like DA or Tumblr or Twitter with pixiv link. lol)

So, how do you put tags on your work? Here’s a simple do and don’t


  • Put a series tag. In this case it’s either [東京喰種], [東京喰種:re], [東京喰種√A], or [東京腐種]. See the difference of each tag in the tag list. You can put one or more of these tag if you want to.
  • Put some character tags, especially the most featured ones on your work. When you got too many characters in your work, just put the most featured (or popular) one, or use group tag.
  • Put some coupling tags when you want to empashize some character relationship. (romance/non-romance)
  • Avoid uploading stacked illustrations as manga/comic. It can do increase the view, but some might mind. It’s still tolerable for now since manga section is fairly new to the old time user.
  • Avoid uploading a single manga page as illustration since it could decrease the view count.
  • Avoid using English tag, except when the actual tag is in English/romanji (for example: VOCALOID). Not only because the view count is low, it also takes more tag space for most of the time.
  • If your work contains some content that could offend someone or spoiler of the recent chapter, please add a warning in the front. (The first picture in manga/illustration stack, or if your work is a single picture, make it into a stack). PREFERABLY IN JAPANESE


  • Put some some tag like [かわいい] (cute) or [ふつくしい] (beautiful) by yourself.
  • Put some popularity tag like [東京喰種10000users入り] by yourself, especially when the favorite/bookmark count on your work doesn’t reach to that number.
  • Put some unrelated tag just because they’re popular. For example adding [金木研] tag when your work doesn’t feature Kaneki just to increase your view count. Adding the tag when Kaneki is still barely appear in the work is still acceptable for some people.
  • Mark your work as an original work if it’s a fanart. Please do keep mind that some mangaka (including Ishida-sensei under username [sui]) has a pixiv account and mark their work as original. 

So, how? Basically just throw a series tag and some character tags (for example [東京喰種] [佐々木琲世] [米林才子] for work featuring Haise and Saiko). Usually it already could get you some view count (if the thumbnail looks good ofc). If you got more space, put some couple tags when you deems appropriate. Still got some space? Put some event tags. Just remember you could only add up to 10 tags to your work in pixiv, so choose wisely on which tag to use.


  • If your work is a manga/comic, put it as a manga. Manga usually has more view than illustrations
  • On this fandom case, BL works are pretty popular. So don’t hesitate to use [東京腐種] tag if your work contains BL. Don’t forget to put the couple tag too.
  • It’s obvious, but R-18 has a pretty high view count. Especially R-18 manga.
  • Work posted on a special occasion with an event tag could get more view (for example posting something about pocky in 11 November with [ポッキーの日] tag). Try to hang out for a while in pixiv to find out more about those events.
  • Try to stroll around pixiv to find out which tag is more popular, since popular tag give you more view count.
  • Put some extra slot in your tag in case someone want to add something.
  • Work posted only with [東京喰種:re] tag can still be found when searching [東京喰種] tag (Except if pixiv changed their search algorithm). It’s your choice to use which.
  • Use Tokyo Ghoul wiki to copy and pasting more japanese terms/names not listed here

Lastly, feel free to add or correct things in this post (including the tag list). I just post what I usually do or found out in pixiv. I, by all means, am not a popular artist nor a pixiv expert, but at least I have an idea on how to get around and I decide to share it. Hope this can help.


ADDITION [31 July 2015]

It’s important to know if you’re putting a right tag or not. How to know? It’s simple. See this.

It’s a list of tag on a work. See that square with ‘P’ letter in the right of each tag? If it’s blue, then you’re using a pretty popular tag. Popular enough to have an entry in pixiv dictionary. If it’s grey, well it’s either misspell, or it’s not a popular tag (yet?).

Conclusion is, if you tag a main character from a popular series (which is certainly popular, like, Kaneki) and it’s grey, then you have a misspell. If it’s a new or minor character, you have to check it yourself.

In the case above, it’s simply because Kijima and Matsuri is a minor character and SasaKane is not a popular ship… yet?

Good luck.


(Click on Keep Reading/Read More to show the list since it’s quite long. Use Ctrl+F if you have difficulties on finding tags)

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Scars || Steve Rogers x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where the only way you can get rid of your scars is if your soulmate kisses them away.]

{summary: you are known as Steve Roger’s shadow, and you only have one purpose in your life, and that is to protect the man from any unknown dangers all while hiding your presence from him. one fateful day, when an assassination attempt goes wrong, leaving you injured in the process, Steve finally sees you for the first time and slowly helps with treating your wounds [[au]]}

yooooooo this is saeran–choi, i just changed my username to my new favorite character, momo sakaki (i also wanted to get a username that only has a single dash in it instead of two for purely //aesthetic// purposes)

I’ll work on updating and fixing my masterlist once my computer is fixed, so i hope you all will forgive me for changing my url!!!

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

dedication tags: @rvnclawss , for being an awesome friend in general.

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!!**


Sometimes, you absolutely despised how fragile you were as a human being.

You worked for a secret agency who’s main purpose was to act as a personal guard for superheroes. Now, it may seem like having bodyguards for superheroes would be a lost cause, since their duty was to protect the world and save innocent lives with their superpowers. One would like to believe that such heroes would be able to protect themselves, but they didn’t know the half of it.

There’s always some type of danger hidden from their sights, and if the world was to remain safe, then there had to be a group of people that could act as a shield for these superheroes without them knowing about it.

The moment you had completed your training, you were given the name and files pertaining to the hero you were assigned to protect-

And that hero was named Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

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|| more than that ||

I’m now gonna make you readers thirst for s/gar d/ddy peter parker. 👅

and just for clarification, both peter and the reader are 24 years old.

tags: @suerayamz

warnings: the concept of having a s/gar d/ddy, smut

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story.


Despite all of his well deserved success, Peter Parker swore to never let it get to his head. Remaining true to his promise to Aunt May, he never once changed his personality or outlook on life.

Even now, when he was as rich as his former mentor Tony Stark, Peter made sure that he was still the same old nerd he always had been.

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A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: Chris and Lori went for a little walk in NYC for her birthday, and a lot of surprises happened to this birthday girl.

Warnings: Language (just a little bit, almost nothing), WORDS IN ITALIAN (the translation is right next to the dialogue)


This chapter was inspired by two people. First my biggest iconic idol Audrey Hepburn, and also my grandma!!THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT, IT WAS SO NICE TO READ ALL YOUR COMMENTS. Hope you enjoy this new chapter! LOVE Y’ALL! 

The picture in an original one made by me, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT, OR AT LEAST TAG ME. It took time to make it so ,please, don’t be a douche :)

If by any reason you would like to be added or removed from the tag list, let me know!

Previously on Closer: PROLOGUE CHAPTER ONE

CHAPTER TWO: Breakfast at Tiffany’s…kind of.

“I can’t believe you did this to me” She admitted under her breath, looking at him like she was about to kill him.

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Five Times When... || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: while spending the night at ned’s place along with peter, you begin to think back on all of the memories you shared with the young dork while trying to figure out his feelings for you.}

admittedly, this is not peter’s soulmate au, but i really wanted to write this imagine so…enjoy~

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


You had a hunch that Peter Parker may have a crush on you, but you couldn’t say with absolute certainty that he viewed you in a romantic light.

Being best friends with Ned Leeds since you were in fifth grade, it was obvious that your paths would cross with Peter on numerous occassion, seeing as though the boy was also a good friend of Ned’s. You got along just fine with Peter, only feeling a tad bit envious when he and Ned would do cool Guy Stuff™ together while sometimes excluding you from their activities completely.

Take right now, for example. Ned’s parents absolutely adored you and Peter and seldom minded whenever Ned invited you both over for a sleepover. Your days would be filled with time spent on videogames and binge watching all of your favorite movies. However, when it was time to turn in for the night, you would be forced to sleep in the guest room as Peter was allowed to stay with Ned in his room.

Admittedly, this made you incredibly jealous. It’s not like either boys particularly liked you-

At least, that’s what you thought.

Which was what brought you to your current situation. As you lay in complete darkness, staring blankly at the ceiling, you thought back to five specific incidences where Peter acted way more than just a friend to you, making you question if his feelings toward you truly were just purely platonic in nature.

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Best Kind Of Liar

Dean imagine requested by kayleemiller492! This imagine has been edited for reposting. The first installment of a four-part series, all other installments will be listed on the “The Story Continues…” page once reposted. Minions on mobile can search the ‘best kind of liar’ tag as well as my URL tag to find all installments. Hope you like it!

You hit the concrete foundation of the house, forehead smacking into the hardened surface before your hands could slow your body’s momentum, coughing crimson droplets of blood onto the floor, your head ringing like someone assigned a bible thumper to ring the cathedral bells in your mind (and Lord, they were not disappointing). Every inch of your body ached from the massive beat-down this bitch was dealing out to both you and your boyfriend Dean, swatting away your advances as if your attacks were as trifle as a fruit fly’s descent onto her dinner. You two were some of the best hunters, and she was wailing on you like she was doing no more than lifting her pinky finger while your muscles strained, your skin bruising and swollen. You struggled to your feet, pushing off from the ground with scratched and bloody palms, raw skin holding tight to the dust that covered the floor from the many places the plaster had been broken with your bodies, shallow wounds stinging. As you regained your balance, swiping the backside of your hand across your bleeding lip, a body knocked you back on your ass, the wind rushing from your lungs as the weight of your boyfriend crushed your lungs into organ pancakes.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean shouted from above you, his voice weary, aching, a soundtrack to match your every movement. You groaned under his weight, pushing him from you, air flooding your no longer constricted lungs as he stumbled to his feet.

“She threw you at me. She threw you.” You moan as Dean extended his hand, yanking you to your feet. You tried to brush your hair away from your face, attempting to clear your vision, but the strands obstructing your open view had matted around the wound on your temple, a token from when little miss avenging spirit smashed your face into, or through, the drywall.

Dean was driving punches into the spirit’s core, mostly receiving similar attacks from the ghost, every successful hook of his matched instantly by four of the spirit’s, her form apparating about him, coming in from all angles, dissipating before he could land a solid mark. You tried to join him in his mauling, but the spirit held you in place from across the room, fingers held in your direction as if she were a crossing guard warning children not to cross a dangerous road. The phantom’s cracked lips separated over broken teeth, a sinister smile playing across her ashen face.

“I specialize in the deceitful. The world has a surplus, I take it upon myself to get rid of the excess. Dean here hasn’t been completely honest with you, Y/n.” The spirit kicked him in the stomach, his body curling around her foot, a grunt piercing the air as he fell to his knees, winded. You screamed every profanity you could think of at her, your vulgarity falling on deaf ears. No one laid a finger on someone who meant the world to you without getting the chance to hold their own intestines. You struggled against her iron hold, your thrashing in vain. She flicked her wrist and sent you both to the walls, your bodies hanging limply in the air opposite each other. You could see Dean squirming about, mirroring you in your movements, your every intention to break free. She was a whole new level of awful, rendering both hunters practically immobile, your feet dangling inches from the floor. “Don’t you want to tell her where you’ve been before you die? It’s best to get it off the chest.” The spirit licked her lips, glassy eyes alight with hunger.

Dean turned his face away, veins in his neck protruding in his efforts to cut loose of the intangible grasp. With another gesture from the spirit, he was facing you, his eyes desperate.

“Y/n, I love you. You know I love you, so don’t list-” before he could utter another word, he was cut off by his own muffled screams, his jaw clenching against the agonizing shouts. You thrashed and swore, blood dripping from your lips, but the spirit only laughed at your fury.

“He wasn’t hunting last weekend. He was lying to you. He was getting a-” the spirit gasped, erupting in flames, cinders scorching the concrete as her form faded to ash. Sam must’ve found the remains and put a torch to the bones. You fell to the ground in the same second Dean did, both of you panting, your exertion thieving your ability to move, or at least without great effort.

Dean limped to you, spitting blood in a stream as he hobbled, holding a stitch in his side. He touched your cheek, turning your face in the light, checking you over with as much scrutinizing attention as a medical professional.

“Are you alright? Can you walk?” He asked, looking into your eyes, his own emerald irises molten with his concern. “Jesus, your head. Do you feel dizzy?” He hissed, probing along your skull with gentle fingers. You turned away from him, his hand falling to his side, a tear running down your cheek, cleansing a streak on your skin of grime and gore.

“Where were you last weekend?” You whispered, facing the wall your head had busted. Dean went quiet, your pulse pounding a rhythm to your uncertainty. He sighed. You turned your face to make eye contact with him, repeating the question without breaking his gaze. He blinked, staring at the ceiling in frustration, clicking his tongue before bringing his eyes back to yours.

“She’s right, I lied,” he exhaled, shaking his head. “I wasn’t hunting, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was getting… well…” he reached into the pocket of his denim legwear with a smile, fingers fishing around for a second before his form went rigid, his face draining of all colour. He checked his other pocket. “Son of a bitch…” he breathed, limping away from you, his eyes scanning the floor.

“Dean? What are you…” you trailed off as he squatted to pick something minuscule from the rubble the hunt had created, pinching whatever it was between his thumb and forefinger. He returned to you, and when he was an inch away, he held the object between your faces, grinning as you gasped in shock.

“I was getting this ring,” he said, a teasing smirk on his face, the diamond glittering in the harsh basement lighting. “She damn near ruined the surprise, too.” He slowly worked himself to a kneeling position, joints popping and face scrunching up in pain as he lowered himself. You giggled at his determination to remain traditional despite his injuries. “Y/n, will you marry me?” He asked, voice hopeful, the fire behind his eyes burning low with passion. You nodded, words escaping you, caught in your throat as they were, sobs and laughter mingling. He slid the small diamond onto your left hand, smiling to see the band resting comfortably before your knuckle, leaning on your body for support as he stumbled to his feet, crushing his lips to yours in victory, his kiss tasting of blood and iron and sweat and… Dean.

|| jealous ||

{summary: what happens when your best friend knows about a certain spiderboy’s crush on you?}

a few readers want me to start sinning by doing n-fw peter parker headcanons tomorrow and i just promised another reader to update mafia!bucky’s series on saturday…so before i sin with all of these n-fw and sm-tty posts, let me post this one imagine that features my oc, David Pennington, again [♥]

keep in mind, just because dave is in this story, it has nothing to do with ||love like a comic book|| [♥]

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, if you don’t include a jealous!peter parker ;) ;) ;)

oc mention: dave pennington; reader’s best friend who has blond hair and blue eyes. for me personally, i picture him as looking kinda like dave strider ((from homestuck)) but you readers can imagine him as appearing like harris-n -sterfield (sorry for the weird formatting on his name, i just don’t want this story to appear in his tags [♥] )

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


David Pennington always knew that Peter Parker had a thing for his best friend and sister from another mister, [Full Name], he just had to do something to make that nerd confess to her once and for all.

He absolutely loved [Name] and would do anything to protect her, which was why he wanted that Peter guy together with her. For starters, he wasn’t a total fuckboi, or a pompous and rich asshole like Flash Thompson. Earning the title of being [Name’s] best friend meant that he had to do everything in his power to look after her.

And if he had to set her up with a good boy like Peter Parker by using dirty means, then so be it.

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I Still Love You || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt(s): can you write about peter breaking masculine gender roles + a fluff thing where peter wants the reader to be the big spoon but is too embarrassed to straight out say it? :)]]

for this story, i’m going to combine two requests together because they both fit ;w; admittedly, i had a hard time trying to think of a good plot for the ‘breaking masculine gender roles’ request and figured combining these two requests would make things a hella lot easier for me [♥]

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

warnings: none

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!**


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|| Attention, Attention ||

{summary: just a lazy night spent with you and your needy boyfriend.}

dedicated to @rvnclawss for giving me the bolded quote as a prompt [♥]

here’s something short and sweet for the bae peter p. later i’m gonna immerse myself in these new books that i bought from my bookstore ;w; i’m so excited to start reading it [♥]

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

peter parker only: @wavy-ley , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine


After a long day spent at school, you were glad that you were finally able to unwind with a new book as you surrounded yourself with your pillows and blankets. Propping yourself up against the headboard, you open your book to its first page and immerse yourself with the beginning of your story.

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|| the moon song ||

{summary: “i’m lying on the moon, my dear, i’ll be there soon.”}

I planned to start an angst war with @rvnclawss if her latest peter parker imagine made me cry,,, but she didn’t make me cry so our angst war turned into a fluff war instead,,,

that is,,, if she doesn’t make me cry in the future >w>

also, i fell in love with gina darling’s cover of this song ♡ because it is so soft and tranquil to listen to, i wanted to add that same effect to this story and have it contain zero dialogue

tags [permanent + peter parker]: ((I’m sorry!!! Tags won’t work hhhh)) @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

**warnings: none

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story.**


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|| Yours To Love || [[smut]]

{summary: will he still love you if he knows about the new life growing inside of you?}

this is a day late and i’m sorry ;w; work was so crazy yesterday that i really couldn’t write for this au as much as i wanted to.

this short series is almost done with, with the next update being the EPILOGUE. I may do the first and second parts of this story in bucky’s POV, but we’ll just have to wait and see, because i’m not TOO confident when it comes to taking on a male’s POV.

ps i am so sorry for sinning on easter.

[ {I’m Yours} series tagging list ]: @iamwarrenspeace , @topkay , @imagine-thingsandstuff , @acunningstargazer , @sea-kale , @marvel-fanfiction , @sebatianstanisbae , @boom-boombang

warnings: brief usage of bondage (namely handcuffs), oral (female receiving), thigh riding/fucking (idk what it’s called but if you readers are brave enough to read this poorly written smut, then you’ll know what i’m talking about)

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


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