this is a very inside joke

I am very good at “dealing with” my anxiety in the sense that I can “function” “normally” whatever any of those words even mean but like ok so when I got my flu shot the nurse was like have you ever gotten one before and I was like no and she was like ok you have to sit here with me for 20 minutes to make sure you’re not allergic and I was immediately like haHA ok but I am a hypochondriac and this is torture? and after I’d been sitting there quietly on the floor for like ten minutes in the corner of the conference room where she was administering shots for all my coworkers she was like you’re handling it very well and I kind of chuckled but inside I was like “???? I have spent the last few minutes trying to tell if I am still breathing????” So like I joke a lot about it and don’t make a big thing of it because a not small part of me is afraid people will BELIEVE ME when I say honestly I feel like I’m losing my mind cause like when I text my friends at 10 to say “if I don’t text you to say I’m alive by 8am tomorrow please have my roommate check to make sure I didn’t have a stroke in my sleep” I KNOW it sounds crazy idk idk just like that fine line between needing people to know how not ok you are and worrying they’ll figure out how not ok you are?

other ya novels: my entire life has led up to this moment, i have to rise to the challenge and sacrifice my own happiness for the Greater Good. hey ho, my convenient band of morally sound yet somewhat two-dimensional side-kicks, i will save the world.

six of crows: yeah, so i have taken on this batshit crazy job because i’ve been promised big $$ for it. we might very well all get killed, but i’ve been dead inside since the age of 11 anyhow lol. no risk no fun. anyhow, there’s an impregnable prison complex waiting for us. 

things can’t make you look like a sexuality. it’s very tempting to make easy jokes about “Dan looks like a lesbian”, “Dan’s pastel video is gay” i mean obviously correlations between behaviour and stereotypes do exist but when things are kind of you feeding into heteronormativism and the harmfulness of everybody’s living inside a patriarchy and the bullying that exists within the male-system with things threatening their masculinity - that’s just a bad thing and stereotyping sexuality and behaviour and gender isn’t a good thing - so you can say “that goat looks like a lesbian” or “the flowers, that’s a bit gay” and it’s not necessarily the most offensive thing but on a level it is slightly bad because you are reinforcing those things you know so it’s funny because next time you’ll be like “oh i totally look like a lesbian” it’s like that might seem like that but there’s nothing wrong with a lesbian happening to look like whatever “masculine” is.
what is “girly”? what is “looking feminine”? you go to nature, you got a female lion - they’re all meaty as heck. tell you what, lionesses at the zoo - they’re all thicc, look at those thighs. male lions are skinny as heck sat in the corner. what is “feminine”? who’s to say that a girl has to wear pink and like flowers? gender roles make no sense at all. honestly it’s just one of those things that make no sense - like you can say “men are stronger, therefore they should be the hunters” but in our modern society that means nothing. that’s like grounded in some kind of biology - but wearing pink, liking flowers and not liking flowers - that makes no sense. there’s like literally no background for it. there’s a difference between things that have some kind of evolutionary biological basis that we can say while now in our modern society that’s a pointless issue that we shouldn’t let define us.
—  Dan’s rant on the flower-crown-criticism | Dan’s Live Chat 14/2/2017
Boyfriend! Jungkook

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • first things first guys
  • you’re always stealing his sweaters
  • “y/n what the fuck come on I was gonna wear that”
  • if he can’t find it he knows you have it
  • secretly loves it
  • so many inside jokes that the boys get bothered
  • jimin always says “what does that even MEAN” 
  • when you and jungkook tell each other an inside joke
  • so many tickle fights turned make out sessions
  • ya’ll make out in the prep room
  • the studio
  • between dance practices
  • in the dorms
  • right in front of jin and namjoon, who just sigh and roll their eyes
  • sex is occasional but when it happens
  • FIRE literal fire bc you guys are so needy for each other
  • the sex is always really sensual
  • never rough, very vanilla
  • and that’s the way you two like it because the only thing on your mind is that you’re with him and that you love him
  • “i miss you”
  • “can you come cuddle with me”
  • “y/n I’m lonelyyyy”
  • opens his arms when he wants to cuddle
  • carries you bridal style upstairs where the two of you bury yourselves in blankets
  • he likes when you’re pretty much laying on top of him
  • because that’s the closest you two can physically get
  • always very worried about you
  • wants to make sure you’re comfortable and wants to help you when you’re sad or stressed
  • always offers to help you with your English homework even though he’s not that great at it
  • literally the sweetest and brings home your favorite food after a particularly rough day
  • always always always trying to teach you how to dance
  • catches you when you trip then slips himself
  • you make fun of his obsession with timbs but when you buy yourself a pair he just smirks at you
  • laughs when you trip but when he trips you make a point to laugh harder
  • usually jimin joins in laughing at that point
  • he’ll get quiet when he’s mad
  • doesn’t smile or talk to anyone
  • you guys don’t fight a lot but when you do it gets the two of you really sad
  • when you fight it’s usually over bigger things like not spending enough time with each other
  • you think he’s overworking himself and he thinks you’re being over dramatic
  • but eventually in the middle of the night after the two of you fought
  • he’ll come upstairs from the couch and lay in your bed and pull you close to him as a way of saying sorry
  • he’ll whisper “y/n i love you”
  • you’ll just hum and roll over so your forehead is touching his chest
  • when you cry he’ll just put you on his lap and stroke your hair and wipe your tears from your eyes
  • and when he’s upset
  • you’ll sit with him and stroke his face and remind him of the inside jokes you two have
  • he always thinks about how grateful he is for you

other members versions coming soon!

Friends the signs need:

An ☆Aries needs a friend who has a lot of energy and passion for life.

A ☆Taurus is a very laid back individual, so finding someone who can be just as lazy with them on a Saturday night is important.

It’s important for a ☆Gemini to have friends who can keep up with their witty nature.

A ☆Cancer loves being a homebody, so they look for friends who would choose a night of Netflix as their perfect weekend plans.

A ☆Leo is always up for a good time and needs a type of friend that can handle that lifestyle and to never question their loyalty.

A ☆Virgo needs a friend that inspires them to step outside of their comfort zone.

A ☆Libra needs the type of friend that they can have deep conversations with and have their own inside jokes.

A ☆Scorpio needs a friend that always gives solid advice and is very straightforward.

A ☆Sagittarius needs a friend who will support them no matter what and accepts them for who they are.

A ☆Capricorn needs a friend that’s mature and reliable. A friend that’s definitely decisive when it comes to important matters.

An ☆Aquarius needs a friend that’s never afraid to be themselves and that knows how to be a leader and not a follower.

A ☆Pisces needs a non-judgmental friend that’s always there to listen even if it’s three in the morning.

Being Roommates with Overwatch Characters:

Genji: Very quiet and respectful, never eats your food. But he never sleeps, so that can get awkward. Sometimes he does his ninja training in the living room at like 3am. When you go down to yell at him he has mysteriously vanished…

McCree: Super friendly, super messy. He will always invite you into his room to watch this cool video he found on YouTube that you’ve certainly already seen, but he just found it. He thinks the fridge is more of a communal zone. You can take his food, and he can take your’s. He prefers to cook meals to share though, not that he’s any good at cooking. Is often hungover in the mornings.

Pharah: Isn’t home a lot. She’s very focused on her career. Her interactions with you are very formal at first, kinda stiff and awkward. It will either stay that way forever, or one night of drinking and video games will break the ice and give you a million inside jokes.

Reaper: Just the worst roommate ever. The second he’s done with something, he drops it on the ground. Beer bottles? Check. Towel? Yep. Laundry? You once found a pair of his boxers in the refrigerator for fucks sake Reyes, why is this here? NEXT TO MY MILK! He always claims he was the last one who did dishes. He never does dishes.

Soldier 76: The weird roommate you met through Craigslist who seems quiet and reserved at first, but once he gets going on his conspiracy theories and how THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN he will never shut up. Constantly plays CoD on the couch. Never seems to go to work, but always pays rent on time. Does the chores with military precision.

Tracer: Lives outside of time, quite literally. So be prepared to remind her of appointments, when rent is due, that it is not in fact the weekend so could she stop playing Just Dance so loud past eleven? It’s frustrating, but she’s so much fun to be around you forgive her.  She is on first name basis with all the bartenders in the neighborhood, and drinking with her is always an epic adventure.

Bastion: You bought this old thing on eBay. They said it was non-functional, but it immediately sprang to life in your apartment. It spends all its time out on the balcony, where a flock of birds have made it their home. Every once in a while you wake up in the middle of the night to find it crouched in the corner of your room in turret mode. Then you realize someone was being loud outside and it got scared.

Hanzo: There are two Hanzos. Calm, collected, brooding Hanzo, and I’LL TELL YOU WHEN I’VE HAD ENOUGH SAKEsshdhshjkfk Hanzo. Hanzo is normally very organized, his room his spartan and he made a chore schedule that he treats like it is law. But about two times a week he gets shit faced on expensive sake, cries about his brother, tries to fight a house plant (claiming it knows nothing of honor when he falls on his ass), and ends the evening on the balcony, pegging passersby with perfect precision with YOUR HOTDOGS THAT HE STOLE FROM THE FRIDGE, HANZO COME INSIDE.

Junkrat: Just, an absolute disaster. Your apartment has become a junkyard. Scraps of machines all of the place. And it smells terrible because he’s constantly mixing weird chemicals in the bathtub. You’ve started showering at the gym, and are terrified when you have to pee. You’ve had three minor fires in the place since he moved in, and you’re pretty sure he’s a criminal. You’d call the cops, but his… boyfriend? You’re not sure. His giant man partner keeps coming around and staring at you silently and you’re just trying to stay alive, okay?

Mei: Is terribly sweet and friendly, but messy and forgetful. You can’t get mad at her, because she always apologizes profusely when she forgets to do the dishes or take out the trash or that this is her week to buy toilet paper. She’s often wrapped up in her work, and loves to go on exuberant explanations of the science involved that you don’t even half understand. But you smile and nod along. She’s just so excited, you can’t interrupt her. Her bedroom is cluttered with items she collected from her travels and adventures, mixed with scientific equipment and climbing gear. She always wants you to come on nature hikes. They are beautiful but exhausting. That girl has boundless energy. The only time she gets mad is if you try to throw away a recyclable.

Torbjörn: He is constantly making noise, hammering, laughing like a maniac, riveting??? WTF is he doing in his room???? He’s very cranky and opinionated (do not bring up Omnics, trust me), but after a few beers he has some of the most amazing stores you’ve ever heard. He keeps his mess to his room and only forgets to do his chores every once in a while. But food in the fridge is going to disappear and he’ll get very defensive when you ask him about it. Also, long golden beard hairs! EVERYWHERE! in the bathroom! Clean out the drain when you’re done!

Widowmaker: The most intimidating person you’ve ever lived with. Hell, ever met. She will walk around in nothing but a towel, but it’s actually kind of terrifying? Like she’s daring you to say something to her??? You’re pretty sure she’s killed at least two people in the neighborhood. No one can prove it. You feel like she’s constantly watching you in your room… you’ve looked for cameras and found nothing. She leaves for days at a time, and then suddenly appears silently in the middle of the apartment. You didn’t hear the front door open????? WTF IS HAPPENING???? She leaves all the chores to you, will pretend she only speaks French if she’s not in the mood to talk to you. You’re pretty sure you’re going to be found dead in the bathtub and there will be no records of your roommate…

D.Va: Almost never does chores, acts like she did you a favor when she finally washes a single dish. Is constantly live streaming from the couch. You haven’t been able to watch TV since she moved in. She invites you to play games just to utterly destroy your ass at them. She got sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew so now the apartment is full of that crap. She acts like that’s her contribution to groceries because she saw you eat a chip. You thought she hated you until someone on her stream called you a loser and she tore them a new asshole. Is this what having a sister is like???

Reinhardt: Snores like a freight train is rumbling through the apartment. You can hear it through the walls. Through your earplugs. Nothing helps. He is incredibly helpful and friendly though. Always does his chores, does a few of your’s if you don’t stop him. Loves to cook dinner, but will always make the weirdest German fusion food. Any nice thing you do for him gets the most enthusiastic thanks that it makes you want to do nice things for him all the time.

Roadhog: You’ve seen some shit, man. Shit you can never tell anyone. Mostly because it would damage Roadhog’s bad ass reputation, and you will not make him angry. His room is full of plushies. He sleeps on them in a big pile. He spends all day playing Animal Crossing and he helps paint your nails. His weirdo boyfriend? You don’t know, small manic man partner comes over sometimes, but you managed to get them to not set off any explosions in the house(by claiming to protect the plushies). When Roadhog first showed up, you were terrified. But he’s turned out to be a really sweet guy. When you’re not on his shit list. You will do anything not to get on the shit list… A UPS driver damaged his limited edition Rainbow Sparkle Bear, and you heard the screams……..

Winston: Spends all his time in his room on his computer. He’s nice enough when he comes out, but that’s usually only for more peanut butter. He’s kind of shy and awkward around you at first, but one day you ask about the glory days of Overwatch, and you get a story hour of epic proportions. After that he is your buddy. Tracer comes by sometimes, always bringing a fresh batch of bananas. Winston tries to act insulted, but you always catch him eating them later. He forgets to do his chores, a lot. He always promises he’ll get around to them. After this experiment is finished… It never gets done.

Zarya: Your living room is now a gym. She moved in a professional looking weight set and bench. “This is just for casual,” she tells you. She constantly makes “helpful” remarks about your physique. She thinks if you just did some deadlifts, your legs would be much stronger. Much more solid. You are like noodle. She tries to train you on the weight set in the living room. She proves that she can benchpress you, and then gives you some fifty pound weights “For a warm up”. May god have mercy on your soul.

Lúcio: Just the nicest roommate ever. He will sit on the couch with you until 3 am talking through your problems. He baked you a cake on your birthday. Is it your day to do chores? He saw you weren’t feeling well, so he just did them this morning. Don’t worry about it, fam, I got you. He only asks you for things on behalf of others. Will you help him organize a fundraiser for the local kid’s soccer organization? Come to a protest to improve the working conditions in factories? Could you maybe drop off this extra portion of dinner to the old lady next door on your way out? Say hi to her cats for him. The only thing that can be annoying is he can get lost in his music and forget that it’s super late. But when that wakes you up, you usually just go and sit down in his room and watch him work on his latest tracks.

Mercy: You really won’t see her that often. She is an incredibly overworked doctor. She is a very kind and patient person, but you can tell she is constantly bone tired. You don’t even ask her to do chores, you just do them all yourself. She barely ever uses dishes or makes a mess anyway. She leaves you little cakes she bought at the bodega as a thank you every now and then. Most of your communication is through post it notes, as you are often on completely different schedules. She seems nice, but you don’t really know her.

Symmetra: Everything has to be just so. She doesn’t even let you do chores, she doesn’t trust that you did them right. She will say the bathroom is filthy when it looks sparkling to you. She is constantly creating little robots to do work for her, so you don’t feel too bad letting her clean? She is incredibly sheltered, and can get hostile when you challenge her world view. But at the same time, you can tell she’s lonely and hurting. With small gestures here and there, maybe you can become friends.

Zenyatta: Just, the chillest bro you have ever met. He floats around the apartment and doesn’t eat anything so he doesn’t cause messes. He still helps with the chores, because it is more balanced that way. When you go through a break up he will listen and give you advice that honestly makes you feel better. He invites you to mediate, and makes it sound like a really great activity. His pupil, Genji, is always coming around. Zenyatta is so happy to see him. Neither of them eat, but Genji makes you ramen sometimes and its SO GOOD. They are both cinnamon rolls, and your life is better for knowing them. Occasionally Zenyatta knocks something over as he floats by, but that’s about the only drawback.

Things can’t LOOK like a sexuality. It’s very tempting to make easy jokes about Dan looks like a lesbian, Dan the pastel video is gay - that’s actually problematic to say that. Stereotypes. I mean obviously correlation between behaviour and stereotypes do exist but when things are kind of feeding into heteronormativism and the harmfulness of everyone’s living inside of a patriarchy and the bullying that exists within the male system with things threatening their masculinity that's just a bad thing, you know. Stereotyping sexuality and behaviour and gender isn’t a good thing. So you can say “oh, that guy looks like a lesbian” or “oh, the flowers that’s a bit gay” and it’s not necessarily the most offensive thing but on a level it is slightly bad ‘cause you are reenforcing those things, you know.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (31/?)

I’m so happy he spoke up about this. I also love how he did it in such a non-threatening manner. He’s hoping to educate the people, who might not be aware of how harmful their actions and words can be. I stan the right people. 

some nice romance free keith and shiro headcanons

  • shiro was an avid couponer pre-kerberos and used to just give keith sandwich bags full of coupons to use “it’s a 7 boxes for three dollars special on hamburger helper” “shiro i hate hamburger helper”
  • keith is constantly constantly turning the light off when he leaves a room even though shiro is still in there
  • keith and shiro have lots of inside jokes because they knew each other pre-voltron 
  • they have a secret handshake but it’s really embarrassing and keith hates doing it - “you were stranded on an alien ship for a year how do you even remember this”
  • the only person allowed to touch keith’s hair is shiro when he does his patented dad hair ruffle™ 
  • shiro frequently and very loudly expresses his disapproval of keith living in a desert shack alone for a year- “you know because if you live in the desert by yourself like someone i know you might get stung by a scorpion and die like an asshole ” “just say my name shiro everyone knows you’re talking about me”
  • alien: insults shiro - keith: say that again you fucking punk i’ll rip your intestines out so what if you’re 9 feet tall and have laser eyes  - shiro: carrying keith away while keith continues to talk shit
  • shiro feels really shitty a lot of the time but he’s always trying to keep it together, keith knows better so he reminds shiro to get some rest and to eat and stuff 
  • shiro: i didn’t raise you to be this petty keith: actually you did
  • keith is constantly making jokes about not having a family and being an orphan because he Doesn’t Care but he lives for shiro’s scandalized expression
  • when shiro is really mad he calls keith by his first and last name and it instills fear into keith’s very bones
  • keith: roasts someone out of the blue shiro: i apologize on behalf of my son
  • keith is naturally a loner so the other paladins have fun a lot without him and shiro is always trying to get him to join them because he’s a really nice kid and he wants to see him be happy with friends
  • shiro is the only person who 100% knows about keith being autistic and he checks in with him to make sure he’s not overstimulated or on the verge of a meltdown/shutdown
  • shiro has blackmail on keith for embarrassing things he’s done 
  • one of the embarrassing things is crying at the lorax movie 
  • this is his secret weapon but keith never gives him a reason to use it
  • shiro goes out and yells at the others if they’re being too loud and he notices keith getting agitated 
  • shiro tried to do that thing with keith where you put cucumbers on your eyes to decrease puffiness but keith just. ate the cucumber slices.
  • *a really stressful day on the ship* keith: in a bad mood shiro: hands keith a snickers shiro: you’re not you when you’re hungry
  • sometimes when shiro is having a really bad day keith will hug him and he’s really bad at it it’s like having a suitcase placed on your back and it cheers shiro up because he knows keith doesn’t like hugging people or being Soft but he’s trying to make him feel better and shiro appreciates that
  • shiro: hey i saw you smile at lance earlier and-  keith: not. another. word.
  • sometimes keith falls asleep on the couch and shiro picks him up and brings him to his bed and tucks him in
  • shiro keeps trying to teach keith japanese and keith is like “for the last time no i have enough trouble with english” bonus: keith eventually picks up on a few phrases and says them without warning and it makes shiro So Happy
  • when someone says something ridiculous they give each other the Are You Fucking Serious stare
  • “you’re not my dad!” *dramatic gasp* “why did you all do that he’s literally not my dad.”
  • they play checkers a lot
  • keith: shiro i know bigfoot is real i know it shiro: i know buddy
  • shiro, putting a hand on each of keith’s shoulders: calm  
  • shiro: tells a joke keith: haha oh shiro you’re so funny someone else: tells the same joke keith: that was the worst joke i’ve ever heard
  • shiro tries to tell the group jokes and keith always ruins it because he calls out the punchline before anyone else has a chance because he’s heard him tell those jokes so many times
  • keith is constantly revealing minorly embarrassing things about shiro to the others - ”did you guys know shiro loves the song “never gonna give you up” - ”one time shiro bought ten pairs of crocs” - ”one time shiro literally slipped on a banana peel” - ”shiro knows every word of the hannah montana pilot” 
  • keith loves cats and back at the garrison shiro finds keith with like. 9 cats one day bc apparently they’re all his Children and he feeds them secretly and keith is like :0 bc he’s petting like all of the cats at once and shiro has Discovered him and they’re named things like mocha and tetris
  • every time keith backtalks shiro shiro goes “i can’t believe you’re doing this to the guy who brought you to see three days grace four times”
  • keith: kicks an alien’s ass  shiro internally: they grow up so fast
  • they argue a lot because shiro was raised to not wear shoes in the house and keith just. sleeps with his shoes on like a barbarian
  • shiro firmly believes hotdogs are sandwiches and it makes keith so mad one time shiro said that and he just got in his lion and left

Phil Lester is a creative genius! Pass it on!

dating sirius black would include...

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- literally begging him to let you play with his hair
- “i dunno, love. my hair is very precious to me.”
- “please, sirius. please.”
- you give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip
- “no, no. stop that, please, sweetheart.”
- he gives in pretty quickly after that
- braiding his hair, putting it in a top knot, making him flower crowns, so many things with his hair
- so much jealousy
- “mine.”
- him showing off in animagus form for you
- james and remus roll their eyes
- you just giggle and happily pet him bc dogs
- piggyback rides between classes
- wearing his leather jacket
- him being very very proud 
- “that’s my girl.”
- you literally wear his clothes all the time after that 
- so many inside jokes
- “such a good girl for daddy, right sweetheart?” fUCK
- having an infatuation with his hands
- “they’re so huge!”
- smirks. “my hands aren’t the only things that’re huge, love.”
- you facepalm. “oh merlin.”
- he’s such a gentleman like all the time
- pulls out your chair, holds every single door open for you, etc etc
- he’s so fussy over you and wants to cater to you 25/7
- “i’m thirsty.”
- “you want water? i’ll get you some, love, stay here.”
- always holding hands
- kissing the top of your head
- you hugging him from behind and rest your head on his back while he talks to friends
- he can’t stop grinning as he talks 
- him teasing you in public 25/7 because he’s horny every second of every day
- you start teasing him as payback
- daddy sirius punishing you for teasing him ;)
- becoming the fifth marauder
- remus is like your best friend
- james is a brother figure to you
- you make sirius a softie
- like he gushes about you to the boys
- “i’ve never felt this way about a girl before. she’s just- bloody hell, i love her.”
- you’re his rock when it comes to his family problems
- and vice versa 
- so much love and fluff and cuteness ugh


too real to fake it by thealmightyavocado

      harry styles/louis tomlinson. chaptered. 5/5. 82K.

             ↳a sequel to: fake it till you make it

With seven years of blissful marriage behind them and four wonderfully unique kids to brag about, Harry and Louis seem to finally have life all figured out and under control. How much more real could it get?

Very real it turns out, when Harry reluctantly leaves home for a 5 day business trip leaving Louis to manage their rambunctious, hyperactive household. Do they really have it all under control or are they just faking it?

Featuring all the usual suspects, inside jokes, embarrassing moments and of course, Harry and Louis’ wild antics + the addition of their four equally wild and outrageous kids.

the zodiac signs in gryffindor

aries: will definitely catapult your a s s to uranus if you’re in their way

taurus: looks lazy af but will work hard day and night if they need to get something done till the next day

gemini: makes awful jokes and quotes memes irl, everyone including their friends wonder why they don’t get beat up on a daily basis

cancer: a bit shy and reserved but would fight a grizzly bear if their loved ones are being threatened

leo: the ultimate gryffindor™, wears sports hoodies even though they don’t particularly like that sports just bc aesthetics

virgo: saltier and more dead inside than the dead sea, will sass someone out in front of a cheering crowd when they have a bad day

libra: sweet and kind and doesn’t consider themselves very strong or heroic but is actually really brave

scorpio: looks all tough and cool but there’s an 80% chance they’ll cry if you tell them a kinda sad story

sagittarius: has so many talents and is instantly good at almost everything new they try it’s just ridiculous

capricorn: impossible to bring down to their knees and never seems to be tired, probably isn’t even human

aquarius: would 10/10 do something really reckless and dangerous/horrendously stupid just to surprise people, makes bad puns

pisces: small but not weak at all, argues with you for two hours if you say something they do not agree with

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Why has there been a sudden increase in "protect kihyun" posts? He does need to be protected from all the bullfuckery he gets but why the sudden increase in the need to protect?

yesterday theres been some people who feel like its ok to post certain slurs and attack him on a mx vlive chat(which mx can read, mind you), that was not only an insult but racist(some rly sick humour). thats what started this. people were accusing kihyun again of stealing lines and whatnot (this is really old tbh) but personally i wouldn’t say thats all; 

i feel like a lot of their publicity portrays kihyuns surface personality very… extremely, and the fandoms been conditioned to stereotyping him as some savage, rude, mean character(although at the beginning it may have been an inside joke w affection). since there are many new mbb, its “bullfuckery” as you say has been spreading like wildfire as of late, with no filter. there are actually mbb who specifically dont like kihyun, and act on it.

tl:dr, kihyun gets shit he doesn’t deserve and someone finally pushed it too far so the topic was brought onto tumblr. its a new era so a lot of ppl are making posts about leaving derogatory comments behind (for wonho and shownu as well), and it spread, so here we are

Jughead x Reader

Betty, Archie, Jughead and I have been best friends since we were five. They’ve been there for every important moment in my life, as I have been for them. They know all of my secrets, except for one. I’m especially close with Jughead. We’re very similar in the way we relate to the world. I could sit here all day and list all of our inside jokes. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized I was in love with him. Not even Betty knows about my feelings. Only one person does, and that’s Veronica.
It was the day before school started, and the new mystery rolled into town. I was sitting in a booth at Pops with Betty and Archie. I was just about to leave because Betty wanted to talk to Archie about her feelings. I’d put on my jacket, and was about to get up when Archie noticed the raven-haired girl walk in to the diner. She introduced herself as Veronica, and told us she had just moved here from New York. I had a feeling from that moment on that we would be friends. I was right.
It was Friday night and Veronica was staying over at my house. We were sitting on my bed talking about Jughead.
“Y/N, I really think you should just tell him how you feel. I can tell by the way he looks at you that he’s totally smitten!”
“Really? I don’t think he is Veronica.”
“Oh he is, trust me.”
“I told Kevin about it too. He says the exact same as you.”
“Kevin is right, as always. You just need to be honest with Jughead and tell him how you feel. You’re perfect for eachother.”
As Veronica was talking to me I noticed Jughead in his bedroom. We’d lived opposite eachother all of our lives, and it came in handy when we needed to help eachother with homework. He was staring at me and didn’t even realise that I was looking back. Veronica noticed that I had diverted my attention to his bedroom window, and turned around. She smiled and waved at Jughead, causing him to snap out of his trance. She stood up and went over to the window, she opened it, and Jughead opened his.
“Hey Juggie!” She shouted.
“Hey new girl. How’s your sleepover? Made any popcorn and watched Mean Girls yet?”
“No actually we’ve been too busy talking about you.”
“VERONICA!” I shouted.
“What? You never would have admitted it if I didn’t help you along.”
“What’s she talking about Y/N?”
“Nothing… I just-”
“Tell him!”
“Okay, you’re going to tell me what’s going on Y/N, hang on.”
Jughead closed his window and left his bedroom. I knew immediatly that he was coming over here.
“I can’t believe you just did that Veronica.”
“You’ll thank me for it later.”
Veronica was cut off by Jughead coming in to my room. I gave him the spare key to my house a few years ago, and he’s never failed to use it when he needs to.
“I think I know what you’re going to say.” Muttered Jughead, looking at his feet.
“Trust me, you have no idea. I want to tell you but I can’t because it won’t end well and-”
Before I could say another word, Jughead cut me off by pressing his lips against mine. It was the kiss I had been waiting for since I was eleven years old. Veronica was right. He was smitten, and so was I.

This is my first Riverdale imagine! Requests are open, let me know if you want me to do another part to this. 


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· His cloak is Sky ( check our color reference sheet please )
· His crest is on the inside of his right wrist
. Wisest prince
· Gives advice to the townspeople
· Pretty much the kingdoms therapist
· A good listener
· Is better at listening rather than talking
· But he can do both
· Gives the best hugs
· Cares about everyone
· Very quiet when in public
· But when he’s alone with the boys
· He’s good at making jokes and making up lame puns
· Playful
· Lovable
· Friendly
· People can easily approach him
· Can be strict sometimes
· Has to watch Yuta and Haechan constantly
· “Yuta, stop trying to Strangle Haechan”- Him
· “I’m not trying to strangle him hahahahahaha..i just want to cut off his oxygen supply for a little bit, that’s all” – Yuta
· “You wonder why I pull pranks on you all the time” – Haechan
· Sleeps a lot
· But can function with little to no sleep
· Offers to help clean the castle
· Because he thinks the servants deserve a break
· Doesn’t understand why they have servants and maids In the first place
· They have hands
· They can clean the castle themselves
· He’s a pretty good cook along with Jaehyun
· So why should they pay people to clean, and cook when they can easily do it themselves?

· He was volunteering at the local foster home
· He l o v e s children
· And children love him tbh
· But he walked past one of the rooms
· Only to see you inside
· Teaching 2 little girls how to read
· Ever since then, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you
· In love with your kindness
· Cant get enough of your smile
· Tried to talk to you
· But he locked eyes with you and walked away so fast
. Almost had a heart attack
. You started seeing each other
. But not for long
. He realized as the oldest he’s next in line for the throne
. Therefor he needs to be with a royal family that can benefit the kingdom
. He never meant to break your heart
. He broke his own a lot more
. He hated seeing you cry
. He hated himself for nearly a year
. Until he dropped his crown
. He was in tears as he told his parents that he would not be marrying the princes they had for him
. Because
. ‘I already gave my heart to someone… I’ll be no good for someone like her.’
. He walked out of the palace
. Not to return again
. He found you
. Basically handed you the world and more on a platter
. ‘I know I’m no longer a prince, and I’ll never be a king… but, I’ll work to the point of broken bones if it puts a smile on your face, and gives you everything you deserve, and make it so you live like the Queen you are.’ - him
. You honestly couldn’t say no
. He basically gave up his entire life for you
. You had your own little farm outside the kingdom
. Of course he wasn’t cut off
. His mother would never do that
. But he wanted no help
. His brothers often come by because
. ‘Your cooking is better than mine’ - Taeyong
. Everyone literally looks at him like hell has frozen over
. You, and Taeil have your happily ever after
. Two kids
. Your farm

Shadowhunters AU where Simon gets tired of everyone making dismissive comments about his interest in DnD and convinces them to actually play it with him. 

  • He is a very patient DM
  • Alec plays a Ranger
  • Izzy rolls to seduce all their humanoid enemies
  • Jace tries to Rule of Cool literally everything, and then somehow actually has the rolls to pull it off
  • Clary is the only one with any charisma, and no one else is allowed to interact with NPCs anymore
  • They come up with the most ridiculous ways to kill monsters, and when Simon points out that they’re being extremely and unnecessarily extra, the response is always “but that’s how I would actually do it” which becomes an inside joke
  • Simon’s new catchphrase is “You know what? Sure.”
being part of a clintasha trio would include

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  • knowing what happened in Budapest (aka life goals)
  • breaking into some important building and doing good natured vandalism
  • matching necklaces
  • tons of inside jokes
  • like literally everything is an inside joke
  • so much sass
  • shipping clintasha
  • always training together
  • asking clint for some relationship advice
  • “just kill them”
  • “no, clint, i need a romantic advice”
  • “kill them romantically”
  • so much teasing
  • making a competition out of pretty much everything
  • them being very protective of you
  • getting matching tattoos
  • weekly movie nights
  • making flower crowns for them
  • them secretly liking it
  • triple cuddles
  • you always being in the middle
  • pulling pranks on other avengers
  • making vines 25/8
  • smack cam-ing everyone in tower
  • secretly adopting a puppy
  • making bird-y jokes around clint
  • having matching shirts
  • always having each other’s backs
  • “you know who is beautiful?”
  • “who?”
  • “Nat”
  • having annoyingly cute nicknames for each other
  • being the feminist trio
  • finishing each other’s sentences
  • stealing random stuff from each other
  • making fun of each other
  • “you know i didn’t mean it, right?”
  • making caramel onions for the other avengers
  • them thinking it’s a caramel apple
  • “we swear it was clint’s idea”
  • “HEY!”
  • you singing “we’re all in this together” while you’re planning something with them
  • them looking at you with disappointment in their eyes
  • so many bets
  • having a groupchat where you gossip about everyone
  • “did you see cap’s outfit yesterday? 2/10″
  • you and nat shaving clint’s eyebrow when he’s asleep
  • him actually liking the look of it
  • “i look tough”
  • messing with tony’s gadgets
  • messing with Friday
  • “Friday? do you know what porn is?”
  • always updating them on new memes
  • Meme Trashes™
  • taking care of each other
She was an extremist, and she found emotions traumatically hard to deal with. There was a very sad side of her. It wasn’t a sadness that was really blatant-she was always in a good mood, always laughing, joking- but it was there. She always questioned why she would get upset. She felt she had a very rough life and felt that it took a lot of energy to deal with the world as it was. She could never pinpoint where the unhappiness came from, just something inside of her that she could never satisfy. I don’t think she was talking about her parents. I don’t even think she meant anything tangible was rough. She just means living and thinking and breathing and having to mentally deal with waking up and living was a hard thing for her.
—  On Gia Carangi

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Hello :) What do you think boyfriend Harry/Harry in love would be like? Attentive? Full of surprises? Loves to cuddle? Thanks, hope you don't mind answering, I just love your thoughts on these sorts of things

Ugh, thinking of boyfriendharry is the worst.. But yeah, def attentive. LOTS of cuddles, for sure. He’s a naturally very affectionate person, and you can tell that he loves making people feel cared for and appreciated. It’s the little things with Harry, I feel, like subtleness and attentiveness, looks and touches, gestures and words. He’s v v generous. Def a lot of inside jokes. Lots of humor and LAFFS. FUN is a key word with Harry :) He’d let you know you’re on his mind. He remembers the little things. Respectful. Romantic. (He’s a SAP and hopeless romantic. Loves his candles and flowers.) You’d feel safe. He’s not the jealous type. Sexual (great in bed.) Will give you space when you need it for sure, never too clingy. VERYYY CUTE - like annoyingly so. Lots of great conversations… and he’s a wonderful listener. Small surprises here and there. MANNERS (he’s a GENT.) Yeah, I think when he truly goes all IN on a relationship, that he’s amazing :)