this is a very important hair post

Another foreshadowing post

There are a few things I noticed here on this page (it’s from chapter 1):

1.) Yona’s hair has already grown back to its former length. This could very likely be an indicator that the Xing arc won’t be the final one, since she now has shoulder long hair.

2.) Her expression: She doesn’t seem to be very happy here. Could it be that someone important to her has died? Or is it because they’re on the verge of another war? With the possible enemy being the Kai Empire this time?

3.) She’s holding a dragon sword which looks similar to the sword that is shown in some earlier illustrations from Kusanagi-sensei. I don’t think it’s the sword from the prophecy though…

4.) The person who is talking to Yona. I do not think that it is Hak, simply because we can’t see the whole body of the person. Also the clothing is a bit different. I compared it to those of all the other male characters. Well, if it is Hak, he could’ve simply changed his clothes or something. I guess we don’t have to pay much attention to this. But the person is also referring to Yona as “Princess Yona = Yona-hime”. Hak normally uses “hime-san”. So that’s another reason why I don’t think this is Hak. Which leads me to point 5.

5.) It looks like Yona is still a princess here. Which means she hasn’t claimed the throne (yet). So it’s very likely that Yona won’t be the one sitting upon the throne after this arc is over.

6.) Where are the four dragon warriors and Yoon? It doesn’t look like they’re around here. But this could simply be because it’s the first chapter of the series and the author didn’t want to show us all the characters yet…

Another artwork I want to talk about is this one:

As I’ve mentioned before, this is also one of the illustrations where Yona is shown with the dragon sword. And is she wearing the royal robe here? The pattern on it sure looks similar. I also noticed that Hak’s glaive looks a bit different to the one he’s currently using. But the only difference is that it has some nice engravings on it. Also, is Yona wearing a different hairpin? Maybe it’s a present from Hak, because she got rid of the cursed hairpin in the latest chapter.

And the most important thing here is that the three main characters are shown together once again. Which also means that Soo-Won must be alive at this point of the story.

But… We all know that this is just another artwork and therefore it’s also possible that there’s no real meaning behind it.

I am so glad that there is finally a girly girl main character in the Harry Potter universe. Queenie is so important because she is that typical pink-blonde-haired-sex-goddess and she still is a very good character with great depth to her. I am so happy that they did not tune her down at all. Also, the fact that she is a legilimens is amazing and adds up to her very well. Having in mind that the stereotype of a quite feminine woman is someone so full of herself and so concerned about her own problems and mainly her appearance.

i really missed dressing up. I felt like 2016 was such a crap year that i wasnt able to be myself. This is my first outfit post of 2017 and this year i want to work extra hard on art and fashion because they are two very important things to me that have gotten me through a lot.

Claude Giroux Appreciation Post because I can

This dork here, in case you didn’t know, is Captain of the Philadelphia Flyers (how could you not thought).

This gif is important for reasons.

He used to have this super curly hair. Shame that he cut it, but he still looks hecking good with short hair. (see below)

Shoutout to Amanda Kurtz, whoever you are, for these pictures. We thank you.

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He can hockey very well

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He also wipes his hand on the refs and that’s something we all want to do so technically he’s our overlord

His laugh is adorable

He and Voracek might as well be sin bin twins (MY GOSH APPRECIATE THAT RHYME PEOPLE)

Also have him concentrating very hard on his cards. Guest appearance by Michael Raffl (10/10 on the hair)

Very sassy as well.

Master of facial expressions

Also this gif has nothing to do with it but he has a strange aversion to shoes.

G, bottom right, no shoes. He also likes thumbs ups. And smiling. Because he’s a dork.

He and his girlfriend have a dog that looks like fried chicken. He is carrying said fried chicken in a backpack. This is the best picture on the Internet.

G + Text Posts are incredible.

He produces Stall Talk for us. Thank you, good sir.

His smile is amazing and he managed to lose a tooth in the most attractive place. Guest appearances by Brayden Schenn, Steve Mason, and Jake Voracek.

Jake likes to poke the butt.

He also smol.

This has been a good post. Thank you, Claude Giroux, for existing.

First sketch of the new year means a semi-redesign of the Bounder. I wanted to make his hair more 70s since the story takes place in the 70s. Also trying to simplify his jacket, and got rid of the plaid shirt. Here’s to 2017!

Every goddamn year

HOW the HELL was The Polar Express so gorgeously animated in modafcukin 2004 ?!?!?!?

this whole scene is super hella fluid even though dances moves in animated movies were only starting to be experimented SERIOUSLY HOW



?!?!?!?!? HOW






Rules for a self-date

Addendum to my last post! I really do think self-dates are important, whether you’re in a relationship or not, because they help you learn to appreciate your own company. Which is a very important thing to be able to do. They’re also really good for mental health; they’re a nice ‘reset’ if things are getting dull in your current situation. 

I try to go on at least two self-dates a year, and I’ve developed some general rules:

  • You MUST get dressed up. Do your hair, wear a clean outfit – look good as if you were trying to impress someone. That someone is you. You must do this for yourself.
  • You need to go to a pleasurable activity that you do not do often. You’re trying to be romantic for yourself, so you can’t go to a place you normally go. Don’t go to the coffee shop down the street that you go to all the time, because then the occasion won’t feel special, it’ll just be getting coffee. I don’t see movies often, so I make movies my self-dates.
  • If you go to a restaurant, you must get something that you would normally consider a guilty pleasure. Again, you’re romancing yourself. If you’re on a diet, have a cheat day and eat pasta. If you like sweets, get that amazing piece of triple chocolate cake. Wine snob? Get a glass of the good stuff. 
  • You cannot spend the date on your phone. If you’d consider it rude for your date to be texting the whole night on a normal date, don’t do it to yourself! Especially because, again, you want to pamper yourself. Checking Tumblr every two minutes will just be a distraction. 
    • (Posting brag photos on sites like Insta or Snapchat is totally fine)
      • If you’re worried about getting bored, it’s okay to bring a book or your knitting or whatever to keep your hands occupied. If you’re worried about feeling self-conscious, it’s totally okay to listen to music. 
  • While not required, it is encouraged that after your date you do something nice for your body. For me, it’s, uh. Personal massage time, let’s say. If that isn’t your bag, then you can take a nice long bath, or wrap yourself up in a blanket with a cup of tea… you just need to do something kind for your physical form, that will relax you and make you feel all those relaxed, happy hormones. 
A.D.I.D.A.S - snowbaz

listen ok im the freaking woRST with titles. i had this in my drafts as ‘Vampire Science’. i literally have an unpublished chapter fic called ‘SQUAD GOALS’ i need help.

also this is Sin™. im going to heck. <3. 

EDIT: yoooo so i got an ask about the name of this fic. it’s a song title! A.D.I.D.A.S by Little Mix, my friends. it’s a blessing (it stands for ‘all day i dream about sex’ btw) ;*

based of of this post and (very loosely) this post. @helpmeiamtrappedinmyfandoms @fyeahsnowbaz

Genre: sin and regret (and fluff)

Warnings: sin, coarse language, SIN

Summary: Vampires are confusing at the best of times. Simon just wants answers to the important questions.

Word Count: 1922

golly okay

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Alright listen everybody, the wonderful neverregretthyfall showed me this very important post, so here we go, Montparnasse headcanon time!

Montparnasse being a criminal but not a villain.

Montparnasse teaching Gavroche how to hide knives in his boots and other little tricks so he can defend himself.

Montparnasse never leaving any traces at crime scenes because he’s always wearing these absolutely gorgeous Armani leather gloves.

Montparnasse having an existential crises when Enjolras tells him he never uses any hair products ever and “Why are you staring at me? This is quite unsettling. Parnasse?! What are you doing? Joly, I think he had a heart attack.”

Montparnasse giving Bahorel this absolutely perfectly fitting, high fashion waistcoat he “found” for his birthday. Bahorel is delighted.

Montparnasse and Patron-Minette always being the distraction when the Amis pull another not exactly legal but totally necessary stunt so the cops don’t know who to follow first.

Montparnasse flirting shamelessly with every police officer whenever he has to bail Gueulemer out of jail again. Javert is not amused.

Montparnasse stealing all these high-end, expensive clothes and giving them to thrift shops for free as soon as they’re not fashionable anymore.

Montparnasse only allowing Jehan to cut his hair and no one else ever because their hair just always looks perfect and he doesn’t trust hairdressers.

Montparnasse going over to Grantaire’s when Éponine tells him he has a particularly bad day and picking a fight with him so he can let out all his anger and grief on Montparnasse who ends up tugging a worn down and drained Grantaire into bed at 3 am.

Montparnasse telling Éponine she’s beautiful and absolutely great every time he sees her because she asked him not to steal things for her but he would do anything to make her smile.

Montparnasse telling Gavroche to go to school regularly and to do his homework because he doesn’t want Gavroche to end up like him without any real perspective and future.


in celebration of the manga being back, I’ve been reading HxH from the very beginning and I can’t get over how short Gon is

he can’t even be in-frame whenever Leorio is

it’s just his ridiculous pointy hair sticking up like grass (sometimes with taller-than-Gon-but-still-twelve Killua’s puffball of hair)

how can he pay attention when he is too short to handle being in-frame

in sum: Gon is short. short Gon cannot be expected to hear things when he is unable to remain in the main shot because he is too short to hear them.

Many ways that guardian angels can help Chirebrum!

Guards or Carers can help ChiRebrum in many ways, I made a list for Long Distance Tips so here’s the close distance one! [I will use they/them only]

Help them tie their shoes

This seems to be a constant issue with a lot of people. It’s very annoying to do and honestly it’s just a minor thing!

Help them wash their hair dry if they can’t get in the shower or bath by themself due to executive dysfunction or fears.

This is important. Some people are very afraid of the shower/bath or too depressed to get into it due to mental illness or other factors. Please be understanding of this issue, they don’t want to be intentionally dirty, it’s just hard.

Offer them attention by giving them comfort touches if they are comfortable with it (Petting, patting of the back, holding hands)

Some people are comforted by those kinds of touches when they do something good for themselves/their own sake (eating/changing/etc) specially people who suffer from a mental illness such as PDs and the like.

Offer to help them pick their clothes if they ask for help or seem uncertain.

Some trans people who need help passing, and some people suffer from executive dysfunction and their decision making is disordered (for people with dpd and bpd for example)

Give them their pacifer to help them relax

Some ChiRe may use a paci to stim.

Order for them at a restaurant

I know that I can have difficulty with ordering food due to really bad anxiety, and it can be even harder when regressed. Ask them what they want in advance, and then order for the both of you.

Offer to go with them to Doctor and therapist appointments! Or help them with going to appointments in general

Sometimes going alone can cause a lot of anxiety! When regressed, some may go non-verbal, and need their carer to help them get across what they need to say.

Napping together can be really nice!
Napping can help with stress. If they just want to nap alone, tuck them in. Check on them in a bit. If they have a nightmare, comfort them.

Remind them of their accomplishments
Some ChiRe, when feeling very low or depressed, may need to hear how proud their carers are of them (especially if they have a pd). It can help boost their mood a little.

Help them set reminders for medication
ChiRes with memory issues may forget to take their medication. Ask them if they have taken it. 
It may also help to remind them of other things they may need to do. Invest in colourful sticky notes and to-do lists.

Read books to them
I love being read to while I draw, or am trying to fall asleep. Read some of their favourite books to them before bed, or if they are feeling down. Some ChiRes may have difficulty reading when regressed at a younger age.

Go places together!
Plan some fun things to do. Go to the movies together, plan a picnic, go on a walk etc. Maybe go to the zoo, or vist a museum. Maybe even go to an asument park and win your ChiRe a prize to take home.
 Have a fun day together.

Cook treats together!
I know that I love to bake with my carer. Depending on your diet, make fun treats together. Look up recipies to make colourful food. Maybe bake some Halloween cookies, and watch movies after.

Have fun inside.
Perhaps they are feeling low on spoons, or can’t deal with going outside. That’s okay! Maybe plan some games inside. Play video games, board games, build a pillow fort, have a movie marathon. Watch some kiddie cartoons.

Maybe make some arts and crafts together.

If can be hard to do chores when regressed. Help them out and make them a little more fun. Play some music while cleaning, or set timers and do things one at a time.
People with various mental illnesses and disabilities may have a hard time completing or even starting chores. Helping them clean their rooms and organize things may help some ChiRes feel accomplished that they have done something.

Help them reach things.
My carer is taller than I am, and I often need help reaching things.
If you’re taller than your ChiRe, help them out with reaching items. As well, keep dangerous things away from them by putting that stuff high up. (or perhaps hide all the sweets up there, and give it to them as a reward).

Put a relaxing playlist together.
If they have trouble sleeping, or need something to listen to in order to relax, make a nice calming playlist for them to listen to.

the signs + attractive boy things

Aries: nice hands, long eyelashes
Taurus: veiny arms, cute lil tummy
Gemini: messy bed head, the smirk®
Cancer: big brown eyes, curly hair
Leo: always smelling good, clean fingernails *very important!!*
Virgo: comfy sweaters that they let you borrow, the sleepy voice (you know what I’m talking about)
Libra: beanies, when boys are nice to animals
Scorpio: collar bones, tattoos
Sagittarius: soft lips, boys who are cuddle bugs
Capricorn: freckles/cute lil moles/blemishes, jawline
Aquarius: lovely shoulders, eyebrow game
Pisces: soothing voice, warm hugs

*note: this post automatically includes trans boys, gender fluid people and anyone else who relates to this post. This post applies to you, and you are important and loved and we support you. If you feel like we have left something out feel free to add onto the post or message us personally and we will make a separate post just for you or edit this one.



His hair does magical things.

He also doesn’t wear a shirt under his pads so thank you for that good sir. I mean, honestly. good Lord.

He’s an adorable dork. With a dangerous smile. The Schenn Smirk™ (he should trademark that and make millions)

He was part of this beautiful master piece. We’re a gosh darn team of dorks. I miss Scotty Hartnell.


Actual real-life angel.

Remember when this happened? and then he went on to score the game winning goal in OT? Yeah he’s amazing

Here he is with our beloved captain (again) being a huge adorable smiley dork (again)

Rumor is he’s gotten better at Two-Touch, but until we get footage of that, this is what we have. He’s such a dork.

Brayden Schenn, aka cutie with a booty. I love him he’s adorable.

Happy Birthday, Brayden Schenn. Here’s to four more years of you!


Trans Steve Rogers headcanons are so important though

Little defiant Steve getting into fights and hearing his behaviour called ‘unladylike’, cutting his own hair whenever he gets hold of a pair of scissors. 

Teenage Steve who has Bucky to cut his hair now, but is terrified as puberty changes him in all the wrong ways and he’s forced into dresses and bobby socks.

Skinny Steve masculine enough to pass but too feminine to avoid leers and abuse on the streets, Steve who is terrified that everything he’s ever known is wrong when he starts looking at boys the way he’s only ever looked at girls. Steve who hates when Bucky drags him on dates not only because he’s small but because what if they realise?

Desperate Steve who ends up in the army the same way he ever ended up anywhere, by rushing in headfirst. Steve who thinks he’ll wind up in prison, but for Doctor Erskine who understands. Steve who thinks that this serum will surely fix him, fix his insides or his outsides, and is devastated when he feels no different, is devastated when the kind man who saw him for who he was dies in his arms. Steve who can no longer pass, who sees everyone turn against him because they’ve turned an 'abomination’ into a national hero. Peggy who initially thinks Steve is a woman trying to make something of herself, but who is no less supportive when he tells her the truth. Steve so desperate to save Bucky, the one person who has been with him from the start, his own life hardly matters to him anymore.

Steve who is hidden from the public at almost every opportunity, who spends more time serving with the commandos. Steve who finds it in himself to be happy, with Bucky and Peggy supporting and loving him in their own ways. Steve who can fight back if anyone takes issue with his identity. Steve who takes losing Bucky even harder, who withdraws but still finds solace with Peggy. Steve who doesn’t know what to think when he’s heading for the ice. Steve who wonders if he ever could have had a good life, who clings to Peggy’s voice as the plane crashes.

Steve who wakes up to a different world, where the people he knew and loved are gone or fading and the people he knew and hated kept his secret. He wakes up to a future far from his past, but not far enough to treat him as anything more than a conspiracy. Steve who retreats at first, who can’t bear the scrutiny as the critical eyes of the media turn on him full force, who is misgendered on the front page of every newspaper. Steve who starts receiving letters from trans youths. Steve who sees that the world may still be a terrible place for people like him, but he can make it better. Steve who speaks out for the trans community, who transitions and finds that he feels almost comfortable for the first time in his ever changing body. Steve who misses everyone from his old life so bad that it hurts sometimes but who finds friends in the here and now. Steve fighting for the freedom he could only dream of as a child.