this is a very important hair post

Pink Hair Harvest Moon Girl Evaluation Post


Cute, fashionable flower girl who loves crafts. Best wife. 10/10


Iconic pink hair girl. Loves chickens. See that snatched waist? 10/10


Adorable plant girl. Very happy always. Isn’t afraid to do some farming of her own!! 10/10.


Nina’s mom. Made of pure joy. An older woman but runs a successful business (The most important one in town!!) 10/10!!


Curliest pink hair girl! Looks like a magical fairy AND she has the knee high boots? 10/10.


Another older woman but enjoys chickens as much as her daughter. Why can’t i marry her instead? Her husband is never around anyways. He’s been gone 3 months out of the year trying to find a “cure” for her illness but he’s hardly in the picture. 10/10.


IMPORTANT!!!! So I know that I’m making comics about Breath of the Wild, but the truth is I actually still don’t know very much about the game, so as strange as this may sound please don’t talk about Breath of the Wild to me!


This post is important because of the format I’ll be using to present the ideas in the comics. Since there’s no companion character for BOTW, I decided to just make it so that there’s two Links: one for me and one for my friend.

The Link that was the player in any comic will be the one with their hair fully showing, while the Link with their headgear on is the person who was just watching. To also help with recognition, the two Links’ equipment will never change (other than newbie getting better armor after Kakariko). Obviously in game we changed gear to whatever was best for the situation, but it’d be a bit too much of a hassle in my opinion to keep track of which Link was which if I switched up their gear all the time.

Also of note: not everything will be draw to perfect detail! It’s honestly part of my style to simply things and/or go off of memory - I find it more fun that way :>

I hope this all makes sense, and I hope that you all look forward to coming BOTW content! >:D I know I sure am!

in celebration of the manga being back, I’ve been reading HxH from the very beginning and I can’t get over how short Gon is

he can’t even be in-frame whenever Leorio is

it’s just his ridiculous pointy hair sticking up like grass (sometimes with taller-than-Gon-but-still-twelve Killua’s puffball of hair)

how can he pay attention when he is too short to handle being in-frame

in sum: Gon is short. short Gon cannot be expected to hear things when he is unable to remain in the main shot because he is too short to hear them.

Ascendant and Physical Appearance

I’ve recently read into (Evangeline Adams’ book on rising signs) what your rising sign has to do with your appearance and it’s pretty interesting so I thought i’d make a post about it, it may even help people guess other people’s dominants in their chart.
Before I get started though, it is very important that people read this part; this post isn’t me telling you what YOU look like (Especially for those people who only know their sun sign, for the love of God, do not use only your sun sign); this is for you to use as a tool to understand why you look the way you do (ex. why is it that my hair grows excessively, why do I have high cheek bones, why do I have a square chin, etc.) AND to help you guess the dominant of others.
The second important thing you should know before you read the descriptions; Harmonious aspects contribute a lot to appearance. What this means is that even though your Ascendant may be Capricorn, you may have a lot of fire conjunctions and trines which will contribute greatly to your appearance or you may have a planet that sits closely to your Ascendant that will modify parts. Also, if your Ascendant happens to be a mutable sign, the affects of other planets will almost always change or contradict the description of your Ascendant’s appearance
If you don’t know the strong influences in your chart, I would suggest having someone help you look at it if you don’t know how.
Finally, you should know that these descriptions are the extremes of each sign, they are the purest form of each ascendant which is very rare for a person to have.
So if I receive any messages saying something like “the way you described Sagittarius is nothing like me!” Well, you obviously didn’t understand or read anything I wrote before reading your description because chances are, there is some other influence in your chart that is contributing greatly.
Alright, lets get started.

There are two types of Aries appearances, the masculine/active Aries and the feminine/passive Aries. Regardless of sex or gender, a person can have either type.

Masculine Aries: Their movements are spasmodic and assertive. They are usually tall, slim, and muscular. Their body is very well formed and rarely accumulates excessive fat. Their forehead tends to be a prominent feature. Hair is often reddish or light brown. Eyes are cold a possess a keen and haughty expression. They have straight standing out noses, a thin mouth, and sharp chin.

Feminine Aries: They have a rounder head compared to Masculine Aries. Their eyes are pale and wider, they carry a timid expression. Their nose is fleshier than Masculine Aries as well as they have fuller lips and a rounder chin. 

Their movements are much slower compared to a Fire or Air elemental. Their body is overall thicker, including their shoulders which tend to be very prominent. Their limbs are somewhat shorter in proportion to their body. They have a square shaped face. Their face is strong-willed with a sense of affection. Their hair is usually dark, in rare cases almost white, with a crinkly texture. Their eyes are also dark. Their nose is usually short and plump, their lips are full and voluptuous.

Their movements are swift and their eyes dart around in awareness. Overall their body is quite small and slim with long arms and fingers. Their hair is usually of a blonde shade. Their eyes come in colours from grey to brown. Their complexion is sort of pale. Their lips are usually small and thin and their nose is long and aquiline.

The Cancer appearance again is divided into passive/feminine and active/masculine, but they do share some similar traits. One common Cancer trait is that even if they are not plump in their early years, they tend to accumulate it in their early years. Also again, regardless of sex or gender, a person can possess either active or passive traits.

Feminine Cancer: Movements flow like water, obviously. Their face is round and flat with a very pale complexion, similar to the moon. Their mouth is large, nose is snub, eyes are large and pale. They have arched eyebrows that give a curious expression. Hair is usually blonde, but in cases where it’s black, it is very straight and lacks shine. Their body is short with rounded limbs. In women, they tend to have nicely shaped breasts as Cancer rules over motherly duties.

Masculine Cancer: Their face is aquiline instead of round. Their complexion holds a pinkish-rubicund colour. Their mouth is thin and firm. Eyes still pale, but piercing. Their body is sort of clumsy and plump.

The Leo type is divided into two different kinds of Leos, the Noble type and the Degenerated type.

Noble Leo: Ruled by the sun, they represent sort of a masculine beauty. Their movements are proud and quick. They have a frank expression. Their complexion ranges from dark and ruddy to clear and rosy. Hair is usually blonde, sometimes reddish. Their hair can be quite prominent when it is grown out like a mane. Their eyebrows hold an expression of bravery and challenge. Their forehead is high, but overall their head is equally proportioned. Their eyes are fearless and commanding. Their nose is neither very large nor very small and is straight. Their mouth is well shaped and small. Chin is rather square. Overall their limbs and body are well proportioned, but hips tend to be slim and shoulders to be broad. 

Degenerated Leo: Easy to spot, they have sort of a “bull dog” type face. Complexion is almost always dark and flushed. Their whole face seems pinched and squinted. Their body is a lot smaller and weaker from the noble type, but still broad.

Their appearance is often modified by other influences in their chart; it’s rare to find a pure Virgo. The Virgo appearance is divided into the Earthy type and the Mercurial type, they are very different from each other.

Earthy type: Movements are slow, as earth signs typically are. Their head is pretty large for their body. They have wide nostrils, the nose is sometimes the most prominent feature of their face. Their eyes are clear and small with a cunning expression. Their lips are small and narrowed. Their body can be very oddly proportioned and limbs ill set. Their hair can either be light or dark and it’s very striking and either crisp or wavy; it tends to stand up away from their forehead which is a strong characteristic of an Earthy type Virgo.

Mercurial type: The more common type of Virgo you’ll see. Their bodies are very small, well proportioned and active. Their face is feminine and long with small facial features. Their hair is usually like brown and their eyes are usually grey or hazel, sometimes blue. Their eyes have a intelligent expression. Their nose is small and straight, still with the wider nostrils. Earth signs tend to be thicker, but for Virgos, they tend to stay very thin and their movements are quick like an air sign.

They are divided by two types, the Venusian and Saturnian/Scorpio type. Their movements are graceful as air signs tend to be.

Venusian type
: Their body is small, delicate, and slim. Facial features are small, soft, and pleasing. They tend to be callipygian (nice butt hehe). Their complexion is usually olive-ish and their hair is very dark with a glossy warmth to it; it is usually very straight. Their nose is small and Grecian, straight with no indentation on the bridge. Their lips are dark and seductive.

Saturnian/Scorpio type: Their body is much more muscular and square compared to the Venusian Libra. Their shoulders are prominent and square. Their eyes are more intense and somewhat sinister. There is something mysterious about Saturnian/Scorpio Libras. Their complexion is courser compared to Venusian Libra.

There are two types for this one, the masculine/active type and the feminine/passive type. Any gender or sex can possess either type.

Masculine type: Their hair is usually very thick and dark, sometimes curly. Their face is square, similar to Leo, but their cheekbones are much more prominent. Their eyes are deep-set and intense. Their nose varies, but always carries an aggressive and powerful expression. Their mouth is large and compressed usually. Their jaw is square and strong. Their body is thicker-set, but strong.

Feminine type: Their face is usually a perfect oval and they have an overall alluring expression. Their lips are full and loose. They have a body that is thinner and smaller. They tend to get moles and dark freckles.

They have a finely proportioned head that is slightly long. Their eyes possess a similar dreamy look to Pisces; they are usually a grey or light brown colour. Their nose is long and straight; a Jupiter influence will tip the nose down almost like a hook, while a strong moon influence will turn it back up. Their chin is narrow and rather pointed. Their hair is usually auburn. Sagittarius can be easily recognized by their doe-like expression/face. Their complexion is a rosy pink. Their bodies are some what similar to Libra, but more athletic as fire signs typically are. Their movements are graceful, restless, and active. Their legs are long and prominent.

Their movements are slow, again just as earth signs are. Their skull is broad and their forehead is high. They have small, piercing eyes. Their nose is long and bony, mouth is thin and compressed. Bone structure is the most prominent part of their appearance; they are tall and lanky, limbs are big boned and long. Women with Capricorn influence often complain about having too much hair. Their expression is intense and kind of bitter. Wrinkles appearing early in life is common, but despite aging, they tend to keep keen eyesight.

Movements are graceful and swift. Their skull is broad compared to length, their face is long and oval. Their hair possesses a beautiful glint, it is usually curly. Their eyes are slightly wider set apart, the colour ranges from hazel to blue; they are large and luminous. Their nose is neither very long or very short, nor very thin or very broad. Their lips are of medium size, but somewhat thin. Their body is very average and well proportioned; not very robust though. Aquarian men tend to be a little effeminate while Aquarian women tend to be a bit masculine.

Their face is very soft and rounded. Their eyes are very prominent: dreamy with almost a sleepy expression. Their lips are full, their neck is short, shoulders are round. Their hair is usually brown. Their limbs tend to be short and squishy.

Very Important Research

So, I’ve been thinking lately about ranking Sam’s hair by season.  (Yes, I know, very important.)  It’s under the cut if anyone is interested.  Of course this is all my opinion, and not fact by any means.

I’m going to list them by season and then rank them in order that I like them, 1 being the highest, 12 being the lowest.  Here we go!

Keep reading

  • Will: So, Nico I have some questions you need to answer. It's for a record I have to fill about the patients.
  • Nico: Uh..okay
  • Will: What's your favourite flower?
  • Nico: huh? How is that relevant??
  • Will: I don't know but it's on this questionnaire so you have to answer.
  • Nico: I don't know...I really like those black roses I have heard about.
  • Will: Cool! What's your favorite colour? No. Never mind, that one is obvious.
  • Will: What qualities do you look for in a soulmate?
  • Nico: *gapes* These are some weird questions....
  • Will: Yeah well they are there in the form. This form that needs to be filled. This very official, very important form.
  • Nico: But-
  • Will: What's your idea of a perfect first date? What do you think about a moonlit boat ride in the lake? Or what about a simple movie date? What hair colour do you want your significant other to have? Is there a preference? I hope you like blondes, because I really don't want to have to dye it.
Another foreshadowing post

There are a few things I noticed here on this page (it’s from chapter 1):

1.) Yona’s hair has already grown back to its former length. This could very likely be an indicator that the Xing arc won’t be the final one, since she now has shoulder long hair.

2.) Her expression: She doesn’t seem to be very happy here. Could it be that someone important to her has died? Or is it because they’re on the verge of another war? With the possible enemy being the Kai Empire this time?

3.) She’s holding a dragon sword which looks similar to the sword that is shown in some earlier illustrations from Kusanagi-sensei. I don’t think it’s the sword from the prophecy though…

4.) The person who is talking to Yona. I do not think that it is Hak, simply because we can’t see the whole body of the person. Also the clothing is a bit different. I compared it to those of all the other male characters. Well, if it is Hak, he could’ve simply changed his clothes or something. I guess we don’t have to pay much attention to this. But the person is also referring to Yona as “Princess Yona = Yona-hime”. Hak normally uses “hime-san”. So that’s another reason why I don’t think this is Hak. Which leads me to point 5.

5.) It looks like Yona is still a princess here. Which means she hasn’t claimed the throne (yet). So it’s very likely that Yona won’t be the one sitting upon the throne after this arc is over.

6.) Where are the four dragon warriors and Yoon? It doesn’t look like they’re around here. But this could simply be because it’s the first chapter of the series and the author didn’t want to show us all the characters yet…

Another artwork I want to talk about is this one:

As I’ve mentioned before, this is also one of the illustrations where Yona is shown with the dragon sword. And is she wearing the royal robe here? The pattern on it sure looks similar. I also noticed that Hak’s glaive looks a bit different to the one he’s currently using. But the only difference is that it has some nice engravings on it. Also, is Yona wearing a different hairpin? Maybe it’s a present from Hak, because she got rid of the cursed hairpin in the latest chapter.

And the most important thing here is that the three main characters are shown together once again. Which also means that Soo-Won must be alive at this point of the story.

But… We all know that this is just another artwork and therefore it’s also possible that there’s no real meaning behind it.

anonymous asked:

Isn't Harry white on the cover of the books?

Book covers aren’t necessarily canon, the majority of the time it’s the publisher making the call as to the design and illustration so as to garner the most sales, and the author doesn’t have any say in the process. And a lot of the times, illustrators won’t have the time to actually read the book, so they might make design choices that go directly against what is portrayed in the book.

As a small example, in Ella Enchanted Ella is described several times as having black hair, but the cover illustration very noticeably depicts her with brunette / red hair.

A more important example, though, is from Justine Larbaleister, the author of Liar, who has a post you should really read about the whitewashing of black characters specifically in YA book covers. She fought like hell against the US cover of Liar in 2009 because it portrayed Micah as a white girl when she’s black in the story, but Bloomsbury made the choice it did because, according to them, black people don’t sell.

Quote from Justine Larbaleister’s post:
This cover did not happen in isolation.

Every year at every publishing house, intentionally and unintentionally, there are white-washed covers. Since I’ve told publishing friends how upset I am with my Liar cover, I have been hearing anecdotes from every single house about how hard it is to push through covers with people of colour on them. Editors have told me that their sales departments say black covers don’t sell. Sales reps have told me that many of their accounts won’t take books with black covers. Booksellers have told me that they can’t give away YAs with black covers. Authors have told me that their books with black covers are frequently not shelved in the same part of the library as other YA—they’re exiled to the Urban Fiction section—and many bookshops simply don’t stock them at all. How welcome is a black teen going to feel in the YA section when all the covers are white? Why would she pick up Liar when it has a cover that so explicitly excludes her?

Another notable example is Ursula K. LeGuin’s A Wizard of Earthsea – as this blog (which also has a lot more examples of YA cover whitewashing) writes:
Ursula K. LeGuin has been vocal about how her characters are depicted on book covers for decades, yet publisher after publisher has disregarded her text. The classic fantasy book follows Ged as he rises in power as a sorcerer. Ged is described in the book as having red-brown skin, yet most of the covers depict him as white, and the movie version is just as bad.

(one small example of why I don’t consider movie portrayals as canon, either, unless explicitly approved by the author. Hollywood is notorious for their widespread whitewashing across all races and movie genres.)

So in short, sure, Harry’s white on the cover of the books, but I take that with a grain of salt because he’s not explicitly stated as being white IN the books, and I take the word of the author as canon, not what the publisher might arbitrarily dictate for the cover.

Not to post about tr*mp but at what point are we gonna stop pretending his hair is still orange or yellow and start acknowledging that it’s gone dingy white like a urine-stained tile on the subway? People always draw his hair as being this ridiculous orange or blonde but I think it’s important to note that despite his delusion of being a young virile handsome man, he is very visibly old and has not aged gracefully

i really missed dressing up. I felt like 2016 was such a crap year that i wasnt able to be myself. This is my first outfit post of 2017 and this year i want to work extra hard on art and fashion because they are two very important things to me that have gotten me through a lot.

Someone Jealous?

Word Count: 635

Fandom: Sherlock

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Request: None

(A/N): This was kind of a spur of the moment idea and I wanted to post it. So sit back and please enjoy my first Sherlock drabble and my first one-shot on Tumblr. (It’s short, I apologise.)

Originally posted by letsdiscussaboutsherlock

“(Y/N), is that really you?” A voice called out. The girl turned to look for the speaker. Her eyes landed on a blond haired man with a tan complexion. Guessing by his accent, he was very clearly American.

“Jacob? What are you doing at a crime scene?” She asked, walking over to him.

“I was a witness, but that isn’t important. How are you? It’s been so long since we last spoke,” he said.

“I’m wonderful. What are you doing in London?” She said.

“I moved here for my job,” he explained.

“Oh, that’s good. How about Matthew? You two still going strong?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah. That weirdo is still with me. He moved here with me. Surprising, I know. Honestly, I don’t understand how he puts up with me. I’m insane,” Jacob jested.

“Brilliant, you two are cute,” she said.

“What about you? Any new relationships?” Jacob asked. She blushed and nodded.

“Yeah, actually. I guess I finally found my fish,” she said, twisting the ring on her finger.

“Oh, my goodness! You’re engaged, how adorable is that! Is he a good guy?” Jacob asked.

“Yes, he’s great,” she said, looking down, embarrassed.

Sherlock watched from afar as (Y/N) talked to the blond man. His heart clenched in his chest as she blushed when he spoke. He could hear someone talking to him, probably Lestrade, but it was a dull background noise that he paid no mind to. He’d had enough of this man talking to his girl, so he walked over to them.

“Oh, Sherlock! Hello,” (Y/N) said when he came over to her. He placed his arm around her small shoulders.

“Who is this?” He asked.

“This is Jacob! I met him a few years ago while working on a case in the US,” she exclaimed.

“Pleasure,” Sherlock said, nodding. On the outside, he looked collected, but (Y/N) could tell from one glance he was reluctant to be polite to the blond man in front of him.

“The pleasure is all mine,” he said, flirtatiously. “This is the man you were talking about, (Y/N)? He is hot.”

“Yeah, I guess,” she blushed again. Sherlock smiled down at her. He was a good ten centimetres taller.

“You better treat her well, Mister. Or else you’ll have to answer to me,” Jacob joked.

“I doubt there will be a problem,” Sherlock smirked and (Y/N) laughed.

“Well, it was fantastic catching up with you, (Y/N). We should talk more. I’ll see you around,” Jacob said before walking off.

“Bye Jake,” she called after him, waving.

“Jake?” Sherlock asked once he was gone.

“It’s just a nickname, Sherlock,” she explained. He hummed in response. 

He took his arm off her shoulders and leant down to plant a kiss upon her lips.

“What was that for?” She asked. He had never been one for public displays of affection, but she wasn’t complaining.

“Just claiming what’s mine,” he said softly. She laughed.

“Someone jealous?” She teased.

He sure was. I think Jason liked you,” he explained.

“Jacob,” (Y/N) corrected.

“Whatever,” Sherlock shrugged.

“Sherlock, Jake is gay,” she laughed as her lovers face contorted into one of confusion. He had been so busy being protective that he missed all the signs that he usually would have picked up on. The way Jacob spoke, the way he dressed, the way he walked, were all clear indicators. 

“Oh Sher, you can be so oblivious sometimes,” (Y/N) smiled.

“Shut up,” he muttered.

“C’mon Mister Holmes. Let’s focus on the case. You need a distraction, you jealous goof,” (Y/N) quipped. He nodded, placing another kiss on her cheek.

“Yes, ma’am,” he spoke, grasping her hand.

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What are some monsters that could make good wandcores and are native to the western part of the US?


Look, Nonny, darling, I’m from the UK and I honestly am pretty shit at Geography and beyond that there’s like the whole thing where different bits of the US like to consider them North/East/West/South/their state predominantly, which makes this like. Not at all simple. 

It’s also worth noting that wandcores are something which can be traded - while a wandmaker is going to want to select the wood themselves, as only some woods can work for a wandwood, and they must therefore inspect the tree personally, the cores are required as a magical item by which they may channel magic through the wand - the wood directs, the core channels. Finding suitable wood is the hard part, the core is a much simpler thing, and, in cases such as dragon parts, is an object with legal restrictions on trade, and therefore one which cannot be collected in person. Therefore, many cores are traded, so a core from the western part of the US might be found up in Canada or on the east coast instead.

I’m going to go over canon cores and then cores from headcanoned creatures and you can pick ones which seem interesting and see if they’re found in the area you’re looking for, ok? I’ve organised both lists in the rough order of most to least powerful as a wandcore.


  • Dragon heartstring - In America this could utilise the Heartstring of the dragonish-occamy-ish Snallygaster [monsterblog post], or Heartstrings from my American Thunderwing dragons, Florida Swamp Dragons, or Canyon or River Dragons.
  • Thunderbird tail feather - [monsterblog post] A cousin to Firebird-type birds, though not of the type themselves, the feather of a Thunderbird makes for a powerful, though difficult to master core, with a knack for Transfiguration.
  • Phoenix feather - From the American Eagle-Phoenix, most likely, though sometimes traded from other specimens. You can read about the specifics of its tendencies as a core over Here on @wandmore .
  • Rougarou hair - [monsterblog post] Though strongly linked to dark magic it is more that this core is very capable. Highly self-aware and very powerful, it takes a certain measure of will to manage such a core but, once managed, is the most loyal helpmate one could ask for.
  • Veela hair - [monsterblog post] While reputed to be a temperamental core, cores of Veela hair are nonetheless powerful and are capable of being especially loyal if in the hands of someone related to the Veela who donated a hair.
  • Horned Serpent horn - [monsterblog post] Very rare. Preference for Parselmouths and resistant to magic cast on it by way of Parseltongue. Likes the intelligent.
  • Wampus cat hair - [monsterblog post] Very powerful cores, the hairs of these creatures can only be collected by Cherokee wixes who have spent time studying the creatures and how to safely interact with them - due to this, many wandmakers who use this core maintain cordial relationships with Cherokee wixes so as to maintain the trading relationship, though these interactions have been strained (and outright called off) at several points in history due to the behaviour of MACUSA.
  • Unicorn hair - [monsterblog post] Due to various reasons, Unicorns were introduced to America by immigrant wixes and, to this day, the hair is used in wandmaking due to it’s power, loyalty and reliability.
  • White River Monster spine - [monsterblog post] Very nearly only found in inherited wands, these days, it makes for a wand of force and elegance. In recent years, since the death of wandmaker Thiago Quintana, who knew how to lure the creatures, wands with this core have only been made using found spines, washed up on dead specimens.
  • Kelpie Hair - [monsterblog post] Often, though not always, imported, the hair of Kelpies is most usually a wandcore found in imported wands, though this hasn’t stopped more experimental wandmakers experimenting with it.
  • Jackalope antler - [monsterblog post] a lively core but not the strongest. Nonetheless popular with some wandmakers, as it is known to help liven up more quiet woods.
  • Kneazle Whisker - [monsterblog post] As one might suspect, not the strongest of cores, and rather an aloof and tricky one at that. Often obtained from a wixes pet and used more as a practice wand than anything else.
  • Troll whisker - [monsterblog post] A very weak core, nonetheless, one found and occasionally used, depending on region.


  • Wendigo Spinal Cord - An incredibly rare and dangerous core, most wandmakers who are willing to use it will only bind it to a peaceable wood, lest it select too dangerous a wix and lend the wix means to do more harm than good. Not actively malicious, the core nonetheless likes those with a certain level of viciousness and a distinct strength of mind.
  • Vampire Venom - Usually only found in wands for the children and grandchildren of vampires, on some very rare occasions a vampire may donate a fang for the wands of their human bloodline. A very quick and subtle wandcore.
  • Dryad Hair - be it of the American Tree Dryad, or the splintery tendrils of the Swamp Dryad, these hairs are used as wand cores which do not “flavour” the wood, leaving the wood with the same personality, unaltered by the core.
  • North American Swamp Nixie Hair - Usually only donated to those who are actually related to them, they may sometimes give bundles of hair as part of alliance or trade agreements to “anchor” the promise. These hairs are usually then made into wands for the children of those who made the agreement. 
  • Pacific Moon Serpent Rib - Very rare but surprisingly powerful, the ribs of these creatures make for solid wands with a knack for reflective magics.
  • Winged Horse Feather - Be it from Volucens, Azazelan, or another breed kept in the USA, the feathers of these creatures are occasionally used as wandcores.
  • Griffin Feather - Usually from the Krizogryph, also called the Mississippi Heron Griffin, Pheasant Griffin (not the strongest) or the Rocky Mountain Griffin, these wandcores have a noble tendency.
  • American Hellhound Sinew - A dangerous wandcore in the wrong hands, it is, thankfully, not as powerful as some other cores on this list. However, when bonded to a sweet-natured wandwood, it makes for the most loyal helpmate a wix could ask for.
  • Ball-Tailed Cat Hair - Distant cousins to Wampus Cats, Splintercats and Cactus Cats, Ball-Tailed Cats are not as magically powerful as the former, though they are more powerful than the latter two. Prone to making for stubborn wands.
  • Splintercat Spines - Spines of these creatures make for accurate and almost sharp wands, though not as risky as Cactus Cat.
  • Cactus Cat Spines - Cactus Cat Spine cored wands have an unfortunate tendency to occasionally turn on the wix handling them, if they disagree on what to do, sometimes burning a wixes palm. This, however, is nothing compared to what they will do if a wix tries to steal them.
  • Chupacabra Spines - Wands made with this core are playful but curiously loyal, in that they will express as much loyalty to one their master willingly loans them to so long as the wix offers no threat to their true master.
  • Hidebehind Hair - Rather like Demiguise hair, this core can be very hard to see and is very hard to obtain. Despite this, it is not very powerful, hence it’s lack of popularity.
  • Hodag Horn - Not particularly remarkable, Hodag Horns rarely grow large enough to be of use.
  • Chama-lincis Whisker - Often very resistant to magic it is rare to find a whisker suitable for wandmaking.
  • Magical Raven Feather - Be it from Nebiros / Curious Raven, Valravn, or Nachtkrapp, these wands are not the most powerful but are not uncommon (though this varies depending on source), as they are wonderfully reliable. 
  • Ceribim Feather - Usually collected from pet specimens, such a core is not especially strong but can be interestingly flamboyant.
  • Argopelter Hair - Very rarely used due to sheer weakness and the trouble one must go to obtain, these hairs make for playful wandcores.
  • Warpgle Feather - Useful for those who might wish to enchant objects, but otherwise not particularly powerful enough.
  • Boletum crinis Tendril - A cheeky wandcore, these tend to enjoy working on jinxes, hexes and pranks, but rarely anything to do actual harm unless truly willed by their master or part of a wand with a more vicious wandwood.

Hey! People here often ask me about commissions and requests. So I decided to write a post. First of all I want to say, that I do no commissions, sorry.
But I’m opened for requests! To request an edit from me, please, follow these easy steps:
1) Your screenshot must be from Aion, ffxiv, BnS, Tera or RO.
2) I made a special side-blog for requests.  You can “submit a post” there. Then you should add your screenshots (as many, as you want). And, if it’s not difficult, attach, please, fullsized screenshots (one by one or in archive).
3) You can leave a message under the screenshots with your general wishes, for ex: “Leave the hair short /make the hair long, please” or “I want something light-romantic” and so on. You can also submit as many posts as you like.

That’s all you need.

P.S. I’m very busy person, I often have no time or inspiration to edit. So I will choose only those screenshots, that truly inspire me. But it doesn’t mean, that someone’s characters are worse, than others! There are thousands ingame outfits to make wonderful screenshots. I like the most good quality (pleaseT_T) shots, portrait or half-body. Good, when using emotes, actions. Good scenery is important too.

If I choose your screenshot, I will decide, if I do a lite-edit (hair + color and textures corrections) or full edit. I can’t guarantee, that I follow all your wishes, exept the hair-length. I’m not a professional artist and a lot depends on screenshot quality and inspiration. So that’s it:3